The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEYILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 1D48 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION p«lly rot* P« llu< * ot couMcutlve In. Minimum Cbari{« .- We 1 lime per line ••••• J£c I llmei P" " 1I9 P* r S** G~ J times l>er H'« VV dor *£ f times por line p^r day Tc II times per line p«r day « Month per Mno • ;:•• ..™ c count ftve RVerAge words lo ttt* tint Ad ordered (or tlircc or sii times imd • toowd before cxplrRllun will be chRr«- ed rorllie number of times the »d no- Bir»red nna adjustment, o! bill made. All classified Advertising copy •urj- inllted by persons residing outride or the city niust be rtcromiranled by cusli Bates may be easily computed (torn Uic Advertising order for Irregular Inser Mons takes the one time rale. No respomlblllty will M uw lo; more than one Incorrect Insertion of "Xu e SS l K~irtc«.-'U,thnrpn».r ^rr'eSve.^h'. A& fc-Au'S; reject »ny ad. Apartment For Kent 3 loom furnished npnrtniMH 722 jnmleeoit. 3 *"'* Cool and Wood COAL "If it is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay — Across from Blythcville Compress We Deliver Phono •! 183 Foods Reach Hrond. 3 1-cK-U Household Goods Venetian b)Sn<]fi now in morX IIINU)? nude K M. Blinds. Deal Paint Stori !03 E Main SI phone 4«9 0 24-ck-ti Insurance 2 room • S53S. npartmrni ('nil 3'1-lM-S Apartments Wanted A pit run P tit or house imhnm*"' phone 874. 2 25-pk-.i.-i WANTCirTcTUKN'r Nicely fimiished three- room aymi'Uiienl wanted by two gentlemen. I'cvmam'nl residents. Call A. A. Fral- rickson, at -MG1. 2-18-ck-U Business Service Directory Oil FAHM AND SUBUIillAN I'ropirly Special !o\v rule picmtums. Klrc. wllirt- : Klouti. lojimdo AH rovi'iHKf by Ai- kMl'fls It'KMj ll'W'rVC companies. Silll'. mid pay lo-srs quirk Wrllr Hlyllii'- rllllt Alicncy. or I'HONK FIEUJ 2304 2 26-pk-^ 2fi Auto Supplies and Services Protection iijrnlnst all 1NSUHABLK HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pol'ard Agency Planned Insurance If yo*i can depress your brake pedn! to within an inch or Ies4 o( your floor hoard, your brake* need immediate attcu'aoo. for Salt, Mite. Oil cook stovM for ule, all kinds, call \f±l or «>s. Kl-jix-7 ARMY SURPLUS: TOOL Chwt 38x- ;ujxltixl3 Inchee 0.85, TOOL, chest fj4Kl7xltl liich«a |I2.US. 12xlK aluminum pUllen 111-. LEATHER htlmeu « c , 1KPPEKH, cast aluminum, 1 quart 49c, DIHPEHK, cast aluminum, 2 quart 61k*. FO'l'H cti£t aluminum, tops and nandles. 15 c»llon VJ.K). 3TEKI, pot a mac* 1U gallon ««.7i. Fl.IERM new, 11.45. DUFFLE r>a«. new 12,75, TENTS, tarpi, sho«a, shckere. raincoats, JacJteta, W. A. PICKAHU GROCERY—GENE- KAI. MKHCHANniSB, ARMY SURPlAUi. J20 E. Main. 2.28-ck-3;(j Electric chicken brooder, Hire* deck ' Kooci a« new. HoldR 7S chicks each deck. Sell at ft bargain. Phone 4tj'lG. «M Ann St. 3 '2-pk-4 Baby Cftll 261*. 3:2-ck-9 K IIO'I'KL JJLPG. W ASH BT income Tax It VOU NKKI) ASSISTANCE o »t" HOOM 31. LYNCH hUll. III.VTHKVILLE.AHK or leicpbon alt 8 p HI. CHM-MS.N SERVIOF. STATION Main fc Division Phono 1. Don't endniiccr your In. lly «•! laulty tlres-BUV LEE TinES. H, Carton. accountants rl)l> 12 30-ck-J 15 ! Laundry HOME LAUNDRY. Srt- MautUc Bvir- ri-M, HlttlmMy 61 N. Belilnil llucnnn- nii's Grocpiy. 2 13-pk-3:19 Bring Your Ford Home For Complete Broke Service • BRAKE ADJUSTMENT • NEW LINING INSTALLED All done reiisoitiilily by real Ford mechanics . . . y< host hcl for precision I'nrd work! See the New Ford Truck Kftw Colt man oil h«»ter. Ooort baby ha sin tilt*. Call *78. 3;2-pk.