The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NKWSPAHER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHKAST MISSOUIU VOI,. XX.V11I—NO. 57 Bly-thertlle Courier, Blythertlle Dally News, : ' ~~ =— ~~-~~. _BJytl».yiU« Herald, ML-atolppl__Valjey_u a jfi : . HLVYTinOViLLlO, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, .MAY •>'.',, Jim HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS.£1 SCHOOL MATE IDENTIFIES GEORGE his hiife mother orauf-uta: Harrison Heads Chickasawba Dist. Organization, Lowrance That in S. End. A .Chlckasawba district unit of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation was launched at a meeting al the city hall here Friday afternoon, following an address by Field Representative Martlndale of the American Farm Bureau. Zal B. Harrison was elected president and R. C. Rose of Roseland vice-president. Others named to the board of directors are John Bearden, Leachvllle, F. A. Itogers, Clear Lake, J. D. Hightower. Dmdette, M. F. Brownlee, Dell, and W. S. Orowder, Armorcl. Form OsceoU District Unit A similar organization for the south end of the county was formed at a meeting at Osceola last night. C. J. Lowrenee jr.. was elected president, with G. L White as secretary and F. P. Jacobs, E. S. Wildy and J. W. Edrington as directors. While the two units, as now organized, are separate, local men said yesterday that it was possible a joint meeting of the two boards would be arranged with a view to combining the organizations into cne Mississippi county farm bureau. Chickasawba district farmers who -jaiso.t JB uoT)ez]UuSjo am pauiof day's meeting, in addition lo those listed above as members of the board of directors, were: O. Shonyu. A. J. Lewis. C. E. Fisk. E. A. Haynes, S. GofT. Oscar Alexander. D. Garrett, W. A. Scott, J. Y. Turner, H. P. Listen, J. H. Smotherman, J. V. Pierce, E. V. Treadway.jiii the United States. M. L. Swlhart. C. W. Ramey. B. B. "" " •Hr*?e, Bt.«nl« Fralenburi;. and C. a* smith'. • " ' ' . " "" Tompkins State President J. . F. Tompkins of Burdette is president of the Arkansas Farm Bureau federation, launched a few weeks ago at Little Rock, and C. G. Smith is a member of the board of directors. Stanley Andrews, publisher of the Arkansas Farmer, is the acting secretary, and spoke at yesterday's meetings here and at Osceola. - Mr. Martindale's talk dealt with the failure of agriculture to participate on a fair basis with industry nnd labor in the division of the national Income. The remedy. 5- Ulan Mamma Proud of "Little Boy" Like all habits, little Albcrie was a bit shy when th their "baby 1 they were part of the fami world from , lection of. Madame Rosall! ious col- grown orang-utans and are now peering at the cages in the Philadelphia ZM. They arc among the rarest specimens of anthropoid apes in the world. ^ To the "baby," little Alterie, be- I zoo here have first ptck'f'n choosin longs the honor of being the only'" .. . - Declares Workers Victims o[ Struggle for Economic Supremacy. VATICAN CITY, Mny 23 (UP) — A t-all for unity of labor nnd cup- llal In the interest of their common welfare was sounded today by publication of the full text of the new encyclical of Pope Plus XI summarized In a radio adiess May 15, and supplcmentlni; the broad platform of Pope Leo XIH In his "rcrnni novantm" of 1891. While adhering lo the antl- j-cholastlc stand of his predecessor ami once more enunciating th? principle of private proixriy. Pope Pius made a thoroughly modern interpretation of economic trends nml dangers. He warned ngnlnst the menace of des[X)tlc powers "In the hands of those, who, ing money, dominate, credit nm! control loans" and showed how this led to struggles for economic supremacy for political power and between stales. "Greed for power has succccdet desire for wealth nnd our whole economy has thus become terribly hard, inexorable, and cruel," sail the encyclical. Profit sharing plan - -.._ „... [for the benefit- of labor were mi- who cared for them and studied! The baby is "doina well" In Its dmscd and it was i»intc<t out them on her large "estate. She died : new home. C. Emerson Brown? I llult "wealth Is produced -solely j recently and left orders lhat the, director of the zoo. hopes that he' tnrol| S'i " lc workers' labor, either ie cameraman came (o ,takc his picture He clamr to .... , , Oiuislna, as they posed In thr Philadelphia zoo, but looked at the birdie Ld mak« Mm'rafhr ,' """T, 'T",* 1 " "' C ""* *** '" C ° n ' y •"•*"*»» <«". In cap.lvlly !,„ "1 lived makes him rather snooJ.v. 