The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on August 16, 1949 · 15
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 15

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1949
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(Indians Spank Exporters, 3 to 1,!fs,arl7? As Zuvermk Tosses Five-Hitter I Pace increases Nielsen Gets Two of Tribe's Eight Blows Against Pringle By Wally Wallis Heavy pracUce sessions Monday did much to clatifv Novih and South football starting lineups for Friday night's All-Stats . BEAUMONT, As. IS-CSpeciali-Tall George Zuverink. Hm- basketball Quad's were 'still ! r3 wo single. id tihe Rcdkin' eight-hit P rvlphM L rt, . s atucs teat included a trfpte by Hip Russell and a double by Frank Sinrs' rXa chv hlS tS Bwunwet tot oaly one extra base hit, Sri&SrM Ttcs cimS Sr Stopper Joe osmik haa named Lefty Al Ol.n (10-51, to face 5 the lengthy scrimmage session Men-fUwr Shippers Tuesday rvight txh Carl'Derose T-5. s-oins for the day Kwn thai lipped off soee-1 Shippers in the second ganc tfr ; L;urs en the Sorth's likely starters Eli3 Crcwaer o MusSow and Tom Hudjpeth of Afton shared the T-ffsnwarlon Quarierbarking chore?. Running in the same backfseld with Crowsicr were Billy Vessels ot Cleveland at Mi halfback. Hanty Godso Stan MusiaL St. Louis Cardinal rihifider, slides ifcltins an inside-the-parfc iiuaitrai) in the iilth ton Cbieaeo Monday. Cub catcher Mickey Own (So. t n? at Htigiev lieid in lake?, the throw irons i MtftcMcr Hank Sbct. The Softball Field h Narrowed Kemps to Miss Southpaw Golf Yankees Lose as Cleveland,! Bosox Nab Overtime Wins Palmer Wins rr--. -i , j ,jggmrnrirftr 1 sldisr ? isaiched the iaiwr.. jjF All ii:nt of the ui'Mlf , mg&t0 tr;T &-rr? 1 ..r the 1 t B autSOKl mmmJLm 'vs. -a a sgara?rd. The Indians reared I Wawiwa. jr . JFl : tj rf KUr prf 1 Ht DAILY ; if M tfS' 1 , OKLAHOMAN iuar!r M and was ' .. P at futib El Reno Dal sis in hi'. ;ki very easily be the sunlit; V for the North. Hudspeth to Kirk roints peih, who p;virenUy win boo points tw the North, had of Tulsa Webster fit left ins of Bristew at fullback. A's Five-Run Spree in Sixth Humbles Leaders; Scheib Posts Fourth in Row CZ,1 Doddand Bell z Hold Coaching TXS, i?.r-ii- to ri$h Kii& 's.iwrr. .Jack- : -'kosee t tackles. Cttet he North was Frank d Jennings Ne!- Bal'l ot Mus- Clivshch and W, D. Coins of Yinita t and Tc:n C.uhn Por.ea City ahead of Crowder'5 bacWie'd. The other ' r;.:r::-... b Over at W U-ui ieitds c the Odd Vi . By Ho! Mtddiesvortti PAPA OF THE SPLIT-T formation . Don Fauroi of Mi J . , an. the annust football and bak- :r; hi shs et-h-H 'dffVrt i f"nic "f lh Oklahoma State ! ni-fe.B!! lm T- -Prdf rT aCXt thrCC! Clarence Bretthpt. M-cretary ct : Playoff m lam L?Kr .mffli-js .s Boston Downs llip JBBjk 7 -;-SS ' Nafs In 11th ;-;: -.SS ,":7, r ' , ' ,v d -.a.r t,d jtt Eri; " "' i cn psowr shmce i,-r linemen. jSutnmers :r tjt th ih,;;v. hert.-'f thr atrrax. hs tis rsisr wt ttcrt . X. ! 1hrmsh l'.!.y. 'nsedav mr.ri-.-nn '1'--''J'?- x'i- ?- ae Jts the r th? crrrr., ,n-:i;a.;T ejfadfa !t;f.-es by U tVrrt TTTvT JST'::' mr 2uVT"nV: rtimm hickey. st. Louis um. I r - t a fc . ' ' - - ,,r - -r 47. ! aL vUy basketball coach, is don i , 'r.jt.'r J r,t - - - - - " - . r. a:r lrrrtiirrs Thnrsdav and 1-Yidnv :. ;;; lr.;:u::;r" jx v "tC' r.?r4 bc;h- the aii-.!flr.f'is;iarhi e? ; i ; ; ycZ'r: Vlt P- a rrU: .t 5. -,.;;-rr. v. jurt ;s.rrft-': Tlvnv4ay afternoon. , Z k7kJl'h r r i ' " -?