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Reading Timesi
Reading, Pennsylvania
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Two THE READING NEWS TIMES, READING, TUESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 5, 191 8. GERMAN PLOTS AMONG FRENCH Millions at Command to Spread Pacifism Through the Nation In bringing to trial Paul Bolo, or Bolo Pasha, the French government la endeavoring to disrupt the whole system of German intrigue and pro paganda in France, which, in tne I spring of 1917, became so bold and as to threaten to defeat France's efforts to carry on the wra. Bolo's case has been defined as nut one or a series or lnrer reiaieu. Adv. Ti tYia fiortnnn effort, to organize a propaganda of depression and discouragement among the civilian leaders and soldiers of France These involved not only Bolo, the so called "Levantine but also Joseph Caillaux, a former premier of France, one or mn members of the French Cham 1 i 1 1 V.

uer oi aim bcvcjw nom newspapers. These newspapers are nave ueuu budoiuwcu uj lierman money 10 spreau nunmu France a spirit of "defeatism," a belief that there was no hope of beating Germany, and that France should make haste to accept the best terms possible. As Bolo's connection with the scheme was the first startling development" in uncovering the plot, his name has since been applied to the whole system of German propaganda in France and the new word "Boloism" was coined. In the attempt to bribe French Statesmen and leaders, and to influence French opinion by subsidizing her newspapers or founding new publications to disseminate the spirit of pacifism or defeat, it has been charged that Germany devoted a sum of money ranging up to or even exceeding 10,000,000 marks. Bolo.

himself, is said to have had the use if a fund of $1,683,000, chiefly if not wtiouy to corrupt tne a rencn press. In what way the remainder of the corruption fund was expended had not been made clear i3p to the beginning of 1918. Partial uncovering of the plot has resulted not only in the arrest of Caillaux and Bolo, but in driving out of office of Louis J. Malvy, formerly French minister of the interior, in the arrest of several editors of the newspaper Bonnet Rouge and its suppression on the ground that it had been subsidized to preach pacifism in the interest of Germany. One of the Bonnet Rouges editors who threatened to make sensational disclosures was found strangled in his cell before he had a chance to reveal what he may have known of the plot.

A few other newspapers alleged to have lieen founded in France to spread the German peace propaganda also were suppressed. Ot interest to Americans Bolo's activities possess peculiar Jnterest to Americans because of the fact that, of the funds at his disposal, it is charged that $1,683,000 was transferred from the Deutsche Bank in Berlin to France by Way of New York. It was as a result of discovery of his manipulation of this fund through five New York banks or banking that Attorney General MertonJE. Lewis of New York State was able to obtain information which was forwarded to the French ambassador In Washington, Jusserand, upon which Bolo was arrested. According to Mr.

Lewis, Count von Bernstorff, then German am THE OLD RELIABLE BLOOD BUILDER Still retains its supremacy. People still take Hood's Sarsaparilla because it is an old family friend, has proved its merit to three generations In purified blood, expilled humors, restored appetite, relieved rheumatism, banished tired 'feelings. It long ago became recognized as the standard blood purifier and general tonic. It originated in a Boston physician's successful prescription, end comprises medicinal roots, herbs, barks and berries such as are loften prescribed for ailments of the Iblood, stomach, liver and kidneys. Buy it in the same style package jyour mother bought it in, same fine appearance, same pleasant taste, same certainty oi gooa results.

bassador to the United States, directed the transfer of the $1,683,000 to Bolo in New York, through the financial agent of the Deutsche Bank in New York. It was stated that the money was placed at Bern storff's disposal by wireless messages In a secret code In which fictitious names were used to represent the parties participating in the transaction. Bolo's first appearance as a factor in international affairs was as finan cial adviser to Abbas Htlml, who, in 1914, the beginning of the war, was khedive of Egypt. It was from the khedive that Bolo received his title of pasha. By 1915, however, the khedive had been ousted and Bolo.

it is said, was a pensioner of his brother, a French priest, in 1914 Met in Switzerland In the following year, ijt is asserted, the khedive and Bolo met in Switzerland and, with the approval of Gottleib von jagow, then German foreign minister, It was arranged that 10,000,000 marks should be placed to Bolo's account to influence the French press in favor of a pre mature peace. ine money, it is charged, was transferred to Bolo through New York and a large part of it used to purchase an interest In Le Journal an Important newspaper controlled by Senator Charles Humbert. On discovery of the origin of the fund Senator Humbert tried to refund it, but this was opposed by Bolo. In September, last, Bolo was ar rested after a judicial investigation of his alleged relations with the enemy. His arrest profoundly stirred the French capital, inspiring In some French patriots the feeling that at last the scandal that weighed so heavily upon France was about to be cleared.

