The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1948
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION folly rat« per un« lui cous«cutiv« inlet t ton: ..... ...... Wo ........ 1 Liuie p« Hue I iii»(.j yci line u«r day i nines pel Hue pet day I limes per line [>or dny 13 Uines per line per day lie Uines per line per day ...... Sc tiotith pci line ................ SOc Count live average words to ibo Line Art ordered lot Ltircc or six nines and •topped t»eiore tMtiiruituii wilt Oc t'/iarg- •4 ror the number ol unics itie »u appeared ucid ndjuAiNifin of bii) nmcle. . All CUuiilcd AcmiiisrnE copy mb- sjltird Uy jiersuns rc^ldliii; outside «j i lie city must be accojipaixJetl by casii Rates Jiuy be easily coinpuicd. Irom itie above table. AdYrrusing^oiMei lot irrvgulai Inacr- tlor.s tafces ih« oti» tune rate. No responsibility will t>« laJse 101 mor* than one incorrect insfruon ol • ny clhtiilltd c.d. ( All ads are iesirlcl«d lo Uicir propel clafblfie.ULoti, style HI id l)'l>*. The Co u ricr rc&vrv es t trt rlK tl L to edl l 01 rcjecl *ny Bd Apartment for Kent Two room Uimislirtl Apartment. Con pie only, no peas, Hit W. AsU. Apartment for rent, 1125 \V. Sycu- morc. 2,2J-pk-3l Apartments Wanted Apartment or house tnifumlKliPd. plionp 871. 2;!Vj>k-:t 3 w ANTKD""TO uHNT Nicely furnished llircc- I'oom apartment wanted l>y two gentleman. PorninuoMi residents. Call A. A. Fredrickson, at <MG1. 2-18-ck-U Business Service Directory. Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN BERWICK STATION Main & ULvt.uon Phon« 2563 Oon't rncl^nprr your in My with rtulty tires—BUY LF.E Tilt 105 1946 CHRYSLER, industrial motor and assembly with a 11 accessories complete. Ready for operation. "See T. I. SKAY MOTOR CO., 121 E- Main, phone 2122. 2-18-ck-lf Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage » SlEhway 91 rhor.e 31«J llU-dfc-t! Jeep parts now available at POOLF, JIOTOR CO. W» c»n rill nil your needs Get Kenulne pnrta from our complete line. »LLIS POOLE. OWNER .<: OPERATOR ' South Highway fll nt Stecle. Mo Phono sto»l« «D >> ll!12-ck-tt We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Lftt your next (ires be GENERALS COST iMOUE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. l« « MAIN PHONE lit Expert Radiator* Repair for Less We h»ro the brsi in r iu ll:uo» rcoali •qulpment. Let our ira'uefl mru boll «.«t ana repair tour ra.llatoi [nr you Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co OOUOLAS UW50N. Mcr rlione -JI7I Building Material Business Property For Rent Frozen Food lockers. Frozen Foods, 21st jind Main, !>lione 2G02. 2-t>-uk-;i-6 Coal and Wood For sale—jjoocl coal kindling'. Plenty oC it. We deliver. I'hoiie' !!.!!). Lewis! Poultry, J1Q fi. .Miiin. I COAL "If if is. coal you want" ' WE HAVE IT. Also liny—Across from lilylliGvillc Compress We Deliver 1'honu '1.I8SI .11 .'ii-ik- "Plenty of Illinois Coal" Al HESTER'S COAL YARD I'M0NIC 3I8ti FOK Quick Delivery Courteous Sorvicu S. IligJivvay Gl Florists AZALEAK-rmest varieties ntld "colors. 75i: cacli: also larjcr sizes .Send lor (Ie.'.er)rulvi3 price liv AZA1 TA UA11UENS. 207 S. llnrkiKlnli-; MCJiijmls. lcntl - -Foods THE SENORITA! Cake Hil of the Month Two smooth layers covered in thick Coffee Rum icing. Saturday's Special ;H (liivt's. 2:26-ck-2<l Kci-binjirli'.s 0 rot-en.">28 S. Division Kce oar complete line or Ircsn meats J-TIYKHS' F " ES " OYSTE "S AND Take Home n sumily or K.uclcn ve K . nalilcs s.icn „, r a,llslics. onions lel- Ulco. Krecns ami so rorlh. HP sure In nmlri- our low price., rm nil srnrerlpV for tree delivery call 2<JIM iV'"? m"r OP1> " llf ""™.