--wrt out; f chc attended a dinner at ! ; ' S i J , " t'" 'f"r, -r;-:.V:: ' ,T ' " - '."rirr, bv the John Dimlap i f'-n- : - f - M v - - : ---::. - .v - : ... . : : '." : .. y. J : i : : .v-Tv.r.c Ctwrt Cn, arts. TueMtny ; ."-' " 2 t i ' ? ; ' 'x.-i.-.rj, v ,- ;; t : ,; i'C'u V 4 J t ! . h BUtatare hotel Civic room at J . r-.vwv r - i-.. 'H;, r f . rr-?reftti.t i; ? ? : ' ?t-' iuu! Several of the coach Cnnmps Wjr Ihisox 8, Browns 0 Two Mo in Events to Top : Wrestling Card Friday . Wetumko Game Off Enid at center, Kav Mc- of Ftrvicw and John Werner Okeene at guards, Jame of Northe.vt and Carhon. rht of Satsd Snrinsrs at Uck'pt and hawretice Howard of Miami and McLlnley Oriell of Watonca at ends. North Offense Shlnea Surpnsmply enous;h. the North offense !n Monday's scrimmage as both elevens ripped of lone gains on the ground and in the air. The South coaches, Jo B. Metea'.f of Holhs and Paul Greene of Shawnee their back- Tlo South bacfcfleld contbittattoa liingfd around (he fullback and uin?-back spot? nfier Moitdav's drills. Millie Byuum of Holils. the No I choice tor tise fullback Job, was work-in c hc!1 as n whigv -,ck and mav tv moved to that .spot since Bill Doty of Wilson is performing jo well at 'the TuUtuck iwsttion. By movm Bynnm to vmebacfc Soutit coaches hojy to get mot btockint; iwwer shx olttaciW e;ri svtefjjs tipon which (heir inali wmcback style ot plav dejend. ' Tallhaek Slot Is JU(l!c Oene Cook of Wewokn nild Ton- Okemah were waghtc ar be: tit. Bill lv of N'ovwaw and IX- of Ada wore altiMixni, blocking back. te in- ; 1 nrl or Monday's $crinunape wssJos Dcid. ounf Cook. l5oty. Fox and Mernt 1,4 s.incKa.sna in one baeSftei,r ann Carrol). Bynuns. Summers and I Jin-. Pciiock of Capitol H131 in another Bit! Shk.'l of Central -.V-.VS the suxls Soutlt center available Monday since ; -'honiUiT injerv lo Tom Heathcivk- of Sctnjnole. bui Heathcock is expected so re-don moleskins Ttsesdav. Bill Coffman of Holdctiviiie and Wiliie Boberts of Chlckasha held tm ed;e over Corliss Woods of Burcvll and Kenneth Cannady of for the mil ab bu; stanlnjc UicHlc mid gUiird jKitions svere sstste open. Ticket Sales Cp Metcalf and Greene were shuffllnsr Raymond Herd of GranrifieM hVUburn of Wynnewood. Dclphtus r due jWinkloman of Lawton and Dennis stnehew of the Oklahoma City iIot nr.d Bill Cnudill of Ahus, Bob tti-.w- Chamfer- of Coromcrcr at Soilbcrt of SnyTc, Honald Paschal or ;: Tuesday m the Skirvin hotel 'Ardmore. and Buster Smith of Wau- holea. Any of tliewt Assault Sounder Than Ever, Says Veteran Trainer City Youth Wins In Slillwaier Goif still ill : h WATER, A(r. 3 5 J'..The elks o? Oklahoma stolf toured to! cc-sits. h'-r Mondy inK-Mfre. m W Mnin. ncket reported the latest sincle da Mnce the ducats were placed I the ticket i) Vcaary'j :'kq. vendors i Johnny JohJior o. Oklahsma C nUhot pair of 38s to win t c:s-4b-Jantor title in Use 3fi-ho!e mer th;p:aj Onr;lI Mthxiy, another Ok: City S content are 6'0 ceil! And $!. uhiU '"jfiMtbal diiMla are priced at jj, $1,25. $1.50 and $2. WKY to Televise Star Cage Game f d ubalanr line fr thr bail carrins, mc sprrd to 5"t around lo outside tackle opfiiin , Then he started lootins ct'r th Tljht T format: Hatas of the Chicago Bear and Cizxz StiaashsetJ putiszig or. cisplr.y. He iti;eJ trrn ut "aarot hat; CrrraT4 H ;4 rnc Urs -rx;t b? j jaWs- - a-eiSi ' Bosox Sign Negro Asst. IV-:,-T5; -..UfiSt Ji-t-j So-. - iAuiu-i -ft;: iJatfs. rrsr srAu.grt ' - '- . - : sidt hAd; NorUi-Somr . Ford BriCi Hi;';. State Golfers Qualify at Tulsa Today for National Amateur 1" in th! division for bos Ofvili? Wliks. of Pfsrsci Citr. carded ;'t.t!t