The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1948
Page 11
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MONDAY, MARCH 1,1048 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELBVEN Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople OUR WAY By J. R KKKCKI.ES It HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO6SEB Neat Hll of Guarding 1 OOi-i'T GYPSY FeeutoG HITS we, t CftM MO\'6 VJIT^OOT A FLEET, or- TRUCKS/ HEW.'6tW,S(>SWFV.'A SOUTARY BO-n OF Ke-ccnuPu^'VHfc \cego*.'—~ tut B-.»4i«T.' LIBRARY, &R*1 I'M SO FRI6IO I'M RIGI WE owr* er VIGIUUJT! THOSE KINGSTON CREEPS WIU-DOjt TOW1MA BALL GAMe' '•our Seminars } lanned at Arkansas I/. FAYETTEVILLE. Ark.. Mar. 1.— ^our major bu.' and professiou- il seminars, wliich will enroll hundreds ot persons from all sections of Arkansas and several other southern and southwestern states, will be conducted on (he University of [ Arkansas campus during August, it was announced today. The seminars will be conducted under the supervision of the College of Business Administration. Scheduling of the short courses marks's a resumption of a practice followed by the University in prewar years, but which was discontinued because of travel regulations niter | outbreak of the conflict. First on the schedule is a real .Aate seminar to be conducted Au*. i^ and 7— the first seminar for I real estate brokers and salesmen lever conducted at the .University I of Arkansas. This seminar is bein£ uponsored by the Arkansas Real I Estate Association, with R. T. Little of Fort Smith as chairman of the I general seminar committee . A savings and loan seminar, sponsored by the Federal Home Loan 1 Bank of Little Rock, is scheduled 1 lor Aug. 9 to 13. inclusive. J. Our- I ran Conway. vice president of tha I Federal Home Loan Bank of LitMe 1 Fock, will be th« program chair- I man. Attendance at this seminar prob | ably will approximate 300 person I from Arkansas. Louisiana. Missis l.ippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and I Texas. An insurance seminar, sponsored I by the Arkansas Association of In lurauce Agents, is scheduled to I Aug. 16 to 20, inclusive. Van Howell I ot Fayetleville Is chairman of the I general seminar committee and I Henry A. Hitgerad of Ulll« Rock :s 1 vi.ce chairman of the general sem- llfer committee and chairman of uie program committee. The concluding short. course will ® BY IONE SANOBERG 5HRIBER, By lone Sandberg Sruiber DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC Mr- llUJta llMHCralr—Mtlddrnljr be- cojiira it-rrlac*. Sonar'inr tvtixrtl the »ntr» ot arr itrv\ hi |iiim|>». SilMienar wae rvld.-nlly M.-IILI* arr lo -Up aad fall thr Mt*«-p ftKilrcnur at Toi'Mllt. Ant dUcovt . Sa«- !• n orr Kolnp; ro la*- l.attrli—brr l9- • •II Illnda I Aa»|- •lub with It was all ntht lo be reasonable. to be rational, she wanted to be, but her husband! her sister! She shook her head. Nevertheless it was someone tn the house. It had to be. Someone in the house was planning Ann's death with such cunning that when it happened, when her death was a fait accompli, no one would recognize it tor what it was for murder. First degrei murder Planned. Premeditated. if-limr pklllt. lacy arr In mrt'l 'tuna and iniy. l.niirlr'a flnm'r. l.rfl a the- hou.r. Aiiu'a frleat ' _ lellrr trtim » Mr. Atark abaut dotie an tar ^nlniclnx brlder ravlnr !