'that, too. may explain the dignity of numnu. She's of a sped, successfully brought to America. By NBA Sen-ice seldom rocle in a special car. They were: ate. She was more interested In car- ishlpped from Havana, Cuba, where • ing for her little so:i. She didn't object, as long as he wasn't molested. Rosalia Abren She went In willingly. Cood-byo Broadway, Hello Hollywood! Another little Broadway slcu- who'll twinkle in Hollywood Is blonde mid winsome Noel Francis,. mnalcnl comedy favorite. Hero you nee her In a. charming pose. And—don'l let. this unnerve you—she's BOiin; to be cast us u siren In her next picture! Conn less Makes Debut in Movies orang-utan which has lived after being born in captivity. But. Its father. Guas, and its mother, Guasina. are unique loo—the species i? practically unknown in captivity . he said, must come through organization by which, ho declared, farmers may buy and sell more economically and efficiently, and thru which they may wield political influence essential to from government. a square deal Private Plane Owners Want Port at Kennett the apes desired. The huge and ferocious Guas. resenting man's interference, roared defiance, but. like all aanimals, feared fire. A burning paper waved forced him to enter a crate—reluctantly. Wrjen they came to the zoo they 1 But the mother wasn't so obslln- will live and some day be as droll-; """mal ° r mechanical." looking and huge ns papa ami mam- . '— ma orang-utan. Oilier baby orang-! Smith and Nominated for Director utans have all died, Albcrle may not. Madame Abrcu'knew the best method of caring for apes nnd her, ._ _. _. _ knowledge undoubtedly enabled this'of Blythevllle nnd J. F. Tompkins MEMPHIS, Tenn—C. G. Smith baby to live. Osceolans Will ' Participate in Unveiling Marker OSCEOLA. Ark., May 23.—Tak-1 ing parl In the dedication of the • ma the D. A. R. tomorrow will be n num- June Taylor, Wanted in Los Angeles Case, Calls On San Quentin Inmate. RAN FRANCISCO, May 23 (UP) —A state-wide search for June ... , j Taylor shifted here today when it!' cad group 5l "S'»S ot the na- {of Burdette have been nominated • by Mississippi county, Arkansas, [members of (he Mid-South Cotton I Growers association ns candidates jfor association director for the MIs- ! slsslppl county district. Mr. Smith is the present director. . Election will be by mail and members will be furnished with ballots which must be returned to the ns- scciatlon office at Memphis by June rkc-r erected at Marion, Ark., by 1 E K Latimer Will Dplivpr' 10 ' Tlle new " bcnrd of direclors w111 i William Strong chapter of the : ». T ' au '" c ' " "' *l ul /c - 1 ! hold its first meeting at Memphis message to High School Graduating Class. Members of the local boy scout troup will participate in the cerc- mcm'r-s. Mrs. John W. Edrington was reported the attractive tional anthem and other songs, and brunet wanted In connection" with ' Miss Calhcrinp Harwell, daughter the slaying of Charles Crawford: 0 ' °}'' ""!? Mrs ' C ' M ' IInr «'e". and Herbert Spencer in los An-i r a mcmocr °. f t!l0 chap- geles had paid a hurried visit to! ter ' vri " re P r esent Mississippi coun- the San Quentin prison cell of her ;ty ' I >lacl "B a wreath on the mark- associate. Albert Marco, one timc :er - Wre!Uh cs wiu nlso be placed by- vice baron of the southern city : representatives from Crittenden The woman who visited Marco ! an(l st ' FrancL '> counties, the two registered as Mrs. A. M. Donovan,! otller coullti es included in the Wil- The senior class ol the city high school for this year will be formally presented to the public Sunday morninj when the baccalaureate service will be held at the city auditorium at 11 o'clock. The 63 students, who make up the largest class in the history of the school, will hear the Rev. E. K. Latimer, pastor of the First Christian church, preach on "Wonders of the World." In respect to the members of the KENNETT. Mo.