Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts on August 24, 1965 · Page 24
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Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts · Page 24

Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 24, 1965
Page 24
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24 FITCHBURG WASS.V SENTINEL 1 . TUESD^v AUGUSTJM J_965_ Ex-Minister Putting New Life In Lobster Fishing Industry By UKTilN'A BHUJCS |_ but Of 'the Tuimtoii Daily Gazelle through. l''or Tlie Associnted l'iess WSTI'OIIT, Mass. (Al 1 ) William D. Whipple, who foundithcy think they'll find lobsters, Most lobstermen set individual traps in places where escape.Massachusetts const in that corner of the state. Hight now Whipple has dose to 700 lobster pots. Most lobstermen, who work alone or with a single partner, the 'call of the sea stronger!with a distinctively paintcdjwould find that m, »»P»«ible| than the call of the ministry, isllnioy connected liy a long line m.mlj,.-!- fur miu l.oA. Li t « i|. SSTJS ^ "^ own-f ate '" kto " ity ° " 1C ;w;'«u!K -ts^s Whipple, a 1953 graduate ofj Princeton University, began go-j ing after lobsters ill the late: 1950s after trying out the char-; Whipple put his traps down in strings -- a series of traps linked to each other by rope, with a buoy at either end of the boat business, and losing trawl-like string ter money at it; and the ministry and losing interest in that as a career. He moved his fishing base a half do^en years ago to Westport Point, a well protected; harbor on the Massachusetts coast close to the Rhode Island er trap along a framelike tray line. Whipple soon began to show some of the veterans that though he was young, he had... .. made a study of their trade of a \yidc open stern hke the back lobster trapping. ' " '"""' """' New England lobstermen set ,,_... out wooden traps built of laths, traps to slip rapidly back into with a net arrangement at the ' entrance which the lobster finds While the average lobsterman hauls one trap at a time to the surface to take out the catch and rebait, and then goes on to the next, Whipple picks up one end of his string, and then in rapidfire order moves trap aft- boat. His record catch, and many lobstermeii find it implausible, came one day last fall when Whipple brought 3,050 pounds of lobsters ashore. Whipple studied for the ministry at Boston University, and served for three yearas as assistant to Howard Thurman, dean of the BU chapel. He went lobstering iu the summer in that that period, and quit his schooling when he found he was doing along one side of his boat. .. The boat itself is designed to more fishing than studying, ms specifications, with a vee Whipple and his wife Helen, bottom a broad open deck and maintain a home in Marblehead, easy to navigate on the way in end of a truck without a tailgate. This allows the serviced the water. His traps are set in Buzzards Bay and the ocean area off thc'schools. though they spend most of the year in a second home in Westport. Mrs. Whipple, who hails from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., teaches music in the Marblehead public Reading Program Change Planned At Pepperell PEPPERELL - The School Committee, Acting Supt. Neal F. Todd, and teachers will critically examine and evaluate the entire reading program this year, the board announced today. The aim of the evaluation is to upgrade all facets of reading and to increase services to children. The goal it is hoped will be reached through a series of separate but related changes. One phase will be the addition of several new reading methods and programs. Emphasis will be placed on the primary grades with stress on beginning read- children would leave at 12.05 p.m. and teachers would engage in in-service education of various kinds, curriculum revision, demonstration lessons, educational seminars and lectures designed to assist them in becoming even better teachers. The group is enthusiastic about the reading evaluation and knows the goal will be reached as they continue to receive the interest, dedication and unselfish contributions of the many fine dedicated Pepperell teach- ing experiences. The following instructional materials and approaches will be used: language experience approaches, individualized reading, co-basal reading series and pupil team or mutual aid in learning. One of the chief characteristics of an effective reading pro- GOP Leader In House Having A Tough Time WASHINGTON (AP) -- lU'p.linvoIvini; American sokliets iu Coralil R. Foul has a job on his,'^ 0 scale {inuiml fiuhlinK." · , , , , , , , , -, W i ,'l'hcy had already been involved, jhiuuls, but he asked for it. W h a t \ . ,, mmli { ^ Mug al , hout , h , lot| 'he wants to do is clear enough,' o n a jjjg sca [ e ! but not how he's coinc about it.j Tht , u un A G h(J sug ttd ·Jhe W-ycar-oUl Km of Michi-;,,,,, Uuiu , d staU!S shoukl ttccl!U . l . Men vs. Women Today's Britain lias about 38 millkm women and girls, which I'xi-tids by more than l.i million the number of ineii and boys ill that nation. TViews, Reviews By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Tclevision-Uadio Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- Walter Brennan, playing the richest man in California in an ABC comedy series last season, ordered an assistant to buy the on the first floor of a seven- AUGUST WEDDING -- Mr. and Mrs. Leo Masse, the former Grace Caruso, were married recently at St. Francis Church. The bride is a graduate of St. Bernard's Central Catholic High School, and Rivier College, Nashua, N. H. The bridegroom is a graduate of Notre Dame High School, and is presently attending Fitchburg State College, The couple will make their home at 460 Canton St. About 200 patients were moved to other parts of Worcester City Hospital when a fire broke airline when he was unable to get a plane reservation. -I a MJtille 1 U 3 U I Vdlluu. . . 7. Burl Ives, playing the richest Junes fighting the blaze last man in the world in n new ABC comedy series this season, will irder an assistant to buy a hotel ·hen he is unable to get the ac- Neal F Todd acting s r rin-|-- d 7 ti s "t;\; a n t r L e "l e "' "...I 0 ! 1 ! 0 ! 3 :,;TM TM" Brennan's "Tycoon," unfortunately, lived but a single sea- , son, quite possibly because the on the same floor ' Primus, transportation manager, have completed the bus routes for the coming year. pub , ic had become so condi . Several minor changes have tjoned to his image as a lovable, been implemented in order to f oxy hillbilly of all those seasons. New England News Brleis WORCESTER, Mass. (AP)-- highway planning engineer, died story wing of the hospital. Six firemen suffered minor in- night but no patients were reported injured. Fire was confined to the ground floor laundry room. Employes and firemen quickly Monday at Heaton Hospital after a long illness. He played a leading role in setting up the state's 14-year-old highway construction program and had been with the state highway department since 1934, . asked his I' iiublicans last January to make lim their leader. They did and, n tile process, threw out their old leader, Indiana's Charles A. lalleck, who still has a lot of, iriends in the House. Ford said there were "very minor differences philosophically" between him and llalleck. lioth are conservatives. But here is hardly total unity bc- lind Ford. There are various shades of "minor differences" among the Republicans. Yet Ford's job as leader is to make Republicans look good -at the Democrats' expense, when they can -- in the hope they will recapture in the 19GO congressional elections some of the seats they lost in the 19G4 disaster. Meanwhile, lus Republicans are vastly outnumbered by the Democrats who, with this strength, can ram through Johnson's programs. Ford said, nevertheless, the Democrats' v o t i n g advantage would "plague" them. But all in one day he was to say "victory (in the 1966 elections) is in the air" and also that he feared the two-party system was in danger. But his performance in relation to President Johnson is puzzling. On April 9 he said he was "confused. . . perplexed" over Johnson's Viet Nam policy, NEWARK, N.J. un - Frank G. Capizzi, Mass., has three years of Winthrop, · in tlir Viet Nam ci'isi*. B n * j :iis opposite number, the House] Democratic leader, Carl Albert of Oklahoma, called such a move foolhardy and useless. But now, after all the tough measures he had advocated, Ford is in a dispute with Johnson over the measures former President Dwight D, Eisenhower had advocated. From l'J51 on Eisenhower had repeatedly promised assistance to the South Vietuamese to help [hem keep their independence. He never promised to send in fighting troops. But he did promise economic and military assistance. And from 1955 until he left the White House Eisenhower kept almost 700 American technicians in Viet Nam to train the native troops and teacli them how to use the weapons. He didn't have to send in fighting troops for in those years the guerrilla campaign wasn't full- scale, Johnson has repeatedly said he is following the promises of help to Viet Nam made by Eisenhower and President John F. Kennedy. He has spoken of Eisenhower's offers to "support" or "defend" South Viet Nam. Last week Eisenhower said he had been talking of "economic" help. This could have been interpreted as a split with John complaining the President| son Eisenhower promptly de hadn't informed him and the nied any such idea, gave his full GOP Senate leader, Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, before offering to negotiate peace and proposing a big development plan for Southeast Asia. On May 27 he was critical of what he called irresponsible ' Ul/./.l, O t , Ul t t l l l L I U U M , ... . . , , , e has been sentenced to cn . tlclsm o£ Johnson's foreign i-ears in federal prison|£°}TM«' «»TMe ^SL?