The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1947
Page 11
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1947 BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION tallr r»t« ra nmt 11* eouMiUn l»wrtloni: __ MJBlmum CkArct VM 1 tiw p« tt« •*• I U»t> p»r lla* p«t «*J •>• 3 (Ian £r U«« per d»7 M 6 tlm»« p*i line P" •»» 1« 12 llou* per 1UK pet *«J MOBlli per U« Count fire averaxc m Ad ordered tor thref Itopiwd before eiplr»»«--- --ed for the number of "••*• *»* Stared »nd adjustment at till i All Claultled Ad«rtUlnt ">Wl » u * ulttt-d by per«n> '" 1<llll *,.S u iv .^2 the clly iust be actompanUJ »*«•• lutes i»y be eiillj compute* from t* above Uble. n ^.m AdrertitiM »r«« fo» lm««»»» , tlODI Leans 1C JM orii u tu lla*. MONEY TO LOAN We lo*n money on farm Jand anil city property. We also buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoo Hotel Building 3,24 cK tr Musical Merchandise ' more thu ami «nj clauUted Uu«rU«. Apartments Wanted — Several food vised plnnos. si price piild. I'Done JIMJC. SPINET 1'IANOB Piano tuner^O. B. Corrt-ll. llollflnd. Mo. Notice Uooni or liersons, lio« KMT ipartrnenl wantea for Jour furnished °r unfurnished. Courier News. 9ii8-r>x-io:3 Two years UKO todny our father nnd husbattd Charles C. Ilyrd [insseil away. He is sadly missed, and we hoi>e meet again some day. The Fumlli* — Mrs. Alllc M. Byrtl. wife, »nd clilldrtii. For Safe, Cars, Trucks Business Service Directory Auction Sales and Services l7~you"nuvc niiytlilUK lo sisll let us aucllon It for you. Information phone 951. a;iQ-l,k-10il 1 Highest value for use«, in trade at Elb«rt Hufft Shop. 401 C Main. pli. Hems ftptu-a f^wap 859. Attention Coinnicrclal Travelers — Modern Tonilsl Covirl. Missouri Stale Line, HlKllWay 61, 0,27 Ilk 1027 Plumber for b licensed plumber or rnr expert stove rep*lr work call Harry Meyers at Hubfcard Hftrdwhte. 9il-cfc-10'.2 Auto Supplies and Services CASH FOR WRECKED OR JUNK AUTOMOBILES Wade Auto Salvage N. Hlp.hwav 01 1 ' ll01 8-5 3 c? 5 tf Expert Radiator Repair for Less When tile best costs why not >!f:l the best. Our urlces 40c — CCc. NICHOLS BARUEIl SHOF. back of City Drnn Htore. Open till 7:30 l>.nl 3:20 pk :io Services PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION O'STEEN'S STUDIO 30 Stucco block houses sprayed. While paint furnished. Also roofs spray- i'd Phone 3658. Huddle Hpaln. 9 23-!>k-31 We have thf best In radiator repair equipment. Let our trained men boll out :tnd repair yoor radiator for you. Quick Service Pickup nnd Delivery ftiissell Phillips DOUGLAS LAWSON. lYactor Co. Mur. Phone 2171 8:0 ck. tl Building Material Just Arrived BEAUTIFUL NEW FLORAL AND WEAVE TRIMZ READY-PASTED WALL PAPER Planters Hardware Co. 9il5 ck tf "IRsuLAinoNr" Consult us on tlie test klnrt to use nnd the -cheapest way to apply It. E. C. ROBINdON LUMBER CO. I'APEK HANGING A DECOKATINO Free Estimates Bill Davis HOUSE MOVING Thirteen years experience plenty ot" equipment. References. Leveling, foundation repairing. VIRGIL FOLEY ' Phone 2105 0!12-pK-10[12 CUSTOM PLANING CABINETS MADE TO ORDER TRUCK AND