The Courier News from ,  on September 27, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from , · Page 9

Issue Date:
Saturday, September 27, 1947
Page 9
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1947. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally nt» fti UB* r«r MBMcotu* la wrtfoni: Nofic« Highest value for used, •virulim Items lu trade at Klbert Huffman's Swftp Shop, 401 E. Main, I'll 859, 21-ck-tf 1 time per llu ................. lit 2 limes per line pel «»y ........ Iff •J limes p«r lino ptr **y ..... tf (i times i»r line pec da; ....... 7c 12 llm» JUT Hoc per day ........ fe Month per line ............... We Coual (IK- MVr/Me word! to tk* ll»*. Ad ordered for th«« or Hi tlmei and •topped before t*iilrattoa will be charted for the number of times the ad appeared aod adlustm«nt of bill made. All Classified AdY*rtUlni copy »u»- mltled by persons residing outride '«( llii: cllr must be accompanied by cash. Kates may lie easily computed Irom the above table. Advettlslne order for irrtftau turtle us takes tbe one time rate. No responsibility will be Uke» lot more than one Incorrect Snferttoft of *uy classified ad. Attention Commercial Travelers •Modern Tourist Court. Missouri Statr Lino. HiKlwny 01. 3 a? nk 10 27 Plumber \>r a licensed plumber or ror exiierl stove repair work call Hiury Meyers Ht lluljljartl Himhvnrc. 9:2-ck-!0;2 When Iho best costs less, why not wet the uosl. Our inlfi's -1flc •- GOi'. NICIfOl.S HAHUKIt SHOP twrH of City DruB Store. Ojil'll till T30 [ 9 20 l>k 30 Services PORTRAITS OP DISTINCTION BLYTHgVR>I>E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS For Sole, Misc. PA(SE Apartments Wonted Two or three room furnished mnu-l- ineut desperately needc<l. Cull Noble l[ot,l room 306. 0 . 25 . pk . M Stucco block houses .spruy(.'<!. White iKiliit furnished, Ateu roots spniy- eil. Phone :(C58, ItuiUhc Spain. Unfurnished apartment. two or three . moms. Call Mr. Hyrtl 2071. 9,25-|)k-28 Room 'or iinnrtnient wanted lor four persons, tarnished or unfurnished. Hox EMT t'o Courier News. OU8-pk-10'3 Business Service Directory HOUSE MOVING Thirteen years experience, plenty of equipment.. References. Leveling, foundation repairing. Auction Sales and Services If you have jinytl auction U lor photic 551. iiiK to soli let us you. Information 9;iO-pk-10!ll Auto Supplies and Services VIRGU, FOLEY Phone 2105 9,12-l>k-10 12 AKMY SUUPI.US TENTH 1MIOKK KAKH1 PANTS HI1IKTK WOO1KNM HOOTS COMKOKTKUti. 1X:T 11 '2 1,1 1 A' ST. Dl.OC'K KOUTII Of' KAKTMA1N NT ll 5 Private Rooms lulviilo linth aiul ftliowor. Mim •in'H. 1'lumu 'J1SII. lUO-nK-JP -- 31 I N. nth. niono 210 \Vi- 11,2:1 iik FRAMES ituule to onlfr for pictures, Olplomiis. etc. O'STEEN'S STUDIO n;i5-ck-:'o L. ['Hinting and purer hanging. K. Freeniau. Phone 28S5 8]28-nk-9i28 Sewing CA.SII FOR WRECKED OR JUNK AUTOMOBILES Wade Auto Salvage tt. Highway 01 Slip covers n»d tlniporles. rlione 74a Mrs. I. M. MclIiiMey. 927 pi: 10 It) FlttlnKK. nUersvtlovis Uo^it on incu or womens clothiiiK. Also tallort-d slip covers. Ednn Hartielt. phone 264y. 201 w. cherry st. 9;25-iik-io::i Phone 3185 8-5 ck tf Exp Repa ert Radiator ir for Less \Vc, have Uic best tn radiator rcRair cciuiimitiit. I.<:t our trained men boll IJUL nut] repair your radiator for you. Quick Service, Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co. DOIKH.AS l.AWKON. M«r. Phone 2171 a;9 ck tt Building Material For KewliiK iincl nkerfitloiis Cull TIOG9. nils Mtirr Dnnlorth. 