The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1948
Page 7
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY M, 194* m,YTHFA r IU,E (ARK.) COURIRR NKWS PAGE MYEN By J. R. Williams! Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc 5AV, YOU GIT OVER HERE \ GIT THIS ONE.' DCM'T I E TRVIM' TO MAKE TH' 1ROOM REACH OUT AN' 5IT IT-- VOU GOT THAT BROOM SO IT ONLY " 'EEPS IM Tt-V RKJERS NOW.' I'M. FC.YISJ' ( CAKeS FOR : ~~DO VOO Ll/e OfitOfiS MIXED \'^ OP WVtrt '6M? — M-L T. TAV<e 16 A SLU& OF 3A.VA •— X CMST / MAOE A POT OF IT 9TROf-iS \ efiousn. TO Dissolve SCXJE J UPPER- r " ' AROMA IS MOST UMft,PP6TlZiK)& •—ARt •-KXJ SCORCHihiG TH& FOOD? —-LE.T Me srtovAJ J •YOU 1AOVJ TO R* EG&S. , A106ADOR6 Vtf DROP OF SKERRY/ 1 , MMOR. WE HfWB NO EGGS AUt> MO evAl Finland Placed Under Pressure Soviet Grain Used As Big Argument For Friendship Pact HELSINKI. Feb. 28. (UP)—Fiiv rush politicians admitted today I thai Russia holds a powerful weap- | or. in supplies of Soviet grain, which presumably Trould he cut oft If the pact proposed by Generalissimo Josef Stalin were refused. Most political leaders agree that for this reason alone, if for no cither, Finland must send a delegation to Moscow to discuss the treaty of friendship and defense suggested by Stalin in a personal letter to President Juho K. Pnasi- kivi. Without Soviet wheat, Finland would starve. It was understood the treaty first « is mentioned when a Finnisii binet delegation visited Moscow st November. Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov said then that »uch a pact was of the greatest importance, but members of the delegation demurred on grounds they were not authorized to discuss It. The proposed treaty Is the main topic of conversation wherever Finns gather. Political leaders as well as the man in the street are opposed to a pact with Russia or any other country. Newspapers In general reflect this view. © BY IONE SANOBERG SHRIBER. By lone Sondbcrg Shriber DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC Tin: STOHY: Aim llnMl' r*. UUkk UniirroCI — •udilrii Mr* IrrriNtd. Sunrujir nx»d Ihr note* of krr nrwr iimrtM. SdiMronp whr> rvl UUIB her li> «ll|» null full Mhoul rK the HIT fri^lil I « M l«-Mor fr vurht iluiir- n uf wu dr». Th.- ivor (kr brliinr WM* on Mm7 Xt. ll lir/dicr rollBliu Ikr jrn d, rnrrrluc I.ukc k If Ike »\««,m ia kill, n . . . Skr tUlHkH bH<-k i of Ihr ulrnle. Rimk n l.nurlr J»nd Tuiinnf. «ll««d !• lfc« lllcnlc . Ikr olker nlUr <»f Ihr r Anil .Injrrl beklnd to liiHi-ioliiiitr. |irr|i:imllji flnnor. Ann iw n lovr Ini-m wkrn one •( thv bnrk kr. but Aim. in ikr dJty nn<l Hindu. VI Loping Bull Moose Leads Canadian Passenger Train in 10-Mile Chase PRINCE RUPERT. B. C.. Feb. 28. (UP)—A full-grown bull moose delayed a pa-wenger train yesterday by jogging down the tracks ahead of it. The engineer blew his whistle frantically while the huge bull loped along in front of the train for 10 miles. The moose was final^- removed from th« tracks after ^?eing shot. TT was Luke. The gardener. He' -*• suited into town, not a Hal tire He'd walked back for a jack, was in the garage and he'd Slit but the walk had been long an dusty and if he could please ha\ a glass of water? "How about lemonade?" An asked. "I just made some tor the picnic." Lemonade would be fine. Ann drank some with him, standing against the big square kitchen table. Then she rinsed out the tumblers, put on her dark glasses, picked up the big gayly striped pull the shades at Ihe windows p er the sin* because the Sun hit e kitchen windows in the aftcr- oon and made the room liot i\en she followed Luke down the jih. S HE wasn't more than 15 steps