The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1948
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 2. BLYTIIEVILLF, (AKK.V COURIER NEWS PAO1 T8KEB Senate to Probe BondSpeculation Ferguson Committee Schedules Meeting To Plan New Inquiry lly I'rcil Mulli'ti (llnili'd 1'ri'ss Slaff ('iirii'^iuiiuU'nt WASHINGTON. Mar. 2 .U1>|- A Semite JDiTsitaiition will BM i umiorway suou iiuo wurtinu' RU\'-\ rnimcnt bmxi sprruhninn- by fed- ei:i\ nlficiuls, ii was liMincil'todny. Tills (listlosurc ciine as Cliair- ninn Homer Ki>n-iisi>n, n., Mich., cnllcd Ins lie 1 *- Si'iiatr invi'slinal- K commiti«' lo a nifTiin(4 tmiay rioc'irie <in uu a:4J-ii<1a. foi-puson would nm ctnnmciit <>» \vhftt lli.s .s[]rciji! i-xeclilivf OXIHMI- ditniT.s Ktibcomiuittoo \voultl iuvt-.s- ti^alc. Bui nut hoihai ive sources sniri one of ii.s m; ijor inquiiios \vou]<S c-inHfrn sl>i-( iilaiion ui i;ov- . ci iinient Ixinris Ijy /cdt-ral officials. ' Tlin [)i-f)[)ijfl v of .sui-li specula- 1 tinil was raised (i>ivitli4 ^ u ' ScnHU 1 investigation of Maj. Cell, nen- nnt K Mc'yers. retired Air Force proeutomrm olficrr. ATryei's ruld (he nnsv-dcltiUL't \var iin'estiuatiiis colniniuee thai he tarns!" S4.OIIU.OnO worth of !!»'• 1 '- nifllt. founds (Hiving the war jy only putting up one per cent of the money himself. The fl!l per cent \vas put up by uu OHio bunk, ] Meyers s;\i(i it v,us tile usual , practice for banks to require n 10 per cent margin., but that if volt ' Clinics Conducted for Children Cleared by Boss Official Still Faces An Investigation By Congressmen The "cneiiil, now t;u*in<< perjury anri income lax evasion cbar.H'.s, I said he was assured l>y former \ Treasury Secteiiiry Henry Moiurti- \ thmt, Jr. thai the yovernmrnt : would never lot (ho bonds fall be- Itv.v p;ir- Morgenthau denied ever flisciiss- firials were doing the .^iine thing brought immediate demands for a full Semite, inquiry. It had first been expected that the Si-imte hanking commit UH- vvuuki umie.r- iakc the invesiiiiHliuN. but it Ls HO\V destined to be bundled by Ferguson's nt?\v group. Ferguson's expenditures Mibrnm- ,i:ittoe will also take, over the Sen^Ife invc.sLijjation of specula i Ion on the commodity m.u-keU, That inquiry up 10 PD\V hfis been hnnrtlcrj by an appropriations subcommittee, also headed by Ferifiisov:. Executive Committee Of County Judges to in Little Rock Hf Ci.uit nlMm.m (X'nitpil I'ii-ss St.ilf ri>vrr>s|Mmilont) WASH1NOTON, Mai, y. (Ul'i — Dr, Kduard U. Cotidon'.s Rovi'i'ti- iiu'iii .siiprrior.s todny cleared Ihe prominent atomic scientist of e.lnu 1 RI\S of ronsorltiiK ulth Ktivlcl .spies lint he still fiK't'd 11 Jo prospect ot a C.'onurossiimal liu'e.stlnutlon. T\>io Con^tv^ilonul vounuUtccs showt'il inleivst in the nt-u-sullons i;ide Hiiainst Condon by a Mmise j UnAtiH'riL'an Artivitics snbi'Dnmiit-' re last nlnhl. The three-mnn wroii]) .Li'mMl thai Iu k l>e fired from Ills Jot) is director <jf the Natlunal llmrnu i»f .Slandards. The juiiu Conui'OSiilLiiuil Atomic I'Ky C«iinmi(tee was to take up I'liai'Kt'.s »l a iniTLlne this morn- tnu, wnri thi- full UnAinevlcnn Activities committee planned In consider them liiier this wei'k. Hep. J. j Parnell Thomas, li., N J., chairman n[ the latter uroun. was n member of the subi'ommlt too Unit assailed Condon Inst nl^hl. The C o tii tu e r c e