The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 2, 1948
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BLYT I HE DO.MiNAN'l NKWSI'AI'KK Ul' NOIVVUKA SI ARKANSAS AND SOUTUliAS'l MlbBOUlU VOL. XLIV—NO. 288 Blytlieville Courier Blytheville Dally Ne»» Mississippi Valley Leader Blylhevllle Herald HI.YTHKV1U.K, ARKANSAS, Tl'KSDAY, MAUCH 2, TWKLVK PACES SINGLE COPIES F[V1 CENTS Political Rebels In Dixie Reject Compromise Plea Southerners Show jjk Fangs in Drive to Eliminate Truman fty Raymond United Press t:iff C WASHINGTON, i.aiir March 'i (U.P.)^ — Southern Democratic rebels angrily rejected talk of a compromise on civil rights today and listed President Truman's defeat as the price for parly peace. The Southern revolt against Mr, Truman's anti-discrimination program was snowballing beyond the control of unhappy parly leader. •While they clung to hopes of settlement at the national convert- 1 tion next July, these developments! were pointing the other way: I 1. The South Carolina Demo. cratic Committee approved a resolution opposing Mr. Truman's nomination and opposing his election if he should be nominated. 2. E. II. Crump, Democratic leader of Tennessee, called on the national convention to deny the nomination to Mr. Truman. If lie should be nominated, Crump said. Sen. Harry P. Byrd, D.. Vs.. or "some other line Democrat of his caliber" would "sweep" the South. 3. Tlie Mississippi Democratic Committee said the state's delegates Ste«l Executive Calif On Labor to Assume Share of Price Hikes WASHINGTON. March 2. (U.P.I —Benjamin F. Fairless, president of U. S. Steel Corp.. today called, on labor "in the public interest" to drop its demands for third-round I wage Increases. Otherwise, he said it must assume responsibility for higher prices of sleel and other products. Pairless coupled his appeal with a firm denial of charges that the recent $5 a ton price boost on semi finished steel was the result of an industry conspiracy lo gouge th public. The increase, he said, forced by higher lalx>r and malcrii cost. The U. S. steel executive defend ed the price boost in a slatcmei th i we wh had been described in and out Congress as an unwarranted inflationary action. prepared for delivery before joint congressional committee. and other industry leaders summoned here to justify Leap Year No Trick for Calendar Clock Jaycees Discuss School Projects Members Ask First Attention by Board To New High School The Blytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce lust night gave support to a move to build a new high Anti-Lynch Bill Is Approved by House Commit tee Southern Democrat Loses Pleas With GOP to Make Friends WASHINGTON, Muri'li 2. (U.I'.)—Tim House Judiciary Commiltuo tmliiy approved n CiOl'-.spoiiHorcd niili-lyni'hiiiK bill. The action ranu 1 us a Southorn Democrat plotuli'd Western Europe Shows Alarm as Soviets Advance Hy Kdward V. KutwrU Hulled rr«u Staff Correniwncient LONDON. Miircli 2. (U.P.)—Diplomatic quarters predicted lodny Hint (.rent Hrilnin, France and the Benelux countries would Minn n militiiry HIK! economic alliance within to the national convention would walk out if the platform and nominee were not acceptable. One Southern leader in Congress said the South would not be satis- Courier News I'lioio. Mr. and Mrs. p. D. rosier are shown here in Ihcir home. IUO Main Si reel, observing Ihe leap year performance of their calendar clock, which has been keeping lime for nearly a century and ulso n-uisujrlni! the days of tlie week and mouth, leap years Included, lied even "inoffensive" rights platform plank. Its prL 1 goal, he said, is to unseat Mr. lan. The Democratic revolt has been school here before underlaking an improvement program in oilier schools us now proposed by the school board and voted that the board be notified by letter of their stand. Acting on n motion made at n Jaycec meeting in the