The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, February 28, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • ii L- n/,v\( i K. I AK»'I .vL.'^r«UA LJi.'u i iv NnuTHKA Si A It KANSAS AND SCMJTHKAS'l MltiSOUlU IUK IXJiMlNAN'l NLAVBPAl'UK O* 1 NOHTHKASl ARKANSAS AND SOUTHUAS'L YOU XUV—NO. 286 BVj'theville Courier Blythevllle Daily Ne«t Mississippi Valley Lender Blytheville Herald BIATUKVIU.K, AUKANSAS, SATUKDAV, FKBKUAUY 28, 1018 EIGHT PACKS 8INOLK COPIEt riVB CENT* Floods, Blizzard, Tornadoes Strike Over Large Areas MidWestern States Battle Raging Rivers; Storms Kill Texan* Rod/o Stars Return From Chicago Mississippi County's three con lestants on the"R.F.D. America' radio farm quiz program Thursday night, returned home late yesler day with $2,000. prizes valued »t nearly By United Vress Hie wo ITS I floods this year struck in five MidWestern nml Southwestern stiUes today mid a blizzard raged across Minnesota and Wisconsin just south of the Canadian border. The floods and bHzv.iu'd followed in the wake of a major storm center which bred many tornadoes yesterday in Texas, Kansas and Illinois. The high winds destroyed homes, dam- Regime in Czechos/ovafcia Muzzles Press And Distributes Wealth Among the Peasants PRAGUE, Feb. 28. (U.IM—Dr. Prokop Urtina, n.inislor of justice m 1li« coiililion cabinet ousted by Communist Premier Klcment (Jott\valt, was reported officially today to lave suffered H fractured skull in ;» suicide attempt. This was announced as Coltwald told 120.000 delegates atU'ndin« Hie openiiijf tit the National Peasant Union's Congress thai a complete pui'Keof all reactiohariGs was nociM- sarv to the new life in Czechoslovakia. aged airports trains. and halted The trio, Mrs, Buford Young o Blythevllle, Earl Wildy of Leach ville and Vance R. Dixon of New Liberty, represented Avkftnsas the Mutual Network's quiz progi'Ri which originated in Chicago mid re ceived the prizes ns a reward lo their participation. The three Mississippi County contestants were pitted ngnlnst the defending clminpion of the Feb. 9 program from Minnesota, a Mrs. Stvaymeyer, Ruri who was declared the winner of Thursday night's program. The program was divided into three divisions, lirst-round, semi-finals and finals with one contestant being eliminated each round. Mr. WiWy advanced to the finals and was eliminated on a question concerning presidents of the United States. The peasant congress was sum-< moned to meet In Prague simultaneously with a mammoth review o! Prague police and the workers militia which aided Gottwald to seize power. Officials continued to Impose restrictions on the press and extended them to include a ban against all shortwave broadcasts by foreign correspondents. The ministry ol information announced that 27 foreign language publications had been banned and that more may be banned later, nong those whose distribution iti ii'cho.slovakia was prohibited were BflHimove Sun, the Chicago ribune. and Time and Life maga- Czech Communist Ladders Dixie Governors |/owa officers To Draft Plan to 3ppose Truman Conference Called In Washington to Discuss Civil Rights High water (looded cities and dis- | For his honor, Mr. Wildy was a- rupted comnninicatlons in Illinois, Texas, Iowa. Wisconsin and Nebraska. More than a foot of snow swept across the Northern plains slates and was piled into five and six foot drifts by trie powerful winds. Nearly 700 persons were trapped in 150 cars and live school buses when their caravan of vehicles boggca down In high snow drifts while en route to a basketball game at Cloquet, Minn. The basketbatt fans left their home town of Flood wood, Minn., yesterday evening to watch their high school's basketball team play a sub-district tournament match with Carleton High School at Cloquet, about 20 miles west of Dviluth. I ,^lTh* lead cars in the caravan be' fljnie stuck about a mile from Cloquet. Some of the fans made I heir way to the farmhouse of Charles Isaacson who telephoned Clorpiet. A snow plow and two tow trucks became stuck themselves while heading toward the caravim. Four other snov plows finally got through. The passengers of the caravan were taken to CLoquet about 11:30 p.m. But crews worked al 1 warded a vnccum cleaner, a five- year supply of bed linens, and • pearl necklace