TRAILER BEDS BUILT TO ORDER Ride 'Em Cowboy! When \vc finish servicing your car for winter—your car is ready to lake all the hiird knocks and tough driving you can give it. Drive in today for coinpliHe \vinlcrixint; and overhauling service. PHILLIPS Now Open -24 HOURS- Day or Night—Bring Your FORD Home to NEW TRUCKS '47 MODELS This is all new equipment. Ncyer been used. '47 CHEVROLET Hctvvy duly, U upcrtl* uxlo, R.'SS tires '4f INTE RNATIONAL KB6 vllli KV motor, 5lli tllrcct trnusinlb- 5 47 INTERNATIONAL KB6 AUi0 '46 CHEVROLET Heavy ilu(y, Ijrrit lit Korvlcu Ghic< nuy '-17. y. Kpr-cit nxU', 8.2ft I Ires nl '"""""'IS CHEVROLET Htru'i' duty. CoiKkltlon llko new. .pi-cil u\)o. «25 nit's ull uroviiul. J. H. SEEMAN 00 \V. Walnul Phono 29H7 0,24 ||K Kl I oil ]\li;tu loin' door .Si'Utui. l.oo^^ KCXMl. inns uooiA. Ht'e ut UilllHiv A\vtl- IHB Co.. l>l Cull M72, 917 |>K. IIM — Kxpcrionco rofovi'nljly DUO witli crcdi xpni'ioiu'i'. Apply Mr. Kcslur t MdiUndinurv \Vuvtl. 2« ck :i ompanu 5th at Walnut. Phone 4ir>:t For Sale, Farms Free Estlniales Bombalaski Cabinet 608 S. Franklin Shop FRAMES i untie to order for pictures, dlplomns. etc. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Sewing Slip" covers and 'draperk-s. Phone 743 Mrs. I. M. -McKufrey. 9,27 pk 10.10 Flttliiys, alterations done on men or womens clo'thlnfj. Also t&lloretl slip covers. Edna Har^ett. phone 2649. 201 W. Cherry St. 9;25-pk-io|3 300 acres. Kootl ferLlle IftnU on Kravel ro;kd. Suliool hus, ll«litM, ru tilling water. CJootl ItniirovcmciU. Plenty ot tenant houses. Close to Illy they Hie. This inrm will curry :i $10W acre loan. IfiO acres choice In ml close to Sicclc. Mo. On. Rood road. Modern lioim- mi t) plrniy ot tenant IIO\ISRS, Ooou ImprovomenlK. Priced to sftll. Abotib 10 acres close to town RCKK! improvements. A Kood buy. $7i(W. We have lutings on some or the best, fnrms. Stock, farms—cotton funns-- (i«y kind or Inrm you wain. 106 ncre.s—$125 an acre; 100 acres SB4 an acre: nc acres SIQO nn uc 1700 acres-*110 RII aero- 2^0 nrrcs. a (iood corn farm-- S1GO mi ucn:, These and other larnis \ve' have for sale can all be financed with simill niuiiiiil poyment-s. 4'/'. interest,. If you nre Interested In miylng or ...lelUnjf city projicrty or lurin laud catl or see Luther Gray—Broker. Residence n^one 513 Bert Ross Salesman. Residence i>hone ;«16 Office with Marlon Williams Insurance Agency. 115 a. 3rd. Phone 2751. ' S.24-pk-10'2 MODERN 11KAUTV SIIOI 1 Nos\- eqnlpniciit. Well locuteU rnudern bulUtliiK U]> town. FIVE HOOMS ANU HATH. on hut; Unt. conifiletely furnL-ihe 1'rlce ¥-1.000. ImlC down. LARGE RKCONDlTIONEn HOUSK. divided Into two it [>» rim en Us. Hen' Iiouse ou back of lot. Clou: to fousin district. Cheap (nxos nnd Insumnce Cun lie financed. See nr call: MAX LOGAN - Kenltor E. T. HUUBAHD—Snlcsmnn LYNCH BUILDING Phone 1034 Help Wanted Dial 2231 1'or 1'vee Delivery on AH Stuplo mid l''anoy (Jrocerles Quality Meats Fresh Fryers (l.Jve or Dressed) Freeman & Henley GROCERY Wi'sl Main SI. Wanted Old Steel Bed Rails 1 to 1000 T. L. Mobry 423 E. Mo.