Bolo loudly asserted his innocence and even wrote a letter to Premier Painleve, asking him to "finish the affair," declaring that he. had been tortured for eight months and that nothing had been foupd against him MORE PRIORITY REGULATIONS They Apply to Production of Metals and Manufacture of Products TBT SPECIAL LEASED WIRE WASHINGTON, Feb. 4. Far reaching priority regulations were put into effect tonight bv the War Industries Board to expedite the pro duction of war supplies. They apply to all individuals, firms, associations and corporations engaged in the production of copper, iron and steel and In the manufacture of their products; chemicals, cotton duck, and woolen cloth, and all such other raw materials and manufactured products as may be deemed necessary later.

Priority in the prflduction of coal and coke, or food and feeds is not administered by the priorities committee of the War Industries Board, but comes under the fuel or food administrations. The committee, however, will consider applications for priority assistance to procure tools, equop ment Or supplies for the production of these commodities. Hereafter all work is divided into four general classes, instead of three, as heretofore. Class AA, which must take precedence in all plants over everything else, will compromise only emergency war work of a special or urgent nature. Class A comprises all other war work, such as arms, ammunition, destroyers, submarines, air planes, locomotives, and the materials or commodities required in their production.

The third class, designated will include work not primarily designed for the prosecu i non or tne war, dui Deinp or pudiic interest and essential to the national i welfare The final class, for which no certificates will be issued, will comprise all other work. Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days Druggists refund money if PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles. First, application gives relief. 50c. Adv.

ARRESTS BY STATE POLICE BY SPECIAL LEASED WIRE1 HARRISBURO, Feb. 4. Fennsyl vanla's state police made 5,257 arrests dur ing 1U17, tne ortences including: practically every crime on the calendar. Forty of the arrests were made on charges of murder. Irap When you feel a cold coming on, stop it with a few doses of LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE, which destroys germs, acts as a Tonic and Laxative, and keeps the system in condition to throw off attacks of Colds, Grip and Influenza.

axative jgromo ou.mne Removes the cause of Colds, Grip and Influenza Qufokly relievos Headaches caused from Colds Remember there io Only One "iromo (gjuinino" Call for Ml name and look for this eJgnatttro on box Price 30 Cento THRILLING DUEL ABOVE THE CLOUDS Harvard Graduate Tells of His First Conbat With German Airmen CAMBRIDGE, Feb. 4. The shooting down of a crack German aviator in a thrilling duel far above the clouds by Francis Peabody Ma goun, a Harvard graduate, now a second lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps, was described in a brief letter from him which his parents in this city made publio tonight. Ma goun, who was graduated from Harvard in 1915, has been with the British forces for some time, but has been on active duty over the fighting lines somewhere in France only two months. He was flying a scout plane Dec.

6, more than feet above the lines, he wrote, when he encountered a German flier. It was the young American's first combat, but, jockeying for position, he suddenly out maneuvered his op ponent and let go with his machine The duelists were so near each other that Magoun said he could see clearly every feature of his oppo nent, and could see him crumple up as the bullet struck him squarely in the forehead It developed later, Magoun wrote, that the German was one of the most noted of his corps, with a record of downing 16 allied planes TAXES STILL OUTSTANDING County Treasurer Submits Statement to the County Treasurer E. C. Gary submitted to Jhe county commissioners a report of the outstanding county tax up to February 1, 1918. There Is considerable money outstand ing, and an effort will be made to collect from the delinquents.

