Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 20, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1895
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VOL. XX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 20. 1895. NO- 63. Cheap as the Cheapest. , . . , As Good as the Best. HER STORY TOLD. The Other Side of the AUianca Affair at Last Belated, Captain of Spanish Cruiser Gives the R«ason Why He Fired on the American Ship. Our Spring Opening -flND SflLE OF- Spring Capes, Separate Skirts, Ladies' Suits! IS NOW IN PROGRESS/— You are invited to view 8uoh an array of Pretty Stuff as your eyes never sighted before Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway. 306 Fourth St. FIRE SMOKE WATER. The Mammoth Stock of FINE CLOTHING. of JOS. G. GRACE, will be placed on sale . . At 8 O'clock. Remember the Date and Place. 426 BROADWAY, 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of uy Spring Suitings! 1 justly proud in the auccess of our untiring 'hich enable us to show you'this season the Stylish, Most Attractive and JExclusive HAVANA, March 19.—The commander of the Spanish cruiser Conde de Ven- ;ulito reports that on March S, while u-nising oft' the eastern coast of the inland, he .sighted a steamer heading ;-jr Maisi point. The steamers course vas to the northeast. The cruiser 'hoisted a flag and the steamer replied "by raising an English flag. The cruiser signalled the steamer to stop but without effect. As the steamer proceeded at full speed the cruiser first fired two blank shots, and then two solid shots. The commander says lie did not desire to hit the steamer, but merely to cause her to heave to. lie asserts that the steamer was but \.y, miles off the Cuban coast when the firing occurred. The authorities here have ordered that a, full in- quir3' be made into the commander's acts. Judging from Capt. Grossman's story nobody can doubt that the steamer was the Alliar.ca, which was fired on by a Spanish cruiser on March S. Say* 1t'» a Liu, NEW YoitK, March 19.—Capt,. Crossman, of the steamship Allianca, which is alleged to have been fired on by a Spanish gunboat, when seen on board the steamer Thursday morning in reference to the dispatch from Havana stating that he was within a mile and a half of the coast of Cuba when fired upon nnd that he had hoisted the English ensign, said: "It Is slmply'a lie. I did not hoist the English ensign, und had I done so the Spaniard would not have dared to Hro upon It 1 was not within a rnllo and a hair of the coast of Cuba, und according to the course I pursued could not have t°ne within four mlle8 of the coast," Will Dlakn Affidavit*. According to instructions received from the officials of the steamship company, Capt, Grossman is making an affidavit in regard to the matter of the [lag and the distance from the coast of Cuba. The captain is also to have affidavits signed by First Officer Corning, the purser, the purser's clerk and the ship's doctor, who were on deck at the time that the Spanish vessel fired. An affidavit is also to be made by the boatswain, who hoisted the American ensign by Capt. Grossman's order. The Ji'cws In Wmhlntfton. WASHINGTON, March 19,—The Spanish minister was shown the dispatch from Havana containing the report of the commander of the cruiser Coudo de Veuadito, und while the substance was of a very •gratifying nature to Minister Muruaga, he refused to talk on the subject. The statement made bj' the Spanish commander would, if true, entirely change the phase of the affair. It is very much doubted In naval circles that there can be any foundation for the statement that the Allianca hoisted the English cusig-n, and it is thought to be highly improbable that an*y steamer other than the Allianca was. fired on at that point on March Sand 110 report made so far about the affair. The report by the Spanish commander must settle the doubt which has existed in the minds of some of the Spanish authorities here as to the truth of the statements made by Capt. Crossman that he had been fired on by a Spanish cruiser, but the statement that the Allianca had raised the English flag has complicated matters to such an extent that no official opinion can be obtained from either side. S»J-» She Curried KilU-n to Rclx-Ia. NEW YORK, March 10.