The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEI'TEMIJEK 29, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Robbers Obtain $200,000 Haul Swank Club Raided By Eight Masked Men Heavily Armed CLEVELAND. Sept. 29. (UP) — A gang of hooded men, carrying submachine guns and revolver.?, iorc- «l their way into the swank Lake Coimly Mounds Club early today, held up some 300 patrons and escaped in slolen cars with loot csli- niaicd at J203.COO. The first o! the eight masked men walked into Ihe private club as 'singer Mary Healy. 'Aifc of comedian Peter Lind Hayes, started to drag her husband from .1 table as Part ol their act. 'flic audience roared with laughter as the first robber entered ami announced "this is a stickup, stay in your seats." The singer turned lo the masked man and told him to heh.rvc himself or leave the club. Instead he shot a volley from his German machine pi.stol into the ce'liny and the rest of the gang entered. All wore yrccn laligue vi;;s and had blacfc slocking masks over their heads, except ;;ie leader who wore n gray felt hat. He announced again Ihat it was a slick:!;! and said "everybody sit and ne one will get hurt." The robbers, addressing each other by numbers instead of names, left one man to guard the dining room patrons and while Ih,: rest walked into the gambling room. The players were lined up and IDld to empty their pockets on tables. Bandits Short-Tempered One woman who was slow in (ak- ing off a diamond ring war commanded to "set that thin;; of[ or we'll have to chop off your ringev." Hays, who said he had just lest his last S4 on slot machines, borrowed MO from a man standing in line next to him to slve to the rob- fcvcrs. "I thought I'd better have something to give them. They were too short-tempered to suit, me," Hayes I said. " | • The rcbbcrs grabbed up the money and jjwelry pitcd en llie tables and wciu back into the dining room. A clrnnk at one table, still believing the whole thing \vas a pag. said "This happened in the first show. Lu's go home." One ol the masked men grabbed the drunk, marched him into a .vde room and lired one shot from his pistol. The shot later was 'mmd to have been fired into th-j ceiling, and the drunk was unharmed. The manager of the club. Buck Shaffner, was marched into his office to open the cash dra'.vsr. The lock failed to open and one of the uicn shot it off with a burst from ins gun. Two other robbers, meantime. | -went through the upstairs dressing rooms of the club. When they returned the leader said' "Let's go" and the men ba-ked out,, jumped into patrons' autos and roared au'ay. Officials of the club did not report tin: robbery and police learned o[ it when they received calls from three persons whose autos were taken in the getaway. PACK THREE Royal Wedding License Too Lot* to CJasctfy Private Rooms Front beilroorn. prlvilte cntniiic*. rirl* i'uti' rj;uli. oil heal. C33 Wul-uu." ».*i l'K-198 Front Ixulioom, prlvuto cnt hi'itl, 2022 Chlckiib[\wlj;\. I'h. 36:i9. 