organization's club rooms last ni{;ht, the Kroup voted that a letter be sent the school board stating that it favors construction of a new high school ahead of improvement and expansion of existing facilities. The clock's leap year pe rformancc was R little short of peifecl, but not much. The hand ri'picscniing days of 'he month jumped from : 2R to 31 when it should have stopped Sunday moininx on 20, hut Ibc mlscue was not one to prevent the unusual timepiece Irom co/rocting its mistake yesleiouy morning. Normally Windy March Sloshes in Like Soggy Lamb on Crest of Near'y Three Inches of Rain spreading since .Mr. Truman askerti T | lc action was taken after Fnnis Congress [nr federal laws lo outlaw slmon Blythevilte businessman, ad- potl laves, job discriminalion. lynch-. (j rcsse( i the club and explained Ihc and segregation travel. in interstate move. . This move calls for floating a bond The House Judiciary Committee. | ssue of 5435,000. the most the disuniting Republicans and Northern [ t ,. ict CJ|n borrow accor ding to pres- Dcmocrats in an unusual coalition ent ossessmcnts _ alld building a new may approve an anil-lynching Wi"'school rather than borrowing S325,- today. A Senate Judiciary Subcc,n-| noo {m R ral iml)rovcm( , Ilt pro . mittee is expected to approve a lol . Atn T ,f sch(x)1 boftrd , is expected to similar measure later this week. At first, some Southerners believed the breach would not widen beyond repair be-fore the national convention. But now, ' Southern leaders are demanding a clear convention declaration leaving disputed racial issues under state con-1 , , . . , trol. There was little chance that I '^ scl ?.°°' *° llld Ieh ? ve overcrowd, Mr. Truman and northern 'ikmo.; •"& I'roolems In the smaller schools crats could accept an<i thal money for it should be The Southern congressional lead- borrowed while it was still available, er. who refused to be Identified, Tlle club als ° v ° lcd last n >S h( - to said the revolt would not be stopped »«ept a part in the Walker Park by a compromise platform if Mr.| boautincntlon project proposed by .Truman were the nominee. He said' the Kiwanis Club. gram. The school board has announced it Is tentatively considering the S32S.OOO bond issue to obtain funds for a new Negro hi^h school and improvements to white grade schools. Wants Hich School First Mr. Simon asserted that a new Ex-New Dealer Favors Tax Cut Former U. S. Official Fears Stagnation, And Then Depression ~+ iiiK 12 hours. Temperatures moved March didn't exactly come in like a lion yesterday, but it sloshed in it very soffiy Itiml). The month of skirt-swirlinif, hat-blowing wind floated in on 2.7(i indies of rain Unit late last night had many streets overflowing their gutters after heavy llnimlershowers earlier in the evening. Before 7 p.m. .59 of an inch fell and 2.17 inches fell in the follow- Officials Defend U.S.Exporf Policy Commerce Department Denies Helping Build nominee, not the platform, was This project calls for division of ^of first importance. Says Revolt Talk Premature However, Sen. John J. Sparkman. D., Ala., told reporters that talk of| a revolt was "premature" but thai] 110 he would not "belittle the serious- I 3 , ness of the situation." "We ought not to talk about breaking away until we've made evciy effort to work it out within Walker Park into plots which would only from high of 51 degrees yesterday lo low of SO Ihls mornlne, accord- Ing to Robert E. Blnylock, official weather observer here. The U. S. Weather Bureau in Little Rock said that it will be colder today with moderate temperatures tomorrow. Yesterday's rain brought to many minds here the sniierslition that if It rains on the first day of a month, it will rain on 15 day.s month. The sheepish!""" 1 Althbui WASHINGTON. M.T. 7. (UP'- u.