-Phone 3627 COTTON PICKERS HR' HUNDRED cking starts nt 10 sun, Tlu Oct. 2. Sr-inl in your uppllciulon o Niitl<».:it cotton Picking c tox 707, niyllii-vUk'. 0120 i . blank n lest, Help Wanted, Male It Can Happen to You When an accident or bronVdown occurs — call 578 and our fow cm' will "come to the rescue" immediately.' We Specialize • IT'.S A « \vlit\-li unly • |(i t;lvc> Llu' OOt-i>KOTCm N KKDK1) Man who has some extra Lime over and above his regular vocation. One lo two d;\yn a week. Write Box "C" Courier NCWK. 20 ck 110 A OO1.DKN OPPORTUNITY ht«l Ui ml For Sale, Misc. _ Do your own concteie work and «aT3. Reiit » concrete mixer Dy day or hour Phone 489. Box 659. BlytbevUle. For KewlnK and alterations Call 3G69. Louis Marr Dantortli. 202 Douxnn ym nk ion Business Opportunities Tools—Local man as representative distributor for If. C. Tool Corp. Call on garage mechanics carry merchandise, ([nick, easy, cash sales, big profits every clay. Investment for tools only. Protected territory H. C. Tool Corp. •SCfiX I.nlRy«ue A.VC. St. IxmU 10. Mo. 9,29-lik-lOi'i Shoe Repair Are your i-finiln^ |>iovl<lln« tk-iil inoin-y lo Hike CHIL- of llu> cost u/ HvhiK? Arc you llrec! of liiJiltU- job? \Vn\i\il you m;p 10 j reuse your omntnu pow(*i' H tlif answer— Sell the imtlonnl vcrtlsecl lino ol Uiulvnvrllur Appr Fyr-Tytcr Kxlltinulshcrii ilmicl" Schools, l-'uctortcs, Hlioiiri, llutr), tnurnnts. Pulillc IniUUutloiiN. Coiintn Estates, itiul Clubs, SevvUu- StntloiiH Funn.s, Homos, Auto. Trunk uml I hi Owner*, Tiivt-rns. tmimupr llrscutH AiiiiiscineiU I'urks. lAimbt-r Yards mid til tilt) rcdfi "I" 'other prospects. No tn- Vrslmi'iLt Ln sUirk nfi wo (luMvrr lU- rrel to your I'tisluim-cH ri)llri:t ILIH! ii-iHl your profit ctieokn each l-'rltliiy. De your own MUSH. HturL rlnlit In your IIP rue cliy and nenrby points. Mnke plenty of money, I!1« ilt i ipun«i now for Fyr-r'j'Lcr Fire- UxtliiKLiLiilibrK. Write promptly tor 1'rtic netnll-i. firril tu huw Ultli' wo cltitrh lo it'mnv woin HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop and Fender Work (iluss InstulltMl Wheel AlllKnmenl Complete l*uinl U.irbtr A hop * with Itvlnic qUurters, 'lo- t-atecl ILC C'ottonwoou jfolnt. Mo, owner selling becati5c or fallen nrcli- vs. Wriit Tominy Tucker. I tome 1, . Cariitlicrsvlllc. U;25-jik-10r/ Grocery store. B*K station nnd lunch' room. Priced for quick sale. Inntitrc East Y CJrocery, Holcointi, Mo. .'1'IIE FYll-FYTKR OAYTON i, OHIO, CO. I3KPT. 80 acre farm, 1 mile north of Goi- ncll sch(K)l. Ejood htnci lor cotton or , corn. Koc HoyM Snntlcrs. phone 107. » Blythcvllie, 926-pk-ll>;7 Duo Tlierrn oil Phone 3626. larfte sl^c. Oi25-ck-IOi2 Allen Pickard's East End Shoe Repair WORKMANSHIP and MATERIAL GUARANTEED n Lilly St. ',? Block South of E, Main 311 acres Lind. 3 houses nnd barns. ISO acre.s level hjll anu balance In cypress bottom la'nd. This latin lias 150 acres soybeans Hint will KIOSS half the price o£ land, locate tl m Stoddard County, Mo. Price S50.&0 per acre See or c:ill It, M. Heck. BIythevllle. Ark. 2S-pk-30 12 pclc 2639. pclce.s 12' Iron rooMtig. 312'. Phone 1200 Holly. I Warm Morning heater. 