The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 9
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UESDAT, MARCH t, 1848 BL»THEV1LL1 (ARK.)' COURIER PACK For Service On TYPEWRITERS .DOING MACHINES Call 2513 AMES STANDRIDGE Norris Printing Co. MILWAUKEE, WU. IUP»—Hook and Udder Comp»tiy S °< the Mll- | waukee fire deptrlment h»d t I crowded hour. The truck was back- I Ing Inlo tljp station after answer- IliiB one cull jWlien » second »<t It 1 out again. The firemen put out Hie ' .second Maze and as they sUrled to return lo the station the radio sent them on ttielr third cull In «8 minutes. Head Courier News Waul *d». l,(>cat & l.oiiK Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime •— Anywhere Any 1'liice Mehorg 401 E. Main St. I'hones: Day ll>77 N it'll I 2flS(i "Buy Yours" at City Drug Co. HI1 Kusl Main SI. Nome Brandt • LIQUORS iind • WINES First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone '23VI 108 North '2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES niTTNEK BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Civil Rights Row Given More Fuel Southern Stat«« fact Compliant* in Order To G*r Federal Dolet WASHINGTON. March 2. lUPI — A House appropriations subcommittee 1*5 seekinR to enforce some phases of Ihe civil rlfilits program by setting conditions on federal aid funds to slules, II was learned today. This action was exix't'ted lo udil further fuel lo Ihe Southern rebellion «R»lnst President Truman's leadership. The subcommittee is considering funds for Ihe 1/ibor Dennrlniont and Federal Security Agency. It !>«» voted to bur lecleral aid funds lo stales which do not offer equal eni- vioympnl and education opportu- \ilies to persons of all races. SubcomniUtcc Chairman Frank B. Xeeie. R., Wls.. snid the main pro- Brims affected would be uneui- iloynlent compensalion. vocational .'dncation and medical aid. His snl)- comnlitlec's decision, however, is subject to approval by the full appropriations c o in in i 11 e e Prltlny, when It considers the I.aDor De- liailinenl-Pederat Seouaty money bill. Keefe s»ld present law slipnlnles the equal opportunity m»st be »'forded persons of all races in Ihe c adminl.stralton of tluw proRrams and "the only way lo enforce iv is through finances." ••It. boils down lo this simple proposition—if the stales waitt thes-; (ede-ral funds, then they must provide cxinal opportunities for aid to all persons. It's lime lo fish or ml bait on this discrimination prob- Keefe said the subcommittee dltl not intend to require whiles and Negroes to attend the same schools If they are operated with contributions, nut it does mean, he adrfe.d. thai tlic stales receivliiR the aid will have lo provide the same Ie.cilitie« for both races. Helps Greeks Miller Believes MacArthurWill Be Candidate WASHINGTON, Mai: 2. (UP> — eadlni: MarArlhiir-for-l'rc'sldeu oosler today lulled the Re-neral' est public statement us • sun i\ lie is Interested In the Re blinin presidential nomlnatlnn. Ms.vUlhm's statement, release re by she HepuVilU'iui Nations nunltli'f. pml.sed parly ('[foil.s I ganl/e yonnn Republican rlulis LI.-Geti Jaim-l A. Van Fleet U. S. A., is in Athens to tak« over command of tlie U. S, Mili tary Mission advising Ihe Greek army in their tijlvt anainst Com immisl Rtieirillii forces, lie re places MaJ.-CJcn. Williitm. CJ orm of i l»lt»r t* lUlph Vwk**, National young Kepubllcaii chulr- [ mn. A spokesman for (he National :oiumlllep said MacAitluir's views on collone <!OI* clulvs had been »)• Idled itlmn with ot oilier iromlnent purty lenders. Otlii'r letters commending 111* ironvwm camp from four announced presidential minii'tnl*. Ttiry were Sen. Robert A. 'full of Ohio, lornw CH>v. Harold K. St«.wn al Mlnnpsolii. bov. Tliomm <R. ivwcy of New York and Gov. K«rl Warte\\ ot carlloi inn. Rend Courier News Want Ad». RECTAL DISEASES (All Types K: Soy Beans Cleaned Don't plant grass anil weed seed with your soybeans. Our new cleuner removes all obnoxious seed. Before having jour seed heans cleaned come by and see our new modern cleaner. Bring your heans lo be cleaned at your ennvenieiuie. Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. Child Labor Laws Hurt Japanese Circuses Highway 61 South Old American Legion Airport Phone 2860 TOKYO, Mar. 2. <UT»—Japanese circuses complained yesterday Hint new child labor laws will deprive them of trapeze artists. ' In Japanese circuses, most flying trapeze performers are hoys Hid girls between l'2 a"d H years ot age who have been trained Irom early childhood for the work. The new Japanese laws prevent employment of juveniles under IS. Special permits may be obtained for their., bul. the work must be without <iRiiKer_ Rend Conner News Want Ads. US£I> TftACTOBS 8 Ford Tractors Complete With Equipment ' MORE^ EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY! See or Call Douulas I.uwson al Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway fil Phone 2171 Negro Leaders Weigh Meharry College Question NASHVILLE. Tenil., Mivr. 3. IU — Negro leaders here wer« divlc yesterday on the Question whetl 'Southern states should take ovci Mr-hurry Medicul School (or Ne- Rrofs here »s » jolnlly-.'HWMreri, regional ^ sehool- 7.. Alexander Looby. Nashville Negro attorney, and Editor L. D. wtllloiiis, of Ihe weekly Negro Nashville Olohe. said the reBlonal plan «-ould Tierpetniite se«regiillon" of Negroes and "law Meharry open lo iwlilicnl mnnlpulalion by Sotl- thern governorn." Dr. Daniel T. Rolle. o( the Me- liarry faculty, counlcred wllh the siale'inent thai Ihe JB.OOO.OOO Institution will have to rlose July 1 lor tack of operating funds If the regional plan Is not carried out. He snid also that the school's compact with the Southern slates would eliminate «»y "Hollllcul domination." Ixwuy \vns a lawyer lor the de- tense and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People In the trials more than a year ago of Negroes allcRedly Involved in a racial disturbance at Columbia. Tc-nn All but one of the 25 Negroes wfr'e Ireed. >* n nd Tlic' llepublli'iiii piuly, MucAr- i m suld. is the rhiiinulon of 'per- I nal fivrdom mid Individual re-! wnslblllly" and Ims never depart-' I Iroin the theory (tut '«ll poll- cnl po\vcr resides In (lie people." ~ i A. Ij. filler. R.. Neb., who as long (nvored MacArthur for resident, called thn Blalemenl a ce in lyplrni MacArlliur tylo." He s:ild" i(" \vol,;d "dlspi'll any i onhls" Oiat Hie uenenil Is a Hr- j iHiHrnn. "And 1 kiniw." Miller iiild- d, llul MncArlliur will accept tin' tepuhlicaii noniltiKCIon If It Is of- eri'd him. H MucAilhm- dors not ix'linn lo he United Stales hefoic Ihe Rc>ublli'm: i-oiivciltloil In June. Miler said, the iti'iii'ral vi'lll make il 'lear in "scvi'ial wi'll->v<inlrd slate- neiils" thai he is rrii(l\' to run If MxcAillinr (Ims fnr IIIIN nvoldrd R riireci roiiimltiuonl ahhoUKh Ills llRlur has been enlercd In tile Ne- limskn and Wisconsin prlmailes. The pciieral's stalclliclH was In GRIFFIN because it has a hard-wax finish HACK • HOWN • TAN • OXHOOD LOANS Mom« OWcc, Newark, N. J, L«M« TMM ritOHPT CLOSINO LOW EAT! CAM., WtUTK 6R .SiiE RAY WORTHINGTON 115 S. Third SI., HI) 1'irvillt. Ark. Senllif Tlilf Section W Ye»r» Amhortn'tl Mm-litiil* I-nitii SeJttltfir far THK fXUOKNTIAI. INStlKAM'.R COMl'ANK 0* AMf.XICA From where I sit.../y Joe Marth Who Av« We, Anyway? Slihjffl c»m» up «t nill Wrh- it.r'i, Ihe other day, » »« wert chilling over beer «nil prelrels. Junt who tirt I he f olkn whn make up ««rtnwn?Wtier*'illhpycoi«f frtim? Well, Doc Hollister's Scotch- f.nR\i»Vi ancestry. Will lliulley's folki were milling sloi-k from Fcnniylvani*: Skip Powell's family were ure\M-li back ill Holland. Gue»» our tiltMKlslream'a KO! • bit of every country of Ihlf Kl"h» — •nd every »»f lion "f Americn. \V»'v« •till m>t difffrtnce« in Usl« »uit bickxrouud—whelher *'"y "I'l' 1 . 1 ' lo mu»ir, history, or liefr. Only lhos« differ»nc«" nWt mttier — kM»M wr'rr irlf-r»«i>ef lln| p»o»l«. l« • Irrf, united Uflil. And from when. I M. thit'i wlial make" our town* auil cilin — nur America — KO »lronr, pro- Kiesiiive, tolerant. Our championship of individual lilierlin h«i brought It" |»'0pl« from ill f«ith«, nil Ininli—to III-OVB lh«t rc«|Hfl for one another'! rigtil.i i» UK ljr««leik boml humanity c»n know 1 AUTO UPHOLSTERING 307 East Main Prior** 519 We spci'luli/f In WIvVP COVUIiK. HKM) UNINCiS, BOOR PAN- Elfl, F1.OOII MAi'.s inul \\\\ Interior trim of n car. i l.el ns mid teiil charm aiul luMiity to your car wllli guy colored stritivs and lahrlc-.s. Add mine l» your cur by Id Unit us supply your itulo upholster-. kni; lUTds, , KVKKV'l'IIINCi TAll.Olti:!) TO I'll' AND INSTALLED N AT NO 11XTHA t'OST So fconomizo and Patroni** THOS. J. LILLY & SON Drive In under tin sl«n "Atitu 'l"ii Shop" ami Mow (or »erHc«. ARKANSAS COMMtnn, UNITED STATES IKWWS rOUNDATWtl HACO tOYO, ITATt DIMCTOI . . . <02 rVHAMID §H>«., UTTtl «OCK, AW, PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Kest Prices Kirby Drug StoreS YOUR Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 Blytheviile Ark. 112 Wainut St. When In Need Of Shoe Repairing Call 4347 Fr« Pkkop »nd Delivery! H A L F O R D SHOE SHOP 11X5 South 2nd St. Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR by Expert Call Sll Brooks Music Store 107 E. Porto Rico KH/N 1)R1KI> SWEET POTATOES Delivered to Your Door Phones .|(i77—2!W(i Buck Meharg Produce Ml E. Mlln St. A. Natural Aid For HYPER-ACIDITY OF THE STOMACH Stounfain Valley Water is a natural aid In hclpinc eliminate wastes frnm the system. Not a laxative. II work* genllv through the kidneys. Ask your doc-tor nhmil Mils famous lieallli water fro mHot Springs, Ark. f( has l>een prescribed for more tlian l~i years. Free IlnokU-t [in Kc< Order a Case. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Klylhcville, Ark. Radio Service At Its Best! V" service all makes radios and :;ck «iur repairs »ilh » guaran- ee. Ours l« the most complete adin service to YK found »ny- where. We speclallie In Frequen- y Modulation (KM). • Complete Line of Nome Appliances See- Felix Carney BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY 138 Kast Main St. Phone CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 Sonlh Second » Surplus Army Shoes » Combot Boots • Overshoes • Rubber Boots Anderson Shoe Shop * rlolhlni; Slore 316 E. Main St., Wylhcville Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS fieovy around! Gelt oi t« way er low lufntlur*. Cl«.pnt rugi like ttiugic. Duili from-Aoor t» Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Si?ri t, fi and H Inch Culvert Tile 10, It, IS, II. 41. 'it, 30 and 3« Inch A. H. WEBB Hwj. SI at Stale Line Phont Hl;th»llle. Hi FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Wiane 3646a^2525 ATTENTION MR. C 1.. I'KRRY, formerly of Ihe Hlytheville Sales Company, i« now with us us General Radio and Appliance Repairman For lh« best in Radio Repair and Appliance Main- tenance call us at 3150. HUBBARD& HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aqueila Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 RADIO REPAIR 1 ANT> 2 BAY SERVICE ON ANV MAKR OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 \Vo cull for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Klrclrirttl Appliance Co. Aullinrl/ed Muliirnla RadU Kale* and .HerTleo 106 South Hr»t St. '?•-. cciliny. GuaranlccJ to pick v l y *'°y Huir. Cotiiplat* wilh oltochmanti -(or ing, rnolKpiOofing, iny. See it, lodoyl REQUEST A DEMONSTRATION OF THIS FINE HOME CLEANER. OUR SALESMAN WILL CALL ON YOU! ApiKiinln'ienls Any Timo Knsv Terms I Have On Hand At AH Times Several Iraclou nlif! equipment . . . both IIIMV nnd used ones JOHM DFsKIiK. KAIIMAI.L (mrt other makes. Alsn, I h*v« tor sale at nil limps 70 to 80 Head i>[ mules. Terms can be arranged. Will trmic tor most, unylhlni you have. New Fonl Ttaclors Kciitly for Delivery F. C. CROWE 1 Mile S. nf Br»n»««l» STUD EBAKE RS GUARANTEED USED CARS & TRUCKS SICK TIIKSK l»t:l'-(>lllv VOU IH.'Vl IDI^ Clinvrolel 2 |Jo<ir ^u- I'JSH flinvnilel 'J. l>niir Sedan. I Iran as inc.v V.iu can't go ,.„„„.. %riins "ii this nne. 1011 Clicvn>li-t 2 Sc- IUS7 l-'nrrt 'i Door Sedan. diin. A real lurj: f"i'"l price. Illll Kori! Cnnvrrtllilc. It's Item Clii'Violft ii Ton. A OUR'P'AINT AND BODY'SHOP is THE BEST IN THIS SECTION! • F-.u-tory TraiiK-;! Mcclr.tnics • I'iirls iind Aci'i'ssorii's • Wvi'fUor Service Chomblin Sales Co. Lex Chamblin Bill Chamblin it. It. * Ash SIrrr-ls Phone 219S STUDEBAKERS • Tike a Hood look. Mn your J f»mlly'j shoes nted mrndinR, • new heels, soles? Let our ex• perls do the Joh; H-flLTCRS QUALITY SHO£ SHOP] 121 W MAIN ST. Free Del/very Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20 H 101! Chicka»*wb« The Right Place To Buy Your Car . EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East Main Street Clean Used Cars— All Makcsl Phone 4191 ,1. \V. I-ovclady Al I.urman Grover Frazier Attention, Soybean Grower H»re ynur soybeans rodcancil licTore planllnr. We h»v« rrcently Installcrt one nt the best brun Htantvs In the State. Double" clcanlns; process, wo have two cleaners In operation. No RHI" 11 " 1 ™"' "ecitccl, iiromril scrvire, no waiting. , Blytheviile Soybean Corp, 1 1800 W. Main Blytheviile

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