202 Donftan Shoe Repair Allen Pickard's East End Shoe Repair WOHKMANS11IP nnd MATEHIA1. OUAHAN'l'EED 112 Lilly St. lilock South ot E. Main 11,0-ck-lO.f C///WH vJ^ Ride 'Em Cowboy! When \vo finish servicing your cm- for winter—your cur is ready lo (.like :ill the hard knocks and tough driving you c;m give il. Drive in today for complete winterising and ovc'rhnulinjj service, PHILLIPS Now Open -24 HOURS- Day or Night—Bring Your FORD Home to nvrnparl. lli'lKc Vlpliolslciy, piurll- 1'illly lii'W. $SO aisli. 1JV2 W Ash l-'lvi- liisurinuv I'rU'tt Ust of hoiiu-s. il Kroa-ry hliiriM til tltci'nivtlon^l ^1! <'oillb1nv Call or *<>«> Mnrrlii WIlMiii ut llvi'sn llln <M . l.uxant. Ark. I'lioin- \vn VrlH'tlun hllinls now In Mock. Hciulv- nuiilc K M. Illlilds. Drill I'nliu Htitiv. 100 !•:. Muln St. plume -HdL). 1124-rk-tf For Sale, Cars, Trucks Wanted to Buy i'^; ill] kinds n«t l tl t>: [mining c(|ii!p- tools; uru'<l lucnl- tii.rvli'i'aliliv I'liiiiu 1 NEW TRUCKS '47 MODELS Ilus is all new equipment. Never been used. '47 CHEVROLET li-, II.2S tiros Ilwwy ull tl Wanted Old Steel Bed Rails 1 to 1000 T. L. Mabry 423 E. Mo.-Phone 3627 \ PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed ISest Prlewi Kirby Drug Stores ompany 5th al Walnut Phone -1453 Inly. 2 K\H' '47 INTERNATIONAL KB6 with K'l motor. 51h direct irunsmls- '^INTERNATIONAL KB6 AUK> '46 CHEVROLET H.'avy duly. been In Keivice clnre miiy '-17. ;» Speeil axle, B.25 II res all l>rol '""'45 CHEVROLET llctivy fluty, CoiutUlon like new. a speed u\le. U.?R tins nil mound. J. H. SEEMAN 800 \V. Walnut Phono 2J)S7 !> J! |>K lOil '41 4-Door Deluxe Plymouth. Uooil cotulltlon. ttiiri;(ini $000. C'ull 135, lATiclivllle. 0,24 nk 2H Hudson Mull r.ood, run;; Co.. or Just Arrived BEAUTIFUL. NEW FLORAL AND WEAVE TRIM/ HEADY-PASTED WALL PAPER Planters Hardware Co. 9'15 ck If Trucks, Equipment MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE I have been authorized by the Mortgagor to sell 19-52 Ford llj ion dump truck. 134" wheel base for less than b:»];i[K"fi ilue on finance contract. SEE JIM ROLE3ON 11G N. 2ND STREET For Sale, Farms BO acre farm. 1 mite north of C5os- ncll school, wood land for cot ion or corn. See Hoynl S:mdE>rs. phone 7!»4 lllythcvlllc. 3.26 pV: 10,:! Typewriter INSULATION iiAuH us 011 the bcsc kind to use ticl the chciipc-sc way to apply It. K. C- ROBIN-3ON LUMBER CO. PAPER HANGING AND DECORATING Prf-e Estimates Bill Davis Phone •5469 9,4 ck 1014 T)o your own concrete work and h Rent a concrete mixer by day or hour Phone 489, Sof «59. BlytheTllle. . 8il«-ck-tr Business Opportunity ULstrtbutor olleis to ritclit person o Ijort unity to operau: 50 K]V.\ni Praimt mnchliiu.s - proven profit 75c per :::achiiiL> per week. Casl\ iieces- .snry S49a,00. Kor more Inforniatton write Mr. Dnvld Berns. 23^0 Olive St.. St. hauls. Mlssovirl. Coal and Wood Bur your coal belore the wmter rusn r.-el us fill your bin. Phone 489. Bo* 559. BlythcTllle. ArkausEui. 8ilC-cA U Household Goods fatliiR and cooking stove.* of M tilnrts. West End Auction, phone 951 Ojl5-cX-10:15 Ifnvo on liantt now: Automatic Home Benclix Waslier. Ol stoves, nuo Tlierm stove. Elect rl rcofc stove. Table top hot wale lieflUr. Vhllco refrigerator. Jlendlv Ironer. 