The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1947
Page 1
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PJUMTW6 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1947 .Soviets Hurl New Italy HiflK-Pr«*.ur« Move Aii*«d Q^/Uffission Of So*«llit« to UN , LAKE SUCCESS, N Y (UP>— Russ»a today threatened to Express Agency "' Gets ICC Okay To Boost Rates WASHINGTON, Sej)t. 25. IUP) — The ' liilersiRle Commerce Commission jcsteitliiy npl5r6Ved Increases It iUlv,i express charges ranging from q.52" to 53.51 per cent, whlcli "ie t\pf ted to yield nh' additional $S1SS4.0CO in annual railway express revenues. sept 25 j T j 10 increases lire to become cf- block. Italy s admission to (he Unit ed NatiMjs unless the Western pow ers permit the entrince of Soiiet supported Bulgaria. Hungary RomarUa fcctivc on 10 duys' notice. The np- '' Deputy FoTeten Minister Andrei OromyKo laid down Russia s terms in tSe Stcurity Council In the face '•of p|ans by:the' v Unlted States "and Great'Britain-; to" block the three Eastern >Europeftn states while trs ln« to get a UN seal for Hal) ;Gromyko v said he now was willing to r suppo'H'>thft Italian membership\al is for a period of 'on'e year. or until further commission order. Die i ate Increases were requested nud Slasv March by the Railway Express Agency to oflscUhe mounting cost npylltaUon he \eto-d list Blytheville Youth Wins Two-Week Trip to Mexico Hobby Noel MiDntilcl, son of Mr. mid Mrs. Noel Mi'Dimtel. 1605 West Vine Street, and n member ol the 1940 class of Hlytlieville High School, lips been .selected as one of the winners of 11 trip to Mexico offered by the K«y.slonc Renders' Service ol 3allus, Tex. He will be in Mcxl:a for two weeks as n guest of tlie agency with which he has been working since he craduaicd last Spring. Cost of Raising Child Put at $10,000 to t> e nilronds of' hiindlliig eX- press traffic. In August, O. G. Jeil- >?!>. director of Ihe commission 1 .! bureau of traffic, recommended tlird the application be grnnled. ••Scjlcil" Monks Numerous old Buddhist monks in lib.'l have k?|.t lliemsflves sealed up in. little IIUM since early youth. month because the illled O-ICP On y in oiwnint! lor food is left t«at> with Itaiy was not then In I pud m my of Him linve been en- rffeet—tint onl> on condition Hun gar) Bulgaria Romania and Tin liiud were admitted KimultaneouFly Gromyko" said It was 'tmixjssible to admit'Italy and then close the UN's'door .to'Finland or the three . satellite "states of Eastern Europe. Speaking after the' United States, Britain. France, Belgium, Austin nomlCG department of' Wayne University 'lias "come up with a dls- letluB ..-.liuisll:—Dial it cunts *10,CCO to raise a child to the 3fH~ of 18. ' After sii.-veys, the department found Uiat to Iw the cost of raising u boy or Kirl In a family of five wilh an income of $2,500 a year, The outlay starts with birth cx- pciisiu of $25X From then on the major Hems nrc $2,155 for food for 18 years, $3,33') for clolhlin;, $1,- Cooks Held to Blame for Tainted Food •>• UNCOLN, Neb. (UP)—Cooks are to b!amc for u high degree of food contamination, according to two University of Nebraska scientists. Chicken examined by bacteriologists M. F. GmuiC)'. L >on and Kenneth Hose was found to liave as few UK nine germs pt>r ha)f-Ubles|>oon- 1B3 