The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1947
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1947 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Injury Jinx HllrtS Roorbacks One of Four Aces Plagues Chicks ! /n Sou " lwest GrW Compet/t/on BV rn> FITI; i United Press Sports Writer 1 DALLAS. Tex.. Sept. •». lUPi — i If (here Is such a thing a« draw• ing a put hand In foolbnil. the i Southwest Conference seems to have, turned the trick am: com" tij> with four aces—Rice. Texas. Ar- I knnsas anil Southern Melluxlist. . I Any of the four stack up now as . -— Chicks \ able to take cure of thenwelvis -md training camp for the second lime | the Southwcst's reputation against yesterday claiming Hilly Wayne Me- ' the pick of any other section — Parland, the Chicks captain and \ hence the frenzied fracas lor the ace ground gainer, as its latest vie-i conference title should In tim. I tiling to see. Me Far land Hurts Leg During Practice for Messick Game Tile injury jinx, public enemy No. 1 with any football coach, swept do;vn on the Blytheville Captain MeFarlnnd received a-new leg injury in yesterday's scrimmage session which probably v.ilt keep Ample reasons exist lor picking | laden crews, any of the four ;is top favorite, but j there is so much quality packed the other three major title aspirants in its own backyard. That fact, plus the return of Doak Walker, the freshman tailback sensation of 1045 ami addition of Oil Johnson, a passing wizard, make them the real darkhorse of the top foursome. Texas A & M. Texas Christian, and Baylor nil have good first teams that would rale well in an ordinary year. Hut 19-17 doesn't appear to be an ordinary year In the Southwest. They just don't .some- have the reserve strength to wade I through against the other power- him on the .sidelines during the into the quartet that none is Ukelv j -hi. to wade through without at least ! Messick contest Thursday nigl... However, the full extent of his injury has not yet been revealed but Backfield Coach Walter Davis stated this morning that apparently McFarland's leg was pretty sore and whether or not he will get to see action in the Messick game -still remains a question. Inja.-ies also threaten two more <j| the Chicks starters. Guards Billy Brace;,- and L. W. Fit/liugh are still nursing injuries received in ihe par- i w axonkl game last week and have been sidelined during scrimmage sessions oil week. -Bracey is complaining with a sore leg and Filz- hufill received a side injury in ihe game, and ihere is stiil some tpies- lion a.s lo whether they will start tomorrow night's contest. Hold Three-Hour Drill Playoff in Texas To Decide Dixie Series Location one setback, nice. defending co-champion wilh Arkansas, wits the early favorite because of an abundance of experienced manpower, but opening [ games last week indicate Texas I NE W ORLEANS, Se|>t. '24. tUP> wilh its new -T" formation and | ~ '""-' nixie Series will open ellh- Arkansas with Clyde (Sniackover) j er Houston or Dallas, but the Mo- Scott in Ihe offensive saddle, are 1 Dil 9 baseball team will have to going to be rough customers. I Wilit lo m >y lllc>lr tickets unlil ihe Tlie State University Longhorns ' current playoff between the two Bobby Layne keynoilng the j <••"•'<* 's over, attack, romped to an easy '.(3 i lM '<•' joint statement. . President ! Charlie llurth of the Southern Asto 0 victory over Texas Tech. prov lug beyond all expectations that ihe Texas forward wall was no ner of " lc Texas League announc- longer a question mark. The steers i °d til[lt lnc series between the two have speed on ihe line and in the | le! W'es would o|>cn in the Texas backfield and wilh Layne tossiny I clt >' that wins the current play- ( passes, they're Koing to have a loud '• j voice in the eventual naming of the PAGE < BTK, The Chicks wound up their inlen- sive drills yesterday with .a Ihree- hour session at their Country Club training camp. They will take a breather this afternoon and wiil hold a light workout under the arcs at Haley Field lonight dressed in lull battle array and .will leave to- moirow afternoon for Memphis. Tonight's session will start at 7:3fJ and is expected to last for about :m hour. When ihe Chicks take the licld agaiiust Hie Panthers at Crump Stadium tomorrow niglH it will be a sight unseen affair. Head Coach Nig Bynuni was unsuccessful in his attempts lo find someone to scout the Messick-Greenwood game last week. The big chief has no authentic information as to what system the Panther.