3rot;rlte Ironer., StocV; J'hllco radios. Kitchen cabitiets }'lillco deep ftee/ens. (itorye Appliance nntl Auto CO. t.nxora. Ark. Phone 8' TYPEWRITERS KojVil, Smith, Corona nrul Reinin^- on Portable. DON EDWARDS The Typewriter Man 110 N. Second Kt. I'lrme 3382 11 acres hint). 3 houses rtiul burns. 150 acres level hill ami balance In cypress bottom (am). This fnriti has 150 ncres soybeans tbtu will uross hair the- price or land, located in StodUard County. Mo. Price S5Q.OO per :icrc. Keo or ctiU K. M. Ucrk. Ulythevillo. Ark, '25-pk-ao LAND FOR SALE SPECIAL For Sale, City Property 1-OR SALE ~ Grocery nncl market, nice llvlni' rooms, furniture. Walk-out proposition, immediate possession: H. C. Campbell Phone's 4-140 29:10 four door Si'tliui, Look* noiul. Sr<! »l Curiu-y Awn- Cull 207'.'.. !l;27 |)H lt)!3 Help Wanted 'IT'H A KIIAMU lo illnrnnl nlioes; wlik'li only lu'oil u i;tu»l repair Jnlil 'to civil them ninny more mllo.i ol. •weiir.ulilllty. llrluu lllcin hevi' mill, [In 1 mini/ell ut ho\v Illlle we cliaii;if i Jin rcnnv worn [oolweiir. 4 I HALTER'S I » Quality Shoe Shop < Farmer's Column iuaramcecl fresh coiintrj' eijfis. Luther Thompson, Dogwood Store, Hi \vtiy Cl Houth. U 27 nk 10j5 •"ryera for sale. South 61. C. Abraham JCKJC) hay. Phone £69. ATTENTION farmers- Ti'uckers " Ginners \Ve arc In production On nil Slylcs ol Custom Built. Truck Covers For H:*y - Cottonseed - Soybeans CARNEY AWNING CO. 113 S. First. Phone 2DT2 ^ Blytlicvillc. Ark. 8 30-pk-9'30 For Hire Tractor breaking plow, ousters, disc. harrow, punter, cultivator, clipper combine. John C. Bright. 300 S. Second St. Phone S79. fl:U-pk-l[14 ICO acre, best loam soil that cnii tn : hat!, gravel road, oltctrfcliy, scliool I bus. near Burdr-Ur. This IH one of • the cheapest ICO ncrns hi that, section of the cosuury. Price SlfiO. per ticrc Can be piirchjjiietl 1 : S itnxvii, balnuce over :t [jtriod of yoars. 40 acres, snort, msinuco E^st of Illy- tlitivlltc, extra good lan<l. fair Itnptov- inentJi. Price SflSOO. We hove a number of other tract." near Blythcville. we would like to show you If Interested. Riales Land Co. PHONE 3322 NLYTUEV1LLE.AHK. RUSSRLL E. RIALKS II. M. HECK y - J5-])V;-'2'J MODEIiK HEATJTY SHOP Nciv cdlllpmr-nl. Wnll localcil In modern blilldlni; up lou-n. FLVE ROOMS AND HATH on >ms MEIC-. completely rurnlslircl Price S4.000. ]m]C down. LARGE ItECONDITIONEti 1IOUSK. Ulvltled Into C\vo iiiinrtuientti. it«!tital hotlse oti hack or lot. Close to fouslui-.s.i llistrlcl. Cheiip luxes nod Instlnitiee Cun be ilnri[!ce<l. See or call: , MAX LOGAN Realtor E. T. HUUUAKD-Salesinnn LYNCH HULLDINO Pllonc '2034 Rookkccpcr — Kxpcrioncc iwot'cvralily one \vitli cvcili 1 c.xpcvicuco. Apply Mr. Keslcr at Monlitt'i'iovy \Vnnl. 26 ck HO COTTON PICKERS $IOOO" IMckini: hUUK lit 10 Tluirndaf. Oct. '^. Seotl Ln yonr Lipiillenlltiti bljutv. to Nutlomil Cotton IMckini; content, »OK 707. Illvllievllle. 92<> ilk 10 I Help Wanted, Male For Sale, Misc. For Sole, Farms Loans MONEY TO LOAN \Vc loan money on rarm land and uy prnperty. Wn ;,lso buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCH1NS (Mcucoc Hotel Building 024 ck tf FOR SALE: BO acre cotton fnrm. lo- catctl mrnr Gideon, Missouri. In fertile New Madrid County, on R.P.D. and school - bus routes, electricity, prosperous IIIH! friendly community. Write owner, Orcn S. lAlcy, 8 Flobbs Tprrace. Jefferson City. Mts-win-V 925-i>k-IO"25 EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS ON APPROXIMATE!