The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1947
Page 3
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SEPTRMBEfc '30, 1947. (AKK;.) COUK(IE$ farm and Home Department Award Winners Designated By Judges for District Fair Rabbit Show Is Fair Feature Winning entries among Ihe ivum- 'orous arllcles of home cooking, dai- • ry products, clolhing and canned goods exhibited in the Farm and Home Department ol the Northeast Arkansas District fair here • were announced yesterday by Pair officials. . The winners, listed by class and type of entry, follow: HOM>: COOKING Bread While yeast .bread—Mrs. Amy Gordon. -Blytheville, second place. (No firsl place award.) Parker house .rolls—.Mrs. .Silencer Bunch. Blythevilie, first and second; Mrs. Iverson Morris, Blylhe- ville, third. Corn meal muffins qi sticks—Mrs. .Iverson Morris,. Blylheville, Iirsl; •Mrs. Spencer Bunch, Blytheville. second; Mrs. R. A. Cpuela'nd, Blytheville, third. '• ••' Best plate biscuits—Mrs. C. M. .Abbott, Blylheville, tirst; Mrs. Ivor- son Morris, Blylheville. second; Mrs. Spencer Bunch, Blytheville, third. Cinnamon rolls—Mrs. Mike Buch• 'Email, Blytheville;second; Mrs. Amy j Gordon, 'Blytheville, third. <No first •place award.) . . • C^kes Pound cake—Mrs. R. A. Copeland, Blytheville. first. Devil's Food Cake—Mrs. Spencer Bunch. Blylheville, first and second. Angel food <;akc—Mrs. Mike Buchanan, Blytheville, first; Mrs. R. A. Copeland, Blytheville, second; .Mr3. Charley Lutes. Blytheville. third. Apple sauce cake—Mrs. Spencer Bunch, Blytheville. first. Candy Exhibil assorled candy—Mrs. Wilmer Smith, Marked Tree, first. Exhibit chocolate -fudge—Mrs. Essie Davis. .Blythevillc, first; Mrs. Wllmcr Smilh, Marked Tree, second; Mrs. Charles Caery, Manila, third. Exhibit fondant dinner mints— Mrs. Wilmcr Smith, Marked Tree, second. (No first place award.) Exhibit divinity—Mrs. W. W. Caery, Manila, first; Mrs. Essie Davis, Blytheville, second. Dairy Products: One pound molded butter—Mrs. G. T..Gracey, Blytheville, first; Mrs. Stanlon Pepper, Blylheville, second. Packed Lunch and Dinner - Dinner packed for adults—Flat Lake Home Demonstration Club, second. (No first place award.) Meats Home made lard—Mrs: W. W. Cox. Leachville, first; Mrs. J. O. Huey, Blytheville, second; Mrs. Lee Stiles. Blytheville, third. CLOTHING Huusebolrl Linens Pillow cases, embroidered—Mrs. H. A. Copeland, Blythevillc, first r.nd second; Mrs. Eardie .Shannon Leachville, third. Pillow cases wilh Monogram — Mrs. A. P. Burks, Blythevillc, first Luncheon sets (runners .or squaru ' c^uth and napkins)—Mrs. R. A Copeland, Blytheville, first; Mrs A. P. Burks, Blytheville, second, Mrs. Fred Wahl, Blytheville. third. Luncheon sets, other than mcm- ogrammed, all white—Mrs. W. O Anderson, Blytheville, first; Mrs. T R. Watson, Armorel, second; Mrs. Fred Wahl, •Blythevillc, third. ville, third. Bed linens (assorted)—JJrs.T. R, Watson, Armorel. first; Mas. Gratia M. Vinson. Anngrel, second; Mrs. Raleigh Sylvester, Blytlicville, third. Doilies—Mrs. Joe Fellhauer, Blv- thevillc, first; Mrs. R. A. copelnhd. Blylheville. second; Mrs. ,Grace A. Mason. Blytheville. third. Any other useful hptiselipld article—Mrs. T. R. Watson. Armorel, first; Mrs. R, A. Copelaitd, Blytheville, second and third. Quilts Cotton applique—Mrs. J. O. H|iey Blytheville. first. Feather comforter—Mrs. W. L Smith. Blylheville, firsl. Wool comforter—Bendonna McCann, Blytheville. first; Mrs. J. O Huey. Blytliovilie. second. Oldest rtullt—Mrs. James Sinoth- erman, •Blytheville, first. Any other quilt not listed—Mrs E. A. Castlio. Blytheville, firsl; Mr.s John Mays. Blytheville, second. Itedspreads Candlewick—Mrs. W. L. Smith Blytheville, first. ... Crocheted or knitted—Mrs.'lizzie Wakefield, .Blytheville; firsl; Mrs J. O. Huey, Blylheville, second; Mrs T. R. Watson. Armorel. third. • Any olhcr kind—Mrs. W. .O. An- Cook'ston, Blylheville, second; 'Mrs. derson, Blytheville, first; Sirs. J. J. T. R. Watson, Armorel. Ihird. Rugs Shag rugs—Mrs. 