tor education, $670 for incl'deiit- '• lul immediately nfter cooking. When als and $413 for health mid reere- wcikers finished Ijoning v;ie fowl, idol, •• • i However, the germ count rose to 9,' ' ' oon o^o Clothes for a lecn-aijc boy cost ; less than for n girl, but On the , Ciundcrson and began their other hand, lie cats more. | study for the quartermaster corps The deparement tioesn'l Include | during the war. Satisfactory methods now have been developed to , ' the value of the mother's .services, DETROIT '(UP)—The home ceo- which it admits ure considerable. avoid most of the contamination, they said. $175 Beer Bill Ruled Too Much Relief •nuIAJTH. Misn. (UP)—A county relief ofllcial was upheld by the county welfare board ill suiting off $65.50 monthly payments to a furn- ily for x Id to dependent children. • Spencer Brader, the official, showed the family jiad run up a $175 ehni-getV bill or. beer nt a local gro^ eery store in the jjast six months, In nddltlon, when he complained 10 them; Brader said the'family cold him they "didn't want to have anything move to do wilh' the'wel- fare board." , Besides county relief, the family receives 540.60 monthly for veterans' compensation. The father i.s a World war I veteran. * City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 /or Expert X«p*in 3Z4 £ul Main 81 Felix A. Ca-ney clcsed for more Hum *0 years. tcvdav. IrcivinB only a final formal vote of admission by Iho full as- <«i»bly and Hie lornial iitliulssiipn ceremonies Iwfore they will have lull membership In the world or- jjani/iUion.- Tht- Sovicl Union mennvrtillo In- ]ila <mdBiezil had warmls supported I t|ns , flc(1 jts n(tuck 01 , , he Uiulc <i Italy s new application Oronnko fatlU( _, fm . alloyed "war monyerinS!" said-'.the Potsdam conference of ns Sp( . lcl: ,,.y ,,i stale Georue C. 1W5 treated all five of Oermnny's M , u . s | la || apinoved thp final text former sawllltes without dlscriml :wtlbn. The' United States and Britain, he argutd were deviating from G lcc ee the Potsdam agreement" in trying to give special treatment to Italy. 'We must treat all five in the same way, ' Gromyko said with out any discrimination m respect to any of. them.' r Poland chipped'in to help Russia by submitting for the.council's approval' a • resolution which \vou\cl give blanket endorsement to Italy, • Finland/ Bulgaria, Romania and Huhgtiry. ''It was this; resolution which" Gromyko said thb council should .pass. ' ' Ame'rlcin Delexate Herschel V Johnson attacked the Soviet posl- lipii, sayliig trie coimcil was nol bound ..In any ; way' to support membership bid . from a "countri which "bj' its behaviour does not meet conditions" for UN member ship. ••.' ••','- "• . - Kach-applicanl. he said, must be considered, on'' its merits and eact v must'give.'proOtHhat'it is "a'piiace »lovlng'. state." • - : Johiison 'IhsLsted' that each of thi five'- applications be voted on sep arately—a~ ihove which would per mil the western powers to bloc the Eastern Europeans with thei usually certain majority and mak Russia accept or veto Italy, fllie states must receive Securit Council approval 'In order to l> / admitted to the UN this year by the UN General Assembly; The new Moslem state -of Pakistan and the Arab kingdom of Yemen were the ohry"5umvor; of'the council s membership sessions lav. inontli. Both were voted Ui\ by the UN General As.