^"' '•"«"'- I'eal and Jenkins Garage We nrc rnulpnnl to hKiirtle nnv khirl or Jon. InrRp or r.mi.ll wlih nil''work Clii.mntrr.1. »v ™ll for i,n,l .IcTvcr car.v cnll 2D5S. , 20-ck-29 fue/s For Sale " R "" on " nrt HI, AN HICATIf AUTo AND HOME SUPI'I.Y 317 W. M.ln ON'T BURN UP YOUR MONEY! A SET OF NEW GENUINE FORD PISTON RINGS IN CASE OF BREAK DOWNS CALL OUR WRECKER There's No Place Like Phillips For Ford Trucks! See the New 1948 Bonus-Built Trucks BUILT STRONGER TO LAST LONGER Formers Column TANKS ' TANKS ... ,. TANKS Attention farmers and Fuel Oil mifi'crs. Get an extra fuel oil tank and rack. Bo prepared for oil shortage Hlytheville Machine Shoo I'hone 2828. _______ _ • l-:!0-ck-2-30 for Sale— KHI MJrn Vhrn~^i7^ FEBRUARY 26, 1945 For Salt, Cars & Trucks KOfl SALE: In perfect film II.rn One A-model Ford Call 793 arier 4-.U, FAHMS WANTED rarjn* J(iiy sire IH North Ka^t Ar- «ansm »nrl Koiull E«u Missouri. Cash unyrr* cjiinle |unce to nell. Write jnytllrvllle Asrllpy. plionc 2:t!M Loans I'EHSONAl, LOANS , t-ir- natiitu-caiynKcr-nirnitiiri! Quick, pn- vme tcrilfc rcrsonall?ecl nticnllon nr . CONTRACT I'URCHASE CORPORATION 112 W Asti SU JJlytllcvllle Ark. Money to Loan r>o you nectl R loan 10 reualr or re- iotlcl? No aowii nftynient, no mor- nRe. lin rert li\pe PHA AI'PHUVCD RATK Se/. ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor l.vrich BnlKlln, . Ark H-V3-CX-H Plumber It yon ntrerl a licensed plutnher or eniK-rt stove repair work done, 'rail Ilntry Meyers AI Hubbaril Hardware Power Meat Saws Hlro electric r.atva ^i-i-ir^ Hi'~d c ". livery, now Kaw blaaes ror .sale or lent. Also han<l saws nnrt hladeR DELI, sco-rr Sale* anrt Service I'hon. -HW nil w Main Scales Stlmpson scales lor grocery antl inirkru. KBIrbanks platlorni ana beam xcale.i. See our displar now. DEI.l. SCOTT Sales and Service 1' 2^80 1211 w Main .MORTGAGE ! KOUKCI.OSURK ' Must sacrifice 1041 Chov- rok-t I'/j ton slake 'truck forj [ess thnii halaiice due on finance contract. Short wheel lijise, rlijii) ivheels. See Mr. : Dox.ier, 11(5 N. Second. 2-2G-ck-2t)' Trade Ins on ] Kaiscr-Frazcr Avitomobilcs I .ate Model Used Cars ' 11H7 Model IX1DOE. ttiur aoor cu« ' toin srdan M-lth radio, ht-ater. derroster : In^ lamps and fieat covers. Very low IMT" Mortfi cunYSLER Saratoji. ! tour floor Custom Sedan, lav «lle»Be healer, dr-troster nnil plastic *eat cov- l'.m Model I'ONTIAC. B Slreanillner u-llh radio, heater, rterroster. neat COT- I!H6 Model CHRYSLER Royal tour door rrdan \vlth ratllo. heater ileTro^t- ! er. seat covers. Wllh tow mlleane «nd veiv clean. You'll have to see thl» car TO aiiiurclate It 1LHI Mmlel PI.VMOUTH two door MlM-rtnJ tlrlusr with radio, heater etc A very uoml huy. It also has a new Till-: "(11" JIOTOR CO. Your Kaiser-Fra-/.nr Dealer N'. Ilitrhway Gl. Phonr- 214/> • ' zai-ck-u : The Real Little Man's I Car—the Willys JF.FP ! H 'x in your jiMre rnngn. j New modrl,s offer iilrno.u In comfort i brtvp.i ii luunUcr of essciulix! needs. ! POOI.F; MOTOR VOPANY. KLII.I pooie. ' CONFIDENCE! f ' j • jij *• I^N' * J -"^aa^^^ <?',>• One simply must have confidence in a dealer ami his personnel to do business with him. That's why more people bring their cars to us for service. We have proved our loyalty and sincere desire to do a job right. We will not let them down! LOY ESCH CHEVROLET CO. (Under New Management) 2 Wreckers ' Phone ' 24 Hr. Servica 578 Texaco Products Sciberling Tires _. Clty Help Wanted, Male 2.20-cle-37 Pr'iYate Rooms quarter, i sc " itie Photography 2 17-ck-.12 *—uunb THE NAME ,, Cu ,,,; on . s tor [hc t ~ sl HEATING ami • II A. 1.OAN3 i'+ HOME I,OANS FAIIM LOANS COMMEIIC1AL LOANS ? H A -O. ] LOANS (op electric. ' *•"". i BLAN I1KATH AUTO AND HOMK SUPPLY .,., . v .....