Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 20, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1895
Page 2
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A Bank Failure. AN INVESTIGATION DEflANDED. A general bankitiK business is done by the huin.-ui system, because the blood de•posits in its vaults whatever wealth we may gain from day to day. This weallli is laid up against " a rainy day " as a reserve fund —we're in a condition of liciillhy prosperity if we have laid away sufficient capital to draw upon in the hour of our greatest need. There is danger ill jfcttiiu; thin, because it s asifrn of k-ttinu' down in health, 'io train in blood is nearly always to K.-HII 111 ivhnle- loinc flesh. The odds .are in favor ol the perms of consumption, K ri|), or piH-iimpma, if our liver be inactive and our blood impure or if our flesh be reduced brlnw a IttulHivsl'iiiituni. What is rt-qttia-d is an iticrea'ie in our «enn-fiii/iHii" strength. Dr. Pierce'!-. Golden .MVdie.'il Discovery uiirielies the blood and makes it wholesome, slops the v,™te of tiMSiif nilJ at the siiine tltlie builds tin tin' strciurt'n. A medicine which will rid the blood (.Cits poisons, cleanse and invigorate the (treat organs of the body, vitali/i- the systoti, thrill the wliole bcinjr with iK'v.-t-m-ik'yaml make permanent wort: • of it is sin. ly a reiiii-cly of uri-at value, lint when we mutt- a in.silive »t!iti:mrnl Vliat. oS percent, of all eases of eoiistimpnon ea:l, if taken in the early stn K cs of the disease, be CIJKI-.I) with the "Discovery," itseenisllke a bold assertion. All l>r. Pierce asks is Unit you make a thorough investigation and satisfy yourself nf the truth of hisasserlion. By sencliiiR l<) ll "-' World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.. you ran cct a free book with the names, addresses and photographs of a larpr number of those cured of throat, bronchial and IIIIIK diseases, as well as of skin and serofulous afleclioiis by the "Golden Medical Discovery." They also publish a book of 100 papres, bciiijf a medical treatise on eonsuniplion.bronchilis, asthma, calarrli, which will be mailed oa receipt of address aud six, cents in stamps. WAS LOST. FISHEHMEN OF SCOTLAND. OThcr Ar« Lel.iin'i'ly, Ilapjiy-tio-Lnclty I,oi. Ashore he is .thu lav.icstof operatives, lollinjf about thu wharves and harbor corners with hin hands invariably deep clown in his "bracks" pockets, his women folk meanwhile c'loinff most of ±he •worli, and loilinfT alony bent nearly Aoub'm umk-r Lhpir heavy creel toads o£ fish. Wc-11 decs Jenny, Oldbucic's serving wench, put it: "As sumo as the keul o' the coble toncluss the sand, tleil a bit mnir will tilts lazy fishcrloons work, but the wives maun kilt their couts, .und wade into the .surf to talc the fish, ashore." Their.method of baiting' the lines with 11 multitude of hooks is .very neat ami pretty to watch, the whole beif.fr arranged so systematically. In this brunuh of shore labor tho men do sometimes take n share. Some of the fishing villag-es alon-r the north and east seaboard of Scotland are singularly quaint and picturesque, Netherlandish almost In their details, worthy studios fora Ruysdael or a Van do Velde. The rows of littlo split fish skewered on sticks or triangular lath frames nailed along tho cottage vralls are quite distinctive features. So also are tho cottages themselves, with their vorrnillion, pan-tiled roofs and outlying •stairways; but these are fast disappearing and giving place, to a modern • style oC tenement, -which makes one miss the old world forms and warm color. Well were it, howover, if primitive dirt and archaic scaveugering could in many cases make way for more modern sanitary arrangements. Thu Usher folk of both sexes are very commonly of a serious, inscrutable cast of countenance, generated, 1 suppose, by the precarious nature and constant risks ol tho seafaring occupation. "It's no fish ye'ro buying:," quoth tho masterful Mnffjf'e to Jlonkbarns, "it's men's lives." The men do, indeed, carry their lives in their hands, and it were strange if this did not give a certain solemnity and God-fearing set to their characters. The Eyemouth people still speak with bated breath of the terrible catastrophe which overtook thorn in the great .storm or cyclone of some years back, and tu rued "well-nigh every homestead into a house ot mourning. The fisherman has a long memory for such visitations.