• thr gardrn. Th* OTOrkMaa wrllra that tkr bridlcr —-- In prrfrct «' Rut an «ny :ltl Ihr brldne fnl- lanard. c-arrjln* l.nkr thr i ilriirr in hi* drnla. . . Ann In back I* tkal d>7, (hr day «f la ronvlnrril now It . cldrnl. (aal akf—: wn» Inteiidrd lo b* lk« "<"- . . Vtl HE had said so blithely, tn the kitchen the day ol the picnic, that she would come by way ol the bridge. That Luke should return unexpectedly nnd otter to. carry the heavy oasket over the over her, a feeling of warmth and bridge (or her was something en-1 comfort. It was as though she had been lost and loard herself saying she would ell Stella at one*. She knew *U he time, that U wa> Wednesday, .hat Stella wasn't there, thai thil was her afternoon, she'd gone at eleven. Bu\ there wo» no point In into it: it she got hungry, for goodness 1 sake, she could go down to her own kitchen and flx a curi of soup, couldn't she? So she said she'd eat and h« sounded salisliocl nnd then, easual- ly, never dreaming how he brought the terror into full play agvln. he said, "Oh. by the way. Ann. we'll have to yet a new typewriter. I slopped nt that place In Cleveland and they couldn't lix yours They sajd it was smashed beyond repair." "I haven't got any urge to save, but l'v« »lways wanted a convertible—if you'd lend mo enough to buy it, I'd have an incentive to pay you back!" VERMEER telephone bell rang. In quiet room it made a hi compelling sound thai brought her to her teet. sent the blood racing through tier veins. She stumbled over a footstool, picked up the receiver and stood there, sayim nothing, only clutching the rc^- ceiver in tight moist fingers. It was Rush. •Blello—" he said. And thi agflin, impatiently. "Hello . . .!" At the sound of his familiar voice a sense of reassurance swept tirely unforeseen by the murderer, had been lost and tcrriHcd and For a moment it wai alone and suddenly had reached a haven. She could breathe ogam. Thisi was Kusn. Ann! he said. Delinted Cotton Seed (Actual Six*) Murderer! like a word in a foreign language, her tongue shaped it. her lips spoke it, but it had no meaning. And yet it had. She shivered. Why was she being an ostrich? What on earth could she gain by hiding her head and refusing to face facts? There was substance to her terror, all right, and foundation to her fear, and she had to stop being a jellyfish and admit it. The wax—the letter. . . . Luke was dead, wasn't he? dead and buried? What more substance did she want? She knew her salvation lay In being honest but the dilliculty with honesty was that it was all inclusive. It she were to be fair she couldn't exclude Hush and Laurie from her suspicions. Although it was quite absurd to think for one moment that eitiier of them would want to kill her. :ing the receiver but she must have clone so because when she looked, long minutes later, it was back on the hook where it belonged. Hush's words brought a sickening sensation of terror that almost stopped her heart. The typewriter! She'd wanted evidence, demanded facts from her memory, anything to stop her from beinp. an ostrich. Dear God, how could she have forgotten the typewriter? Frantically, her mind lashed by panic, she remembered how everyone had said. "What a narrt cape. Annl It you hadn't stepped to one side . . .1" It took a frightful effort to move but she managed to get lo the dresser. She pulled and tugged at top drawer, it came out crook- f. sticking, ns it always did. at one side. Her hands, hot aiul feverish now. pushed aside gloves and handkerchiefs, found what she was searching for. She held them, felt their rough hardness against her fingers. "Ann, what's wrong, darling?" She opened her mouth to the words, they would gushed from her mouth In an torrent, frightened, incoherent, senseless too because they were so fantastic. But something stopped her. Sorriething~>nnate. Primitive. Simply stopped her tontjue in her mouth and would not let her speak. She said weakly, "ft's only hP ^ave e you U ea't"en anything?" He I struments of death, not,ur,less you became the doctor instead of the husband, the professional taking Ihe place of Rush. "Look, you have Stella fix you some toast and some tea. And soup. And eat H. r She promised she would. She I with little red stars imprinted on their surface. As ordinary looking, in their way, as her new brown shoes. They didn't look like tn looked at the soles ot the shoes, that is, and saw the carefully applied wax. Or unless you knew how the golf balls had been used. She knew now. (To Be Contlnaed) Blue Milk Decreed | ST. PAUL, Minn. (UP!