j)cpnrtincut, which hus juriKtiictUm OMT the, Uu- H-;UI o! Standards, Hsued ;i statement di't-larinu lliat its InyiiUy [ ('iimtin'ii-e Willlcnn C. Foslrr .said bj- Mrs, K. O, Ambrcse of the County Health Unit slatt. The lu'xllihc brwrd. in a report last Tilt's- February's Violent Death Toll Unusually High for Arkansas (By I'nltrd rims) + — Violent death sU\!kert lUrotiuh i t)OX , ( i iu , Arkansas dm Inn the shoil monili I i>|- ( ,i nl i,i v die mosl siiectiienliii 1 of Kebrunry and smiffed otil lives dls]lsU ,,. PW1IS t h( , K ,,.s' explosion :ii the i me o( more than three « ^ii),,,, |,, vc |,, (t flll d set lire |o several <'">'. bfli'k iHillillnus In iwulionlns. A Ninety pei.sons died of unnatural N ,, s ,. 0 mai , m , s v i Us heU i« death eauses last month as rompufed b ,,n vi . on tt)lls „; brick nnil mortal, with 17 the previous, month, iic-j Two womon wl .,.,, d.-owned when i-tmUiiK to records cumulled by the I |]io um . x 1|( wllk>h Ul| , y wm fM _ United 1' . I li>B led. the hiilhway nmt plmiuinl •I'l «1 lie tuvldcnts topped the list , [|||(> |( r[m np , u . , llkl . villain-., with 111) dnillis. A total of 15 pel - I . 1 ., u , h . |ml | ( , t . (m ,,, ]m | lias SWilm lo i sons died u[ burns, mostly from i tin's caused by explodlnn stoves j Nine prisons sevi-n wen il i,y expioumn aiini'!, i A F V ',I-I Kiulth coiiple was nspliyx- ,s eiKled their own lives ( R |()m . |s( inu murdered, seven died ,,„, the —Courier News 1'lmto. June Terry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jnmes Terry, is .shown uncler- HOij.y examination m one of the Well Child Clinic's sponsored here by the Blytheville Council of Church Women. Dr. J. K. lieasley. pliysirmn hame of the clinic is conducting Ihe examination and its bciiic as- of mi^'elluneous causes, ulld sU were klllnl Ijy lialns. Tlte hciivlesl toll III a slllRlr ills- asirr was the denth ol elulM nii'n ill the explosion of a coal mine I'Vb. H near Ulenwuod In Sebastian Five servicemen were burned lo ileulh in the crash of mi Army I I H-'Jr> medium bomber near Ju.sper I 1 1'VI). «. Till' plane crushed into IOR- slnmuled iicnVi ot * muuiiUlit and Into flume. 'fhe liirni-sl siiiK'e Hbjhwiiy triiK- edy was the denlh ot fimr SnVlH'l 1 SipihiRs U'l'immsrs l-'cb 13. Thi' bob.sled on which they won' rl(lii>K colllcleil with an automobile on Irea<-herons, snow-covered lllchwny "I urav sullrtwr SprllHts. Tlnvi' of lite vieiims died almost instantly, and Hie torn th, died ihe nest day. at Charleston. Thiee Ti-xiukiinn Ne^voes sverv- killed when their cm hit n truck the Trxuiknmi-l.lti'e Kock COMFORTS V&& THI TRUTH ABOUT PIN WORMS -- Aiul thii UKly diitr^t* [f iii-ti 8<> wntch fu . iliv \-y ui ..,i,u-.i">k- in c«u CUUMI n-al th.- --.,. . . K rccUl ili-h, (let JAYHE'S vvRy. f-W I* N ...... llcnllv H< iil L)KH>*I| t-n tin ntflriMlly M ooi;it My i-rfrvllvi* itnitr rU'nu-ni. »sy-V»-l»\i* P-W luWvl-i Nv-uk w*y to icinuvo I'iii-Wurmi c HC'C MIOHTI Consl!|ia1ioii ofte on ti|iict siDinadi, KHFisy iJi&coutfort, (!»(• ;ilruce, sour ustr. So you waul your Iftitljve to iflifvc consti|>*(ion «tul cotn- (uit u(i^el ttomtcU, too DM. CAl DWCI.L'l IIIDOIH mf liicln* (lots liolh It coutaini Lmntive Semi*, onr o( (lie luir»l tilings (or cuinli|iatlori k 110*11 to science. AMD FOK iTOMACM MCLKf U Contain;; i rfli*b|e carnun«tive to ]icli> wnm HUil comfoil your njisrl itonucli. So Yklitu you're ilu^Kisl'i npiict, nu) W»IL( (o fed wofhls betlrr, r«tnriii|ier Dr. Culd- wrU'x. 