The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1948
Page 11
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FK1DAY. FEBBT3AKY 27. 134* RI/YTHEVTU.K (ARK.) COURIFR NKWS PAGE ELEVEN By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople E6ftD,BCrYS.'A CrAlC^EKJ VOIFE'S 6E6r^ LOOKS, WOULD CMU. A RfcINi DEER GlNiCe I LOST LfVSt 308 -"- OLD DAN AUW.V/S 1 WAMTEU YOU TO SEE THIS FOB YOURSELF.' UXXIT THAT DEFECT IN THIS FOR&1KJ 1 - UITTLE - GUVS BEIKJ' MADE FOB6MEN OVER. HIM ANO THWS a LIST OJE. WAV OF SHOWIM' HIS CONTEMPT FOR '6M--HB DOt'S HIS OWM "OSEVWJIMG; BOOST; we IF You M.IMO eriTHeiR DOORS, BOT DESPISE: MBCI W£?> r\v4O GOT HAfi CLOSED THE NO MIDPt-EMEK! r ; PRKCKU.S & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL06SE1 Peeper* New York Plans To Fight Insanity Before It Hits NEW YORK (OP)—New York City plans a frw clinic for ptople who feel ihpy »re going insane. The rirst public clinic of its kind will be opened In Brooklyn wV,n federal aid. The purpose is to aid the individual and «lso learn what, factors o( tlie crowded big cily contribute to his Ulne«. Medical exp«rt» frequently havo estimated that 10 per cent, of the nation's population suffers some degree of nervous and mental disorder. For the most part, treatment and advice Is not available at » price a poor man can afford until he Is ready to b« taken »w»y to a state hospital for the insane. Other Cllnlca Exist New York City has 10 health districts with doctors and nurses manning free clinics to treat tuberculosis, ventral disease, expec- .Jfcit mothers and needy children. fGch district has expressed « need for a mental clinic. Heaitli Commissioner Harry S. Mustard said the mental clinic had been nicknamed the "pilot, plant." It will be opened in the Red Hook- GowaniiR health center in one of i the poorest sections ol Brooklyn. i The headquarters and office equiptment will be furnished by th city health department. The federal government h»J! pledgee *26.000 from social security fund to pay the staff !or one year and buy technical equipment. The clinic will employ a psychi atmt to work half-time during th experimental stage and will have full-time psychologist-psychiatrl nurse as well as a psychiatric social worker and clerical help. „ , , ,. . ® BY lONf. SANOBERG 5HRIBER, By lon« Sondberg Sntiber DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC STOHV, A«a H,iniT ,.fI— *»r- aaa nllp Misnomer? The "robins" oi North Amerlc are actually thrushes. Recording t the Encyclopedia Britannica. Eng lish colonists applied the term "robin," their nickname for thi « ]ropeaii redbreast, to the Amerin birdi. fntl **»*» 1rr|i ktnlr<>DMr MC TonlilH. Alia dUrovrr* la* ran of v»i« In krr rluiM. H*r frlaral liiorraKra v«ara. aa» K«ta * t«tt«r from a Vr. Sturlc abowl OTArfc done aa lar »v«lnKlHK bride*; "vtr the r*vln< (a th« x*r- drn, Th» MorkiMHM vrrllr* thH( (hf hrldftr MKK In ptrtrct condi- 1Inn on MH7 24. Hur 4>n May :tO tkr brldfe riillnpHcd. fnrr7l»iK J.ukr Ikt cnrrf^HCr to hl» dr»1h. Ana wuntlcr* If lac '-nccli^rDt*' wa» mraal ta kill, nol l,ukr, tint Aaa. . . . Abe Iblnk* bark to cb» 4nr HnBk flr«( kHicKrKl^d the pirate. Rind*, brr ant-tlm* rallrcr ruoffiaiBtr, kid Ju«1 arrived al Tuphlll tut a lonK-drlayrd vUlt. Kvrryunr — InvluillKH* r.