—A new state law requires buyer« to reject, and put a harmless peacock blue dye in any milk or cream offered for manufacturing purposes that doesen't meet certain purity standards. The producer whose milk is rejected may use It himself at homt a« blue butter or hog food. Post-war expansion of plastics and metal working industries has brought increasing demand for cutting tools for plastics and metals. sod Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Blie T. L MABRY 123 MISSOURI ST. PH. 36Z7 be a bankers seminar, scheduled for Aug. 23 to 27, Inclusive, under sponsorship of the Arkansas Bankers Association. STATE CERTIFIED CHEMICALLY DELINTED COTTON BEED cost less to plant. These all seed are treated and Tree from all seed borne diseases. Quicker germination, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expente. Uae any bean, corn or pea planter. STATE CERTIFIED VARIE TIES packed in attractive 50 Ib. bags. Come in and book your requirements today, we will hold until planting time. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blythtvillc, Ark. Branches: Leachville, Ark., Cardwelt, Hornersville & Senalh, Mo. kMALONE i Plaster .. h , CURTAINS, drapes, unythlng that yon need cleaned to perfection Is handled easily at PEERLESS CLEANERS. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable prices, quick, efficient service! PEERLESS CLEANERS Phone 2<33 BABY CHICK TIME • BUY EARLY • BUY THE BEST Complete Line of Feed We Buy Poultry! Lewis Poultry •119 K- Main Phone 949 Perfect Service We pride ourselves courteous, prompt Perfect food plus service equal* the meal. Elliott Johns, Owner Johns Cafe 409 West Main Phone 3.10' Spring Planting Oal-s We have Spring Oals, Alfalfa, Pasture Mixtures and Lespedeza. I^wn Mixtures For All Kinds Field Seed, Come to See Us- Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. 854 riionrj and Stucco Phone 2029 RADIO REPAIR 1 AND I Of.1 SERVICE OH ANY MAKE OR MODEL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for »nd Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Aatharlied Motorola FUdl* Salts and Sf.rrle* 106 South first St. Here's Looking At You! . . . for a more immaculate, attractive ance this spring . wiled suits to us for rapid, freslt-as-new cleaninK pressing! NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Dial 4474-4475 PKISCIU-A'S POP 't you know brothers <*"<? meant »d RALPH LANK VIC FLINT was «bt« to >how Kipafew trick at th«t LISTEN, WERK. THEY'RE WHPIHG ON TMt MtOUlCKM Of SOMf 5TR*N« COWIE AMD AKIOTHIV PICKED UP IN THt BOWIING AUfY. f CAHUMMRSTANOTH& 5H5 TOlDMJHfR HWlXf* WAS ROCKV SIONE OF IMS KIDS GREAT. WTKIPANOtWfWN'T QUARREUIN6 d«001 BOWUMfi. IT'S ABOUI HER BROTHER THAT'S MOKE UKt (T. NOW Att YOU N€(0 ISPRACTICf <NDV** BOY PRIEND WON'T HAVE AMV1UINSTO fIGHT WITH YOU A ROUT. VOU'Vt EARNED A SOOA TflCKY. SHE'lt U BOWtINQ 2OOIM AUOTHCRWCrK WASH TUUBS l HORM.,.S«T M MV nt EUTENSIOH COO5 OU CAN TINO IN 1W HOOSBl WRMp ITU K HE IOOK* HlflUfi Ylr*! 1 . THMC Ml MV RESEAKCH NOTES'. Kf UfkST THIS UMSRMEFUL HORLO WiL MEWR KHOW »M SECRET! THW WOULD ET IAk\(MO TEC.R VOU TO RUG'S TACKEPTO TtftTRKf OOOR, MD FML5 PIKE W«E« IT'S CLOSED FROW BEIO THOSE MEPW.ERS M BW Wnt LEWE W THE PUKB-WWTER .corn. IM rt »'« MPIV«. IMC. T. ». »eo. u. FRED HARMAN I OWt \ /WE'D BEHER <3£1 HOlD M C\ART1QAOOCtOR- CRA6ROCl<,l V^IE CArt WVESTiSATE LATER-' A DOISM PtRSOSfr_SAW LENNO 1 fTRED (THASEO ME SHOT W DADDY.' APPIE COKE'wit iiii-un jOrtAS CR-\0f?OCK V. T. HAM LIN Oscar Thinks Kast $ SWTCH OVEK TC SEE MOW WITH THE WITH THE f THINS *iT THiHAJ IT.' I'Vt «XPT A PTOPCilTION By EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HKK BUDDIKS

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