«mbl^s i iwlitical - commltlcc yes- of a draft resolution for the UN assembly which would blame Russia's Balkan .satellites for disorders in FULLER ALL-PURPOSE Ciccn*r ii an oconoinical kouieliold cleaning powder that won't let you down. For walls, floors, window*, woodwork, porcelain -and glassware. A little goes a long way. Sold only by YOUR FULLER DEALER C. C. ELDRIDGE Blylhuvillc Phone 4190 We fa** PRE-TESTEO 'arrot BOYS AND GIRLS ot advertised in Hove your children expertly filled in Pell-Parrot- Pre-Tcsfed Shoes tuth for octiv« yftung feet", Poll-Porrots or* pr«-tfiled by iceres of lively boys and 'girls for fit, wear ond ityle before they're mode for your youngster. See Ihem lodoy. SeeWtot \Mw - - rMtnwTH KM SWkno Hires nt> SIWCIH UMKS KWMUWKTS »! <Ll Vint PHIS FAMILY SHOE STORE r&'| 312 W. M*ir Phon. 2342 Hart's ; '•••.. Taystee or ' •••-.,! Wonder Sun Maid Lowest Price Ever ( Back Again! Dime Brand' SWeetenieicf Old Judge, Canova, Maxwell. House i Folger's, Stewart's; Chase & Sanborn r r / Condensed Milk j \ ' : • '' '•'•"' _ - ' ;•• ^ ^. Chill milk until icy mill. Softe.: gel- alill i» cold WCJUT. Mix tOKft'JCi- b^ at- en e^gs, luilai. .«a]l, vvotcr and L-intMi rind. Cool: and stir over boiling vs-atcr until slightly thickened. Add softened gelatin; stir until dissolved. Remove from hen't; stir in lemon juice. Chill until syrupy. Mix together ciunibs antl botiet.'Press on bol'on^ and sides ot greased deep -9-in. pie pan. Wliip chilled mill; vith cold rotary egg benter or'electric beater, until siiit. rola into chilled lenion mixture. Put into crnml'-lincd pan. Chill until linn. J',,u K'.'/( Heal: Pet Milk, can 13c Lemons, Ib, 18c (Jrailc .A .'. Eggs, doz. . 73c C nih am : • Crackers, Ib>bx 27c Hunt's No.2'/aCdn Peeled APRICOTS :5 1,B. CAN CKISCO OK SHWDRIFT Si<> $TOAR IIII; cftifl. w CIGARETTES \VHIJK CRICAM NO. 2 Can 2 for AJi: ROSE RICE i :i l.!i. HAG I'INTO BEANS u>. XT'. 3 Oz. Can Potted Meat 3 for' O/.. Can .,'! for JUICES NO. 1 CAN PORK & BEANS NO. 1 FLAT CAN- ' SiARDlNES 15 25 ICf S-iita 3i c 1000 S'HKF/1 1 ROLL TOILET TISSUE 25 'L'B. «A<; .."• .'- . MEAL LARGE SIZE BOX DUZ OXYOOL I'RlNCE.AIJJEft^'jTs^P.'iv*.-;.. SMOKING TOBACCO NO.^2 CAN = ' • '--•;. '..-. HCWfiNY KEBiSOUIf. PITTED CHERRIES N ,c LIBiiY'S .'"JS 07,. CAN .TOMATO JUICE 27 Nd-2 CAN .'•"'."• 4. J,B. CAJtTON BLACKBERRIE 19 Good Grade Ib 25 OiMA) : HOT ROLL MIX 25 Best Grade - All Beef GROUHD MEAT Ib. 43^ Fresh - Fine Flavored FRANKS Apples Box Delicious 2 ibs. 29c Fresh HKDTOKAY fiRAPES ,„ 10 BAR'II,KTT PEflRS ,„ 17 NKW'YORK CONCORD GRAPtS 75 HONKY DKW ' .;•! , J. '• •Ipi nuc OC 1 "ItLUild. ... . No. !) Si/.o Ww C'U1«!'Y ICKHKUG HKADS LETTUCE 13 FANCY CALIFORNIA BELL PEPPERS ,, 15 GARDEN-FRESH RADISHES B«nch 5 FRESH GREEN ONIONS MUSTARD OK TURNIP GREENS SNOW WHITETIEADS 10 Bunch YKi,r,o\v JUMBO'si'Ai-;:sn ONIONS 2 , hs RKIV.TRIUMPH \\. S. NO. I POTATOES ,ou, s GREEN HARD HEADS CABBAGE :... , A .4i e GOLDEN RII'E BANANAS M 15 49 C COTTAGE CHEESE Ib. 32c Try Our Boneless ROLLED RQASTS Good Qualify SLICED BACON Ib. 79<z Case GRIESEDIECK, COOK'S, 51 Case $2.99 VAN WYCK or EDELWEISS ,.-. v Case $1.49 Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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