*url«*. A,,i,'» lU-rrnr-uld MENirr. aii'l Tonimr. J.nurtr'B flancr — \VAB bnvInK * r " la (kr library. Car. Huak'K al- Irncllvr THUHK laboratory BBHl*t- ant. had Ju.1 left. (Hi,«b la a liac- IcrlAToarlNf — kip lab U aepaTale tram Ike knuae.) t.aurlr mnkrl a • lurrtnx remark about <*ny'» fnnd- ae>« fnr ftunh bill Ann rrfu«fH to lakr It un. Hlnda ailmlta ak« la «na;aa;*d — la Don Alllaun. There was a green tiled pool 70 feel long and 30 feet wide. And opposite the pool were the picnic tables, ihc portable grill and the big one built of fieldstone. the well-equipped bar, The picnic grounds were so perfect that it was almost easier to have a picnic for twenty than a dinner party for four. So, since it was so easy to have a picnic. Hush couldn't be blamed lor suggesting it, could he? Ho always took over the cooking when they had a picnic; so he WHS actually suggesting a lot of work for himself. But you'll ali have to help," he had said lo the others, "because the servants hai'e the day off." "All sel?" I.nm-te iittiicd. jicivh- icig on the ki'.cheti table. "Ann, fer drying iti ;i tin cup, nre you doing? CooUiiif*? 1 Uiutifjht Stella KOl everything remiy? I thought—" "No v -v never mind, baby," Ann tint., "And I'm nol cooking. Just deviling the c'Utfs. Stcllii didn't lave lime, Evorylhiu^ else—well, ^radically everything o I s c—-is ready. Rush, your basket is over there 1 '—she nndilecl toward the outside door—"And Tommy, there's yours." Rush had vhe oil and potatoes. Tommy the gin and vermouth, the lemons and olives nnd cherries. "Luke look 50 pmmrts of ice up this morning while he was doing chores." Luke was the ^urdenci "Well, look, funny face,"— and reached for — "what gives' DUSH was telling Rinda about the picnic grounds. Laurie and Tommy were playing gin rummy. The fire murmured contentedly in the hearth. Ann leaned her head back against the chair. The picnic grounds were on the far hill beyond the rose garden to the rear of the house, on the other side of the ravine. Ann was as fond of the ravine as she was of Ihe gas fireplace In her bedroom or the grandfather clock on the landing. It was deep and rocky (treacherous, too, and dangerous, although those words were never used to describe it until after the 13th of May) and there were broad stone steps leading from the rose garden down into the ravine. There were steps going up the other side, of course, Steps that led to the picnic grounds. The climb was arduous and steep but no one ever com- Delinted Cotton Seed (Actual Size) Ann had given them the day off before she'd received Rinda's letter inviting herself to Tophill. The shock of the thought brought her upright. Inviting herself? Rinda? What is the matter with me? she wondered. I've urged Rinda to come for years. She pressed her hands to her throbbing temples. Her head was aching in earnest now. She forced herself back . . . back to the picnic . . . back to Decoration Day • * * A NN awakened early that morning. She jumped out of bee and went downstairs to see it she could help Stella, the cook, am Mary and Susan, the maids, with breakfast. Stella and the girl were going to Akron for the holi day find their bus left at nin o'clock. Everyone hnd bee warned that breakfast would b early, the only surprising thing was that everyone was prompt. While the other§ were lingering int , ambled over hard - boiled Aren't we all Ann shook her head. "My sinus is acting i.p," she s;iiiL "So 1 cun'i go swimming. I'm fioing lo gathci up odds and ends and meet you at the pool ;n an hour or so." "Can't we take most of the sl "Nope. I want to keep it in the efrigcralor." "Well, ring Ine belt when you're cady and I'll come for you." "Pooh." said Aon airily. "I'D come by Ihe bridge. 1 ' "Bridge?" s;iid Kiiid.i nnd G»y shuddered and said she. for one. would never cross the nivine that way. "It ROOF: right over the ravine nt Ihe steepest part . . . and it actually sw . . - ings while you're on said. over coffee and cigarets, Ann we..,, into the kitchen to do the dishes ....^ *+^r ~ ~ -..