Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 2, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1891
Page 8
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ON SALE TO-DAY A Portion of the Goods we Purchased at the H. fi. Claflin Co. Fire Sale •Arrived last evening and will be placed on sale this morning at THE CITY SOLONS Speedily Dinpatch a Lot of 3uniiie«* Pertaining to Logun*]>orl anrt Her Ii)torci»tw. The Election Inspector Appolnted- Slrectx, "Water Maliia, Claim*, THE GOLDEN RULE. $8. 8$. PANTS, PANTS. I have secured 30 styles of Worsted Pantaloonings which sold heretofore and are soldj everywhere for $10, but which I seH now for the low price-of - •—...,. . ., EIGHT DOLLARS! The secure choice. biggest 'bargain I ever had. Call earlj and JAKE HER Z. fid to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry G. Tucker, THE PEARL ST. TAILOR. Daily Journal. THURSDAY MORNING, APKIL 2. You will find all the Latest Novelties in Spria | Styles.; Tours Truly/ •• '"""• ".. .',-.',. • ." '.TUCK.." FACIAL BLEMISHES. ( Tb« Urgwt eiUkllihmtnt U the world hi tba trMb- L tMttt «t th« ikin midKftlp, KZftaiA.mo)«« t warti,iup«r- , IttOU bkJr,fctrrtiowki v wiolh p rr«kle., r ]mple».«TlQk-. . tot, red aotv, r«t T*i« t ally iki>, UD«, ttltckhndi,' i\rb«n* Itchi vcv^) 'plltlnf^i,' p«wd>r tn^rk' t f*C\A[ • ItfTelopment, it«. ' ConttiltAllOB frm, »tofflc*»jrby, •tttr. 129-page Book on.all Skin ftndSciip AfiV- tit &nd lQ*ir Tr«atm«i3t uol (ual*d) fur lOo. Woodbury's Facial Soap For the Skin mod Scrip. Prepared by » Dermatolonist, -irith 20 yoaw experience. Highly indorsed by the medi- JOHN H. WOODBITISX, ulofkt, 1JWS W. 494 St., N.Y. City. For Sale by^Ben Fisher, Druggist, --JQ8, UKlrt -- --- - . able u a toilet article, aad a flare prerenv- of all dineasen of the ikin and scalp. At Druggists or by mail. Price SOCf Try J. B. L..Catarrh Cure, eod&w Smoke "Rene" cigars at Johnston Bros. Attend the fire sale at the Golden Rule to-day. E. Winter's $3.50 hand-made shoe is the best shoe made for the money. Read John Gray's corner on window trimmings—all clean goods. No humbug. •The best ten-cent cigar in the city is the "Rene," for sale at Johnston iros. See the bargains in jackets and larasols and umbrellas, at the -Trade 'alace. All the latest attractions in spring millinery, at Miss Jessie Cummings' :05 Broadway. mat-29d2t For latest designs in spring milli- ery,'call .on Miss Jessie Cummings,. 405 Broadway. mar29d2t Miss Stella Brown, of Crawfordsville, is visiting friends in this city for a few days. 'Fire goods from H. B. Claflin & Go'/ arrived last night, on sale to-day at the Golden Rule. ~'Carpets, curtains, wall paper and ; mattings, all at the most reasonable prices, at H. Wiler & Go's. It is needless to quote prices or. specify goods. Come to the fire sale- this morning.—Golden Rule. Continental yard wide fine shirtings, in perfect order, at 5 cents per yard, at the Bee Hive's fire sale to-day. Your wife objects to your smoking because you don't smoke those delightful "Rene's" at Johnston Bros. For rent: Store room on Sycamore street near Eel river bridge. Good for any kind of business, inquire of N. Klein, dtf One hundred and ten pieces of Brussels, moquetts and ingrain carpets, just opened at the.Trade Palace. Learn low prices. See the magnificent line of carpets, curtains and wall paper, at H. Wiler & Go's. They will only be too happy to show you through. The Trade Palace sold 139 dress patterns yesterday. Their -stock is immense and such low prices and great variety. Go with the crowd. To-day the Bee Hive will close all the remaining wet goods, India and Victoria lawns, etc., at 5 cents a yard, goods that in the natural state bring 20 cents per yard. John Gray's store is just full of new, clean, fresh.goods in every line, and he is receiving new shipments every day; that is the reason why he has such a clean stock. The Trade Palace has the best trade they have ever experienced since our opening. Large stock without hum- The Common Council of the city of Logansport met in regular session last evening at the council chamber, Mayor Cullen presiding and all members present save Mr. Berry. The bill of the Jenny Electric, Light and Power Co. for light for March $719.30 was allowed. The committee to whom had been referred the matter of locating certain electric lights was granted further time. The matter of a question of proper title of owner of lot 7 Mt, Hope cemetery was referred to cemetery"committee and city attorney for investi gallon. The clerk was instructed to issua remitting orders to Herman Pouch for |3.92 and te Josiah Schreyer for $2.00 taxes erroreously assessed. The folio wins; claims were allowed: Street payroll $ 175 yj Sherman Sturkln, repairing for street commissioner j, 10 H, Michaels, cement pfpf»for streets 16 "5 W. Chandler, KOHK for /Ire department.... 150 00 Jonn Meyer, shoeing for flre department.. 15 00 H. Brookmeyer, Jr,, feed for lire department 7 77 John Reagan, shoeing for (Ire department 2 00 H. Brookmyer, ]r.. Interest and principle for city property 1087 50 John Meyer, two Iron plus for engineer.... 1 80 W. T. Farrell, assisting engineer 10 00 LoKiin Gas L. & C. Co., gas for March 29 57 Wm. Koble. services as extra police 835 Grelle & Reed, keys for pound 3 85 W. T. Farrel, asslstlog engineer on park.. 4 50 Wra. McClelland, assisting engineer on park 4 so Claud Matthews, certified copy of election bill -., 7 oo H. c. Taylor, services as city eoinmis- •loner ^ 00 L. G. Patterson, services as city commissioner 400 Wm. Burgman, services as city commissioner... 