The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1948
Page 10
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PAGE TEN (ARK.) - COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MARCH 1, 1948 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION «IIU1U!UM v«-..»- 1 time iwr line J*c 2 \\Dics per Uno l»r dnjr I2c 3 ttmts p« line I'" da y 9c 6 times per Hue pi!r day Jc 12 limes per lino iwr day sc Mornh per line ......... We Count <^ ve average words to ln« lUK' Ad ordered for lluco or slK limes and •topped before eii>lratlon will tie charged ror the number of times Hie nd up- peared and adjustment of bill made, All classified Advertising copy »ub- milled by persons ri-sliiliw ouuldc ol Ihs elly must be Accompanied by cash Rates may be easily computed from the • bore table. AdverllslnK order for Irrreulnr inacr tlons lakes the one lime rale. No responsibility win be take., lot more than one Incorrect Insertion of • ny classified ad. All ads ure restricted to llielr proper classification, style and type. The Courier reserves tlie rli;ht to edit or reject any ad. Apartment For Kent Two room furnished npnrtn rent. 722 Jnrnlcson. 3-room furnished on IV. Reasonable. ICO! W. AMI St., |» npnrtmrtit. Cnll iiftrr Couple 5 Apartments Wanted pllOtie 674, or house uuftlrtilstird Coal and For »«le—good coal and duelling. Plenty of it. Wo Iclivcr. Phoive 049. Lewis 'oultry, 419 E. Main. lJ-l-ck-J-2 COAL "H it is coal you want" • WE HAVE rr. Also Jluy—Across from Blytlicville Compress We Deliver Phono Florists AZALKAS--X1MPSI VflMHll'S [ijul col- », ?5c I'ai-h; nifto larger Bl/rs. Krnil ir desrtliiuve iirh'C UM, A'/.AI.KA <iAHl)ENS, 207 JR. Unrlcsdttlc, Memphis, Trim. 3.16-J>K-4:18 Foods Reach for J [nil's Hrrnrl. Fuels A rrw 551) Kliltoll otltlrt 111 WANTED TO KKNT Nicely furnished throc- I'oom apart incut \vnnicd by two gentlemen. Pt'i-m;tnent residents. Call A. A. Krcd- riekson, nt 44G1. 2-18-ek-U Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services HI,AN HICATM AUTO AND 110JIK SUPPLY \v Mnln rnonr 821: CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main Ai Dlvl.ilon Phono Don't endanger your fft lly lillltr tiros— BUY LEE TIRE*. (!^s nncl oil fired wnli'r JicnloiP 'fc Movrs R;is>' lo limnll. Ml fll/i-fl. Tnhlc " >P IJ'LAN IIKATI: AUTO. AND HOJIK SUPPLY 1)17 W Main Plionc 82« 3 n-CK-3.2 Household- Goods martc K. M. Blinds Dra] PMnt Store 109 E Mnln SI. phone »1«r>. 9 24-cH-II will] IT'S a cinch to imiXu ! noisiory look new wuh yanm UetU's Ptunl ni aiorc. lyy E. Main Si. irt n|>- I'Mrme 4469 l!)<ie CHRYSI.KR iniliis-l trial motor and assembly with a 11 accessories complete. Ready for operation. Sec T. l.'SEAY MOTOR CO., 121 E-'Main, phone 2122. 2-18-ck-lf Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage R. Highway 61 Phnr.e 37R5 FKKKHKKS r>rK. Hoi poln I mid White Kl in Jrct'zers. Up to J.IHX) raon 1C RLAN HKATH AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY \V, Main Plmiii* If you c*u dcpccM your brake pedal to within 1*1 inch or lew of yonr floor board, your brake! need immediate attcntiooj Bring Your Ford Home For Complete Brake Service • BRAKE ADJUSTMENT • NEW LINING INSTALLED All done icnsonalily )>.v real Ford mechanics . . . your best be\ for precision Ford work! See the New Ford Truck 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Insurance