^ backing to the President. Nevertheless, Ford this week will produce a "white paper" aimed at rebutting Johnson's statements that he is carrying out promises made by Eisenhower. In view of Eisenhower's wholehearted support of Johnson, Ford's paper won't mean .-- - - - * - L I U C G j c a i a »u i c u u i a * p i i a u u ; ... , .,- . . , , ~u.*, * removed explosive oxygen and a£tcr taking part in a C0 nspira-j, wm suu P°rt the President as rallch . nitre-glycerin from a storeroom| cy involving more than $2 mill o n g . a s we think he is right, and; Meanwhile, beating Ford to 'lion in counterfeit bonds. at the moment we think he is IU Jll lUlUllUl it. 11 UUJIU.1. · . . , . ,, Capizzi was. described as afeMK . fulfill the state requirement for O f "The Heal McCoys" that it U - S ' Public Health Service says - ORONO, Maine (AP) - Dr.| {ormer Newark bartender. Gordon E. McCallum of the Tne government charged five lengthof the school day and to allow children who were pre-: a y e , foxy millionaire, viously arriving on a later bus' T . TM.-., didn't edintify him as lov- New England should be spend- in S some S10 ° mi ' lion annually men with conspiring to transport phony General Motors Acceptance Corp. bonds across In June and July he was calling for a naval blockade of Ives, ABC's new model of the £or construction of water pollu-; state j ines wit h the intent of|* nd . lovable, foxy millionaire, is un-j t l o n treatment facilities. 1 h e j u s i n g them as collateral f o r ' TM " ' der no such handicap. He first! area now s P ends a reported ?20 Ioans . " ltl " gram is prevention of reading:' 0 arrive home earlier. failure in the first grade. This ! In the morning all buses will ... ... _ year each of the first gradeslleave the yard at 7.30 a. m. ex- achieved fame as a folk singer; 1 will have a different approach to i cept Route 1, Mrs. Judy Bou- and balladeer, then moved on to j ur. Mcuamim toifl reading. First graders will be chard. Her bus will leave the a stellar Broadway and motion| annual New England pre-tested and post-tested to determine which segments of each program produced the best results. A new reading program authored by McCrackeh and Wai- shortly thereafter. the 20th town and yard at 7.20 a. m. in order tolpicture career as an actor with!"'* mangers mstitute that complete her trip by 8.30 a. m.'s. range from tragedy to come-j ° ur Present treatment of waste when all schools will begin in-idy. "O.K. Crackerby" will be !Wat , er . Ji ; not .good enough to put struction. Children should be his first television series. ° ac "L mt .° 'TM . sy ?I em -, Ferua P s ready at the various bus stops Where as Brennan's diamond- by 198 ° " wm De ' in-the-rough tycoon spent the cott and published by J. B. Lip-| Walkers are requested not to season hankering for the good pincott will be used. This read- arrive on the playgrounds be- old days when he was poor, ing series is quite new and has f o r e g a . m . Teachers will not be'anonymous a n d struggling, been used with great success in| 0 n duty before 8 a. m. andi'vss' will be concentrating on several surrounding towns. should an accident occur mcd-jsocial climbing and culture. The " ical assistance might be de-iidea of the series belongs to Cleveland Amory, a proper Bos- The New Castle reading experiment will also become a part of layed. It is hoped that parents the endeavor. The program will w iu cooperate in this matter Ionian whose writing specialty u- j i_ j.t.:ii . . . . . . , is the surgical dissection of high and pseudohigh society. The be announced in more detailj a n d thereby prevent any misfor- soon. jtune. The success depends on the ... . . , ,. ., , In the afternoon, Route 5 bus, quality of ins ruction Provided driven b y - M r s Marion Navital BRISTOL, R.I. (AP) --Eight BOSTON (AP)-Chief Justice; Raymond S. Wilkins Sr. was reported resting comfortably today after surgery last week for a circulatory ailment. His condition was termed, good, A spokesman at Massachusetts General Hospital said the North Viet Nam and a "mightyj U.S. military air offensive" against Communists in North and South Viet Nam. He wanted let missile bases bombed, although that could mean war with the Soviet Union. July 19 he said "the people grow more concerned, more confused by the hour, as the war situation becomes a nightmare o£ speculation." , On July 21 he denounced "irresponsible criticism" of John- the punch, the White House Monday put out a booklet stating what Eisenhower said and giving its view on why the wai is necessary. pe^^ludinV,* Z££ *£*,,* TM S? "£ were injured and a total of persons were driven o.ul last 11. He was West Dover, Vt., four days be- fciaimo wcic unvcii uut JUSL , , ... .