The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1948
Page 6
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PACK SIX BLYTHKVJLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 194S CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 15c 12c Be Coal and Wood oou»«cuilve la wtllon: ... Ulnlnmm Oh»r<j# I time per ltti« • 1 ilmw pet line per d»T l times per line per d«r » limes pet «i"« (w« <lw ™ 12 limes per Hue p«r d»r ^ uonth pel line ;•• wc «unt IKe »vet»8« wordi to the llpe Ad ordered tor thre« or »li llnius »ml •looped before explrallon will tie cli«re- Id for the number of uroet the ad ao- njired and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy IUQ- milled bj persons resldlnB outside o! the cltj niusl be. accompanied by casli Kate« m«y b« e*sll> compuled from the " AdTer'lslns ordei for Irresular liuor lions laltes the one time rate NO responslbllltj will b« take fo| Baort lhan one incorrect Insertion ol ftny classified »d A" »tls are rcsirlcled lo their propel classlllcatlon. style .nrt lyp. , The Courier reserves the rl^riV to *<m 01 • reject any •«• Notice We would like to express our deep •pprrrtatlon to oil those v.-no wctc kind lo MS In our recent licroiivei.i your thouBhtfnlness will alwnys jrntefully remembered. F»mUT of the IM« E. J 1«* Apartment For Rent sycft Apartment for rent. 1125 mote. COAL "If it is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay—Across from Hlytlievillo Compress We Deliver Phone 4489 "Plcnly of Illinois Coal' At HESTER'S COAL YARD PJIONK 3)80 FOR Quick Delivery Courteous Service S. Highway 01 ON'T BURN UP YOUR MONEY! roil SALE: — i perfect fihapn. > in Florists 2-room lurnlslird only. Reasons 1 ' 1601 W, Ash 81 22J-pk-:ll Rjisrtnumi. couplr Call after ^ i> "> phone 2fll9. 2 27-pi:-3 2 AZAI-KAH—Finr.M vsirl Plies ors, Ibr. rnrh; nJro tnrr'T F lor (Inscriptive j trier Jls» C-AUDKNS, 207 K. ]J:irta(Uilr. Ti nu. : A/.AI.[-:A M.'inpli^ IB-p'K-i 1« Apartments Wanted house imfurnisncd. Apartment ptton* 874. " WANTED TO RENT Nicely furnished tlircc- room Bpai'tmcnl wanted liy two gentlemen. Permanent residents. Call A. A. FYccl- rickson, at 4461. 2-18-ck-lf Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Foods " THE SI-NORITA! Gvkc Mil of llic Month Two smooth layers covered in thick Coffee Rum icint; Saturday's Special at Mart's, 22r>-L-k-29 tf WITH A SET OF NEW GENUINE FORD PISTON RINGS On« A-nlodel Ford t Call 793 after «:OU Che violet 5 i>a monger coupe. nU J93^ Monday. 2.23-pk-29 IEMO Ford half ton pick-up (ruck. Five good tires, good cuttle rack. Starts and runs good. Some repair and metal work needed. Hargnin as is. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. 2-27-ck- 1-2 CALf, US TOD AY FOR A JKKP DIOMONSTART10N W<j wittil to eliow you the romton of ruling in one o( our new models. —one o[ tin; m»riy re;isoru» why H has proven lisrU in ijc th«? real cnr (or the L nvrmtfr postwar Amtrlcan family. P&oltr Motor company, Kills Pooie. owner mirt opfrriior -S. Highway 61 at Slecte, MO. P«tm« Htcrlo 49. 2,27-ck-3,5 Kerljoiigli's Crocciy .'i^.S S. Division Sec our complete* line o! tir.Mi mculs I InrJInllUK FHKS3I OYSTEHS ANI3 ch «H|»p)y rudlsli lo CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION U«m fc DWUlon Plinne 2 Oon't cnflnnptir jronr fa 'If wi faulty ur«-BUT LEE TIRES nouci- our low pdccs oil all ror Imp rlrlLvcry <-Ji]l 2:»!IC. Wnllo shn;",>lns uavp your Irtd HI our Real and .lenkins Gnra^o Wr ftrp rfiulppctl to h!