—The Herald prints the following special cable from its correspondent in Havana: "It is reported here that the Allianca carried 24,000 i-ltles south on the trip on which sho was fired *t. It Is also roportotl here that there wore landed on the eastern end of the Island Borne mon who were passengers on the Alllaa- ca. The men, it is reported, were taUon off the Alllauca in flaking smacks the nlk'ht preceding the llrlnfr." KtiportA Reteatment Abating. MADRID, March 19.—Senor Muruaga, Spanish minister at Washington, has informed the government by telegraph, that the excitement and intemperate utterances of a portion of the American press in regard to the Allianca affair is abating. President Cleveland, he says, has never shared the resentment which those papers have ex- -IEC rruun is ire Dire atnrpcnca. ID ccrar :n n piece of the general brutality and ruBluni that liolds Cubii. The thing is a relic of the middle sines. It is a disgrace to us that lies at our doorstep. It makes tnj- blood boil, for one. Of courso they will upol- OK'ZC elaborately aad discipline the ofti- cer. But when \ve arc loosing toward him the eeneral terrorism which holds Cuba down while they suck her blood, will have been substantially increased at our expense. You can pathcr what my opinion is. What the government should do is another matter. The presldeat in such matters is frenerajly a fcafe person to follow: but you asl; my opinion, there it.is. \V. C. WHITNEY." ENGLAND'S DEMAND. Nhe the Want* a JJlj; Indemnity from Nlcarajruim KopuMic. MANAGUA, Nicaragua, March 19.— The British government, through its minister here, has submitted an ultimatum-to Nicaragua. It demands a cash indemnity of £1">,000 as smart money to p;i.\" for the expulsion of M'r. Hatch. British consular agent at lilnpfiekls during the troubles there hist year, and also the appointment of a commission to adjudicate the damages sustained by the persons and property of British subjects who were expelled from the Mosquito reservation about the Same time. Uy the terms of the ultimatum Great Britain is to name one of the commissioners and Nicaragua another, and these two are to choose a third, who shall not be a citi- ben of the United States. It was also made known that a lii-itish warship is now on her way to Nicaragua to enforce these demands, which must be complied with within seven weeks from February 25 last, the date of the ultimatum. , MASKED FIENDS. Torture a Pennsylvania!! for Gold They Do Not Get, Is Subjected to Most Inhuman Treatment—Had Deposited His Money in the Bank. NKWCASTLE, Pa., March 10.—Word has reached here that five masked robbers entered the house of John McMillan, near Watts' mills, bound and gagged the.hired man and three \vom- u :ind then waited nearly uvo hours for the return of McMillan. Inhumanly Tortured. When lie came he was bound to a board and leaned head downward against the wall, while the robbers threatened him with instant death unless he divulged the hiding pluou of his money. McMillan had deposited SUOOO iu a bank the day previous. Departed Empty Itandci). After burning his feet with hot coals and whipping him unmercifully the villains finally believed his story and departed. Mrs. McMillan and daughters, who were compelled to witness the torture of McMillan, are in a very serious condition from fright. HOOSIEtt HAPPENINGS. News Briefly Told from Variour Towns In Indiaaa. PLACtD UNDER ARREST. THIRD VESSEL FIRED INTO. gcltoonor Irene li Ulnmnntled by the In. j fttuta limbcl. KEY WEST, Fla., March in.