-: will employ and nothing except a newspaper account of Friday's game as to what, kind of a showing they made last week. Last year the Panthers employed a modified single wing with an unbalanced line and Chicks mentor used this system in yesterday's drills in an effort lo work up a defens2 against it in ease the same system should be used tomorrow niE^ht. However, the single wing version used by the Panthers liisl year has been declared illegal this Fall and that; leaves the Chicks right back where they started. But this much is known, about the Metnpliians. The Mempltts Prep League fans are singing loud, the praises of lullback George '-Bags- Brenner and say that he will make Memphis forget about "Stumpy' off. Announcement of the starting champion. " date must also await the end of Meanwhile. Arkansas snapped out I ll)c Texas playoff, of its 194(i offensive lethargy and ! Thc fil '- st tw 'o games will be play- ran np lo (J4 to 0 triumph over Northwest Louisiana Stale, a team rated to give i! a fair test. The Porkers used starters only sparingly and emphasized that they had reserve power in depth. Rice and Southern Methodist haven't hit the competitive whirl yet but visits to their campuses bear out reports they will be loaded with capable hands. The Houston Owls liav; Ike Eik- cnberg, a triple threater. and live or six other veteran bricks on hand. . as well as most of layr, yc'U'.s line* to offer the best balanced outfit— paper — of the lot. But they also have a tough schedule that opens with Louisiana Stale and Southern California and calls for road games against Tcxn.s and S. M. U. Southern ASr3thodist gets all of his side of the forward wall while j Gerald Murley, a 180-pounder will handle the other tackle slot. The guards Knox Gray and Wayne Belts, both tip the Toledos at somewhere around 165 pounds and the two flanks Bill Kelly and Edgar Creel will weigh in at 160 each. Karl Shipley, at 100-poinids will probably hold down the center berth. In the event that Brenner and Rhodes are both riulng the bench tomorrow night ' Im" Rosenbush. a j . backing. Kirk, ihe Panthers All-Southern fullback of last year. However reports from the Bluff City state that both Brenner and his snb Wes Rhodes, another fair size lad who has turned in some nice performances at the backfield post, are nursing leg injuries that may handicap them in the Blytlu:- ville conflict. Panthers Hold Weight Ad vantage Thc Panthers boast a lot of '.veight in the line nnd n backficld that is ,..„,.„ fast and shifty. Jack Bloniit, a 220- ! sippi's •!?!» pound lacktt: .swings the beef on state's bc-st. '&mie\v]uVt smaller gent will prtbablv ' get the starting nod at fullbaci i with Frank Bolildin and -Billy Cole running from the halfback .slot;; and Ralph Wesser doing the quarter- Youth Movement PaysOlf for Bums Young 'Second Team' Defeats Giant t, 6-1; Yanks Win Over Nats BY CAU i, 1.5'XDQtllST lUllUrd i'rrss Spoils Writer) NEW YORK. Sept. 24. tUI>> — Baseball lans wlio blinked ;i> amazement when Branch Rickey Installed his "Youth 'Movement" In lirooklyn "ain't seen noihin' yet." Tina was what the proud father of "farm system baseball" had to say today about future Dodger pennant |)i-oipe;-ts after chortling with undeislandnblc delight over Ills IStt squiul which won Ihe National League Hag a year ahead of his schedule lor a lirooklyn championship. Hut the enthusiasm of the beetle- browed baseball genius actually waxed greater over his "second team" whic.:i took over midway yesterday In u (i to 1 Irlumph over the Giants, lhan over his regulars who wore given a well deserved icst. "Just look at those buys," Rickey said. "That I earn out there was the youngest ever lo slep on a major league ball field and I don't think soe.ation and-presldenfAVvin Ga^- S'suuemlm-' ^ '° '^'"^ "Those boys on that second team may be the Dodger stars of tomorrow," he said. "The oldest man Is shortstop Stan liojek. who Is 'J7. Tommy Brown at third bnse Is the youngest at