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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 3, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Uiii IXIMlNAN'l NKWBl'AFKU Ot NORTUb'ASl ARKANSAS AND aOUTHEAS'I MISSOUIll TOL. XLIV—NO. 289 Biythevill* Courier Blythevllle Daily New« Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald BLYTIIKV1LI-K, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSOAY, MA1UJI1 8, 1018 KOUUTKKN VAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Mutual Aid Pact Proposed for Western Europe L Senate Move Gains Support as Meant of Blocking Russians By John I,. Sleele (tlnlUd Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. 3. (U.P.)—A move was developing in the Senate today to bolster the European recovery program with a western nation mutual defense pact aimed at Soviet aggression. Sen. Joseph H. Ball, R., Minn., claimed considerable Republican •upport tor his proposal to set up a «lo proof "supreme council' out- *ide the United Nations with powers to use Sotce against "aggression and •ubversion" In western Europe. And several members or the Ben»te Armed Services committee were calling for universal military train- Ing in the country as a vital stci toward maWng ERP work in thr face of Communist obstruction. To Offer Amendment Today Ball announced that he wouk formally introduce his defense plai today during t5,300,000.000 dei Se Missco Exhibits To Be Arranged For Little Rockians Chamber of Commerce Manager Worth D. Holder said yesterday tliat the Chambers here, and in Osceola will present a program oil Mississippi County In April in Little nock. The program will be presented at a meeting of the Greater Little Rock chamber of Commerce and will feature descriptions of Mississippi County activities and products. Mr. Holder and Harry Paulus. secretary of the Osceoli chamber, conferred here Monday with Scott D. Hamilton, secretary-manager of the Greater Little Rock chamber of Commerce, on initial plans for the program. Partlow Obtains Bar Endorsement Deputy Prosecutor Seeks Election to High District Office Tlif lUytlieville Bar A-ssociation hits unanimously endorsed H. G, "Charlie" Partlow, ol Blytheviile, Briton Asserts 'Kiss of Death' Offered Finland Declaration is Made In House of Lord*; Czech Coup is Cited LONDON, Mar. S. (im — A government minister told the House ot Lords today lhat Russia is embracing Finland In a "Kiss o Death." Ijord Pnkenaliam. Chancellor of the DoocViy o! lancaster. did not mention Russia by name in his comment on the Soviet approach lo Finland, bul his implication wns clear. "In Czechoslovakia we hud. R revolution carried through in ft few days." lie said. "It followed the pattern lhat had been employed eysewherc. nnd in line wilh which the unhappy governments of South- Navy C/ie/s Offer Economy Tips T n c e n { ! v e PdV Offered For Food Wasters in U.S. Homes * m • m . For Missco Teachers Under New School Plan *Farm Bureau Sponsors Contest Originated by Bfytheyille Man BY Altxrt wlrir Vnitrd Vre«c Stall (.'orrrs|tundrn( SAN D1KGO, Cal., March :(: (U.P.)— It would cost Hie housewife ffil.fil a week to fowl « family of five on ilic same nu'iiu served bluejackets a( the United States Niival Air Station here, a United Press survey showed todny. The Nuvy could do it for Jfa-1.50. II spends less limn 70 cents per man per day, * covery measure. The proposal would direct State Department to work for the establishment of supreme council of Mr. Partlow Is 4o years old and lived In the Second District. internationnl 11 nations to serve as walchdog of aggression in Western Europe. A vote of sever members of the council could invoke the use of force, and no one ^pwer would have a veto. fl Bull explained that the council would be open to members of the UN Security Council willing to accept ihe veto-less terms—a provision clearly unacceptable tu Russia. Ball said frankly that (he arrangement would b« "In effect a mutual aid pact." Republican Senators Kenneth S Whcrty. Neb., Harry p. Cain. Wash, and Albert Hawkcs. N. J., joined ii lias practically all of his