1 Small stove \vllli hot wrtter tank combined. Cheap. Dr, c. E. Wilson. TWO MECHANICS Musi 1m sober nnd efficient. None atlicr nee-el apply, csooit sninry, nooiJ rhmw conaiiloi\s, apply In IHTROLI. No plionc calls. I'HILLII'S MOTOR CO. 0,20 iix io;i Enjoy our ilcllclous, snlcct, wctl- C'oukecl footlS . . . swiftly, coutte- nnsJy servctll Evci'ytlnKs you tllne ant. Ir.pnt yonisclf to nmxlmum plcnsut'fi nt nilnlmnm iiricosl. JOHNS CAFE 409 Wtst Main St. riinne 3904 LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. t Wmften Phem 578 U Or. BerriM BclberUnf Ttn* BRING IJ BACK TO CHEVROLET (OR SERVICE • PARTS • ACCESSORIES IIUIcx arc thn inosl olilnlned In tlie rncttt- ni; iiuluslry. Mexicans c»ll Hie Tepexpan Won, 15.flOO-yc«r-t>)d sksleton ol an ear-' ly American, "ftirtchlto.". BANKSMAN'S ATTICNTION Typewriter lcciiOn^llJli: |irrst)u to become distributor uutl operator for the sensational new coin-operate*! Retl-Ball inachlm;. Testlnionlftl letters show- Income oi $00.00 wx. for slnjile Kttme. ImmrdEate Investment of JI.675 to 53.250 required, ir qualified. K'VC phone number and jidclress. Box P. Courier News, 927-nk-lo;4 Coal and Wood Buy your coal befor» tne winter rufO. Tjct us fill your bin. P&one 409, Boi 159. BlytheviU*. Arkausu. W16-C* U Homes Wanted 5 [loom hom;c. Pcrn\ar\«nI residents, prtertclicr Ward, phone 3453. 9;29-nk-106 TYPEWRITERS Royal, Smith, Coronn nnd Remington portable, r DON EDWARDS The Typewriter Man 110 N. Second- St. I'lrme 3332 lo ck if Former's Column Guaranteed fresh country egys. Luther Thompson, Dos wood Store, Hlway 61 South. 9'27 pk 10,5 Frjei».roc •»!«. South 61. a. 9i»-pc-tr Household Goods inting and cooking stovtd of all j:liids. West End Auction, phone 951. 9'15-cK-10il5 tftvc on hnnil now: Aniomatlc ironic Oendlx Washer. OU htoves. Duo Therm Btovc. Electric cootc stove. Tablp too l">t water healer, thllco reIrU;erotor. B«ndlK Inincr. Ir^K.ite Inoncr.. Stock of ptttlco radios. Kitchen cabinets, j'hllco tlccp rrec?,t-rs. Ocoryn Appliance i\ntl Auto CO, TAixom. Ark. fhonc 87 f ATTENTION Farmers- Truckers - Ginners \Ve are- In production On all Styles of Custom Built Truck Covers For Hay - Cottonseed - Soybeans CARNEY AWNING CO. 113 S. First Phone 2912 Blylhevllle. Ark. LAND FOR SALE We have one of the largest selections of choice farm lands of any real estate firm. 3 34 acres Sou t hea-st M Lssourl. KOCH! location lor liorr.e. Best Improvements. Crop rent goes to buyer If bought, now. pilce $160 fttrc. Terms. 190 acres finest black Icnni soil In Southeast Missouri. 50 bushels lien UK per acre this year. Good ImprovnmrnLs siul location. For a reftl producer, this one. $H5 acre. Terms. 