The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1947
Page 10
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PACBTEN BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1947' NAM Hits Critics Of Its Prophesy Statements Rapping Price Forecast Called 'Nonsense' and 'Lies' NEW YORK, Sept. 23. (UP) — Statements disparaging prophesies by the National Association of Manufacturers that prices would level off within a reasonable time after abolition of price controls" we re described today as "sheer nonsense" arid "barefaced lies" by the NAM •News, weekly publication of the manufacturers organization. The publication said such statements formed tlie "party line of the 'planners' who now are frantically trying to recapAurc the ghost, of OPA: or some oUier form of managed economy." ' "Production of manufactured goods is up—way up," the publication said, "and. "When production gets into full swinf, competition is operating as a brake on prices . . . it is safe to predict that had nat so many monkey -wrenches been thrown into the economic machine last year, we'd not te faced today with tlie serious problem of high prices." The NAM News added that "1940 produced a record wave of strikes Vfhich cost 110,000,000 man-days of production at a time, it was most needed to case inflation pressures." Living casts actually, declined last December and in Jnnunry and February of this year, the publication said. "But along came; the second round of wage rises, accompanied by extrn-ordm,nrilj- heavy government purchases of foodstuffs, not Where Will the Dog Stay? Former Has Come Far In Last 125 Years I CHICAGO (UP)—The fanner has made wide strides forward toward efficiency during the last century and a quarter. In 1787. the surplus food produced by 19 farmers was needed to feed one city dweller. But today, according to the Wov;ti l~ook En- cyclopaedia. 19 farmers tan feed 58 cily folks in tills toiuilry and export enough to feed 10 people .'n other countries. Mrs. Clny Henrty stands beside ;t six and one half by clKlH and one half foot playhouse in St. Joseph, Missouri, which she and Her husband are UMMK as temporary living quarter.'; after a futile search tor an apartment. Tin; dog. ,sho\vn \vith Mi's. Heady, vacated the tiny house so they could movu in. (NEA Tclephuto.i IN THE PUOlSA'l'K COURT FOll Till) CIIICKASAYYHA DISTRICT OM MISSISKH'l'f COUNTY, ARKANSAS. n lite mutter <>f the cshile uf J. A. Bishop Deceased Notice to Creditors Notice Is hereby yiven that the undersigned was on the 15th day of September, 1947, appointed Administrator of the Estate of J. A. Bishop, Deceased. AH persons havin;; claims against said estate arc hcre- by notified to exhibit them to the undersigned Administrator, properly nulhenticaled, within six; from the date of the first publication of this notice or they will lie forever barred and precluded from imy benefit in said estate. The address of the undersigned Adrninlslration is c'o Morse and Kirschner. Blythcvllle, Arkansas. Dated thin the 15 day of September. 1947. Byron Morse Administrator of the Estate' of J. A. Bishop, Deceased, ' Holland & Taylor, Attorneys for Administrator. 9:10-23-30 only inflationary in themselves but made in such a way as to .stimulate speculation and thus push commodity markets through the roof." Four hundred thousand pounds of ammunition could be hurled in half an'hour by an American armored division in World War II. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 : ,, The doodlebug, nlrborne magnetometer used (o spot U-boats (luring the -Avar, Ls now beliiK used I on aerial surveys that may unlock secrets or volcanoes. "Could you charge a couple of candy bars, Mr. Jones? I'd probably have the cash if Uncle Sam wasn't sending so j much monev to Eurone." _ I FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER It's a Damsel by ElijobctliScifert. DiUnfculcdLyNEA SLRVICt. INC XXXII Nancy broke Sti, T t ,^ G things 1 saici to you ast night—'* "What did you .say'last night .hat we need remember? It \vas nonsense, and I knew it. Woodward's a born troublemaker—but hasn't got me 'licked, Nancy. He's not due to get the things he wanted to get out of all his schem- ng. And you *md I—' 7 He held the phone closer, his voice dropped. "It's just you and 1 again, darling. Do you remember when we were alone this way before? 