The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1947
Page 8
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THURSDAY, SKI'TUMIJEK 25, 11M7 Club Women Display Variety Of Talents at District Fair; Exhibits Attract Much Attention Many laleuU are disclosed at fair time, when Mrs. Ureen finds that her neighbor is an artist, with a needle perhaps, or a paint bnish, a pencil, with a crochet needle, hammer and nails, or maybe with shells from the sea. Mrs, Zoa Thompson, lias display- + — e<l in the commercial tooth and in the art booth some of her outstanding work with shells. These include, costume jewelry, novelty items sucli as mil cups, and pictures made entirely from shells. Some shells are in tiicir natural Mrs. Fi ank I. Noe of Lenchvilie made a crocheted picture of the famed painting, "The Last. Supper", nnd Mrs. Hugh Tatc embroidered pictures of two horses' heiids. Disclrsing a talent for designing i and sewing, young Virginia Pepper .,..„. , , , 'and sewing, young V rgin a Penner color and others ure dyed, then a,- | of Arrijor( 5 >,,,„/ ^t foraial, lo • nnscd to form flowers or some pic- j , wo doUs w hlch , dressed cou- turesque s^cnc. or a unique design, .^tely " com ' And she doesn't limil her work to shells. The white petals of a flower were made from tlic scales of thc tarpon fish and a pair of ear bobs were made from \vhiit is known as "Lear droi'.s", found on each side of a fish's backbone. Mrs. Thompson makes an annual trip to P.oricla fcr her shells. Mrs. M. I.,. S'.vihart of U'achvillc is also skilled in v/ork with shells and some oi her nrlicles\urc displayed. Among Ihe artists are Mrs. Gcor'je Ujirharn, v.'ho has entered some of lirr paintings. Hurry Fri'.zujs, whose lak-nU include several phases of art, such as charcoal work and cer- sinics, and Dixie Weed and Nancy : t | lcv , Ri'/hatdsou. Proof of youngsters' ' taletits are the BlythcviHe exhibits I Don't throw anything away—give it to Mrs. Spencer Bunch and watch her change it into a usuable article. An example of this Ls an attractive wastebasket made from a lard bucket. Miss Alice Marie noss makes dolls for entertainment decorations from a scrap of crepe paiwr and corn shucks. BLYT1IEV1LLE (ARK.) COUK1KR NEWS Entertainer is Inc. the group of "crochet" experts. She entered an ecin crocheted bedspread. rtfS When You Need Money, Just Visit a Bank NEW YORK (UP)—Radio Patrol- j men John Sweeney and Rnbcit Rice were driving a branch of • the Chase National Batik when noticed a MR hole had been i]ashed in the front door. They summoned reinforcements hided in g" mc of^he sjund^cpt"""^"!'^' toes. On the mezzanine they found a man standing in front of a safe, kicking it. "What are you doing here?" a l>o-' liccman asked. "Robbing Hie bank." the man said, and resumed kicking the safe. Taken to a stattonhouse. he identified himself as Edward P. Tompkins. a waiter. He sairt he had been drinking, ran out of money and could think of no better place to get more than in the bank. He was held in $1.050 bail on a burglary charge. I! Enjoy our delicious, select, well- cooked foods . . . swiftly, courteously served! Every time you dine out treat yourself to maximum pleasure at minimum prices! JOHNS CAFE 400 West Main St. Phone 3900 Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Savtngi Low Net Cost Protection For W. U. TAMKE i <M E. Da-rts St, P. O. Bui 431 J Phone 2487 BtTtherflle, Atk. FARM LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. J. LC;.C TERM PKOMPT CLOSING LOW HATB CALL. WRITE <1R ,SR( RAY WORTHINGTON llf. S. Third SL. BlylhcviHe, Ark. Scrvinc This Stction 25 Years Authorized Mortieogt Loan SaVdtar tor THK PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COM?ANI OF AW7.RSCA Jiihnsun An All-Star Western Rcviic. fcaturini; tlic Wcstcrnaircs. a vocal ;uul instninipiUa! band Unit vvus formerly starn'il on the \V1,S Na- lloniil linrn Dance, win prr-smil spcctnl rnliii'lnlnmrnl in the morning itml afternoon at Walker Park Thursday, Ocl. 2, as part of the activities cl the Naiionul Cotton Pickins C-intcst. L. O. Thompson. Jr.. cntcrtainmrmi cliiin ina:i. announced today. Toj) star oi inc. revue is Johnson, cowboy singei' and steel guitarist who first reached fame as the cowboy soloist en tlic "Hoosicr Hop." which was an NBC Blue Network program oriGitinting in Chicago. The Westmiaires will present. their first numbers at 10:30 a. m. Thursday nnd will continue their entertainment intermittently during the day. Also to be featured on the program will b» Terry Trmicll. vocalist; Arizona Jack nnd Texie. a western roiw-spinning and bnll- whip-crackinB act; Hilda cnvc. 