'Lee Slilcs, Blytheville, first. Crocheted rugs—Mrs. E. A. Castlio. Blylheville. first. Braided rugs—Mrs. Willie Roberts, Armorel, first and second; Mrs. T. R. Watson. Armorel. third. Any other kind—Mrs. E. A. Castio. Blytheville. first and second. Infant's Articles •Baby's pillow, embroidered—Mis. T. R. Watson, a r morel, first .a,ud second. Baby's sacque, crocheted or embroidered—Mrs. T. R. Watson, Ar- norel, first and third; Mr.s. .Gratia M. Vinson, Armorel, second. Baby's bootees, crocheted—Mrs. T. R. Watson, Armorel, first and second. Baby's Gertrude—Mrs. -Gratia M. Vinson. Armorel, first; Mrs. 'T. R. Watson, Armorel, second and'third. Baby's 'cap—Mrs. T. R. Wa Armorel. first; Mrs. Gratia M. Vinson, Armorel, second. Baby's Drefs—Mrs. Gratia M.'Vinson, Armorel,-first; Mrs. T.-R, Watson. Armorel, second; -Mrs. Bob Stovall, Blytheville. third. ' .Baby's carriage rqbe .or quiltec cribe cover—Mrs. T. R. Walson. Armorel, .first. Complete layette—Mrs. Gratia M. Vinson. Armorel, first; Mrs. T. R Watson, Armorel, second. Children's Garments Child's dress (2 to-6 years)—Mrs R. A. Copeland, Blytheville, first; Mrs. Opal Sanford, Blytheville, second and Ihird. iBoy's suit. 2 to 6 years—Mrs. T. R. Watson. Armorel, first. 'Boy's shirt, 6 to 12 years—Mr.s. Raleigh Sylvester, Blylheville, first. Child's Sun Suit, 2 to 4 years- Mrs. T. R. Watson, 'Armorel, first; Mrs. Opal Sanford, Blytheville, sec- (Nt) first uluec rtwiud.) • • j! "YEir .'' .(pints) — Mis.l -Diei> Hunch, Blyllwvtllc, second,' (Ni> plnce uwivrd.) Jolly (3 pi. selection)—Mrs. H, M. 1 I'm?,, 1/m-hvllle, third. (No first' or .second pluci' nwards.) Apple jelly (|>UU>— VlrglnH Pierce. Burdclle, Ihird, (No [list or second lace awards.) Juices uiuarts) — Mr.s. Qcui'RC Bunch. iKyllicrllU!. first; Mrs. G. T.- Ciraevy, lilylhevllU'. second; Mrs. I..T. Hinnlmin, .lllytliuvlllc, third. Juices (yluls)—Mrs. 1,. II. MuU- ho*s, uiyilicvillr, llilnl. (No first cr second plueo awards.) ' I'kMc.s iqvmrlN) — Mrs. II. M. 1'mx. L?!K'hvllU', sectmd. (Ho lirst place Tickles (pints)—Mrs. licrl llcss. lilythevllle. third. (No I'lrsl or si'coml plnce aw % nrd.s.) Soup mixture ^quarts) — Mrs. H. C. Dew. Leachville. second. (No phice ttwnrd.) Chili siuM! (pints) —Mrs. Bert Koss, Blylheville. HUM. (No first or second place awirVds.) Hellsli (pints) — Mrs. G,:or^c Hunch. Blylhcvilk', seruiid, (No ftrnl place award.) A study of mlurntory bird lli«lit> Indicates llml birds .Will iuslliiu- Uvely fly toward the. eiiHh poln with (lie combination of neonmij- uetfsni aiul ,'carlh-Kpln to whicl they lire accustomed. : //omen Urged To He/p ( So/ve World Issues HIMUN'G'FIICLD, Muss.. Scvil. 30. tUl'i —Lenders of Work! Methodism -ontiuued thole discussions licre today us Hie Seventh E;umeiu>.U Mothoillst Coiifrrrnro cnteiud its seventh <luy. Mrs. .). I). DniBK of St. I/JH[K, pvstilmit of tin 1 Church's Women* Division of Clirisllnn Service, yesterday called ou . the Wnmen oi Iho world to help solve the (ccur- nl problems of wur mul fumlne. a;ienkhit; :it o wonu'ii's service In connection with tho confininic.', F.IK: uvw'd piirilelpullon in i\ vol- unlury food and (uel-ifttlonlni! l>ro- i;rnm imd ufki'd for pruyei's io support the United Nnlloiiii. As for wonuiu'.T Job, .ihe said, "w<j will sel oui'.SL'hv.s io suutn'c u yrcat- cr polso ol SUM) ns Individuals unil Ahi move forward a:t oi'uunlp.etl jimnhood to train mul educate a KcncriUlon oi youth which .cun Jliul u solution to lliB problems which seem so baffling." "Women, who control (liu living nnd iniruhnsliiE pmctlce:! anio.iK iliu oTOillowinn graimrles ol the world. invc :i personal rcspoiulbllity to >ee t Inn. Uicra Is nn adequate ahar- ng of cssenllnl food." alw fiald. "T^- nonw Is loo lale." The Rev. Dr. Lynn H. Hough, for- ncr denii of Drew Theological Sem- liiury lit Miullson, N. J;, told del- cijntes from five .continent!) thai 'Methodism cnlls lor social notion/' Terming Die world "tragically in danger of falling apart," lie snid "(he ChilsMiin Church lias Ihc.qp.