^ niq n A former New Deal official advised . W cathcr the Senate today to ignore prcsi- ' tota i of dent Truman's "fallacious" opposition nnd pass the House-approved 36,500.000,000 income tax reduction bill. with the Republicans to nlian- don the hill and make friends with the Soulli. The connnit- ee vole was 18 to 8. The nnlt-limchlnK inciiMirr Is omit several civil rlslil.s bills which President Trumnn n'ceully iiivird pon CoilKre.s.s, [hereby kicking up an inlrii-piirly revolt annum soulli- eru Democrats. The commlllee action einiie ill i\ time when tenders of tin 1 revolt wen 1 heatedly denouncing tnlk of n civil rights compromise. C'ouuuiltec- approval of the unli- lyiiching bill wns espeoli'd to nilse southern tempers sllll higher. As the committee vole wns tnkeii. Deli. I.. Memli'l Rivers. I). S. C. plciulcd In the House for Itupubll- CIIIK "nol to burn down the house lo gel rid of nils." lie suld Ml'. 'I'nuilaii 1\ * "dcud bird" politically, The republican bill. Inhmliirrd by Hep. Clifford P. of New Jersey would provide u maximum pen- ally of $10,0110 fine nnd IHI ycnrs in prison (or unyone convlclcd of organizing. Inciting or pnrllclpiilhiB In a lynch mob. Two Republicans joined six Democrat. 1 ) In voting nealnxt the bill. Six Democrats voted for lliu measure. Oiir Dnlnti Chiinsi- hi Hill The committee iiiude only one major change In tlie bill. It cnised a provision which would hiu'c made participants In a lynch mob liable for damage to properly. H retained another provision which would permit victims of mob iclion or tliclr Huivlvors to collect e.s from members ol such group. Case snid he hoped the house rules committee woutd net sonn. time next week lo clear up the bll [or a \'oto by the House membership. The rules' cpmmltlce must ginn ,-of-wny before the said he did no ly In gel two weeks. Moves to consolidate the position of Western Europe HKiiiiiHt. any further advances of Communism were picking up in a number of fields. . Mnrch 2. (Ul'l — 'I'lucc' Jeu' M-lUnncnls iilon^ tilt nnrrow t'orrltlin- of the Iviluve Jew stiilt- were uli-ried aijiiln^l possible attack toduy lifter wtKHi Aiub lories were vemnlcd U) hi\v sot n]) nn lulvnnce lieinli]iiurters 1 the nren. Arabs of Vnt "Uliciutlmi nvmy wore suit! lo have stre'ame<l Into ih viHnKc of lllr Abas ycslerdiiy. llireut enlnn to cut oil Hie eori'ldor niu Isolate Jewish coasliil colonies In the Ctjililee region. 'I'he. Arabs moved as the council of Pnlestitle Jews, meeting nlnllt n 'I'el Aviv, approved a resolution o form a cabinet of '.to mcml>ei'S to and Holland were rc|H>rt«d to have acted to keep firmly under control any Communist nativity within their borders. The powerful Dutch Labor Tarty termed the Netherlands Comimmisls a "fifth column" and warned against fur- *Uier cooperation with them. The Belgian O«ner»l Federation t Labor dro[n>cd &1I Communists' rom Us secretarial and admlnls- rallve bureaus. British observers believed the Communist maneuver* In Czechoslovakia and Finland had given he necessary Impetus to the forgot n five-power alliance which ?lgn Secretary Ernest Bevln sees i.s the miclciLs of n Western European union. Five-power tieuty talks will open En Ih'iisscls Thursday. Reports from the llenehix countries •— Belgium. Ihe Netherlands, Luxembourg—in- dlcHlcd Ihnt a general agreement In principle already hud been reocheil. If the hroiiu outlines of > llve- jHiwer irenty ai'e agreed U|xm by Mnrcti 15, the IH-imtlon Paris conference on the Miusliall plan which o|K'ns then may pro\'lde the opportunity for discussion of extension of the Western European union from Scandinavia lo Italy. The Impression prevailed herff Tension Grows In Holy Lands Jewish Settlements Alerted to Expect An Attack by Arabs be assigned to various civic clubs for beautification and maintenance. Jodie Nabers and Aruthur S. (Toddi Harrison, members of the oject committee, explained the Kiwnnis proposal to the Jaycees. Club to Move Offices It was announced last nisht that Jaycees