The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 12
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PAGE TWILVI BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER MEW» TUESDAY, MARCH Z, 1048 < DanocraticParty Breach Widens Cramp Blasts Truman As Two States Plan Finances Anti-New Dealer May Be Dixie's Choice in Preference to Truman By J»ek Harrey njmtttt Tnm 8Utt CorrwpondMit) ATLANTA, G*., Mir. 2. (UP>In two »n«ry Southern •Utw movfd closer to t direct split from Uw national party over President Truman's civil rights program today u they arranged for finances to carry on Independently. And In a third Dixie state, the acknowledged political boss sent t withering blast toward Mr. Tru man, asking lor hLs defeat In the 1048 Democratic national conven tlon. Boss Ed Crump oj Memphis made a virtual promise that Tennessee Democrats would oppose Mr. Tru man inside the party as Soutl Carolina and Mississippi Democrat initiated fund-raising campaigns t' enable them to carry on shouli they break away from the na tlonal party. The South Carolina Democrat! executive Committee adopted a re-1 solution opposing Mr. Truman's nomination or his he be nominated. "Ha« Gotl« Too Far" • Thus the committee stood behind Gov. J. Strom Thurmond who declared that "the President has gone too far—I am through with him." Making It definite that no statewide Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner would be held, the South Car- By Lyle C. Witaon UfllUd Pr«* SUM Correspondent WASHINGTON, March 7. (UP) — An anti-New Deal Southerner vrnuld be the Inevitable Democratic choice for president this year if Resident ruinan refused or lo.H he nomination. Sen. Hurry F. Byrd, D., Vs., and Sell. Waller F. GcorRc, D,, Ga., lave ligwed In political speculation LS possible replacements for Mr. Truman, The angry stop-Truman Fourth Red Party Leader Nabbed; Will Be Deported noyement within the Southern Democracy Is beginning to appear in Party Clean-Up Urged by Laney Arkansas Governor Sends Recommendation To Revolt Leaders UTTI.E UOCK, March 2. (UP)— NEW YORK, March 1. <U.P.>- Oov ne " ^"^ ° f Arkansas has The fourth ton Communist Party! ll(Wod h ' s ™ icc to lhc nl ™ a <ly leader arrested in a current Justice* mounting cries of Southern leaders ' positive action against the Na MARCH RAINS (Continued from Pace 1) Lakes- It caused flood damage In Ne- Ijra.skn and tied up highway transportation In a belt across Nebraska, *••- . Iowa, Northern Illinois, Southeas-1 bJng the Farmers Savings Bank at (.he cummer dry *ea»on. Todny's snowfall In Iowa added to already hazardous driving conditions throughout llic state. Most main highways were open but, nearly al Hhe secondary roads were Mocked. The heavy snow in Eastern Iowa forced authorities last night to abandon their search f<| two bandits who escaped after rob- tern Wisconsin and Lower Micht Kan. De.s Weaver, la, A vast storm area moved Northward Into Missouri today, causing showers and thunder.showers In the public accompanied by nnnie-s. But so far there is not sufficient substance in the movement to warrant belief that Mr. Truman will be de- ilcd the nomination he apparently has been shooting for during the past two and one half years. The concensus hereabouts is thiit if Mr. Trillium Is not A candidate, this Vmii never saw one. But the president has not yet announced his candidacy. He could retire gracefully il he so desired. What lie docs ultimately will depend on events In tlic next four months prior to the Democratic National Convention. One thing Is reasonably certain. Mr. Tinman is not likely to pull election should out of the race until he knows who tlie Republicans would run agninst him. The Republican National Convention is about trueo and one half months off. Would Oppose Taff 11 tlic GOP nominates Sen. Robert A. Taft. n.. O., to head Its 19-M ticket. Mr. Trumnn is pretty sure to he in the race n;>ainst rc othor alleged Conirmmht Jield for deportation were staging a, so-railed hunger strike. Irving potash, a mcmljer cf tlonal Democratic Party leadership.. braska over their bunks, innun Reporting his recommendations in" (!ali "« thousands o[ acres of farm- Molnes, la., -rc|»rted the i'l^'vicst snow fall, eight liicVus , ------- - - , . Chicago had five Inches and it Mississippi Valley after wrcnkmg I havoc in Texas yesterday. Sandstorms (n Texas The storm caused severe snnd- P/oy Begins in Annual Pro-Amateur Golf Meet PAUM BEACH, Fla., March 2. (UP)—Society swingers teamed with professional putters today as the ninth annual Pro-Amateur Golf Tournament got underway at the exclusive Seminole Country Club. The Duke of Windsor, most famed member of the amateur group, went to the first tee as the favorite—but more because he had drawn red-hot Bobby Locke of was Mill falling. The heavy snow scut the Platte and Elkhoi'ii Rivers in Eastern Ne- a letter addressed to the Southern \ land. Govemors Conference and sent to Gov. J. Strom Thurmond of South storms in Western Texas and flash- floods in the eastern portion of the slate. The sand, driven