On FARM AND SUBURBAN rro]irrly. SIMTIM low rale prc-inUnnK. Flrp. wlnd- >uinn. lorniulo. All covpriv^r 113' Ar- nti'ins rosfrvp roinpmiles. Wate. nM [i^y'R quick. Write Blylhe- Jeep parts now available »t POOLE JTOTOR CO. WP can rill All your nercta Get Rermine purts from nur complete line ELLIS POOLE OWNER, .t OPEHATOR South HlRhwar "I «t Stcelo. Mo Phone Stoilo 49 We ^narnntee RECAPPING WITH HAWK1NSOM TREADS Lfit your next tires be GENERALS COST JIORK—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. 1H I MAIN PHONE 23fl ira-ck-t Expert Radiator Repair for Less We hRVe thp bp.u In Tntllator rcpal «iulpmciu Lr-t our (ra'ticrt mm bo out anj rcu»Ii toui rnrHtvtoi [or you Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor O DOUGLAS LAWSON. MBr I'honr 2} S U Ck Building Material Lie AtJpncy, or PHONE 2:0-1. 2 26-pX-J 2C Protection against all INSURAHLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance GLKNCOK 11UTKL BLDW, 124 W ASH ST 12,'J-cfc-U For Salt, Mite, SURP!,U8: TOOI, CIlMrt Mx- K)Kl«n!3 InchM WSS. TOO1, client (WXI7X16 InchM »n,95, IJX18 Bluniliiuni l«tt<rl 760. LEATHER helrnrlR 49c IIPI'KKK, ciutv »lv}inLn\im. 1 qviarl 49c Dll'l'KHa. can •lumlnuni, 2 qimrl Vc. pOTfl ca«t Khimlnum. topt inrl ninrilre. IS gallon n.50. STEEL pots DUck It) gullon M.75. PUERS new. H.4J. IJUFK1.E D»B. new »2.7i. TENTB. nrpK. nhoes, Mlcmrra, rRlncoals, IkcXetJi W. A PICKAR1) OROCKHY—«ENE- RAI, MERCHANDISE, ARMY SURPLUS J20 K. Main. 228-ck-36 RurroviKh's CASH REGIS- 'KR. Practically new, call 801. 2-27-ck-tf For Sale OI.D NEWSPAPERS COURIER HXWB OFFICE 10110 tl Help Wanted, Male Large auto firm needs experienced SHOP FOREMAN. Best working conditions and salary. Write full experience i and qiuililicaiions Box B J | % Courier New* 2-26-ck-3-4 YOUNG MEN —18-26. Free to travel U. 8. *mj return, Travel with FeRSons, plfBSMit work. Bvrrnge weekly enrn- m«s fC5. TrniiK|>ortatlon furnished Kxtienfif.s nrivaiiecd. See Mr, Hnrrls, Mo ii clay luid ii ml WrtJiiP.stlny 2 lo G \i in. Hotel Nohle. Do Jiot pl:one. Btrtrt * Rdwlrlph BuBinrs.s. Real op- portuiiliy now for n permnneiit profitable work. WrUc Uawlolgtx'fi Dept. AKC-21U-K.. Mrmplils, Tenn. 3'l-j>k.-4 DIESEL, POWER In&tntrlton. Mule. Mpclisitiicftlly In- clliinil run) «ct free facts nhoilt oppor- luntxirs ami training plan covering hiR new field of DIESEI/ ENGINES foi trucks, traders. loctunotlvcs, power planiR. ships, etc. We train you In your snare tlrnp. Write for details fflv- iiiB RRe nnd present occtmallon. Ullt- JtleB pi PS el Training, Box BK. co Courier News. 3;i-pk-3 Help Wanted, Female Wanted: l*ady to livs with elderly women us rompimUm In IJlythevlllc. Ark. or telephone 742-W2. Notice Why spend money- Swap with us Klbcrt Htirttnnn'a SV/KP Shop, 40^ K Main. Phone 859 \Qi22 ck U Outdoor Supplies BASEBALL TEAMS No\v is the time to order your uniforms and equipment. Get our prices before you buy. HUBBARD HARn\\'ARL': CO. 213 W. Main Personal farmers Column For Snlc— Three :mJr ]iit;s. welkin thoroughbrect white niiout 115 pounds. Chuck Wnlkpr, Ekron Community. Jniorpstinp vacntlon position paying teachers sclrcted (750 to $1500. (Ipppncl- ItiB on ability and length ot vncntlon A service in which you wll! grovj- :>r<i fpASloiially. Requirements: 25-5G year. 1 ;, white, ti years' teactilnK experience, Jiooil rrror<l am! .slnnrtln^. Number ol openings Hniltrd Wrltr Immediately In confld/'iicr for persnnnl tntervlrw, pU*- iti? phono. Write Box Bit c|o Courier New*. 