will move their meeting John W. Hanes. one-lime undersecretary of treasury during the Roosevelt administration, said the tax cut plus gradual reduction of the national debt "can lie our best insurance" against depression. On Ihe other hand, he said, high during February. It rained on 13 days last month ant! snowed on only line. Only a irucc of snow fell. Sleet mid Irec/.ing rnln fell on one day. The normal rainfall for Illyllie- ville in February Is 3.3fi inches, pulling last month's, rainfall 1-8 inches nver normal. Mcan temperature lusl month |v,ns 41.0 degrees, only sliahlly lie- taxes "which steal from the inrtl- ! i ow (hc ' nonna | m can" (or February victual the fruits of his labor will , of .,., 4 degrees The average max- Ji the party." he said. "I don't see'P lace to an upstairs portion of the how we can say we've made every' building at Fiflh and Main that now a t odds with administration policy effort until we've gone to the con-! houses Liberty Cash Grocery, Mid- since he left the treasury in 1939, vcntion and done all we can toward i west Dairy Products and Home. writing an acceptable platform." I Services and Storage Co. This move Sparkman made that comment iir is being made pending construction virtually endorsing a statement of °f the planned clubhouse opposite Sen. Leslcr Hill, D., Ala., who chal-j the Region Hut. lengcd Alabama rebels to a ballot) The club also voled to sponsor an box test. Hill announced he would] indoor circus at the Armory here be a candidate in the March 4 pri-1 this month. Proceeds from the cir- mary for delegate at large to the' cus arc to go to the Jaycees 1 chil- national convention. ' dren's playground fund. While denouncing Mr. Truman's Jimmie Stevenson. Vance Hendcr- civil rights proposals. Hill declared! son. Douglas Lawson. Roland Bishop his support for the President and' and Sanford Shclton were nomi- noducc stagnation in this country I imum ' temperature month was list ns it has done in England. 50 2 degrees and the average mln- f'rance, Italy and elsewhere." lmnm rcadi i,g was 3:1.9. Hancs, who has frequently been Temperatures ranged last month .... , , , . . , - , ,., ..,1,1.. ...i.v. -^ rt ,i^ir*^^ + inv, .v^ii^,- . LiiHJt-i'y" •-;, j^ „ ^^ administration .shipped Indiif.lrini to import American goods which contribulc directly to her war- making power. Tint congressional criticism of Die administration's export policy persisted. Sen. William P. Knowlnnd, R., Cal., said he wns preparing lei?- Islfilion for n virtual embargo on Russian purchases of scarce goods needed for the Etlinpciin Recovery Program. 1 'I'he Commerce DepurUicnt <lc- fcntled Us expoi-t proRi'mn tiefoi'C the joint congresslfmiil economic commiltcp afler Knowland and j Sen. Arthur H. Vniidenbcrg, U,, Mich., demanded lo know why the thai Speaker Jos cpll W. Mnrtln, Jr., had lold hii earlier that he wanted committee, garrison. thai Ihc Scandinavian attltudfl would be affected by Soviet move* In Finlnnd. CoixMihaftcn dispatches said that Danish Finance Minister H, C. Htnucn, in a speech last night, compared Ihe Communist coup In C7.«:l\oslovakl» with that o( the lead a Jewish provisional govern- neul. • 'I'lie. .lutta Ai ub ne.wK)i!Hicr Adclltan repoiled Ihe Jewish corridor, slretclllllg from the coast across He was (jiloted a.% saying that Palestine, io the Syrliui liorcte.r, wns Deiuiinrk "will build up our de- hciiimcd In completely by the "llu-j reuse to show our will to live as » cratlon army. Jewish tureen were Ktrrlett In I far S:iha, Kdir Sab^ ami M»K- illrl. 