life. He was reared in Paragould, where Ins father. ticing H. R. Partlow, is now prac- law, and was educated In eastern Europe had been brought tinder control. "Now the unfortunate government of Finland Ls being approached—embraced. I would say—wilh the kiss of death, and then Ihey are invited to visit Blueneard's mansion and inspect their predecessors' remains." Pivkenaham. speaking for tlie government in the first stsne of foreign policy debate in Lords, denounced Ihe coup in C'/cchoslo- akia a.s "Communist in name. Hit- lerite in technique nnd utterly damnable In every other way." He said President Edunrd Bencs had been betrayed by his Communist defense minister. Lwdvlk Svoboda and added: "This should be * salutary warning to nil who impose confidence In fellow travelers elsewhere." Lt. Cnuli. B. A. Fftirchlld, com- mUsary officer »t Ihe Air Station, said the difference is (hit mast housewives are unsystematic anil wasteful. "Most of them throw away entirely too much food." Fftirchlld said, "How cnn they expect lo operate an economical kitchen when they spend a large part of Ihelr time throwing good (cod into tlie garbage? "We Inive worked the preparation ot toon down to R system. Absolutely nothing goes lo wiutc. If we serve corn at noon, what's lefl is either 5i-rv«rt us an extra dish al night or sots Into the soup the next day. We even saw and crack large beet bones to be vised, to muke soup stock." F-.ilrchild snld that meat left over trom the evening m«il—sllll culled "supper" by Ihe Navy—Is used lo iiake sandwiches for the night duty workers. If we don't have enough fresh im'Ht to niHke the 500 lo 800 siinil- wichcs, we always hiu-e & supply of coUi meals on hand. That way we I use up every ounce ot leftovers." ' The Navy no« even fuiilier than many housewives to try lo nm'Ac tlielr meals appetizing, Full-child Mild. "We cook almost all our food in large pressure cookers to keep tlio flavor al the best. We huve sei 1 - enil cooks on duly who do nothing but tty oul new tyix?s of bread, cakes and rolls. They will mnke H MiuiiL bnlch of the new product nnd Iry it cml R.S nn extra dish. They can lell by Ihe way II toes over whether to initkc- n lull batch later. "Ol course the Navy buys in lar^e tumuluti's ;\iul saves," FulrcUil'.l snid. "Uul I think the housewife could cut her food costs considerably by planning her nicttls like \ve do—Mist seeing what we hove In stock, then planning the nu-al. "Then. It docs help to plan on serving 24.COO rations u week." the public schools ot Greene County, Arkansas, and graduated Irom the Paragould High School. lie sewed as official court reporter ol the Second Judicial District, for a number of years under Judge O E. Keck of Blythevillc, where lie moved when he became court, reporter. Mr". Partiow was admitted to the bar in 1030 and established lib law office in Blythevillc. He married Miss Martha Neblett. daughter ot | Russian Minister Elizabeth Blythe Asks Re-election Mississippi County And Probate Clerk Seeks Second Term Georgian Agrees To 1948 Tax Cut Senator George Says Slash to Be Near $5,000,000 Figure M ot- Mr and Mrs. H. B. Neblett or Lux- I ora. They have three children, Nancy, 19, Graham, 16. and Patricia, sponsoring the plun. Ball ers -would follow. Thp. move to strengthen ERP with, *-. • f - „, and military measures re- 11. He entered the armed forces of Heeled congressional concern over the United States as an enlisted the communist coup in Czechoslo- man in World War II and. seiv-d vakla and renewed Soviet pressure] on foreign duty in the Pacific area, in Finland. Communist Rush Finns HELSINKI, March 3. HIP) — Finnish Communist leaders called on President Jubo K. Paasikivl lo- day and demanded that negotiations for a treaty of friendship and military alliance with Russia be started immcdlately_ The demand was made after reports that Puasiklvt had Informed Lt. Gen. G. M. Finland cannot „.. ..erveti as deputy prosecuting at- Chairman Chan ourn«#_«t..the torney under Bruce Ivy and when t „ .. n uA_i* __.• ~-- ..-..