80 acres 10 minutes East of KeiineU. Best riome. barn—city convenVeiicrs on main road Tor n. home. Sec this one now. , We have several large plantations with gins nnd stores In tracts up to 5,000 acres. We rmve ninny other farms from 40 acres up. See 'Bud' first for the best in farm lands. H. E. "Bud' 1 Fisher Real Estate and Loans 101 E, Kentucky BlythevLUc, ATk. Phone 2330 or 09J Anytime H. E. "Bud' 1 Fisher—Broker Flolder P«ry—Salesmen Hatile Fisher—Saleswoman 0,25 Ck t Drugstore fixtures, all or part. Includes wall fixtures — glass show* cases — cosmetic liar. etc. Write or phoue City nru;; Store, Stcele. Mo. 9^27 ck 10.4 Have on hand now: Automatic Home IJtudlx Washer. Oil stoves. Duo Tncrm stove. Electric cook stove Table top hot water heater. ^Vvilco refrlKoratOf, Btndlx Iroucr. Iron- rlte ironer. Slock of phltco radios. Kitchen cAbineln. Thllco deep Iret 1 .'-- cr*. A|AO Willys Jeep Dealer. Grorsfp Appliance nnd Atito Co. Lmor.i, Ark. Phono K7 927-pk-lO'lS For Hire Tractor breaking plow, \>u«er«. tttoc. hftiroir planter, cultivator, cllnpcr comSm. John O. Bright. 300 S. Se- cotid 3t. Phone JTO. ^ 8]l4-p*-i|H For So/e, Forms v.'Heclcd utility trailer at D. Wade's Auto Salvage. Price »75. 9,27 pk 10:1 FOR SALE Jpst arrived with 300 nishels of Michigan Elbcrta caches. We arc now in oui lew location at Main aiu .illy. Phone 3986. Buck 9 25 pk 29 •nrpeiutr tliorou^lily experienced In srttlni: concrete lorius, tkwd pny. cull Koorn 29 Goff Hotel hftt-r 7:00 Oln Irxbor, VnUtyllcld Gin. PJionc f>*5. Help Wanted, Female •VIRLINK TRAINING Airline_ (rnlnlni; for host tlons, leldtype liiicl rescrvn- ic com- I0r the Call ^405. baby .. 1011 APPLES 1v B\isbe) or Trucktoacl Wholesnlo or Retail LEWIS 419 E. Main POULTRY Phone JH9 9il7 ck , munications. Women nccU'cik bit; nlrllneR. Short-time tiAlnlim cgunll- (les you lor n pleasant wcK-iitUcl position In the nlr trnnsporl, Iruluslry. lM\in In nxikloiice or tiv fxlonsLon In ifinri: lime If tlr.slrrd v/lthout. Interference v;llli your iirosnu e/nptoyinc-nt. Write district tnnnntier. MIDWESTERN SCHOOLS P O UOX 785. Jonlln, MlRSOi'rl Well txpcrloncdd cooli for couple. Two mi'al!. CiooU snlary. I'll. 3102. 'J 21 cl: I! Snillrrclctte fdr cout. I'rlcc $50, Moore's Hotl'l. 317 1-2 W. Mnln St. or cnll 23GG. 9j2^ pk 30 947 I'ontlnc 2 door scdanctte. Ilftdlo nnd heater. Phone 28^2. 9 iJ'-ck-it A fnw usctl show cases nnU dl^plny tables for sule. Call nrooks Music Stoic. 107 East Mnln; Telephone 811. 0,13-ck-lt toons Money to Loon TX> you need a loan to repair or rr>- mociel? No down payment, no mor- trise. no red tape. FHA APPROVED RATE 5r& ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phonn 2034 Lynch Building X)R EAIJE: 80 *cre cotton farm, lo- lAlcd near Oldeon, Missouri, In fcr- t\\c Vew Mr\rtrld Covmty, on H.F.I>. and wJioot bus rontt's. electricity, prosperous Mid friendly community. Wrftc owner. Ortn S. Lltcy. 8 Hohbs Terracr. Jefterson City. Missouri. 9125-nlt-lO 25 KXCI.USWK LISTINGS OM APPROXIMATELY 20 FARMS Rantlun In size from 40 acres to ]arRC tract*. It yflu arc tntfrcstrcl lu b»ii'lng or felling, or In making & loan be sure nnd rail tis and wo wiU he Klad to Bbo«* or discuss these [«/ri4 wUh CECIL EARLS Noble Gill Agency Oeceolft—Ptone 93 BlythevIIle—PlionR 3131 For Sole, City Prop. Good neighborhood grocery store do ini; nice business. H(»s new rixlures Priced as ft wnlk-oul. Worth t.t Nc w in ode rn 5 roo ni house: with ( wltnout furniture. Priced to sell. Terms. 