valued at $500. Mrs. Young, who was eliminated i the semi-final round was warded a washing machine and a diamond ring valued at $500 and Mr. Young, who was eliminated ii the first round was awarded a 12 foot deep freeze unit for Ihe home The trio, and their families, were guests of the Mutual Broadcasting Company on a three-day visit to Chicago prior to the broadcast. School Election Tickets Closed Candidates Required To File by Noon to Get Names on Ballot Twenty-five men In U of the . school districts Ih Mississippi Cou ni«ht to free (heir automobiles and j ty had filed as candidates in t pull them Into Cloquet. i county school election by mic The Tloodwood fans were housed morning today—the last day 1 for Hie night In the Cloquet High | filing petitions for the election se School gymnasium and classrooms. | for Mar- 20. The worst floods were in Northern 1 Contests loom tn seven districts. Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The Pecatonica River went out of Its banks and flooded the business district of Darlington, Wis., under .•several feet of water.- The Milwaukee Railroad was forced to aban- accorcling to petitions on file here today In the office of John Mayes, county supervisor of schools. C. J Low ranee of Driver and O.. B. Segraves today ' remained the only candidates filed for the. two "U is ueeessnvy to expel \vithoui ardon all agents of home and for- gn reaction," Gcntwald said In his rst major statement of official wlicy since his cabinet was install- 1 yesterday. 'If somebody thinks that an exchange of leaders is enough, ,u»d otherwise everything may remain as before, he l& mistaken. On Feb. 20 we closed one and began another period In the life of the republic. The defeat of reaction was concluded." Gottwald called (or Inimcdiaie on on land reform lo dls- ribute larKc-Mz?d estates among he people but promised there would be no establishment of col- cctive lanns under his regime. The attempted suicide of Drtina was reported in a government :ui- | louncemcm which said he had j been found suffering from a frac- , lured skull at 12:15 a.m. under a I window of his flat in Prague. Drlina was replaced yesterday AS justice minister by Communist Alcxez Cepicka who accused his predecessor of failing to cooperate with police. "At 12:15 a.m. today Dr. Prokop Drtina. former minister of justice, was found under the windows of his flat," the government announcement said. He left a letter which confirmed the attempt at suicide." Action committees meanwhile continued to purge all phases of Czechoslovak life. Restrictions on reporting the news, announced yesterday for correspondents, were extended lo radio broadcasts. The action committee of the nationalized film industry dismissed 216 employes. Action committees or Ky Harvey (United Prru Stuff <,'«rrr>|Wllilrllt) ATLANTA. On., Feb. 28. Southern Governors today planned M,u-. a meetUig in W H .l.ln.l«n to nun. action nBiiliist, Pir.s .lent] Claim Felons; Pay Rewards Slate Policeman Clarence Montgomery ol BlythevlUe, today round himself S150 richer as a result of his alertness In the capture of three escaped convict* yesterday morning. When Officer Montgomery Mop ix-d Ills sn,imn eai OH North Highway 61 near Hurrtelte early yestcr iliw to make » "routine check" on x CHI- psrlccrt oi\ tlie highway, he Tnimun's civil I'lRlits proposiih as senllmcnl grew in several Dixie slates lo remove Mr, Truman's name from the November bnllot. Mississippi Clov. Fielding 1.. Wrlslit rcvculed in Jnckson Ihul Clov. William Preston l.nne. Mury- Iniiil, rlmlrinnn of I lie Soulhern didn't men Ii convicts son In know llml the Hire A m.mosH, losva, and nel llior did hi! know that a »50 re win had been iiosted for Ihe caplure o each. Dill last night when officials o Ihc Iowa prison arrived In Illythe vllle to return (he prisoners their cells, Ofllm Montgomery wa ><ltfi tin presented $150 rewar Communist Premier Klcment GoltwaU's cntnpaliin to seize complete control oi Czechoslovakia has awiucivUy succeeded wllli the <uvru>uuc«- mcnt that former Premier Zdenck FierliriBer, right, SUOIIR pro-Communist, had been restored to the presidency, a post which he was removed from last year. Gottwald Is rhown at Icfl. I NBA Telepholo.) Ciovornors Conlerencc, luid the Washington mct'tiiiK. I ,| 011 ; mm wiirden fV.