The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 10<17 BLYTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE 'ELEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D*llT r*M per 111* C« OTUWDtiT* IB' For Safe Minimum 1 time p«r liu > times ptr line p*f *«J 3 tlawi ptr UD* pet day C timt« per Una pet 4*7 12 timri per line pet daj Month ptr lint .............. Count lire avcrue worm to tfc* llu. Ad ordered fur three or tlx time* lad •topped bfforu expiration Will be ckkirf- ed for the number of tines the ad appeared and iuliusilnunl ol bill made. All CUsrliled Ad*erUalBf copy mb- Kltted by persons resldinc outside ol • the city must be accompanied by caah. •ates mar be easily computed (ram the above ttUIe. AUvtmsrnr, order tar irrecuui taaer- Uont takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be takeB. lor •ore than one Incorrect IQMltlon ol »»j claullleit ad. ? Notice __ • We wlsll to tliank our many friends tor the kindness and sympathy shown to us cturhiK tlie lllnoAs ftnd tlealh of our wife and mother. N C Connolly imtl children 9 23 ilk 24 Larfie reconditioned house In neiTict condliloti Ulvldcd hi to two nua'.t- merits. KentM house on back of lo:. Close to business district. Home nncl Investment combined. Can be (Lnnno fd. 'Two houses on one lot. Fivo rooms and bath on front of lot. Four room \ nwl hath In renr. Priced' to sell. Quick possession. Modern duplex on West Cnlrka P.H.A. built ftnd fjimnctul. A and investment combined . Worth the money. hoi Well For Sale Fryers for sale. South 01. C. Abraham. 6-rootn house,, sltuiuetl ou two lots. Price S2500. A. O. Durrcss, Hol- Inml. MO. 9:i2-|ik-'2C Good liny. Phone 863. 8;29-pk-P[29 90 ncrc hill fftim nt-'iir P.tniKOultl. 40 cuKLvatlon. 50 ncrc« Komi tlmljur. Four room lUveHIni,'. Ijurn. tfiuat-e. olllrr out Lmlldlims. Price SH50. 40 ncrc hill farm, small orchard, fovir room dwelling. Imm, lirlru S3500. Other farms priced rl^ht. J. C. Chnnln Manila. Ark. 025-pk-21 Only one approved KllA. Int. inquire today. SEE OR CALL MAX LOGAN, Keallor K. T. HUBBAR1), Salesman Lynch Building Phone 2034 Q.20-ck-24 EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS ON APPKOXIMATELY 20 FARMS Ilanyiiitf In sivrc from 40 acres to targi- "tracts. If yon ?.r« Interested \i\ buying or selHm;, or hi nmV;lim a louii bt sure and calt us and we will be Klad 10 sliow or discuss these farms vvUn you. CECIL EARLS Noble Gill Agency Late Model Cushman Motor Scooter Cojiiplete . with backseat, wiiuLshlcUl. etc. In tsct-lU-nt condition. I Keducod for Quick Sale Phono 2325 82G dli if ATTENTION Farmers- Truckers ~ Giimcrs WD are In production On all Sly It's ol Custom Built Truck Covers For 1 fny - Co1101 ist>pd - Soybea3is 113 S. FhoiU' 29Ti . Ark. OR c cola —P ho ne 93 Illyiheville— Phone 3131 lt;i S. First Phone 2972 1 ck cf AKiMY SURIU.US . . . TENTS SHOES KAKlll PANTS bHIHTS WOOLENS BOOTS t;OMFORTKHH. KCT. 112 LILY ST. ij 11LOCK SOUTH OF HAST MA IN ST. If you have anything? to fit-ll lei us auction it lor you. Information phone 951. 9'10-pk-lOlll 13-rooin roomliiB house <iml cafe. n entrance for colored, Inrne front for white people. 2 Juke boxes, one pinball machine. Pays off well. SciUm: on account of ill ncalth. 