Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts on June 12, 1951 · Page 2
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Fitchburg Sentinel from Fitchburg, Massachusetts · Page 2

Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1951
Page 2
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FITCHBURG (MASS.) SENTINEtl TUESDAY* JUNE 12, 1951 Specie! .V0*tc** TT.MPUATfU f a n . THE WE4THER -·Sr John J O Connor tort. r. .ft-.'.rrt of M wilt hold a regular -- »»T!jf '.ansght al I o'clock IB VS'#V t*!L m Jtiin irrwt M*v^- Peter J [^r^'anti Ka» *aj:*^ a mrviing el the special houf- -t rnrnm::ltr f-r tor..|hl at his of- f.r» A ~ »-;-.· ··-i*-.- tr»»» wi!l Se \* -1 '-- ',.".« .^T* M «.* J'%eph:n* B R »r. v-Tiwrnw at * .TO a m. in St B**^*:ii cburrh. -- Ar. mn^.:v»r»S T ^ rrmsj ·will He said fcr tr« ;·'« r Rnrw-i r Burnt to- rr-ifrT* at T 30 a IT. .n St Bernard* at th# P-^i-Ji-Amrrican rn mdefixiiejy pcartpone^, i Ai3»n. W 3re-a.rt.rT w i^l SIDE GLANCES By Galbrafth Flag Day Event Thur*day Night Mr- * h a ) . r*' *- r l r i - d n - . BT]»TTtin J Pich i - r · .·-'f- »n* *i, L u:~.acr|o *n oprrm- .·.*·. - A r - j T r.:*ff Ui*? x ill b* Cn- ·j '»"i TTursriisv s t a r t i n g »l a. m . ·. n*d Men i h » . ' . L'-ilon *:rrei. u r - »»r l/i* *u,*;p»c*M o/ W ha lorn* co'jri- i D*?zrrrt of Porahontu. .: rri riVy: ·*»· *-].'] ,Tj**f*f IoCT)r*rtnw at P rr it Ihi* ^.-nv* '( Mrs Ar\ o W. , ' : k k a of M ^ o r'-sd A « h h y . Th* jp ·*· ' ,·.!··(· ':iv K a l r v d horn* by jfff. mvrr mi iui^s. me.j» sat. v- a MT. trt. "\Vowt How lonf will the be her* this summer?" |«n-l ·i J L»r,:*r.r. 9 Msrtel t TSP M i l l receive hi." mas- ·rt exercise) tr be held Jxine 18. f staff m*mber* r*t Ihe Marjiret B»ed, children's A pump d r i l j will be held tonight at Idea! pond for about 15 members of th« Tire department 1 ! M u j c j i i a r y . T^ie jrroup will leave O n t r t l s(i:ir,n it V o'clock in i-h«rj(e of L'jptj Henry C Jarvi* jnd Tran'.is L Sullivan, who will n i ( n K t nn pump operation and At The Theatre* Teesight FiteXburg--"Sealed Cargo* handling of hose lines, respectively. ("Stardust snd Sweat Music." and -- Listen L Hardv. 57. of Willard Saxon--'Katie Did It" and "The [road. Ashburnhnm. suffered a badly Fat M a n " injured right thumh this forenoon) Gem--"Painted Hills" and "In Old at ihe Fitrhburg Engineering Corp. lAmsriJIo." plant Hi ,52 Oak Hill road and was la'er admitted to Burhanlt hnspital for treatment and possible imputation. - Officiai.i of teltctivs Cuming*--"Born Yesterday" and "Mv True Story." Strand- 'The Killer That Stalked hoards 37 and 157 today announced that perial fnrmi are available for n t (college students who took deferment .- n n r j Mrs Ge'Tie Berj;rolh | lr ,t., on Alav 2«. TViesa forms must A » h h v 5 t a i t r'jd w i l l leaveihe filled nut and sent to the stu- ;-·. f»r V'ew Y n r k w h e r e they dent! respective schools, according to Mr» Crf-rtrude C. Carror, chief clerk of Beard "7. The forms may be serured locsllv at either of the two hoards. Mrs. Carrnn said. New York." and "Atlantic Heney- service i moon , ' f - W , ,,f m*..