-. f,i—, n 1r military ser- Armed services- Comi Sens. Edward V. Wyo., and William F. Kn. Cal.. joined in 'f.rming training as vital "to Ei^P A training program in this country, Robertson said, would make Russia "stop, look and listen. Right Savoncnkov that sign any treaty Hiving Russia tlie power lo use the Finnish Army anywhere in case of war. MidVVest Digs rom Under Blanket Miss Elizabeth Blythe today announced her candidacy for re-election to a second term as nmmty and probate clerk of Mis Vlppt Counly. Miss Blyllie wns born nnd icar- d in Blythevillc and was educated , n schools here. i For several years, she served as deputy in both the circuit clerk's office and lhc county clerk's office. Miss Blythe .-mid she is thoroughly familiar with the duties of the office she seeks. Tlie duties of lhc county and probate clerk are all.iost entirely clerical, she Dinted out, and saUl she is fitted by long experience In tills office. CzechostoYakAmbasiador Tenders His Resignation By Dayton Moore United Pres» SUfl Correspondent WASHINGTON, March 3. <UP> — Sen. Waller F. George. D.. Gn. I agreed with Republican senators today Unit Congress will approve nil 1 [ income lax cul of between H.5CX),- ! 000,000 and $ But he declined to speculate on whether such a bill would muster in both the Scuttle and House the. two-thirds majority necessary to override the anticipated veto by President Truman. George is tlie ranking Democratic member of the Scnftlc Finance Committee which t.l holding hearings on the House approved. Rcpub- ! llcan-sponsored 16,503.003,000 slash ' in pcisovml income taxes, i Committee Chatrin*.n .Eugene ul- .vt Malaria Control Plans Announced Missco Spraying Crews to Begin Work by April 1 Sprny crews In tlie 1948 Arknnsis Malaria Conlrol Program are expected to bexin work In M!s.slssliipl County iibout April 1. W. O. Slln- nell, miiliirin control sii|u<i visor iiere Mild today. The progrlim will be en it-led tnll e.ssentlully the sntne us II was last Stnv with two exceptions. UHMSCS will be sprtiycd only once but wilh n stronger DI3T solution nnd the spray foe will be »2 Instead "| H tills yciir. H was found tluil sprnyiui! wilh a seven and one-hall per cent DOT solution killed flics nnd fiiOMiullons effectively for nn clHlil-niouilis icrlod wtille a five per rent sclu- ;lcm retained H.s eneclivi'nr.u lui- :iil)y lour numUis. Tlie reduction of costs uccoin- pnnyliiK the decrease In Ihe number of sprayings caused tlie lower Ice. Larvickltiiii". siu-ayiiiR of Imdtcs of sUitnimt waler, will l)e done In lilytlievlllc wlillii houses will In' sprayed with OUT In lire sinnller lowns aiul rural areas. Tile program will again be cnr- rlcd on wilh lhc aid ol appropriations of part of tlie costs by towns and cllles. The JSlylhevlllc City Council hns voted lo participate in tlie malaria control prournm hern to tlie extent of »2,W3. 'I'lic fees, ]>ald nt the lime spraying Is done. A roola pi'OgrHin for education to hrinjf it closer to American community life with renewed /eal for the principles' of democracy ami adjustment of students to fit into the lift of (he community took definite form last night at » meeting of the Mississippi County Farm Bureau, held in the court house here. The plan win developed by Noble ! Cllll, Illylhcvllle businessman who Is! vice-c-lmlrinnn of Ihc Arkansas Ilimrd of Kducallon, and u former lonelier. Linked with his proposal Is a plan lo provide incentive pay lor teachers and sptfnsm-sliip by the now she's running .traffic light." through every Mutiny Attempt Is Charged to Prague Police By George Pipal {United Press Staff Correspondent) PHAGTJE. March 3. (UPI—Tile Interior ministry announced loday that two parliamentary deputies and an unspecified number of police, all National Socialists, would be charged with Implication in an attempted mutiny against the state. I Deputies Ota Hora and J. Cizek were arrested last week despite their parliamentary immunity, but were released later the ministry of information reported. They were expected to be re-arrested soon. Tiie charges dealt with alleged incitement of policemen at a meeting Feb. 13 to approve a resolution which the