„„„ 3 " W «»'" Plume 82,1 ! " J W rtAI ' NUT 2:n-cfc-.1.2 TKRRY AHSTRACT AN'I) KKAI.TY COMPANY Household Goods l^ in «tock R Venetian blinds nun B5 F K M*i- "''!"" H IU9 F, Mftln at ohnn PtlONF. ti23-cK-2,2f> 924-ck-tl Money To Loan On fnrm land or city prop, erly. \Ye also buy notes. COiNWAY & HOUCHINS Gleucoe Hotel Building. i-UMBER For Sale If you own your lot, have a little money, will furnish roll lumber to builfj your home. At mill, Camp Moul- trij Drive. 0. S. ROLLISON Phone 3309 . 2-lS-ck-30S Home Owners Let us install for you with Nothing down and up to 3G months to pay DEMING WATER SVSTKM WATER CONDlTIO.Sta FLOOR WRSACE OR HUBBA KD^H A1U HV AH K CO 213 \V. MAIN i 0 ~ ""*' Hoipouit ami While Kln^ cr.paruy. ' Morn^c HI.AN HKATH AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY J " w - M "'n Plume BSII FLOOR~BEAUTY Save your floors. Make I them look like new. Kent an I clectrk- floor sunder ; ,( \V,,rr).s. } Uasy to use. low rnte, com-1 plctc instructions. j Montgomery Ward! '-II Chevrolet fi passenger; I COllpe. This is a city driven -A grocery more n-ilh llvl.. ear, with new tires. ' 1",^ b and ft ,?„{ "'"'bS I '-12 Dodge pickup, oversize i ti .". t "" u ''- , 'Via-'PR-as | tires, overload springs. A real!' On Highway 61, South good one. • — ' LEE MOTOR SALKS Phone 519 "room house. West end arrow | I-argP. ailto firm HCC(ls OX- .. K ." rn " ,ey-« Grocery. J. F, ^»rmvn. j perimiCCfl SHOP FO-KEMAN. ! will" i Hest- workimr conditions untl i ~ >«..i "". COntHtioilS and | Be<lrc^n7Tl4~ef~ N |'nYir~ ! Rest salary. \Vrile full experience!. ]._!__ and <iua]ifications Box B J j "ousekoi-pms roor, '•><• Courier News — n.u luuui nan DLOCK Street, kitchen prl.llege? Musical Merchandise NEW SPINETS FASV TKHMS AS i.oso AS TWO' '' 18 West Alain, Bl.vthcville F.AHJj rn PA v ..r.i ..... .- In photographic work. Call -1377 for - potuall n]>poLulniem. or 2150 altm u p.m. lor "on the spot" coverage Ulencoe Holel. 2,18-ck-UlS When sickness strikes with a blow, We call the best doc that we know. And w itii cars that won't run, It's the expert mecli, that must come. So for the best in pictures as we know, It's always the Modem Arts Studio, Where Portraits of Distinction is our plan Made at a price that you. can stand. Modern Arts Studio 2-25-ck-tf For Sale, Farms for Sale. 750 Acres, ntiour 30D acten -i cultivation In Si. i'jT.ncis Valley I laces on concrete lilsh\v;u 11, miles' i Klve houses, can subdivide" in lire f tracts ol 120 to IfkO acres eiicti Price I !5i an acre. H. M. Cooley. .loncsboro i Arkansas. 2 2.-i-pli-3'S I - - - • - - For So li City Property One sn lol with i»-o bulldliifs. city water in noth bulldlhrs Du-.iluii:.. priced snoo. lor both Lois Avntiis. Lange St. Lcachvllle. _ 3. 11 -pk -3.1 1 four room nidise UIUL iari;e lut 'i-i- ClaiK Street. Price 521W). It hand'ts about hall cash, call or K«« LUTHKP. CiHAY PMUNK oi.) Residence 120 ET. Sycamore Position Wanted Lot 100x307 with 30x40 Building fully insulated and sealed. Propane gas heat. Complete office, 10x16 pump bouse. ,vith hot ^and cold water. „.