—Scottish Review. AfctorjHlon of Otlorn by Milk, Parvillc relates some interesting facts upon this subject. If a cau of milt is placed near an open vessel containing turpentine, the smell of the turpentine is soon cornraniiieated to the milk. The same result occurs us • regards tobacco, paraffinc, asafoctida, camphor and many other strong- smeHii'sr substances. Milk should also lie kept "a-distances from every volatile substance, and milk which has stood In a siek chamber should never be drunk. The power of milk to disguise the taste of drugs—as potassium iodide; opium, salicylatc, etc.—is well known:—London Public Opinion. Cut Out for a Football A young man was paying his attentions to :x "beloved object" contrary to the wishes of her family, and, persevering iu it. was seized upon one clay by her father, "'a ronn of thews and sinews," and kicked violently into tho Btrc*;t. In a day or two (after recovery) ho- called at the house once more. "What, nrrr.in?" exclaimed paterfamilias, puilir.s: on liis boots for action. "Xo. r.o,'" .sr.icl the young ::ian, ''1 have given '.:;> ;'-ll hope of winning your d:iut;'h' •:-, but in conse<i\ior.co of what tools p'.i •-•> the other day, I have been rcquos:..! by :\ unanimous meeting of thf 1 co:-.--itttv lo ask you to join our lootbnU club!" A'aiuo of l^aruis. The fun-a larids of this country are tstimntcd to be worth 513,2T9,:io3. N Wreck of Spanish CruiBer Eeina Begente Found at Last. Lies on the Sea Bottom Near Strait* of Gibraltar-All the 420 M«n Perish. Pure Blood CA.DK, March 19.—The Spanish cruiser, Alfonso XII., has returned here after searching for the missing cruiser, Kfeina Kegente, and reports having found the latter vessel sunk near Bajo Accitanos, not far from the .straits of Gibraltar. Only !JO inches of the Reina Kegente's masts showed above water- To JJ<!ci>vnr ISotllBH of thi Crow. The Alfonso XII. lias returned to the scone of tho wreck with a number of divers and diving appliances in order to recover the bodies of the crew of the sunken warship. The Ileina Kcgento was reported missing March 13. Shu had just conveyed from Cadi/, to Tangier the returning Moorish mission to Spain. Tho cruiser left Tangier March 10 for Caclix and her location has not been definitely ascertained vintil Tuesday. Pii:ee.s of one of her boats and flags were reported to have been picked up :i!on<* the shore near Ccuta and Tarifa. She carried a crew of -1-0 officers and men and all are believed to have perished. As soon as the reports ot the disaster became current a number of Spanish and HriUsh warships put to sea in search of her. The Spanish cruisers, Isla de Luzon and Alfonso XII. re- turucd to Cadi/., after having searched Uiu Spanish and African coasts and the straits, without any news of the missing warship. Her Armament Too Hcttvy. Deputy Diax Morean, who was formerly anollicer in the Spanish navy, in .the 'chamber of deputies during tho .evening ot March 14 read the statement of a former cninmandor of the Riuna Regf.nte, in which tho writer described the cruiser as a vessel unable ito weather a heavy storm, owing to the .increased weight of her armament. l£xclt«men$ 1« Spain. The uncertainty as to the fate of the Ruinii Ilugonte caused .great public excitement in .Madrid, and the "•overnment was accused of keeping back news of the ship und of having ordered the detention by the censors of all tele-grams giving information about hor. But when a number of nags, 11 compass box and other wreckage known to have belonged to the Keina Kegente were washed ashore at Tarifa she was given up for lost. In Cadiz and Cartagena, where most of the '1-0 officers and men of the lost cruiser belonged, there has been great .anxiety and excitement from the moment she was reported missing. bhu VinittiU New Yorlt. The Rein (i Eegente, about two years .un-o, visited Isew York as one of the Spanish squadron which escorted across the Atlantic the Columbus caravels. Wait Launched HI is lit Yours Ago. [The