« l>»v!s o There Ihe nixie clilef execullvi-s lll(l Iowa institution, will hcnr Ihe rciwrt of Ihrtr spcclnl T | H , convicts. Clifford Dou.slnuK cointnlttop on plans lo lluht tiic 1 23i p e(e s m tth, 31, and Riiiise I'rcsldenl's civil rights proposals, j crW^ 29. who walked nway fro Tiic. committee, apponitei! curly'n prison detull early Tuesday, we this nionlh ill a Southern itovcrn- ors meeting In VViikulln SJUJIIKS, Flu., me! with Democratic National Clinli'iiuin Howard McCii'iith tills week 11 nd hifoi-nied him liuit "the South is no lonucr in Ihe linu." Wrlnht snld Lime was li'!cKrn])h- IliB "11 the Southern KOvemois Ihe dale nnd site of their civil rights culled | m0 | lc .y Kn ,| „ iwrsonal commenda returned tn Iowa ihls niornlny 1 1 don its schedule of trains through , impending vacancies on the Coun- I ty Board of Education. Mr, Low- ranee's term expires and Mr. Sc- graves was appointed to fill ihe the town. Tornadoes In Texas Rains were still falling in the Wisconsin-Illinois area today and the U. S. Engineers at Rock Island, « !., said "smaller tributaries all ong the Illinois said of the Mississippi are rising." Cloudbursts isolated the communities of Mount Hope anti Knvcn in Sedgwick County, Kan. Eight Inches of rain disrupted railroad service. One passenger train was stranded term of Charles E. Sullenger of Osceola, who moved out of Ihe district after his election to the board. Appointees can serve only until the election following their appointment. Voters in this election also will set the school levy for the coming year Memphian Slain W. I. Malin Seeks By Hitch-Hiker Municipal Office the olllchils who left Atinmosn car yesterday when they learncrt Iheh capltue. The convlcln we vliiK leims ranslnt! from 5 yejvrs. Bodies of C. C. Gerber And Negro Handyman Found by Roadside MEMPHIS, Tcnn., Feb. 28. <U.P.) Candidate Announces For Position to Be Vacated by Whitworth W. I. iBill) Malin today for- Meanwhllc. Southern Democratic leaders were urging Ihcir stales lo follow Virginia's lead In considering changing election laws lo bar Mr. Truman's name from the 1! election ballot. Two Georgia congressmen culled on the slate legislature to convene in special session lo enact let latlon similar In that proposed by ov. Wllllnin M, Tuck of Virginia Tuck has recommended to the Virginia General Assembly Unit a measure IK passed removing I lie names of presidential candidates [rom the ballot tn order to free electors from —Midfiouth police famed out lo- i miilly announced his candidacy lor day In search of a hitch-Ink?! wear- i city clerk .In the Municipal Elec- Ing .111 Army uniform, b, lleved tcjtlon to; be held April « be the slayer of a Memo'ils ynclus- J Ffarix Whitworth, whose terni man and" his NCJVO hired hand ( expires In April, has staled that Americans Fear inland is Next Soviet Objective Campaign Expected To Follow Pattern IN Czechoslovakia - HELSINKI, Feb. It. (U.P,)—Preif- ««nl Jah. K. rauiUrt ncelie* BuuUn MlnUter O. M. Harwienkwr •day and. filled bin !• *n the Fin»- KoTeranMafft Clrti r«««ti«a t* & propoul ky PrcaJcr Ja«f SUIta ttr mlllUrr »lllmiic». Move to Beautify Park Launched Kiwanis Club Plant Contest for Civic Groups in BlythevilU A city-wide movement. In Hie form their pledge lo vole for Mr. Trumnii. I O f „ conies!, for (lie bfnil!mention 8lmll»r r>w» Favoreri [ of Walker Park win launched today Hens Eugene Cox niut Prince', »5' » special committee of the Bly- Prc-st'on. D..O,,. snld In W»,hl,, B lo,, Ihevllle Klw.nta Club I »•»«"•- tlmt similar laws should be passed closed, by _J. I.. Jodie Naber*. WASHINGTON, Feb. 2S. (U.P.)—Tlie increased Soviet pressure on Finland was seen :>y American officials today \s t,he atari of. a spirited Communist drive for power in [hut country. • The campaign i» expected lo follow Ihe pattern established in Communist coup d'ctats in Czechoslovakia and oilier KuroiM-'Kn nations now in the Soviet fold. Russtit, accoi'auiK lo diplomatic observers, probably will follow up Its demand lor a Finnish-Soviet rlendshlp-and military treaty with Hie familiar cry that Finland U Mliifr threatened by "Imperialism." Then Moscow-trained Communist lender.! will take over the government to "protect" It. Them: ofllclabj shied away from A flat prediction on when