The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 8
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PAG« BIGHT BLYTHEVII/LE (AKK.) COURIER. NEWS TUESDAY. MARCH 2, 1948 ['I BETTER HOMES cvwd THI is SIMPLY SufS-1-Wiil Ill IS photograph id Is only a small part of how this home was refreshed and beautified wilh Slnlvo-wond. Because am- of ihc most striking improvements is llic addition of COLOR! Slnls- o-Kood coivie in sucli a range o{ colors, designs, and styles thai no house be dr.ib and still wear Slats-0-wood. These window hoods, itoor hoods, and porcl) canopies are cnsiom-biiilt to your order, and permanently building material. They down. An occasional coal o beauty at low cost. Slals-o-wood arc scientifically designed to give protection the )Var round — the s'aHft'r^'d slat arrangement (patented) fillers oul sun and glare, entices breezes and sofi lifthi. Budget plan avail. able. Please phoiii- us today for free inspection and estimate. Yon will be under no obligation, of covttse. anchored lo any need never be taken f paint renews their D E A L' S PAINT STORE "lOO 1 ^ Home-Owned" 109 East Main Planning Needed In Building Home Distinction, Livobiliry, Convenience, Privacy Should Be Provided Among Elio top problem* facing the home builder 111 these days of high construction costs Is to produce 11 home with the ^refitc-st distinction llvnblllty. convenience nnri privacy at lowest possible cast. This cnn lie done by carelu! planning and following proven rule.s. it was asserted today by the Construction rtc.searcli Bureau of New York, ck'Hrliiy house for building information. .^,-- Pfimni;ijy:* the holier .should be dcsifcixcf to fit llic family and so planned that It can he expanded Inter without impairing basic design, the Bureau -said. Trxlny's trend I.s toward simple. tralchtforward lines Inside and ut. every part of tlie house having \ distinct (unction and each con- ributlne to comfort, convenience and bemity. should beuiii with the ioor plnn. not the exterior, mid he habits of the [amity Klven ull consideration. Rooms should )C arranqe<l so they tire not chit- creel nnd so traffic can inoye frcc- y. A sense or spaciousness can l>e produced even it] Ihe smallest home >y simplicity and use of light colors In decoration and elimination of outmoded period furnishings. Plan Traffic Flow H Is Important that the bath be jean get? Rates charged today miico accessible without, traffic passtnc I from 4 to 5 1-2 per cent and the through other rooms and that a I buyer should never pay more. service entrance for tradespeople | Does the mortp;.ige contain a pre- be provided hnn<l v to the kitchen. I payment clause? Many contracts If possible, the home should have h hall to carry traffic throilEh the house without continually cross- In;; the living room. Whether the house Is to have n separate dining room depends on faniilv taste. There Is a dist'lct trend," today loward dining in the living room or kitchen. Space econ- New Van Hooser Home on West Walnut —Courier News I'liuto Shown above is tile now homo tjf Mr. anil Mrs. R. R. Van Huo.ser al 1204 West Walnut. The Irame house hns three bedrooms, living room-dinette and kitchen and is one of the first much-type houses built here. The siding Is nl asbestos shingles while the tow sloping roof is covered with a mineral composition. A scfocn«l-in sun porch is located on (lie northwest cornel of [He house. The new Van Hooser home lias plastered walls which arc to be painted, hardwood Iloors and is heated by a gas Hour turnftce. Usc of Insulating Board for Waifs Ends Lath Marks Here's a tip for prospective homo builders: it now Is possible to have plaster walls and ceilings constructed in such a way that the danger of ugly lath marks