by winds While floods and Wreats of floods! up '° 45 miles per hour, reduced worried MltfWcslcrn farmers, Cal-t visibility near Lubbock to less than , Ihe communist Parly's natlonni Carolina. Lancy asked that the committee and an official of the South repudiate the present party Fur and Leather Workers Union leadership. <CIO>, was picked up by Federal "We believe the November elcc- AKCixts yesterday for deportation to his native Hiissiu. lie was charged, as wore the others, with being a member of an or_ advoi.'atinf the overthrown of ihe government by forccj anil violence. He was held without hall. Immigration officials said that, the "hunger strike" which began at Klhs Island yesterday under tlin leadership of Gcrhart. Eisler, alleged No. 1 Communist arjcnt in America, was faked. Livestock Whatever he may think ol other possible opponents, there Is pretty good reason to iK'lleve Mr. Truman thinks lie could lick Taft. But if the Democratic rebellion in the South got worse instead o[ better, Mr. Truman might bow hhn- ' nomtnat- ho sue- by death of the incumbent is fairly new in American politics. Most vice presidents who so succeeded have not presidential olina committee risked each county to raise »50 Cor each of its representatives in the legislature as a "general state party fund." In Mississippi, the executive committee resolved to withdraw the state's delegates from the national party convention unless it received I self out. The custom of n "ooen and complete assurance" j ing for president a man w that the party and its nominees [ cceded to the office ' will fight the president's civil rights proposals. Mr. Truman has advocated leg- Islatlon against lynching, the poll,been nominated (or «• presidential tax and segregation on inter-slate jtcrm of their own. John Tyler, MU- carriers and 1ms called for passage arn Fillmorc. Andrew Jonnsoii^anil of a fair employment practices act. . . .. •• Graveside Services He/d For Manila Infant Rosetta Vance, one-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Vance of Manila, died last night at the Rotton Clinic, where she had been a patient for several days. Graveside services were conducted this afternoon, 2 o'clock at the Manila Cemetery. She is survived by her parents, and three sisters, Mary, Patty Ann wid Dora Mabel. Cobb Funeral Home is in charge. New York City llrst tried traffic control by light signals in 1918. Policemen turned the lights on and off by means of levers. liester A. Arthur all succeeded to the presidency without being nominated In that office when their partial term ended. Theodore Roosevelt changed that when he obtained the nomination after filling out the second term of the assassinated William B. McKin- Icy. Calvin coolidge succeeded Warren G. Harding in 1923 and was nominated for president in 1924. If the movement to displace Mr Truman progresses it will be more to affect party policy than in expectation of winning the presidential election. The South would drop its dispute with the president to morrow if he would back away from the civil rights program now pending before congress. But if Mr. Tru man does that he practically in vitcs the Negroes in the North I' leave the Democratic Party int which the late FDR drew them. ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. March 1. (UP) — (USDAt — Livestock: ! Hogs: 9,700; .salable DSCO; active: uneven; weights 260 Ibs down 25- cents, mostly 50-75 cents lilfihcr lan • Monday's average; heavier eights .15-$! or more higher; sows cents higher; bulk good and holce KO-240 Ibs 2-t.50-24.75; top 4.85, sparingly; 249-270 Ibs 23.50450;210-300 Ibs 22,50-23.50; 300-350 21.25-22.75; 163-170 Ib.s 23.604.50; 130-150 Ibs 20.50-23.50. Mostly 3.25 down; 1CO-12Q Ibs $10-20: sows 50 Ibs down 10-1075; over 450 Ibs 8.50-10; stags 1V50-1G.50. Cattle: 3.500; all salable; calves ,500, all salable; market about steady with Monday, but lucking iggres-slveness of steers and butcher •earlings; a few medium to good steers 24.50-26: medium to good icifers and mixed yearlings 20-25; cows active with further strength shown on dinners and cutters: most canners and cutters 1425-11.50. tlon is definitely lost to the Democratic party," Laney declared, "unless u change in leadership Is effected." Lancy brushed aside a Republican proposal that the rclxillEous Southerners join Hid GOP ranks, Instead catling for a "cleanup of the Democratic Party." "We cannot accept the Hepubli- to can Party principles as now known. Therefore sve sviggest the unified action of Southern Democrats to i take the lead in an All-American I effort to clean up the Democratic j Party. "That is." Lancy explained, "write a platform of principles and honor, select a party standard bearer- of ability, a true Democrat, and with htm conduct a campaign together to establish our parly agrtiri as one dedicated to the preservation of American democracy." In asking the South to repudiate the National Party lenders, Lancy suggested they use "every rn n a'\s possible in their respective states." And Laney added, "we further