The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1948
Page 9
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MONDAY, MABCH 1.1MB ILTTHIVILLl (AM.) COURIER NIW1 PACK OTN1 For Service On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Call 2fii3 JAMES STANDRIDGE Norris Printing Co. Bouquet M«4e KOKOMO,, Ind. (UP)—Mrs. Clifford Lineback put « new twUt to ("saying it with dowers." When her husband took over th» county clerks, ofice, she sent him a hu«e bouquet, scattered through Ine bouquet were several stick* to which wore tied cigars, cigarettes and chewlnK gum. A catfish stops eating in cold weather, and may retn«ln •Imott motionless for months. Local & Long Disliince Moving a Specialty Anylime — Anywhere Any Place 'Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. Phones: Day 1<>77 2flS(> "Buy Your»" at City Drug Co. 101 East Main St. Name Brandt • LIQUORS and • WINES First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phono 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNEK Tail-Hartley Law Faces Major Test Big Labor Contracts Up for Revision in Spring and Summer lip Charle« H. Hen-old United Press Staff Correspondent WASHIMOTON (UPI— Tile ncxl six months will provide Important tests of Ihe nntlon'i new labor relations machinery established by lh« Taft-Hartley law. That U the consensus of government. Industry and labor union officials affected by provisions of (he law that was passed June 23, 1941 over President Trtmin's veto. They based their prediction on the fact that thousands of agreements, in- clurliiiK most of the major labor contracts, will expire or will be op en for revision between now and next Aug. 31. The application of the law to those agreements and lo other mat ters IK explained In the following questions and answers: VVhul must thr partlea rin under the law resardlnr the atreements? Give each olher 60 days' notice of intention to renew. mortHy or IP'. them expire. If no afirecnlent Is reached in 30 days, then they tile notice of unsettled dispute. 1 ; w|ih lie Federal Mediation ami ConciH- ition Service. In there a penally for stiikhiK without giving fitien notice? Yes. If employes sthke before the end of the 60-day period, they lose their rights to vote in any bnrenin- Open House at the Gehas Editor Soyi Cancer Deaths Controlabl* CHICAGO, Mar. 1. (UP)—Dr. Morrl* nshbeln, editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, aalri Saturday that cancer deaths could b« cut one-third If known fuel* about IU control were applied Fishbeln told member* of Ihe American Cancer Society at theli Annual meeting- that failure to use knowledge about cancrr "Is a plnce where Ignorance la not tills* but nslead a death warrant." He described cancer as "a collet- Ion of cells In lh« human bodi which reluso to obey the. usvia »ws of lirowth." "They are like bandits in squat leis wlw Intrude where they ar not wanted and not needed. They are lawless nnd therefore dmieci- mis," lie suld. l-'lshbcln said V'lence ln.i tieen able lo Identify a number of causes ot the disease. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 This rattle truck's bnkei failed .nd It crashed Into • two-slm-y bulletin. In St. Joseph. Mo., ripping Ihe front oil Ihe house, exposing two room* of th« apartment ol Mr. nnd Mrs. IlH-hartl (^clia. Fortunately the Gchas and their two children were at a inovw when th« iccident happened. Soy Beans Cleaned Don'l plant grass anil weed secrt vlilh your soybeans. Our ntw clearer removes all obnoxious seed. Before havlnf your need beans cleaned conic by and see nur new modern cleaner. Bring your beans to be cleaned at your convenience. Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. Highway 61 South Old American Legion Airport- Phone 2S60 ing election and to claim unfair labor practices, until and unless they arc reinstated by their eir- ployers. What Is the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service? An Independent agency, headed by Cyrus S. Chlng as director. I" mediate labor - management disputes. | Wliat strikes or disputes dues It j handle? Only those which substantially affect interstate commf-rcc. or "which imperil the national health or safety." The service can refer a dispute of Ihe latter kind to the President !or appointment of :i fact-finding panel. The President can seek a court Injunction to halt such a strike pending the panel's report and further mediation. Such an injunction could hah for 80 davs a strike that would "imperil the national health or safety." Are any other utrlkem Illeg»l1 Yes, for the first time this law makes illegal any strike lor union recognition, for Jurisdiction overwork, or for thr closed shop. II also outlaws the secondary boycott. How c«fi the government hiU trine itrlkn? The National Labor Relations Board and Us general counsel, Robert N. Denham, are authorized to seek courl injunctions. Failure to j obey the injunctions makes the j unions anri thrlr olllcer* liable lo , lines or Juil sentences. i \Vbal l» Ihe National Labflr Relations Hoard? j This Is an Independent five-man n«enc.y established by the act to hold elections to determine whether employes want a union, whether they want a unionshop. or to decer- lily a union or to withdraw union shop authorisation. It also decides when an employer or a union commits an unfair labor practice. The bonrd acts only after It ha-s been petitioned by a union, employer o: individual employe. What »re unfair labor practices.' Employers, as under the Wagner FARM m LOANS <i v^ Home Office, Newark, N. I, LON« TEMI PROMPT CLOMH0 MW BAH O.M.I,. WXITI OK »» RAY WORTHINGTON lit 8. Third St., HIjrtHettlle, Ark. Serrlnt Tlil» Section M Veara AutkorhfA Morrgac* f.o«*< SeNtHor f«*- THR rtUDKNTIAI. INSUKANCR COMPANY OP AMF.tKA CSS£Z> T&ACTOK.S 8 Ford Tractors Complete With Equipment MORE EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY! See or Call Douglas Lawson at Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway fil Phone 2171 , Act. me still forbidden to Interfere with, resllaln or coerce employes in their efforts to orftnnlie. imimis. Employers are forbidden to refuse to hargnln with a union certified to represent the employes. Tor Ihe lirst time, the law puts the same prohibitions on unions. Furthermore the unions are forbidden lo engine in the strikes listed above, or to "fenrtlterbed" by demanding pay for work NOT performed. Wlvat are tlie. penalties? The Labor Hoard cnn order re- instatniient ol employes who been (Uscvitnlnivtorlly discharged with hack pny from employer or union, or both. 11 can order RII end Vo iviiy untalr labor practice and seek court enforcement, in which cas 1 -- the offending parties flin liable to lines or Jnll it they violate a court order. What unions can use (he bo»rd for elections and to bring unfair labor charRM? Only those local and International unions which have filed annual financial reports with the Jsea- rrliiry of labor and whose officers hnu- Iited nou-romniunlst affidavits under the l.atKiv Honril. As o[ .Iiui- unry 31. seventy-nine- of 10S AF1, Unions. 23 of 41 CIO Unions and 41 Uuk'iicudents hud met those conditions. | When run elections be requested! ' Unions aiul employers can u.