The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1931 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1931
Page 9
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22, 1031 liLYTHRVIt.U'], (AUK.)' COllftlftU PAGfe SfeVfcH CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lor tan liL*tUou »ud one c«ut » word for each nibeequent Insertion. NO advertisement taicn .for less than COu. Ucuut the woidi and send L'Lune 306 t'OH KENT :...*?:•'•-. 1 -:,-••?••.-^T-J-A-^rTMS l,;teeiM OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern Ff S/M * FOR R LOT—Apartment lu Ingram building. Ste Parkhurst Company. ' 9C-TF FOR RENT—Newly furnished cot- luge, * rooms and bath on OavU street. Call DliS.or 650. L. L- Ward. FOR HENT—To 'Ladles — Nicely fimiishsd bcdiooin, 123 E.. Kentucky. Call 902-W. . C-i'-25 FOR RENT—ftirnlsliKl roams (or light : hoiisckeepiug,-/also/-s!ceping jioreli for couple or two young men. 100 Weal \Valnut. 22C-1I WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- (.uery, ^10 b. Fourth St. 9C-TP iii:iii.\ urur. TODAV UMHVi. 1JO111>I:N, qei'rrll? Id Invr ullh T».U»IY WILSON, Jr- Injn hll rloiirmrnl «llli hor blllf- niMrr. IIII:M: I:VI;III,LT. imt rnll« M .'ornhu-r Mm Ibm II U kl> duly lu Aulak i-nllrifr. !rrne- ivaiin tn In- n rartlu hla- she HOi-urrs nu iimHilim at night." her mother diagnosed (13 slio helped Beryl downstairs. lnbci in-rjl the nuillo ulih "I'm all right," 'Don't bother." lieryl Bald WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora VJzcll, 2207 18tl> St. TF WANTED TO BUY—Usi'd Cars Lelinian Gillespie, Deutou Cliev- rolct Co. 19P-K25 LOST AND FOUND LOST—Key ring, Finder return t« Regard. with 0 keys. Courier News. 19P-K22 I'EKSONAL CASH PAID lor second hand furniture. A. L. Flowers, corner Main & Lake Sis. . ' CO-TF , lli-r)l IT ..... ]» iiiL-]iM]lf K at tl (ilnnii. A dltri'lur :tci'lt]riil:ill}- lirRm :iud !• charmrd I||~ lifr vulctr. II? K' Tr * lirr n U'bl nnA (ifTrrv U cunlrlirt %thti-k I'lnlrn lirr ljul tier vlolor> Ih Mllrr-MM L'CI fcr Irrtie rail* nnj Iki- fniHll> hljinir lire) I. lrrm> liUNln [.roinU,. (i, ,-lopo Kllli I I'oniuir tut hlK nun! i]|v» und the iu:irtI:iKe IB iiuiliiuiLrd. l>i-r> I'* dcliut IK a Hurrm*. fffcr irli-H to furore Lrr lir»[irl*;A^ ln«« tar Tummy liy KI>|HK :•> »:iiy v-tr- (U. 1. Illi I'llKMlSS CAYI.imn, ^\f.i[lky nun uf lirr CUI^IHIIT, Ircnr nllrinpc^ lu Mlti Tn-ulUH frik-n bpr alvtiT. Next murnlne |[er>l bcconir* Ml an^ fttlnu. Kiiw co OM WITH run STOHV RHAl'TER XXI [IKIIYL hail not locked the linlli- *-^ rouni iloor, an oveitli;lit iliat Fis'ctl a deal of trouble?. Iruno ;vas able to set in without walling for ' someone to Ir.i-ak down the door. Site touk oi:e look at fioryl lyUin : on the Iloor — a slain of rod on her forehead where it ti:ul struck against tlio bathtub as she fell — and raa screauiing to her mother's Mrs. Everett was scarcely less rinnic-stricketi than Irene when she saw Beiyl. but between tliem they Dili her mother would lake no chances, so slio Ealcl, and Insisted upon hclpiut! her all tho way to tho porcti. Tlicro Beryl remained (inlctly In a chair bceauso she dtdn'l want lo disobey tlie doctor's orders altogether. Tills wu3 bolter than claying In bed. slic argued with herself. Not half 6D tiring. If Blio were really to do as Gho liked she'd go down to the beach and sll mi tho sands in Hie sun and toast herself. Then Ilio doctor would liuvc EOnicthliiE to scold her for. maybe. S J ' 11K stirred uneasily In her chair Could there be nnyUilnt wront with her—with her throat? The cloclor