'cowboy Imllnil singer; Wally Malic. known nationally as Plaslio the Magician; and noss & Ross, acrobatic fiddler and 'dancer team. Professor Claims Conan Doyle Hoaxed World with Mysteries Votes for 74 Years And Always "Right" LAUREL. Miss. (UP)—George B Knlghi, 95. chums that, when ne voted in the latest Mississippi Democratic primary, it marked the 14th consecutive year he has voted in every political race in Jones County. Knight said he had never failed to turn out since reaching 21. What's more, he said, lie had never failed to vote "right" during the entire 74 years. ATHENS. Cl:i. ,U« — A University of Georgia professor claims lo have solved the greatest Sherlock Holmes mystery of all. Pope Hill, Sr., a slim, graying associate professor of mathematics who lm.s studied the Holmes studies for n years, said the literiiry world for 00 years lias been the victim of n hrax perpetrated by the Inte Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Creator o( the muster detective of Haxcr Street. Scholars have known for years thai nr, WiUson's accounts of the great dcduccr's cases are shot through with mistakes—wrong clntes, limes and places; impossible situations. They cive varying reasons, but most of them lay the mistake.? to carelessness by the author. But Hill believes the truth will t;c disclosed v.'hen a document left l>y Doyle is opened in England soon. "The solution." Hill said, "is very simple. The errors urn Intentional. Krrors IMIbrruir "lie WHS creating a character with accurate powers of observation. : wlio decried the lack of observation in others. To prove his point that, people do not observe, he pill simple ami obvious errors by wholesale into the stories. "Coniin Doyle tried lo fool the world and lie succeeded beyond his expectations. No wonder lie put, this statement into the mouth of Holmes: "•Nothing is so deceptive us an obvious fact 1 ." He rejects the "careless" theory of Christopher Morley and others j with an example. Only five limes In the ToO.CCO-word saga Is the color of Holmes' eyes given, and 2j years intervene b.'lween the first time and the last, he said, "yet every time thcl rcolor Is given as gray." I>a(es Scrambled On the other hand, in "The Sign of the Pour," the date is Riven ns early July in one place, as September In another, and as "a spring evening" in a third. Doyle wa.s a doctor. Yet he gives Holmes the symptoms of a morphine addict and calls him a cocaine user. He knew American money, yet he referred to an American "Hold dollar." The idea of the Holmes deception. Hill said, probably came from Edgar Allen Poe's story, "The Purloined Letter." In that case, Parisian police searched an apartment Inch by inch for an important letter, and failed to finti it because It was right belorc their eyes, Documents Uncovered His long years of study led Mill to Ihe conviction tlml somewhere, somehow. Doyle must have written a secret document to explain Ihe "substructure worked out with so much time and thought." Pultln;! himself In the milhor's place. Hill became certain-that sucli a document hud been written, and then hidden until some luture date. Recently a new find of Doyle papers wns revealed. j\ cache Includ- Ini; u phiy, left in Doyle's town bank vault. Among the papers was one culled "some personalia ub.wt Mr. Sherlock Holmes." The manuscripts have been turned over by thc Doyle family to the author's biographer. John Dlcksou Carr, mysiciy writer. Hill said Adrian c'otinii Doyle speaks of the "pcrsonullu" us "u unique document that will explode the old myths about Conun Doyle and Sherlock Holmes." Doyle hits been quoted as "Ilied of mlsrcpre- Kontstlons about my lather." Hill says Ilial means the family is tired PACK THIRTEEN . Siifvl}- Dull The I'lirysalts of the swallowtail bulterlly Is anchored safely lu twliw UirouRh winter by n safely Ijpll, much as a lineman Is held to ilm pole. NO'l'ICli OK .IDMINISIK.VIIO.N On September '£)t<\ 11M7 Letters of Administration upon Ihe estate of Klma Archilkion. Deceased, were granted lo Hie uuderslitned, Mund Dunn, whose address Is Hlytheville,'s. All iici'sons having claims against sulil estate are required to exhibit Ihe same to the administratrix, properly authenticated, within six months from the date of the llrsl pubilnit.ion of this notice, or tliey will Ue forever barred and precluded Irani any bcnellts in said estate. Dated this IKlrrt day of September 1347. MAUD DUNN. Administratrix Marcus Kvraril, attorney lor ad- ministratrix. of sccliii; the author unified of carolcssmv.s lor mistakes ;u- made deliberalely to prove thnt people dn not observe. 