IB. Second baseman Eddie Miksis and outfielder Duke Snider are 20. Catcher Gil Hodges and first baseman Ed Stevens are 252. The other outfielders, Dick Whitman and Gene Hcrmanski are 24 and pitcher Dan liankhcad Is 2«. I'ralses Bankheud "And say did you see the way that fellow Bankhcad worked out there?" he added, commenting on the Negro pitcher brought up late In the sen- son. Rickey said that Haiikhead. who had been u.sed sparingly since a somewhat disappointing initial showing, had "all kinds of stuff and the Giants on base weren't taking any chances wlln his improved delivery." The Brooks, displaying their old speed and hustle alter an expected letdown, sewed up the game for starter Joe Hatten on Johnny Jorgensen's two run single in the fourth. From then on, the kids took over and in the sixth they .scored four more on singles by Rojek, Hoit- ics, Miksis. and Whitman and some daring base running by Ro'jck ami Bankhead, who got on when nicked jy a pitched ball. Bobby Thomson. ;ot the only run off Hatten, his 2Bth homer in the first. Hatten, a likely World Series starter won Ills -7th game, but it was Ills first over first division club. The Yankees, too, were impres- ive, winning 2 to 0 and 3 to 1 vie- ories over Washington at New York s pitcher Allic Reynolds and Frank Ihea tuned up for World Scries Yanks-Dodgers World Series Will Be Age vs. Experience . ed in the Texas city, the next ihvee in Mobile. Ala., and If aciditk'nal games arc necessary, they will be played in the Texas cily. Mobile finished first in the S>mtn- ern Association standings anil won the right to represent the league by taking the Shaughnessy playoff series from Nashville four games to i\vo. BASEBALL STANDINGS NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Brooklyn ............ 92 57 St. Louis ........... H3 04 Boston ............... 83 «7 New York ............ 78 Cincinnati ............ 12 Chicago ............. 68 Pittsburgh ............ 01 . - I Philadelphia (JO 10 80 82 89 89 New York . Detroit Boston .... Cleveland . Philadelphia Chicago ... Washington SI. Louis . AMERICAN LEAGUE W L 90 55 81 G9 81 70 79 70 ... 70 74 G8 62 02 Pet. .617 .565 .W .527 .474 .453 .407 .403 .Pet. .036 .540 .536 .530 .501 .453 .413 .383 Mcsser is listed as thj t largest member of the backfield ! weighing u sleek 100-pounds with | Bouldhi and Cote weighing near | 155-pcunds and Rosenbush 140. I The Cats indicated signs of power j last week by holding the larger • Greenwood. Mis:;., Bulldogs score- ' less for two anil a hall periods and lo a 14 to 7 final score after bcins j rated as the underdogs by a two- j touchdown margin. Greenwood is ! rated as top contenders of Missis- I Eight conference, the Yesterday's Results NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn G. New York 1. Chicago 1, Cincinnati 2. .St. Louis 8. Pittsburgh 4. Only Games. • Here's a way to make old trucks look new—quick. Drive them in and say, "I want an Appearance Reconditioning Job done on these fellows." And you'll get it. You'll get perfect fitting new International fenders, radiator grilles, hood sheets, doors, glass, hardware, headlights, bumpers, bumper guards and seat cushions—just what you want to putyour trucks in shape. Next, paint jobs if the trucks need them. The cost? Not great. Thc result? Marvelous. Act now. Get your trucks"Appearance Reconditioned." 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Distributors, Little Rock Alien Pickard's EAST END SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surplus. Army Goods • Supplies • Shoes See us for the TCTJ bMt In Aray surplus shoes. Nearly new—Rebuilt— To Be RebalK. Hundred* for sale. Quantity Price* ATafl- ahlr. 112 Lilly Street '/2 Blk South East Main ;ork with fine perfornuuiees. Rcy-, lolds. who yielded six lilts in the ielit, inning lie worked, won his i'liile Shea held the Nuts to one riiile Shc.i'neld tlic Nniits to oni: lit mid no runs until the eightl) rtieii a pop double nncl two Infield nits gave Wiishingtoii its first, run n 16 inniniis. Homers by Joe Di- (Ingjjio nncl Billy Johnson iicconntecl or nil the M'coml game Yankee tins. Tigers Hra( While Sox Hal Newlionser hurled the Tigers sack into second place with his 6th victory, 4 to 1 over the White BV I.KO