—With three aero- planes already owned here and as many more contemplated. Keun^tt is taking on an air-mindcdness of serious proportions. The last privately owned plane to make its advent into Kennett arrived Monday and was purchased by R. Irl Jonci banker and extensive land owner. An enthusiastic move for a municipal airport Is being given impetus with the arrival of each new machine. At the present time the local Lions club and the American Legion are taking the lead in the matter. It Is planned to have the airport constructed by subscriptions for the initial payment, and to keep up future payments by en- tertalnmenls nnd aerial displays. In the event the airport scheme materializes two prominent business men of HorncrsviUo have pledged themselves to purchase planes snd subscribe to the upkeep of the housing structures. Kennett now is the possessor of more aeroplanes than any city in southeast Missouri and will l» the first to construct an airport If the move is succ?ssful. Find Alabama Woman and Son Dead in Room MOBILE, Ala., May 23. <TJP)— The death of a 45-year-old woman found In her bedroom with a hut- let wound In her mouth and her son, five, was under Investigation hrrc today. ' Police said they believed the woman, Mrs. Elmer E. McKInstry, ihnd shot her son Alexander and turned the gun upon herself. A gun was found on the floor In (ho woman's: bedroom near the two bcdfs. Coroner H. S. J. Walker a name understood to have been ' " aln Strong chapter. ,.-.. ._ „„ „. ,.„. used by Miss Taylor on several • Miss H:>rw ell will also take part class the First Presbyterian, First occasions. Under that name she in tne "nvciling of the marker with | Methodist, First Baptist nnd First h»s maintained an account in a; Miss Claudinc Davis of Tyronza. Christian churches are dispensing California bank which the imprls-' Judge Frank Smith of Marion will', with their morning church scrvlc- oned Marco used for spending deliver the dedicatory address and es so a large crowd is expected to money. mil also formally present the mark- fill the auditorium. Warden, James Hollohan said a « r to fl 'e town of Marion. It will • According lo a tradition of the man accompanied Mrs. Donovan bs accepted by Mayor S. V. Neely school the 43 girls in the class will to the prison whom be believed of Marion. Mrs. Martin L. Sigmon [ wear organdie dresses in pastel was Frank E. Carroll, prominent of Monlicello. forme rstate regent shades, without hats. They will car- San Francisco business man who and now vice president of the gen- : ryjirm bouquets of summer flowers, his taken an interest in San oral D. A. U. organization. 23. Candidates nominated for the Missouri district directorship nre Dres Vnrdeil, Kennell, anil W. N Rankin, Carulhersville. The following program be Quentin affairs. • take part on (he program which is given with Mrs. Paul L. Tipton as i scheduled to begin al 2 o'clock in ' director of the 40 voices in (he i the afternoon. : choir and with Miss Margaret Merj The marker, placed at the Inter- rltt at the piano: for Cut Worm Control ! section of "'S 1 " 1 '^' 5 61 and C4 near] Prelude. "A La Bien Alme." Critz Offers Advice Memphian IsWounded By Bandit MEMPHIS, May 23. (UP)—A bandit shot and wounded Fritz Mahr, president of the Retail Grocer's association here and robbed him of $300 in cash today. The bandit ordered Mahr to drive out of the congested district and when he did not respond quickly the bandit fired. The shot was believed muffled by Mahr's clothing. With the bullet In his hip Mahr was then forced to drive out of the downtown district. The bandits lei Mahr out at the University of Tennessee medical center and the wounded man walked to a nearby hospitnl. There's nothing high hat nbout this charming newcomer to the movies even though she Is Coaitcsse De La Falalse ol France. She recently made her dfbul in a minor role In Hollywood. The