- pui (unity to provide ilia' which will hold human • beings .'id.- iiethcr." Dr. Harold UobcrU of Surrey, xl'.uul. tlieolcijjy I'.llor ut Hlch- niond College nnit Kccrelavy of Hie Fitsttih Section of Hie Molhodlsl Council, said, "on every ,sidc oui* hci>cs ure Jrustrated because WB lack moral mul splrltuiil roinforce- -KWO£ : PINWOWIS wjgjgapyaphyjltqf, vxi' "r AnJ'<j£>L.*l« Hrtfe*TSf? Jfi. ^ZSSttZ&SSi&VR tk. MT H»-Vt*m^Sfgfft IlinlllMl —Courier News I'liiitl' Mrs. J. S. Godwin of Blythevillc is shown here witli one' ol the many entries submiltcd by 'orceccrs or lh:;. area in Ihe NnllonnV Rnbi)il Show at the Northeast Arkansas District Fair here. Mrs. Godwin'Vis secretary of the Mo-Ark Rabbit Breeders Assoclalion^ sponsors of ilic National'Rabbit Shov.-. Table cloths—Mrs. Grace A. Mason, Blytheville, first and second; Mrs. T. R. Watson, Armorel, third. Pillow cases, two materials combined—Mrs. T. R. Watson, Armorel, iirsl; Mrs. A. P. Burks. Blylheville, second; Mrs. T.-E.-Hubbnrd, Leach- Night gown—Mrs. Lee Stiles. SJy- thevlllc, first; Mrs. T. R. Watson, Armorel, second; Mrs. A. P. Burks. Blytheville. third. Costume slip—Mrs. A. P. BurkJ. Blytheville, first; Mrs. Lee Stiles, Blytheyille, second. Collar .and .cuff set—Mrs. T. R. Watson, Armorel, first; Mrs. A. A. Copeland, Blytheville. second. Church dress—Mrs. Gratia M. Vjnspn, Armprel, first; Mrs. T. R. WaUqn. Arti;orel, second; Mrs. Lee Stiles, '.iBly'tiieyllie.' third. Work dress—Mrs. .W. O. Anderson, Blytheville,-first; Mrs. W. W. Caery, Manila, second; Mrs. Aniy Gordon, Blylheville. third. Siiiock—Mrs. A. -P. Burks, Rt. 2, .Blythc.villc, first. -Work apron—Mrs. J. H. Adams. •Bly.lheyille, -first;"Mrs. A." P. Burks. .B.tythevrite, second. Fancy or Tea Apron—Mrs. T. R. •\Yatson, Armorel. first, second and third. Any other useful .garment—Mrs. J. J.'Cookston, Blythevillc. first, Thrift Gunneiils (Made from .coiton sacks) Woman's dress—Mrs. Gratia -VI. Vinson, Armorel, first and second; R. Watson, Armorel, third. . Pillow cases—Mrs. R. A. Copeland, Blytheville, first. -, . <, i • Bedspreads—Mrs. S. E. McCook, Blytheville. first and Ihird; Mrs. T. R. Watson, Armorel, second. Girl's dress—Mrs. Elza Wheeler, Blythevillc, first; Mrs. T. R. Watson. Armorel, second and third. Luncheon Sets—Mrs. A. P. Burks. Blytheville, tirst and second; Mrs. R. A. Copclnnd, iBIytheville, third. Fancy or tea apron—Mrs. Gratia M.-Vinson, Armorel. first; Mrs. R. A. Copeland. Blytheville, second; Mrs. T. R. Watson, Armorel, third. iKitchcn apron—Mrs. Stanton Pepper, Blythevillc, firsl and third; {•Irs. R. A. Copeland. Blytheville, ijecond. Miscellaneous—Mrs. T. R. Watson, .Armorel, first and tliird; Mis. -Raleigh .Sylvester, Blytheville. sec- ond. .Knitted and (hrochctcd Articles Knitted Sweater—Mrs..T.R.iWat- iOn. Armorel. first, ' " * Knitted or crocheted scarf—Mrs. r. R, Watson, Armorel. lirst. Crocheted purse or bag— H. Watson, Armorel, first. Crocheted centerpiece—Mrs'. Grace A. Mason. Blytheville. first-; Mrs Joe FeUhnner. Blytheville. second; Mrs. A. P. Burks, Blytheville, thlrr' Panlry Shelf Kxhilill Six quart selection—Mrs. Roy Thomas, Leachville. flrsl; .Mrs. Spchcei Bunch. Blythevillc, second;- .Mrs George 'Bunch, Blylbeyilie, third.,, Miniature Pantry Shelf Exhilill Six pint selection—Mrs. Spencer •Bunch, B'.ylheville, Iirsl, Mrs. Zoa Thompson, Blylheville, second, Mrs II. M. Perez, Leachville, third. : Individual Fund Preservation Kxnlbit^ Preserves (3 