400 A. Hanson services as city commissioner. i 00 (i.F. Heltzman services as city commissioner 4 00 Logan Brewing Co., Ice for city offices 11 94 HOME From New York and the EASTERN MARKETS. i After three weeks of .steady buying- HARR Y FRAOSTK Has returned with an unusual fine line of Clothing 1 and Furnishings Oui- future inducements will be Largest Latest Best Lowest Variety, Styles, Qualities, Prices. Harry is the only Logansport Clothier who goes regularly every season to the far east to produce the newest novelties for the least money. And Here's What tells. Our resources are limitless, and we will represent in the future, as '• in' the past, what ever money can purchase or Enterprise Command HARRY FRANK, "TO BE SURE." the Next Four Weeks I will sell you an elegant suit for 5.OO CASH. do tkis to^make^room for the finest line of Spring Goods this city ever brought to 323 Pearl Street. bug or deception, and low prices with square treatment does it.. Every hotel 'Or boarding housekeeper as well as every householder, are to take advantage of the Bee Hive's great offering of fine table linens, napkins and towels at about half their original value. The Chimes rang at the rehearsal last night to some purpose. Prof. Bridge handled the steel bars like a swiss bell ringer. The orchestra put on their Sunday clothes and came out in great shape. The principal characters did themselves proud and the chorus made Rome howl. These prices for the .year .around not thrown out for bait like others; 21 yards checked nainsook, $1; 25 yards crash, 90 cents; good table linens, 16-jf cents, and checked' crash, 16 yards for$l; 8 towels,; 25 cents; ladies ribbed vests, 6i cents; 'best standard aheetiLg, 20 yards $l;'fine checked ginghams, 5 cents per yard, at P. W. Moore's dry goods house. • City Civil Engineer reports that he has been making a survey of the City Park site, and will be able to make full report of same to the committee next Wednesday evening. The report of the City Commissioners recommending the vacation of the north and south alley, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, and Broadway and Market streets, and assessing damages and benefits of the same was heard and concurred in. , The report of the committee to whom had been re'ferred the matter of the sidewalks on Duret and Canal (Streets, recommend that the city repair the same; and also put in street crosings between Berkley street and Fourth street. The Clerk was also instructed to notify the Wabash Kail- road Co. to repair the street from Berkley street east to Wabasb station. The first report of the City Commissioners in the matter of the extension of Ottawa street was received. " 'A petition from the boss butchers of the city praying for an ordinance requiring peddlers of meat to take out a license was referred to the Ordinance Committee. The'petition for the remission of the taxes of Charles Mitten was granted. / ' The property owners on Sycamore street, from bridge to Eel River Railroad, were ordered to repair their sidewalks; also, the Clerk was instructed to notify the property owners on Seventeenth street, from Otto street to Wabash river, to repair their sidewalks. The city attorney was instructed to prepare an ordinance locating the city hay and wood market on the city's property east of 7th street on the race instead of at the corner of 6th street and Broadway. The petition of the property owners on West Market street praying for compulsory cement sidewalks was granted. • The water works board was instructed to extend, the water mains from Wheatland to Wilkinson street and from West Canal street to Helm street. The council appointed the following election inspectors to serve during the Doming city election. FIRST WAED. First precinct—Thos. Barrett. Second piecinot—C. N. Graffis. Third precinct—John Minneman. Fourth precinct—Ed Carney. SECOND WARD. First precinct—P. 'Mahoney. Second precinct—John Jackson. Third precinct—M. Garrigan. THIRD WARD. First Precinct—A. Hanson. Second Precinct—Jerry,Sullivan. Third Precinct—Win. Burgman. , FOURTH3VARD. First Precinct—Wm. Enyart. Second Precinct—Robert R. Reed. Third Precinct—Zack Taylor. FIFTH WARD. First Precinct—Jos. Guthrie. Second Precinct—David Fickle. Third Precinct—Edward Gormley. Fourth Precinct—Chas Pensil. Fifth Precinct—Rudolph Berndt. The Clerk is instructed to notify the street railway company to reconstruct their track according to the street grade to obviate the deep and damaging depressions in the streets caused by the track, throughout the greater part of its course. Adjourned. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN TAXATION? Procure a Copy of the JNew LayV at Wilson, Humphreys &eo.'s. As We Have Found It. We've found many kinds of competition in our 29.years experience, and we've learned to like it—most of it. Advertising Cpmpetipn, There's the competitor who has advertised us widely.' He has. en-.': thusiastically claimed that his prices beat McCaffrey's, while knowning better. McCaffrey was his target, and people learned that we were the thorn in his flesh because he could not sell at what we could. Deceiving Competition. Some have £ut their prices on one thing for a day or' two _ at less than " manufactwves^coujd^ptade it for, then said "compare with McCaffrey's published prices'," , People soon found out that that was the ,6nly price they had within reason.' ,. i Fearful Competition. Some have boasted of the lowest prices without naming one of them . They were afraid-of something—and that something was the prices .-that they^ •' claimed to •undersell. , , ; \ :'•-•:. ' Petty Competition, The majority have never tried to meet us, but have, said what they could at their prices. Wide awake people left them^alone. What it Has Done For Us. / • This competition has built our business. It was only by having lower prices, better qualities and a wider/assortment than others: that we dr6w our trade. And that is what is'increasing 1 it.J M. McCaffery & Co.

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