„„„ a want Ad WR5 , shower, toilet- Immediate pos- 1 c " se wn " quicmy round mi-i ronvareicii session, call 4273' or write l»\™ n * m bX'XZ"S?>£^!? Box 585, City.- " Z;n-pk-3;i] Phone 2920 3.25-pk-; Bedrooms. Blythevtlle Hold Pljo - r A man driving rroni Florida to Washington. Irlt his brier ca« :n * '"', e C 'W "'here lie stoppe.l to ra'. Wiring bat-k to the local ncwiuaurr, Want Ad was inserted, trip 'ss or itays or 2 a ]2-19-ck-27 A young ,a,,y wno hMl - nn'r htmtecl ror a Job /or For Sale, Miscellaneous BARGAIN. feSUVnlk-Iti bo^two ami half years old. Ice cream mixer nought October '57. cost 43500. Bargain ir solrt In nexl few clays, n. C. .Inlin- son. Hoy 16. phone 503W Carutncrs- vllle. Mo. 220-PK-J7 her last ilollar to the Classlflef! de- W. Walnut. Men'onll 220-ckJ HeflTOom. convenient to oath. tu. Heal. Ptiont 3325. 611 W. Main 2;9-ck-Ll| Comlortabie bedroon 26 r ,->, for rent. Ca| Recipe for Success NEW YORK . (UP) — J. \v- Lewis. 55, who started his biin?ii Bale-Oat Straw See or Call Ullnrlle Rrogtlon Phone 768 partnjent of n large newspaper, stating her .., ^n.,,,>» , In a brier -Position Wame.1" atl -she * loutnl the one Insertion resulted In * ' variety or orrers. call oil 2,!^ Private Rooms Comfortable bedroom lor m-n or couple. Close In. 213 E. Davis .si 221-pX 27 career as a $500-a-year office in Mil. took office Jan. i as .., president of the Union Dime Sa-1 iiiR.s Bank, an institution will 143.000 dcpositers. He attrjbut' hi.s success to a habit of "alwai learniiist something more than Job raiuiicd." Read Courier News .Want Adj. NrW rour room litmsc HOOD fU roon S H-i . Uo your on,, concrete »- OT t-. S1K , Sa7c Kent a concrete miser l>y dav or MO!,, Phone «S3. Bo« 655. ar n h«vmr Art 81B-CR-U Soil Pipe ~ ^•f^r-ssf^^ir?" BLAN HIOATH AUTO ,„ AND HOME SUPPLY '" W - Mal - Phone MS ^ . 2.17-CK-33 Business ;_ppportunities~ c^lel ahllf;^'^-^ '^ N Of the Martlh'-Pa^ co^no?^ f m rs "" outswname I mure in YLAHS TO PAY • Dcccii Kecords • Sheet iMusic • Kslpy Organs I'll .MILES MiEB MORELAND'S Music Store 315 .S. Second — Phone 4222 BlytlievilJc, Ark. , Phone -1131 for the finest in photography." 2-20-ck-27 West aide, TWO corner lots. 51..100. ON Missouri St.. one sei'en rfiorn nnrt tdree roon\ nou»c S5.600. :ins I.AKK street, rive room House u-lth lurnUttre s* 750 ON NOPTH Tenth, a three room ho,:sc u-itn rilrilllure. tu-o lota 32.3.SO POS- SKSriON an<l terms on all. pnone K1ELU AOENCY. 2.W1 2 n-pK-J i Services J'aim and PapcrhanElng. phone hostess reamcc only a lew mo- iiM Deiore her stlcsts arrived the had forgotten to net tapers for I er n rt IC AH U '"H rl " R lhro "Kh the Classified Ads she round the number or a Oellrery service wSo arrived v I- h i nr lorKouen cannlfj at once tur.i^, . Mire fiasco Into a social s\u--e.<" < -1- on Clawi (leers " -,-,j Sewing * Pro!ortion apaltist all INSURAni.K HAZARDS Plionc 35^5 W. J PpMard Agency Planned Insurance SLII> COVERS made | o f» Tftrrr ••"» service. Mrs M. o. Hooper, tm" - , imnr « Phone -1.140. 22l-pk-2ii snmpson "- -• • lor juonipt ; aim plates ,,nf1 reiilnrcmenl paria i HEI.I. sco-rr OH.e Sherwood. IV-ofc 3 : 7 h,,,, ,ee utton.. outcon holes made to order. Mae Mil- ,iii - . nlclln. Formerly with Jo 234 Slicing Machines button.. ASH SI Income Tax -SKI.l, WHAT lt - i: WANT •AM) KUV WHAT VOU DQl- S^^^H! Courier an'crTp V ' m " E - A " K " t",," 01 ,c 2MO -,„,,--;V^ Several vr.irx rxpt-rici c wii p Vnu rr ria/ " M S"* 05 "' 11 "^""^^" i '^ mi Tvoewrifer Laundry while you' learn 'Nr J 0 wz&^^i&i&tizS - '-,-^^r;;.'