enormous amount of damage being done by cut worm in which was organized a few years , ,., ,_,_,, this vicinity is causing much con- i n =° with ^mbership In Mlssissip ccrn among farmers Cotton plant- I pi ' Cnttcndcn and St. Francis coun-. cd near alfalfa. Is being literally i tlcs - and 1s pl:>cod to «mmemor- "eatcn up" by the worms which ' aie establishment of tne first mill- stay in the alfalfa. J. E. Critz, county agricultural J" 1 ; the , trnil madc . ^ , the earl 5' agent, is diroctig farmers to kill the insccls with a mixture made from 50 pounds of wheat bran, four pounds of calcium arsenic and one gallon of cheap molasses. Where Impossible to obtain calcium r.rsenic two iwunds of white arsenic may bo substituted but this Is poisonous to everything It touches so must be handled with extreme caution. Marion, is the first patriotic work Schlutt; Choir Processional, "Bethe William Strong chapter. \ neath the Cross of Jesus,". Maker; Class Processional "Chanson Trlstc,' Tschnlkasky; Invocation, the Rev. P. Q. Korle, pastor of the First Methodist church; Anthem, "Send Out the Light," Gounod; OITertory, "Nocturne." Nevin; Solo. "Beyond the. Dawn," Sanderson, William T. Trotter; Sermon, the Rev, E. K. Latimer; Oclel. "I Heard t^e Voice of Jesus," Rathburn; Benediction, the Rev. Alfred S. Harwell, pastor of the First Baptist church; Re- [sponsc, choir; Recessional; Post- tary road through Arkansas, built Indians of northeast Arkansas as a means of communication with friendly tribes on the Red and Arkansas rivers. Caliaway Will Deliver u,dc. -Bernard." Osceola Baccalaureate ton near alfalfn patches. John Garfield, Grandson of President, Suicides MENTER, O., May 23. (UP) — John N. Oarf.eld, grandson of the martyred former president James A. Garfield, wns found shot to death in the bathroom of his he would probably Invcslig.Uo | home here last night, it was lenm- thc shooting today. cd tofyy. Sheriff James Mahoney sold p.f- tor an Invrslig.itlon he believed the Hawaiian Islands, where they the victim had shot himself One grow to a height ot 30 or 40 feet, j gunshot wound was in the head The tallest known ferns exist in OSCEOLA, Ark., Mny 23—Rev. Marsh M. Callnway, pastor of the Blytheville deliver the the 1931 graduating class at the First Baptist church here tomorrow morning. Special music has been arranged and the class will atlend in a body. Hon. W. J. Driver will address the class on Friday evening In the high school auditorium when diplomas will be presented to the following graduates: Ramelle Weln- Garfield^ wns found shot to | berg, valedictorian; Beatrice Rose, sahitatorlan; Mary Brinktey, Fan- nlo Lucy Howell. Mary Josephine McGregor. Nell Turner, Helen Tool?. Appeals Rum Case to UNITED EFFDRI Chamber Will Invite Cooperation of Local Civic Organizations. Coordination of effort for com munlty advancement will be sough through cooperation of various lo cal civic and scrVWe organization with Ihc, Bhttheyllie ^Chamber o Commerce. If u "irfaii'lipuroVed a a. civic meeting sponsored ; by th chamber at the city hall last-nigh receives a favorable response Iron the various organizations. Following a discussion In whicl lack ot effective community coop eration was described ns [he great est obstacle to Blythcvllic's ad vancemcnt unanimous approval wa: given A motion by Max B. Reid that the chamber of commerce In vile the Rotary club, the Uons club the Business and Professional Wo men and ojhcr civic organization to name committees to meet regu larly with the chamber of coiuinerc board and to act as liaison officer between the clumber and tticlr or ganizalions In obtaining cffcctlv cooperation in behalf of commun Ity projects. About 75 men and women attend ed last night's meeting. Music dur Ing the supper was furnished b Jimmy Doyd's orchestra, and th civic discussion was preceded by number of selections by the hlg school girls trio. Misses Lillla Briscoe, Othiis Bracken and Grac Elliott, and by a debate, "Resolve That Chain Stores Are a Detri nurnt to the Community." with Ev rard Wcisburd upholding the affir mative and Miss Kntharyn Dento the