„ -. -. and attend to last minute prep- plained after they reached the top j arations for Die picnic. because the picnic grounds were I One by one the others straggled so perfect. "Well, nat in ally." Laurie "it's a swinging bridge." "O. K..". Rush «akl, "but if you want me whistle." She flashed him a smile and he bent, nnd his kiss caught her on the end of hot nose. She shooed them from the kitchen. t»ol on with Ihe «Kgs. Sue wus very nearly finished and humming as she inuvoci briskly around the kitchen when she heard someone at U\* back door. "Come in, 1 * she called. It didn't occur to her lo afraid. Life was line <inrJ life hcnutiful and llici;e wasn't thing in the world to be afraid ol. (To Be Continued) STATE CERTIFIED CHEMICALLY DELINTED COTTON SEED cost less to plant. These pure all seed are treated and free from all seed borne diseases. •Quicker germination, plant and 'plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense. Use any bean, corn or pea planter. STATE CERTIFIED VARIE TIES packed in attractive 50 Ib. bags. Come In and boot your requirements today, we will hold until planting time. BLYTHiVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Bljlheville, Ark. Branches: Leachville, Ark., Cardwell. Hornersville & Stnalh.Mo. CURTAINS, draucs" anything thftt you need cleaned to perfection is handled easily tl PEERLESS CLEANERS. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable prices, quick efficient .service! PEERLESS CLEANERS Phone 2433 BOB MALONE Plaster Local & l,ong Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. Phones: Day 4677 Night 2986 Action! No use staying at home when there's real fun to be had! Try your hand at lUythcviltc's newest sport. Bowl Tonight'. Chitwood's Bowling Alleys East Main Street Phone 4029 Perfect Service We pride ourselves on our courteous. jin>rn|]l serv.rr. Perfect food plus perfect service equals tlie per feel meal. Elliott Johns, Owner Johns Cafe 409 West Main Phone 390 BABY CHICK TIME • BUY EARLY • BUY THE BEST A Complete I-ine of Feed Wt Buy Poultry! Lewis Poultry 119 K- Main Phone 949 Spring Planting Oats We have Spring Oats, Alfalfa, Pasture Mixtures and I.espedc/a. Lawn Mixtures For All Kinds Field Seed, Come lo See Us- Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. 8W Phones 857 and Stucco Phone 2029 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Anj T. L MABRY ?3 MlSSOtJRI ST. fH. all' Here's Looking At You! . . . for R more immaculate, a I tractive appearance (his sjirinR . . . hring wiled suils In us for rapid. denning and pressing! NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Dial 4474-4475 CCfcCH.&eHTUHAerJ FORTUNE TELLER-! .'. YOU.' ouir SNOOPIMO ASO SC*»M OUT Of HfRC / IVF setfJ AU. L NCEO Tt> f so THATS SHAoySIDfS SECRET WfAPOW Wt'VE B«BM Hi**-. MG- HUMORS ABOUT! "Why should I pick it p? I ain't superstitions!" By AL VERMEER 1'KISHM.A'S I'OI h'elcome twive, dear: DM >w otice Am' nicely polished By MICHAEL O'MALLKY »nd RALPH LANK \Voixls of Wisdom --ANDHXI CAN'T fXPfCT AWOMAMW • OWL AS WEU U5 MEN. ®«r. m our,.lley.Tacky taVing it all m. ..., VOU SHOUIDH'T 8AW MfR OUT. AHIR All :'S ONLY A WOMAN WHY MOT MARRV If, KIP, AND&ET WAY tKOM 1HO5E ANGSTER5ANDTIU' UOOK AT THAT FHIA HQHIIH WSGIRL.MAVBt n'; 8tCAl)SEiKEC»N'l»OWl WASH TUURS M.&UKEH 1 . 1HKVS HOI WS HEART...ITS SOMEOW6 WJUICIN6 MWUW? yfSJNRe IkJ vojit. Vital TO LOUDER, MIO 1HE DOORS LOCKED. «is! . HEMtT IS POUNDING SO, ICMi'THEKR MID THE Mt WERE »NMD OF THWS HOUSE EMM Ofl IKE FIRST By FRED HABMAN - GOT fVW UrWOtJ TOGH1 WHERE 1 WVK HI 'ICOUIDN&.EK AoYOlV S x-^W l:il iflilif- . P^i By V. T. HAMLIN By KDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIKS

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