The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1948
Page 9
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY H, 1P4S (ARK.y COURIER NEWS For S«vice On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Call 2513 JAMES STANDRIDGE •Norris J'rinlini; Co. Mmltor Blue eyes and black «5'«« contain exactly the same coloring pigment, known an melanin, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. The difference In color i> (he result of the way in which light is reflected from the surfaces of the fibers which make up the iris. Black eye.s also have more melanin than do blue eyes. DELICIOUS WAFFLES Ai'* Always in Season! TRY THEM AT THE Nickel Stand Mrs. J.ick Saliba 103 West Main Street "Buy Yours' at City Drug Co. 101 East Main St. Name Brands • LIQUORS and • WINES First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION r Phono 2811 .108 North 2nd St. Welfare Policy Changes Urged Bat* in Determining Needs in Arkansas Termed "Too Low" The unnual report of the Arknn MX State Welfare Department to ay called for an upward revision of base food costs used to determine subsistence allowances, given jeedy persons who receive aid, fvoin, iie state agency. . ' Ted R. Christy, commissioner of public welfare, In Little Rock said J n the department's annual reiwrt 'It In obvious that recipients cannot live In decencv and health on the present allowance. "With the i-lslng cost of living, the 1943 food costs used In estimating thp needs of recipients of public welfare are much too low. For instance, milk is counted as 13 cents a quart and lean meat as 32 cents » pound." He pointed out, however, that there has been no widespread suffering In Arkansas "Welfare grants have been supplemented by children and other relatives, frtends. charitable organizations and kindly nel&dbors," he said. nlany Needs Usled Tlie revision of base food costs Double Take BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNER Nine-month-old Jacob Stenr,er, from Cracow, Poland, has his little hands full trying to focus a picture ot his bis doll Jacob, accompanied by his mother, arrived in New York on tho hner Batory enroule to Montreal, Canada lo lorn his father BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS - MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Soy Beans Cleaned Don't plant grass ami wcert seed v.Hh your snybcans. Our new cleaner removes nil obnoxious sccrt. Before having your seed beans cleaned come by and see tmr IIMV modern cleaner. Bring your beans t» be cleaned at your convenience. Doyle Henderson 'Soybean Co. Highway 61 South Old American Legion Airport Phone 2SGO ecds" onr- of thp "unmrt the stale welfare pro- 900 Printers Union | Members Go on Strike PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 27. (UP)— , ,, , . . I More than 900 members of the Inor estimating grants was listed In i lfrni ,t| 0111 ,i Typographical Union report „„ onr- of the. "unmet (AFU mui „„ , lrlk( , y0sle ,,j a y B t 2G commercial pl'lnltng firms here "for the purpose ol setting a wage Other such needs listed were: | scale." ' i An institution for treatment and ! Union printers employed on Phil- 1 are of epileptics. j adelphta newspapers Joined In Uio ; Hospital or nursing home care i strike vole but the newspaper or the chronically HI and senile. ' plants were not affected by the | Supervision ami training of the walkout. 'eeble-mlndrrl. especially feeble- i Among the shops affected by the ] minded children ! strike is Cuneo Eastern Press, which prints Eastern editions of Tiiiu- A state training school for Ne^ro j girls. - j Some provision for medical cnre of recipients of public asjjisUnce. Dental care In the low Income group. Extension of old age and survivors insurance to people engaged in agriculture. Research into causes of poverty and dependency and their relationship to th« economic well-being of the state. The report showed that 33.1S9 persons -In Arkansn.s received old age grants averaging $18.40 u month last year. A total ot 5.5.52 dependent children last year received average monthly grants of S34.03 each, according to the report. Recipients nf aid tn the blind totaled 1.341. each setting average grants of $20.84 There were 2,614 rccip- ents of general relief who received ( an average grant o! $12.10. Many Receive Hospital Care. Other activities of the department included: hospltallzatlon. 