9.29-UX-lO'G Private Room Wonted Hoom mid bounl or hU-cjilui; room by hluh school icnchor. Cull 4:103 c-vrn- For Sa/e, Farm iiO IU-IT.S nrlced to sell by mlte.s (own. IxK'Mrtl lit Connlv. Missouri. On criuvl school Imx, nmll mute. I.Idle Ii bouil imltl ofr. cull ownrr. 3 Stoildant 2D1G Wrat Cherry SI. lllythcvllle. e.'W-pk-lO'S iicres. I inllc* of Holliiml, Mo. On Hutu*, school Inis, ivtiKiu nml Irani. Quick sMc. J6.500. hov 'JVr, .. 1(10 iicrc.i laiul Incntcrl himth of IIiinterAvllLr- iJiircl Cmnuy. Clldii nn acre. •c-s 5 miles uorlU of llr\ytl. nlln nntt hf)]f Mo. In H'.od- lirlro oj MO Imru, trlrlty IH.S. 5 rooiu Kravrl. school bus, I'rlcc S-1,500. oti UlLlUT Ciiiiy-ltrLiltor. Rcsldrnce olionc licit Itoss—SnlcsiiHiii. n(»ililcncc pliouc Old™ wltli Mnrluu Wllllnm liisnranr* A^vnvy. 115 «. 3rd. phone :t!31 For Sale, Misc. The special wedding license for Princess Elizabeth and LI. Philip Mounttmttcn, bearing a $20 revenue stamp, that was issued by Ihe faculty office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. (NBA Rudlu-lclcphoto London-New York). Luxora News Mi', and Mrs. Leonard Ellison, rho have moved to Luxora from Aid. Mo., will move soon into the home at Double Bridges which they have rented from Mrs. p. M. '; Bonds. Senior, Junior Art Winners Are Announced Additional winners in various phases of the Floral and Art Department of the Northeast Arkansas District Fair here were announced by Fair officials yesterday. The final list of judging results included winners in the senior art division, floral arrangements and the junior deparlmcnt. Judging in all three was done by Arnold Phillips, vocational instructor of Monette High School. The award winners, by divisions, follow: Senior Art Division Cotton Craft—Blytheville "Y". 1 2 and 3. Shell Craft. Junior Division—Buford Young. Blytheville. 1; June Stires. Blytheville. 2 and 3. Shell Craft, Adult Division—Mrs Loa Thompson, Yarbro, 1, 2 and 3 [ Clay Modeling—Blytheville "Y" 1, 2 and 3. Floral Arrangements Mixed Plwers—Mrs. Ray McLes. ter, Blytheville, 1; Mrs. R. A. Copc- '. land. Blytheville, 2; Mrs. Ray Me Lester. Blythcville, 3. Centerpiece—Mrs. R. A. Copeland 1: Mrs. Dave Abbott, Blytheville 2: Mrs. Lee Stiles, Yarbro,'3. Wild Flowers—Mrs. C. A. Tant Blytheville. 1; Mrs. W. L. Smith Armorel, 2; Mrs. L. R. Mathcws Yarbro, 3. Vegetable Display—Mrs. C. A. Tant. 1; Mrs. Zoe Thompson, Yarbro. 2; Mrs. Leda Admire, Blylhc- roehclecl snreiul for table or Mrs. IA-OM I'hllllpa. . . ft. Hlyitievlllo llroumviiy. lrr\!l- . ElcvMor Co. 100 K. l.uwson sofn. two i-lmlrs. WrMhiKhousc siove, Nort;e heinor. kltclit'n lablc miu chairs. UiHlrooj" -sullc. 5[)rlni;Fi iitid iimtlrt-ss. Cnll 3G82 lUler 5 0.20-pK-lO.Z Bee Exhibits Of Interest to Fair Visitors Wlnnt'rs of awards for exhibits of honey, beekeeping icmipiiMuit. and honey products In the Apiary no- partmrnt or the Northeast Arkansas (District Fnlr here were announced yesterday. I'remhim winners in ijr various dvlKloiu of (he'.ii'cnl lollow: Complete individual Kxliiblu — 1st, I. F. Trevulhiin. C'dhuor:-. Ark.; 2nd, C. K. Smith. Marked Tree Ark.; 3rd, C. L. Dlylhi-- v.llle; 4th, Raymond I'Ys.'hci-, Liitli' Rock. Sjieclmen Kxhiuits !Ll!,hi Honey) —1st, O. L. niclumlson. lit. 