- t . rj '»«·*'»n* "^ - r ' ' · **i*v i' "* : ' ; ·''* ' nn tV * ^ ^ RlorVri«Irn f^r ^ W i i p * - ' * ' » c * M i n in K i n l ^ r H Mr B**r- } f r ^ ' h ·« p-opriftor o? the photo -, p r . _ ] .··'·.i'i:'' ·' "". M»m «trrt*t. -. i Axir ] P' · n ·; * r* n c a 11 v M* f n r ha '. o n : ' ^ p u T i T ' - ' i ! pr^ie* dppar'mt-nt di- K Oi'f. - f ri *-^ 1p ^ **· -«tfir^c»' of ; r # » l e r PtBi^n ; H n ^ n n Vv *f hr-"i! patrn! 'pn,d*r« ., ^^ · TT?* **ir*n' is +H H* h»H rn Jim* 18 m-"". ; a , , ^ 2J7 vfmrijjitrrs w i l ] mmk* ih* ;'.";",. I'"! 1 '* *."','.". - Meinhe'« nf r h a i l n t t e . G u i l d ''i r 'wsce:"' 1 '"' ;1:v ' l ' n '"" 1 ^P«"'ih W. r V e t - '· .^'".e-s".,. w.ll :n, n lh"v nf Ouanira 1 Superior Court E Palmer. Gardner, awarded S249.61 hv a superior court Plymouth--"Ths Great Caruso" and "According to Mrs. Hoyle." Whalom Drive-in--"Only The V a l i a n t ' and "Radar Secret Service " W h a l o m -' The Curtain Ki«*s." Receive* Diploma Peter C. MarkKam, son of Mrs. Stephen Markham of 139 Ml. Ver- nnn street, was one of nearly W senior* to receive their diplomas at the 41st annual eommencemerU exercises conducted st St. John's . j u r y ihu in a civil auit'prep of Danvers Sunday. action acaimt Ajnerican Kmployen' Mr. Palmer had nsurance Co tntlfied the insurance company ihf A s n b u r n - ; Pm th f ' m ^'rlr,rk f^r 1hf he nnducted [Vtr.ahue. .fZ « 92 Dav failed to make payment on a policy cover -ng burglary of a huiinejs he owned in Colonial hotel building, M Pleasant street. Gardner. Mr. Palmer's e^tabll*hment was burglar- ised of j e u e l r y valued at £202 It m J u l y , The A Wade a n d i c m n u r . t 1S47. according lo " represents th* ^ h i ! e under *\\e BTid rirunken- -· m o r n i n g "i'lanTca -anip at the Smith . at S o ^lock to lat* M i - g]»ni*d plu» inl*r«*t, it was reported. Scheduled fnr t r i a l this afternoon w a s the csie of Charles and Sammy Cittn, \~n\f. city, agamat Ellen Kirby. also Titchburg Charles Girto is The Filchburg boy compiled an enviable record at St. John's during his three year stay st the school. Besides being a constant honor student, Markham was a member of the school's football, basketball, and track teams. He served M President of the Alpha club and as vice- president of both the senior class and the Sigma Nu club. Markham will enter Middlebury college in September. the anmsal fla* stay by th* rUefcbuTfLeeaie ef Bka will be Thursday even**, at T JO ·'deck an the front lawn ef turn's euartart at 111 1 IMncfeeJ a»ses7 will i Bee. JeeepfcTx War* sdU J. Burke will recite the ruatory o ttwfUe KuaJcal aetertkm wiUbe afeaante4 Isy the Peek 10^ AsttanBeii A* b the usual custom, the regular wrpa ef Bit* etfleen will jsarfmm the BTOE ritual under the directiaa if Xxahed Ruler aWrnani D. Ward. In charge of thia year's event are co-chairmen Frank N. Uaaon and Edward A. Terry. ID the ereat ef inclement weather, the program will be held indoors ra the Oka Midi. torium. The general public ia invited to attend. Clarendon St. School Exhibit Secino Pupil* Give Recital ria by Jove* epreoaBWta per*: lit. Do It