Jloinn Hugonto was launched in IS87 and •wns one of three second-class deck-protected cruisers oi the sumo build, ber stscor ships bolnB tho Alfonso XII. .and tho Lepanto, all ot 4800 tons. l-.OW .horse-power; und expected to steum 20 Knots. The wrecked cruiser was i.'0 feet long, h:ul 50 feet 0 luoliei ,beum and a draught or :!0 feet -I Inches. She was propelled by twin screws, Hor pro- .tcotod deck was 4?i laches thick on the slopes, her coouing tower had 0 inches of armor, and her pun shields were 3 inches thloK The arroaroouc of tho Kelna Heseate consisted of lour Oi-i-luch, Hoctorln suns, one OB each side forward of tile central superstructure, one on oneh side aft; slxJ?4Hoiitorla guus In broadside. Mie forward and after pair In sponsors, middle pair in recessed ports, and tlftoen rapid-lire and niaoaicie (,-ucs. She was also lilted with live torpedo tuoos.l Dr. Cunco GratlUeil- DEXVJCK, Col, March 19.—Dr. Cuneo, Italian consul, has returned from Wal- Benburg, where he made a full investigation of the recent lynching of his countrymen, who were charged with murder. He says every assistance possible was offered him by the authorities. He will not discuss the nature of his report to tho Italian ambassador, but it is evident he believes it will prove entirely satisfactory. Crow of a Burning Ship Saved. LivEurooL, March 19.—The British tank steamer Delaware, Capt. Thomas, from New York March 0, has arrived in the river Mersey, having on board the crew of the steamer Donau, which was abandoned in midoccan. When sighted by the Delaware the Donau -had been ori fire for thirty-six hours and the crew had taken to the boats. Blowing Engine Explode*. PiTTSitcnfi.il, Pa., March 19.—At noon Tuesday the large blowing engine at Edith furnace. Wood's Run, Allegheny, exploded with terrific force. Several buildings connected- with tho plant were demolished aud. the debris was blown in all directions and with astonishing force. The full-crew of workmen miraculously escaped. Jury Could Xnt Agree. Liscow, Nob., March '19.—After being out forty-nine hours the jury in the Davis murder trial reported that it could cot agree, and was discharged. Is absolutely necessary in order to have .good health'. The greatest affliction of the human race is impure blood. There are about 2400 disorders incident to the human fruine, tiie large majority arising from cue impure or poisonous condition oi the blood. The best remedy for all blood diseases is found in Hood's SarsaparUh. Its remarkable cures are its loudest praise. It is not what we say but what Hood : s Sarsaparilla does that tells the story, •jNo remedy has ever had so marked euccess, or won such enormous suU^. Scrofula in its severest r-.-;-::n yields to its potent powers, bloou ^'isoiimc,- and salt rheum and many otV ;' discas'.'.-? arc permanently' cured by it. For a "•eiicnl Si>rintr Moiliclne to remove those'irapurit'ics which have aecumu- Ifttodduriiiijthn winter, or to overcome That Tired Feeling, nothing equals 1 1 wish to say th»t 3 years ago we had • beautiful boy born to .us. At the age of 11 months he breathed his last, a victim to impure blood. On Aug. 4, 1S91, another boy wag born, who at the ago of two months became afflicted with the game difleaae. We believed the trouble \va» constitutional, and not common sore mouth. I procured a bottle of Hood's Sarsapsrilla and commenced to give it regularly to both mother and baby. Improvement began at once. We have succeed in eradicating the scrofulous blood from the system and today we are blessed frith a nice, fat baby boy, IS months old —the very Picture of Health, all life and full of mischief—thants to Hood's Sarsapaxilla. I am a minister in tho Methodiat Protestant church, and it affords me much pleasure to recommend Hood's Sersaparilla to all as a safe, sure remedy. Evon my wife, after taking Hood's, became healthy and fleshy and has tho bloom of girlhood again." REV. J. Hi PATE, Erookllne Station, Missouri. OT WHAT WE SAY, but what Hood's Sarsaparilla Does, that e story of its merit and success frlQQD'S CURES. i!»nmi»3Hm»»»*» EXPECTANT ^ Thut our wonderful rcmMy "MOTHERS fiuKSD" whleh iuiv!w» child-bird o«*y m»y hi wlUiii tho r.'ach of «U we hftvo