from topped on it. She couldn't have cen. In t;:c'.. he turned and so* cr and she raised a hand in saluU nd that was when it happened. Luke took two more steps anc without a sound, the ropes gav way. She knew she would never for gel his scream as Luke realize hut was happening: she never fori;el the plunging tiody he picnic baskets hurtling throug the air. the dull smack of til bridge as il struck the rock wa on the other side of the ravine. The others heard Luke's scrca and came running. They stood o the far side of the ravine or Mexican thermos. basket and the gallon Delinted Cotton Seed (Actual Size) . "You going down the steps with all thai stuH?" Luke asked but she said no, she was going over the bridge, it . was so much quicker. "Well. I'll carry it tor you," Luke said. " 'Twon't take a minute and that basket looks heavy." lie picked up Ihe basket and Uic thermos, went out the door, and through the back yarc toward the ravine. stared, with horrified eyes, a! sprawled body inert on the ho of the ravine, at Ann. standin stupelicd. not three feet from II edge. She'd moved forward course, without knowing she li done so. "Get back!" Rush shout harshly. "Ann. for Pete's sake, g back!" and then he said to som one else. "She's going to fa Gripes, Tommy, get out of way!" When she opened her eyes s was in her own room, on her o bed, and Rush was on his kn beside her. Rush spoke, and there was a little frantic note :n his voice. Hush said. "Oh. Ann. my dearest, thank God it wasn't you!" while, had to be notified in of sudden death, "hey went out inlo the Harden look al the bridge, to check the s. to see if they could figure what tiad caused the accident. Sam UlumliiiK shook his head said, "It ain't safe t'have sui'li itraplions around. I guess." ere was move than a trace tif ^approval on his face and in his ice as he leaned over to inspect ropes. Know when you IKK! it looked Last. Mr. Bancroft?" Hush came in. finally, lo ask ; she remembered when the idge had been checked. Ann looked blank. She didn't low, couldn't be sure. [,uke nail ken care of such things and now ike—she ralher thought last Inll. The inquest took place two days ler and. while everyone from ophill had to attend, the result as a foregone conclusion. The verdict -vss accidental ealh, followed by a pointed sug- estion from the coroner that, lid Ihe little bridge be r«- lacerl, it be checked regularly. Rush said emphatically, thai ey had no intention whatsoever [ replacing the bridge fr'RKCKLKS It HIS FRIENDS No By MERRILL BLOBftEB TELL THE eov§ twe COUNCIL HtSCOMPtETf FAITH IM THE GOOD SPOnrS- Or A* MM'C* or SHADYSIOF • X T»KC anrAT ppioe IM OUR. STOWS RFCORD'SUCH A. GRM'E MATTER A5 1MIS, flOWEVER.IS UPlO THE 1 GUESS TWey DOf/rj >SNOW MUCH "Yes, it is large, madam—but In th«s» day* of Inflation, isn't it a comfort to know you can g«t that much hat for your money!" PKISriU.A'S POP Site's (!nt Priority By VEKMEER Do you kn&v tv/ut Jenny Lu says? Shs say? Lester is her sweetheart !2 Goodness/ I don't think it's very nice far a littta ' -' that.! VIC FUNT Tacky Hvinus Us T««elhot- By MICHAEL O'M ALLEY and RALPH LANE T UKE was dead. *" His neck, as well as most of the bones in his body, was broken. Hush called the doctoi who turn notified both the coroner and RECALLING all this, Ann drew a deep breath. Would that verdict of accidental leath remain unchanged if she vere to show Mr. Stark's letter the coroner? What had been done lo the bridge to make it col- apse? Were there ways to shred i rope almost through so that the slightest strain would make it give way and yet conceal that shredding so lluil to the naked eye it would anpcar