Again, WendetUnd. Hlafc Stopper*. BrtMdwey Beuaef. i PVpiU takta* pert in each of these ' . . JodHh rUcharda, Margaret Petite, Betty Lou Stewart, Breada Pvukw. PouUot. Daala) AnenauU, Bonnie ^ein Araanauh. Unda GoM- ney. Ma V Jean CosteUe, Maureen .n. Unda Reaeabert, Devid Pupils of the Clarendon itn*t school h«H a physical education demonstration this m o r n I n ·. A program of games, dances and exercise* was presented. Dental ·nd posture awarda were made. Grade 3 r*otiv*d 100 per c«nt denial honors. Pasture (wards were made M follow*: Grid* 1, Mil* Gertrude M. Ivan, teacher, Call Reirden and Philip Atkinson; grade 2. Mitt Mary P. O'Connor, teacher, Carolyn Melhot and Ronald Crocker; trade 3, Miss Ruth F. Jena, teacher, David "ucchlara end Judith Andrade, honorable mention. David Kauppinen and Carol Sifisnumdo; grade 4. Hiss Anna McNeil v, teacher. Janice Murphy and David Reirden; (red* 3, Mies McNally, teacher, Ronald Boudreau and ROM Ann Veneiieno; (rade «, Miss Mary C. Meridiem, etcher, Conatanca Richard and tobert Fuers*. honorable mention. timry Ann Stropparo and Irene Gaanon. ·NipsTaof theBeanarSectne --.... etudie pteaeated ttwir third Annual recital last niffct *t the ritehbunr tUch sxbeal auditorium with -- IPMIBBJ to. atUe fairs The BseBram whick 04 Leta D* R Agate: Men Carter. Karon Adana, Janat Bailey, »«ty Ana Settoo, Matllnt Daroaior. Ju- dMh O'BoyW, JeaaTPnacaviUa, Baia Juk* St. Martin, Harufn-McCauliff Miss Ellen McCauliff, daughter of Unjamin F. McCauliff of Leicester. ormerly of this city, and the late Mrs. Ellen L. McCauliff and Hans lansen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick fsnsen of Houston, Texas, were married Friday in the Cristo Rey hurch, Colon, Republic of Panama tr. and Mrs. Gregory Cramlleh of Washington, D. C., were their only ttendanta. Mrs. Hanaen la a teacher In Gan- »*. Panama and Mr. Han sen is a mechanical engineer in the employ yf the government in Panama. , Reynolda. Melodye Boicin. Teraaa Pelule, Mary Beth Courtenanche, Janet Bailey, Ivelyn Seeiao. Mary Ann Meacham, Joyce Trequajr. Low Sehreiber and Bonda Johnaon. Winter Wonderland: XUen Cerler. Charlotte Shachoy, Mary Ann Meacham. Mary Beth Courtetnanehe. Nancy Sehwarta, Mary Man Cwlol* to. Gala Celuua. Donna MeSbeehy, Judith O'Boyle, Rachel SchectnMn, Brenda Ley* Nancy Wood, Adaile Gutnam, Cyntnl* Kolaiyk, K**^*" Gould, Marilyn laaacaon, Paula Silver, Jean FraneavilU, Bonnie Lee MilJUcen, Janet Bailey, Betty Ann Secino, Adelle Guunan, Sally Toko, Donna Halt. Shctlla Murray. Nancy Andenon. Betty Ann Secino, Diane Wiley, Lynda Leyi ahd Jeanne Buri pee- High Steppen: William and Kuth- l*en Matcaowicz. Diane Christian, CUudette Cloutier. David Reynolds, Karv Ann Meacham. Joyce Tra- qiiair. Bettv Ann Secino. Marilyn Dcro»i»r, Carol Kennedy and) Tereaa Pelullo. Broadway Bound: Etlrn Nancy Wood, Donna Hall. Sheila Murray. Nancy Anderaon, Betty Ann Secino. Diane Wiiev. Lynda Levs. Judith Salo. Sherrin Ketontn. , Janet Bailev, Judith O Boyl*. Barbara Kolenda. Adelle Gutman, Ann DiQaretwmino, Bonnie Lee Milliken. Evelyn Secino. Marilyn De- roaicr and Karen