developing in a few months or years Ls eliminated. One o) the methods being em-- ployt'd widely in modern home building involves the use of insulating board lath as a plaster huso. .The material, which helps keep homes warmer in winter and coo er in summer, come.s in large, riK sheets. Joined closely in applicable the units provide a continuous su face lor the piaster and thus rlin inale the prime cause of lath mark] Insulating board lath tends prevent cracks resulting from warl| ing o[ wood framework after sorptioti of moisture from i plaster. Being moisture-rcsistairjj the board forces such moisture in"! the room where it is carried o| by ventilation. The total amount of refuse Jc Phone Home Buyer Advised to Shop For Best Terms in Mortgage Mortgage payments constitute -fr only about one-half the cost of .shelter. Hence, the homo buyer .should shop for his mortgage Ilk';' anything else he buy.s anrl obtain the bust possible terms. In shopping for a mortgage, hero are some of the things to look for: Is this lowest interest rate I Prepared Cleaner Best For Hardwood Flooring Oak and olher hardwood floors, according to many floor maintenance experts, retain a smoother. glossier surface when they arc ' estimated, S3.000. cleaned with special [loor cleaning ! Frank Hodge, for a five and one- nrcparations rather than with soan halt room frame residence; esti- Three Bui/ding Permits Issued Here Last Week Three pci.son.s were issued building permits through tile office of City Enpiiwer Jor; Carney during tile past week: They weie issued to: E. M. Johnson, for a live and one-hall room ftnme residence in the •lOO block on Bast Kentucky Street: estimated cost, $5.000. O. R. Robson. for a four-room frame residence at 639 South ilakc; omy is often obtained by planning the dining space in a corner ncnr a window and having dining furniture harmonize with Ihat of the and water. The latter, it is said, may discolor I he finish and raise the grain of the wood. Floor ciean- maled c<xu. §2.500. o _ _ The United Stales vents, dors impose n penalty of 15 per rout of ' ers £ud I he other hand, remove dirt | not own. the land surrounding the the original mortsago in case of ' efficiently and coat (he surface \ Pnnnmn Canal, payment ahead or in full. The buy- \ V "uh a thin iilni ol wax which j _ _ _ should be ab'.e to pay ahead serv , lo between 1200 and 2000 poinufijr any time without Deferred I'ayinellls | Does the mortgage cover laundry, kitchen and other equipment for a Ions term? Many lenders today have a "packaged mortgage" which does this and thus an unduly ' heavy burden is not placed on tin; J_ Ujll to prevent dirt from being imo tlie wood. Slayer of Wife Eludes Posse lioinc buyer in paying for equip- 1 dale essential furniUirc. may he planned in conjutictlon wllli the j living room but separated by a low partition. NEED A REPAIR DOCTOR? FOR CRANKY APPLIANCES At. the first .siitn nf trouble call ntir "Mr. Fixit" to put your appliances back into working order. Now is Ihc time to get (hose fans in working order, too—better have window fans checked riglit away, so that they'll »e ready when yon need them! • Commercial • Industrial All Types of Wiring Done CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP The home planner is warned,, fm-nrlivs* however, to be careful of the hi- i moue >' lo foreclose. zarre which may come about In striving lo attain a too individualized, modern effect The prime rule lortav Is simplicity and functional design. With these, the house is modern. , lo a watchful blockade of Northern Clcburue County. Sheriff Alton Bittle said last nlslit he believed Martin, who has 'icon dubbed Ihe "Lone- Wolf" by sonn of his pursuers, had holed ut> .n the trea?hrra\is ravines