recommend that the respective state delegates to the Philadelphia convention be given full freedom of action and instructed only to act in the best interests of our states and our party." ifornia gardeners and orchardmen drew upon critically short power supplies to pump water for Irrigating their drought-stricken fields and orchards. Water conservation district officials in the Santa Clara Valley said the underground water table Dakota did temperatures drop below zero. Caribou, Me., with eight degrees below zero, was the coldest spot in the nation. South Africa as Ms partner Uw his Conner status as king of Eni land. Locke ii also learned with Sl> l>hen E. (Laddie) Sanford, Amer can polo star, Rated close behind the Britis Empire duo are combines inclui ing railroad magnate Robert Youn newspaper executive Merrill Mci and polo stars Mike Phipps Winston Guest. Quest It strong teamed with pro Herman Keiser Akron, O., and Robert Sweeny, for mer British amateur champion. The pros, in addition to playi In the pro-amateur combines, a also holding a separate 36-ho event of their own. The conibit event Is also 36-hole.s, raised /ro the IB of previous years. two miles. An electrical storm accompanied by 40-m51c-an-hour winds struck I Port Worth yesterday afternoon. I A 4,000-volt power line near the t Port Worth Press building was. hit by lightning and the newspaper | was without [xnver for more than (here has fallen 30 feet 1 an hour. Another 4,000-volt line lower than it was a year ago. Agri-1 also was hit, but no major damage cultural agents said fruit crop pros-' resulted. ' " ' '' ' In most of the rest of the nation, fair weather and normal tern pects were 'fair to poor" and add- j ed that some growers probably | would abandon their crop in order t peratures prevailed. Only in north- water for the trees during' ern Maine and in Central North C UANS AS IT SHlM fs PASTI SHOE POLISH Former Romanian King Will Visit United States PARIS, March 2. (UPI—Former King Michael of Romania will ?o to London tomorrow and will sail Friday on the liner Queen Elizabeth for a six-weeks visit to th^ United States, one of his aides said torlay. Michael will be accompanied oy his mother, Queen Helen. He will marry Princess Anne of Bourbon Parma on his return, the aide said. Read Courier News Want Ads. Irked by Exams, Students Sport Beards in Protest NEW YORK (UP)—Undergraduates at Columbia University aren't; taking this term's final examinations sitting down. A self-styled "revolutionary movement" Is rousing college men to action to convince authorities that the three-hour tests arc unjust. The rebels, who are called "Wiltins Whiskers." are growing beards during the ten-day examination period as a protest. Stalwarts of the group had predicted that tlic spectacle of so ninny j unshaven faces %voukl force the ad- j j ministration to revise the present | examination setup. The dean prom- I ises to confer with student repre.s- j entatlves about the problem. "That I is, after this term's examinations," ' he chuckled. DODGE Qualities Beyond All Boundary of Price The combined qualities in today's Dodge car are far beyond all limits of price, since price will not buy them elsewhere. You get size and weight, power and speed, style and trim, with excellent appointments. But with and beyond all these you get a smoothness of performance not known before. This is a big new fact in automobile affairs which belongs to Dodge, and which should also belong to you. Lowest Priced Car with Fluid-Drive Blytheville Motor Co. 217 South 2nd Streef Phone 4422 Mode by the makers of LIQUID DYANSHINE IOC uVf as the Moon 1 . s««jVe Sure BARRETT HAMILTON, INC. ^ilffi? DISTRIBUTOR SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BUNDED WHISKEV. 86.8 Hiool. 65% Grain Neutral Spirits. Seagram-Distillers Corporation, N, Y. Mar. 2nd - Mar. 6th FIRST SHOWING IN BLYTHEVILLE! Admission Adults 50? BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE = Children 25c (Tax Included) HOWARD HUGHES DISCOVERED JEAN HARLOW, PAUL MUNI, GEORGE RAFT, AND PAT O'BRIEN. NOW, IN THE OUTLAW, HE PRESENTS HIS SENSATIONAL NEW STAR DISCOVERY- JANE RUSSELL 1944-HOWARD HUGHES, WORLD FAMOUS FLYER AND MOTION PICTURE PRODUCER, COMPLETES HIS PICTURE THE OUTLAW. JUNE, 1944-THE OUTLAW WORLD PREMIERE IS HELD AT SAN FRANCISCO. THE PICTURE uREAXS EVERY EXISTING RECORD!! HELD OVER FOR 8 WEEKSI PLAYS TO MORE THAN 300,000 PEOPLE!! THEN...THE OUTLAW is BANNED BY THE CENSORS! BUT RATHER THAN CUT A SINGLE SCENE FROM THE FIIM, HOWARD HUGHES WITHDRAWS IT FROM THE THEATRES OF THE WORLD. -FAST ACT'ION COMBINED WITH a i DARING SENSATION TOO STARTLING TO DESCRIBE! mtm-m M GOING TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE TO THE FINISH AND MAKE SURE THAT THE PUBLIC SEES MY PICTURE EXACTLY AS I MADE 1T1 I»JROOUC,N\ JANE ^ p A TWO YEARS FIGHT WITH THE CENSORS, HOWARD HUGHES BRINGS YOU HIS DARING PRODUCTION, THE OUTLAW. .. EXACTLY AS IT WAS FILMED!! N OT A SCENE CUT!! AND INTRODUCING A NEW STAK, JANI RUSSELL!

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