3]l-pk-2 Settled cotdi'cd woman for l-'nri FARMS WANTFD s n»y si/o in North Kast Ar- anrt Souih Ea.-it Missouri, Cnsh buyers Queue juHce to sell. Writ* BlytUevillc A«riii',y, phon« '2am, I-'or P-?o Farjiinll tractor, cul- , tivator nncl blisters. Also 2 row John Dec re tractor planter. Eubnnk.s Brothers, iji 2 miles wesl ol Joiner. Arx. , 2 28-pK-3 S Income Tax If YOU NEED ASSISTANCE on nl- iK y«Jiir liimi\io 'I'vn, please BPR inc . ROOM 21. LYNCH BUILD1NU, 1LVTI1KV1LLE.AKK or tc!eptioiie ^P40 •- r B p m •vcrrtl yeivis cxjieni'i. 'e with Inter- ir\l fU-vrn-.JL- IJriiartinrHl, Feus will be line with !ucr\! accountants. Kbh 1. CM-FOH. 12 30-cfc-iJ5 Laundry HOMK LAUNDRY. Srr Maiulle lUir- •RS. Hly;h;v,\y 61 N. JJchlnct Ouctinn- n's Grocery, 2 i9-p](-3!10 SELL WHAT YOU DON'T WANT AND BUY WHAT YOU DO WANT Courier News Classifieds. Personal 1'8-cfc-Tf Loans II you navn ,'orneltilnp ncco anil can't pet rid o't HviflinntrEi -Swap Hhop. pJion R. Mivln. "INVEST IN REST" l.rt us mnkc your olil cotton :\ Huorsprux niHllrcFscs Like nrw. N nirutrpssos tiiiLdn lo order. Vice [iU:k..,, mm delivery ivUliin 50 miles. Cull 4RH or drop R rani in SMITH MATTIIF.SS 'OA^PANY, Ocncrat Delivery "One >ay Service." 22-l-r>k-3'> Kor Hale : F-2Q Furnifill tractor, cultivator ruul blisters Also 2-row John UeorG trneior planter. Euhanks «ro- tnprs. a-J;2 miles west, of Joiner. Ark. One pair mules tsikrn up. 3-l'2 inllrs Kointi of niythovlllo. our red. one bny. Wright npproxLmiUely 1200 pounds, Carl Ucnton, Iloulr 2. 3;i-pk-2 Kor Salr: One John Deere Model n rartor. riilUv.itor anrl plnntrr. May c .SOPH nt 110 W, Walnut. 3'l-pk-4 Lost & Found hou.seu'ovk two morning, Mrs. \Vest Walnut. hours each Mason, 810 3-1-rlh-lf Position Wanted Take a modern drug store, for instance. In most of them you can purchase anything from a hot lunch to a horse collar. We believe this is a real service to the public. Now in our place of business, we offer this same kind of 'COMPLETE SERVICE' No matter what your automotive needs may be—from a spark plug to a complete overhaul job—you can get it here ... and promptly. Visit use soon and see for yourself, won't you? LOY EiCH CHEVROLET CO. (Under New Management) Phone 24 Hr. Service 578 2 Wreckers Texaco Products Seibcrling Tires A you [IB liirty who had miincceM- tnlly hunirrt for R Job for wcftfts. lock nei' ijist dollar to ihe Clarified ilf- pimment. of R large mrjtropolliim ncwspappr. SiaXins her r 4ual1llc:Ul:ins in a brief "Position Wantn.L" ad -she found the one Insertion resulted in a variety ol oilers. Call on GluS'nMf"'.^ 2.13 Lost and Found Sleepy Snake A man driving from Florida to Wnsnmgton. l«It his bricl ca?p in a luvie cily where lie ^oppca to PHT, Wiring tanck to the local ncu'.spaiifr, vvhertr R Wnnt Ad wns fnscttp'S, the case was cj u Ick ty found a n-t rorvs n rd nd to nim. preventing the loss 01 days or work. Cal Ion Classifieds. 