had been KO clennllo nhout coining tnrk. Her throat! Sue All three- Rat on tho woreh lor a while, ller.vl was silent and quivered Imvardly ovor Iho ndorallon In Tommy's eyes whenever (hoy rested on Irene. Irono chatted lightly ot nothing. In high nulrlls but noticeably out of tuno with Tommy. In Tommy's mind llioro dawned a growing question, • • • t )HESUNTIA' Ireuo left them—tq mako herself beautiful for 1'reu- lisa, lleryl well knew. Sho wondered It Irene realized that beauty is only tho trap and that love to bo hcIJ must bo Jed on something more substantial. Irene was fool Ins herself,'too, for Bho was tho | lyiio who would mako hcrsel charming only when slio had a con finest In inlud. Somo day slio would let therself fa and very likely be come frowzy. She was that typo Slio liiiil appeared ungroomed a Hie breakfast tnblo too oftcu lo got tlie Injured l to her bed ami STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of The . Bljtheville' Cutlon Oil Company The Annuai electing of the directors and stockholders of the above company will be held Thursday, June 9th at 10; 30 A. M. in the offices of W. A. Gage & Co., Falls Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 4C-.KG-3 then let Mr. Everett take charge. Ho ordered Irene to halhs the v^ounil uhile he called a doctor. Then he had lo sivo his attention to his wife who was "sute Elie wab goirii; to faint." Beryl soon regained consciousness and saw in a moment luto •what contusion stie had thrown the hardly dared think what it would ucan to her to have anything Inure her throat—anything serious Well, their doctor was an old 'ogey. She'd liavo u cousiiH.iti-'n H IG said there was anything wrong. Jiuryi kept her concern to jereel! und sot a bit of amusement out ol Irene's enjoyment of the situation. Irene had assigned ti herself the iluly ol nusr.'crltig tho teleidione calls. News of Meryl's fall had traveled quickly from neighbor to neighbor. Ireno enjoyed the limelight. Her convcrsntlona wero invariably sweet but short and Ueryl sensed that she was walling for enc call in particular. It c.ime at last, i'renllss apolo gized for keeping them up so late the nlshl before. Ho and Irene talked for several minutes before ho rem'-'inljcrcd that It was Heryl new how to savo him! "\Vl-.ui n mother-in-law aiijko!" eho Jeered at herself. un't I'd over find a girl Heryl to doubt It. "I.ovo to be lieid!" The idiras caught In Ileryl's mhnl. Was she mistaken? Hero was she. loving Tommy In spite of herself. What effort did bo put forth to hold lunl love! None at all. Would tbero bo some one to go on loving Irene, knowing her shortcomings? Sun knew Tommy and glio went oa lot ing him. but'Touimy was not like Irene. He wag quite tlio rcrerso In facL Tlie more you studied Tommy tlic better you liked him. Hut if you scratched the surface of Irene's character— Charitably fiery! turned liei thoughts from that track. But what about Tommy it lie married Irene and discovered that lie bad made mistake? Tommy seemed to tlilnk hlmscl alone. He sat with his head In hlu family. Therefore she paid nothing be should be calling. Then Irene j hands and Bald nothing, about the rialn in her head ami I explained to htm that Beryl was! - Tm j llbt au oll j s!lco (o \VAHN1.NG ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKA- SAV/BA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Kquitable Building & Loan Associa- lion. Plaintiff, . • vs. W. L. Cunningham el al, No. 496-1, Defendant. The defendants; -A.. Harrison-and Mrs. A. Harrisoiv are warned to appear within tinny days in the court named in the caption, -hcr«of an£ answer the complaint^bf the'plain- tirr Equitable Building A: Loan Association. '. v Patcd May 22, 1931. R. L. CAINE3, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. U. Jesse Taylor Atty Ad Litem. 