-9 Burroujfh's CASH RRfTlS- TKR. Practically new, call 801. 2-27-Crc-tfj For Sale OI-D NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE Help Wanted, Male YOUNG MEN—IR-26. Fie* to U. ii. find reuirn. Travel with 1946 CHRYSLER lii(lus- lii;tl motor and -assembly wiln all accessories complete. Ready for opevnUwi. See T. i.'SEAT MOTOR co., 121 E- Main, whone 2122. 2-18-ck-tr Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Loans If you m-<] n loan [or ri»i: >ny or build. ]ip riirt tapi-. OSC'AH AI.KXANOKH, Pli Itrnl Fstf\tr and Insur T2-I N. K<'«'OiuL HI. Coo[icr ompang niSONAI. I.OAN3 .Mlt iamrc--coniaKcr-liimaurp Wndc Auto K. HlKhwur 81 SMvage Phone 37M 1.14-clc-tl Jeep pails now avallixblc at POOLE JiOTOR CO. \V« can fill Rll Tour need* Get KcnuliiB parts from our com- IS POOLE- OWNER Jt ' South HlRl^wny 81 Rt Stccle. Mo phone btMle 49 Qulcfc. ncl- Rttcnllon service 9 In pr telephone. 2923 GKNKTIAl. CONTRACT I'URCIIABF. CORrOnATlON I2Z W Ash St. Blythovllle Ark 12 24-ck-U 5th at Walnul Phone 4453 \u»fi itt%. 'I'm 11 snort Mi on tAirn.RUe*! KxpeiiRe.s ncivanrud. Sec Mr, Harris, Moridfty and and Wednesday '2 10 6 ti in Jjoifl Noble. Do not pftone. atari i HnwlctKh BxiKln(?s«. rieal op- ttorttmity no'^' for a permanent, [t/ollt- Rfile work, Write Rawlelnh'B Dcpi, AKC-210-K.. Memphis, Tenn. »;i-f»k-4 Opporiunltv for 25 young men to see Denver [tono. Mexico City, Hollywood Sail I,ak<> CUy. Scntitp, Ontario C-ftiiada l>cirolt, New York, Host on. Wflsmnttton. D. G. Dayiona Bench, MlR/iil. New OrlcAiis. Rtid runny other point* or 1 merest and return If yon are heiwoni Hie BRCS of 18-24. Ex- ti ens PS ad vnncfrt . RV* IT n «e motit hjy rarntiiKS f2OO pc-r month. AppJy for full details L H. Raniauc. Hoirl Olcn- coe hPiwren I! -5 p.m. Wednesday, D1BSEL POWER In.stnirtlon, Mate, MrchanlcaUr In- rlined men R''! free furls nbotu opportunities and training nlflii covering blK new McUl of DIESEL KNGJNES foi Plumber For Sale, Cars & Truck* H you nrctl A uccuscO plumber, or expert -Move repair work clour, call JlHrry Meyers at Hubbani Hitrriwarc. KOH SALE: — One A-model Ford i perfect shapa. CaU 193 after 4:00 Money to Loan >o you need ft lonii to rpp*lr ulcl? N" down payment. tat;e. nn red inp? FHA APPROVKU HATE ASK FOR Photography THE NAMR is Culllson'/: for the best In phoUigrnphlc work. Call 4577 tor a port run np|M>]ntnirni, or 3-t60 nfter o p.m. tor "on the spot" rover am*, tilrncoe Hotel. 7 is-ck-j 1 CALL US TODAY FOR A JKKP OMMONSTARTION 10 .show you the comfort of We wa dins in our- 01 our new models.- o 01 ihe many reasons why It Has prov- twclt 10 be th« ical car tor the a% r crage postwar American family. Poolp Motor Company. Ellis Poole. owner and oporaior S. Highway 61 ai Uieeie, Mo. Phone Sleelt 49. 3,37-^-3.5 We RECAPPJNG WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next lives be GENERALS COST iUORlC—WORTH MORE Mocimgcr Tire Co. Trade Ins on Kaiser-Frazer Automobiles Late Model Used Cars j 1947 Model DODGE, four door custom sedan with radio, healer, defroster. ' 105 lamps and seat cor ere. Very low | milcnt;e. 1947 Model CHRYSLER Sura top a. . lo<ir door Custom Mcttan. Ixt»' mlleap;e. I1C " | heater, defroster and plasitc *eat cov- Model PONT1AC. 8 Streamliner rndlo, heater, delro^ter. Aeat cov- ipotKRht etc i Mode. CHRYSLER Royal lour door sedan with radio- heater, dftrnst- l - ::: er. seat covers. With low /nllra^e and ~ ! ^ very clean You'll to we this car to apjirnctBie It ]y^9 model Ford, two door. THK "61" MOTOR CO. Kaisor-Kra/.er Dealer 61. Phone 2142 41« I MAIN PHONE 2J01 11 B-cK-Cl Expert Radiator Repair for Less We have the De^l In rntllituir rcpal: equipment Let our itii'unl men bol r out anj repair youc rudlntnt for vovl Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor DOUGLAS LAWSON. Mgr fhon Building Material Business Property Froxen Fond lockers. en Foods, 21st and Main, phone 2602. 