The statement Albany im Alsace 402 S3 Alsace, Lower 2 as Amity 23 51 Bally 7g Beclhtelsvllle 70 04 Bern 225 6 Bern, Upper 362 14 Bernville a 47 Bethel 478 50 Blrdshoro, East Ward 485 02 Blrdsboro, West Ward 5S7 flu Boyertown 4s Brecknock 100 01 Caernarvon 284 81 Center 245 58 Colebrookdale 0.1 Cumru 045 02 District 103 80 Douglass 255 06 Ear' 161 69 Exeter 952 39 Fleetwood BO 45 Hamburg, North Ward 145 82 Hamburg South Ward 85 82 Heidelberg S02 91 Heuielherg, Lwer 376 57 Heidelberg, North 2'M 20 Heidelberg. South 118 99 Jefferson 110 11 Kutztown 1 1,082 23 Longswamp 25 Maidencreek 233 10 Marlon 429 17 Maxalawny 1,602 02 Mt. Penn B20 59 Mohntnn 310 78 Muhlenberg 4,014 21 Oley 351 06. Ontelaunee 258 73 Penn 75 86 Perry 492 71 Pike BO 84 Richmond 294 44 RobeBon 195 01 Robesonia 61 04 Rockland 202 13 Ruscombmanor 200 04 Shlllington 375 95 Sinking Spring 495 93 Spring 1,007 52 Tilden 129 13 Topton "3 76 Tulpeihocken 114 II Tulpehocken, Upper Union Wernersvllle Washington West Leesport West Reading Windsor Womelsdorf Wryomisslng 40 78 84 19 140 00 416 20 2.1 97 359 78 64 05 292 34 514 33 First Ward 00 Second Ward 3.034 04 Third Ward 3,674 29 Fourth Ward 3.193 11 Fifth Ward 2,113 24 Sixth Ward 10 948 91 Seventh Ward 12.i4 4 Eighth Ward 4,745 62 Ninth Ward 3,411 13 Tenth Ward l.5 23 Eleventh Ward lb Twelfth Ward 2.599 01 Thirteenth Ward 4,262 67 l.Vmrtoenth Ward 14,234 18 Fifteenth Ward 8.617 51 Sixteenth Ward 8.343 50 Seventeenth Ward 4.467 9o Eighteenth Ward 329 89 The balance outstanding In state tax Is as follows: Lower Alsace, $1,435.65: Second Ward, $1, 298.36: Ninth Ward, Eighteenth Ward, $678.54. The township of Hereford is over paid.

Centerport, Greenwich and Lenhartsvllle have settled their duplicates in full. THREE YEARS FOR FORGING BllilvS OF EXCHANGE LONDON, Feb. 4 Count Maurice De Bosdari, an art dealer, was sentenced to three years' imprisonment today for forging bills of exchange purporting to have been drawn by the late J. Tierpont The prisoner sold a work of art to Mr. Morgan in 1903, thus obtaining the financier's signature, which he forged on two bills of exchange for 11.000 pounds, each of which he succeeded in discounting through a friend.

BEGIN THEIR SENTENCE NEW YORK, Feb. 4. Emma Goldman, Russian anarchist, whose conviction of conspiracy against the selective draft law was upheld by the United States Supreme Court, left here today to complete a sentence of two years in the Jefferson City (Mo.) penitentiary. Alexander Berkman, convicted of the same charge and given a similar sentence, will be taken to the Federal prison at Atlanta, on Wednesday. AVIATOR, BRADIjEY' BURNED TO DEATH BY SPECIAL, LEASED WIREl HOUSTON, Teias, Feb.

4. Wylea B. Bradley, of Mount Vernon. N. flylntt cadet at EllinKton Field, was burnel death when his plane fell thirty feet today, the gasoline tank Bradley fell while trying; nut liia nlane on ALIEN ENEMIES REGISTERING Fifty Were Recorded he First Day by City Hall Officials Fifty alien enemies, men who fled from the iron claw of the German emperor and his militaristic conspirators to the land of liberty, were registered yesterday" by Chief of Po lice Miller on the first day of the alien enemy census in Reading.

