The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1947
Page 6
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PAGfctTN BLYTHEV1LLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1947 House Committee Hears That Barbed Wire ffti^Rbosevelt Aided Eisler To Enter United States in '39 WASHINGTON, Sept 25 — Former Undersecretary of State Stunner'Wells ^told' i House Un- An\srican Activities Committee jes- lerdfcy, that .,V| s Eleanor Roose- \elt-mterc«Jed In behalf of Oei- inan-born Hanns Eisler and his \^lfe when they had., trouble obtaining visas to enter the United States 111 1939. ^Haniis" Eisler, Hollywood 'composer, is a brother ofiQerrmrt Eisler, German'Communist • recently convicted Jpf ..contempt',of the House a)id passport fraud. > The fiong- writcr lind teslifted^earlier that'ha ofice joined the Gorman comrrin- njst party but quit soon ihoreal- t«r. •The composer' and Welles were called before the house group to tell howxEis.ler. obtained a visa :o enter the- United 1 States and how mid whyhe w«s permitted to rc- njtiin Jn..tills country. • Sends Note lo Wells "In reply lo questions by Commil- t£e Investigator Robert striplln?, \Vells testified that Mrs. Roosevelt, wife of the late President, wrote a note to him,on Jan. H. 1§39, saying that ';a friend of the composer was ".very much disturbed" because the Eislers had diffi- cfiltv in obtaining visas. ;"He (the friend) thinks the Stale rjepartnient has really told tlu Cuban consul that, they"do not wish 16 admit Ihe Eislers;-and he . is pjrlectly sure that" the. Eislers arc not Communists ••arid . have no political affiliations of any kind." Mrs. Roosevelt said in Ihe nole. 'Referring to a file compiled by the Labor Deparlincnt on the Eis- lers. Mrs. Roosevelt said her !nfor- nlant did not believe !thls depuit- njent examined- tlic case caretullv enough. *"Why not do it all ovr again nnrt • bj-ing it out in tlic open and 3e the Eislers defend , themse:ves? Mrs. Roosevelt asked Welle.s. 'Strippling asked if Mrs. Roosc- velt was In the habit of wiling to Welles on various matters aflecl- Ing the Slate Department. Welles replied tlini he Mad known Mrs. Roosevelt for 50 years uncl thai she had coinmunloated rind conferred with him on m.iny things since the time thai both were children. Delays Keply Welles said he did not reply to Mrs. Roosevelt's nole until Jnn. 24, 1930, when he said Dial Eisler could be. assured that the only wish of the department was that Eisler and his wife qualify for IhcSr visas 'n Ihe usual manner under Ihc immigration laws. Eisler and his wife were In lhi> United Stales at .that time but Hie expiration date of their vlsa.s was approaching and they would have been sent to Cuba before a decision could be reached on llicir case Welles replied in the letter. He said that they would have to submit their qualifications to Ihe consul general at Hiivanii. Tlft only ohter leltcr from Mr.s. Roosevelt on the subject. Welles Mild, was a note dated Feb. 7, 1039, which said. "Dear Sunnier >— this ELilci- case seems a hard nut to crack. What do you suiigeslV" H \uis .signed "K. H." , Before clismissitig Welles from i the .slsinil, Stripling read Into tin; j record a Slate Department resume: • of the labor dcspurlmeiH file on I Ihe Eisler case. \ 1 "The evidence cslnbllshcs .pre- ponderanlly Hint Eisler Is a Cum- mmiist, [tlleiiougli It does not shov/ Ihnt he is an enrolled member of the communist Party," this resume said. 't Bar Dancing Governmental Dependency Is Deplored LITTLE HOCK, Ark., Sept. 25. i UP) — The increasing dependency of county and municipal gov- cinment.s on stale aid was deplored by Assistant Atty. Gen. Ike Murry .speaking at the 13lh annual conference of Ihe Arkansas Municipal Alice Wiygul, both of O.secoia. Frank Braddey and Pearl Bernlce Collier, bolh of Gennanlown, Mo.; C. J. Smith of Hermandale, Mo., and Kvelyn PicKens o: Dui.'