^k -' I bnr':ninuis election at any lime, but j only onrc n year in the same plnnl. HcrcUHuie, the vi^ilcm' »! scek- 1 (UK elections was denied ciiipltiy- ] ers. Unions also can rrtiuest u nn- , ion sh«ii election If 30 per cent of Die employes approve, Thirty |wr cent of the employes may obtain an election lo decertify n union or withdraw union -shop aiiUinri/ation. But when the election actually Is held. It takes a majority to decide. . Can unions lir sued? Yes, in lederal dlslrict courts, lor breach of contract, unlawful boycotts and Jinisdictlonnl strikes. About 30 suiu Vmve so far been iilotv ^\'hal liulull security e:in be granted hi place of the closed sholi? The closi-d shop is forbidden. Au employer may grant a union shop provided 51 per rent ol employes In a plant vole for it. lie nu\y elirek ([ dues only if Individually aiilhor- by the envyluye». May govrrnmenl *myloyeii strike? No. Is nnlim l> » I 1 I I i' » 1 activity limited? Yes. 11 Is unlawful lor a union, n.s %vell I\H i\ coi'ixiralUin. lo make a conlriliullon or expemhliiie in eiinnci-tlon with » nnlidlial elec- ! lion, primary, poMUciU ciii\vpivt(od <ir rnusus. That provision Is brlnit tesU'd in Ihe courts. What uliuut "nrlfmre fuudsT Employern may contrbule to union \seldire funds provided th f 3 money Is held In trust for v>ny- ineiil. lo employes, dependents or fuiilllles for medical care. |>ensions. death benefits, accident or disability Insurance. Employers must be plvcn nn equal voice In ndmlnh- Untion ot tile fund and the. schedule ol benefit. 1 ; must be specified In writing. AUTO UPHOLSTERING 307 last Main Phon* 519 We speclull/e In SKAT COVERS. 11KAD MNINQS, DOOR PAM- EljS, FLOOR MATS and til) Interior trim ot a car. Ix!t na mid real charm mid beauty to your car with gay colored (straws and fubrlcs. Add value to your car by letting us supply your auto upholstering needs. KVKKYTIIINCi TAll.t)Hi:i» TO FIT AND INSTALLED AT NO KXTRA COST So Economize and Patronize THOS. J. LILLY & SON Drive In under the slRii "Anlo Tcii* Stum" and blow for «crrle». DON'T FOOl WITH UNTRIED MEDICINES-GET THE BEST KHOWH RHEUMATIC PAIN RELIEF —in the Snlilh. fnm.rn. C-1TW. Thill i» whnl fnlk» in (He Smilli linvn liren """K fnr 111 yparn, wlieti i5ft|[il>nfS3 an'l I"*" xvrnlbiT innko your liui«"rl»» Ipcl Jin imiu- lill »nd mie Imiti rlmiiiMBlic i.nni. One ttinrKMinful of C-J12.!in walnr iimmlly Maria t" l.rin« frnnd rcirnlorl. anil l.lw.wcl iclict !rn - Promptly relieves COUGHS of CHEST COLDS •rtihl Up Surface CMfHtUn, T«t At the flmt «lgn of a chut cold—nib Muslerole. on client, throat und back. II irufmrllif nttirU to relieve concha tinil liylit soreneus in cliest muscle*, 'i'heti Rood old rellabl* Munterole lielps break up pulnflri »nrf»e« e«n- gcntiun and cherl« Irritation. In :i Hlrenutlli. At all druxatorea. t.rtix ii>Arr liirrjolcd. A«V fur nmi: ^« onl.s- as V»Ul« ot C-1UJ. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Besf Prices Kirby Drug StoreS ft* K£Al $tt you* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Deafer Phone 3479 Blythevilte Ark. 112 Walnut St. When In Need Of Shoe Repairing Call '1347 Fr« Picknp an* Delivery! H A L F 0 R D SHOE SHOP IK South 2nd St. Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR by Expert Call 811 Brooks Music Store 107 E. 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Complete Line of Name Appliances Felix Carney -at ' - -.«*sr- • • • i,*i 2 T*S>" «i*?««»5»3 ^ R^RMfJITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY 138 East Main St. Phone 3616 CALL EVANS GROCERY Fur Free Deliver) 1 2597 313 South Second • Surplus Army Shoes • Combat Boots • Overshoes • Rubber Boots Anderson 8ho« Shnp As ClnthlnK Store 316 E. Main St., Biytheville Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Sir.ea 4, 6 and 8 Inch Culvert Tile Sliel 1*, 12, 15, II, 21, H, 11 and M Inch A. H. WEBB Rwy. «1 at State LiM Fhon* BljthrrllU Tl« OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree Estimates S. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BIDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK ATTENTION MR. C L. PKRRY, formerly nf the Blylheville Sales Company, is now with us as General Radio and Appliance Repairman For th« t>*st in Radio Repair and Appliance Maintenance cull us at 3450. 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