and hUilfs of this North Arkansas hill country. Bittle sairl he frit it would be belter to tighten the ring around Martin and smoke him out than to rush into Ihe area which Martin ktiows well and risk the lives of son'e of the pursuers. An extra guard of officers had also u^eu made ready in case Mir- un tried to icturn to Heber Springs for the funeral of his 22-year old want the house because it costs ;' i VV > \ l u l esideTit''Byrd"secrctaiT-nian- [ wife. Lucille, today. Ami extri -Duty to foreclose. I a-er and Dnve.bruiKHesl oi Liuic I cvmrds have teen keeping watch Investigate the diminishing inter- : , ?(H ,jJ t rcasllrcr i over her brother. John Turner, est of some lenders. Such mortgages I Th ' e fQiiowin" new members nl whnse life has been threatened I>y bear 5 ov 5 1-2 per cent toy the Sirs'. ' " " living room. If the budget permit's mc m. 1 more space, a dining alcove, no, Jt k , wwlblc to defer paymenls: HEBER SPRINGS. Ark.. March J. ' than necessarv to accommo- ^ case o ; or olher emer- 1 ' UP'—The manhunt foi 30-year old gency? Some lenders will perma ; ol>1 " Mai tin. accused of slaying hi', stopping payments up to a year | wift Saturday, has narrowed down if the buyer has paid regularly and j the home is half paid for. Interest '.July i. 1IS ls !1 ml "" r i I,, other action the board re- s-rlcd T. H. Bavton of E! Dorad'i. 'president: A. H.: Stebbins. Sr.. fir; a provision can ,,„, U)a! . d wcrp s n i odc d: Owen Bur- Many Major Hres Termed Preventable tew years and Ihe rate gradually i _ of B[>( , dcvjl ] e w|E . Flrtcher n! reduces to 3 1-2 per cent. Somt>- i , makc B j tol . ris of M,, r frcesbnr:i. times this plan maise.i the moit^:!-'- 1 j ^ H cast less than a straight -I 1-2 or D ' '' '" per cent. Amortized .inin^isr ! Bvrd The old-fashioned straiglit mort- ' : '_ gage, requiring principal payment in a lump sum. is seldom ustui today. Most popular i.s :lH- p:iy-:is- you-fso amortized plnn. Under this ihe horrower. who i.s rallf-d tli; mortgagor, pays the same amount every month for the life of the Protection against fire is as Im- mortgage. The lower the interest portant in factories and other com- r!x te and the longer the mortgage information charging first de. eree nuirrtrr was riled yesterday ,', of conway. W. H. Wil- | anainsi Martin, in connection with o( Little Rouk. Collier Wen- the lalal stioolini; of Mrs. Martin o( Fo ,.(, smith and Senator | ;it the home of a Heber Springs at- mercial buildings us it is in tlr? : runs, the lower the monthly pay, home. fire prevention authorities menl-s. A 5 per cent S10030 mortgage point out in emphasizing the need for 20 years requires SC6 a month ue. for precautionary measures in in- p alt j on interest, ami principal: for dustry. They report that 20.0M U. 12 years the paymenls are 592.50. S. plants were attacked by fire last ' At "4 1-2 per cent, payments are year, a new high for this country Of these blazes. 93 per cent were preventable, they say. To minimize the danger of fire ouureak. industrial leaders ar; '•• urzing the use oi fireproof find 1 fire-resistant, materials in the con- Mrurtion and remodeling of fac- tones and commercial structures. Among the fireproof building materials now being used widely are urtj. They come in several forms. including roofing shingles, siding and building board. Made by coui- bi::i:i!c two nl the durable .substances known, asbestos fibers and Portland cement, asbestos cement materials are able to icsist the action of the elements as well beinz completely fireproof. The $63.30 and $90 respectively. Dates Announced For Arkansas Livestock Show LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. March 2 IUPI .- Arkansas' 1048 livesio.