.iin, Mo.; William Rady Wrolen of Bellville, 111., and Lillian Mnxlnc Headier of .St. Loiii.s; Eugene Kcpner and Mable Barnes, bolh of Cairo ,111. \VJiito Yugoslav troops, across the barbed wire v.'hlch marks tiio new Italo-Yuyoslav- boundary near Gori"/.i;r, supply the musjc, ! U. S. soldiers relax and dance. The music proved v/clcomn after long hours o[ tension in the' troubled area. yesterday. He pointed out that cities and counties of Arkansas will receive more than $8,003.- i COO In slate aid In 1047-48 — four limes Ihc amounl received In 1942. "With additional slate money." Murray declared, "the local governmental units also have Increased stale control." He urged cities to continue to work for home rule, and added that local units of government in Arkansas retain a. smaller percentage of the per capita tax collected than in any olher soulhern state. Local units, he explained, keep $11.07 out of every $35.74 collected. Urging city official to take an active part In formulating municipal laws, .Vfirry said that Arkansas counties receive three times as much money as the municipalities. In 1947-48, the counties will receive $fi,G75.000 in turnback, .funds compared with $1,870.000 for cities. Read Courier New.; Want Ads. The Secretary ot the Treasury of the. United States never bought u single war bond, lie's prohibited by law Irom buying government seeur- I ities. If birds could read, we'd -" '.sign like that. But they can't. So, we're doing the next best thing. We're asking all hunters not to shoot at birds on telephone wires. One stray shot may break several wires, and interrupt important-long distance callsL We'll-appreciate your help. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. Marriage Licenses Marriage licenses issued recently at the county clerk's of lice in Os- ceoki were the the following couples: Helh Wayover of SI. Louis and Belly Johnston of Alton, III.; Curtis Faulkner of Hlylhcville and Hillary 'Moore of Osceola; James H. Onc-ston and Linda MCElfrod Uou- lelt, tolh of Menij.-iis: William Harklns of iBlythcvlllc and Helen Listen of Cooler. Mo. Troy .Walker and Darles Jones, wth of Paris, T'enn.; James L. Robinson and Ruby lia;-_;es, bolh of Btylhevillc; Harvey Decker and Adeline Noll, both of Milwaukee. WIs.; Harrison KciuUciunn and Mary James, ijolh of Gnseville, 111.; Herman Parks and Ruby Jean Williams, 'ootH of Si. Louis. Jones and Virginia Robinson, bolh ol Blylhevillc; Sam Spencer of Huntinylon, \V. Va.. and Sadie Johnson ol Canton. Ohio; Ramon Chapel of Elowah and Opal Charlene Hurt of Walnut Ridge; Harold Shumate and Ann Middlcton, bolh of Blylheville; Carl V. Fox of Osceola and charlcnc Hunt, both oi Keiser. ,' ' , ' . Louis Baker • of Moiilicello and Harold Dean 'Wilt of Knoxvillc. Tenn.; Tomtnie Batson of P-ltowah and Mrs. Berllia Strockston. bolh ol Elowah; Marmon Scoll and iJuanifa Zclis, both of Wilson;'WH- j llni'n King of St. Louis and Martha j Cornni of Union City, Tcnn.; Lester i Tcinplclon ol SI. Louis and Minnie [•Mclllnenna ol CcnlriiUn, III. John II. Fiiiley and Alice Jones, both of Cenlralia. 111.; Robsrt San- dcrford and Marie Powler, both of SI. Louis; Robert DeQueen and i Gladys Craig, bolh of Luxora; o. B. Nenl of Gstcola and Olela Wticclur of nurdclte. - Abncr Meadow and Miss Margaret I C. Hicks, bolh of Cairo, HI.; W>- linm Ridlin and Louise Second, both of Murion. III.; Jaines Cecil Hinby of Mountain Vic'.v. OXla., and rletlic. Ruth Marlin of .Coals. Mo.; Charles Miller and He.sslc Wood, bolh of O.?- ceola; Paul J. Wood and Kilen Irene Danis. bolh of Uurdelle; Fred Wiiyne Basbass and Mamie Irene wood, Calif., and Kdilh M^Cake of Brewej 1 , b->lh of LUboinn, Mo. David Carl Pi'ucencea or Hay- Madlsun. Mo.; Russell E'himisler and Jean Walker, bolh of Cnrter- vlllc. 111.; William Downing and Chnrlcut! Mullins. both of Blythe- vllle; SiKmon I/. Simpson and Mary MANY NEVER ~ SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Ofttn Brings Happy Relief Mmiy sutTcrcrs relieve nnRRin^ hncVa«}ie quIckly.onceUity discover that the real cause of tlieir trouble nrtiiy In; tirotl >;[i!neys. The Kidneys lircHature'a chief wnyof tnlr- inKtheexctsancidannilv.