•—..-;.,. . ^ »-»"»*•" it i HOMK LA now'at l *"""•' "'"'"• Rellr ii Alloy. I-hone^CTJ. 1 Nn '"' ' n2N j 6 ;!; Farmers, why not plow intti V Ao re.sullj Mils sptingj Tinn equipment Into profit :««'rnrV.bU 11 ' 1 ' C " w "" Mlrt 1 "" mn 'DON EDWARDS The 'IN'VK.ST I.V Cots, one/ Pets l.ath in J ractlcallj- new Home Comrort ran^e. e model wood or coal. T\vo dressers. ESt or drawers, chlriorohe. studio couch. Cieneral Electric relrlgerator. a other ho\i5chold Items. Phone Onr sllcfitlv rcRlstcr. Phonr Five rooms and cood condition on Missouri! 1 " 11 r °nditio . i i - i ' ^'erney. pho Avenue. Immemntc jiosscs- i — sion, can lie financed. | Modern FHA built home with garage. Beautiful .shrubbery. One of our host locations. Quick possession. Can be financed. See or call MAX LOGAN Bnrrott-ihs cash 1 27-ck-tr Kor fiale: 30 gallon oil hot water -rater. J2.S. Call 33&1 artcr « p.m. 2 2S-pk-28 Florence. 5 burner oil ranqc Excel- Jfin. NTrs. W. JNr T^a- 2.1". 1 2S-pk-2a Realtor Lynch Building Phone 2034 Three room nouse. partly furnished" On Tl\;i Carolyn Street. aia-pk-3ii Nice 3 Bedroom Residence Ideal location, servant house, storage room, jrarage. Concrete driveway. Living room with fireplace Mx28. Arcoln heat, weather stripped and window truants. Owner leaving city, price reduced In 511,000, $6,000 cash, bi'.hnci- FHA. Will also -sell all furniture' for ?1,000. Quick possession. U. C. CA.MPKU1.I, Office 120 S. Second Phones 4-1-16—2930 "I have no sidelines" fat Kale LnrRc Console ZKNITII UADIO In Excellent Condition SfXI Cash See Paul Human At Courier News 2 25-cX-tf For Sale 01,1) NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE 10UO tl o«eo llcer5. adding machines , . cash rtflMtr*. meat ca.«fs. neveracc co"Jer«. Sec Dell Scott. 1211 w Main or phone 22BI). I 29-ck-2 29 Two hot Call 4:n5 2 20-PK-27 Tivo room hoiK Ullv. Phone .17.!!. For Rent ror r ent. -Ill S 2 2»- p k-2n Help Wanted, Male ir yon are a salesman or reel rhnt ; SION or the Marlln-i-arn' Corjw.MHii orrer* an out.Mandlns Inlnrf- In l):v- theTllle and .MirrotinrilnB lerrltory :or • men wltn ambition. You will Dr. able to e«rn while you learn. Ir .-.elected ' roil ivtll be st?en Ihe necessary • ln». >n<l you «hoiilcl he satlsned with ' from *M 10 180 per week ror me coi:- 1 pie months. Apply to T .t Hanitn Holel Noble. BlylhevJIle. Arfc. ! salesman: Bviiw your own btislness —^Ith new General Electric promict. tor homes, orrices. Mores, laciortes etc. xtermray. eermncirtial ultraviolet Bl e o courier News. 3.26-|!*-29 2-26-Cl<-29 l l * m " s - Write'Bo ATTENTION FARMERS IN ADDITION TO OUR MANT OTHER SERVICES WF, NOW HAVE BLACKSMITHING «B:NO VOUR rixsw roivrs TO us Kxpcrtly Sharpened -Prompt Service F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Phone 2102 215 N. Second St. Taking care of Your Tires is one of many Services we render . . . Maintaining the safe, smooth operation of your car is our job, with special attention given to the condition of your tires. Tire-checking is essential, we think, for the well- being of eycry motorist. You sec, one faulty tire may cost your life and the passengers riding with you. " Let us check your tires periodically and replace if necessary with genuine Royal Air-Ride or Koval De Ln.xe Tires. Real Buick Service is Found Only at Langston-Wroten 4 f/j „ ' WALNUT AT BROADWAY * DIAL ' •&

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