5.55? patients; child welfare, 3.94!) children, remedial eye treatment.?, and Life magazines- 2tj6 operations; crippled -children, Knoxyitle Fire Chief Bans Cards at Station \ KNOXV1U.E, Will., Pol). 27.— (UP)—Cnril-plnyiriR lit (he fiie- holtsr on tlull days WHS tinned hei'e yesterday ijy Fire Chief c. M. Johnson. He siiirt fliTinen lirive "squared off at each otlu'r" too often Inlrly over a friendly mime. "I will suspend any flrnnrn caUfiht ]>lriylnB. ciirtts in the fire liull. 1 - aurt I'm not fool- hif." the filler sMd. Me conrpcfod "the Ixiys" could piny chirks and domlnes "If I hoy don't start fighting." ' Itlins in Family SAYRE. Okla. (Ul 1 )— Mr and Mrs. J. L. Toon decided It runs in the outh, 12, Begin* feit erm tor Killing Sitter OANON CITV, Colo., Ffb. ST.— DPI—A ll->«»r-oM Mhoolboy *n- ered Colorado SUt* Prl»on y««Ur- ny to serve > 17-yenr t«rm for illlug his sinter. Jnme» Mellon, Jr., TJM AnimM, 'olo., WHS tln«erprlnl»(1 »t the prl- on by Warden R«y B*»t. H« w«j hen the usiinl haircut, uniform nd number, Tile boy WA.S aetitenced Wednesday. He pleaded nulltv to ihoollni Us sister, Phyllis Marie. IT. »» »he at on n couch In llietr holtday- dix:i>vatod home last Dee. 15. "I didn't. HHe h»r anyway," was ls only explanntlon. Hest said h« would decld* whether to continue the boy'i icliool- «K or Hive him » Job "tier he jyl» the roMiHs ol mental mUUule tests. Mellon Is the sw-ond yommesl person ever to bt «nlenced lo prison In Colorado. Antonr Wood, II. was sentenced to 25 yen's tn 1RM (nr murder. He was paroled In 12 years und pardoned • year later. Seeks Chancellor's Post UTI'liE ROCK, FVb. 'ft. lUPI — A. I, Hntclilm of Pwresl City yesterday Hied h!« rortnpl piacttces pledge with SecreUry ol Slate C. Cl. Hall as « candidate for re-elee- tlon as Filth District Chancellor. The district Is made up of Wood- rulf, Cross. 81. Francis, l^e, 'Phillips and Monroe counllM. 8 Ford Tractors • Complete With Equipment MORE EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY! See or' Call Douglas Lawson at Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway 61 Phone 2171 $4.n6; glasses for 482 persons: em plnymenl lor blind. 36 cases; ari- jastment program services for 9R blind. Mr. Christy pointed out that the report showed more money expended to recipients of aid last, year than In any ointr fiscal, year In the history of Hie department. A change in the amount of federal funds received by the department enabled the state agency to raise maximum grants for the aged Bnd blind to S45. The mnxl- rmuns for dependent children also were raised and the percentage of deficit paid to these three categories was increased from 15 to 85 per cent. The federal government formerly j matched state ninds dollar tor 1 dollar but now contributes $5 (or i each old-age and hlind recipient and $3 lor each dependent child, , plus one-half the remaining er.Tcn- dillire. _'' family, when they discovered their KOH. Gaiy Dan Toon, had a tooth at the aye of 10 days. Tho Imuy's 15-yc'ar-old brother. I^oimld Dane, was born \\iih H lower tooth. |*Jrll-«CTION HELP' Read Courier News Wan:. Ada. Political Announcements Thfi nnthoi Courier News ?.cd to announce has 1 * beni l!ic following candidates, subject t" general city election, April fi: the Demncrntli: Primary, July and August 3rd: FOIt AI.DKHMAN (Scrnnd Ward) .T. L. iJoclio) Nabrr.s CODXTV TKKASUKKR Frank Whllivorth FOR CORONK.R E. M. HOLT thr- atid 20ltl Rugs Cleaned We clcnn »ny typo rug with guaranteed correctness. Your best IK snfc hero. We have n specialist nt work H I ways, B!ythcvllie> only coinplple nig cIcHiitrs. PEERLESS CLEANERS PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Store5 ste Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln- Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 BIytheville Ark. 112 Walnut St. When In Need Of Shoe Repairing Gall 4347 free Pickup and IMivery! H A L F O R D SHOE SHOP ' ICW South Znd St. Guaranteed ~" RADIO REPAIR by -Expert Call 811 Brooks . Music Store 107 K. Main Porto Rico KILN DKIFI) SWEET POTATOES Delivered to Your Donr Phones .