th« Soviet* would make their declslv* move. But jt is expected to com« well In advance of the Finnish national election! now scheduled for July. N>« Sorltl attenllon toward Finland haa b«rn expected her* for Borne time. It la the only country nn RuMla'* VVmtcrn frontier* *hlt:h haa not auccumbed to Com- munlam. Among Die *l(tns of Moscow pr«a- nre regarded with alarm here are: 1. Soviet Premier Jonef SUJin'a member of. the committee. Mf, ' , N ' an . abers stated that every civic whose bodies were found late yes- !;ij ditch. terday in a muddy roi A farmer discovered the bodies he will not be a candidate for reelection. the union ommended- dismi; : editors [ Mark Stcphonson, and write,, In Ostrava 10, In Brno -- ££"- — IBruenn) nnd nine in Pilsen. Ooitsvalri told the peasant delegates that all property holdings ol more than 50 hectares (123.554 acres) would be distributed among "We want the constitution to , contain a proviso that the land can be owned only by those who work on it, so all tiilk of kolcho?. (collective said Mr. Mailn Is widely known hero, having been a resldciv of Blythc- 'a lonely came to Blythevllje as a booltkccp- i Miss |' r Ior tllc Chicago Mill nnd Him„, , . . . ' " . jber Co. nnri continued In the cm- Shcriff W. A. White of H«l..indo )|f)yrlll , nt Qf |h( , rom|W ,, v , ]nt |] u theorized that a hHch-hi,;r.| shot ( | lscontl , YU( , d operations here. Alter- both men m Iho vi'-'ln i""i>> • Me , , employed Ior ninny Thursday night, lowed their bodies yl , nM by lh( . Blythcvlllc sl(!nm Lauitdry. in OCOIRSH. The people of Georgia should ^»- scmble In "one RrfaL AtaLcwlde -- , mcclhig to CXDVCM their views" h\!wl» b* iiskwl to parUcl^te In the order Lo encrm.-r.Re sl.le 1 CK | S 1 B .I bcftiitiftrntlon moveinrnt which * I tarn Cox Kfllt! f*t*l^ riolrt nnw ni ' He snlri he lioiiWcd tUM «c«r«ln The projflcl will be luimlletl In Ilif Gov M. E. llioiii]).son would mil the foi'in "f «,, he xnld. with tlie Mtioclul session ncci!*wnry to con- ; , Klwimla' "CevtUkule of Merit slder new election leglMHttun uiut | l"K olfered RX prl7.e. &A the* Uvmakem to convene 1 • Working on lh«" special and . Alter graduating from hlgli school peiAonal tor an altianc* wtlh Finland. 2. Reliim to Finland of fornier FlnnLiH nationals who ml B rated io be- "CapUaUsLs and landlords ^vho -scene. by high water bctv.'een Geneseo and Wichita, Kan. The wind.s apparently were the; aftermath of the tornadoes which' swept across sections of the Mid- West and Southwest yesterday. The tornadoes yesterday struck the Texas towns of Itasea. Comnn- che, Brownswood, Brackenridge, Wood son. Necessity, Barton vilie, Ballingcr, Abilene and Ranger. Christ Pace, 47. was found dead In the wreckage of his home at Range]' and Mrs. Sam Patterson burned to death when the debris of her wind-wrecked home caught fire at Bartonville, The wind demolished 25 homes j and a cotton gin at Woodson, Tex., [ and officials estimated the loss at- 5100,000. Another S100.000 damage was reported at Ballingcr. Tex., where the wind wrecked a hanger a:]d sis* training planes. A blimp was destroyed at i(.s mooring mast ai Abi- jtec, Tex. and it is expected that the maxi- . mum IB-mill tux will be approved , j as districts must vote this amount to be eligible to receive full state allocations 'or teachers' salaries. Blylhevillc Has Contests In Blythevillc School District No. seeking seats on the six-man board, opposing incumbents ROFCO Grafton and C. Murray Smart. Vernon Church anri .less Rea^a.i have filed as candidates for the post on the Mill!7an Ridjre board lo be vacated by H. W. Holt, w their properly dining the May H945) revolution wanted to deprive The people ol Us ne\v gains aii'l reinstate the feudalism of 100 years ago. This was their real aim. but U\c people wor,." "What shall we do not to secure J. L- Giinn and R. A- Nelson arc 1 the vicloiy of the people? How can ' we prevent Another attempt by reactionaries? It is necessary to clean out the roots. "Capitalists bear the guilt. It i.s necessary to hit these lords in their most sensitive place. H is necessary to fulfill completely your demand for revision, first for land out of Gerbrr's 1U-11 Packard drove away in the car. . | i The Packard, in which Gerber \ M,-_ Malin receive":! his higher cttu- ' and