/*' 20 FARMS ,.ans\uK IN s ^/,c fron\ 40 acres to large irncts. If you nre I in crested In buying or selHng. or In ifiaklnj- a loan tM; sure and ctvll us anil we will be clad to snow or discuss these farms \\Un CECIL EARLS Noble Gill Agency Osccola—Phone 9-1 Hlythevitlo—Phone 3131 LAND FOR SALE Wo have one of the largest selections of choice farm lands of any real estate firm. 334 ncrcs Southeast Missouri. MOOC[ locution for hotr.c. Best Improvements. Crop rent goes to buyer If bought now. Price S1CO iicrc. Terms. 190 ncrcs finest ulack loam soil In Souttivnst Missouri. 5D bushels IK-JUIS per acre this year. Good improvements and location. For :i real protlncer. see this one. S175 acre. Terms. 80 acres 10 minutes Kast or Kennett. HesL homo. b:irn — city conveniences on main rorul for n home. Sec this one now. We 1mve several large plantations with Kins nncl stores In tracts IIP to 5.000 acres. We hove mniiy othrr ftirms from -to acres up. See 'Bud' first for the best in farm lands. H. E. "Bud' Fisher Real Estate and Loans 101 E. Kentucky Blytlievllle. Ark. Phone 2330 or C93 Anytime H. E. "IlmJ'' Fisher—Urofcer Fielder Pccry—Knlesmrm Hattfc Fisher—gali'swonmn Hitrljcr shoii cated »t Owner Kell fs. \Vrltc 'J'onu Carnther.svlllo. wlUi living Cottonwool ((inirtcrs. lo. oint. Mo of ftillfn [\rch- Tucker. Route 1 ' Grocery store, f;n s station and lunchroom. Priced for quick siilo. larnilrc East V Grocery. Holcomn, Mo. 9.'25-pk-28 Duo Tlierm oil 1'honc 3G2C. Money to Loan Do you need a lonn to repair or rc- notiel? NO clown payment, no mor- a^e. no red tiipe. t'HA APPROVED RATE SrJ, ASK KOFI DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Plione 2034 Lynch Building mylhevllte. Ark. D-23-c.t-tf Musical Merchandise \Vnmecl — -Several good used pleiios Hlelicsi price paUI. riione 3096. 9,23 pX 30 HPINKT PTANOS Plnno itmrr. C, u. corrcll. Holland. Mo For Sale, City Prop. Inr^o size. 9'25-Ck-lO .2 2 pelcc.s 12' Iron roonni?, 312', Phone 2li:!9. 1208 Holly. 9;23-pk-:iO Wiirm Mornlni; heater. 1 Email sto with hot writer tank combined Cheap. Dr. C. U. Wilson. Uliin who hiiK some extra time over :mil above his vcgu- liir vocation. Onn to l\vo days « wcok. Write P,ox "C" Courier News. 26 ck lifl ruKslore flxturc.s. nil or unrt. Includes w:tll rixtiirc;; — yliiss show- ciise.s — costneLIt: four. etc. Write or phone City Dm- Ktore, .Stcclc. Mo 027 ck IIM 2 «-|iectecl -ntlltty trailer At D. Wntle's Auto Salvage. Price S75. 927 pK 1011 FOR SALIC Just arrived with 300 bushels of Michigan Rlbcrta peaches. We nre now in our new location at Main and Lilly. Phone 3986. Buck K- 9 25 pk 29 U'nnlcd — TWO MECHANICS Must, he sober und efficient, Nonr other need apply- <'ood salary. «ood working roncllHuns, apply In r)un;on. No phorii- rails. PHILLH'S MOTOR CO. u.2B nk in; i 3ALESMAN'S A'lTKN'riON lit: In driver's .srnt n.s Dlslrlrt Mnn- M::C r. Ft oof cttnent. direct to owners for Jcuknroolliitf. Hum new car {IjonuRi Car ilrllvured UK Ktton ns itimlifir*! with fiiilc.s quo tit. Cnpulilc mini can iriakf,' over SI 4,000 In thrcr; years nmlor pliui. Act. now. Box 17(16, Clcvrhmcl. Ohio. -- Cftrpenter thoroughly oxiiorlcticccl In Ei'LtliiK concrete forms. Crooil pny. call Room 29 Goff Motel :ifu-r 7:IH» If you arc liitcrrsU'd In SRft trt MO,) n wock nont'slly cnrncd »y >mrd work: U you nrtr aO))nr. Ind'uritrloti'i. u- Kponslblp nncl prone] of y.irr Kcnd reputation; and tf you nre look'iu for n permanent sales posUlon r/nii u future-, write nbout yourfiolf ut llils 64-yeftr old nutnuttirtnrrr — The K nil per - Thomas C.'oinpnnv, (*in- clnnrLll 12. Ohio 9 27 pi; Z3 Enjoy our delicious, select, wcll- umkctl foods . . . swiftly, courtc- nvisly servrtl! KwryUnn- you dlnu nut treat yourself, to maximum I >l ert .sun.