Adams. Sterling, meaning; solid silver of a definite fineness, is a contraction of the word, Eaiterlina;. a term applied to merchants of the Hanteatic towns in the I2th Century. ROLAND'S VENETIAN BLIND CO. Bt^-Dfal CENTRAL SECRETARIAL SCHOOL 830 MAIN STREET, FITCHBURG. Summer Session July 9 HOCKS -- * tn 1 M. Tuition fcM a MMuh H F. Burke, (Mr KEGBTOt NOWT Nn Soltrilnri A Good Picture O«»*rv«i · Good Frame Tel 2 0 6 3 7 CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING Oil Painting! -- Wat«r Colors -- Pnnfi -- Photograph* INDUSTRIAL FRAMING H E. PRESCOTT CO "VrALLPAFCHS A. J. PARKER * SON, SUCCESSORS and PAINTS Ji Oliver Si . Second Flnnr Gifts For Every Ocms/on Glassware China EUctrical Appliances Lamps Pottery Com* in and Browse Around Connie's Gift Shop 167 Main St. I . D n n f t h - i Tlie y wil] meet of the funern,- h o m ^ B .TO M. m. to a i i t h e 11.- , · .t |-. r iT-t:e]l .»5t ' - n i r U'a^ri«. A T A ii-Tn maw In Si. Bernard* l l t 1 ! . M:»e Helen Florence ^Imst^*^.-. daughier of Mr. and Mn A l - Probate Court WORCESTER, June 12--Texas Clapper of Fitchburg filed a *ep- damages for injuries r e - [ a rat* support tuit today in probate ·ortedly msUined by his minor ton, I court against William Clapper, also Sammy, when he was struck by an automobile operated by the defendant June 10. 1949. on Middle street In vernV; yesterday, a j u r y Mi»» j u n i o r i cliege. A u d a v from lnirndale. 'r ^i. . whn tfok the gen- pirsident of the a member of the , rultd in f i v o r nf Albert U Boutelle, Jr of Winchendon, defendant in a -u il suit case in which Gabriel H«t- nik. Otter River, aeught property damage as result of an automobile accident Feb. 17, 1MB. on Gardner road. C.itclnrr. Mr. Boutelle and Mr. Heinik were drivers of tHe cars involved -n the mishap. Confercnre Saturday t h e h u s nf that city. Tfie couple have two children. The widow, Gertrude M. Leamy nf Gardner petitioned for authority lo administer the estate of HenryT. Leamy. who died May 15. Ttit other survivor* includt two sisters snd a brother. More than 1400 veterans ot the Korean campaign left Japan for the United Sutes April 22 under the army's rotation program. A.* .".!* 5p.-joe H . n o i e r N H ' t h e :1ftrac fif 3 p i ' ~ ' ; d . an eco- ': t'.jtnn r B l u e Feather, and O : n m u - | Tn * North Middlesex Congrega- er\ ire j i i o n a l Conference of Unitarian and p jnijwner r a r n p sponsored j l)l ^* r C h r j t i a n rhurche* will hold · --.- ine t'mted Cn-operaiive arx-i*(v.|a meeting Saturday afternoon, at 1: ' s-ir f f Mr inrt ' ( · l'nit»H f n - o p e r » t : v e Farmers j'rlnck it the Cathedrsl ef the Pines, ·.i* nf : Q T F » i r - ^ rt l *t\- and Ihe W o r k e r s Credit Rindge. N. If. The conference aer-! ^en p'nnv led fi.'" l : " n " l i ; "P* n J v i l X 9 st Raima mon w i l l be preached by Rev. Robert \ i a . . x c D i ' i i ' l t" "" I k M l f W«i"-- Aalto w i l l i:- ('. Wiliiington, pastor of lh» First I t-". i ^ p \'\t^ i n - '' rt t f i e ca*np scheduled tr clo*e j Parish Unitarian church in Billeriea. Ka-n He'.» a J'^'-' 2° Pe.snn, inteif-M'.d i n j Musical selections will b« pre! , . L h H.r r»en in i . w k : n ( an s r g e m c n U f..