213 Ward Aviv,' Cnmthprsvllle, Mo. 9.20-pK-Xl Heatlnu find cooklnu stoves of nil kinds. West End Auction, phone 951 D'lA-ck-10'15 Services Allen Pickard's Lasl Liul Shoe Rcjxiir l MATKIMAI. \VOin<MAM»tlLl> Ride 'Em Cowboy! When we finish servicing your CMV for winter—your car is ready to take ;ill the hard knocks ;\ml tough driving you can give it. Drive in today for complete and overhauling service. PHILLIPS Now Open -24 HOURS- Day or Night—Bring Your, FORD Home to l-'Or iii- l.nlr HOUSE MOVING ThirUvi) yciirs cxjK'hrm'c. plenty ol' c<|iii|>tm'nl. lli'lVr- eiu't'.s. l.t'vi'liii};, I'oumluliiui riipiiiriutr. VIIUMI, KO1.KY I'lume 2105 11 iu-i>k-io rj FRAMES Hindi- to ordt r for pli-lui rs. diplomat. O STKKrrs -STUDIO CARS LIKE NEW HOW IS YOUR PRESENT CAR? WILL IT DO THE JOB YOU WANT IT TO DO FOR YOU? IF NOT, COME IN TODAY AND PICK OUT ONE OF THESE LATE MODEL CARS. THEY ARE READY TO GWE. YOU MANY MILES OF SERVICE. Money to Loan inodi'P ttl^r, II V AI'l'IIOVKD HA'l'K 5< ASK I'OU DKTAUJi Max ax o^an, eator Plintu vo.14 Lynch Realt Venetian Blinds stock. Hc-ncU--tiiftd(! Now minds IM.I 8 Room Residence Close In. Missouri Street. Price S5COO. Terms. 'Immediate Possession]. H. C. CAMPBELL PHONIC 444ti or 2538 PORTRAITS OP DISTINCTION O'STEEN'S STUDIO Just Arrived \ BEAUTIFUL NKW FLORAL AND WEAVE TKIMZ READY-PASTED WALL PAPER Planters Hardware Co. : 9 15 ck tf REDUCED"' FROM S5.780 to_S5.200 5 Room Residence COIiNER LOT. 82.450. CASH H. C. CAMPBELL PHONE 446 or 2930 0,15 cfc tf 'APPLES By Bushel or TntcXlonci Whol e.sii Ic or Re in II Deal Paint Store 109 E. NfnLn St. Phone 44C3 9 1C cl; li> Business Opportunity Distributor offers to rlRht iierson opportunity to operate 50 Spanlsl Pen nut machines - provun profit 75t- per niac'nii.c per week. Cnsh necessary $492.50. For mon: Infortiiiitlon write Mr. Diivlci Rcrn.s. ^336 Olive St.. Si. Umls. Missouri 9.22-pV-29 empany f>th :it Walnut. I'hnne 445U l'\)r a llci'i^rtl [ilintxhor or ror cMit'i stove rn'iilr work cull lliuiy Mcyi-i nt Hubbartt llttrilwiire. lt, F ,!-i'k-IO, . Expert Radiator Repair for Less We- h;m- ifn- In i>t in nullitior lotmlr [•(julpMU'tit. !,<•'. (HIT lllllllrtl llll'll hull |l out mill icpulf your nulliitm' It)r vou. ]l Quick Service Wanted for Rent KEWAUD — for rontul ol uului tilsli house- or uixirtmuill. CuH Li7(i^. nlc hcvlh nn<l . I'hoiK- 275B. sho\vrr. Mm 9jl!0-plt--2E) :rti Urciootu. h \v. Wnlnnt. Stiverak price used plunos Wanted to Rent urnished or im furnished house o apnrtincMit In or sirouml Wlvtli(-vHU' Dcspcmttly iicrtlctl. Phone ^G1G nitjlit.s »tu] SunUay 2525. — 314 N. 9th. Do your own concrete w«rk Rntl sttva Kent a concrete mixer by dny or hour Phone 4Hi). Boz 659. Dlvtlievlllc. | Ark. ailfl-ck-tl : Front btiilrooti 11)17 Ponliai' K 1 Dow Driven (inly (i)ili mill's. MMti link-Is OmvoHible and runs like new. Ill Hi Deluxe Plymouth Se<lun. 1911 Chrysler Koytil 4 dan. Sethui. Looks •1 Door Door Se- HM2 Chevrolet Acro.seiinn. looks and runs like 1 new. 19-10 Chevrolet 5 passenger coupe. .hist what you've liccn waiting for. 19'11 Chevrolet Town Kednn. A beauty. I {Ml DeSoto Custom -1 Door Sedan. Husscll DOUCHiAti Phillips 'IVi 1.AWHON. Ml'.r. 1'AI'KU HANCUNG AND DKCORA'I'INIV ! MM- HKLuniitrs Bill Davis Most of those cars have Radios, Heaters, Defrosters, Road lights. Trucks, Large and Small, J-, 4, li Ton Chevrolets, Fords, Dodge, International Also some good Used Trailers. Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan We Never Close Sales Dept. Open Until 8 p.m. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 Walnut Phone 578 'i-' Iv 1),'1 ck 10 •! I prlvnie cntrnnco cKitsawhw, ph 3Ca oil RESPONSII1LE nitiii or \vom;m to ov.'ii tuid service 5c Nut wnU Canily nvi- ehlnes. Excellent earnings. Will not Interfere uyith present uninloyiiieiU. Cash investment, nucessury. Give photic number am! address. Courier News. Box JJM. 923 nk 25 Help Wanted Yotiiiij clirlsiLiM co\]plc clcshcs iipart- Hicnt. D. E. Daniel. Phone 2032 tlay or 541 nlte. D:iO-c'r:-24 XI ce IH'droom. Plionc 3129. loam or tipartmciit wanted ft>i four | persotis. ftirnlshcit or unfurnlf.Uert ; - Uox EHT f' r . Courier News. i fl!18-p>:-]0'3 ' nr \i 10 biith vltn es. 401 IT Ash ,t l Tor ti'ss lluin tli-ttLi-r'ri r;hl|)Mirt!L with (illn-1 hhl. ]{«rrLvr<l In iiK'!i:)L[iiuUM.. ilodcrn house, 5 or G roo'ny, :or com only. IJolj Aucierson. Lcc Mt>-o r n- t i 'J iy-nk c r Of combine. John O. Bright 300 S ae- cond St. rimnt? m9. Bll4-Tlk-llH LEWIS 419 E. Main POULTRY Phone SMS 917 ck 1P..17 30 gallon Hot I'olnt electric hot water ht'fttcr. Square motloJ. Seven section A rcola coal f 11 rrmce. 1MB W. Ash Phone 3254. 9|22-pk-25 TYPEWRITERS Roynl. Smith. Corona and J?f>m!n.'- on Portable. DON EDWARDS The Typewriter M-\n 130 N. Hecoiul St. l»3r>nf: BUILDING LOT A \ 1-10: located 113& Wlllov,- St. H larj:e piipci shell pecnn trees on lol Apply 1138 Willow. 333 m: 2G One 6 room house Ui Pride 23 U- Carolyn. AddltU.n J '^3 pk 29 Experienced BOOKKEEPER Work with coiiyenlnl personnel, ccotl lay. Write ylvln;; lull exr>crlt!iice. ancJ itrsoiiiil eJetnlla. COURIER NEWS. UOX MVT 9;i7 ck 9.24 Tuck Driver. Valleyflelcl Gin. Phonu 645. 9;i9-ck-tf eyro fnrnlly to jilcK cotton. KOod 3 room house. Can movn once. BfythevlUc Gin Co. Hnvn in at Wanted : Experienced OFFICE GIRL To work for Naiional Flnrmce Co.. icli-itl working concJltlon«, excellent starting salary nnd opportunUy for adx'nnccnicnt. . MOTORS Acceptance Corp. Phone 3412 Notice Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second St. Iflytheville, Ark. Free Estimates on All Work CALL :iGl OR 55J 9,18 i-h '^1 Salesman Wanted Waritrd: Itollnolc inistu-i lei succci'd ti. Walk IT U* Btipply rotisuniiirr. with 2l!0 nnnlllu.s. 1'nnUicl.H wld 2!) -,'Ciiiw. btate iiKe, occiipulLoii, rcfcririiccH ItHWloLKh'.! l>iti>l. AKI-210-YH MIMII- plils 'IVnn. Or fnitv W. llnrl)our. illO Ully St. HlythPvHlr, Ark. An "nU-rloctrirnl" .shnllcr i:»in- cru with an effect ivu uxpcxsiiii: U H bnlH. r>r four of a soi-imil lius hocu SPINET PIANOS Piano timer. C. B, Corrcll. Holland. Mo. Highest value for 115 e<l. aurolu* Items in trade At Elbert Hulfman s Swap Shop. 401 E. Main. ph. £59. Sl-ck-tf We have the old prices 40 - 60c 7 ;30 p.m. Nichols Btirbcr n.ick City DniR Store. Open Shop. Mahogany piano. v;ood finish, tuned benutlful tone. S190. Tnpcstry covered divan, makes bed inurr-Bprlnir cxis}i!ons; wAlnut chlnn rAblni'l: upholstered rocker. Phone 2T34._ _ _ 923 pk 27 Grocery store with living quarters on pnvcmenl doliiR n nood business. 7 room house no bath $2750. $1500 down. Bftlanco £20 per month. Pos- srsston wltb ceed. 3 room house pop^eftslon In 2 wee>-s Close. Price S1600 one hnir cash b uln rirc J2D per month. Good vncant lots on smvnl street. See Ron! EstfUr and Insumncc 107 W. Mflln PhoiiPK R3G and 3470 __ 923 pfc 2T Bquirrclettc fur cont. Prtcc S50. Moore's Hold, 317 1-2 \v. Main St. or cnli _ 23C6. _ 923 pk 30 GM'K bicycle In Rood condition* Call 2-i34._ _ _923-pk-27 1547 Ponllr.r 2 'Jonr c^flnnettc. Rndlo nnd heater. Phono 25^2. On^ tfthio moil el rnd1"-nbono7rnnh combination — or left *W An^l onp - coffee tnhip—nrlr^ s 12.50 Roth In : Rood condition. Phone ?'46. - 0 ia-pk-929 A few upfd show r{\<=cs and tllftnlav tables ffiT sale. Call Brocks Mxislc Store. 