1, l.eucii- ville; and, Robert Knonce, Hl.vlluv vlllcj Srd.C. K. Smith, M-.xrked Tree' 4th, Mrs. C. L. Tlmxt/jn. »lytlH!Vllli> : 5th. P. K. McLesler. UlyMiuil.K Dark Honey—1st, George Ksslg. lit. 5. Pnnijiould; 2nd, C. H. L'oley. Cttceola; 3rd, Iverson Morris. C'ltv; 4th. A. T. Thomas, City; 5tU.' C. L Tlinxkm, Cily. Comb Honey—Sections—1st, O. L. Richardson. Ht. 1. Lenchvllle; 2nd C. K. Smllli. Marked Tree; 3rd. Guy Unnhniii, .Bono. Ark.; 4ih. C. L Thnxton. Cily; 5th, K E. M-'Lvslcr City. Como Honey—iFiam-'.s —1st. C. K. Smith. Murkcd Tree; 2r.d, tli-urge Essie. HI. 5. Paragon!:!; 3r;|, ti. L. Kichnrdson. HI. 1. L?i>.rlivllle; 4th. Mrs. C. L. Thaxton. Cnv. 5lh, P. T. McLesler. City. Bees Wax~.)st. C. L. Thnxton. City; 2nd, Robert K'juncv. lit. 2, City; 3rd. E. L. Rlcli.U'dson. Rt. 1, Lcaclwlllc; 4th. K K. McLvster. uold :.i)ov conitKLon. plpt:lrlc refrli;criuor. KWXl I'rlccil rlnlu. 110 W. Kou- For Sale — Car, Truck Good looking M2 llulck. i;ootl coutfl- tlo]i HI r«'!iM)nr\l)le price. Inquire rrunk Chflon. Hlythcvlltc Motor Co. Apartment Wanted bubble Champs Crowned LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 23. (DPI A windy iBrooks Robinson today :io!ds the title of "King Bub" af- .er being crowned chief of the bubble gummcrs in a contest sponsored . by the Little Keek Boys Club here ,'esterday. Robinson, the IC-ycar-old son of ^~, i ", ~, ~ \ T~ •,„ i -. r -n , T, i i VvfmU'U to rout furnished or ilnfur- AJr. and Mrs. Brooks Robinson. ,,I K I,I.,I house or aprmranH. Mr. .uiffcd and puffed his way to a 10 i Hickctt, phone 2763. and 3-8-inch gum bubble and the 1 _ 3,20-nn-iO 3 " HoS.^° r .Broota bl 2?t lc -br nei , 1 ,, g ! *°' So/e^-City Property much today. Because, you see, Ar- I „ 7 ~ " TT~t ; ^" lene Turner, daughter of ?.lr.s. L'<1- i a nrf ' ' ns ' n n alr( ' f1 '- '"'^ mond Turner, won first prixe in : the girls' division with a 12 antl 1-lG-inch bubble—alxiut two inches ; larger llian the winning boy':; ef- i I! cn nos.s--s:ilc5in;iti. iio.sidfncft uijune Parents Face Charges ' After Death of Child nENTONVILLE, Ark.. Sf])l. H9.— tUI 1 )—Mr. inul Mrs. Albert J. I'l'es- Icy lace nuui^auglili'r cliarae. 1 ; lo- tlay in conneelloii wlih the di'iilh of their thiw-months-olil daunhter hist week. Charges wen: filed in Justice of the Pence Court after a coic.ner's Jury mid th« death was due to lU'RllHcnce of Ihe parents. Sherirt Charles Womble said an autopsy following |lu> dtsapiioaiiince of Ihe parents disclosed Ihat the buby died of an Injury received during an argument belwccn ihc Clly. (liillnury l>op:n.lnli-nl 'llrwuls:—st. Mrs. l\'"i.,:ni Morris, Cily; 2nd. Ocorijo Hsi's. iit. 5. 1'ar- Cakes; 1st. Mrs. Cii'iirii'i Kssii:, Kl. S. PariiKOiild; 2nd. Mrs. Ivcmn Morris. City; 3rd. Mri. Hun Cniu City; 4th. Mrs. f.lcor^f Kssi^. Tara- Bould; Blh, Mrs. HIM Candle, Clly. Candles: — !. (J. K. Kmllh. Marked Tree; 2. Mrs, Rita Cu:nlio: City. Cookie: 1st and 2nd. Mrs. ( Ksslg. Dl. 5, I'araiiould; :ti-;l, C. K. Bmllh, Marlroil Tr->; 4th. Mis. Georgo ICsslg, Pnrai'.duld; I'liw; —1st. Mrs. Hvrsoi: Morris, City. llomc-uuide llive.s —1M, 1', K Mc- Lc-stcr. Clly. Homi:-m:ulo