-, 7 , , , , . night in a fire that heavily dam- ° re , to Mrs George Hebbard of aged a tenement block. None of the injured were hospitalized. MONTPEL1ER, Vt. (AP) - Boston. His two previous wives died. KINGSTON, N. Y. (AP) -Houston Richards, 79, musical first script was put together by .Herbert Garrington, 63, state comedy star who was born in L m lead to ,, change of po j icy and the committee and Mr. Todd announced the following plan for improving teaching services and providing for more individualized instruction for children. During the fall months, Wednesday afternoons will be used on a trial basis in meeting these needs. Tentative plans are to dismiss school three Wednesdays of each month at 12.05 p.m. for all children making average or better than average progress. Those children who are having difficulties in reading and other related subjects will remain at school until 2.30 p.m. and receive more individual help than is possible during a regular school day with a class of 25. Each teacher will work with less than 10 children during this time so that greater progress for will pick up at each school those|*! 00 k pupils who last year were on the;^" 5 TM 058 ate run, before her regular trip. ' This early bus will now leave the last school about 2 p. m. and proceed to Pepperell Pines. It will then return and pick up the same children at 2.30 P. m. in each school as it did last year. Abe Burrows, who wrote the] To Succeed in ut Really Try- Parents of first grade children;;^, 0 are requested to place some "'" kind of bus designation alongl with name and street address ing." "But the execution of the series," Ives explained, "was turned over to the Hollywood professionals." This may forebode the usual, tired format of a series. But Ives believes that his character w .. Walter " the average person, the child's lunch box. School w ., e buses will carry .a route designation on the front bumper of the "He puts snobs in their place," the bearded, round- uon on uie iiom [jumper ui me i j . 7: , bus. Bus No. 1 will cover Route!' 8 TM 1 "*« »*· JTM kn ° w 1, etc. Animals tend to eat more son's Viet Nam policy, defending "those of us who urge that the President act to convince the Communists of our resolve." But on July 30, after Johnson announced he was sending 50,000 more troops to Viet Nam, Ford said "I very much fear that an increased commitment of ground troops in Viet Nam Lowell, Mass., died here Sunday of a heart attack. BOSTON (AP) - Cumberland Farms Dairy has been barred by court order from distributing free milk to contest winners until a suit brought by the Milk Control Board is decided. The board suit contends that giving milk away is a violation of a state law forbidding sale if milk below cost. The restraining order, issued Young Priest Appointed To Moscow WORCESTER, Mass. (AP)The Rev. Eugene V. LaPlante, 33, a theology instructor at As- namfd 0 cha C pla\^ Busi "K school children has School Issue BOSTON (AP) -Mayor John Collins says the School Committee's proposal to purchase the old Beth El School in Dorchester is not the best solution to overcrowded classrooms. The mayor said pupils should be transported to less crowded areas. He said the school is obsolete and too small. Roman Catholics in Moscow, a Judge Eugene A. Hudson, ex- ° " ... . how people are treated by maitre d'hotels, headwaiters, | ° rdameii S1X petty officials, clerks in snitzy stores -- any of these cats who n u i t i ttji V j f i i i i u i i i - a 111 iu.uoi.wwi a ~ . ; · ... . - . _. post filled by his order since empts milk gifts to nearly 400 --- ! persons who won a contest last May. 1933. Father LaPlante, who was y e a r s ago in France, will also have the title jeen a key factor in a dispute jetween Negro leaders and the committee over what to do about overcrowding and racial mbalance in the schools. FALL RIVER, Mass. (AP)-- when they have company, bio-like to push people around " j tne U - S - S - R I : _ i _ » _ i _ : _ I i U _ i i c "i."u. TTift onnni of apostolic administrator of: Two workmen hoisting an anchor legists say. A chicken that has might result more rapidly. eating again if placed with one The remaining Wednesday all that is feeding. YOUR BEST AND SAFEST TIRE BUY For Turnpike Driving '. . . Is Still THEMONTUORIOILCORP. We Hare The Lowest Prices In Town For First Line Full 4-Ply Tires Come On In -- And Be Convinced MONTUORI OIL CORP. jto the deck of the battleship The "appointment, announced'Massachusetts have been in. i Monday by the Very Rev. Arm-jjured when the heavy chain 3n I hOmaS Script land H. Desautels, provincial su- ! holding it snapped and lashed ·perior of the order, is for three'thcm against the crane. LONDON Wl -- British actress!years. Father LaPlante's predc-i Peter Burda, 26, of Attleboro Susannah York, who recently'cessor, the Rev. Joseph F.