\ncll<? niiy klnfl ol Jo!>. limcr or KIUKH svlth nil nork Kinrnnlpod. \Vf cull for iiml drYvor IN CAst Oir CALL OUR WRECKER There's No Place Like Phillips For Ford Trucks! See the Hew 1948 Boniis-Buiit Trucks BUILT STRONGER TO LAST LONGER Trade Ins on Kaiser-Fra/.er Automobiles Late Model Used Cars 19-17 Model DODGE, four door custom scdiiri ullh radio, heater, (lelrosipr, ion Jumps and seal cover*. Very low "VliV^ M'xU'l OinVSLER SanUoRfi. lour floor Custom Sedan. l,ow mllcntfc, s'.nr ami plastlo sent cov- Mode! PONTIAC. R Streamliner ficim, Jieiuor, tlelrostcr, seat cov- hr-itr r, crs. ]!M7 wllJi rf ! ers. Ait [ 1'1-Hi 1 door isr 1 rr, scu vrry e ! cur tn MCKtrl CHRYSLER UOJ'nl 10111 <l»n wllll rurllo, lienUT. drtL'OSl- t rovtrs. Will) \o\v mHtriRc nm* lfin You'll have to tec this 1L. two . cl PLYMOUTH Snr-rlnl iviior \vi\h rf»*Uo, Ulster etc I A very fiond buy. H nlso ri!\s R nciv I motor Till-; "fil" VICTOR CO. Your Kau'.er-Fray.rr Dealer N. Highway Bl. Phoiif 2M" 221-cH-ll For Sale, Farms :>th at Wuliuii I'hone 4453 For Hair 7:>U Ac inces on roticrctr 3-lve HOiisrs, iraci.s of IVO UU urrcs Valley. nil it. IfiO acres M Coo toy cnrh. Prtfe Jonesijoro. 2 25-i]K-3'3 For Sale —City Property ] Oue ifl^ ;ot with two muMi i\- waicr ui botii biuldl K't-ti $ 1700. I or both. >,ti iii. LcRChvllle. 1046 CHRYSLER Industrial motor and assembly with al 1 accessories complete. Ready for operation. Sec T. I/SEAY MOTOR CO., 121 E- Main, phone 2122. 2-18-ck-tf Fuels Fov Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles um! cm torn LI! KLAN HKATH AUTO AND HOME SUPIM.V • HRATINO ns nncl oil tlrort wfitrr hnilers mid ves. to liLStnll, M] ft|?;c». Tftlilc eJectrli*. Ml.AN IIHATH AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY VV Mrtln Plmop »1>H ' \\'ade !Rhw&7 fll tXuto Salvage Phor.« 37&J Jeep parts now available «( POOI.E MOTOR CO. We can fin All Tour needs Get genuine parts Irom our complete line. KJ.IS POOLE OWNEH .t OPERATOF! South HlRhway fll At Stecle. Mo Phono Steile 49 11112-ck-lf We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. «1« I MAIN PHONK U'8-ck-t Expert Radiator Repair for Less We nave the best Jn radiator rco; equipment Let our tr,i 1 ncd mm b out anO repair TO;IT radlAtct [oj- TO Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor LAWSON MSI PhotlF; Household' Goods ;nfll;vn bllnas mn-lr K ^ tl 103 E Mnln now U\ li^ock Km<l7 llmK Di-nl i'shit Slnrc 5V phone 41(19 9 24-cK-I! IT H n cinch itiii DeM's ore. 10'J F,. 1IOMK VOITS. tlolpoh ntul id U'nll|)i Pf.OHl! ' White 1,00<J Sl Loans Money Loai On i'iirni linn! or fil.v prop- [V,'",,^ 1 CM'ly. We iilsu Ijn.v nuU'.s. CONWAY & [ IOUCHINS (llanCOe. Hotel lUlildlllg. iU.AN MKATH AUTO AND HOMK SUPPLY W, Mnln rhnne Musical Merchandise NEW SPINETS KASV TBKMS. AS LONG AS TWO VKAKS TO IMY • Dacca Reeonls • Sheet Music • Kstey Organs ICO Mll.liS VRVK PKl.lVF.It7 MORELAND'S Music Store L5 S. Second — Phone 422: lilythcvillc, Ark. Photography Till-: NAMi; is rulllHOii'h for ihc bnsi in pLiotct^rnphic work. Call •VJ'H 101 tv fsnrtrair. ctppoilUDLmi. or 24CO utter .j lor "on tnt: spot' covnrrtye. Hotel. 2.i3-ck-;i;l» Services K. L. nncl Pap phone ' \vhlic Inrty will keep house for iilly. 1DU E. Hycuijiorc. Hostess re.ili/cn only ft lew T ts hrlorr "cr <:nosis rvrrlvcti i«rj;[>tlpn tti ^ci tapers for r vilnncinp thro\v.;li lUc CUv: Arls slic tonnd ihp iiiuiiber o I'CTV service v:ho ixrrlvoii vi:K niteii caiKllt'.