The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1948
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH 1,1348 BLVTHKVILLK (AUK.) COURIER N10WS PAGE rrv« Southland Divided Over £ quo! Income Plan to Replace Parity By Bernard Brrtilifr (llnilfd Press SUK Correspondent) ATLANTA, Ga., March 1. (OP)—The cotton-pcanul-lobacco Smithland split today over a Senatorial committee report recommending sn equal-income Urm program in place o( the current parity price plan. Some agreed. Others, such us President H. L. Wingate of the Georgia Farm Bureau Federation, lield out for a modernized parity program, sweetened by counting In the. cost of farm labor. Under present conditions lli'.s* —— — would boost the parity prices on . ., , , which price support programs we j WollOCe ASKS based. Virtually all agreed, however, lhat .he present method of fieurhiR parity prices would not survive tlie. next Congress. Parity, bom of the depression years in Hie parly 19liO's ,has Wen ; 160 Drown SHANGHAI, March 1. (UP) Press reports ««<l today that 1GO passengers .011 a Chinese, sliip bound for Amoy were tirowwd recently when pirates created a panic that'caused Hie vessel to capsize. The pirates, disguised us passengers, attacked guards and under fire from all side.s recently. Recently the Department of Agriculture presented to a joint House- Scnate Agriculture Subcommittee a plan for "moderniaed parity." The suncommittee went their own way, after Washington hearings. 10 make Held trips. The Senate group has finished and prepared a report. The House group leaves lale in March for a trip through the West alter Having covered New Higher Wages; Lower Prices DUUJTIT,, Minn.. March 1. <UP> —Henry A. Wallace returns to New York today winding up his throe- day tour of Minnesota to gather support for Ills third term presidential candidacy. Wallace demanded higher wages mid lower prices in his final appearance tasl night. He claimed that I industry could slash its prices, hike its wages, and still realize higher profits than before the war. He charged that the Tafl-Hartlny Labor Act fought labor groups un- gunfire started, Some '^80 passengers rushed to the other side of he vessel and it turned over. About 50 survivors arrived at Amov yesterday and another 60 are 'at Klnme'n island between Amoy and Tstnktaug. the reports said. Three suspected pirates were captured. tenslons of service: Articles In Hie Poslnl Union mails will be registered on payment of a fee of 20 coins for each article in lulillllon to the regular postage. However, no Indemnity is puyuble in the event of a loss of such articles In Japan. Hcglsliy return receipts may be- obtained upon payment of nn ndrtlllounl fee of five cents it requested Hi Ihe time at It) cents If requested uf- Icr mulling. "I'lm-el-pcist pnfkiiges conlatnlni, ordinary items ot merchandise ti commerical iiuanlllles arc iiduiiltc- lip to a maximum weight (if 2 such parcels bear, In addition Io. he description of (he Articles, Ihej words "Trade Samples only." I "Gift parcels, contillnhiR Items. I only for relief puriuiscs, which -x-1 eludes such articles as foun ilni [Jens, wrtlche.s, cameras, mul o icr | nomeliet lleins will be permitted entry into Juimu. In uddlttim to ti K'h essential relief items as noupei sli- abln foods, clothing, soup and n ill- ulno. medicines, ehdi ultt parcel uiy mil contain more limn 200 sacchnr- ine tablets and not mure than one | Item o! tobacco within the tolUiwluu i limits: (nl 200 cigarettes; <lo 5(1 clguis; Ic» one-half |K)imd of pipe, tobiu-TO. The si" parcel must IH> ( Get Ready for Bright Spring Days! PORCH•»< LAWN FURNITURE pounds \iet parcel on condition thnt each inircel roiualns n ceilifled or [ plainly marked "gift parrels." photoslnllc copy of » license valid- atcn by the Supreme ConnnamU'r Accidents In IQAti took the lives i of the Allied Powers, Toyko, Jiipan. j ,,[ loo.noo Americans. permitting such Importation. Tile i .__ _________ words must be endorsed liy the sen- j der on (he wrapper of each puicel. | There Is no limllallon on the number of Mien parcels \vhirh may be. ac'cc])tcd for maillnn from the same sender Io Hie same addressee under the ai>ovc conditions. \ "Packages conlalnlw Irade sum-, More Civilian Mail Moving to Jap Cities Postmaster Ross S. Slovens announced extensions of civilian mail service to Jnpnn coveting shipment of four types of parcels. In a prepared statement. Mr. Stevens explained the following ex- dUlnn that the custom iieeWrnlioi\s CHILD'S COLDS GLIDERS In Red Blue Green and Yellow Kclicve eel post up to the maximum weight spasms, muscular soreness or ti>;hi- llmlt of 'a pounds without the nee- ijcssns most ntotlicrs cssily for nn import license, on con- ; " a At Ixtliimc, rub isa up Eneland, the Soullieast and Mid- i der a pretense "that an intorna- West. |tional emergency" exists. He claim- s The Senatorial report covers tile ed President TI nman made it easy j entire field of a long range farm program. H finds, in the price question, that the old parity plan is too stiff to keel) up with the constantly changing farm picture. "For helping to stabilize the farming industry, the parity-income concept holds greater significance than parity prices." Basically, the equal-income plan resembles the guaranteed annual wage plans for labor. The fanners fair share of the national income would be determined, and prices would be supported on a constantly changing basis to keep farm Income at this fair level. Incomes Low, Benefits High "Price support on the parity-income idea would result in payin?, the largest benefils to farmers in times of loxvest income," the report says. ,.