2 13 Priyate Rooms Lost: One brown leather billfold, with vnJuablp paper. Kinder keep money, re- | turn wallet. Call 3616 or come to 138 i K. Mnln. ^ 3,l-pk-4 For Sale, Cars & Trucks Bedroom, '31-4 N. Nlnih. Plionp 23: FOR SALE: — One A-model Ford In perfect shape. Call VP3 Btter 4:(K> Quick, prl- l nttcntlon F:RSOXAI. LOAN. 1 * A'i utc--cornaki. i r-Iiicnltnri- e semcc rt-rsnniill/rr Coino In or telephone*, '2S2 (IKNEnAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION 122 W A«h St. Blythevlllo Arx 12?'1-rk-tf Money to Loan loan to repnlr or rr- n payment, no mor- . PHA AETROVKO RATF. 5% ASK TOR DETMUS Max Logan, Realtor iwnc 20:U lAiirh Biillnl BlytherLllc. Ark LUMBER For Sale Real Estate Loans If you own your lot, have a little money, will furnish rou lumber to build your liomc. At mill. Camp Moul- Irie Drive. 0. S. ROLL1SON Phone 3309 2-18-ck-3-]S Do your own conrrri Rent a concrete rmxrr Pnone 4-iS^, Box Gjy r work nnl s^ by day nr ho Plumber If r^n nrctt i\ licensed p linn her. n 1 sport Ktove rcpiilr work done, ra Inrrj' Me ypr.-i r\t Huhharrl H.'iTc1* i nn Photography CAM* US TODAY FOR A JKKH DKMONSTART1ON We to show you the comtort of. litiiiii; in CUP of our new models.— one n: ttic 1 ]jin»y reasons why It tins proven Usrll lo be itit rra\ cnr lor xhn ftvprafic posLWiir American family. Poolr Aloicr Coinji;niy, KLlis I'oolc, owner nntl operator S. Highway 61 at Str-clr. *Mf>. Phone .Strelo 4f>. 2 27-ck-^,"» CrilckflSf\\vna. Prl\-ntfi 2,2R-rlik-3,J room, photic 2*>2(K Bed rooms. BlytheTllle Holrl Nlcfi bedroom, ^fl W. Walnut. close In. Mr He<]ronrn, ronvpnicni Co oath. Heat. Phone 3325. GU W Main Con^Iortabir 26V5. lieilroom for rent. Call nrtrnit Hp|>oin in. tor "on rJrtircir HolrL CuUlAOti'R for Ihn br^t work. Call .1377 Tor rv tinrnt, or 7.460 nlirr t, tUc spot" rov*-Tiii;r 3 Jfl-rk-^,13 Trade Ins on Kaiscr-FrazeV Automobiles I,:ito Model Used Cars t!!-17 Modrl DOIX1E. Tour door rus- tom se<inn with rndlo, hcMcr. drfrosirr, Inj; inmps nnd scat covers. Very low John Sorrclls, Scripps-Howord Editor, Is Buried thr portion of the airport property East ol the runways which has been rented out as farm land. Services R. L, KHI*:KMAN T Rtid PaprrhM-mlnir. phou Settled whltp lady will krep ni^H family . IQy K. Sycain m? Model CHRYHI,KR H: v.r tloor Cusioiu SeOnn. Low i •*atpr, dnlrostpr and plastic se- ll co v - Airport News AEtor min and low ceilings restricted flying at the Municipal Airport here last week, clearing weather over the n-cck-eiid brought i "jn' e ""Tcnn"' StYnson" a -sudden in ucti>'ity Sat- I o ^' ^£ a vei-.svUle Miss' urday and yesterday. The transient pilous lust this veei include: O. C. Metzger of Perry, la., Bonanza; R. T. Lamon of Knox; J. W. Hazlip i i>i iM.u.j> cj A * uitTj iVii^^., Stinson; Ho- mcr Truitt of Wynne, Piper Cub; The BWhevl,,. Private F,.s A S sociation will hold Its second : monthly meeting Thursday mglit at , 7:30 at the Ply-rmi restaurant It is. CR R w Johnson of Ll]Xor Luscombc . Ar)loW j oncs of Cooler , Mo C]Uisc EUo] , p atlcl ,, on ,,f expected that Gale Hanson of Lit- , Jone . sbol . 0i ce.ssnn- Basil Bowman Rock, non-scheduled air car- | Qf Osreo |., BT . 