H, FKTKKSKN (I'nlleU Press Sixnls EiUtur) Nl'.W YOHK, HCDI. 24. (UP)—H will be tine mul experience youth ;ind speed when the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dod|t«>r,s square olf at Yankee Sliuliuni Tiles- dny in ihe opening inline of the m? World Sox-lea. The Yankees have the foinu-r, thi> Hodaeix the liitler. . Otherwise. Ihe 11M7 American and Nnlloiml League champions slucK up pretty evenly for there is little to olioose between their hHllnij. fielding, pitching and catching. Each club may have a little edue in one dci:iu-inicnt or another but In the thml iuialy,sts the .series shapes up as n battle of AUC vs. Youth. The feeling Is general that (he Yankees and the Dodgers are the • clttl/s to win their way Into the .series since the St. I/JiiLs Drowns nuulc It on the final day of the 104-1 season. Neither club, the base- bull experts feel. iHong on the same I it-Id as the 1C41J pennant winners, the Boston :Jed Sox and St. I.onls j Caidlnals. i Neither has the power or pitching ! of the I04l> conlestiints. Yon can ti° back through the records for more than a decade before you will find uvo teams who have eotniK'led in Ihe series with us little pitching :is the Yankees and Dodxi-j-s possess. Their pitching strength rests largely In the bullpen, or to be more specific, on the lolt arm of Joe Page and the right arm of Hugh Casey. Both Kflivt Artists Ace relief urlists ol their respective leagues, (he series could well lie decided on relief pitching. Anil that de|H\rttnent the edge noes tn the Yankees lor the "Dodgers do not like the kind of southpaw pitching which Puge serves up. But in relief pllchlng as In the other departments, tlie Dodgers have more depth. The. Dodders are an evenly balanced club which has pluyers sltiing on the bench who are Just as nood a.s those on the lielil. The same Isn't (rue of the Yankees. The Yankees have some, capable replacements—they hail to, to win the pennant with their epidemic of Injuries—but they don't measure up to Brooklyn's bench tnl- em. The Yankees have a shade in JH>,VIT. their team balluiit mark of .214 being two points higher than the Dodgers. They have the more long ball hitters with an aggregate of 112 home runs against Brooklyn':; 82. Yanks Have Fielding Kd|te The Yankees also have an ctln» In deliling. .982 against .919. But the Brooks have a better double phiy combination in Pec Wee Reese and Eddie Stanky than the Yankees do in Phil Rizzulo and George Stlrn- weiss. The Dodgers have come up with 170 twin killings against 150 for New York. In .catching, the Dodgers In Bruce Luxoro Football Team Will Meet Wilson Tomorrow l.UJOliA. Sept. M.— Coach Tye Adams of Tun l.uxorn HUUi Sc'h Panthers announced today that the Panthers' opening game of the 1IH7 football season with the Wilson Bulldogs has been re-sehedulei from Friday iiiternoon to loinor- ruw ulternoon. The giuiH' will be played at th ['anthers' field on tin. school campus here, he said, with the open ing klckoff .sluled for 'i o'clock. l.uxora High Hchcol will be dismissed Trlclay In ordfr for It students to alleiul the Northeast Arkansas Kali- In nlylhevllle,Coach Adams staled, thus nt'cessHalng the change In the dule of the game. " Blytheville "Y Plans Leagues For Grid Games J. J>. OniTotl, secretary of the Blytheville Y. •rinounc«i today that tlneii football leatfuea for mnr and Junior high school ago boys mo wing formed for clly-wlitc play. The loniuics will be uiulcr sponsorship of (he V, he and each league will be In a ferent weight class. The weight classifications lielim used In an attempt to have [eatns play against other teams o their own welKht miller than rui Injuries by playlnu opponents, lie said. leagues arc 89-pound league, 110-ixnind league, and 125-pouml rsch Ltacue. Howem.. OUt th»t it B»y l»* *rjr to modify thMe w*4«hu in v>we cases In or dn to 'secure sufficient teams to make the J balanced »nd int*re*tii«. « The orttntetioc at the, Is expected to be <joinpl«ted week wKh ,pl*y 'to v,wk. Trfr. Qarrbtt MM. the ttUtl, dif- Hie risk or aiialnst inrfetT this next Loire rotten* The Malays vahie' the of the dugox-ig, or ..seacow.i* love , ,;— IUYC potions, Tlity believe that /m' man carrying a via) of dugong tttrt. can win- [he love o[ any be»utl<ul wo- LfR;thy L The, BUckioot Indians generations tigo ran: foot ;_ oral hundred miles In leng'j out. sloppliu.. A favorite a from what jU now Gleiehen,^ ,,..., I1*HI l^i>-)yUUlJLI -—- ,^r r-~ — •»»•<..