I'YmiU'.s — Is' Ilombiilaskl. City. Ob.wrviitlmv Hives: —Isl, r. Lester. Clly; 2nd. C. L. Tliurlim. City; 3rd, llayjnond Fischer, No Little Rock; -Ith, C. K. Smith, Marked Tree. Miscellaneous — DrL'orullons: Isl, Mrs. liny L. Mrl,:\stcr. City; 2nd, Mrs. C. L. T;mjv.on, Cily. Urcukrnst Table Bet: Isl, Mr.s. liny L. McU'ster.City. Chicago Grain Market Tightens Trading Curbs CHICAGO, Sept. W. (U.P.I— lil- rectors or the Chicago Board of 'll'ade voted today lo require nn conjile. They were arrested in Joplin. Mo.. Salnrdny. lioth arc belli;; held In the llenton County Jail. Steel Oil Barrel Racks T. L'MABRY Ul M18BODEI n. ML M21 additional five ceivU margin per bushel of grnlil' for y each 10-ctnt advance In l|ie prlc^ over closing prices of Saturday. Sept. 27." Read Courier N«w,» Adi, Save a Little-Have Much! Life Insurance Is a fortune . . . oml whether n policy is modest or small, everybody buys It on the Installment plan. E. H. (Eddie) Ford Lynch Building I'liones Bus. nil Ret. Ills 502 l.umerntc St. Blythevllic American Life Ins..Co. ^TA Rom whisre I sit... Ay Joe Marsh A Costly Mistake! . K( ' 1] - Terms ««, ™ ^__ a<:aHor . Ilcsltlcnce pllon . To Address Rotations Olficn with MnrlO)i Wllllii Aficticy. MS s. 3rd. Pt Help Wanted, Male OSCEOLA. Sept. 29 — Truman ! —~ : : Lewis, secretary of the Crippled ' Miln to do S1UC.S work a»Ui Adult Hospital in Memphis, will be; keep books (either or botll). fii 1 * S of S fhc k Rotarv t Cli?b I To\o ln helci '• ^ xcc " cn *- opportunity ami for the first, time at the Osceola | sjihtry for righi man or men. -— — —;——-—7—, Writer your (iiiiilificatioiis to thcville, r. Buforcl Young. 2. ' ,-> IIOT> r- • XT Fashion Designing — Jeanne ' ljU - X ' • l --^ 1 • ^.°M rlc r !>UWK. Campbell, 1. 2 and 3. I ' 0 2fl ck 10 2 ville, 3. Miniature, under 4 inrhes—Mrs. Concrete Culvert-tile Sizes 10" to 36- (RelDfnrccd or Non-Reinforced) Cheaper and Longer Lasting lhan any other Bridge Material. Concrete units for Sanitary TriTT—Concrete Septic Tanks. A.H.Webb Hwj. 61 N. at Stale Line 1-horir BlythcvlUe 71* R. A. Copeland, 1; Blytheville Home Economics Class, 2; Mrs. C. A. Tant, third. Miniature, over 4 inches—Mrs. Dave Abbott. 11 Mrs. L. R. Mathcws 2; Mrs. W. L. Smith. 3. Best General Display—Mrs. R. A. Copeland, 1: Junior Hisli School Garden Club. 2; Mrs. R. A Copu- lantl. 3. lir-sl Hall Arrangement—Mrs. W. L. Smith, 1 and 2; Mrs. R. A. Copeland. 3. Junior Department Arts and Crafts: Pencil—Jeanne Campbell, Dlythc- ville, I, 2 and 3. Pen—Harry Fritzius, Blylhcville, 1, 2 and 3. Water Color—Nancy Richards Blytheville. I. 2 and 3. Pluc(|uc—Barbara Cuilison, Bly- Finger Painting Billy Hopper. 1: I— Mary Ann Grimes, 2; Glenn O'Neal. I Farmers Column third. j Poster—Harry Fritzius, I; Nancy F or Sale Cheap—Six •Richards, 3. r i ™ r" M Spatter Painting-Bobby Navlor. . farm im 'l es - ^ ea f"' f«r «cll- 1; J. Roger McGee, 2; Jinimie 1:1 t r : rcntlllj; luntl. Sec H. L< Graves. 3. Reynolds, State Line Oil Painting—Charles McDaniel, 0 20 ilk 1 f) J ^ 1; Harry Fritzius. 2 and 3. i ' ' Charcoal—Harry Prltzills. 