15 tie rier impector lur the CAA will he on hand to -show CAA films. : ^erman, 57, Drown* "'««• A green light has been mounted on the airport beacon, de.signiitiiiB airii]icr.s. NASKVIULE, Temi.. March 1. (UP)—Ambulnnce workers dragged the Cumberland River here today the airport' as an emergency land- ! fo '' th f hoct J- of Jo'; 11 w - Ferguson, ing field for all planes, especially j ='• Sherman who drowned j- M ter- 0 day when his skiff sank. \Villiain Cruckett, 16, told police he and Ferguson were crossing the river when their small boat sud- C V Sebans;h and Johnnv fields flew to Gainesville. Ga.. last week in Mr. Sebaugh's Navion. | denly filled with water. He said _ M he s\vam to .safety and didn't sea >n ' Fcrgu-son again. Plowing underway today on We na Soil ri imir ann. tw ' men '"I! pl;'c "'" til"t\X 'HEA'fl'rAVTtl 0 AND HOMK SUl'l'I.Y an W. Main r>i Business Property For Rent Frozen Food lockers. Fro/en Foods, 21st and Main. phone 2602. 2-G-ck-3-f>l For Rrnl: For JIM n month or would Garage, service station, six room house, all outbuildings one acre of ground. All modern. Ooort business tor 13 y<ars All tools turnlshed. SVetdlng equipment Just out Qt city Umlts on IUch\vny So 1 Robert Ward, T^'tpiione 7F11, Route 2, Pavagould, Ark. t' M A. LOANS COMMI-flciM, LOANS ••' It A -(i I I.OANR TKUHY ABSTRACT aeiiv ANI) UKA1.TY COMl'A 213 W WA1.SI.-T PHONE 12n-ck-J2S Money To Loan On fjirin Ijind or city prop crty. \Vo iilsn luiy notes. CONWAY Sc HOUCHINS 3 l!'-rk-lf I A ho^less rcaU/ea only a lev ments hoi ore her «\irsts nrrlvrO hnrt tor^OMon to v:el tapers tnr tahlc i ilnnrlnc tluon^Ti thr c Arts she fdiitu! The tiumlirr servlr Rt ,-vrrLvnJ once, orln) .-su rrs. !S»'tT Mn<JH PONTIAC. 8 Strrnmllnpr \vltJi nitJIo. heater, dclrostcr. ,=ci\t rovers. spotui:lit etc. I'.mi Model CHRYSI.KR Royal tour door KcUnn with rartlo. hrntir. -drfrosu cr. sent rovers. \Vlth low mllrnt^c surt vrry clrati You'll hnve to SOP this car to npprrrlMC It !!>:!<< mono] Ford, two rlnor. Tin-: "tii" MOTOU co. Y{»ur Kaiscr-Fraxcr Dealer X. Jli^lnvay GI. Phono 21'12 For Safe, Farms * r>f nil stomps rrpM nntfrd, Phonr 4222 Hi SO Acres, about n In St. Franrl irrotff highway 1 . run MilirHvlrtr- of 120 to 1RO actrs ra nrro. H. M. CooLry. .T ; Valley. i miles, In five •h. Prlrc Sewing Wusicaf Merchandise NEW SPINETS »KS TO PAY • Sheet Music • Kslcy Organs If'J M11.F.S KRF,f) DELIVERY MORELAND'S Music Store 315 S, Secoiul — Phone -V2'22i For Sofe—City Property nnr l^r^r lot with iwo hulldlnps. HfirTj, ?ii«l city water in both hiuuimss I>T,Vfilings prlrrtl $1.00. for both, l^ls AX^ILIK, I,;m«c Si. I^-Achvni* F'l '^n linlr^ rnndr to nrclrr M? AIm» Bnss, Klma Ctwvrier . ., .... . ,. ., '. WR N. Fifth Si, 22Q-pk-3?0 !-1WO "'•Inr. nltrratlons Mrs >l'i-hv -'ffl Hoi;«o vnktln. Fnrmrrly wltli .Ton T. •,'--. room n ? 7(^^-3 f> NOl'TH ; »in Tyocwritcr lo;:r room houf-fi on \Vrsi Fldr, <.moi> s-lx tooiu luiM^c, ^^.200. oi'iirr lots. $1.300. ON' Missouri ir «,rvrn loom nurt tHrrp room J^.'iiMi ;i05 l.AKK Rtrrft. flvo u 1 -r \\tlli fiivilHurr S4.750. ON Truth, n tlirrr room house nit lire, l\vo \ots ?"2 3>0 POS• .SFS.^rON ntitl trrins on all. Phone I- LFL,O AlrRN'CY. 2.194 7 17-pk-J ^ PINE BLUFF, Ark.. Mnrch 1. —Punpral services were held >TS- to-rtlfly Inr John Sorrels, 51. exrc- utive rditor of the Scripps-1 Toward Newspapers, who died in New York ! last Wednesday. l Or. William E. Brown, pastor of 1 the First Methodist Church, cor.