miu«d th« OTlw to «>£* l>»"»r per bottle. Bewnni at triad*. eounterf^iJ «>d substitutes. TAKE NOTHING BUT MOTHERS FRIEND. . SOLD BV JLLL DBCe«I»T». lot hoot »0«l CURRENT EVENTS. ,The cabinet met Tuesday for tho first time since March 1. At Morgan Bold, Ky.. Henry Pelaney was acquitted of tho murder of his wife. James Cooley, of Sparta nsburg- county, S. C., was whipped by whitu caps for teasing- his mother. An electric call system is to be put in the house of representatives at Washing-ton to summon the pages. Owing to bad weather the new Cuban susrav crop will', show a decrease in yield as compared with the average. Prof. Peter IT. Yander Weyde, well known as a scientific writer and teacher, died in Xe'u- York, aged 82 years. A bill before the Massachusetts legislature provides for safety coupling- and brake appliances on all railroads. Postal employes have formed a combination to bring- pressure to bear on uonsress to overturn certain obnoxious regulations. Dave Chris, while beating 1 his wife at Blue, I- T., was shot twice by his wife's young- brother. Chris is dead and the boy is under arrest. The old red brick house at Washing-ton built and occupied by James A. Garfield before his election to the presidency is to be replaced by a modern apartment house. The artesian well bored by contractors to supply Alexandria, La., with water 5s a great success. The well is 700 feet deep, and the flow 'of water is 239,000 gallons in twenty-four hours. _^________ OFF FOR LIBERIA. JfcRro Kmlirrnotn Ready to Sail from S»- viiiiuiili, GH.—OI hem Will lollow. SAVAXXAII, Ga., March 19.—The Danish ship Horsa, with 200 negroes on board, composed of men, women and children of all ages, from various points in the south, took out clearance papers'at noon Tuesday. A great crowd of whites and blacks were at the wharf to witness the departure ol the vessel, which sailed for Liberia. Rev. C. B. Smith, a colored minister of MashviUe, came here to induce the emigrants to remain in America, but jnetTwitb. no success. If favorable reports come back from Liberia, another batch of 300 will sail in June. S ATOLL I ACTS. The Ableta'e Said to Have Tomporarllj Sunpemleil Han Against Fytb.l«ol«n. FALL KIVEB, Mass., March 10.—At the instance of H. A. Dabug-ue, Esq., Dr. L, P. De Granpre and Dr. P. Ecol- lett, of this city, and Judge Chouquette, of Providence, Mgr. Satolli, the papal ablegate, it is said, has issued a decree temporarily suspending 1 the edict of P°pe_ Leo, relating to Catholic membership in the Kniffhts of Pythias. Justice JackHon May Beftlcrn. WABHIXGTOX,'March 19.— It is understood in the supreme court circle that Justice Jackson, who is now at his home in Tennessee, will resign from the bench of the supreme court next fall if his health does not permit Mm to resume active participation in the work.of the court after its summer vacation". __ Tlnsley Kcupponted. WASirrsGToy, March 19.—The president Tuesday appointed Alfred D. Tinsley postmaster at Sioux Falls, S.D. Tinsley's nomination was rejected by the senate during- the last session ol congress. ye\r ArcUiJi>"u|) Coii(,«**:r<»too'. • \VrxxiPEG, Man., March 19.—The formal ceremony of consecrating- the new arcb.bish.ip' of St. Boniface was conducted Tuesday on a grand scale at St Boniface cathedral. The new archbishop, Mgr. Lang-evin, is a brother of Sir Hector .Langevin, prominent in Canadian polities. • Window Ghiss Sleu Meet PITTSBURGH, Pa., March .19. — The window class manufacturers raet in this city Tuesday to hear the report of "a committee appointed to devise a plan for a combination of the window glass makers of the^country. Two Men KUlrd. J" an Explosion. OAKLAND, K. J., March 19.—A building- adjoining- Money's powder mill here was blown bo atoas Tuesday morning- by the explosion of a quantity of white "powder. Two men - ^ere kill ed and one seriously injured. iDrtlccinunf mxnusscci. -i.voi.is, I«K!., Jlarek 19.—The indictment for embezzlement ag-ainst Mark C. Davis, ex-cashier of the Iron IIa.ll, was dismissed Tuesday for failure to prosecute. He was jointly indicted with F. 0. Somerby, but the latter has kept outside ol the state ever since. PJ'.iv«U will! Tiro. MIAMISBUBG, 0,, March 19..