The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE SIXTEEN Farm Experts Are Optimistic - Officials/Minimize Depression Danger For United States : '..."By GKA^T. DILLMAN (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. .Sept. 25. (UP) — Tlic Agriculture Department said toc)ay that the danger of n depression is much less now than after 'World War I but that it would be "rash" lo dismiss the possibility completely. "• }t added, however, tliat if a depression were to follow tlie present sharp upward spiral in prices, it PCPbably 'would be only short-lived and would be followed by a rapid recovery to higher economic levels than prewar. jhe department's analysis was included in its third minus! "bal- !»iice Sheet of Agriculture" prepared by the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Pulling it In simple terms, the department said, current savings by individuals, companies and local governments are too large and tlic c|emand for goods ami services Is too great to permit any prolonged depression. : The report jxmitcd out that total national spending last year fell only three per cent below the record 1945 level although the federal government reduced its expenditures for goods and services nearly $51,000.000.000. This . was possible because individuals and companies Increase; t])Cir spending by $43.700.000.000 las,t year after the termination of allocation, priority and price controls. Spending uy local governments jumped $1,600,000.000. National income, meanwhile, cljmbed to a new peak of $165.000,- PfW.KCO. Although a large part of this was absorbed by' higher prices and heavier spending, some was deposited in banks would be available in a depression. ! Department Optimistic , The department said it looked for total spending to continue large defcpite reductions in federal expenditures because: J. Consumer credit, which will be free of government regulation Nov. 1, is expected to expand as Ions as there Is no serious threat to the present prosperity. How mucli it expands will depend on Industry's ability to turn out scarce co'nsur.ic'r goods. '. 2. State and local governments have large sums on'hand earmark- cri for highways, bridges, schools and other public works which were delayed by the war. In other cases. they will borrow money for such projects. '3.-Private- business also .is expected' to increase Us borrowing to finance (he purchase of raw materials, supplies and. labor. Tiic $3,500,000,000 borrowed by corporations in IMS was only 83 per cent Of tile 1922-29 average. 4. Lending Institutions are ex- .pected to make an increasing number of ."good risk" loans to foreign nations. Tills, in turn, .will Biyc them the dollars to buy American products and help keep the domestic Industrial machine running- in Ii'l'gh g<?i)r. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) CQURIEU NEWS THURSDAY, SKPTK.VlliKK 25, 1047 Any Old Port In a Storm These New Orleans families arc taking refuge In the New Oilcans Post Oflice to escupe the high winds from the hurricane that ripped across Southern Plo.'ida and Wiis headed directly for the old city at the mouth of tiro Mississippi River. iNEA Tc-lcphotoi. low: 1) Acrobatics are forbidden .my civil airway or control tons. 2) A:rohjitlcs lire forbidden when visibility Is below three miles and must be performed al an altitude of at least 15'JO feet. 3> Flights over cities must bo made ul least 1COO feet higher than the highest obstacle in that city, iThe old regulation merely stipulated a lOCO-fool altitude.) 4> •'lir.i'.zing" farms, homes, vehicles or ve.\st-!s is nov/ chis-scd its cifelcss and reck'css" as ij pas'j- ins too close to other aircraft, failure to observe other traffic and lo'.v flight. 5) Airports using right hand traffic patterns must bo marked ac- rordm? lo standards established by the CAA. 61 Hours of darkness are now based on risibility of airplanes or prominent unhghted objects at a distance of three miles. 'Distance \ is lonncrl;.- one mile.) 7) 1'hinc.s cro.ssinj; control Z'jnes and control arms al more than 30CO feel shall fly at specith-d odd or even thousands of feet. 8) Any lliiflit, Kbovc 3CCO feet when visibility is less than three miles must conform to altitudes set iortli in rules according lo magnetic headings. Standardised instrument ap- , proach procedures arc required for in : instrument fltyht. 10) Helicopters may fly below 1003 I feel over congested areas. According to the latest monthly letter sent members by the United I'ilot-s and Mechanics Association, civilian private nircnilt operation? during the first six months of 1941 were nearly five limes that of airlines and eight times that of military aircralt. Transient pilots landing here during the past week include Al Williams of Utlle Roc:k. flying an Aeronca; Abner Powell of New Orleans, La.. In n Cessna; and Lt. Charles Smith of Cralc Field. Ala., piloting an AT-«. Lt. Smith made an emergency InndinR here on account of engine ! trouble. After Laving Ms planc'c cri- ] glne checked, he proceeded on his flight. I Peanut Acreage Allotments Given Southern States WASHINGTON. Sept. 25. (UP) — The Agriculture Department yesterday announced state peanut acreage allotments o[ 2359.3T2 acres which will be applied to the 1941 crop if growers vote for marketing quotas. The figure is 'JiWJ acres higher than the national allotment announced July 18. The referendum will be held not later than Dec. 15. In all peanut producing communities, the department said. Acreage allotments by Individual states are: Alabama. 362,441; Arkansas 8.604; California, 1.257; Florida, 13,526; Georgia, 182,833; Louisiana, 4.152; Mississippi, 13,910; New Mexico, 6.559; Nonii Carolina, 225,702; Oklahoma, 1-17,197; South lloraCna,24 louth Carolina, 24,259; Tennessee, 5,187; Texas, 5C2.626 and Virginia, 141.103. The marketing anil acreage allotments will be put In effect upon a two-thirds favorable vote by producers. Airport News High winds ale over the wcukci tlvily ol local Municipal Airporl. Mrs. Jean En last, v;uck froi \v<;ek ;»iul tcii the ac- Btythc'Villc commercial ralinss OH June 33 t-> ex.