Slcpliunson w:rc rcluvninft i cntion at port Aulluir Collet; I 1'orl from New Orleans, was found i Arthur, Texas. He 5 5 n home owner, residing nt 218 Doiifinn, nn<l is married, his wife" being the former Miss Ruth Blythe. Mr. Maliti stutcd that If NIC ' voters elect him lo the position, one of the most responsible tu the city administration, he will devote his full time and effort to the task. themselves. In Mississippi, Gov. Wrlghl praised Tuck's recommendations nnd said thai Mississippi law already provides n Irec vole lor Hie state's electors. Similar alecllon legislation 1^ eui - - rently licforc the slate legislature of South Carolina, where Clov. J. Strom . farnis) may be denied," he , abandoned nc.-r Yny.oo Cily. Miss., i nboi]t 180 miles south of the death U. S. Income Tax Assistant to Arrive Mondey A zone clopnty collector of [he District of Avknusiis Internal Rev. ctiuc Service will arrive here Mond?. - to aid and Hsslst income taxpayers in tr.'epantlg tax returns. FJe «ill bo Iccntcci iti tiic Internal Revenue oi.'ice in the Lynch Build- in", ill the block on West Main term expires. niam] to In Dcil, M. R. Griffin and R. B. reform. Cvawford arc seeking the school board position E. M. Woodard. whose term expires, now liolds. The biggest contest in the county looms in the Dyess district. H2.T .six men are ninnmu; for two board vacancies. Vernon Henry is seeking re-election in this district and Dr. G. F. Hoilingsworm. an np- pointcc. is seeking to retain hi* seai. Tlieir four opponents arp W. D. Hargravc, Roscoe Phillips. Clarence Tarnley and Dcv.ey 1_>. C;»:c. R, G. Girdlcy i.s s?e!<ing re-clei" (ion in the Reiser District and '* opposed by Joe B. HiHiard. In the Shawnee district, Leslie E. Speck of PVenchman's Bayou has filed for re-election and i.s opposed by F. N. Brist of Joiner. B, S. Jackson is seeking re-election in the Etowab district, where Clinton Sh^rp is running to succeed Dr. J, H. Lunsford. an appointee whose term expires this > ear- In Burdettc. C. F. Tompklns Is seeking re-clcctiou and has no opposition to date. Also unopposed is J. B McMastcrs In the Manila district, who is ninnng for another term. Two Vacancies ai Gosncll J. C. Bright n»tl C- A. Moody of Gosnell seek election to the two vacancies on the board in that dls- ATHENS, Feb. ?8. (U.IO—Secur-j trtcl. Mr. Bright Is an appointee ily jxjlicc today arrested about 200 running to retain his post and the persons hi a roundup of men and term of Lee Hill expires this year. , Street and ulll remain here through Mar. 15 Woman ai Steele injured During Brief Windstorm Mrs. Hnlnn R. Richards nf Stoclc Mo., received a lef? iniury yesterday afternoon when she was reported cut by a piece of flying metal in a brief windstorm there. Attendants at Walls Hospital said she suffered a laceration of Ihe Jeft leg that required several stitches to close. She will probably be dismissed* today, they said. A Steele resident who drove Mrs. Richards here Ior treatment also reported that a was blown down by the wind. It was not known however, who owned the house aurt a peace officer at Stcelc snid the wind there was not particularly heavy. The injured woman is the wife of Scrgt. Hulan R. Richards, stationed, at Dow Field, Bnngor, Me. Police bf'litved they had i description ol the slayer. station employes at- Beutomti, near 1 Yn'zoo City, said a man in nn Army uniform stopped there Frkltiy morning to wash his hands after abandoning the car. Kmpty Billfold I'nimd White snirt robbery was vhe apparent motive. Gfibor's empty billfold WP.S found near his body. He saul the recovered Automobile was bloodstained a-u' nn-jar-nlly both men were shot in tire head with a ,small-c?.lihcr pir>tol iimd-i j the car. There was no MS»M of n struggle, Gerber, & boating f-,vn nnd a member of one of Memphis' bi^r.u. department store families, was re- '. turning from inspecting a new bout at New Orleans when he was slain.: The 30-ycar_old Ne^ro who accompanied hhvt had served «s a Walker Park Benutlflcatlon Committee will be Tom A. Little Jr.. and Arthur 8. "Todfi" Harrison. The committee wns appointed by Hie Board of Directors of (he Klwanls Club »t • meetliiK Thursday night. ['rrlimlnury <'nnUclft MA<|« Mr. Nabcrs slated thai. the. beautl- (Icnllon projiram will Include the Thurmond