—Katie Vicroy, the -4-year-old daughter of Mr and Mrs. Edward Vicroy, of this place was burned to a crisp daring- the momentary absence of her mother. Thr little one played with fire with fata results. Count. IJisiiiiirc-k Will Mot Serve. ..„.. ,-, March 19.—Count Herber Bismarulf, who was reported to hav been chosen as Gen. Von Werder's sue cessor. has refused to accept the St Petersburg post, as he does not wish t take orders from Baron Marschall Von Bieberstein, secretary of state fo ioreign affairs. Unltfld Statcn Coriiuee Comprtoy In Sold. NEW Yoiiii, March 19.— News was re ceived Tuesday in Wall street that tli United States Cordage company ha sold its Chicago plant. The plant ha a daily capacity of about twenty-fly tons of binding- twine. The purchase •was the Peering Cordage works. Another Helrcsi to Wed a Prloce. MEW YORK, March. 10.—Tho encrage ment is announced of Miss Annie Cor bin to Prince Lubeeki, of Russia, Mis Corbin is the daughter of Austin. Cor bin, who controls the Long 1 Island rail road system. THE MARKETS. Grain, 1'rovlslons, Ktc. CHICAGO. March 19. FLOOK—Quiet but firm. Quotations ran? as ioilows: Winter— Patents, $2.60®iOT straights, $!.35®~'.50; clears. $i!5®i30: sue oncls, $1.9042.00: low Krades. $1.80|il.8S. . Sprin —Patents. $3.00®3.50;' straights, 8B.10iB.75 baiters', S1.6r>O2.23; low prailcs. S1.75@1.SO Kod Dot,', JH.e5Wl.75-, Rye, 32.3032,50, WHEAT —Moderately active and uflsettlcc Cash, M!-i@D5,4;c; May, 55?S@3flMc; July, 50 Cony— Moderately active and strong. No. and No, 2 Yellow, 45«c: No. 3,-i-la; and No. Yellow, 4-l«o; May, -iO^a-ITl-io; Joty- -* 6 ?i ( 40,^0; September. 4tJS4f$4i3,'iC. OAIS—Firmer, with moderate tradtng.cNo. 29c: liny. L'0?ifa3>Xo: July, 38Ji<a«??<c. Sam pies steady. No. 3, iWaStto: No. 3 Whit 3; No. -', 26«®2S3ic: No. 3 White, 3: THE SOUTHERN MENU. Guinea Squanh. Corn Fritter*, "Hopplnc- ilohn" »nd Other Concoction*. The average northerner who attempts to compile a menu to tickle the outhern palate usually makes a mess of it. Some of the bills of fare from northern sources that are from time to ,ime to be seen in southern publica- ,ions are well calculated—not designed- y, however, it is to be hoped—to make the southern housekeeper drop and expire from "that tired feeling." About nine times in ten the alleged southern dishes in the bills are pure fictions, and ilmost without a single exception the menu isunsuited to this latitude and ;o the palates of people who know better. >Co southerner in good health and in lis right mind ever cats "hominy with milk and sugar" for breakfast, notwithstanding- the dish is undoubtedly safer than "salmon, with egg sauce," for supper. Hominy in this part of the country is dressed with butter or a little of meat gravy, and is eaten with a chop or beefsteak, or bacon and eggs, or broiled haw. etc. Hominy thus served is a standard bre:ikf:ist dish iu the south, and is fit for a king-. It needs no sugar or cream or nutmeg, and to put, either on it is to commit ;i Crime against gastronomy. The same observations apply to rice, which the northern menu-makers tell us to serve with cream and sugar. The cooking of rice, by the way, is an art which has not yet been acquired iu the north. Properly cooked, each grain of rice stands firm, dry and separate from its fellows, yet it is as soft as a dead-ripe fruit, and tho whole mass as white as snow. In the north they boil the grains into a glutinous muss, utterly destroying its beaut} and individuality, and then sweeten_it Sometimes southern folks sweeten rice for sick people or ailing children, anc call it rice pudding. Again, thej make a piUau of vice and peas; thii they call "hopping-john," and it is i food fit for all upright and health} men. Other pillars, uia.de of vice_am chicken, or okra and bacon, or birds are distinctively southern dishes, am the person who sits down to either disl with an appetite has reason to than] Heaven for his good fortune. Rice i. also used in soups and gumbo. Bu sodden rice dressed with cream am sugar, for breakfast—bah! Out upoc the- infidel who suggests it! There are dozens and dozens of real southern dishes that delight the souls of those who eat, them when prepared properly—sugared sweet potatoes, guinea squashes, corn fritters, etc.