107 East Main; Telephone ail. PIANOS Want responsible party 10 awunift bM- ' uncc o« recently rebuilt and reflii- Ished piano. SmnU amount of cash required. Write Little Rock Flnno Co.. 21G Main. Lit lie HocV;. Ark. wllh llebullt Ntodel A motor. Ph. ?6I6 hln phone 4». Bo* , Arkau«as. tllfl-c* U Girls (21 18-25 free to Irftv chaporonrd Rroup Fla. and retiirri $150 mo. Drawing Recount with liberal bonus trunsp. fvirnlslicd. Sre Mrs. I.undslrorii, Noble Hotel. Do nov phone. Tuesday only. 922-pk-23 Veteran slngh: under 25 free to travel with and assist mannger. In ndvcr- ILslnp cftiTtpnlgn. S150 month drawing account plxis bonus. Sec Mr. Lundstrom Noble Hotel Tucsdnv only. Do not phone. 922-pk-23 Can lake CMC of three men to sleen. 210 West Kos* tit. d23-pX-23 Wonted to Buy Wnntpd: us«l Ktovcs; (\ll Xlnds \iscd ctothlng: trallorsi fanning Miulpmcnt: carpenter tools: usod fuml- turc; anything 6crvlceah5c. Phone 051. 9:io-Dic-]o CASH FOK WRECKED OR JONK AUTOMOBILES Wade Auto Salvage N. Highway 6] Phone 3785 8-5 CX tt Advances in nuclear physics have brcught about Introduction of a new ( word, "nucllde." by one .scientist to mean n species nucleus. YOU <?c^« DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE WEATHER! Don't lei in elf men t wcnthpr (li-.stroy tho nppontniicc of your ear. A nood wnx Atitl "polish ]o> Gin Supplies Don't Icnvc Blyllievlllc to buy Gin Sniipllos. Wn nrc competitive with miy mid-south firm on these supply prices. Buy here for belter merchandise nnd lower prices. •JT U.S. Belting •jr Detroit Belt Hooks Crane Valves and Fittings -^- Pyrcnc Fire Extinguishers Sec Planters Hardware Now! City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 far Expert Keptlr* J24 Emit M»ln HI. Fotix A. Ca-ney We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinton Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cost More — Worth More MODiNGER TIRE CO. 116 E. Main Phone 2211 "Take your cJmiw, laily . . . you go cither to the Ulvthcvillo fire cleiKirlment or (o SKAY JIOTOR COM- I'ANY-" !-' Save THE FINISH Pneveni RUSTING /WWYOUR INVESTMENT AND TRADE-IN VAIUE PORCELAINIZE Noi thai n WJT — A hard inrficc kci parut ^li.ucn. I ,iv(j looks ExMter. mnrc LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Buick Service Phone 555 BLADDER IRRJTATiON 'I* ho 11 sail ds Have Found llclicf in I lie Mfiuntuin Valley Mineral Water from IiniKHis Hot .Spring. Arkansas. A pure, soothlnp aid in relk-viny irritation of dolicnln orcaiiK, hi'lpfni In stinuiliUinf! kidney action nnd eliminating sy.stL'inic wastes. Doctors hsivc jm'scribcd llii.s pleasant wntcr fnr avrr fifty yrnrs. Order a csist 1 tntby, CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and DlTlsluD , Ark. >mmw DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING f|Ri\^TE ROADS •-../ • OR ANY', EXGAVATlON S.J.COHEN Contractor iYNCIfBLDG: BLYTHEVILLE ARK. PRIOILLA'S POP Proceed With Caution 7~Fo~it , thousand . Gy AT, VERMEET

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