pt. selcclion'i—'Mrs. Bert Ross, Jr.. Blythovillc, first; Mrs. W. O. Anderson. Blythevillc. second; Mrs. Roy Thomas. Leachyillc, third. Strawberry preserves (pints)—Mr.s! L. T. Bumliam. Blythevillc, second. NOTICE To Our Customers: In :or<liir to fully cnoponito -witti the Junior C/hiunlior of Commerce, UlyllKivillu, nnd Mississippi County in the singing of the Nutioniil Cotton Picking Contest, we will'be closed 'I'lHirstluy, Oclobcer 2nd. Your co- opcnitiqn will be npprednled. • Lion Oil Company W. R. Campbell, Distributor W. FRANK ALLEN Certified Public Accountant 872 Shrike Building , Mompliis, Tennessee Announces .Office in Jonetboro, Arkansas Rooms 5 and 6, Turner Building PHONES—Jon«boro, Arkan«a»—2923 Memphis, Tennessee—37-4432 ACCOUNTING SERVICE—AUDITING— INCOME TAXES Priile .Genera/ Contractors DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 RECTAL DISEASES A SPjEClALT Phone 3371 Night Phone* 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store ;'. , Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So, Second St. Rlviheville, Ark.. Free Estimates on All Work Allenlion Please! the People of Blytheville: For the past Iwo years, as most of you know, I have been holding auction sales of Registered Tennessee Walking Horses. Some of these horses sold are mine, but by far the majqrily of them are horses consigned by horsemen from ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES.' Buyers come here Io buy Ihese horses from as far •northwest as Oregon, Washington, and California, and us far southeast as Florida, and from New Mexico to New York, and all points in between. ' PRACTICALLY ALL of these people are high class, prominenl, and well-lo-do people and MANY PEOPLE who never even heard of Blytheville know our section now because they have attended these sales. MY NEXT SALE OF 250 HORSES WILL DE HELD ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10th AND lllh. The present indications are that the biggest crowd that ever attended a walking horse sale will attend this sale, and it looks like I am going to be very much in need of rooms- IP YOU HAVE AN EXTRA ROOM that you can afford to let someone have for the 9lh, I0th and llth, or any one of Ihosc nights, I would applcciate your contacting me, or the room clerk at the Noble Hotel. PLEASE. HOWEVER, DO NOT CONSTRUE THF, FACT THAT YOU LIST YOUR ROOM TO BE A GUARANTEE ON MY PART THAT THE ROOM WILL BE USED. I believe, however, that every available room in Blytheville will be needed for this occasion. On Thursday night, October 9lh, the night before' the sale opens, practically all horses in the sale will be worked in Ihe bam. The sale will start promptly at nine o'clock on the morning of the 10th, and will probably run until 18:30 that night, and we want to try Io close around six o'clock on Salurday, the llth. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO ATTEND ANY OR ALL OF THESE SESSIONS. C G. SMITH Telephone 576 or 4376 DRE1FUS BLADDER IRRITATION Thousand* Have Found Belief in the N(O»™1 , Mountain Valley Mineral Water' I from lutnous Hot Springs, Arkansas A pun. soolhing ultl In .rclIcvUik Itrltutlon of these delicate organs, helpful in atliiuiltUliiK kidney action and eltalnatlng systemic woslc.v Doctors Imve prescribed this pleasant water for over fifty years Order a caie today. FAMOS WATCHES CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOf LOANS Uomi Offic*, Newark, N. 1. ' r»oKrr CUMINO : tow KATM C.M.L. WR1TT OK Ul RAY WORTHINGTON ' 115 S. Third Si, Bljthrrill*. Aik. Serrlnc This SseMoo IS Teari til Mart**** L TIIK PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE £OMrANT OF AMIUCA , Prices lncl.Fed.Jax "Take your choice, tady . . . yon jo either to tk* Blythevillc fire department or to SEAY MOTOR COMPANY-"

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