2-G-ek-3-G Florists AZALEAS--Finest v**r!»»Urs find col- «*, "V; cach;-f.t:7! '.Arfipr My.cs Kerrt for -d-scrtpure- pnc< list. AZ , Vfi m. BtiriuKUIe. Memphis. R. I,. FHKKMAN aeltlea white lady will xeep house (or smnll lAtnlly. I0a E. Sycamore. Phone 2034 Lynch BulMLnR UkythovlUe. Ark for pa.Tt. tim ll Bowman, 2102 or 3395. noiiirsx reall/en only n mm is hfTorp lirr triifs!5 ^ had lorsotteii lo laprr table, (-tlflnrlnp throu^ti t Ilrd Ads she fonrul the nu tip Livery scrvLcn who arrived lorxntteii en net lex ftt once, inr sure flii.sco into n .social innr-pj on ClaMUleds. . A. LOANS r HOME LOANS FAitM LOAN'S COMMKRC'IAL LOANS !•• H A.-O. I. LOANS Of oil stoves repalrrfl. d. Phone -1222 or -1673. TKRUY ABSTRACT AMI UKA!,TY COMPANY 13 \V WALNUT I'HONE You 1 . Higliwa and machine OHle Shrrw-nnrl 2 7 -ph -3 ,7 On farm land or city property. We also buy notes. UPLTS. BUCKLES, Cov Alma Bass. Elmn Crowtlcr. Trione CONWAY & I IOUCMINS Hotel Musical Merchandise Royal. Smlih :on 1'iirt.abl* VKAKS TO PAY • Decca Records • Shed Ahisic • Kstov OrKnns KJO MU.FIS KRKK UKC.IVERY Cots, and Pets n onr w- tur ronl 1 M.DXANDFR farmers Column — Thrro tlmrnvultbrcd u-flulu nTmut IIS Wnlkcr. Kkio» Conii 10 22 en l.t Outdoor Supplies BASEBALL TEAMS tinu 1 to ovdoi UK ~1,M\ . .Man, Lost & Found -in' hiown i^ftdir-r hlUfoirt, raniflOU* o»ppr5. Flntlrr k^r-p rnrm*> i<irn wallet. Ca'.! :iRift o r cnmr T R. MMn. nts* slilps. elc. We train you In your spare lime. Write tor details K RBP mid present occunation. Utilities IMcst'l Training. Sox BK c'O Courier New*. 3 l-pk-3 Pewit/on Wonted A yoMiv.4 iPrty who linci ",IH?UC<;< ruLly minted for a Job (or we»**.s, lock ntr last dollar to the Classllicd tic- par Cm e ill of a I arse m^roi>r»]tl; newspaper, staling her ^u^U'.lcAiv.i in A brief "Poslllon Wfmle.l" atl -s fotmd ttie one lusertloti reaviHcd In variety ol offers. Call on ClusiUlc- Take a modern drug store, for instance. In most of them you can purchase anything from a hot lunch to a horse collar. We believe this is a real service to the public. Now in our place of business, we offer this same kind of 'COMPLETE SERVICE' No matter what your automotive needs may be—from a spark plug to a complete overhaul job—you can get it here ... and promptly. Visit use soon and see for yourself, won't you? LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. (Under New Management) 2 Wreckers Texaco Products Phone 578 24 Hr. Service Seiberling Tires Lost and Found "^^^ driving Iron Vloritln 10 A nisn \VashlnHion, left his lUile city whcie he stoppc.i 10 fi\\ wiring back to ilie local ncv:^»aocj, wnerp a Want Ad was Inserted. Tlir was quickly lound an-.l lorwarurtl 10 dim. prev^mLnjf the lois ot days of wort. C»l Ion Ct«i*Ule<ia- 2 13 Private Rooms Redrooni. 314 N. Ninth. Flume Ohlck«.»wba i() _P U.S. Delivers More Planes To the Greeks Arriilcnl Oildillcs Two instances were reported m !94fi where the sun's rays, paKsing tlil'ougli a bottle of water, started lire.s, and, ill each case, the bottle broke from the heat, and the water put. out tlie fire. Children of Education Married couples who are college graduates have an average of on« and three-quarters children. Couples who dici not reach the seventh ^ratie have an average of approximately four children. room, photic Nice bedroom, close Jlti w. Walnut. Bedroom, convenient to oath- stram \*ai. Fhona 3325. 