-asleoutof IhcbliKKl. The y help nius t pcop! c nasanliou t3 ymta n d ay, WhcntliKordornf kiiliipy rimction permit* poisoiious matter in renmin in yourljlood, it inny cause nnyxmz b^cVache. ihtuinatic imlna.lcs rnins, tosa of pep nml encrRy, nettini: up niRhls. swelliiu;. puEIliicsig \mdur the eyes, hontlnchea nnd diziincss, l'renu«nt or Ecnnty imss^ccawith £i]iaitin« nml Lurniny EtimttiiTics slvowa Ihcrt is something \vi-onp >vith your kidneya or IjlailJtr. Don,'t waiLI Aak your drusEint for Doan's Tilla. a utlmuhinL diuretic, used sxicccasfully by niillloTii for over FO yfar.i. Donn'3 gi%-e happy relief anil will help tho. IE mi!e3 of kid [icy tubes flush out poisonous waste from jour Mood, Get Hoar's Pills, Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliorices 117 So. Second (•>!. litytheville, Ark. Free Estimates on All Work 1. I DROVE THESE GATES POSTWAR TIRES ,50 TO 60 MILES AN HOUR 10 HOURS DAILY FOR 25 DAYS AND'YOU D SAY THEY'RE AS GOOD AS NEW." "I give tires rough freatmenf.' . rive weighs over 4700 pounds. It shouJd Uike • a large size, 7:00-15 tire. To s«e just exactly what punlsh- J meflt The Gatea Postwar Tire would stand, my Company • put on 6:00-16 size. This smaller size naturally means each , tire WM heavily overloaded. \ "I drew .tht tires over Arizona de«ert roada— 25 d»ys • straight— 10 t hours at a stretch— averaging 50 to 60 miles , per koor. Jwt to look at the tires now, you'd iay they're ;pr»euerily (Md a* new,"— A. J. Ryan, Veteran T«st Fleet .Driver. :GATES TIRES carry a 12 months uncondi- rood hatord guarantee. Extra Deep Tread and. tough rubber mean thousands of extra miles ot snfe. dependable, noa-skid service for you. Now... RAYON CORD In Gafes Tfres Available now ux ALL Truck Tires and in A&m» Pauongtr Car liioi. You will Kara it in ALL Gat*s Passenger Car »ti«a •a »oon a* the supply oi rayon cord permit*. li :'U SHELTON MOTOR CO 11tW«t A»h Street Phone 4438 XOTf ON BALL' October 2,1947 Fairgrounds Exhibit Bldg. B L YTH EVI LLE "'-''''^ A Feature of the National Cotton Picking Contest Tickets on Sale—Kirh'y Drug Store GOOD/VEA "- TIRES - onntov /^^y TIRES ' ^t^ ^^^ ^~^f^^~^^ ^^*^^^^r • 34% More Non-Skid Mileage at a 10'/ 2 % Lower Pri'ce* • Stronger Cord Body • Wider, Flatter Tread • Improved Shoulder Design Thin I reads may mean frequent flats — and "with worn casings there's always Ihe risk of blowouts. Trade-in your troubles before they happen. We'll make a liberal allowance (or your old lires on new Goodyear DeLuxo tires. USE OUR EASY PAY PLAN $2.0O DOWN and Q $1.25 A WHK '-? .Buys a New Goodyear Deluxe Tire (six* 6.0Oxl6) 'Prices cut 10%% on oil popular sizes. Olhor sizes also lower. NEW TIRES DESERVE NEW TUBES GOODYEAR STORE Features at the Northeast Arkansas Fair Daily Through Sun., Sept. 28 WALKER PARK 20fftEFACTS Presented twice daily in front of Grandstand — Including — Dorothy Herbert Hubert Dyer, Comedy Maschino Troupe Mr. Arthur Billy Ray's Juggling Act The Great 'Chico' SHOWS One 6i the World's Largest Road Carnivals This show plays only the outstanding fairs in America. Has many features heretofore not .seen on loc;il mid" ways. Tliis unquestionably will be the largest and finest carnival ever to play in Blytheville. 14 EXHIBIT DEPARTMENTS The Complete Cotton Exhibit District 4-H Corn Show, 4-H Dairy Judging Contest 4-H Livestock Judging Contest 410 W. Main Apiary Department Floral and Art Department Poultry Division mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi National Rabbit Show Community Educational Exhibit Home Economics Department Farm & Home Department Dairy Cattle Exhibit • •••••••••••••«•»•••*•••••• Beef Cattle Exhibit Swine Department Friday (s Kid's Day! All School Children Will Be Admitted FREE on this day.

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