interior ministry termed "incompatible with the duties of military .service." The ministry statement said the policemen had confessed that they Approved -ilic resolution and that •MV had been charged with "suspicion of thc crim« of mutiny." Their specific intentions were not disclosed- The action committee of Hie Legionnaires organization announced that Dr. Lev Sychrnva had been removed from the editorship of the Legionnaires' organ. Narocini Os- voboienl. Sychrava wa s deputy chairman ot the United Nations Commission on freedom of the pres,s and holder of the Havltcck-Borov- rky award as the outstanding Czechoslovak journalist. In 1947. has been active in'civic affairs. He served as commander of Dud Ca- ^ Bj . sion Post No. 24, Am< ;™L an If Sion T]l( , storm nt Blytheviile during 1MS-1M7 Ls a Wc$t bencath „ member of the chamber of Commerce and of thc Kiwanis Club. Mr. Fnrilov staled that he lias an ainbilton to serve the people_of this district as their prosecuting attorney. He feels he. is qualified Irani training and experience to make a good prosecuting attorney, that he expects to make an active campaign for said office and '-« elected he will render courteous, honest capable and efficient service and do everything in his power to make a good officer. Youthful Bandits Board Big Bus to Rob Passengers MEMPHIS. Tenn., March 3.(UP! —The search for two bandits who robbed bus passengers of S603 at gunpoint, overlooking a $1,000 bankroll one passangcr stuffed into scat upholstery moved to Arkansas today where police found eight purses and billfolds along the highway one mile north of Clarkedale. Sheriff Cecil Goodwin of Marion, Ark., notified Shelby County authorities in Tennessee that the empty money containers were found by Tom Billings, a plantation manager. One bill fold contained the cre dentials of the bus driver, T. I King, of Newborn, Tcnn. The Holdup occurcd at 9:45 p.-m .ast night 20 miles East of here near Arlington, Tenn., when driver T. I. King slopped his loaded Greyhound bus on the regular Memphis lited Press) r Ich buried the Mid- thick snow blanket blew itself out over the Northeastern slates today. The remains of the vast storm front centered over Eastern Pennsylvania, but most of Us fury had been spent. The storm lost its intensity as it moved up ttie Ohio Valley, bul it WASHINGTON, March 3. (UPV —Czechoslovak ambassador juruj make up the remainder of Ihe costs. Jews Launch Missco Drive For $J5 f QOO hear-- insv Ocorgfi In 1 nn Interview later - made a more specific estimate of Slavik resigned today with the de- | $4,80.000.000. duration that he will flglil In exile i Minikin Apparently thought a lax to free his country from Communist leductlon.if not so large could be rule. The Czech minister lo Canada I cnacled over n veto. A desire to vc- caused snow flurries today in Pcnn- | conference. Slnvik. his al.'o resigned in protest In Ottawa today. Sinvik announced his decision m an cmolion-pncked statement lo reporters at a 10-minute press conference in his embassy stiiriy. U. S. Secret Service men attended the wife and to-proof the t-x cut is the chief reason why the 'Republicans arc out to whittle clown the House (inure. George said thtil "chances wouM be Improved for final enactment if the revenue loss Is held between %\,000.003,000 nnd $1.503,030.000." He ! said lie would expect President Tru- Discusses Pro football Bill Godwin of Blylhcvtlle, member ot the Boston Yankees s>ro- fc.ssional football team, spoke on pro football at the weekly meeting of Dud Casou Post 24 of (he Anier- tcr.n Legion last night in the Legion Hut. New York Stocks 2 p.m. Slocks: A T and T Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Clsrys'cr t en Electric : n Motors . . M-nfomcry Wr.rd N Y Central Int. Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard U S Steel ISO 62 1 -I 33 3-8 32 1-S 55 1-R 32 3-4 S3 50 13 3-8 86 10 3-4 257-8 81-2 . 