-j at once, turn P ' 1 flnsro into a social r>viv:<: s c (Tin K Street. Price $2100. 1 i-ili- Call or fi. JTHKB GRAY Take a modern drug store, for instance. In most of them you can purchase anything from a hot lunch to a horse collar. We believe this is a real service to the public. Now in our place of business, we offer this same kind of 'COMPLETE SERVICE 1 No matter what your automotive needs may be—from a spark plug to a complete overhaul job—you can get it here ... and promptly. Visit use soon and see for yourself, won't you? LOY EiCH CHEVROLET CO. (Under New Management) 2 Wreckers Texaco Products Phone 578 24 Hr. Service Seiberling Tires NJCW lour room house on Wi-it side $2 #-*\> (itJOU MX room 1>0 TWO corner loU. Sl.'JQQ. ON Misr,o\ir Si one seven room nntl Uuer roo liou"e 5-S film 3f)5 I.AKR Street, live I room n<H!^' with "lurntturc 54,150. ON j NOFTH Triuri. R ihrcc lODin ho*:sc ' witn rnrniuire. two Lois $2."J.SO POS- SKS^ 1 ON mitt terms on alL. Phone | 1-lfcILU AtiEN'CV, 239^. 2.17-pK-J 'I \ Three rnojti /louse, partly lurnlsim! • I On "£>U Carolyn Street. 2 I2-pk-3 12 ' Nico '? Red room Residence I d CM I location, servant house, storage room, ^urage. Concrete driveway, laving room with fireplace 14x28. Help Wanted, Male } — i Salesman: Build your own business | —\vivn new Ocnernl Elecirlc pio-.ii'c: > lor homes, offices, stores, factories etc. | X. t e r in r a y. yerinaclclla! ultraviolet j ips. Write Box III c,o Courier Nc\ Guatemala Files Protest \ Insurance Firm Reports Over British Naval Action \ Large Gain in Business GUATEMALA CITY, Feb. Guatemala protested 28. Assets of the Life Insurance Com- Help'Wanted, Female Wmuert: Lady ' i live wttli elderly panion In Blytlievlllc. ood roferotice. Write Box Ark. or telephone T12-W2. 227-pk-^2 i Sewing y to sell lovely Kjmrfimeed lln- j "' n •Insurance On FAHM AMI .SUHURHAN I'ropprtv r*rc:aJ Jou- rale pn-mlnnis Ftrc, wliitl- siorm, lornndo. All crtvrra^r l»y ;\r- p.iv lo:-:-rs quirk \Vt\\r lUytlir-* i ro vllle Agency, or PHONK FUtl.l) 2,'ini j :n: Choppers nn Cltoiipcrs. IMncc npt (ichvci 1 :,- Cniij) Irs .uKl rcpl:u;cmcr UKJ.l. bt;OTT i]ier Kiuvt;^ apalnsl all 1NSUUARI.R HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J Poi'ard Agency Planned Insurance 110TK1. ' ASH Notice HOIUuid. Mo 2 7-pH-37 HEI.TS, niJCKLES. Cftvrrctl buttons, i\tou Holes made lo order Mac. Mils'. AliTin Unss. El ma Crowd or PLionr j.S:i!>. (lOU N. Fifth -SI. 2'JO-pk-^20 ti. Fraiikiln. Formerly v/Llh Joe I,; ;-•:;. Slicing Machines <_;[ohe-Anierl':an rnlrers Also llcetK For f"-p neinnu'.ualinii I Arcola beat, weallicr slrij)- pod and window puards. i ~^[~ Owner leaving city, price re- iiri '. Mi ^ ___, t _ dllCed to J?l 1,000, Sti.OOO ( WrUc Thogersen Ilolscry Co.. WHinnttc. cash, li^Uuice FHA. Will -ilso 1IL 2..w-j>it-*» sell all furniture for ?1,000. Quick possession. II. C. OAMPBKU, ; Office 120 S. Second Phones 44-1(1—2930 I have no .sidelines" r i pany of Georgia rose 1G per cent to " 1 '- —~ ' 1947 while total Honduras. A foreign office spokesman charged Britain's action was designed to "imimidatc" Guatemala, t , slat<j British charges that Guatemala i > . . °_. _________ , — Mr. McMullin said the company's ' anntial statement of condition, just was inciting irresponsible Position Wanted insurance department, showed con- growth in financial solidity and service to policyholders. Mr. McMullin said the company has 83-fiill-timc agency and clerical personnel in Arkansas serving ii.s policyholders. * •aiijiicce;->- A young Lady \vho ha Illlly Livilltecl for a }ob fo . | ncr' Inst dollar to the Classified de| paument Dl n Inrge iin-.