^^- Tile Senators considered and re- ' '^Btoted a plan to operate the new * program by fixing a flat parity- ineome figure for all farmers. Under this method, for example, farmers would b« assigned 15 per cent of the national income. If they fell below that figure, every farmer in the country would gel an equal payment io restore him. This, the Senators felt, would ba unfair if cotton farmers had a bad year while Midwestern dairymen cleaned up. Instead, the report favors giving each product a set share of all income. Tobacco, for example, mig;u be sssigned one per cent. The sun- Vtort price would then b« juggled up for management groups to gain passage of the law when lie asked Congress to pass Inbor-regulatin'j bills dtirint; a rail strike two yea:s ago. AT WEEK Stationery or clown to make sure that tobacco farmers got their share, of basic income. To make the plan work, tlie support price would be flexible. With a large supply, the price would be allowed to drop. When supplies fall off, the price would rise. Parity prices would be retained under the new plan, but only as H measuring stick. The Senate subcommittee feels the equal-income plan would avoid ' the piling up of surpluses whjc.i j come when good crops for a period ] of several years are coupled wi f ,li || i high support prices. Farmers, the. reiKirt adds, can also be given more reedom in choosing what they will produce. Observers see this as particularly import ant in the South as leaders | plug lor more dairying and livestock raising, and wait lor the full fffecls of cotton mechanization to take hold. New shipment, new designs for all uccii- Kiiins—Ini'nesl si'lci'linn wo have over h;ul. The most heautiful stationery ever shown in Hlvtheville. Merron's Silver Polish Unexcelled cH'iiiu'r—leaves H siitin finish which rcliinls lainisli. 8 oz. Bottle SOc 16 oz. Bottle 85c Pinkham Vegetable Compound •• - - $1.09 Vicks Vaporub - - - 15$ Peruna - - - Doan's Pills - - - 69< Syrup Pepsin - Swamp Root - - 49tf BalmBengay - • 69< BACKACHE For quick comforting help for Hsckachc, Hhcumatlc Pains, Getting Up Nights, strong cloudy urir=. irritating passages, Pains, circles under ryes, an6 swollen Rubles. due io non-organic and non-iyslemic Kidney and Bladder (roubles, try Cy*t«. Quick, complete satisfaction or money back guaranteed. Ask your drURRist ror Cyit«x today. Ice Cream—Homemade—Pasteurized—12% Butter Fat Pint 25c PRESCRIPTIONS ARE OUR SPECIALTY. WE FILL ALL PRESCRIPTIONS FROM ALL DOCTORS AT GUARANTEED BEST PRICES WITH FRESHEST DRUGS. SAVE WITH SAFETY. SEE YOUR DOCTOR THEN SEE US. \CHAISE LOUNGE In Red, Blue, Green and Yellow $39.95 up Nor Exactly As Pictured GLIDER CUSHIONS Set of Six $JQ Af (Supply Limited) I -^ v The lusf of our snn\rner's sioi'k JUST ARRIVED! These porch llcms w*r*'sc»rct la»V summer and we have reason Io helieve llic.v will he jiisl as hnrd-t«-K*l this year. G«t yours curly—at lasl siinimrr's \n-ifest A-B Apartment Size Electric Range----$119 95 Same 'Olc Price! we get more telephones sotaer ^BLYTHEVILLE A arty Ijnes make it possible for hundreds of thousands of peoplc'vta have service sooner. By connecting two or more telephones t,o a lirfe, several families get service, instead of just one. , That's important in these days of telephone equipment shortages. Here in Blytheville, we connected 790 new telephones last year. F!ut the demand for service lias been the heaviest in history. More than 325 people are waiting for telephones now. We expect to start work early this spring on a two-story addition to the telephone building to make room for more dial equipment. When construction is complete, dial equipment for almost 500 new telephones will he installed. This equipment will not only permit connecting more telephones, but will help handle all local telephone calls faster. But wire anil cable arc our most urgent needs in Blythcville. We nre adding new wire anil cable just as last as it can be made available. I3ut meantime party lines help us bring service to as many as possible with our present outside facilities. Later on, when still more equipment and materials arc available, we can expand the telephone system here so that everyone can have the kind and amount of service he wants. In the meantime, you'll find party-line service is good service. It's neighborly service—at its best when the thoughtful custom of "sharc- and-share-alike" is observed by everyone on the line. In party-line terms this means extending to the other fellow little courtesies that you'd like extended to you. SOUTHWISTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Juick Meal Oil Range ----- $69'* This One's Really Nice! See the Three Displayed Models of Presteline —World's Finest Electric Range Vnii'll "ml il lianl I" ilmnsc liclwcrn llic tlirrr nUri»- nuiilrrn ritESTKI.ISK raitRes— they're nil so hrauttful, »n llnwlrss. Ami prii|ilt In Ihe knnw, tliosr whii own • I>rrhlclliif. ilnctare: "Tlifre'*. ny h«Mrr ""iN S STOCK FOR INSTANT DELIVERY In $299.95 ANYWHERE! 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