15 3-4 17 1-4 13 54 4 1-2 10 1-2 to Nashville schedule lo pick, up lhc pair on the roadside. | North Dakota Senator's Wheat Proposal Delayed WASHINGTON. March 3(UP> — Sen. Milton R. Young. R., N. D., lo- day gave up an opportunity for early consideration of his proposal to repeal tlie law rcaulrlng this country to hold a 150,030.000 bushel reserve of wheat on July 1. Young had introduced an amendment to the European recovery plan bill which would have repealed the carry-over law. Some grain experts, meanwhile, sylvania, New York nnd the New England states. Meanwhile, tlie MidWcst got a respite from the weather, only light scattered snowfall was reported in some sections. Road crews, however, still worked to clear highways covered by more than a foot of wet snow in some sect'ons. In Southern Wisconsin, four persons died as a result of the storm. Three died «f over-excr- ticm after shoveling snow, and another died after pushing an automobile stuck in the snnw. Schools were closed today in Central Michigan after tlie blizzard left rip to 10 inches of snow. The Bay City, Mich., area was hardest hit Some factories were closed yesterday, and others excused workers who live in rural areas so they could gel home before they became stranded In Northern Michigan, the storm left 16 inches of snow al Pellslon and 15 inches al Saulte Sle. Marie. In Nebraska and Northern Illinois, residents of some areas wen plagued by a queer combination o heavy snow and floods. An ice Jan in the Elkhorn River near Omnha Neb., poured flood waters over him dreds of acres of rich farmland. The ice formed n natural dan near the slrenni's junction with th Platte River. Lowlands were floodc as far as 18 miles upstream, and few families were forced to mov to high ground. Tiic heavy snow yesterday fell i a bsit from the Ccnlral Rockie Eastward across Nebraska. low: Northern Illinois. Southern Wlscor sin and Lower Michigan. their 18-year-old son moved out of man to veto even the lower Lux the embassy immediately afterward, reduction. ' _. . . , ,, ,, , The trimming on the House bill. The ambassador asserted thai ns Qc e >rc(llclcd wonlrt bc done hy a result of the recent communist hnU ,|t, g ' thc percentage cuU on Ux ^ OI .".':._ R ! rales. The House bill calls for percentage reductions ranging irora 30 per cenl in Uic low income brackct.s to 10 per cent in Ihc higher brackets. George snld lie does not expect any change in lhc three other mam provisions of lhc House bill. They call for a $100 Increase In the ptcs- enl S500 personal exemption, an additional $600 exemption for the blind, and extension of the split- income benefit to married couples in all stales. Four senalors went before Ihe committee loday to urjc adoption of ihcir amendments to the tnx- slasliing bill. The committee Is expected lo reject all ol them. coup "Czechoslvakla hns becu. _ __ . fully totalitarian police stale' under I tight control of a political minority. ' His homeland's aging nnd ailing resident, Edouarri Bencs, never ould have given the New c/.ech- slovak government legal sanclion, .avik .said, if he had not been un- er terrible pressure and duress." in American Activities 'hecked in Florida City Secret Service Seizes $77,900 in Bogus Bills MUSKOGEE. Okla., March lUP)—Secret Service agcnls nounced today that a man allege to be a regional distributor tor a nationwide counterfeiting gang and Tlie Mississippi Cnmily United Jtwbh Appeal Sl.l" S1S.OOO lo aid llsplaced Jews In Palestine and Europe wns launched here last night nl a meeting In Temple Israel. "Every dollar given helps t-slab- llsh a beachhead cif democracy in' persons," Harry H. l.cvilcli of Bly- thevllle. County UJA chairman asserted in opening (be drive. Rabbt H. Cerff Strauss of Helena addressed an nltuosl capacity audience that met In tlie recrentlon rooms uf Hit temple, other spcnkcrs were Max Moses of Little Hock, sliile clmlrinnn anil regional vice-chairman; Cbnrlcs Wax ot New York, headquarters representative lor this region; and Walter Rosenlhal of Hlylhcvlllc, sollcilnl- lons chairman. | Mr. Lcvllch snld Mils morning ^ thai latest tabulations showed a "generous response" anil predicted lhal Ihe goal of SIS,000 will bc reached. The nsslstnticc and contribullmus of non-Jews Is also being sought in lhc