22-29-5-12. Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T Anaconda Copper Auburn Caterpillar Tractor . Chrysler Cities Service Ccca Cola Continental Baking General Electric Ceneiar'Motors Montgomery Ward . New York Central . Packard Radio Corp Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. .. Texas Corp U. S. Steel ... 170 24 1-8 • . 2I3',i 2-1 7-8 .. IT/i 11 3-4 . 142 Vi "40V, . 38 1-8 19 S-8 ... 87!i . 7 3-1 .. ITi ..'. 13V. . 34 3-4 ... 20'i .... 100 waited quietly for the doctor. When he came she coniUIod to him that H was tlie pain In her throat that worried her. No. she liadn't fainted. She had slipped A little -dizzy, uerhiips. Yes. she might have beeu feverish before she went to bed. ' ' When the doctor left she realized that he bailu't given her any in- tormn'tlun at all. She was lo remain in lied all ilay and he woulil coino back on the morrow. Slio obeyed tiieso instructions tinlil afternoon and then went lo sit on llio porch. The pain in her head was gone. She felt as well as usual except for a slight weakness and jthat Queer feeling In her ' ouuh of which remained, yon Just got played out the party and were too weiik foolll* ftround taking a-balh "indisposed." and could not cotne to the telephone. Ho asked it he might como out from towu and, without consulting Beryl, Ireue told him that would bo all right. All day Mrs. Everett bad been shooing visitors away from Ilcryl | who found It strained iier vocal cords to talk. Beryl reminded Irene ot this when she heard Frentlss was coming. "You shouldn't hare lot him," she said. "Yuu kuow L can't tall;." 1 In Ileryl's eyes was tbat mock-1 ing light [br.t so nettled Irene and fieryl thought Utterly (forBCttliif bow dear aro old shoes to wear} feel). "But. oh Tommy. Tomm> bow I could love you it you'd le me!" Tlio rush.ol desire, ttio though was so intense Hint for a few sec ends licryl was startled. She n most expected Tommy (o look up a tlioiiBh she bad spoken her thought aloud aud be had heard. | How eonld she prevent Tomm from marrying Irene? Would si need to! There was I'renllss. Uu there "was a hint of ridicule In her I I' nothing came of Premiss' inle voice. Irene turned away with s esl jianono^ right to Interfere i toss of her head nud enough discretion lo l;eop silent. A litlie later Tommy dropped hi and wanted Irene 10 go for a sivim] It was all rlslil lo bo lilsu-mtndo with him. She sni/. »-• !•»•* to altruistic, and just, hut Tommy w, another's life? "Illslit or no right I'd stop th match It I could!" Ucryl tbougli shampoo her hair. | the man she loved. If only Rood enough for n son of Vho do 1 think I am anyway?" AT Hint point she decided lo talk '* und slop thinking. What » ' llzzy. penile-sing cycle llfo wan. You "whirled round.nnd round aud got iic-ttucro! ' ' ' Wjicu she wauled (o tnlk Tommy', ecldfil to'leave. i!eYyVr,,iw 'Bh'6'n a mistake. It Inul been ta much mo-ie tlian slio had as A rulo —his sunns Micro nlono wll» her. Why had fho disturbed It? , Noxl time stu would knou 1 bolter. • Slid unichcd liim go 'down tho walk lo tho gale and her heart BiifSfi! ivltb tlio sue In Ills shoulders. Tommy was troubled, lloif much did be kmnv? Hid lie know (hat Irene was shampooing IICT hnlr In make u i;olden snare of It lo cMch nnotlicr man's