<«*>, p^fmf* J ***| league with tour teams expected lnl to Medicine,Hat and t»ck,'- : i dis- taneo of about 2« miles. . ; .. Welterweights to Meet NEW YOKK. tk'pl. 2.). (DIM — liny (Suuari lioblnson. nolng far afield for an opponent despite the clamor of American boxers for a shot at his title, was .sinned today to meet Frunkio I'VrmnuU//. at Honolulu. T. ii.. In „ welterweight championship bout on Nov. n. And apparently figuring that victory over the Hawaiian welterweight champion Is a foregone conclusion, Houlnsoir.s manager, George Oulnlord, announced that he would sign for another title defense at 1:00 p.m. here next Thursday, at which hour he will agree to meet Cecil Hudson of Milwaukee nl Madison Square Garden on Dec II). -speed. The Yankees, with pennant winners in 1041, UH2 and 1943. have the World Series know-how, the experience that me'.ins so much when I he chips are down, jjul the Dodgers, who only have five players from I heir lust pennant winning club In 1M1, have the Kpeoil which pal'l such handsome dividends for the St. I.ouls Cardinals In last year's series and in their world championship triumphs before that. They take that exlru base and Jackie Uobinson. the Negro llrst baseman, has stolen more alone than the whole Yankee team. Those who like the Dodgers believe that sliced will to the deckling factor. Those who like the Yankees think that experience will pay off. FARM (J| LOANS Horn* Office, Newark, N. J. 7Eim rmoMPT CLOUN* CAM,. WRITE OH SEI RAY WORTHINGTON LOW RAT! 115 S. Third St., Blythrvllle, Ark. Serilnjc ThU Section 25 Y«»r» jiurtortaW Marlnaii Loam SoHcttar fer\ THH miDKNTIAL INSURANCE COM PA NT OF AHItlCA Edwards have a deckled advantai;F> ovtr the Yankees. There is little to choose helwecn the starting pitchers — Bobo Ncw- som, Frank Shea. Allie Reynolds and ell her Floyd Bcvcns or Vic. nas- chi for the Yanks and Ralph flnui- I en. Vic Lombardl, Joe HaUcn and | either llal Grrfsg or Hank Uchr- j man tor the Doclt'cr.s. So It all bolls down to age against j the winning Inning. The lost-cause Cardinals strengthened their hold on .second place with an S lo •: triumph at Pittsburgh Sox at Chicago a.s the erratic Red j in which Ralph Kincr hit his 51st :ox split n twin bill in Boston. Phil I homer for the losers, Pitcher Al Rikard also lilt \Iarchildon. spacing five hits, one of which was Ted Williams' ;tlst lomcr, won the opener for the Ath- LS 9 to 3 while Uoston took the ,econd game, G to 5 by making an ;nrly lead barely .stand up. The Cubs .scored seven rims in he fourth to lop the Reds. 7 to 'i il Cincinnati and prevent them from clinching firth place. Bill Nicholson's homer and Andy Pafko's three un double were the big blows in Lyons anil CMiiy Pirate homers while Chuck Dierini; and Whtley Kurowski "looped the loop" for the Cards a.s rookie Jim Heurn topped Pittsburgh for the fifth time. tory over the Browns at St. Louis Tiie Indians scored a 7 to 4 vic- clinching it with a three rim scv- I entli in which Dale Mitchell drove in two tallies with a triple. Walt I Judnlch hit a St. Louis homer. A Message to Our Customers: Due to the failure of telephone service in our locality Monday, many calls did not reach our of- ice. We regret this inconvenience and assure you that these lines have been restored to normal operating conditions. Telephone 3391 for prompt delivery of fuel oil. The Texas Co. R. M. Logan, Wholesale Distributor ^OO^^PRKB YOUIL LIKE/ Outstanding Values In Scarce Merchandise! Now at Hubbard & Hoke Apartment Size ELECTRIC RANGES $ 119 95 Bendix Ironer 219 Electric Brooms 39 Highly efficient three burner range with spa- ( cious oven. Automatic licat control. Highly polished white porcelnin Now at this low price. This great new time-saver will iron anything n hand iron will . . . and do a better and faster johl You cnn wit while you iron. 50 These modern brooms will do the same job as your vacuum cleaner . . . and it costs much l«w. Now onlv— 50 HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY

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