-k •'•••rious asVsfns ei-menl prod- 'show will be held the week of Oct. DAMP WALLS 7/7 Your Basement? Seal Moisture Out...It's Easy with Low-Cost BONDEX 1-10. Sen. Clyde E. Byrd. secretary- manager of the L Show As- 116 North First St. Phone 2993 sedation, said today. Byrd's announcrmcnf Tnllnwrcl a meeting of the association's board of governors lieltl bore vaster day. At the meeting the honrd vottMi to proceed a. 1 ? soon as ponsiWo - .vnh the construction of n $750.000 ro- i c k show Dry up Ilial tJarup ba$c:MCnr v/illi Bondex. Then you'll nave o i»ur room Ihc family con cr^o 1 /- So eos y—juji brush on Bonctcx m o colot l^af suil^ youi failc- F~ lb. pkg. maVcs ahout S ^ one gallon, while BONDEX Cement Paint ftC. ^. \J J / '~ / — J materials are also available In cor- | liseum on the lives! nr/v.i-il sheets which nre cspeo ; Rr ounds here. 'Hie building, which ial'lv utiaptable to roofs and sirte- „.,,,- lor Industrial buildings. S<-vfral simple precautions should ro put into daily practice to bring the danger of fire to a minimum. No smoking shoulo be allowed w .ombusiiblt arca-s. GrindmB never should be done where explosives or inflammable n""" 1 " 1 ' a ' C ^Mii "cpt •F.Ifr:riral wiring should be kept ,,, . Factories should oc i ,"•,-_._ Color Styling Itltm in Ihc BONDEX Color Chun. ['m,from... HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. E O. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ' ARKANSAS I'AINT GLASS i WAI.Ll'AFER CO. . MISS1SS1IT1 COUKTY LU.MEEB i<ir, K. Main s, \»-oul[i scut 8.000. mav bi- ready tor use by the rodeo :it the next show. Bsrd also reported that tour exhibition buildings- -two for rtiiiry cattle and f.vo for beef cattle— will be completed within SO rtuys and a swine building will bo finished by j BONDEX HYDRAULIC CEMEN nrl repair. „„ , hlu . ? A 5| , riuk . donld l>r inslallcrt and vv( , u .,„.., y ; lom lhc WE HAVE IT! THE KITCHEN YOU'VE WAITED FOR! . (lencinl KU'ilric Disposnl Consists ot |.-j,, P >; P , V |vii,.|, cn sinks \V;vtcr llenlcrs (Oil nr Klertrir) THE POSTWAR BATHROOM THAT'S A DREAM! Consists of Sparkling New H.ilhl ulis Now, Modern !,;iv;ilnry Kinc .Makes Cluscls Get Our Estimate-Yes Delivery Now! "Pete" The Plumber 109 North First St. Phone 2731 stock stored sprinkler nobles. Lanterns or torches should not r ie vse.l avonnrt indammablc liquids or uinbuiitibles. H r n I i n K devices .,ho>ild be checked pni iodically. Final,y. plenty ot rxils should be provided, and prrsonnel should be lold wliat to do in case of fire. • FOR t WET WALLS ? SE AQUELLA 1 Don't drs|>air! Aqiiclla lia* iiicreedcd where oilier rnatc- riflH Jifive failed. Interiifttion- fllly known—nationally advcr- con'.plcle ilctaiU "C bfl9 E. C. Robinson | Lumber Company j run West Ash st. I I'hone 551 FORCE Kitchen Odors UPandOUtT/ Inslall Vcnt-A-Kood, th« modero kilchen venlitolor. A good- looking add :ion lo nny kilchen with iti easy-lo-clean while «nomel fm ; 'h and chrome Hin, Venl-A-Hood Hopi cooking vapors and forces them oul of the house. Saves lime and effort in house-cleaning... saves money in redecorating costs! • InJfoll o Venf-A-Hood in your present homel • Intorporot* on« in your building plans/ S89.50 ... With o New Roof! CERTAIN-TEED*si Green Blend —Thick Butts "LOOKS SO WELL—LASTS SO LONG" 36 MONTHS TO PAY PHONE 555 FOR ESTIMATE I E. C ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 W. Ash St. Phona 551 It's Here How ! The Amazing New NORGE That DEFROSTS ITSELF Every Night! 213 WEST MA IN ST. PHONE 2O15 G OOD NVAVS, Mr*. Amrrica! /^T~~ '""'-"ToV*-" Nnr K c, ;>ncl only \,,r>:c, ttfjrmt* H "&.T-L1LU See The New Exclusively NORGE - at HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BBANDS 126 W. MAIN ST PHONE SIS

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