'Ihr Jewish Huganali urmy t\i>r.ctrtl an ^Uikek momenlarlly. '1'he Hiitlsh mtlitaiy conunnndcr nt Tiberius, at the cuslcrn end of the corridor, six .miles from Ihe Syrian fronller. permuted IhiKniiHh to brlns out Its hfrtdcn »rmoreil cars lo putiol the lilRhwnys. Hngnuah olTlcei-s were Instructed lo report their movement* to the Tiberius action on the measure ns soon us possible so It could be brought before the house "In an orderly iiiiin- nei ." (.'nmmlltrr Voles Counted Democrats vollng against the 1)111 repudiated the Southern revolt. Death Decree Commuted to f.ife Sentence nated as candidates for chairman | of the National Cotton Picking Contest this year. Election of the chairman will be held at the next meet- ins March' 15. Hays Spradley -and Ray Whit- thigtoii were inducted as new members last night. testified before the Senate Finance Committee. It is conducting hear- llic rtepublicnn-sponsom! lax reduction measure. Hanes stoutly defended Ihe bill and snid ther c was no question hut in, a IS? o7 " ^ ftS.™ ^ : BOOds to Russia while n sk,,, R Con- highest minimum were ftejj.s. Sam Hofob.s, Aln.. lislfs Kefauvcr, 'IVllll,. Joseph II. Htyson, C., Pudjo Cravens. Ark., Frank It hns been agreed ninoiiK Jewish lenders ever since partition WMS announced that Onvld lien Gtuioii, head of the Jewish Agency, would l>c prime minister of nny Jewish government. free nation." Prime Minister Clement Attlee said nlifht that the Brussels tnlks would cover the whole range of economic, social and political problems- . flnn* Abort to .Yield. HELSINKI, March i». lUPI—Th« Social Democratic and Agrarian pnrtle.s Incilcnled today that their liarllamentnry delegations favored negotiating with Russia—a twin decision which with the already de-'. clnied Communist stand apparent,- : - ly gave the Soviet proposal * majority In parliament. The chairmen of Ihe Social Dem- oc'rnllc and Agarlan groups mada it clear at. n press conference that Ollu'r members of the cabinet will be driiwu from Mn- Jewish Agency Executive, (lie Krcnlp set up under ', they expected lo support Ihe Soviet request for negotiating a pact. The expressions by the chairmen L. Chcle. Ky.. and Ed Oossett. 'rex. li^euguc''^ S«Tto,»" nind^i;! <"", »«• *™™ { ^'X^ They were joined by Republican | represent Ihe Jewish community 1 '" 11 ' 15 ' »<=tloii, »^i ch must be taken Reps. John W. Owynne. In., and I nnd the Council of Palestine Jews".' I ns so °" n ." 'J? 5 'vS' seat nnrnament Prank Fellows, Me. I it Is believed the unmcs of those !'!!! 1 .11;!" 511 ! 1 . ^t!!;,I .,'^^,,i,,.,.ri All .six democrats voltlng for the I in MIC cabinet will lie announced menstire arc from the North. They I next week. temperature was 51 degrees, on Feb. 19. and the coldest day was Feb. 8. when the maximum was only 32 degrees. Last mouth's rainfall that the government could nf fortl al exemptions from S500 to SGCO: ; (21 allow married couples in all states to "split" income for tax rainfai! for the first two months of this year lo a total "less: for billions to slop Communism in Kurope. Knowland make public today H ..._, | letter In which Acting Commerce of n.DC In- Secretary William C. rosier denied that scarce Roods had been sent to Russia, lie also explained new it. The bill would (1) boost person- | of ]()25 inches— more than three regulations which rcqnirc Smlivl- _, ------- _.,„. ------- ,=„„ ,_ «.,-™. (lmDS "" t])e minfnii received here dual licensing of exports during the same period Inst year. I "At no lime however, durin,; our Last night's rainfall brought the admlnistrnlon ol export controls. were Reps. Emanuel Celler, N. Y., Francis K. Walter. Pa., William T. liyrnc, N. Y.. Thomas J. l.une. Muss., Martin!, 111., and Michael A. Fclgluin. o. In a brief but firey speccll In the Jewish IMilltU Critlri/rrt This move was nnnounccd only a few hums ufler the Urltish strongly condemned the agency for fulling to live up to Its promises to assume responsibility for those nrens of the House, rivers said it was "e. sad com- I proposed Jewish state evacuated by mentnry that Republicans hi their lo ctnimrnss Ttuinnn arc 3) reduce tax rates lota |' s j, )cc j an . 