-ioi^ili'.^ 1 .! ncwfciiaper. Slating her '4Ua:i:ir:vlL:ms ii a lirlcl "Posltton Waiue.L" arl she omul tile niie Insertion resultetl In R farlpty ot oilers. Call on Clas'iiHe'.lr, L! 13 s ; Young Actor Missing Main rk-22? Ne\v live room house. West end a Irom Mooncy's Grocery. J, K. H For Sale, Misc. Typewriter Lost and Found A niftti driving from Flondi to Vn-shlnmon. left Ins brict <M-ir :n i\ ittlc city where he stoppsM i» (*»'-- Virlng bftck to the local tu v.'^ounn. ^-herc s\ Want Ad was Itiserte^. the •iise \vns tinlckly found uivl rorvv^nictl n mm, preventing the loss ot Hays of .vork. Ci\l Loci Classifieds, 2 13 ministry as offensive to this coun- A separate protest was being prepared for delivery to the British le- "The presence of British cruisers] in Guatemalan territorial waters j NEW YORK, Feb. 28. iUF> — and, above all, the reason adduced • j ames Grimes, nine-year-old actor for dispatching them, are an \in- j in the Broadway Show Piniaa'a justified provocation and an in-i Rainbow, was missing .today. The suit to o\ir national dignity/' a tor- 1. child's mother told the police miss- eign office statement said. | ing iiersoi; S bureau that he vanished I Thursday after she had spanked snail's pace ts about 15 led-him lor playing hookey from school. hour if it keeps going that \ for five day.s. She said he told her: i "You cannot strike an actor." A per long. Rt.yni. Smith, on I'nrtnhlc Corona Rtid \>,r: K \ . i.; i DON EDWARDS Outdoor Supplies The Typrwritci M > Income Tax Co If YOU NKV,L> ini; y.nir l mom*. 1 tu KOOM 21, lil.VlHL'. U.l.K.Ai BASI-BALL TRAMS j Now is tin: time to orrlpr 1 " I your uniforms iiini ('([iiipini'Tit. - U!cl iniv prices lii'l'ovc yi>vi Iniy. IHT.l'.AKM HAIIDWAKK CO. 2i:{ W. .Main Dogs, Cats^ and Pets In Excellent Commicm Hnc i-aul itnnii At Co\iricr Nri Florence 5-uurnpr oil stove m perttct iiitpti Jiarnsun. Uun be .^crn tit Conner l si ,^ Main, lUKriiitl Apt. No. 5. Or new Home Comiort inn^e. wood or Mini Two orossers, T!\wets. ctilttoraiie. scudlo rrnl Elc<:trlr tclrigorrttor, House-hold items Plionc Private Rooms 314 N. Nlntli. Phone 2333 2 n-pK-3'19 Bedroom. R17 phone Hlvthevilln Tlf 2 25-pK-3 3 phonr llucc tiI:n-K *nrl lu \RMY '^R^r^• «]XIGiI3 SURPLUS TOOL Clir.^l :iftt- SURPLUS; TOOL cucsi aax-: Inches «fi-S5. TOOL elicit j \V. \Vnlnut Hod mom. convenient to lioat. Plionc 3325 611 \V Building Material intor- ;v1ll np . Rb!) PrrsonoJ Laundry LUMBER For SaleiT,oT, K -,,,;M, R v. s, r „„„„ If you own your lot, have a h'Uie money, will furnish you lumber to build your home. At mill, Camp Moul- Irie Drive. 0. S. ROLLISON Phone 3309 " . 2-i8-c i SKI.I, \VIIAT VOU 1 WANT iAND i:t:v WHAT voi: no j WANT I Courier News Classifieds. k-3-18 Loons PKHSONV^ I.OAN?t ^>| Come In .TI ;"U ; 2''' C.KSf.RAI COSTW Personal TANKS TANKS ! TANKS | Attention Kai'iners and Fuel Oil Ilurri-rs. Cot an ex- tr;i fuel oil tank and rack. Re] prepared for oil shortage, j lUylhevillc Machine Phono L!SL'S. . Miu. 1 qni\rt -JOr. lninn. ^ tjunU inum. to\>s ntul i T.. 10. STKRI^ pols I S. PLIERS new. nnw 52.75. TRNTH. . r^lncortls. ]nckcts. , P1CKART1 GHO^KTIY— OESK- HM MFtlJCHANniSK. ARMY RIIRPI.-:S. aan, E. Main. 228-ck-3fi ijtpl'KKS. ci\st nluiiil uipi'RKS. rnst nLii wc I'O-lS CARS alu li-nrtlfs 15 Ballon hlrirk I" i:nilon si *1 45. DUKKI.E Tiac. tarns sllOM Mr-ti onlv 2 20-rk-J 20 onth, stri\m ^!nln 2 9-rk-3 '3 ir rfnt. Car for rhrap . I lar-.f wlillr rnhblt^. Call «(fi76. 