pointed out yestcrclny j imiwtiiK of, planting nf flow- that tin- nutofti-unhcd nleUu-c of Mr, .CTA nnd shrubbery HIU) gcncrnl clean- -urnan had been removed from the up of (be imrk.loculcd iti the noth- Ul of his office. Unslcrn port of Blythevllle. Nine ol In PLorkln. Gov. Millnrd Cold- j HlyUiRvllle's civic clubs ntive beer "11 snld Tuck's proposes to delete (:cuUr»;l«l, tie .suld, with notion 01 r Trummi's imme from the hnl- the prtjpo.sal promised by eneh nex Truman had ixrcn removed from Ihcl'iP of (be imrk.loculcd It) the noth- wall of his office. Unslcrn port of Blythevllle. Nine of In Florida. Gov. Millnrd Cold- j HlytliRvllle's civic clubs btive been we M. lots "mny be, one cfTcctive means we irk. to the end" but added that, he had i I'lnns for the bcantificnllon pro no plnns to urge slmilnr nctltm ini Brain call for Dividing the Park Into uts state. " "'"'^ """'" "" lV " ..: They w«r( scribed CM tie\ni •'"spectallsU" ii Commui]lil tactic*. J. Direct ContinunLiit asMrtlonj to the rmlah (bvernment recard- g the "harmlul elfecU" ol »ml- rovlet news In the Finnish preaa.. lib, Is expectKt W bi Uw fotvn^n- er o! i Coi».n6riist' aa«i»iio- tot rlct censorship. 4. A rapid change of Soviet mln- ters to Finland in mid-Janw&i y. new minlsUr, G. M. Savon- ikov, Is a lleuteiiatit general invth* «tl Army, wtth ! 4'repuutlon of bt- "more forcelul" than hi* pred«- 'or. Abrupt e.loslut; of the Soviet- onlrolted Porkkala channel a lonth In advance of the.time it lormnlly would become Ice-bound. .'his In effect shut down the port f Helsinki. 200 Alleged Subversives Under Arrest .in Athens t ' I women siiMiectcd of aiding Greek Kitcrrillas by means of subversive activity in and around Athens The roundup was the first move on such a scale against Leftist sos- pccls since the Christmas holidays. Some 300 were seized then, The raids covered both Athens iTri tlie nearby port of Piraeus but today's were concentrated in the capital. Police Chief Angelos Evert said i those arrested would be questioned i \vUVuu ihe ucxt few days. What I hnppt'ns to them thereafter depends on the outcome of the questioning. | .The capital roundup coincided with i |hc execution by firing squads of 13 persons competed of guerrilla a< ttvity. Courts martial sentenced number of others to death. E. P Bradley is unopjwsed for reel ectiou to the Osccola rtifitrict's .school board. T. Lcm Stanford also is unopposed !n the Luxora district. Jeff Hauls has tiled as x candidate in the Lcachvtllc district for the seat vacated by J. N- Poe, whose Icvm expires. Three men are r tinning for reelection in the Wilson district. They arc S. A. Regcnold, whose term expires, and J. R. Forrester and Tom McClcndon, both of whom ate RpiwiiUccs, Should no petitions be received from the other 16 districts today, hoard members probably will be circled by wrlle-bnllols. Mr. Maycs sain. Writc-Jn ballots also are allowed in the election of County Board of Education members. .he Mississippi, Gerber was reportedly nn his way. :o a dinner engagement at the WTiie of former Memphis Mayor lylvanu.s Polk following his New Orleans trip. A Pacific War veteran, Gcrhcr :iad served as skipper of Const, Guard boats in several island in- asions. He was the grandson of; Ihc founder of the John Oerber Co. Department Store in Memphis nnd his family has long been prominent in social and art circles. One Commciniry rets Red Cross Quota in Ear!y The resident* of Clear Lnkc got (lie jump on Ihe nl North Mississippi County nnrt today t'iclr com- mvnlly lincl the honor of being the first to not only ench Its son! in I lie nnnunl Red Cro^is fund drive bill also lo exceed Die quota. Tn fact. Clenr l.nkc hnd Its contributions turned in to Clilckasa- wlin Cttaplcr hcatlriuiun?r.s licit: yns- lcrday--two full days before tiic fittnncial campaign ^fi. c .sclicciulcd lo begin. The Clear Luke quoin was $125 and J. A. Ilnyncf. drive chairman for that community, yeslcnlay tvirn- c<l in S1C3 In contributions. Mr. Ilay- ncs was assisted In collcctiiiK the contributions by J. H. G\irlcy and F. A. Rogers. Beginning Monday, tlie Red drive seeks B total ot Sll.f»8 In North Mississippi Cotinty of thai : $0,475 has been set as a goat for Blythevillc residents. Not lo Call Legislator* He polntcil oul thai the lenlsla- smal! zones with each club or organ- l/ntlon willing to participate being assigned a separate /one tor clean I\n-c tl'ocs not meet, tiKaln In Florid* »l> and bcnullflcnUnn (liirlng until April. l!)'l!