-hanjic their licenses for tlic now type now- issued, by the CAA. Al- j though the 1 deadline WHS June :JO, they mny still obtain the new li- 0:1 upplicalion to the CAA ' iultnmislriUor in Washington, D. G., or to CAA IiLspecloi 1 G. L. Moore ILL Little Hock. Chiirlcs Hose of Ko.schuid flew his Bonanza to the factory in \ViUhit;t. Kan., where that type of plane has been reualk-ti for whip covering changes. He returned the following loin was flown here Jackson, Miss., to pick up her mother, Mrs, G.islou, a Conner BLythcvjlle resident, visitiiv; here, Pilot of the Stlnson in which they niiule the trip \\as E. C. Si;n- II5011S. . - r> —- --- • • Sam Owens made Ills first solo | d«y by airline, [light last week. | Of interest to pilous here arc LO j The Civil Aeronautics Adtnmistru- \ changes jn Civil Air Regulation an- tion has extended the deadline for I nounced recently by Hie CAA. All ijo )llot.s who held private licenses or 'into effect Oct. 8. The changes fol- WHO **jf r RITE GKOVEK"? Apples by i lie • 1'ound * Uusht'l Be sure Mom gets a good supply of juicy ripe apples in lime for school! Eating and Canning Apples ?2.0« & $3.00 Bu. , Blytheville CURB MARKET (30 K. Main I'hone 873 NOTICE TO PUBLIC Vlio law offices ol Gene E. Bradley have been moved to 411 w. Main. (Aoi'oss street from Montgomery Ward.) RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE 1 OB MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAH Electrical Ai>»lianc« Co. Unttmrl/n) MoLoruU llutt* SuSes and Service I9S South first St. Read Courier News Want Ads. Every Ex-Scrvice invited Man or Powder -— Inexpensive | STATIC mSTIURUTOltS Bide, Mttlu Itock 5th District Convention American Legion Sunday, Sept. 28th Blytheviltc DOLLARS -TO DOLL UP YOUR HOME- New fixtures, new paint job, repairs — make your old house a ne\v home. Get the cash with a F.H.A. Loan from G.C.P.C. Up lo 3 years lo repay. 122 w. ASH ST. BLYTHEVIUE Phono 2928 GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPOBXTION • IT'S A 3HAMC to discard shoos which only IIGK! ti nood repair Job • to give thc'tn many more in lies ol • we:ir-nhIIRy- Briii^ them licic mid •bo immzccl nt how Httle we rliuryc • to rcnev; vora footwctir. HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop Ct* It puts a 1947 thrill under your hood 5fnkwi'ch Thinks He'll Leave Gridiron for Good ATHENS. Ga.. Sept. 25. (UP) — Frankie Sinkwich, [ormer AH-Anic- ripa and professional football star. today appeared ready for another .session' with the school booVs, but trtis time with no yridiron clutic. 1 !. Sinkwich, who recently was placed on the voluntary retired list of \.\\c ' All-America Football Conference's New York Yankees because of an injured knee, said yesterday that- lie was through .with football anil that he wns considering goins to law school. •To loll the truth, I don't exactly \vhaL I will do.." Sinkwicli said, "flut reports that 1 am seeking a co.aching job with the University of Georgia are untrue. I think I'm out of football for good, both as a' pl&yer and as a coach." Read Courier News Want Ads. Hove you ever seen anyone leave part of a GRAPETTE? For Electric Wcjk Call 2397 BOB S Electric Shop O Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation 500 N. Fifth flt. Blytlttville, Ark. HAIRY VETCH Ralhoa and Common Kyc, 0-itH, Wheat and Barley Seed . . . Heady for Fall Seeding New and Factory Reconditioned Soybean Sacks Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1880 W. Main I'honc 856-57 DIRT FOR SALE ie 4 Uirey Phone 517 See what this brand-new Fireball engine can do for Buicks built in the past ten years "V/ r OU sec here a hood- filling .1. strnighl-cighl power plant exactly like those which put an eager rush of Fireball energy at the command of folks who own 1947 Buicks. But you don't have to he the owner of a 1947. Buick to boss (his husky package of concentrated power around! Yon don't have to wonder, "How about delivery?" If you hanker for the thrill of having, beneath your toe, ihc surging power of a new Fireball engine, we're in a position lo talk business righl now. 1 low conic? The answer is simple: Out in the Buick factories, engine production is forging ahead — engines are coming oil" the line faster than bodies or other parts needed to build complete automobiles. All of which means we can give you prompt delivery on 1947 power plants—brand-new, straight- froin-the-factory Buick engines, ready lo repower any Buick built in the past ten years. If you own a Buick built between 1937 and 59-12, the - whole thingjioils down to this: We lift out the old engine — put ir. a new one — and send yon on your happy way in less time than it would take for an overhaul. Thai's why we say, buying one of these engines is the next best thing to getting a nc\v Buick—and when you do gel a new one, you'll haven belter car lo Kirn in. Come in and let us show you how simple the whole.thing is. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Plion* 691 . . new heels? . . . nev/ lace*? . . . We'll do everything that's needed to ^av* your children's shoes ready for FIRST DAY OP SCHOOL. HALFORD'S SHOE SHOP 106 So. Second St. fOKRfAL MttCVRy SCRMC AIW*W Still & Young Motor Co. L/nco/n-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 Blytheville Ark. 112 Walnut St. GRAPETTE ho* a flame yon enjoy ANYTIME. feint; ot sol! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 553 KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 •The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ PETROLEUM PRODUCTS one* BB st Cbarrr

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