—News reached'here Monday that the schooner Irene was fired into and dismasted by the Spanish cruiser Infanta Isabel. The news was brought to this city by a vessel engaged in the cattle trade between this port and Mainland, The Irene is a. small schooner owned in this port by Canary Islanders. She has been employed in the fish trade all winter, but within, the past few days returned with a party of court officials from Fort Myers, where an important murder trial has been held. She afterward sailed for the fish ranch at 1'unta (iorda, where, it was reported, an expedition sailed for Cuba. This point has been under surveillance by the Spanish cruiser, and the schooner was followed from here and fired into. LI HUNG CHANG IN JAPAN. indicted New York Police Official! Have IVarrrtntN Served on Them. NEW YOKK, March Hi, — All the police officials against whom indictments wore found Monday by the extraordinary grand jury were placed under arrest when they went to police headquarters Tuesday morning. The indicted men are: Inspector William McLaughlin, Capt. Jacob SieDert. Union Market station; Capt. J. J Douohue, West Twentieth street station: Capt. M. J. Murphy. West One Hundredth street station; Capt. James K. Prices, Muc- DouKiill street station: Former Police Capt. WillUi'.n S, Dovury, \Vnrdmaii Edward Glen- | non (dismissed), Wardman Edward S. Hill (formerly under Cam. Price), Wardman Burns (jumped his bull), Cupt. John T. titephenson. Superintendent Byrnes said that there was a warrant for still another man who was forme»ly connected with the police force. This man did not arrive at police headquarters with the rest and the superintendent refused to give his name. Kcfuned to Accept Them. . Ind., March 39.—A» the end of the fifth day after the adjournment of the legislature all biB» received by the governor a.t the close) of the session must be returned to the- office of the secretary of state to b» filed. During- the riot of the closing night the custodian bill \v ;'.;<:}> caused the trouble dixippeared. Gov. Matthews could not rctunt it to the secretary with other bills and in nn official statement g-ivinjf his account of the riot attempted to file his reosons with the republican socretar}'. That oflicial refused to accept them, fearing- to do so would affect litigation which will grow out of" the complication. The statement was accompanied by the veto of the bill. Ko <»room Ouno for tin* YVt»,ldlnff. •lKiTKi:soxvn.tE. 1'ud-, March 19.— Frank \Yhiti:l:ucli and Miss Stella Stovm*. prominent young people- of Lexington, were to have been married. The minister and guests had itrrived- for the ceremony, but no groom appeared. A messenger was dispatched to his home and soon returned with/a. note saying- Wkitclatch had changed •his mind and had left the country. Great indignation and excitement pre-- vailed. No reason for. his strange ao- tion was given. The bride fainted and is still in a serious condition from nervous prostration. IHRRC Bridged 1 Murder Trliil. TKBRE H.AUTE, Ind., March 1!>.—Thn trial of Isncc Bridges for the murder of Mrs. Joseph Montgomery last November began Monday and is-likely to be the mokt sensational murder trial held in this city in many years. Bridges is not much, more thn» a boy, and the defense will be th^t- • tfie woman had so completely captivated him for the purposo of getting his small inheritance that when sho afterward refused his attentions he became insane, and thnt while- he was in that condition he assassinated h«r. Arrlv«» with Mis Nunierou* Sultn at 81- mohfekl—Recolvvd by Count Inonjo. Lojfiooy, March 19.—A Central Kewe dispatch from Tokio says that' LI'I Hung Ch»ng, with his suite, accompanied by j case Hon. John Vf. Foster, arrived at Simonseki at 8:30 o'clock on the morning of March 19. Count Inonye immediately boarded the vessel which oonveyed the Chinese envoy and at 10 o'clock returned accompanied by Li Hunir Chang-, Mr. Foster and the other members and attaches of the peace commission. The party then visited Mr. Mutsu, minister of foreign affairs, and one of the Ja.panc.se officials delegated to treat with thu Chinese en- voysi. Tli«-iplnMH Start on Their Lone Trip. . ST. Louis, March I!).—Nat Sebastian's Pedestrian Theatrical company has begun its long tramp across country for New York. It made its first stop in East St. Louis, where it showed in Music, hail to a. fair-siv.ed audience. The 1 object of the trip is to decide a wager between Nat Sebastian and Jack Freese, of New York, by the terms ot which Sebastian bets 51,000 that the jVfTccti >"o Other CMBH. WASHINGTON, March 19.