iq iakc use feeaesf ut... basketball came ever to b televiw hot; ft Oklahoma. Officials of WKY-TV EU' ' ' i and the Oklahoma Coaches assocla- Score of other Oklahoma City tion Monday completed arrangement' rn. phiyrrs included; jfor airing of the court clawlc whlcr but-. Harto Oers jr. Si. Ab Justice 82.!wai played at 8:30 p. m. Thursday immy Sswerfteld ?5. B3b Bo5cs unicjpai auauonum. ttljetaiav Carl-cn 332 and Charits" h WKy-TV schedule in place o; 6st4W Sasfisy, Mee. 13 J the regular Thursday night Rivl's soft- ,, H.s,.-;rvuse.. Shall game from Sooner stadium, bin Bowler injured twi tion. KENOSHA. Wis.. Aug. IS 0P Mrs.! The Downtown Chevrolet Soonei vrsj fcUlcd and her hus-. Queens will meet the IGA Merchanus itch came bowl-; a iwy's. team at, Sooner st&diutr insured Sunday .'Wednesday at 9:10 p, m. and ths .te colliiiicn near : ksoc will b nlred ofncials o m . C98t4 hippenj htm?;o. irtieuUr Insptratiari ftr s Adarr tri Iter- Kece, ' ;.ar bo m&t lirK tear t tlidtcg quanerback which a L.-crm-xri; He wa trsr.g to fmd something to uit employed Harry Ice. Bed Wade Hs-toid Split T. xritii spacsd hnars and a rua them la T, Icr It ciirifd theai to fas S: piajed the foratsuaa. Faurot hin't Unkcrrd ranch vith the Splh T he first put o publie diaplay earbl jean. F-iraUv. fee Utr the nuartertsjct tp ran the line of wiimajjie and eithrj- pirrh xl to hatliBUi fcjj the ball a.nd cot b-k intf the line. Me aUo n the Sai-fe ppntrr -whb baadoffe i either hiffcei but fuo- peciali ihe fjcUbjk. Misawttri tutterbaek And haUbaekf slike do Ike nusinz. But thai U the kind o: siiif tl'.t Uif atf'-se im bea fAts&tog iy ith. Ii'i hard to ran trhca xhty imt mtti or roar atr. gsra 22 j-oo. Aiid it' ahiicsi impcssifcif to pjs -erceE tfc? steles a cuTStSf e-j the cads 02 the line of scrimmigt;, That'e where the n&njons hick cd rcsn-ta-ssass asm-e isto -ae The fiinier hs bee: a pun of FiLnr. ca-g particuar Spin Z &2 sisas but he isnt usee a man in myjoc unse iS. Ivooia lite hell b heck ihi jsar. " ' "' 1 Sf(Si;lht JUS Morris, Three Aggie SS. Golfers Plan Tour' '2 ?rsas?5S5 5oc- Censer.? C'.:-', Sfrongmon 4cf Tjis Guy Hurs 42 Innings f KIJfOSHA. Wis, .b--t hV -C-V'"? Sh situ MW!.'ftB,.".'SKi J "JVjii. Cty j -t..; ?;-,v-srr. r..: C.i '.n C' rfef tbi .yes? :W CiKsr; Cy . a Ri-wa; a f. imstrsr 25iiscr' ber eg Jar. 5?. :g. 'W3r ei r the. bsV.wcic. rr? t"se tKi. ts? j 3..- 5v . t ? a. sr i.. Trxr Coc, Ji:ir. j c. a.-. ;-st r-. n. AS t-'?t j ? : fcTtea Tas. 5.i a OKS- - R it. ft? Oi0- it-f--w jiir.:;-e v-:. hi.-Ra c$fy. i .ARliAtji3PJliL Ark. Aac r J5ft FiK. J5 C; V;'. fty HS.V;:r, -Tbr Cats cRitni? ;-.rr;'? nfir ire. Iw.ce te yv Mxri iRJ,' ?4-:7Sv jrv. ni " B'b , Hji3 lK JtHp arKS8Vbttflr: A SB af fc-ewsi rm Qrt J OKMMtsa OSy m ;Cmpew WrtTlSff '. !ey rhrw d 3y ? Oi-iwia A&iS-beas dcJ 353- tSw 3ury ar Scfi4-t sn4 is iletrfay s' Oa&iU rsfe v'-kiaj hv a i54n, .p?o Sick TaJtwr, wiS-Krs-:il atf u CSa :ft?r ts h4 tit feasSay to Ersr ! srtotesn rharrs " haw. e. ij thr We -;ndy s his -t; i-c ::. :-r..; Tne ix. .dfcsded by Cascrtafd sfeiclt Oaochifa Aid Dies Buy Now for HUNTING SEASON He RmlMtati Automatic Shot Gun Mode? U-43-l3.l6.2a ga. .....$ 99.95 Winthetcr, Remington. Ithaca 12-16 k 20 Gfu Shot Gun $ 84 95 Kemhtsion ovlel 731-3D-06 or 2"0 caliber $ 79.95 .Wtachetter Model :0-3o(H5 of 270. Caliber S109.50 pxfwSff a-22-AstiomaUc RJ.'k 63.i Rfmirtn 22 Cl, Bolt Action RUle Single B" 0 C K ' S SPORTING QJZ C00DS 311 N. Bdwy. -IfiSV-' Ph, 2-8175 50 $13.95 to S23.95

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