611 W MMn 3 O-cK-3 i CornforiRbie bedroom for re tit. Call •2675. 2 ia-ck-:vie LUMBER For Sate SIS S. Second — mone -1221. If you o\vn your lot, have [ Ulyihcvill a little money, \vill fiivnisli ] you lumhev to build your lionif. At mill, Camp Moultrie Drive. 0. S. ROLL1SON Phone 3309 2-18-ck-3-18 Do your own concrete wort: nmi s^vc Rent n concrete mixer by <lay or hour Phone 4459, Box Gi?. BlythcVme, Ark 8 16-cK-lT for Safe, Farms three-foiirlhs aci fippsHe Camp Ma See or "call H. C. CAMPBELL OFFICE 120 S, SECOND PHONE 4146 OR 2^30 F'or Sa!r. 750 Acres, RbcniL 30*J acrw in cultivation In St. Francis Valley, l.i ros on concrete highway IS mi lev t-n-c hoo^p.', ran nmhcllvutc " In live tracw ot 120 to 150 a errs rarh Price $SS nr\ acre. H, M, Coolry. Jonrsrvoro. For So le — City Property On? laiRR tot wllb iwo tiullO limits and city uiuer in botli biuld JJvL-citinps priced J1700. for h«th_ Avnnu. J-angc St. LcAchvlUi- r* room noxme, partly [(irnlshrrf. 221J Carolyn Sired. 2 11-pk-i \2 •oom hon*e at 5!.S E Host. Thompson, or phone ;U91 3 l-pk-7 v*- rr>om hou^p West end. om Mooney Grocery. J. F.. , Isrz^ Int. POA(. Onr-hRlf rush. Rcx>m with liafh, shower and garage. ABRAHAM'S TOURIST COURT. S. Hijrh- way 61. -H-2-ck-O Six Mi/ers at Oaklawn Park to Race Today Mill VVU1 * biillcllnti HOT SPRINGS, Ark,, March 2. i upj — Racing Secretary EiiE^nc Bury has announced that six of the better milers stabled at Oak lawn Park will comj>ele in today's [pit- lure, a mile and 70 yard allowance It will mark the first appcar- nnce here this year of .), D. Lnns- ford's Jacalltas, IOHR a favoriic with the wagering fans at CMklawn. Assigned Impost of 112 pounds, -)a- i i" w " 0 ' calitos will carry Tour pounds less ! ..^ than Busy Pony, from ihc Clyde ' Troiitt .stablp-s, top weighted for the event. The favorito was expected to bo R. C, Austin's Bcllbrook. Yesterday's action saw Artillrrist race through wind, mud and a downpour of rain lo slash under the wire an easy victor in Die $1400 purse claiming event, Howcvrv, Artillerist was a prohibitive favorite, paying o»ly J2.K) 0:1 a S2.CX) ticket. H was Ihe second jstrMgVtt victory nf the Ihorouphbred at Oaklawn on n off track. Jockey J. Barnes was suspended •c.sierdfly by Onklawn I rack ofti- ials for five days for failing to keep ( straight cotirse in the streLcii " the third ( , ATHENS, March 1. <UP>— The U i 1 S. military mission turned over to 1 j | Greece today a small number of [ " i American C-47 planes (or use as l supply transports. I ^ | Tlie group of planes was (he (hire) given to the Greeks by the Amer-j Scans. The first two lots were small, trainer types nsed for scouting or ] combat. The transports were flown from ] Erding, Germany, by American pilots ' of tlie 12th Troop Carrier Squadron. Costas Renlis, minister of public i order, reported growing concern in i high Greek quarters over recent de- j velopmenu in the hostilities in ] Greece. | He said a roundup lust week of! suspected leftists in the Athens' area was a precaution n gainst an increase in .sabotage or actual shooting in the capital. The recent appearance of small bands of guerrillas near Athens was OIK- reason for! the action, Rentis said. i He reported that 230 persons were ; rounded up V>ut 100 of them were released after questioning. About 300 were picked up later in routine checks. Police reported