—Discussing the case of Gen, William Shakespeare, who was' recently awarded judgment for costs against Pension Commissioner Lochren, Judge Lochren. said on Monday that the Shakespeare not apply to any other single ease on the rolls and those pensioners who have been reduced or chopped from the rolls since the passage of the act of December 21, 1S93, and who consider they can recover the amounts they have been deprived of will have to seek their remedies in the courts. Lived with a Hroken »clc. March 19.— The- case of David Joyce, who was buried here Sunday, was one of the most remarkable in recen-t medical history. While on duty, as a switchman on the Chicago, Bock Island & Pacific at Seneca, Joyce was, thrown from a moving freight train and his neck was broken, lie lived, however, fifteen hours with a. broken neck. Medical men pronounce-the casa almost without precedent A Dnchflor's ttout with a Robber. ALLIANCE, 0., March 19.—At D o'clock Monday night a masked robber entered the house of Leonard Miller, aged CO years, a bachelor, living near Newton Falls. A desperate struggle followed, during which Miller was knocked senseless. When he regained consciousness his assailant had lied, taking no bootj-. • Miller claims he recognized his assailant as a prominent citizen of Newton Falls. Statv UomjH. Ind., March W:.—Tha- state financial board, composed of tha governor, treasurer of the state and auditor of the state, have sent out notices of the letting of £500,000 of state fimdicg bonds. Bids are to be received until next Saturday afternoon. Tha new bonds are to be sold at a rate not 1 e.xcoediug 3% per cent. The bond* are to fail due in twenty years and are to be redeemable in fifteen years, at the pleasure of the stale. I'olHoned by Arsmlc in a Well. WICHITA, Kan., March 39.—Henry Cherry, his wife and two sons, Raymond. 30, and Henry, 3, were poisoned , by drinking water from a well near company can travel to New York by their homo on North Fifth avenue. It e of woolens in the city. * Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. pressed. Kx-Secretary Whitney'* Tiews. SEW YOKK, March 19.—The following- cablegram was received by theiNew York Times Monday from \Villiaui C. Whitney, ex-secretary of the navy, in reply to a messag-e sent him by Charles R. Miller, ths e'ditor of the Times: "NAPLES. March IS—To tbo Editor of ths New York Times: I reply to your dlspatcb us loUows: In considering what should be done concerning- the outrage perpetrated by the Spanish mnn-oNvir in firing on the Alliacca one 'act should not be lost si#ht of. It was deliberate ;\nd with full kaowledse of the act •ML is certain that no person In command of »ny war vessel ill the world would be Ijnontnt taut ilring upon a merchant vessel of another power on the high seas in time ol peace would violate, the law of nations. There isn't a subordinate officer of ,-iny miin-ol-war in the world Tvho has not been sufllcieutly Instructed to kfcow that. It is therefore a case of a vUfuj Insult to the American fiaj and people. . "I do no; recall so \vanior. aa o;'.trasa as happening to any lirsl-class power iu flfty years. ^n e^c'.ofry scarcely wipes out such ua aCronu foot in 108 days, without hotel accommodations, and earn $2,500 e n route. In Memory of LIucoLn. OAKLAND, Cal., March 19.—The children of Lincoln school are preparing to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of Lincoln's death, on April 15, in a unique and original way. A tree will be planted symbolical of liberty. und for the nourishing- of the tree sol •from everv state and territory in the union, and from the tombs of Washington and Lincoln, is now being- gathered, andon the l. r >th of April will be sifted ari-fand the roots with elaborate exercises. Opinion on Pension*. is, March 19.—An interesting opinion upon the status of pensions was delivered by- J ustice Brewer. Ha said: ''Congress be In patllbcrty to pive or withhold pensions may prescribe who shall receive and determine all the circumstances and conditions under which any application thetefot shall be prosecuted. No man lias a legal right to a pension, and no -man bos a lejal right to interfere In the matter of obtaining pensions tot himself or others. The whole control of the matter Is within the domain of congressional power." Ciuhltir »nd Fnndi Gone. CHICAGO, March 19.