negative. C. G. Smith opened the discus slon of community problems wit the declaration that without inor evidence of a will to work toirethc for the common benefit than ha been shown here in recent montl Blytheville might as well call it day and quit. He was followed b Funeral services will be held Sim- j U. S. Branson. E. D. Ferguses day for E. "Ur.cic Dutch" Taylor. BO, | Cliff Sebaugh, nnd Max B. Reid, al! of whom declared that a revival of community spirit was the t!:lng most "Uncle Dutch" Taylor, Father of Constable Harry Taylor, Dies Tin's Morning Visconsin Authorities'?re- '••. pare to Extradite Man Sought Here Last Fall. : SAN FRANCISCO, May 23 (UP) .-•'; —The man held here as a Mupcct \ i (lie murder of Mrs. Cora Belle- .; Inckptt Perry In Wisconsin- In. ; illy last year was identiflcd,by a -\ ormcr schoolmate ns George W. '• E. I'erry, accused of tlu murder.' '-/ ; Henry D. Mauger, Jr., Los" An- -'j eles, who snld he attended the' i; ame school ns Perry In Milwaukee, •. inde the Identification. The BUS--;'? wa denies he Is Perry and claims '",' o be Frank Mornn. Mnvcs for I>xtraditlon MILWAUKEE, May 23. (UP)— .-' District Attorney Edmund II. Drag- . r of Villas county today started ex- . rnditlon proceedings for the man eld in San Francisco as George W. J. Perry, bigamist and accused, nurdcrcr of Mrs. Cora Bell Haekett 'erry. Drager received official photographs of the subject who calls •: ilmsclt Frank Moran and showed -.'' hem to residents of'the resort near ••" icre where Perry and his bigamous • bride spent their honeymoon last '.' summer. Everyone who knew Perry. • and who looked at the picture 'was '^ nlmost positive thai he was the . man. ' -. •' . ': Perry Is charged wllli first dc- ••; grce murder. The warrant here last . summer accused him of the fntnl / shooting of Mrs. llackelt bn the Lac du Flambeau Indian reserva'- . tlon. ... Was Socujht Here : • Perry, well known in Blytheville, was sought here last October after-. an 'c^oiacbJlc.-.tHs P.rcp^^ hl^;: murdered" 1 wife, "was discovered Jh R-_ local grirngc where'he had left It ns security for a loan. Perry had notified a young • Bl\Vh)!vlllo wo- , man that he would visit her, but.' presumably look alarm following • newspaper stories that he wns tit- Ing sought for the Wisconsin murder. ''- ' DETECTS RAH, DEFECTS CHICAGO, (UP) — Hidden defects In rails now niay-l>e located by an electrical detector. The 'detector car passes an electrical cur- • rent through the rails as it mows slowly along the track.' and any interruption Is recorded in the car by the jog of a pen line and -by a splash ot' white paint ou the'fall. TOO POMTE; BREAKS LEG TORONTO, Can. (UP)—Politeness resulted In a broken lag for Frank Twinning, 35. of Owen Sound Stepping off a plank sidewalk nt the cdgs of an excavation to allow two women to pass, Twinning slipped Into the ditch, broke his leg, and bruited his hip. rii-sunsKr WRITES BOOK • WARSAW. (UP)—Marshal Joseph Pilsudskl has taken advantage of his recent vacation in Mciderlni to finish a book which is soon to b3 published. It Is entitled "The Revision of History," and the Marshal will expound in it his Ideas for- the best possible constitution of n modern state. State Supreme Court |father ° r Constable Harry Taylo: r and long a resident of this com German Police Battle Unemployed in Ruhr BERLIN, May 23- (UP)—Serious ilotin? of unemployed took place today in many towns of centra) Germany and in the Ruhr Industrial district. , Barricades were built at Essen, police dows fight b-.twcen Isls police fired 1st was killed. Nine demonstrators j vcre arrested. i were stoned, and shop win- ""i ma "' lne were smashed. In a street' ??