drive Uils year because of thc critical sllunllon abroad, Mr. Levitch said. county farm bureau ot a "Leurii to Live" contest for school children with special rewards for touchers of pupils who show tiie KrenU'si. i>rou- rcss. Mr. Gill's plun last night wu.s cn- dor.sal by Htil'/li H. Jones, state cninmissloiu-r jf education, and Dr. W. J. C:dens. president of Arkansas Stole College of Jniu'.sbnro, who ivi-ri! In Hlylhcvllli' for tlie llrsl public discussion of the plnn on which Mr. Gill bciian work mure Until u dccnde ago. L. G. Nusll, prcsUUilll of llle Mls- ntk&ippl County Fm in llurciiii, disclosed last nli:ht mat thc Gill plan tor "CumumnUicd EXIuctillon" had been discussed by the bureau members at two previous incetlnRS and I lie project endorsed with Hie comity bureau agreeing to ncccpl sponsorship. ('miiiiiltlrr* Appointed Mr. Nash last nlghl appointed executive, finance and publicity committees to begin work on details of the bun-ail's sponsorship ol the plnn. which will In; Inaugurated In each of the Mississippi County] schools with the beginning uf tlie HMfMD term. Additional committees will be added later. Initial plans tor llnanclng the project call (or Ihe. obtaining nl community sponsors and about $10,000 In launch the project In this one county. i Mr. Jones of the Slnle Department of Kiiurallon nnd Dr. Kdcns of Arkansas State College and others predicted tiic Idea advanced by Mr. Gill Is onn which will spread to every county In Ihii (^ale, and to every slule In thc They furlher agreed . U the plan In operation will put new emphasis uu.-tbt; linptii'tanco of democracy lo the survival of Hie American way of llle nnd bring new efficiency to Hie 1,528 Enrolled By Farm Bureau North Missco Driv« Leaders Report on 1948 Memberships Four coJiimunUleA have renehed or exceeded their qtiotas In the nnnunl membership drive of the Mississippi County Farm Bureau, it was announced last night b? : I/, G. Nash, president, at ,a report;' meeting for drive workers In the northern half cif the county. The drive lliu.'i far has resulted. In the .tlKnlng of 1,528 members, an' Increase of' about 350 since (he previous report meeting, but leaves North Mississippi Comity about. 900 members sliorl of the goal. A telegram from R. E. Short, of lirlnklcy, president of Ihe Arkansas Form Bureau Federallon with headquarters In Ultle Rock, was read. It urged that membership drive workers in all counties push • the .stale drive lo a s[>eedy completion and expressed confldencs that Ihe gon! o! -(1,000- members for the stale would he reached, North Mississippi Counly communities over the top In the drlv« Include Half Moon, with SI 'members signed nnd A quota of 50, nnd Clear Lake, two members above its miota of 75, Armorcl, with a quota of 135, and Calumet with 25 reported last night that their quotas had been reached. Olhcr communities reported M follows: MIAMI. Flit.. Mar. 3. IUPI — 'lorida Attorney. General J. Tom Vntson made a "voluntary contri- iution" today at a closed bearing teld by two members of Ihe House Jommiltce on UnAmerican activi- lic,s. The two congressmen arc rying lo determine if Cotmnun- st activity in this capitalist's playground warrants a full-scale Inves- igntion. Watson refused lo comment on Ihe nalurc ol his testimony. Incendiary Bornb |Cargo on Truck on U. S. 70 Soybeans o. h. Chicago) (Pritw f, open Mar 365 May ..... 357' high 373 365b low 36.S 1 :30 3l!8n 30 Hi Democrats Face Prospect of Breach As Wide as 1912 Bull Moose-GOP Split By Ramonri I,ahr Vniled Press SUff Orrcsponricni WASHINGTON, March 3- 'U.P.)— The Southern revolt, threatened the Democratic Party today with a national convention walkout on t scale of the Bull Moose bolt from Uie 1912 Republican convention. Suggestions of a convention* walkout came from various Sou- hnl| A ^ ou a smal]cr iSc LITTI..E ROCK. Mnr. H. (Uv> — The Aiknn.sns State: Police repo'.Lud at noon twi^y that a truck loadeci with incendiary bornb.s is nlilnr.e on Highway 70. six miles cast of he County Hue. The report said the truck wn.s unoccupied atul no one was Jurcd. However linfMc on the rond has been halted as firemen from North Little Rock aid police In conihat- ini? the fire, Trie police xald (he driver of thr truck htxd ROUC to obtain help ir repalrlne n tire and tlint tlie flame. 