7974 Model Car Poses Doctor's Dilemma CLEVELAND (UP)- Dr. Maxwell Harbin, like many .other folks, has automobile problems these days, but. his arc of a dillerent nature, i Dr. Haibin has a car. but lie says I it creates so much curiosity that he ! can't use U. People insist on sto;>- Iping him and askimj about it. I, The auto is :i 1914 Cadillac tour| ing car. I The doctor says it runs perfectly. I if only people would just mind their own business. To The Thrifty Shopper: uolih Betty Crocker's PYEQUICK A rnmplrtc Tie in a Box! ! That's Betty Crocker's new ric Crust anil Apples generously .spiced with cinn;imi>n tiic way you like it! You add only '/. cup (if siiRar for Hie Iwit apple pic ever ! ! only 53c ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS I'rolecl and Preserve Yimr Hoof Have mo to inspect your roof now, before ba«l and wiiitci 1 sols in. Eddie Saliba KooIlriB ('itlllriietor Lei me solve your roofing prolilcms I'hunc 25Uf> lllytheville. Ark. BLADDER IRRITATION Thousands Have I'iminl Itcllef hi the Natural Mouiilnin Valley lUinei'itl Wiitor from famous Hot Springs. Arkansas. A pure, soothing ' aid in relieving irritation of these delicate, organs, helpful In stimulating kidney action and cllmlnnting .systemic wastes. Doctors have prescribed this pleasant 'water for over IHly years. Order a ca:;e today. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main »n« PlrUUn BlylbtrUle, Ark. ,b 59 M e STKIl 1 BACON PUI.MCT EGGS 1MJUK HEKF GROUND MEAT ,; 39 SHKI'-I-'ORl) AMKRICAN CHEESE 2 ,,,, ra T' SKINLESS WEINERS ,„ 49° JANK GOODK PEflMUT BUTTER ,, 2!lcl <„ 49 C STOKKLEY NO. 2'/ 2 CAN PEftCHES tl8ts 8 ffl Liflle Super Market Air Base Air Base City Super Market 109-111 W. Main St. Phone 2668 15 oz. Can Yellow Freestone PEACHES 15c VAN CAMP'S No. 2 Can TAMALES 25c Swift's No. 2 Can Meat and Spaghetti 25c No. '/a Con PORK BRAINS! 17c Outstanding Values In Scarce Merchandise! Now at Hubbard & Hoke \ Apartment Size ELECTRIC RANGES $ 119 95 Bendix Ironer 219 Electric Brooms Hijrlily efficient three burner niiiRe willi spacious oven. Automatic heat control. HiKlily polished white porcelain finish. Now ill this low price. This j; r eat new time-saver will iron unything a hand iron will . . . and do :i better and faster job! You can sit while you iron. 50 These modern brooms will do tlic mime job ;is your vacuum cleaner . . . and it costs much less. Now only— 39 50 HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY New Numbers 4474 and 4475 But Some Reliable Service Tor Work Done Right'' CALL NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners 220 North 2nd Street FARM DITCH ES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE A S.J.COHEN Contractor -LYNCimDG: BlYTHEyiLLE ARK, • Phone $646 wtt2515 MINNIE LEE JONES MUSIC STUDIO Teacher of ....... PIANO I THEORY — HARMONY Special Classes for Pro-School Children and Beginners 807 Chlckiiwiwlw Phone 2994'.,.. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE FICE—-NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch v, rt. 7 Crown 1.35 Calvert . 1.35 Schcnlcy . 1.35 Three Feathers . . 1 35 Hill & Hill ^ . 1.40 Old Taylor .,. . . . Four Roses M. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.SO 5% Beer per Case $2.88 GAS ' 17.5c; 19.5: All Brands Cigarets, ctn. $1 .35 S TUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales STUDEBAKER , Service E B A K E R S I.el our skilled mechanics l:\ke cave of your cars ami trucks. Complete line of parts. Prepare tor winter now --let us install a liralcr on your truck or car. Complete line of accessories, radios, foglighls. scat covers, battcvies. Hares, bumper guards niul a complete line of FIRESTONE TIRES. 1941 Chevrolet B25 tires 1911 Chevrolet 34 ton Irnck 1340 Ford - 1 ion stake Ijixlv 1947 New Ford 2 SpceU .'.xle 3.25 Ttrer. t047 \ T cvv Intsni.itloivil X-5 2 Speed A Me 825 Vires Miccil nxle, I9J7 New sturichnkcr n.j Ton 1041 Fonl Coupe 19-11 Dodge 2 Door A real mir 1339 DcSota 4 Uoor—Clean 1MH Plymouth 5 Door—A real Joli Trade With Confluence with Chainblin. These Cars Carry a 30 Day Guarantee! U DEBAKER s T U D E B A K E R S

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