[suffered a broken leg and back completed work with Stanley! Richard, has served since 1901. j injuries Monday and Alva For"~'"~ """ ' The Assumptionists h a v e ' n i e r , 46, of Tiverton, R.I., a maintained a small group of broken kneecap. The men were · - · · -- standing on a barge and lifting the anchor into place with the 3aker on "Sands of the Kala- lari," has signed to make "The doctor and the Devil." The mn- vie, based on the only film script vritten by the late Dylan Thornas, tells the story of a group of ualed from Assumption College; "Big Mamie" is now a state jodysnatchers in Edinburgh iniin 1955. He received a doctor ofiwar memorial, he 10th Century. Producer Nick canon law degree in 1963 fronij Hay will make the movie this 8 Main St. Phone 343-6971 waitll you see... Mount Washington. Can't make it this year? Sure ·you can. Easy! Just drop in and see us. We'll give you all the cash you need in a hurry! At terms 'that are right. Call us when you're ready to go. [We'll be ready with the cash to get you there. ' 558 Main Sircct Fitchburg Call 343-3081 GOP Goals MARLBORO, Mass. (AP) Massachusetts Republican State Chairman John F. Parker wants to register one million Republicans and raise $1 million by No- members in Russia since 1903. Father LaPlante, a native of Dartmouth, Mass., was ' grad-lcrane. autumn in Yugoslavia. the Lateran Pontifical Univer-i Paraguay finally granted suf sity in niii jfrage to women in 1961. the goals at a party meeting Sunday. ·Raymond V. Humphreys, director of education and training for the National GOP committee, told the meeting of town and ward committee members that an examination of voting trends since 1900 indicates a 'reaction" two years after a president sweeps into office. He predicted that such a voter reaction will work against President Johnson next year. RAINMAKER? -- Lansing Bronson, engineer for » Vista, Calif., irrigation district, points out features of an electrostatic emission rainmaking process which officials from drought- parched New York are studying. At left arc electric lines for conducting high voltage charges. At right, Bronson examines n insulator. -- (NBA Tclephotos) A Charming Pair PATT-CMRMHA This special design for the shorter, fuller figure puts the accent on a versatile and wel groomed outlook. Dress is pairei with a matching jacket. No. 8118 with Patt-0-Rama is 14'/2, 16V4, 18V4 vember of He announced;20K, 22V4, 24'/4, 26V4. Bust 33 to :47, Size 1414, 35 bust, dress, 3% yards of 35-inch; jacket, 2% yards. To order, send 50c in coins to --Sue Burnett, 3150 Ave. o Americas, New Vork, N, Y 10036. For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print Name Address with Zip Code, Style No. and Size. Send 50c today for the fall 4. winter '65 edition of our pattern magazine Basic Fashion. Juniors Misses Women LAST GALL all Spring and Summer Dresses Coats Suits Bathing Suits at Ridiculously Low Prices Dresses $3.99 TO $4.99 17 Size 5 and 9 9 Sizes 9 and 10 9 Size 11 and 12 6 Size 14 4 Size 18, 9 20') 2 Size 12'A, 2 141/2 1 Size 16'/ 2 , 3 18'/ 2 3 Size 20'/2, 7 22 12 Size 24'/2, 9 26'/2 Coats 8|0 - $15,00 6 Size 7, 4 Size 9 2 Size 11 and 12, 5 14 3 Size 16, 2 18, 6 Larger Suits S 10 i00 $ 15' 00 - $20-°° Its Hard To Believe The Low Prieei On Above Original Qualities . . . 2 Size 7, 4 Size 9, 4 11 4 Size 13 and 14, 3 16 2 Size 8, 2 20 2 Size 2QVi, 1 22Vz Bathing Suits $0.00 at values to $19.95 Skirts Shirts Culottes Bermudas and Jamaicat at Bargain Prieei All Men's Furnishings 20% OFF Already Marked Down NERVE DEAFNESS L CAN BE HELPED! MHO KM MMMMtt FRM MOOH11M NtfVA MufiwMf c contflMn MUM or htflfin0 ImMlnnint, m b« htlnd, titn ritovflt rim* :b m wigM «r mtdftol curt. K you my ,"l an Iwof, b»» I ant nttnHnt," m tr^t you t» writ* Mrfay ttr Hiii vuluabl* fm bro- diun M mm 4»fnt» and infomctiw Hn nw MHont Utopia*, AII4ft-T)i*4«r r _ . I, look n li» otoycim _. lift MM *w hw 0oiiiy nw urapivn wt ;fci Hn Mr - He eot* - N« wir« - No p«. lie tiibM, v«t iW« *y «W "»y I" Hi* ctmnr MH "It* TruA Afevt Ntrvt DoffM".

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