1 ; wrrc noliced by R p^.v>cr-by. imdcm'N fdncullonii] slrudure. This will lie Kcemupllshetl not by bringing federal uLd to tlie local schools but by knhiKiMK H new Inlcrcsl in commvinlLy lite lo U\c schools Riid t\ now In ic IT si of U'uchCM'* and their pupils In coNuiiuiilly life tuul the problt'ins .sliulenis must fnce when they mnku Ihut LrnnslLlon from the cLu.s5i i o{ii]i Into the school of UTe. | OKI test 1 ilr it Kxphttncrt Mr Oil! Irj pru.scntlnK Lti« l>vo- Kt'nin .siiftKC.iUxl tluil it Ifi a .simple prn^ntm^nec! lo pill democracy tin the offensive fti^Onst trends tti- watd tei\lvuU7,ccl Koveramenls, and hi contrast. In .some pluns lending! more toward a deCensr against fast- ! r.pmuUnK co»umuilst,lc tendencies. Thc dcslniior of this new plnn for n iL'-ev'filimtlcHi of cchicnUonnl Ijroct'.sscs outlined to the farm xroup nnd -specially Invited guests R "I^nrn lo Live Contest" Tor pupHs In any and ftl! .schools where communities undertake .sponsorship lluout-h frnin hurcain nr other for- •UiokinK orc^nl^ntions Brovnid- ctl in n love, /or prcsnrvliiR Uic American way of life. As rules for lhc contest he pro- io!i c rf: Uct'iigiUUim lo ihr rnmnunity In [Mississippi County which does tnuro cliirltiR the yr:ir (4) snlvr Us rtUu priililcms. IlLTiixnUiori tn llir hiymrn In the <:nim(y wlio makr the Ri*«t- rsl ctcilTihiillim li> education. Aunrri to thf snprrintcndent tvhosr sctimil shuus Ihr mosl cn- oprrutiiiTi and prnRrrss, Awnril tn ihr leather In each acluml syslcm vihfi U jutlptrt Ihe Ser INCKNT1VE on Page 9 Community HuKman Yarbro and No. 9. NRW Lllierty .• mylhcvinc Doll . T.T Manila . , UcLii-hvlKe iV \Vhisp Pawhi-en | Ixvit Cnne Quoin Signed . i: (W «7 ../120 tt ]M , ***; M 150 - 200 BOO " . 300 . '180 ns to CrrtlflratM present** Fnbcr White, Osceola. secretary of the county Farm Bureau, reported receipt o! certlllcates Irom lhc American Furm Bureau Federation recognizing the rive-year achievement record. 1 ; In both South and Ihc North Mississippi County, nail Condelt, member of Ihe stuff or the Arkansas Farm Bureau heiulquiuters, attended the meet- State Police to Give Tests for New Drivers Weather thern Democratic spokesmen In '^','j'lri " 5 tin" glv°e" thc convention their search tor ways lo make ef- s [ 7ca i,i e j^t. There has been some talk that might not disagreed with Secretary o( Argi- culture Clinton P. Anderson's slale- tnent lhal lhc carry-over, plus prospects of a favorable new crop. very likely" will drive prices below' last wccl! support levels by May or June. New York Cotton Mar. . May . July . O:t. . Dec. . open 3375 3374 3297 SOW) 2950 high 3399 34C6 3 323 3C23 296S low 33«5 3363 3235 2!»S 2M5 his assistant have been arrested here following a raid which netted $11.900 in bogus »20 bills. The arrests resulted from raids at a house here and a rural nightclub, the Skyline, on U. S. Highway 69 north of here. Charged with conspiracy to coun- terfiel money were Al Grccr, 50- year-old ex-convict and night chi*> operator, and Lorenzo B. Uzzell, 41. 1:30 : formerly of Denver, Colo, p.m I Tlie raid here also re-suited in 3339 recovery of J400 in honest money 3380 which a secret agent allegedly paH J392 Grcer for J1.C03 worth of spurious 3010 bills. Johr, Osborne. chief Secret 2953 agent for Oklahoma, announced. _ fectlvc their spreading rebellion against President Truman's civil rights program. Most of those proposals were tied to a demand that the convention repudiate Mr. Truman's program declare for "stales rlghls" In handling racial issues. That would nake an acceptable convention )lank Ihe price of party peace But some Southerners Insisted Arknnsns rorccnst: Pai'tly cloudy. scallcretl slimvcr.s in [lie cxtrcmn SouDi and cxlTCmc East, cooler In Southeast portion loday. Pnrlly cloudy tonight rm<1 Thursdny wl'.li scattered shower.