- aL inhilininn pHccsl JOHNS CAFE 40!) West Main St. ' I'liune 3900 Second -hnncl Cull 3105. y — $12.50. 327 ck 10"! 300 acres, goo<l fertile Inud on grave] rond. School bus. llnbts, running water. Good In^provemcnt. Plenty of tenant houses. Close to Ulythcvillc This Ifirm will carry a $100 acre loan. 160 acres choice land close to Stcelc Mo. On good road. Modern home and plenty of tenant houses. Gooc improvements. Priced lo Fell. » Aboiit ID ncrcs close to town Root irnprovemenls. A good buy. $7500. We have listings on some of the bes forms. StocX farms—cotton farms- any kind of farm you want. IOG acrc,s—S125 an acre: 100 ncres -— $8'1 nu acre; 12G acres $100 an acre: 1700 acres-$110 an aero: 240 acres, a good corn farm—$160 im acre. Thric and other farms we have for sale can all be financed with small annual payments. \ fff Interest- If you are Interested Iti tniylug or selling city proiwrty or 'tarn*, lanrt call or sec Lvitncr Gray—Broker. Residence phone 513 Bert Koss Salesman. Residence phone nais Office with Marlon Williams Insurance Agency, 115 K. 3rd. I'hone 2751. One G room house In TrMe Addition 2315 Carolyn. .123 pk 2C Good nclRhborhood utocery store do- I'rlcetJ as n, walk-out. Worth money. New modern 5 room hoi ISP with tr wltnuDt furniture. Priced to sell Terms. •1 room house, bath, well-located It i;oo<l neighborhood. I'rlce 53.000. Flat do\vn payment. Ha lance easy. 2 bwlroorn modern home v;:lh 2 tots Price S4750. Terms. Modern suburb:)n home. Srmll acre- | age. close In. All Iciicetl, KOOU* Ini- provemc-nts. II you nrc Interested In buylnp or selling city property or farm lund call or see Luther Gray—LiroKcr. Residence phone 513 Ucrt Koss Salesman, Residence phone 3816 Office with Mnrlcm \VllUani Insurance Agency. 115 H. 3rd, phone 2751 D.24-pk-10;2 5 room house with bath, f^ot 71 1-2 x ISO. Kast Carolyn St. Price $4500. Owner O. S. RolHson. Phone 3303. 9,24 pk 10,9 ~rROOM"RESTDENCE~ Ot] Missouri Street, Trice 44500. tcrmc $2500, Cash balance. $25 inont h. H. C. Campbell Plume -IMIi or 2030 AI'PI.KS Dy Bushel or Trilcklontl Wholrsnlo or Kctnll LEWIS POULTRY 410 K. Main Phone E)39 One table model racllo-pliono^r combination — price 550. And one coffee lalilp—price $12.60. Both In Koort condition. Phone 24-35. Laic Model Cuslimaii Motor Scooter Comp]clc with hacksent. wliKlslilcIil. ^tc. In cxcollein. condition. Reduced for Quick Sale Phone; 2;!25 820 <lh tr Sfnilrrclette fvir coat. Price S50 Moore's Hotel. 317 1-2 W. Mnln St. or cull _ 236G. 3,23 pk 30 SALESMAN - MAN WITH AMBITION Ace 21 lo .15. No previous expert- nice neecssiiry. Cover locnl territory. Drawing arcotmt. K ( >od chanrr for (iclvtiiieeiiii-iit. Write prf:vlous experience. SnnpRliot if possible, fiel- ercnccr,. Box 678 r 'f, Courier News. 0 2.