— but the northern-built menus seldom or never mention them. They tell us to eat hominy with sugar for breakfast, and salmon with egg sauce for supper! One may well wonder how lie would g-et through the night and where he would be the next morning after following such directions. There arc in the south, however, people who pretend to like the northern bills of fare. It is all pretense. They affect oatmeal. The northerners eat it merely beaiuse they do not know anything about hominy and rice 'properly cooked, and their southern mimics eat it because they think it is more toney. Such people, we feel constrained tosay, sacrifice both their brains and their stomachs to "style."—Savannah Sews. . a HYJC— Steady, with a fair cash demand. In store. 5-^c; sample lots. M .54&c; outsid choice; No. 3, about 48350c: May delivery, 53o bid. BARRET— Slow and unchanged. No. 4, 53® 62o: No. 3, 5ia54c for fair to choice, and No. 2, MESS PORK— Trading was qulto active ana prices lower. Quotations ranpod at SltSOa 11.75 for cash regular: ill.5l>au.7D lor March, and $11. 55(311, 92/, for May. LA.RD— Knrhor quiet and lower. Quotations ranged at M653H.70 for cash; $6.C538.0"H for March; 80.77^00.80 for May, and $a«>30.93 for seller July. LIVE POULTRY— Per pound: Tunteys. <ftJMo: Chickens, 8«<30«c; Ducks, 9©llc; Geese, per Aozen, $aoo®6.03. BCTIB a -Creamery, 1031Dc; dairy, 63l7c; Packins: Stock, 53i6c. LIQUORS — Whisky quoted steady at S1.28 per gallon for highwlces. NEW YOKE. March 19. FLOTTH— State and western _qulet, steady. WHEAT— No. -' red firm, fairly active. May. IKc: July. 6« 13-10^313-10=: August. 81 u: September, 01J4iOl?io; December. «3 -.. cons-No. 2. quiet, firmer. May. 51 !July, MV4GSO?ic; .September. G1©3''S; No.2. "OATS— No. 2, dull, stsaily- May. y ^ c '- State, 3r<3-lli:: western, 33'/;-j;4Ic; BEEF-Virm. £,<ara mess, S7.50S8.a>; family. SS 73 •£. 12. 00. POttK— Quiet,, steady. Mess. Si3.00313.50. LAUD— Quiet, nominal, BuTTHn-Fancy Urm: fairly active: western dairy. S&liWc: do. ci-eamery.new. ll@2'c: do., old.'s^Hc; do. factory, Ij-J12c: Elgias. 20c: Imit:it,ion creamery. OSlS'-ic: rolls, 7&12C. CHESSE-Pisey. moderately active and Qra: suite, larse. SS'lWe: do. fancy colored. ll«c; do. white, lie: da, small, S$12c. — Lower; western, li'/ic. t Live Stock. CHtCAGO. March 19. Hoes— Marke: fairly active, opening steady hut. soon weakened and prices declined ;>& Sales ranged' at .f3.403i.4d tor .PiRs; H30£ 4.CO for riKhs: 44.2j.44.40 for 70u?h packing $4.3034.05 for mixed, and H 45-34. .J for heavy packlns and shippins lots, ivlra one fancy lot atJiSO. , , CATUS-Market active, prices ruled strong but unchanged. Quotations ranged at $S.(»<i6.~J for choice to extra shlppin? stears: f4,93.v>.& IOT (jood to choice do. ; J4.SO £4.93 for fair to good; H-OOsaioofor common to medium da: Jasos e-t-,-0 for Butchers' Stoers; 82.6533.60 for Stackers: S3..TO;f.4.40 for Feeders: $1.5J3i3j for Cows: »03 C4.30 for Hellers: SiOOgH-Ti for Bulls: $1UO£4. 60 for Teias Steers, and 5 M for Veal Calves. KNOWLEDGE ira comfort and improvement and sends to personal enjoyment when .ightly used. The many, wno hve bet- ier than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, t>7 more promptly idaptius: the world's best products to ••be nceils of physical being, will attest Ae value to health of the p«ro_ liquid laxative principles erabiviced in tue •emecv, Syrup ot Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting H the forte most acceptable and plens- int to the taste, the refreshing and truly Beneficial projjerUes of a perfect lax- itive; effectually cleansing the system, Spelling colds, hcadftchort and levers yjd permanently curing constipation. U has siven satssfaccion to millions and .net -s-ith .the approval of the medical •irofrssion, because it acts on the Kid- Wvs, Liver and Bowels without weaic- iniuff them and it is perfectly free from •very objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs i* for sale by all drug• istiia 50c ai.dSl bottles, but it is man- ',f-icture<i by the California Fig Syrup IV, only, whose name is printed on every .xickaee, also the name, Syvup of Figs, ,nd being well