4 room house, bath, -well-locale^ In Eiooo neighborhood. Price $3,000. Jlalf (]own paiTtient. ualance easy. 2 bedroom modern home wsih 2 lots. Price $47.SO. Terms. Modem suburban home. Stnnll acre- Hgc. close in. All fenced. Kood improvements. If you are Interested In hxiylnjz or £<>ning city property or I arm land call or -ice Luther Gray—iiroKer, Residence phone 513 Gert Ross Salesman, Residence phone 38IG Otllce with Marlon William Insurance Agency. 115 S. 3rd. ptione 2751 room house with both \ 150. Kftst C6to\yn KV Owner O. S. Kolllbon. . Lot, 71 1-2 . Vrkcc M Phone 3309 9.24 pX 10 9 7 ROOM RESIDENCE On Missouri Strctt. Price S4500 lerrru $2500. Cash balance. $25 pe month. H. C. Campbell Phonft 4446 or 2f)30 ARMY SURPLUS .. ,.. TENTS SHOfUS KAKHI PANTS KH1RTS WOO1,ENS BOOTS COMKORTEUS. ECT. 112 LILY ST. HI.OCK SOUTH OF KASTMAIN ST ^7 Indlnii Cfiirf motorcycle :l inotlt.lis old. Or vlll trnrte tor nstd rat. I^ionc 2459, lM?fore 3 p.m. 020-102 It Is bctlrr to drive n carefully today I linn to be driven slowly hi a tomorrow. Private Rooms Bedroom — 314 N. Olh. Piionn 233S. Wonted to Buy Gin Supplies )on't letwi! DlythuvUle lo buy jln Supplies. We urc competitive with any mid-south firm on these supply prices. Buy here for better merchandise nnd lower prices, U.S. Belting Detroit Belt Hooks Crane Valves and Fittings Pyrenc Fire Extinguishers Sec Planters Hardware Now! Daws 0. K. Garage 120 Lilly St. Cenernl Auto Repairing Hadiator Cleaning & Repair fainting & I tody Repair Welding, All Types AM Work Guaranteed Phone 805 Reconditioned Motors for Sole ALL GOOD MOTORS! Recently reconditioned in our shop, vising latest factory methods. Come in 1-30 H. I', to I'/., H. P. These motors will do the job. See them today! ' ; Medlin & Lone Electric Company 129 So. First Phone 2180 Wimlei): usttl Mioves; nil klutls usctl clothing; trallors; fur tiling wjulp- uicnl; cnrpnnlr-r tools; nfiC^l fitrnl- lurr;; Rnythln^ serviceable. Phone PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prlcta Kirby Drug Stores City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 for Expei 124 Eul Main Bl Felix A. Ca-ney Heal KsUte. Fire Insurance \V« liavc: A selected llbt of lioine.%. i-iicimt lots and crocrfy stores in Hlylhovmc. Phone Kleld 2TO«. 027 ilk 10'« . ll>-nlv- nt store. enctl»n ullnns now In M n.r>[lrt K " B 1l ncls. n«^l 109 K. Main St. phone W« RECAPPING Of TltL€ j Wanted to Buy ; Highest.Prices | Paid for Used I Tractors and I • Equipment I : Russell Phillips I I Tractor Co. • I So. Highway 61 Phone 2171; Treinb { '* L«t Your Next Tires Be [ GENERALS | More — Worth Mnr*J MOD1NGER TIRE CO. I fit K. Mktoi I rbM* tmj - Prepare-Protect any (iny now the thermometer will zoom down, down, down! Mnke sure your car i.s ready for frigid wenther. ice, snow, tough riding. Drive in today and letLang- stoirWroten winterize your .car. Courteous, prompt, effi- 'cient work by the best mechanics! One Stop Dees l» Her*! Complete Serrking BLYTHEVILLE ARK. LANGSTON-WROTEH CO. Comer Walnut and Biburfway Buick Service Phone 555

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