'l'hi« one tiiriiichie givei you BR.CMDWELIS SENNA LAXATIVE -•--SYRUP PEPSIN pt«*i-nt relief from eooiUpttioB, • Uo comfoili your up»ct »ton*ch. HCMC r * CMC LAXATIVE you t»n 1*k* rifcht after & lull meal with pUiunt *tfKt. : A»k your 4iuul»l tot Dr. CtldwtU't. U«t welcome re li«t froi» coniti patio •« • nd Rive youi upi«t B(om»ch coiy *«r«th tnd coinforl too. EVEN FINICKY CMIUMtf N IOTI it. FMAIL THIS fOR GIFT IOHLE] . \ M.t>tle*H«, i Pl ol 1)1. Olilwill'l po>U|l AA your druinlil! f-W for I TO\VN STATE . of auc, clinic will ix' held Mar. 10 at the lienlll In this clinic, the children rtre*-— first registered and they ihey tin- d^.-go examination by Ov. Bcusle.y wJio in turn niiike. 1 ; a reixn't of Ihe findings And then the child Is taken lo Mrs. Freeman Robinson, nutritionist. nurse makes the necessary reports and recommends to the mother or i the parent of Uie child il iie uv i she needs any additional care. i '1'he .second \Veclne:>u"ay In each moiuli is for Negro children and the fourth Wednesday is for the wlute children, with clinic being from 2 til 4 p.m. Each Wednesday a different group of church women assists the Health Unit personnel In conducting the clinic. unit oflices licrc. New York Firm Gets Contract for Big Dredging Job dreu tnul'M .six years burned to ilunlll lute I" thr day. .stated "no rensoilahle grounds j li- iwn sepnriile tin's cause exist for lu'lievin^ lhat Dr. Con- | expl"din« slovcs. Ls ili.slnynl to the uoverinnenl I Hurley Iliidtli'll and Talfl United Stales." | Huililell. bis tincc-year-cild j r>( tl AT KIRBY'S THIS WEEK fjrr . the same lime, n spokesman the Atomic Eneruy Commls- apparently cleared' up one of major pidnls raised by Con- nnl Invesliniitoi-s They had Icr. wvtf tunned I" death when a Move exploded III their home near Ncwpcul. Mrs. Rnddell died the next day. Almosl .siintiltnnronsly wllh Mir UTTLE ROCK. Ark. March ?.. <UP> -The Execniive committee of the county Judges' Associalton has been called in a meeting in Little Rock tomorrow. The organiz-atitn's governing board \vi!l discuss the effects .of yesterday's .supreme court dismissal of tlieir highway fund suit and also future plans far Ihe association. The suit, asking an additional Sl.5Cn.non for the countics through an interpretation of a UH1 act. was fii.smisyd at ihe request of the as.snciation. Tax Evasion Case May Cost Meyers $41,000 WASHINGTON. March 2. IUPV — | Federal tax experts believe Ihe gov- | ernmenf.s income tax evasion case against Maj. Gen. Bennett Meyers i may cost the retired officer $41.000. I Meyers, who is on trial here for subornation of perjury, also is 1111- i tier indictment in Baltimore on 1 charges of evading full taxes on his -911 income. Meyers paid SH5.63 on his Jim earnings, bnt government experts MEMPHIS, Trim., March 2. lUI'l — A dredging contract, which may inn lo more than $900,000 w.u Dredging Co. ol New Yovk for immediate work on Ihe $20.000.1103 hours. Memphis harbor project. ' Actual work, however, will be de- ' rcpcn l Is sent lo II layed mil 11 ihe Mississippi River he will be okayed, reaches the low-water mark probably in May or -Mine. 