1 ' "Yes, Malcolm." "Twenty-four years, isn't it?" "All of that." : ''High time for another honey- jmpon, then. .We'll have fun, Nancy-." I She sighed. "It would be rather jsweet, just the two of us—'* ; "And exciting, too > maybe/ 1 hi Jsaid deeply. • She laughed. "Excitement, for jyTFO old people like us? My dear, rFm afraid that part is over." ' "What do yon mean, it's over? 1 ;he demanded. "Nothing is over ii - jyou have it to remember ns I re. (member our first honeymoon iNancy." ; \ "And you 1 11 forgive me for be!mg foolish?" she asked. i "I've nothing to forgive you for 'Nancy." i "Malcolm?" ! "Yes, dear?" : 1 ''We're forgetting Nikki." • "What about Nikki?" ', "Well, Brian is downstairs wit -her—and Dr.,Woodward said he' 'drop In this afternoon—Brian an •Nikki had a silly quarrel—-part o jit over Andrew—but I'm : they'll make up if he doesn't com 'in and spoil things. I mean, fwouM be an interruption—he doe 'seem able to stir things up, yo tkno\v—so, I thought if you—" \ Malcolm's face was stern. ink so, loo, Nancy. Woodward on't spoil things. I've told him stay away from my home-, iituJ 1 see Unit he docs so." * * * IE set Ihc phone down, bis face grim. He strode down the hull am to Woodward';; ofl'ice, not ire that ho had made his order rm enough to restrain "that an." Miss Dyson said Dr. Woodard was in Dr. McAn's ollice. he grinned. "You can hear 'cm, odor." Tvlalcolm nodded. "So you can; 1 ' e said softly, lie went to Pop's lite, opened the door, stopped 'ithin it, not attracting the notice C the angry man in the wheel iiair, nor the tall, red-headed oclor who stood like a schoolboy efore him. Pop was roaring like bull, his face suflusccl. "Don't, think because I'm tied to lis damned chair like a bale of oUoti Hint I don't know what's •cen going on. 1 know what ouVc been try in* to do, \Vood- vard, and why!" Andrew looked nt the finger- ails of his right hand, "1 don't now what you're getting at, Dr. Vic An,. but I am ciuUo sure you houUl not excite yourself." 'Not excite; myself!" shrieked p. "Then don't protend you nvc nnocent. 1C I thought you really did not know what I am talking about, if I believed you were unconscious of your Ivihavior and ts import, I'd despise you, Woodword. Od's boots, I'd rather have an out-and-out villain io deal with any day than n fool. But you're no, fool. You've been domncd clever, I'll grant you thnt. TtumU heaven, you haven't entirely succeeded in your sabotage. I'm still Chief, and Malcolm's still Acting. And you've no chance lo take either plncc. Though you've tried —and trying, you've clone barm aplenty. "Well, sir, you're no longer needed in this bospilal. Matter of fact, your sort isn't needed in any hospital I over saw, and I've ;een my share of 'em. Hal" Snoring, Pop fumbled for a tissue. The box dropped from the table, and Malcolm sprang to retrieve it. Pop looked at him, his old eyes tired. "Take over, will you, son?" he said wearily. "I'll be glad to, sir! Though I Eli ink your temper luis overcome your, judgment." Malcolm turned to Woodward, his face stern. "The Hospital does need Woodward, Pop, so I'm not in favor of firing him. A pediatrician, a good one, is not easily.come by.". "You can't work with a man like him!" " I en n wo rk w ith hi in," Mai- col in sail! tightly, "And 1 can see that be works." lie glanced briefly into Andrew's bleak eyes. "I am sure Dr. Woodward agrees with mo." "But Malcolm," Pop fretted, •ho—" "You can't tell me one thing about what he is, or what he's clone! 1 know, and Woodward knows thnt I do. That point is very important. It's the bolt drawn from his gun. Besides—" His glance focused sharply upon the troubled face of Andrew Woodward. I; I think Ihc situation here in tho Lair, and Dr. Woodward's position, is going to be—er—- clumped under the new scUup." "You mean—?" Pop prompted, his little eyes bright. Malcolm was standing very rrccl; bis voice rang with convic- ion. "Dr. Woodward is to blame, •cnlly, for the improvement. His contribution may have been involuntary, but it was he who Ij rough I u s D r. G rcgor, and ccr- lainly he was the one to improve my vision." "So you want to keep him on, out <iC gratitude'.