1 to 13.01 inches— Moral Outlook ^ !s Revised; Ditto Testimony NASHVILLE, Tenn., Mar. 2. (UP) —A dark-haired attractive Si: School teacher from Pittsburgh, 20- I year old Miss Jeane Lucns, was told today that her 19-year old .sweetheart will not die in Tenncs- WASHINGTON. March 2 (UPi- sce's electric cliair Thursday at, Blcriot'H. Lamarrc te.stlfied today daun - i that lie turned accuser of Mij, Gen. But, she also was told, in effect, I Bennett E. Meyers because of a thai she wouldn't be able to marry | change in his "moral outlook." "• ,. ,.„,,.,, I Lamarre is under cross- cxami- Gov. Jim McOord shortly before j nation in the trial of Mevcrs No 1 noon commuted to 09 years in pri- , wartime Air Force procurement of- son the death sentence of Daniel Hccr. T lie sovcrnmcnl contends Budzynsk,. convicted slayer of ,' hal Mcvcrs | )cr , ; , atlcrt ^ m&m ; o JuS ' ScSTIS' re^;-^w= ^S^a^i:: x^ h ^«s.'ss- r ^-r= ssr&^ purposes; from 30 per cent in lower brackets to 10 per cent in the uppe.r. | Although the bill has been described as a "major" tax reduction, Hancs said, it is ''important" to bear in mind that It will fall far short of returning taxpayers to anything near a peacetime basis. For example, lie snid, take a named man with two dependents vho has a txcl income of S5.000. n 1930. he said, this man's tax was $48 while in 1946 it was S58!> The louse bill, he said, would '\i:n his tax to S386— still eight times the 1S38 tax. . losiiiK an opportunity friends with the South." to make attorney, Hugh Helm, for permission for her to marry the youth. The governor then added that "the State of Tennessee would not be interested in having a marriage of tills sort take place." himself as "dummy" president of the Aviation Electric Corp., which he claims Meyers directed. He said that he decided to "to; the truth" after talking with hi! Dayton. O.. attorney. Lamarre first told senate investigators Meyers no connection with the firm then changed his slory. New York Cotton Wife of State Legion Official Succumbs LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. March 2. cUP>—Mrs. Bert Prcsson. ' wife of d^f state adjutant of the Amcri- sRi Legion, died in a hospital here early today following a long illness. open A native" of Fort Payne. Ala,, Mrs. j Mar 3386 Prcsson came to Arkansas in 1923 \ JIa >' 33M after graduating from East Ten- Ju| V 3322 nesscc State Teachers College .it O^ 1 3C30 Johnson City. She served as secretary-treasurer of Ihe Future Farmers of America for several years ivliile an employee of the Slate Edu- tation Department. I (Prices f. o. h. She is survived by her husband I open high low ind one son, Bert Prcsson, Jr., of ! Mar 3fi9 ! i 370 367 Little Rock. ' 'May 3S2',2 363',i 360 Father of Blytheville Man Dies in Kansas O. P. Barber Sr.. of Lawrence. Kan., father of O. P. Barber Jr.. who forme.rlv lived in Blytheville. was found dead in his sleep this oiorn- ing at his home therc. It is believed he died of a heart attack. Mr. Barber who hart visited in Blylhevllle a number of times was a retired drug store owner. He Is survived by his one son. O. P. Barber Jr.. now of Lawrence and one grandson. Mr .and Mrs. J. F. McCalla and daughter. Jenny Wren and Mr.s. G. W. biiialiunly left this mornine lo attend the funeral services which arc incomplete at this time. Mostcr wrote," have we been nn- below the nor- . mindful of the Importance of not liial to'taf'for" ail "oi the first three exporting to the USSR commoxii- months of a year. I ties which would made n direct \orlh Gels Heavy Snow contribution to its war potential." The United Press reported a' Meanwhile, the senate went Into hcavv blanket of snow today from its second day of riebnte on the thr Rocky Mountains to the Great S5.300.!)OO.GOO ERP bill Vanclenberg See MARCH RAINS on I'af 12 faced hot and heavy cuirstlonhiK from n bloc of Republican "revisionists" who want lo slnsh the amount of aid. The revisionists were scheduled to meet tonight to discuss nn amendment by Sen. Joseph H. Rail. thrcmR , 10vll R.. Minn., lo cut the first year of "'"™K"oni aid from *5.300.000.000 to S1.500,- 000,000. Weather high 3o\v 3406 3368 3410 3364 3333 3285 3037 3004 2979 2SS1 1:30 p.m. 3380 33 S3 3301 3311 2954 Soybeans 360 Arkansas forecast: Partly cloudy to cloudy and colder tonight. Wednesday; partly cloudy with moderate j temperatures. ' Minimum this morning—So I Maximum yesterday—51 Sunset today—5:56 Sunrise tomorrow 6:27 Precipitation. 