'Hie contract calls for rental (if Standard's powerful dred|:e bria'. Cartnecna. to start making ihe loup-vllarmed project a reality. The powerful dredge Cartagena lias a 34-inch pump, uses a 27-mch pipe line and has 4.020 horsepower. It has a powerlul cutter-head to cut into tlid .silt at the North end of Tennessee Chute at Ihe head oi President's Island. Uirt will be diedgeu HP and a dam built across the head of the chute, to create a huge stillwater lake where the chute now runs. 11 !'will make sues for new industries both on the Memphis and island sides. ne.|"d thai lilt- commission find nol ' Umldcll disaster. Hetty Ann Well- xiablislied Condon's tovaltv sla-: born ate six. and William li. \\cll- •- bnrned Jr.. iiue The cotnmissiou spokesman said. ' however, lhat Condon's status ts listed as "pending" only because the Kroup is awaiting results of : the Commerce Depal tment's. Incpil- I Presumably when last week's commission, | Career as I'tont I former Princeton pro- les.snr who observes his 4fllh liiilh- Uay toilay, said his entire n>vcer has demonst t n ted thai he Is "coni- lilelely reliable, loyal, conscien! ions and dcvotrcl to Hie interest of my to death when an exploding stove set fire In their form home near I'ocahnntns. Mrs. Wellborn dlrd the Masonic Rites Conducted For Stee/e Crash Victim Services for .luck William iV.< Reno, owner of, Sleele Auto Sales who was killed Thursday night when his car lefl Highway ni neur Steele. Mo., and overturned, were condvu-U'd at the Steele. Ha Church .Sunday afternoon by II. W. Bills, retired paslor. Masonic Kidiie tv.14 of Sleele conducted rites nt the graveside In Little Prairie Cemetery nt. Cunitli- the Hurcau <if Slaiidard.s in 1945 'eisvllle.-. .-., I bv Hemv Wallace, then Commerce, I*''- n» m 1 '"' 1 owned the Steeli. Secretarv. In 'Otat post he is in , au.c, firm for the past S years and chaise or lop-secret scientific re-! »»<' t* f » » '^''^"t of that com search for Ihe armed forces. He i mnnily lor 31 yenra He ^-.. has been IdrmiJIrJ ,wllh develop- member ol the. SK-ele Baptist incuts in radar, rockcU anri the |.Olinrch. ..«._ I •If 1 am a security." he lion need lift -,veaH Huh In atomic said, "then the nn-' e no fears " dlrccloc of say there is a good chance of forcing him to pay an additional *41.- OCO. TUey said this would Include the SI3.058.77 a federal grand Jury snys he underpaid, a nO s>er cent fraud penally interest and the criminal fine facing Meyers i firmaily convicted of income evasion. atom liuinb. The UliAmcriciin Aclivilics . Subcommittee .said lhat under .Contt&ii,- the Bureau of SlandnvclsV'rrftR*;^ 1 .-, SlO.OOfl come the target of espionage agents he is j of numerous foreign powers " Another Great DREIFUS VALUE! le^ : V, Mnrt Hrrifns , , , ^ M r irbmnnil-t WhiU- nnt hcing n Comnumisi. the siilx'oni- ! iniUec -said lif wa-s rtssoclalcd. pi- j (her knowingly or unknmvin^ty. j with AT« erica n Coinnnmisl.s nod I Russian 'a^cius. The uroup snkl PUT Chief ; J. Edtjar Hoover ndci.sfd Coininn-co j Kt^retfiry W. A^'frejl Hnrriinnn toy letter a.s fni- b;ick us M:iy. Ifl^.^, rhnt Condon wns a.s.sociatiHK with i.sifin spies. Jn Run Volley. Idnliu. wlirrc Uf is vni-ntiotiiu^, Harriinnn rofii.^od comment. He is rlnp buck in Wash- int!(oi] hif.or toclfiv.