- j ducted the funeral service at the j Pimr Bluff Funeral Chapel, Sorrel!s wa5 buried bfsirffi his brother, Wai- ; ter Sorrels, editor of the Pine Bluff Commercial, who died last year. Active pall bearers were Charles K. Scripps. vice-president of the K. \V. Scripps Co.; TL/niis B, Seltxrr, editor of the Cleveland Press; Edward T. Leech, editor of the Pittsburgh Press; Raymond Richardson, mechanical supcrin tendon t of the Memphis Publishing Company, of which Sorrels hart been president 5lncc 1036; IJP.V Flourney, Toledo, O-. and Harvey Gillespie. John P. Gil- Irspie and Fred an H. Crlstopher, all of Pine Bluff, Sorrells Ls survived by his widow, the former Ruth Arnelt, three sons. John Harvey, Jr.. of Washington and Ijce Univorsity. Robert Talliferro and William Gardon. .studci\ts at Saunt.on. Va,, Military Academy. and a daughter, Mrs. Ellis Moore of Memphis, and two grandchildren. Not even handling by as cute a "snake charmer" as 7-year-old Elaine Bailey can rouse this four-fool ouli s.-.ake f !o m its winter nap. The sleeping snake •wiis dug up by Elaine's brother near thcif HnlchinFon, Kan., home. H had huirowed two feet underground lo hibernate. h GIVE YOUR CAR 'HI.PERSONAL TOUCH THAT KEEPS ITS TURNING/ DON EDWARDS Typewrite: Una nad £X Uh ui Dogs, Cats, and Pets Irate Husband Sought ! For Killing His Wife; Attorney is Wounded HEBER SPRINGS, Ark., Mar. 1. — <UP>—A po-ssc ol state anrl county officers continued their search today for 30-year-old obra Afarlin who is accused of shooting his wife to denlh here Saturday and wounding her attorney. Cleburne County Sheriff Alton Bittle resumed tlio hunt this rnorn- ItiK after an all-iu'2nT r.earch Uirned vip no clues. All officers in the Flnte have been alerted. Martin Is said to have stomped into the liomtyof Attorney Gene P Houston, whipped out a revolver and shot bis wife. Sno dierl instantly ITie attorney was shot In the arm but managed to disarm Martin who fled. Officer Killed in Fire Dr. Gustayus Dyer Dies NASHVILLE, Tenn,. March 1- CUP)—Funeral services will be held FORT D1X. N. J.. March 1. <UP> i here Tuesday morninji for Dr. Gns- Phrrn ti'.-iin nO\isf. partly ti rnl^hcrt 2i!i:i f.uolyn Rirrrt. 2 !2-pX-.T 11 V'*' MX room hou*? »t ^IS K Kosr. o A c.;, Thompson, or phonr ;iMl 3 l-pk-7 BlyLhevillc, Ark. 12 12-ck-tt 'Iliroo lilftclc Mid two red tlmroup])- • »rrt cfiow p\ii»pl("5. I'I tone n<v> oil rnnli 2,2G-tk-3,-l Call -4222 For Sale, Misc. For KMr Tartif C'onsolP XKXITII RADIO Jti KKCcllcnt (Tomliuou SCO C'a.sti Ken I'i\iil Human At courier Nrus -inuuor oil slovp In perfect ^ln. Can be seen «l corner m, IllKrnm Apt. No. 5. or S,27-pK-32 —First Lt. Wallace T. Atianis. 3fi, of \vah. Tenn.. was .suffocated > - c^- erday when fire destroyed a Iwo- lory wooden otticers barracks, First \rrny Hearioimrters reported, Capt. William H. Wnshburn. Boston, and First. U. Herbert Adler, Brooklyn, fcred lacerations and bxiriis. for le, nil Kl!i<1 '3, \-p\t- tftvtis Walker Dyer. Rl. lecturer writer for the Southern States Industrial Council nnd a professor einerit\)s of VanderbUt. University. Dr. Dyer died Saturday following a heart attack. I Read Courier Newa Want Ads. ATTENTION FARMERS IN ADDITION TO OUR MANY OTHER SERVICES WE NOW HAVE BLACKSMITH1NG BR1NO VOUR PUD W I'OINTS TO US Expertly Sliar]ionc<l Prompt Service F. L. Wicker Machine Shop I'lione 2102 215 N. Second St. Drive in ludny ;iml le( us giv« your car a 1 borough K<)inj;-()vi'r. It's time, Ion, for ils animal spring time-up. • Motor • Brakes • Paint • Tires All of these need our expert BU1CK attention! Bring Your Buick to Us —

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