1. - Masonic Hall Woodcraft (2nd JJiv.J— Harry, o. W. Knight, who is in charge Fritzins, 1 and 2. of the program, w'ill .spjik briefly Woodcraft (1 Div.l—Onenl Ded- ! on local chairmen of Hie Crippled man, 1; Carol Ann Bailey, 2. •-...— .. i Adult Hospital comniltlci!. General Electric COFFEE MAKER Two-Heat Stove * WIDE MOUTH BOWLS * TWO-HE AT STOVE * EXCLUSIVE TASTEGUARD * CLAMP-ON LID * GLASS FILTER ROD * 8-CUP CAPACITY Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co. DREIFUS Proudly Presents •j "tlie Dreams.ieU" : « '• I'. a creation ia simulated platinum and dia' • I mon Js.;: svitli a lustrous makc-bclicvc p«arl • t in the center. Only Trihti could create such • » cN^uisiic jewels. * • The Clip Earrings • • $42.50 $42.50 ; ( ' • \ »_ I'ricrs Incliirlc Fed. Tax •/ Sec nur t'omplcle Splcclion of Costume Jewels, Chokers, Chatlc- lAlncs, Bracelets and Pins . . . from 55.95 Polks who talk In fnvor of local option prohibition mus-t overlook ll« cUcct in other communities. Yet, every week newspaper* arid court records continue to pile up evidence of the day and night 'activity of bontlcfjircrs in the "dry" areas of Arkansas. TiiVe "dry" DnlcsviUc, for Instance, which ha:i received fio much stale-wide publicity on Iho activities of bootlt^gcrH In ilii .downtown section. 'Hie report for the month of July, 1B47, of the, Municipal Judge to the Mayor ' and City Council showed \\\ fliu'-l and forfeitures during the mouth; 26 were for drunkcncay. TlioiiRh ItalrNvlUi*. fn rwrnt yrarj*. lni*i voted t^^'t^:l1 for "prn- hlhltlon," Us 4>lTi>r(K In prohihlt birutlcggln^ hitvo pro veil fulllu. From vvlicfc I all,, the no-cnllcil "tiry" coinnuinlLlcM wouli) bu a lot heller oft' with the Mn]tcrv)KCd, letrnl snlo of 1>c(M- by Inw-nbldlii^, licenced (JcnlcVs. ll'H IL cu.Hlly mid- lake lo siicrlllcc tnxe.i needed for -schoolH, yoorl rt>juh, cluirilnblc Instltiitions, iind old n^e iXMinion.s for proliiliillon. which piivcw thu way for hoollog-ffcrw. Undt-r [n-ohihlli.m, only- Iho boutlccEor bencnts. ARKANSAS COMMITTEE, UNITID STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION . , HACO WYO, STATE DlKECfOII. . . 403 PYRAMID HOC., tllTlC ROCK, AUK. SCHENLEY LEADS IN AMERICA'S FAVOR Swim' Morning Ffaror is flic ivason SUNNY SAYS t forp/easurt, ScAtftky 6tafs tit bard, tfot Sunn Mw'n ffavor SCHENLEYI DREIFIS Jjrnirus . . . UVar niaMgpds \mrvnn ST MTTWVliU, MtM^HlS AM* imMUM INTERESTING NOOKS CORNERS SPECIAL! 2 Burner Bathroom HEATER (Fuel Oil) Only ... $24.95 LAMPS All Specially Priced! A Tine .selection of cliina l>;ise and modern (able and flour liiinpH (hat will definitely beautify your home . . . Priced As Low As $ 4.95 5 PC. Chrome Breakfast Suite 3njoy comfort and convenience at every meal with- this at- Iraclive 5 PC. Chrome Suite. It's gleaming beauty reflects new life in the tired appearance of your lircaktast room.- Comes complete vs'ilh four chairs of reel leatherette upholstery. See it on display m our store! $59.95 Always . . . See Jimmie First! JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 301 East Main Street Phone 2487

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