* In West mil coltlcr in Northwest, portion Thurs" he 1 Arkansas Slalc police stationed In nlythcvlllc said today that applicants for drivers licenses will given tests here every Monday 2 p. m. Drivers tests will be given Osceola at 2 p. m. every Friday ati Hie Court House there. ! State police headquarters here i Speed Urged to 9 T' Directors Nominated; To Mail Ballot James Terry, chairman of tli« Nominating committee of the Bly- tlicvllle "Y" Board of Direclors announced today that nine men and women have been nomtniUed to nil vacancies created by the board this month by expiring lerms. The lerms of seven members expire this year and thc constitution provides thai three of these sha.l be elected by thc vote of qualified "Y" members, lliree shall be filled by board apjjolntments and one by a representative of the Blytheviile Ministerial Association. Those whose terms expire thi.s month arc Jack Thro, Alvin Huffman Jr.. the Rev. E. C. Brown, tin Rev. R. S. Baird, Mrs. Roland Green, Mrs. Marvin Critlendcn, and Oscar Alexander. Nominated to fill the three elective pasts for three-year terms were tlie following: Mr. Huffman. Mr. Alexander, Mr. Thro, the Rev. Mr. Brown. Mrs. W. D. Cobb. Mrs. Glenn Lactd, J. R. Deal. John McDowctl and Louis Applcbaum. Thc election will be held during al the week of March 12-18 and bal! lols will bc mailed qualified voters, in • Mr. Terry said. Southern stales might not. send | . delegates to the convention. More - M ' mlmum ,, lL , mor niiiR-38 cautious Southerners, however, are Maximum vcsterdav—63 warning against a complete break M ""^.1*^57 one else there in our place," one senator commented. An anil-lynching bill—one of (he civil rlghl.s itiensures endorsed that a platform compromise was | by Mr. Truman—moved another not enough. They said Ihe Soutl. v > step toward passage yesterday. The delegates should walk out if President Truman were nominated. Whatever the platform says, these. Southerners believe there.,..Is no chance thai Mr. Truman wllf withdraw his request for federal laws against lynching, poll Uxcs »nd iob discrimination. If the 11 slates of the Old South act a-s a unit a wanioul would take 208 of the 1.234 Democratic delegates out of ihe convention House judiciary committee approved It by a vote of 18 to 8. Southern Democrats promised to fight It on the House floor but had no hope of beating tl. They were relying on a Senate filibuster, bul Southern senators were uiwtalu lhal they could win by thai method this year. A Senate Judicial! 1 Subcommittee is CKtx-ctcd lo not on an anti-lynch- Ing bill later this week. day—none Total since Jan. 1—13.01 Mean temperature (midway twccn High Bud low)—50.5 Normal mean for Mar.—51.2 This l)»lr Last Vcar Minimum tills morntuR—n for giving Ihc tests on will give them Rt the the following day. He also said that he will give tests in Osceola at 2 p. m. Saturdays when he cannot give them day. to Western Europe WASHINGTON. March 3. (UP>Monday hei Undersecretary of Stale Robert A. same time Lovelt said loday that the financial problems of Western European Lion Oil Buys Plant To Moke Fertilizer and, Drunken Driver Fined I.OUIS Ca«te was lined $M irosU in Municipal Court this morn ins when He pleaded guilty to charge of drivintr while i 1 influence nt liquor. WASHINGTON. March 3. (UP) — , Thc Wnr Assets Administration to- Precipitation, Jan. I lo thi.s dale , day approved thc sale of the sur_330. ' Plus Ozark Ordnance Works at El Dorado. Ark., to the Lion Oil Co., for 4K/.500.COO. Tlie Lion Company has been operating the plant under lease anl will continue the manufacture ol fertilizer materials. The plant end land originally cost the government countries will be magnified it Con- g-ess delays the Marshall plan beyond April 1. He told a news conference that France in particular would have to exercise extreme care In her 1m- French sources h&vc indictted that France may need 1150.000.000 before April 1 to keep her Industries from slowing down. Strike Date Designated i CHICAGO. March 3. (UPI—The I CIO United Packinghouse Workers I today set March 1« for a 1 which would cut oft much <

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