—Christopher W. Larrabee, nephew of ex-Gov. Larrabee, of Iowa, and cashier and head accountant for Boyd, Stickney & Co., wholesale coal dealers, at No. 175 Dearborn street, it is said, fled from the city, and, if all accounts are true, his books do not balance by §-'0,000 or 525,000. r, Ala.; March 19.—The special sent from Alabama that a stonn passed over the northern portion .of the state, doing- considerable damage, seems to have been greatly exag-g-erated. as no lives are known to be. lost and no'great amount'of property was destro3 r ed. is believed arsenic had been thrown into the well. Cherry an I his wife may die, but the children will live. Suspicion points to an lndi;in named Sum- jnit as the perpetrator of the crime. >'ot Allowed to Work. NEW ORI.KAXS, March 10.—Monday a body of negroes went over the river to unload the' British steamer Etolia, at Alg-iers. They were met by a body of white men on their arrival at the ship and told thnt they could not work there. The whole body of negroes returned to this side. The day passed without further incident. There is no ehring-e in the situation. PuDJHhed for K mbi'Tzlt*meDU Er-LSWOBTir, Kan., March 19.—Ex- County Treasurer Dick, of Ellsworth county, appeared in Judfre Eastland's court Monday and withdrew his plea of not guilty to the charpre of embezzling- JoG.ooo of the county funds.. On his plea, of guilty he was sentenced to serve *'nur years in the penitentiary. Will Not Affect Other Bank*. \VASlllXGToy. March 10.— Bank Examiner Ualbraith, in charge of the failed bank of Kansas Cit*, Mo., telegraphs to Acting- Comptroller Tucker that he does not think any of the other banks of Kansas City will be affected by the failure of the National bank of that city. uoc * 'xsrz .rve. YOKK, March 1'J.—The statement comes from an ecclesiastical authority near to Archbishop Corripan that the latter received $3,000 as his fee for performing- the Gould-Castellan* wedding- ceremony. £rricke» ^%•ith Paralynin. Muxicn, March, 13.—Dr. Von Mueller, Bavarian minister 'of worship, has been stricken with paralysis and is ill a dj'ing-'conditioo. WJiltecupR ll«M«orr, 10 the Torclu .1 UFFEBSOXVlLMt, Ind., March 19.— The family of Mrs. William, Coward at Claysburg-h has receiving- -ivhitecap notices since last Tuesday. Eight of those cnrne Saturday niR-ht. At 8 o'clock Sunday morning fire was discovered in the stable of the Cowards. It was extinguished, but at 10 o'clock fire was found again :iruong- some hay in the loft and the building-, with, feed, cows and horses, was destroyed. Hum Hurnern. McrxciE, Jnd., March 10.—Xhe western part of Delaware county is much excited over a barn-burning in Salem township. William Jackson, who lives near Yorktown, lost his valuable road horse and all the contents of the barn. It is generally believed to be the work of the barn-burners and marauders, who infested Madison county until bloodhounds chased them over int*. this county. ANTJERSOX, Ind., "March 1'J. — Mfii Ring's attorneys have asked for a nevr trial in his case. He was convicted for shooting Leon Linjf, a Chinaman, and was g-ivcn two years. The defense- made the plea of insanity and will fight for a new trial on that ground. A Centenarian. m- SOCTU EEXD, Ind., March 19.—Mrs. Abigail Adams Beecher, of MLshawaka, daughter of a second cousin of President John Adams, was born in Adam* county, Pa., March 17, 1795, which made her a centenarian Sunday. We»rj- of tire. VALPARAISO. Ind., March. 19.—Mrs. Helen Miller, aged 51, wife of a prominent farmer, committed snicide bj drowning- herself, in a lake near this place. The act was caused by financial reverses of her husband. A Meiliuro Arrertcv. AXDEESO.V, Tnd., >Iarch 19.— Jfra. Fannie Jones, a. medium, and II. F. Fitzgibbon, of Fort V.'-.me, -were arrested here. Mrs. Jo: . -.' husband ao cuses her of wrong-doh „ with Fitzgibbon. ZVAXSVHJ.E. Ind., M: _-eli 39. — .lames Hujford, a contracto--. and George . JCoob, a carpen t-er, 1> -h of this city, cropped dead Monca -. Heart failure was the cau.se in each i.^sc-

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