that the fault lay in the weakness of the rope itself? the rope and the weather'' Everyone took it [or granted that the bridge would nnve col- . lapsed no matter who stepped upon it. Well, ol course. She nad herself. And, in a way, thai was still true. It was simply thai she knew now, and the knowledge turned her cold Inside that it nad been a trap. A death trap. She nad been supposed to step upon tliat Ihe sheriff. Sheriff Sam Blanding. Uuke. bridge. She, Ann Bancroft, not TACKV. WU WUSIN'T T OH. DON'T 510P ^ AND IP IT 5 BUT! INTO OTHER JniM! HIDING\5°M™'£G fi BOWIANDPIK /ME TO FIX UC, VIC FUNTCAN 00 IT/ itcp in w'>:ere angels fear lo tread, and cKy lliomas walked light into a lovgrs'spat. tMM.ASO ; JUCUET «: iHOW HER •IBWIOB&WI.MIiTfB, AND 4MYTMIN6 TOUCAN DO 70 SQUARE WE WITH HfR WIU M IHE NUTS. WASH No Help al «y LESMK TURNER Ann stopped only long enough The authorities, Rush said, tut I (To Be Continued) STATE CERTIFIED CHEMICALLY DELINTED COTTON SEED cost less to plant. These pure all seed are treated and Afrce from all seed borne diseases. ^Quicker germination, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense. Use any bean, corn or pea planter. STATE CERTIFIED VARIE TIES packed in attractive SO Ib. bags. Come in and book your requirements today, we will hold until planting tune. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blyth6ville, Ark. Branches: Leachvill*. Ark., Cardwell, Hornersville & Senath, Mo. 1/OTi.. CURTAINS, dranes. anything lhat you need cleaned to perfection Is handled easily at PEERLESS CLEANERS. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable prices, quick, efficient service! PEERLESS CLEANERS Phone 2433 BOB MALONE Plaster Local & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any 1'lace Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. Phones: Day 4677 NiRht 2986 Action! No use stayini; al home when there's real fun to be had! Try yiiiir hand at Blylhcvillc's newest sport. Bowl Tonight! ChitwoocTs Bowling Alleys Kast Alain SI reel Phone 4929 Perfect Service We pride ourselvrH on our courteous, prompt service. I'erfect food |ihis perfect service equals the perfect meal. Elliott Johns, Owner Johns Cafe •109 West Main Phone 390 4ERVE Wtt RIGHT, ,* WE LEFT BH THE WMt- WMTER KUHTXMEP Wl* EMO...IM TEWTED 10 WASH >M HANDS Of THE WHOLE APFWK! KPLMUE o« rwese ^ mieRRUPTlONS «V MEOD11NG IDIOTS WHO TKE THERE MUST BE'. MWU- M«. HMIEtlT lOOKEP FOR MRkf TXWR UWtR THE FIIH "l BUT, E*SV,,. THERE IS 100 STWR TO THE CEUM«! LOOKED EVE PUCE! Of HWr TILL THEV : IN01MCELlMfDOOR! WE MUSfN'T »E TKflPPCO DOWh l«KE WTHfllLTHE BABY CHICK TIME • BUY EARLY • BUY THE BEST A Complete Line of Feed W* Buy Poultry! Lewis Poultry 419 E- Main Phone 919 Spring Planting Oats We have Spring Oats, Alfa!fn, Pasture Mixtures and I.espedez.a. I.awn Mixtures For Al) Kinds Field Seed, Come lo See Us- Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. KRP RVUF.R Trouble By FRED HARMAN OH! mAPPLE CORE HITJOMS CRABROCK ^.;^-^^!»: ^^^ir/^ AI.I.RY OOP Siu-nlt Up, Hoys'. By V. T. HAMLIN K1 ind Stucco Phone 2029 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Sir* T. L MABRY m mssoimi ST. PR. MR Here's Looking At You! ... for a more immaculate, allrricUve appearance this sprinjf . . . bring Hnkrl suits to us for rapid, fresh-as-new cleaning and pressing! NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Dial 447 4-447 S fCOULO s 'OiElL «£• t,BLLCe /C socef sur if ~** r if Trit HWIC LAf!*. fvf I LIT air GCT TO KH/f IT.' i. cr HAND, BOOTS AND »KK (UIDDIKS Very Sim pit By EDGAR MARTIN BABY-SITTING P\_A\N •»• FA.NCV

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