informed, you will IM* .u-.ci>nt any substitute if often** PAP CALENDAR Por * » * 1895 You Need It. A Desk Calendar is * necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest of all—full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor cxcicisc and. sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and oi your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-cent stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFQ. CO., Mention twi piper- Hartford, Conn, CHECKING LABOR AGITATORS. Tho Plan Followed Durlnsr the BullJine of a Mexican Rullroail. "They had an original and effective way of preventing' strikes on the Sonora railroad while it was building," said its first superintendent, according to the New York Sun. "The -Mexican peons were queer laborers to deal with, and there were habitual kickers and ag-itators among- them to stir up discontent, like those we find in other more enlightened regions where great works are carried on. The Mexican government; standing- as a backer of the road, was of course interested that nothing should interfere with its progress, and so when it was discovered that a man was stirring up trouble among his fellow laborers he was disposed of in a way peculiar to the country. "Some men were detailed to get him drunk-no difficult task when liquor was furnished free—and he would wake up in the morning to find himself in military barraclcs and to be informed that he was an enlisted soldier in the army. All the formalities haxj duly been gone through with, and he was kept m seclusion in the barracks until he was transferred to some remote part of the republic. He was enlisted under an assumed' name, so that when his friends came to the barracks to inquire after him by name they were informed that there was no such man there. If they doubted the statement there were the rolis. which they might inspect. As the Mexican soldier is virtually a prisoner, and the army is made up to a considerable extent of criminals pardooed nndcr condition of enlisting, no comment would be excited by the keeping of a new recruit in confinement, and, off in Yucatan or Tabasco, his friends would not hear of him again, at least during the building of the road." —Sympathy is that within us which enables us to look at our neighbors ai our or.her self. —Young Men's Bra- OXEX and sheep fatten better In company than "when kept alono. Pills, Thflr Une ami lliose. Pills are by far the beat cathartic to use, but you most cot abuse their use by baoliually depending on them for daily stools. If you will use HloeharfB Pills you will find tbcmjto •epulate the bowels acd afford regular md free daily stools, by 8.n occasional. .oee of one piU Sold by B. F. Keen- In(j and Keystone druj? store. Children Cry for Pitcher's If you lack strength, with no tite. takeRineh»rt'8Pilli. Oaeadose Sold by B. F. Keesling and Keyitone drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. r*l« Llpuwil FUih Are a sure eljrn ol »torm>cb. worm! In children, and if not removed the ejnop- toraa are more alarming by frightful dreams, nervousneei and spasms. Th« best remedy to use le Einebari'e Worm Lozenges. They always remove all t kinds of worms and the worm nest. Sold by B. F. Keesliog and Keystone drugstore. ChM. she crted tor Custa*, men rae oecamo Miss, ate clung to Castor* Jtai me OKI Chuaren.»»» S"* Ioein < It your child ba* pale lips or !• fretful, <?ive Rinebarfs Worm Lozen. gea. Sold by B. F. Kaeeling and drug store. ^ Wh-nih-Ch H Mi-tn • f the Mornlne Hans llk-e a. prill oy.*r the s;irriO? of ths eartn.lt will Wi well for TOO before venturing Inro th-raw vaporous air. dnrged, perhaps, with tfcefwds of n.alariaorpmvocatlve ot rheumatic twinges, to take'a wln<"sl:uwfal ot H0't<?rter's Stomach T:!'- t<r;. nJip thus shield yourself from atmospheric Infinenoea rn r«Ml«Un8 to Sealtb Ifjoa h»p;-en to cet snowed. Reeled or tainea uson, use the sinic preventive. &nd avoid the rheumatism or a danpro s cold- The agreeable. warmth Infused Into the circulation OF this genial stomachic. Its Invlgoratlnizand regulatln* properties commend 11 • a] appreciative of the fact that prevention Is tetter ihancnr*. 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