> The sulmmiinHU'e s;iitl the Fill hii.s a file showint; lli:it Cnndon \\"iis "in con t net as l«tc n.s 19-17" with an alcgrd Sovip( nucnl. "Vour .siiljroniinittce. by vr»ry <lil- Uient. inve.sligntion. lin^ ciclruuiti- ed." it acificd. "thai I3r. Condon lias in (he la.sL five years t»'fn In • personal contact nmi cmnuumica- lior] witii a number o[ im1ividu:tis HIT American citizens hut who arc members of thr communist pnrty." Oets I'ostraril lie f.usr COLUMBUS. O. i UI?i— Columbus \lost office employe? setit ^ mastcr CJeneral J.M. Donaldson a1 Washincton a Imtie pnstrani rtin- laitiillK the sisjnalui es ol 1U-I cm- j ployes of the office. The card carried coni-i ali.lations of Ihr local employes on his appointment. Courlct NCV.S Wa Read Courier News ^ Ktlf r«ff«*t *itrtn tl MOXTKLY ^ FEMALE COMPLAINTS Am von troubled t>T <!L«tr<!»« nl Iriunii- liinr,ll«i«il l>ciU«ltf tUstiirli- Firlccs? Hoi'* Oils ninVir you Mllirr (tern !>nlll. fi'l fO lien run. llf«l— nt such tlniM-r- Tlir-n no iry I.yilla K. Pli.klinm's Vesi'luhlf Comimimil lo H'llBvt SMlh nyrnptoins. I'lnkhnln « hn« n Kr^ml sontlil"*: rKfl (in one o/ iiromnn'j »ID" uiipot;ii"t drpnut. •LYDIALPINKHAM'SSSWKS Airways Theatre Blytheville Air Base Presents Donald Howard And His Smiling Hillbillies Thurs. Night, 7:30 Watch for the Announcement of the Official Opening of Our Theater Within the Next 15 DAYS Stationery New shipment, ni'w (U'sijiiis for nil IICCH- s i, ms —l!irj>t'sl st'lcflitin >vt« liuvc ever hurt. The nuisl lii'ittitifnl sliitioucry I'vor sh'nwn Merton's Silver Polish lk'ii rk'iini'r—lw»v«.s H sntin finish vvhifli ri'liii'ds furnish. 8 01. Bottle 50e 16 OK. Bottle 85c Pinkham Vegetable Compound ----- • $1.09 Vicks Vaporub - - - 25< Peruna - - - • Doan's Pills - - - 69< Syrup Pepsin • • Swamp Root - - 49(£ BalmBengay • • 69l Ice Cream-Homemade-Pasteurized--12% Butter Fat Pint25c Active .palUeni-er.i were Laylon Picknid of KcnneU. Mo., and Johnson Barber. Siinms Mk'hlc, South«rn, Ollls Biirne.v wi_ Sinilh. all of Steele. ' || Honorary imllbenrers' wcrr Vliicel, John M Cooney. Joseph Ncsser ami liny Harper, all of St. I^iuls; D Ben Holly. Jerry Holly untl joe-Russell, nl of Cootei". MnJ. Duster Carter. Gliy Tans!!. Dr. A. Stephens and Hoyt Carter, all ol Steele; John C. Wliltncr. Dr. W. R. I imbauljh, Earl Raybiick and Ronnie Greenville, nil of Haytl, K. K. Stricijel of Kennelt. Hubert B. ScO-morc of Blylhevillc. Dr. L. K. Cooper of Ft. Meyers, Ha.. Ivcrs Kchmldt of Memphis. Johnson Hichanan of Elaine and Eurl I'op- ( ham of Carntliersvllle. ! Mr. Reno Is survived by his mother, Mrs. Cora Renn o[ Ilayll: and three sisters, Mrs. Basic Adcock and Mrs. Pearl Walker, holh ol Haytl. anil Mrs. Jessie M. Watkins of Greenville, Mo. PRESCRIPTIONS ARE OUR SPECIALTY. WE FILL ALL PRESCRIPTIONS FROM ALL DOCTORS AT GUARANTEED BEST PRICES WITH FRESHEST DRUGS. SAVE WITH SAFETY. SEE YOUR DOCTOR THEN SEE US. YOUR RED CROSS NEEDS YOU TO BIND THE NATION'S WOUNDS Whenever (liKiisiet MriUos, the Kfl Cross nislios nicl to fhe M-onl. \Vhorovor ii vcU'i-itii nucils hi'lp, tlic Kcd Crnss stands ready to assist him. TlmiiKh disaster relief anil veterans' wclfart nve two "f its most important services In I ho nation, the Kcrl Cross Vio.vforms mnuy others «if jsrcat viiltie. Your support make* tlicse vital services jmssihlc. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity"

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