|(!77—2ilSf> Buck Meharg Produce Ml E. Main St A Natural Aid for HYPER-ACIDITY OF THE STOMACH Mnunl:iin Valley Water is a natural aid In helping eliminate wastes from thf system. Not a laxative, II works Rrntly tlirnu^h the kulneys. Ask your rtoctor ahout this famous liralth water fro rallot Springs, ArJt. It has been prpscrihcd fnr morr. thun 73 years. Free Booklet nn Keijiipst. Orrlrr a Case, CROSSTOWN WHISKEY Main and Division BIytheville, Ark. SHOP Radio Service At Its Best! V; tervlce all makes radios and luck onr re pain with a niaran- lee. Oun ii the most complete adlo service tn Iw found anywhere. We specUHie In Frenuen- rj Modulation (FM). ) Complete Line of Nam* Appliances See- FellX Carney -at FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION 55^ Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY 138 East Main St. Phone 3616 CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second Concrete Tile Sewer Tile 4. 6 and 8 Inch Culvert Tile Sizes 1". 12. 15, IK, 21, 24, 3 and 36 Inch A. H. WEBB Hwr. M at State T.ine. Phone Blrthrr1ll« 714 • Surplus Army Shoes • Combat Boots • Overshoe* • Rubber Boots Anderson Stioe Shop A Clothing. Store 31B B. Main Si., Rlylhcville ATTENTION MR. C L. PERRY, formerly of the BIytheville Sales Company, 1« now with us as General Radio and Appliance Repairman For th« best In Radio Repair and Appliance Maintenance call us at 3450. HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aqueiia Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Ptione 691 Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS RADIO REPAIR I AND 7 DAY SERVICE OH ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 \Ve call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Sllei and Serrto* IK South Flnt Si. FARM • LOANS Boot Ofle*. NMTMfc, M. J. CALL, WRIT* o* MB RAY WORTHINGTON 111 •. Third It, BJrUwrlU*. Aftk «*rrlB( Tbta ftertlM » TMH A u KxxtaW MarMM** 1*** Ji«««»r /W TRI rtUDENTUL INSUKANCI loMrANT •» AMtWU. AUTO UPHOLSTERING 307 East Main Phone SI9 We specially* In SKAT COVERS, HKAU IJNINGS, DOOR PAH- K\», KIX5OR MATS and alt Interior trim of * car. l^et us add real c^arm and beauty to your ear with t*y tUaws and fabrics. Add value lo your cur by letting m supply your »uto lllg needs. KVKKVTHlMi TAII.OKK1) TO KIT AND INSTALLED AT NO KXTRA COST So Economize and Patronize THOS. J. LILLY & SON Drive In under Ihr sign "Auto Tup Shop" and bUw fwr II',«lionoN NO dirty ••• >• «mpl ... NO ir lew tucnlrjf*. CWww n>«* Ilk* mag'x. Dwh tr*K I* pWk REQUEST A DEMONSTRATION Of THIS FINE HOME CLEANER. OUR SALESMAN WILL CALL ON YOU I Appointment* Any Tirfe • E"»r Ttr HARDWARE CO.Bnc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W. MAIN ST. PHONE 515 • Take a tood look. Ho your • J family's shoes need mrnding, J • new heels, Holes? our ex- . • perts do the job! I Have On Hand At All Times Several tractor* »nd equipment . . . both new and used ones JOHM DEERE, FARM ALL and other makes. Also, I h»v« [or sale at all times 70 lo 80 head of mules. - Terms can be. arranged. Will trade for most anything you have. New Ford Tractors Ready for Delivery F. C. CROWE 1 Mile t. ot Brai STUDEBAKERS GUARANTEED USED CARS It TRUCKS Sf.f. THKSK RKFORK *OU BUTl • 1942 Chevrolet I Door Se- 19.19 <;h«rr»l«i > dan. Clean as they come. 1941 Chevrolet 2 l>nor Sedan. A real buy! 1941 Forrt Convertible. Il'i L honey. dan. ¥•• nut wroni »n thb cm. 19^7 Ford 1 now Goo4 price. t 1931 Chevrolet H TM. A hartaln. OUR PAINT AND BODY SHOP IS THI BEST IN THIS SECTION! • Factory Trained Mechanic* • I'arts and Accessories • Wrecker Service Chamblin Sales Co. Lex Chamblin Bill Chamblin R. R. * A*h Streets PIMM iw \ STUDEBAKERS QUflLITY SHOC SHOP 121 W M O I N S T Free De/JVery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phon« 2043 1044 ChickMwb* The Right Place To Buy Your Car... EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East Main Street Clean Used Core— All MakesI J. W. Ix>v«b AI I-«rm»n Grov«r Fnwit Attention, Soybean Grower Wt kaT» Fare ,vonr soybeans irck»n«4 Wf»r» Hnttac. recently Install** »n« •( the V.1 tea* clMiMn t« Dootilc ciMiiiIni; fncess, we hare «w» ck»inii i» N» appointment n«ded, iroiiijl «cnW% »• »» Blylheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main •rytficrilk J

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