*i-ck-2H Gin Inhor. VaLlcyNelcl Gin. Phone- 0-S5 0'24-ck-lf Help Wanted, Female Gin Supplies Don't Icnvc niylhcvlllc to buy Gin SuppUeR. We lire cortjputl- live wllli any'mid-.soiilli (Irm on tlicso sii|)|)ly prices. Buy here for better merehnnillSD and lower prices. U.S. BcIHng - Detroit Belt Hooks Crane Valves and Fittings Pyrene Fire Extinguishers Sec Planters Hfirdwarc Now! It Can Happen to You Wlicn an lu'cidcnl or breakdown occurs — call 5,78 and our low cur will "romo to the. rescue" immediately. We Specialize I tody mul Fender Work Class Installed ' wheel Alignment Complete I'uint Jobs LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. I wreck«n Phon« ** •*• T*HCO Prod act* ^/ O 8«lbwUnf BRIW6 /T BACK TO CHEVROLET FOR SERVICE-PARTS-ACCESSORIES HldcH iin; llin mosl linijortnnt y-pratlucl, olilnliiccl In tlx: inciiL- mclilng liuliistry. • Mexicans call the Tcpexpan 16,000-ycnr-oUI skeleton of ai» l v Atuei'icnn, "Panclilto." Daws O. K. Garage 120 Lilly St. General Auto Repairing fladiiifor Cleaning & Repair I'aintiiiK & Hody Repair Welding, All Types All Work Guaranteed Phone 805 Recpncjitipned Motors for Sal« ALL GOOD ROTORS! Recently reconditioned in our shop, using- latest factory methods. Come in J-30 H. P.. to li/o H. P. These motors will do the job. See thorn today! Medlin & Lqne Electric Company 129 So. FirsJ Phone 2180 AIRLINK TRAINING Airline training for hostess reserve- Lions, teletype :incl rndlo-phone communications Women needed tor the T>l£ airlines. .Short-time trnlnlrip quall- fU-.s you for n pleasant well-paid position In the air transport industry. I.nnrn In resilience or by extrusion In spnre tlm'e IT desired without Interference wllli your present employment. Write district mnnngcr. MIDWESTERN SCHOOLS P O. Hos 7.°.5. Joplltl. M,R*o»rt City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 Far F.xfcti Ke^atn 3Z4 E ut M»ln 8t Felix A. Carney 947 I'otitlftc 2 tloor scilant'ttc. TlndLo and heater. Phone 28H2. 0 '.K-ck-lt •LENTV OP JELI.O--JEU.O PUDDING IMNEAPPI.K—KAGLE BRAND MU.K^ Kevbough Grocery and Meat Market ,12» H. nivlskm Phone JM6 1 hentlnK stovo. 1 oil rook stove. 1 tec box. 1 Davcno bed, bin chair to mr.tcli. Othr-r rlmlra. \VHl sell cheap. 401 Kast Vino St.. niythcvllle. Ark. 025-pk-!9 One Moorp anr) one coleman oil hcoter Ohcctp- County health unit. Phone .1162. 0 26-pk-2!l HKt.I. CHKISTMAS CARDS 50 FOR SI WITH NAME M.ike extra money easily. Slio\v i;rn- r.ntiotinl vnlur- Nnmii-rmprlllleil Chrlsl- nmf; Cnrilr. SO for J1. Other N.Trie- Iniprillted unro.iKLl vnhlr.s. IllK line 51 nssortim-ntK. KHEFJ samples. Write SOUTHERN C1FIEETING CAIIDK. Deilt. 405. MrCnll HMllrtini:. M"inplill Experienced BOOKKEEPER Work with couRenl^t personnel, firiorl ly. Write Klvtni; lull experience, anrt personal rtelntls. COtltllEU NEWS. BOX MVT 02S-28 A few used show cases ami display tables for sale. CaH Brooks Music Store. 107 East MMn; Telephone 811. Rend Courier News Want Ads. fxpcrlcnccO conX ror couple. r\vb lK. Good hfll.iry. I'll. 3102. 0 27 ck U It is tetter to drive a car cnre- fnlly today tliap to lie driven slowly in ,1 lirarsc tomorrow. ABSTRACTS Of TrTL€ REAL ESTAYE ( LOANS TERRY ABSTRACT*REALTY CO! ^l}w.lMlNuTrr PHONE 2351 BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • T Prepare-Protect !r any day now the thermometer will zoom clown, do\vn, down! Make sure your cai' is ready for frigid weather, ice, snow, lough riding. Drive in today and let Lang" ston-Wroten winteri/.e your ciir. Courteous, prompt, efficient work by the best mechanics! One Stop Poes It H«r«! Complete Servicing LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Buick Service Phone 555

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