thru five guerrillas landed from small boats there last night. One fought nff peudarme.s from a basement for an hour before he was killed. Another was killed and a third wounded, while REF1N1SHES FOR YOUR CAR - - Inside and Out • \\K USH THK FLOCK TKKATMENT • BRINGS KNAP HACK I,IKE NEW Give Your Car the Lustre It Had When New! FLOWERS BODY SHOP "It's Our Guarantee that Counts" Location — US South Lilly Slreel wiial . hajjpcdPtl 'Ijere ln AUiens ;- | lemis ran hap Kor Rrnt: For S100 a mon Mil: Garage, service slaUou. ^ix^KKL \YH -\T YOU room house, all ouUniiMiutfp ' \V\NT one acre of ground. All mod- AXn Hl'V WHAT YO\i ern. ] ' W A\T Oood blislnc.s5 lor J3 vc;ir. r *" ---• ••*•.•• A furnished. Welding ccmiptr out Of city limits on Hlgh^ Robert Ward, Telephone 7F11, Route 2, Pavagcmld, Avk. Brdi'iioni Rosidrncn location, servant Ktorii^'o room, ftarnKC- I.iviiiR room witli firpplaec Mx'28. Aix'oUi lii.;il- woalhev stripped and window J O\\ ucc ipavinjt city, price re. dncpd to $11.000. $6.000 Icilancp FHA. \VI11 also furniture for ?1,000 'ISSf II. C. Offu-p 12n S. Second 44'IB—2030 "I have no siclelinps" !'] i?xs rcporLs .said glU'l'iaiUas shcl loci the towns or Knous^a and Souft in NovUi Greece. They \vpre ycpov'- eri !<> liavc fired nn shrlls into Nao- ussa, some GO u^iles urst of Salon- ika, killing' 13 persons. The \vnr niini.s(rv announced thar 17 guerrilla prisoners \vcre killeii nt\(i 61 were wounded Sunday when they ti-iod to revolt on Hie island ol Markonisos, Southeast of Athens. Arizona Meets Baylor To Decide District Six Title luring the running of ncc Saturday. He was np on Westy . Strenk which wound tip third. FAYETTBVILLK. Ark.. March 2 . UP>—Baylor at^d Ann>na Univer- Wortd Leader of Baptists -sity laskpthnii tmms -wm meet _ -r TL.:-L r U-' r : March 12. 13 nnd possibly IS at Dal- Soys Truman l hints ne s ; 1:)S lo dcl( , nnln( . whjcl ; ,„,„ WJU Right About Civil Rights i represent District Six in the Wcst- NASHVIU^K Tcnn . March. 2. ern N.C.A.A tonrnamc-nt. (UP> - - President Truman believes The two qnintels will meet on his civil rights proemm. xvhich has , Hie home court o[ Southern Metho- fn 'u«-d an uproar among Southern ' dtsl University in a bost-lwo-mit- ' i!; "right" nnd will rof-thrce game series, with Ihe win- Dr. C. Oscar Johnson. ' '>er going to Kansas City March 19 h Wl GIVE YOUR Cr\R 'Ht PERSONAL TOUCH THAT KEEPS ITS WHLELS TURNING/ \ Drive in fo<l;iy and lot us It's lime, too, spring Umc-up. for K«>uij;-<>vi'r, its annual St Lxniis, Mo,, prrsidcnl of tlie Baptist Worlrt Alliance, said today. Dr. Johnson also told n wide Baptist evangelistic incetint; here last night Dial public, rdvrca- nnd 20. Executive Secretary James Ste\y- stftte- ;nrt. of tlie Southwest Conference ectint; : \vill mnnnge the. i>layolTs. THp nnuovuicctrieut came fv«m tlon is becoming "pagan and alhr- ] Coach Eugene 1-aml.p.l of the Uiu- Isltc." He said that Hollywood dictating 'he morals ol the country's yon n(? versity of Arkansas, who is chairman of Ihc Dislrttt Six selection committee. For Sale, Mite. IK ADDITION TO XKN'ITH IIADIO in Rxt-rHpiit Condition ATTENTION FARMF.US in TO OUR MANY OTHER SERVICES WE NOW HAVE BLACKSMITH1NG BRIMCr YOUR FLO W POINTS TO US Kxpertly Sharpened Prompt Service 'F L Wicker Machine Shop Phone 2102 ^ N. Second Rt • Motor • Brakes • Paint • Tires All of these need our expert BUICK attention? Bring Your Buick to Us — 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY * DIAL 555 FOR SERVICE

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