- , h.lriren , s , nttd by , nt combined choirs of the , e v e n mrr.lhi '^ «'"--'d m - i-orta, t M r s or; BjlJrrira and Chelmiford Unitarian : ^ ; . ; · .: , a j i r , M [ - s (Jeoige A. Makela. 1 church*!. Fev. Joseph H. Guinla, a J a i | - M»s H e l e n I J u r a Lancev. | f o r m ; r n a v y c h i p l a i n , and now pop- dei-grnei- of Mr and M i s H E. Lan- | m i r f.rr nf the First Parish Uni.,,, a CPV. U Ha'e street. Leommster. snd . t a r i i . i i cluirch in Chelmsfori, will been ' M a r m n Louise Stupak aaugiiier rf;conduct the aervjoe, which ia ooen i irf i Mr and Mrs Jo'm T Stupak, 3 , i 0 t h e public. R U J . i Y a f » r »ireet, LeoTiin-ter. were, ,^__ j g i a d i i a t e d \csterdav from Uajell j u - ; ,, , 'nor c-nilege. Auburrwiale M i u L a n - i OailK U«rI*re« Dividend '"'"" rev. who tonic the medical t e r h n n l - ; At a n-eeltng ol th« board of Ji- h»y ro-jr-w was a member of Blue j w t i r j of the Worcester County Feather and Orphean, era was active TMIM i'-. in Worcester today a in * F "rts Mm Stupak, whn took I n u . M r r l v d i v i d e n d of 2« per cent » « « t .'M,den- »/ .he Ol * """-chandlismi -r,urie. was s , or 6 ? r 3 re , u , ^ r shar , at (h- riU - '.-i- Ph: Bets m * mb * r e( 0r Phesn and ot the O f 10 r .,- r r n t pei a n n u m was de- l.«r.....;a "hi. Others'" 1 *' . j c l a r e J |w shle J u l y I. 1851, to atoek- e tt-e B A. degree' -Mi.* L»u:'a M. W*d,iworth and [holaers of record June 19, 1851. j n n c : u n . * - , J r . o f ' ^ ' U Edna A. Barnes af 71 T h ' i n f -i mtu - , , _ ,,, ,,,, m *imfm major and r r e m - ' d i k e street entertained the members' i n H H M a n - ! of Warhu."ett Business snd Prsfes-[ . n-.ajoied i i i l s m n a i Women's tJub »: [ i h . ' h e M it their home last nieht. I n - 1 - M*.* Smma Ckaeter K«. n Certain European doves neat rabbit hole*, according to the Kn eytioaedia Brartannica, E/xchang« Club Talk Dr. James M. Ferrigno, teacher O f , omance languages at the TJniver-1 ity of Massachusetts, will address he Exchsn** club of Fitchburg, Thursdsy. at a meeting held in King's Corner restaurant. The meeting will open with a dinner at 1.30 p. m, Dr. Ferrigno will talk on "Your State University." He Wss formerly associated with the public schools in Filchburf. HAIR SHAPING and STYLING BY NOHMAN NormaA'» BEAUTY StueU* 3tt Bias St Tel 1-MM town Party South Fitchburc ScKool WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13 2 to 4 f. m. LILLIAN BEAUTY SHOP 36 Prichard St. Dial 2-1530 WELLA PERMANENTS RE-UPHOLSTERING SAVE 10% this month on restyling jour parlor nulls or chain. Free Estimates. Large selection el fabrics. Call Home Upholstering Co. 80 Snow St. Dial 2-0822 PINN'S PISH MAIKIT M Ntrtfc st. rttchhsn rua OAJLV 4 WGBTAHU3 DIAL 1-JW4 rrea $1.1 Pertrails el Children IMt-MI .r.v.i? . ^ a a -reml-x-r *. cminci, and Wai id til 3-137! of all O. E. Enun * cta *T« n V.m re Adi dan Irtps to Jtarea. Bill : J4*n AdM. picnic i h e ' r i e M st their home last night. In- vi;*d guests included Mi«j Janet W a r d e n , past aute president; Mrs W.mfred Daly pa,, , U l« .ecreUn. . I tl.'