hciirl? She closed her eyes suddenly ;ahi6t the sunlight and swallowed I'nl ai ihe lnm[> In her throat, lint ie would rot start thinking again —s!io would noli Tlicro -was so uch lo fear, so roncli to guesu at, So tniicli to fear! Her -eniollon ad lightened nor throat. It pained er and nil at onco she felt Tory red. No matter wtint came ot It LO would have, to go tn bed and cave ibo field'lo Ireuo when Prou- iss arrlred. As Horyl climbed the stairs, « ittlc unccitalnly, she iic-nrd Ire-no uimnlng In tlio halliroom. Tliert) was an o.xuHnnt, even triumphant, nolo in the girl's voice, Sho WAS luging unconsclouslr and Beryl bought tbat It only tier lister wer« content to sing without strlvlni or operatic effects she might succeed professionally. Professionally! Slio bersell woulil shjg professionally the, next nlglit. The pain In her Ihroat— Beryl trembled as she got Into soil. A llilla throat trouble . . . iiut what If Ebe ttcro going to tis seriously 111? As she lay there trying not lo think and falling In her effort Irene too was crossing' bridges' unbuilt Slie was wondering how Bhe could Induce Tommy to (icslpone their marriage just n Ilillo longer limn the date she had set without arousing his suspicions. Tlicro was something on lie! mind, something sho turned over and over In her thoughts us a miser turns Ills gold. It was something wllli glittering possibilities but slu .wns not sure of It. Slio would time for II:at. ilciawhllc, . . (To Bo Continue:!) ESAP,AUW -I AW =lakS-fr(e BRIDLE PATH TOR i lass-BACK lMG,MA-Je>'R ! I "REMEMBER A LIVE! TORSEY AS A I WAS 16 ~rH' PARK -TOR A VLAV ! S'Oli WPlMe -TrlA-f "BIG , LUMBER ' PAPPUS-GREY VlQSS x l^i A PARAPE 30-r A BALL tie GET'S -fo is .-file -RQVAL MaUfi-feP BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HHJHT! By Martk 110 trump or your suit, you should Icven with :i hand that coul'J pro New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 22. tut')—Cot- ton closed steady. Open High Low Close May 020 020 910 !H2 July 036 038 920 922 Oct 070 971 90G 958 Dec 980 9D1 978 070 Jan 500 1001 980 9D2 Mnr: ....- 1018 1021 1008 1010 Siwls closed quiet- at 925, off 5. A Series Kxplainin^ Hie Contract <. Bridge Systems . ARTICLE NO. 215 BY WM. K. McKESNF.Y Secrclary American Bridge League; Au original bid of two no trump, =s advocated by the writer in his system til contract bidding, indicates a strong hand wish all four tnits stopped. While criainnl bi-Js of • cr.c no trump generally dc "i' ltl ° lloWi »U of a biddable- tour-card suit-, original two no trump bids to not deny even a strong foiir-caicl minor suit. They show hands containing from three and one-hall lo four and. onc- lialf quick tricks and a favorable 0 (rural) disiributicu and they require partner to BO to three, no rump with as litlle as a kinj in ? b-^ iaken out with weakness, you arc r.oi- prepared to play gajiie-goins t!(Tiara*ion in either for the combined two hands, while an triguuU liirce no trump pa r i no r wH 1 proba b W bid, pass. If you are not picjnred to play a game-golf,;; declaration in cither no trump or your suit, you should pass ORIGINAL iilDS OF THREE XO TIU'.V!' It might, truthfully be rail! that original bids oi three no trump are rare as lien's teeth. They require every suit doubly stopped nnd enough probable tricks to produce at no truinj> even partner's hand is trickles. Whenever you hold a. linnd as strong as this, " you will almost Invariably find Unit yon have a oil: By starth'.s fcrcm; arrive Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 22. (Dl'l — Cotton closed steady. • Open High Low Close May- July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 917 035 9fi9 989 1000 1025 925 937 073 9D1 10>TO 1027 915 024 950 97C Mi! ion 9IG 925 953 979 908b 1013 Spots clewed quiet at 900, off C. Sl'KI.MMt TKAI'S S»;SrECT IDAHO FALLS, Ida. (UP)—Failure (o .'