24 hours lo 1 a.m. lod.iy—2.76 Total since Jan. 1—13.01 Mean temperature (midway between high and lowi—50JJ Normal mcan for March—51.2 This Dale lasl Year Minimum this mornlm?—19 Precipitation, Jan. 1 to this date '—3.30 L C. Posey, Jr., Is Candidate For Alderman I.. C. Posey Jr.. Blylhevllle cotton ] buyer, today formally nnnounccd I thai he will be a candidate for First Ward Alderman in the municipal election April 6. Mr. Posey said in announcing bis candidacy that fie favored a cleaner city and the introduction of younger men Into the city administration. Horn in nlythcville, Mr. Poscy has lived here all his life. He is in the cotton business with Thomas F. Reeves. Mr. Poscy served with Ihe Army Air Forces for four years and wns a pilot In World War II. He served in the China-Burma India theatre of operations, where he flew P-IO fighter planes. When discharged, he held Ihe rank of first lieutenant. He is A member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Amer- Flood Warning Follows Rain Cver Arkansas LITTLE HOCK, Ail; . Mur. 2.— IUP» — Flood uMniin^.s on the lower OunchUa Hlvcr were prepared by the U. S. Wealher Bureau loday. extensiv- 1 raiiifjill Ihe Brlllsh. The British Democratic Union has 50 seals. Ennl Peltonen. Social Democratic chairman, and Jllho Kolvislo. Agarlnn chairman. snid they thought it would be extremely difficult to refuse the Russian proposal, and they were unable to find any reason to say no to It. Hcrttn Kuuslnen, chairman of Ihe Communist, group, told the press dunned that the. lnRl j, er pRT t y ,iready had acted Cairo-Haifa Express dynamiting, In I Alu ] gonc on record officially in which 28 British soldiers were killed | f nv or of the proposal, nnd 33 wounded, occurred In an nrcn [ TI«. foreign, affairs committee of where Jewish mllltln wns supposed I tt, e cabinet earlier advocated ac- to keep order. i cc ,,ui, g the overture by Premier Jo- Thc British ultimatum, effective against both Jews and Arabs, was Issued by Brigadier C. P. Jones, commander of Brillsh forces In the i, Jerusalem district. Jones warned bolh sides Ihat Hie flrilish Army will use "weapons mote powerful limn Ihose available lo Arabs nnd Jews"—presumably heavy [:uns. tanks and planes—to put down violence. set Stalin. The public moves loward the decision Finland must make came amidst, a hurried round of conferences among the lop authorities of government and politics. BlytheviHe Man Iniured in Fall !n Tennessee Caxe Brother of Blytheville Woman Dies in Memphis Funeral services for C T. I5lan- kenship. 59 of Memphis, brother of Mrs. W. Leonard Smith of Blytheville. were conducted yesterday afternoon at the Cosmopolitan Fun- em' Home in Memphis. Mr. Blanfccnshtp. who died in his home Saturday night had been in III t-.oaltb for cishl weeks. He was born in Covineton. Tenn.. and lived in Blytlieville years before moving to Memphis 25 years ago. F,. Blankciiship of Memphis and four sisters. Mr.s. W. F.. Weir of Brighton, Tenn., Mrs O. E, Cau- | Attempt Mode on Life The bureau said "all rivers In Qf Costa RlCOfl Official the Little Rock district will rise 1 durltlB the uoxt (w o to five days." i SAN jogg costri Rlcn M(lrcn 2 However. II added, "flood stages, ( tjp ( -Ariiiored curs with machine arc indicated only on the lower | B , ||15 b | a/lnR nt tcmpted lo assns- Black and Ouacluta Rivers and s i nn te Prcsident-Elect Otillo Ulatc on Ihc White below Ncw|»rl." yesterday shortly before the Costal The Weather Bureau s.ild the , Rlca|1 Coll g rcss "rejected Ills victory Ouacliita river was reported at 30,8 i . ,.,„ p ., R ,^ rrt; i r i(.uiKt pli^etlnn^ feet at Arkcchlphla today followliiR i £.",,,.