.VummTM. Miv Juhelle M c N u i i v . prejirJent »f IN* · MAXWELL, leereurv WoiL-etter c ) u b . and Mn Beatrice okoQl bAtToKTsSi er It fikO^Uflt Seliar, pait pr»sident o( Worcester _ Mary Are*n LMs rlub. Highlight of the program was' .,*t l F u i 1 i. m -'* 1 l n « I"TM* 1 / e r« n . ln «- Junt . Bmuw.i mniina «i J W p "' TM r Po "" OUR POULTRY DEPART. MENT WILL BE CLOSED July 1-7 for vacations Ne Live Paul try Wli\ Be Be- eeive4 After IBM It. TkU Oeeertment Wifl Kiapan July f . United Co-oparativa Fartnart, Inc. St. nuhkun, Maes. i t Shne Bargain Depart- I Now Oswfi st 3i4 Main »1 Part,* $now '* f«r Fur asid Repainng. Ttl 1- Advt Tit ft C omi Gtrti. Cloeed All Day. Catholic GUI St. Kernard t ( burrk. 12 ·t 7 Wl p to Dr Marion H. Wilder v Miss AMOCUTION Dtvtht !|i U*^ t HtMtJtT « Wi* DIM Jun II ItM ^-«f a ·» but kt» nu» la «»lrw. Krx '*r · Ka.v au* h* » in »ur thmu Flantv Inr B«vr and al" (.louiua-. Tuberous Beweiuet aad lt«rv OerasuiuBS Cat Firm fer all nrrasteeu. Pwrre's Oreee- U K]a«eUke Ave. Tel. Turn left a( ABAC Trani- 1-H Putt* . thmufita tt,, f . m i l y cluin u bnlim and Brolh*r bi'Vus^CKudrao Rtiular mittini wiU b* h«ld ev^nrM Jurw II «t » ·flock. ! Kail, Grav« street tw-Trwt KMUS CriJ Arch tfwpt*r A ReauKr »nv»cauen «f TfMXUl nv»i *rch Chas«r w i l l b. twM »*»a^«r rvaninj Jure u 1H1 t 3t · clock tn Maamtc H«ll Ttl M*tn ·* (·r u» tnnurtlm nf nKh business as ·till! resxilarly ran* befanp It. «»rk Maval Arch D*(TM Collation. MA.VOAU. H ti. High fri«« *^ . . L«4»a. Me N Junt U. In Mewtwrv « HJZABITH B UlCH dtert ba ' mu »v tier and h..nt.nd. Fr»nk Watait. Ijtfft. Ht *HffS- H^o 1 I o rieck. "n is. S04 Main e\erlna. Jun* ia, at fAMXM WMTg. ft. Trell*a7* at Meet lusts To All Points Urec* larrtce k Hew lee* PACKAO TOUB9 TO NEW TOBX e»4 WASHINGTON Ue« AM Dtr. Aw«»»e. far ·· ·Uw oen «· TOT cafe FITCHKJKC TRAVEL SERVICE, fax. 0» Mat. M DM t-4M» TM. 10*. eaji benow ·» to tlQOO ai HFC M pay nadieaj btlia, Yew de «Bt asrters. er fuar. MOO ana] ksa art ', ptMt (rrttfad to 04 jour aavtatuUr proWem. Par txtn bat etrvke. ehana first, than come sal PHONEi THANK YOU! Wa wish lo extend eur riiwere thanks to all relatives and friends Ukinc Bert in eur surprise house warming, aaeclal thanks (or the refresajneets, flowers, gifts and purse, Wneerely, Mr. and Mrs. Sruar* B. Jeiuuea West TownseMd Hoaa. LuneDburg THE ROYAL BEAUTY SHOP PERMANENT SPECIALS COLD $C-°° WAVE O J. H. HOLLAND COAL, COKE, FUEL OILS Office - 32 Duck Mill Road Dial 3-7555 MACH1NELE5S With er WHheat Apaehitam Klgat Wart fcn Aapsisiesisot Mai t-MIT Ml MalB St ALtCI WINDOW SHADES ' WathabU Duplex Shades White and Green Cream and Greea Made To Sell far 11.11 Ca. Uieftttw .65 c*. WASHABLE -- G'tan -- Ecru -- If for 12.10 I a DeLisle's 51 St. Cream SERIAL SHARES of far a wondarful plan for systematic saving. And cur rant dividends hava b««n at tha rata of 3%." Fitchburg CO-OPERATIVE J. R. tiifonc B A N K 2fl St. Dial 2-37IX 2«'/i FwnwMBnt St. Oaghen »«, nuhbunt.

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