Some 250 other native Germans residing in Reading have yet to register. Chief Miller and his clerk, Fred Mechler, were kept busy all day long recording the names, addresses, oc cupations and like of the Germans. Successful business men who won small sized fortunes in Reading were in the crowd as well as laboring men, Terms of the President's Under the terms of the 'proclama tion issued by President Wilson on Dec. 31, the official machinery of the nation ft set in motion for the purpose of regulating the alien enemy population in such a way that Uncle Sam, through his agents in every city and town, will be able to control the movements of the aliens, so that if it should become necessary at a later date for the Federal au thorities to detain. Intern, imprison or deport them, the natives of Ger many will be within reach.

Some 300 Germans residing in Reading come under the provision of the ruling of the Postmaster General in setting this week as the time for registration. Alien enemies are required to report between the hours of 6 a. m. and 8 p. m.

on any day this week, at police station, to fill out the registration affidavit provided. Each declarant must provide the registration officers with four photographs of himself, in addition to answering the questions set forth on the four page form. Prints of all of their fingers will be attached to the forms. Imprisonment, fines and other penalties are provided for failure to comply with the law, and the United States Marshall of each district has power to receive from citizens information regarding as well as to employ whatever number of deputies he may think necessary for a complete rounding up of the aliens in his district. German women of foreign birth are not classed as alien enemies under the proclamation Male Germans over 14 years are included.

"Within fifteen days after the affidavit of registration has been filled out, the declarant will be supplied with a card showing that he has complied with the regulation. This card will bear the identification of the bearer along with his photo graph and the left hand thumb print. Drastic penalties provided for those fail to register will also apply to those who have registered but who are foupd withou't a card in their possession. Must Stay at Address. Those whose names are placed In the directory of German aliens are subject to whatever provisions may be made for their regular appearance before the registration officer who received their, affidavit, and are not permitted to remove from the address where they resided at the time of registration without the permiS' sion of the United States marshal of the district.

Persons who are required to reg ister are given to understand that in reporting they are giving proof of their peaceful dispositions and of their intention to conform to the laws of the United States. Complete Record of Aliens. Each i declarant swears to three copies of the affidavits, and these are sent to Chief of Police Miller, who is the chief registrar of the city. He then sends one copy of each affidavit to the Department of Justice at Washington, and a second to the United States marshal of the district. The third he retains.

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1 Syrup Company. Adv, aMsy provisions of alien enemy laws, and is In no wise a declaration of allegiance to the United States, it is merely a means by which the authorities are enabled to locate at any time a German alien who is sought. Enemy aliens who are required to regisier witn postmaster seitzinger are those whose place of residence is in West Reading and on all rural routes under the jurisdiction of the Reading office. All reports are made direct to Philadelphia from the other oflces in the 10C3O1 aonoi STORE OPENS AT 8.30 A. M.

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PILOT HELD FOR HALIFAX HORROR Commission Also Claims French Captain Acted Wrongly Inquiries were made bv several! HALIFAX, N. Feb. 4. Blame residents during the past week, but munitions ship Mont Blanc and the no registrations have as yet been made. The offices will be open at all times to accommodate any who desire to enroll and the time limit set isx Saturday at 8 p.

m. Many do not seem to, understand that this registration is compulsory through government orders and Postmaster Seitzinger wishes to impress this fact on all those who are liable under the law. LOST OVERBOARD ET SPECIAL LEASED WIRE WASHINGTON. Feb. 4.

Royal Allen Leese, firm claaa gunner's mate, wa lost overboard from the submarine 10, on January 25, th Navy Department today announced. His home was In Gettysburg, HOT TEA BREAKS A COLD TRY THIS Get a small package of Hamburg Breast Tea at any pharmacy. Take a tafclespoonful of this hamburg tea, put a cup of boiling water upon it, pour through a sieve and drink a teacupful at any time. It is the most effective way to break a cold and cure grip, as it opens the pores, relieving congestion. Also loosens the bowels, thua breaking a cold at once.

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The commission also recommends to the French authorities the cancellation of the license of Captain Lamodec and "that he be dealt with according to the law of his country." Captain Lamodec was also arrested charged with manslaughter. ARE RELEASED. John Folk and Samuel Huey, the former accused by the police of taking about $25 from a sister and getting ready to leave for Philadelphia, were released. They paicf back a large portion of the money. aonon lOlC LAST" DAY TO APPLY FOB LIQUOR LICENSES Four hundred and fourteen liquor license applications have been filed in Clerk of Quarter Sessions' office.

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