„,;,, volcd "a to 17 to re- I vil!c «" d who tt ' ns with Mr ' sil "P s " n •aln. Flood singe nt jr j i,i nt ,,v ,,| r i 0 rv -it the noils ' on thc cave-exploring trip, said ' -> '««• wh rh he had S b v nlore than ! today It is believed that the Injured 10000 votes against the government ! man will recover although hospital ltdatc. Rafael Calderon ouardia. ' allcmlants told him about six wc"« Clyde W. Simpson. 25. of Blythe- vlllci is in Veterans Hospital in Nashville. Tenn., today recovering from Injuries received Saturday when he fell from a ledge In Jewel Cnve. 05 miles West of Nashville. Cecil A. Brewer. 22. also of Blythe- 2.22 Indies of Arkadelphiji 'Uncle Mac' MacKrcll Defendant in Civil Suit LITTLE ROCK. Ar!'.. March UP> — Jnmc.s t Uncle Mac) 2, M-ick- canae aae . The machitivgnu attack was made normalization will be required on Hie home or a friend. Dr. Car- i Mr. Simpson suffered a broken hos luis Valverde where Ulatc had jaw. a fractured neck a-id head in- nr. Vnlv'rrde was [ 0 ,- governor Hope last nlRht. YorV Stocks 2 n. m. Slocks lean Legion.-Ihc Reserve Olficeis Association jvvl Ihc BlytheviHe Private Fliers A.^.. : ion. Mr, and Mr.s. Poses reside at 211 East Uavls. Floor Furnace Flooded Smoke Irorn an oil floor furnace at the borne of Herman Walpolc- at 1M East Ash Street caused by the furnace becoming flooded with water during last nigtil's licavy rain was the cause of a fire alarm at 8 p.m. jeslcrday. Damage was restricted to the furnace, Fire Chief Roy Head staled. dill and Mrs. Esles Wilson of Covington and Mrs. Smilh. Pope Pioi /2 Today VATICAN CITY. March 2. (UP) — Pope Plus XII celebrated Ms lind birthday and ninth anniversary .if his election us pontiff today. In her suit Mrs. May is seeking judgment against Mackrell total- 1 ing 51300 for properly which she lowing the death of her husband nt Lost Corners in Van Buren Cinmty. She alleged that the v.uber- naiorial candidate gained cusiodv of five hend of catlle aiid some hcAischoU! Roods. . been slayini. UUlc was absent but Juries. He apparently fell from ' kilted. Ictlgc. He was carried irom the j the cave's entrance. i Mr - Brewer, with Mrs. brewer. |Mrs. Simpson and a guide. founA ' him lying unconscious on a lower HO 1-8 ledse about a quarter of a mile 63 1.^ from the cave, treated at a nearby 33 clinic and removed to the hospital. 31 3-.| ( Bolh couples, who reside at Ihe air 55 3-4 base Veterans Housing Quarters. 159 1-2 were on a week-end Irlp to Nash- 33 r-8 vllle. 53 The Pope worked .is usual. The rtouWc anniversary will be formally observed March 12. when tli< Dewey Campaign Looms AT ,V T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper firth Steel Chrysler :... Coea Cola C;cn Klmrie Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y ConlrAl Hit Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio . 13 1-4 25 ]'.l Sentitor Urges UMT to Bock Up Marshall Plan ALBANY. N. Y. Mnrch 2. <UP) aov. Thomas K. Dewey Indicated Soccny Vacuum special ixintitical \ today that he may open an active Sludcbakcr . ... campaign for the Republican prcs- Standard of N J offices were closed ' Idemial nomination after Ihe New Tcxns Corp today and Vatican flags were flying | York legislalure adjourns next for the holinay. | month. Pope will read mass, All Vatican Packard . U s Steel WASHINGTON. March 2. (UP) Sen. William F. Knowland. R.. C»l, today urged Congress to enact uni- 17 3-8. versal military training at once and 7-2 1-4! build Ihe Air Force to fighting 51 1-4 strength because the Marshall plan 4 l-'j dees not go "fnr enough' In »U>p- 10 ping Communism.

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