•pell his alleged name correctly M I" the arrest of Owen Lindscy, alias Jesse Rains, on a forgery charge. Llnelsey was nrrc.-ted os a sus;iecl and when he coulcl not s|>cll his alias he promptly confessed. cue suit and a era in another luce a. slam if playeci at a Ccpjri;lit,1031, NEA Sc.-vice, Inc.i suit; e. g. you hold the following land: Spades—A J- Hearts— K J 10. I Diamoiuls- A K 10 10. Cliibn—Q J Q 8. « Wliile you have a strung four- carel diamond suit-, yr,u ako have a beautiful no trump distribution airJ it looks more lli:e a mne-!rick hand for no trump than a 10 or 11-trick hand if r; ln i'cd at u aiil, ihcrcfove you arc justified in or.'-'ii- ing' this tyiw of hand wltli two no trump, as you vau^ lo play the hand at no tmrm.) and it would be a disadvantage to dlsclofc to your opponents where ycur strength lits. If partner I'.'jlds the ace cr king of clubs and the ruictn ol hearts or Ihe.queen ol E;:nd?5, with a favorable distribution, he shmild l:ike the contract to three no Irmnp. UKNYING ORIGINAL TWO NO TKl'.MI' I1IDS When parincr Cjiens two no trump bid and your Will Buy Late Model Used Cars Lee Motor Co. contains a slrons fuc-card najor or ininoi- suit and an unlA- vora'jlc distribution for no turnip. I'ou should show your suit. If it is [i minor suit, partner will undoubtedly go back to three no trump, while if it is a in,njor, he nay have supiXN't fcr it and lake- yon to four odd in your suit. If that happens to be his weak euit. he should go to Ihrcn trump. And no time shr.uld two no trump EATON A1ND SON 7W Hate & Sth Si. TO SHpWH\i& NJOOfiO , <4VL\.\ WM TCi • of uhich sixty per cent by jewelers, and the rest ur- tit vaiiniy nf industries. PHOENIX. Ariz (Ul>>— The Plioe- uix clKitnbcr of conunerce, in re- rjinn.^p in m\ inquiry, infoirnnt a New Orleans woman that no Indians are on the warpath In AUDITS DAUGHTER, i2 SEATTLE, (UP)— Although Mrs. slate and that there is no danger Panlinc Wammer raised her from hildren b-.'ing scalped should infancy, Mrs. Inga Flansen was not adopted by the older woman until she had readied the age of 42 and for a limited lime I have reduced my prices on prime leather halfsoles- Men's liaht lialfsolcs witli Goodyear rubber heels .... SI- Men's medium hallsciles with Goodyear rubber heels .. $1.25 Men's heavy hulfsolcs with Goodyear rubber heels . Mrs. llnnscn might legally Mrs. Wammer's estate. U. S. KirRcst I'nlmu 7.NEW YORK, i UP)-- The United States continues to he the largest of platinmu of liny the world. During Hie i iinal two-of-a-suil forcing bid. uasl year more than $10.t:!X).03fl wurth of platinum was imported,; bid. you arc more suro the correct dccl.irr.'.'.cn HEY'LL HAVE TO HUHUY! TO S&T fo Miv. FRECKLES AM) HIS FRIENDS GEE. PAD V11U. CWMli TlJAT COFFEE TOUkSUT ANlD HIS TRAIM VilUL B6 VJUAT TIW.& DOES HIS PULL STATlOf-i ... COw£ O-J 1! \-JAV To 7Vt£ DEPOT " DAD PULLS . HIS TCAItJ CXJTOF B-^HART AVSO CONFESSING THAT &L£ WASH TUHHS is P^-e^ Tv:u'. FKMW£AUN TO OOHtjE ftMf rco Lfxie- tiitv-'i E-OAT THUNJOERS PAVT FROTA fv VljUIM RH LE5> MJP RtCVJON TvVM'S OUVlM'ECE TURNto rut TABLES OM -UVOSE CMJ SHOOT ^NO wjftcv; A roe (\?PROM:HIWG CUMiaES TOWARD S ~ ua ;oftT, VIITU tk now,

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