-"' Pop asked softly. Malcolm laughed. "Well, perhaps not gratitude. Bui 1 want to keep him hero." "Serve him right," Pop mumbled. Then he glanced sharply at Andrew. "You heard what Dr. Glenn said?" he asked meaningly. "And don't be coming to me with your complaints 1 . From now on, Malcolm's the head man in this Hospitall" ., fc^-*Ai THK END ,;*jiiEB Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba STAND BACK ! you WAMT '10 MUSS ffi/ _, HMR, / GATEWOOD GROCERY i Phone 975; Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch 7 Crown ...... Culvert Schenley Three Feathers Hili& Hill Old Taylor Four Roses . . . . 5% Beer GAS, reg H«H. 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.40 Ft. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Mb 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 per Case $2.88j 77.5c; Ethyl 19.5:« • All Brands Cigarets,ctn. $1.35| ••••••••••••••••••••••i Upholstering Add new colors to vonr home and prolong the life of your furniture. 1. Expert Craftsmen 2. Finest Materials 3. Custom Styling E. V. WALLS 21st Street at Gateway WELL, AFTER i Gor MY HAJRCur AS A DISGUISE", WE WENT SNOOPING AT THE HOLE-IM- OME' / PISQUISF; WAS A FLOPEPOO, BUT WE SOLVED we CAse, ANVrlOW/ ^WKFfrfl ,YOJ MSAM YOU KNOW WHY LARDS ~EEN ACTIM& SO STUCK UP? Sales STUDEBAKER Service ST UDEB AKERS Jj CHAMBLIN SALES CO. £ D E B A K E R STUD EBAKE HS Let our skilled mechanics take care of your cars and trucks. Complete line of parts. Prepare for winter now —let us install n heater on your truck or car. Complete line of accessories, radios, foe'iBlits, seat covers, batteries, flares, bumper guards STONE TIRES. and a complete line of FIRE- 1941 Chevrolet 2 speed axle. 8.25 tires 1941 Chevrolet 314 ton truck 1U40 Fortl - 1 ton stake foody 1917 Sow Ford 2 Speed Axle 825 Tires 1<M7 New International K-5 2 Speed Axle 8.25 Tires 1947 New StmlehakOT Hi Ten IjOnij Wheel Base 1941 Ford Coupe 1941 Dodge 2 Door A real Buy 1939 DeSota 4 Door—Clran 1939 Plymouth 2 Door A renl Job Trade With Confidence with Chamlilin. These Curs ' Curry a 30 Day .Guarantee! WASH 11) BBS Poor Old Mi-Kee HI Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople IF SOD EXPECT TO AROUND TlMKER!,, \MlTrt THKT GOOFV FLNTRAR 13 A.ND FEEDING THKT WRESTLER WHO FALLS OMER FlRe- PLUSS, LET NV& TELL VoO: M^.R.T^\^ HOOPLE AMD . BOW SA.V HO.' -VOD'R& GOINJG To PATtEMCE, MrXRTHfv, ^V A SIT LONiGER/ Out Our Way By J. R. Williams BUT IT'S UER.H HE WOULD VI.TIHXLIN C M-L SOU (X BUT HV CONDUCT \f ItMV.! CftH'T BELIEVE H&S MWWJ5 BCEW '' J.P. WCDLD DECEIME WE REPROftCH! , c ME...SUT I HRMEHT I DOM'T EVEN KNOWf FORoOIUH TOW UPSET If MOOEL5 '. ,X K6 WAS WHEN I SftW -~^ ~f THAT PANCER'S PHCTTDS ~~>f , ^-^ IN HISROOW. t fe^ M. /yj. '/ i OlDU'T DftRE SHOW THE ' L6TTEK TO WcplDDLE f\HD TSK.TSK'.l'M IVFEMD VOOTL HftvJE TO ROrtftTCH ... IT MWiES fAE SOUND WORSE THAN EVEN SUSPECTED! WKMM. f"OMNCW OSUO 0FF&ETTKI5 UfJFOP.TUNOTE INCIDENT! RED RYDER / IT WAS I AM AWFUL MEMACE \ TO TR-NFFIC.. \ CUIMBISJ' DONJ'T WORKV-- IT'S RUIMED ME . 50 I'LL OH, A FAMCXJfo CLP LAMDMAKVt V\"HCKE eOB WHITE L' AM' BKEK: CHIPMUNK HUNG CX_IT.' VOU'VE RUIMED THE OLD CCKNER: Explanalion Oemnnded . RltJrtT .. roe re-'5 LVoUK STORT/ By FRED II ARM AN M-LKY (K)P What They Up To? By V. T. HAMUN ij|:^| P : iiPiiiSlfe ? \ •' V;> • j'?vv_ii.v.y:- VANI5HIMG AMERICA VIC FLINT ItSTEN AT JAN OS'S WINDOW lUCKT*. AND LET ME KNOW WHAT ¥DO HEAR. I'LL Bf WAIT- A Friendly Warning S pulled the '"^ bell undev •that double tlirt teen and stepped into Janus Wadham's hall. BY MICHAEL 0'MAI,I,EY and RALPH LANE DOWN THE > HAIL ASOTO THE RJSHT, MR.f UNT. BUT F1EMF. MAKE NO SUDMN MOVES FOOZY'S.' THEWS SPOTTED ME. SURE . AND HyU BUDDIEM Agreed By EDGAR MARTIN VOOK, DOO, 1 of- . VWi\-t ^U I ftt "WNt

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