*** P re al Dan Shell, convicted by a circuit court jury on a charge of illegal possession of liquor on appeal from the decision of a Justice court jury has perfected an appeal to the state supreme court. Shell who was fined $50 in justice court was meted out a $100 fine in the circuit court conviction. In Jits appeal Shell moves that the misdemeanor conviction be held void on eight counts. He was arrested by members of the sheriffs force in March. A keg of liquor wns found by his front porch, officers testified. Shell dahr.ed he had no knowledge of the presence of the liquor nt his home on Highway 18, near the Splcer Second Hand Furniture store. Alexander and Cooper are attorneys for Shell. N'eiil Reed, deputy prosecutor, represented the state in the trials. The transcript and rec- .red by Marcus Fletz needed to start the wheels of progress turning again. Former Bank Head long munlty, who succumbed at the home of a daughter. Mrs. IJzz!c Land™. 318 South I.ike street, at 3:35 o'clock this morning. Death follow- < ed n long lllr.rss. The services will be conducted nt the home of Mrs. Landon with the Rev. w. J. L-Ror. pastor of the Lake Street Methodist church, of- | MACON. On.. Jlay 23. (UP)—L. ficlatlnu. Tii'erm'nt will be made at j W. ''OH. former president of the Elmwcort cemetery. Funeral nlansj c l cs ed First National tank of Sanare in charge ot 'the Cobb Under- : dcrsville. Ga., nnd his son. Floyd and Son Sentenced taking company. The deceased Is survived by . Holt, were convicted of violating the national banking laws here widow. Mrs. Mary Taylor, two sons, today and both were sentenced to Harry and Charley Taylor, nnd six I8 months In the federal neniten- dnushtcrs. Mrs. Lizzie iandon. Mrs. | liar >' ftt Atlanta by Judge Basconi Ethel Turner. Mrs. Lorlnne ley. Thelma and Katherine Tnylor. and Mrs. Euln Stilts, the latter of Tyler, Mo. IU1&ItU\l. 1(1 il »HtC* _* * 1T i ,1 "••'-••«' nini- lilt I.J.H i police and commun-|° f W5 " 1 " e '- cour! stenographer and ficlal dlnlomatlc nnd d nnd one commun-' HArve >* Morrls ' df i )Ul 5' olrallt clcrk -!ac, which was puKls' RUPERT, Ida. (UP)—"Tick" fc ver—also known as Rocky Moun- j tain spotted fever—claimed anolh- Tho largest liner In the world ; cr victim here the olher day when Lillian Florida. Rose Rubensteln, will have Its kec lild soon in Pen- wini = Lavwnp Schurlock Robert PHIo« i . ^T i W| l lla >n Snnpp, mii>m. men an Liucrnc heniiriock. nooert Cr.iles, ,hoet, France, and Is to be more nn illness of II davs Snaua In Joe Bowen, Jet tic Dnver, Guy Ru-jthan 1100 feet long, capable of ac- bee! "bitten 1v 1 tfcV which carr benslch, and Howell Thompson. jcommodMing 2000 passengers. Ihe iteadl" germ. ROYAI.UPSF.T S FREQI'F.NT PARIS, (UP) — The upsets- of European circles are FO fre- ouent that the 1931 Gotha. the of- royal alman- shnd today, still carries Alfonso ns King of Spain. A comparison of the Gothas of 19H nnd lO'U shows that seven thrones of Europe were overturned by Republicans. A California millionaire recently gave his friends a peacock dinner and the birds alone cast him £4000. S. Denver. Holt senior was found guilty on 2-1 counts and his son on 14 charging various violations of the federal laws. WEATHER ARKANSAS— Fair, warmer tonight and Sunday. According to the official weatei observer, Charles Phillips Jr., the maximum temperature here yesterday was 76 degrees and the minimum, 50 degrees, cloudy. To- It Is said that if one per cent of the eggs takt by oysters came to maturity the increase in oysters would be so rapid that within 50 ,'ears they wnuld fill the seas and all the countries of the world would be flooded by an overflow ot water. FLASHES HORSE THROWS MUSSOLINI HOME. Ilalv Mav 21 (UP) — rremic- llcnito Mussolini \vas thrown from his hnrsc while riilingr today. He was slightly bruised about the face. FI.OOI) IN ROUMAN1A BrCHAHEST, Roumania, 5Iay 23 (Ul'l — Approximately 8,000 rie'.-sons were homeless today and several hundred houses had been destroyed br the Danube river which overflowed p.irls of G»lati and neiplihorinir. villages. Troops were assisting In relief work. AIR MANEUVERS DELAYER MITCHELL, Field, N. Y., Slay 23 (L'Pl—The air maneuvers over New York clly were delayed for three hours today,bj- low cell ing and threatening wtalhcr. The G72 planes under present will leave the various Lonj day n year ngo the maximum tcm-l Island sirjorls at AM P. m. ln- pcraluro was 85 degrees and the I stead of 1:20 p. m. as hart been minimum, CO dCRrcce. I pUaued.

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