>. arid Inillcntccl lie Sprinn and Summer months, Mi lias no intentions of cnllldR a spe-, Nabers said, clnl session. A t H'C end. of the contest R coin Gov. Jim McCord of TenncKsec \ inittcc of llircc will Judge each o also said lie has no Idcii of ml-1 the plol-s anil award the Klwanls tlallng such lecislallon as proposed ' "Ceillflcnte of Merit" to the wlnnc 1 - parllclpalln ttse Its owi ! Iclcns ns to the bcaullflcatlon o 1 Us respective plot, lie snld, the work mny be done by mpnibci of Hie organixaltons or by hire help. However, he pointed out lha if an orRanly.atlon hires Its wor done, nil expenses Incurred inn. be twine by the orKnnlxatlon. Work on the bennliflcatlon pn by Tuck ' Kuch olg»n-.zallon He repeated a statement he made In the contest miiy nl last week's Jefferson-Jackson day dinner In Knoxvlllc that Ihc civil rights problem should be sctlhd peaceably within the Democratic Pnrly ranks. Gov. Jim Folsorn of Alabama has also said rcnr.uti.'dly lliat Ihe Issue Is an Inlra-jiarty problem. Folsorn has announced his candidacy (or CUe C Cmo c,,Uc p^nU.,' no.n,- ^^^"n".SS ^ % 5? n " uon - I oittanl/.allons IlllU ilcslrc l> i:;rt clpnlc, lie snld. 'I'lic Mlxslssip Comity Fair AssoclftUon IIBS vole His wife, thn former Beatrice Other contributions received to Eclieiblcr. is a Memphis social lead- «l«Lc Include J60 from Ihc Singer er .ind an actress in amateur ihe- Scivlnf: Machine Co. and 525 from atricTls ^ lc Kress store here. President Takes a Peek at Secret Radar Equipment on New Navy Sub cratic convention dele«atcs planned a walkout if the parly adopted Mr. Truman's "anil-South" proposals.- Alabama Democratic Executive Committee Chairman Gessnc-r T. McCorvcy said delegates should stick by Ihe plnn "rven If our action means the election of a Republican president." Swrtles Show C'linecrn STOCKHOLM. Feb. M. (UP) — Swedish military spokesman said oday tlmt any pact concluded tK- wccn Finland And Russia would orce Sweden to reconsider her d«- ense preparations. Any r.h^n^es would not be direcc- :d against Russia in particular, th« spoke.sman said, but would be plan- icd In the light of the fact that the military borders of one of th« Rrcat powers lias drawn closer to Sweden. Plain Swedes and political observers believe Finland will be unn'ole to avoid a treaty with Kussia. Such treaty, they feel, will put Finland's transport and part of her economy at the disposal of Russia in t];e event ol another conflict. Telephoned reports from Helsinki expressed the deepest filoom. equal- led only in the past by publication of the heavy terms of Finland's peace treaty with Russia. Its approval lo the project hut »•: l]i no way be connected with its functioning. Mr. Nabers snid. Stocks End February On Note of Firmness NKW YORK, Fell. 28. (UP)—The Kerosene Blast Claims Still Another Victim POCAHONTAS. ArX.. Feb. 28.— KEY WEST. Ha.. Fcb 2B. 'UP'— Dctalk of the new radar device IUP>— Triple funeral services were President Truman gels'a peck to- are sllll defense srcrcis. Street.! Hoi), nn Ilin principles nl^ ccon- planned here today for Mrs, Wil-• day at a secret, postwar develop- said, however, thnt- Hie iiurposc o! omy mitl Rood government. !iam U Wcllbovn. Si-., 2V and her mc'nt In submarine-mounted radar. Uic apparatus mounted on subtna- iwo children. Betty Ann. 6, and i Mr. 'numan planned a visit lo Tints would be to give tiie malnlsncl William R. Jr., t. I Ihe USS Rcquin. one of the Navy's an early warning ot host lie plnnes Should tlie Alabama delegates . % I OC K market Improved moderately wnlk out. it wns believed they would ' , n R ro utlne Saturday session to- si]pT>°rt some "outslnndiitg South- L - a y AHliongh FVbrUBry closed on erncr" like Hen. Harry F. Byrd of, a |, 0 t c 0 [ (innness, there was a loss Virginia or Sen. Waller F. George' o ( nlmost S3.000.000,000 for JHe of Georgia. I months, as a result of sharp price Sen. George said in Washington breaks early In the month when that after this year's election the heavy selling lilt both securities Democratic ['arty might find It.self and commodities, a minority parly and added that he believes it would be possible to [ rcors»ni7,c the parly after the elcc- The death o.Ullelrcn v.