60-1 Ash St. Burglar Quintet to Face Charges in Little Rock llurrouph's CASH RKGIR- TKR Practically new, call S(VL' For Sale OLD 'NKWSPAl'KRS COURIER NKWS OFKK-E Uo yovir own com t Rent a concrete ml^ Pftonc A4S3, Bat 65 Soil Pipe We have tour and ITVQ inch *o:l jilpc snd llttlngs for immediate tlrlivrrv BLAN HKATH AUTO" AND HOME SUPPLY JU W Main Phone- p.28 Business Property For Kent Frozen Foorl lockers. Froz- Money to Loan rnirl? No rlnwn o^vmcnt nn npr- nr* reel rnpr 1 niA APPTJOVKO HATF: A<-V ASK t OR riF.T>tr>i Max Logan, Realtor Phone 2!>: j ,4 ' I.vnrh Bulldl Blvthrvilic Arfc Plumber •-I Ar- Wrltr |ik*^ 2fi , .'otm Help Wanted, Male LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Feb. 28.— *.UP>—Prosecuting AUonir-y Eriwin Duniuvuy of County snid ho would have a nutn'ocr of cliarsc. c tr> fiip a^rtinst fwr priscvns s\isnect- rd of participiUins in tho robbery of the West Sidf Junior Hieli School Feb. 16. They -.vcrc scheduled tn be returned from SebasUan Coiinly today. Dutiaway sukl the three, men. I Leonard Blair. «. and Car! Brad- to 10 tt • berry. 26. of shawnee. Okla., and iKverVlt Pate, M. of Fort Smith. ichlncR i \ vou i f i probably face rhnrces of iHifElary. fsrand'lnrceny and asanlt u-ilh intent tt> kill. Tip added that the two women, I.ois Blair. 10, of shaunce. and Viola Gray. 2~i. of Van Enron, would face possible charges of re- ceiviiic stolen properlv and pos- siWr , othcrs sheriff Prentire \Iadrtnx of Se- Power Meat Saws and Main, 2-G-ck-3-6 en Foods, 21st phone 2602. Coal and Wood For sale — good coal and kindling. Plenty of it. We deliver. Phone 949. Lewis Poultry, 419 E. Main. Real Estate Loans! For Sale, Cars & Trucks T,aVKO auto firm needs cx- nerienccd SHOP KORKMAN. P,est working conditions anil •j-il'U'v Wl'ile full experience bantlnn county Mid iiis riopiuics and ' \ ' i;fir-.>tir>.w Hnv R I State PoliceSgt. Dong MorrlswoHld niui .uialitic.vt.'<ms Ho\ H •', ^j.,, t ,, c fivc to n , ls5ri , vil]c . whcr(! Courier News l nicy were ctue to moot Little Rock 2-2C-ck-3-4 i oin'cors. nr[ I, Snlrs ^n H A. LOAKR '^ tioMK 1.C1ASS VARM l.n.NNS COMMrn<-[ \I, !• H A -G 1 TF.KRY AND UK A1.TV 213 W. WALNUT IX'ANS APSTIiACT COMPANY TUT 1211 W Mnln '-' Scales ni'iNv. -mi 1 i'none rn o'.ir fllspuiv n^-« OK! 7. SCOTT -Sulcs null H^r'.'!. MOKT(;A(;K KOKKCI.OHCHK Must .sacrifice 1011 Chev- Irolvt 1' '., ton stake truck f<M' Irss than lialKiu'c duo on fi- [naiife contract. Short wheel \\>w, dual wheels. S('e Mr. •Doxier, 1 H> N. Second. ATTENTION FAUM10RS IN AIMHTION TO OUR MANY OTHER BKRVICES WE NOW HAVE BLACKSMITHING I1HINO VOUR \V POINTS TO Kxpcrlly Sharpened F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Phone 2192 us Prompt Service 215 N T . Sec-mid St. 3 3-CK-3.J Taking care of Your Tires is one of many Services we render . . . Maintaining the safe, .smooth operation of your cnr is our job, willi special attention given lo the condition of your tires. Tire-checking is essential, we think, for the well- being of every motorist. You see, one faulty tire may cost your life and the passengers riding with you. Let ns check your tires periodically and replace if necessary with genuine Royal Air-Ride or Royal De Luxe Tires. Real Buick Service is Found Only or Langsron-Wroren 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY * DIAL

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