-cre. burned lo most, modern, 1.700 ton undersea approaching Die coast. It, could when a kerosene explosion ; craft. Installed aboard the sub is put to similar use in fleet opera- set fire to the Wellborn house near ' a new device called the picket ra- j tion.s. he snld. Pocahontas. Mrs. Wellborn died lat- , dar which will be used for coastal I The President last night signed cr in a Joncsboro hospital, where and fleet defense against enemy the stopgap rent control bill ex- her husband Is under treatment for burns. New York Cottoi NEW YORK. Feb. M. IUP>—Col- ton close, steady. open hish low clos: Mar. . May . July . Oct. . Dec. ] tending ceilings until March 31. He en- 'ah.o put his signature on a resolution extending for onr year the wartime authority of Hie maritime commission to charier, sell and ot>crate merchant vessels. Both bills were Mown to him 'torn Wicihinglon. Tomorrow niglil at 9 p.m. (CSTI uin and a Congressional -Mr. Truman will adcin'>s ihe na- .ionor winner from lilcli- i lion by radio from Ills vacation aircraft. The President has been thusia.stic submariner ever since his first vacation trip lo tlic submarine base here. Last year he sol a Presidential precedent by making a 400-foot dive at sea of Key, aboard a German submarine. Cinrir. ' corgc I,. Street, captain the .... 3296 3291 3279 3»9 ... .... , .... 3293 3296 3280 3293 I Medal r .1*,.,^, ••« -•• •-.. --— 3235 3236 3218 3223 . mond, Va., was lo have Ihc picket, quarters here, opening the anmul .... ???7 2978 2963 T973 i radar demonstrated for Ihe Presl- Red cross drive lor funds. His .... 2939 2939 2925 2M2 : dent but the sub was to remain »l speech will be carried by the tour Trading today was al a slightly more active pace than last Satu day although inclement, weather kept down Wall Street attendance. Florida Congressman Turns Against Truman France, Britain Send Invitations |To 14 Countries ! PARIS. Feb. 28. (UP)—France and Great Britain have sent joint invUitlons to H other European j countries to take part In a Mar- I shall plan conference on or about March U, authoritative sources reported today. The purpose of the conference was to discuss progress on the Western European recovery program since the original 16-natlon meeting here last Summer. The conference will open with » plenary session presided over by Georges Bldault, according to present plans, and British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin Is expected to attend. It then »111 split Into working committees, us the original conference did. I) F.AC:" . Fcb •>« Arkansas forecast Fair anrt cooler tonight. Sunday, talr and slightly warmer. Minimum this morning—4S Maximum yesterday—In Sunset today—SiS.S Sunrise tomorrow—6:3(1 Precipitation, 24 hows In 1 a. m, today—.39 Tolal .since Jan. I —10.25 Mean lemnemlurc (midway between high nnd low)— 59 Normal mean for Feb.—43.< This fl»tt I,»st Vcar Minimum this morning—30 6pots close 3380; up S. i her berth here. .major networks. Precipitation, Jan, 1 to Hits date Jan Inspection _3.30 ' maneuvers. I 0p.>—Rep. Jo; Kcndrlcks, D., Fla. a candidate for dclcgjacc-at.lai^ from Florida lo the Democratic party's national convention intimated loday lie would not support presicicnl Truman lor r*-nonvln»- lion unless the President changed his announced stand on civil rights. "When I Rnnoxmced I *ou\d a candidate tor delegate to the national convention. I said it would be lor the i>uv\x>se of supporting President Truman for th« nomlna lion and for helping select a nm ning mate of his own choice," Hendricks said on his return home from of the Caribbean Georgian Balks; Sends Resignation to McGrath ATLANTA. Ga.. Feb. 2*. (UP) — State Treasurer George B. Hamll- ;on today announced his resignation as director of finAncc of the Democratic National Committee In protest against President Truman's stand on civil rights. Hamilton sent his resignation lo Chairman J. Howard McGrath of the national cornmillte. Five Arabs Killed LONDON. Feb. 58. (UP)—Five Arabs were killed and 25 were Injured today when a. garage wM blown up In Haifa, the Exchanj* Telegraph report** from Jena*lea.

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