The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1947
Page 9
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KSDAY, S1CPTEMBEU 2«,. 1U47 BLYT1IEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE BETTER HOMES )nlined Blazes educe Losses Safer Construction With Flame Barriers Is Urged for Nation "The first five minutes at nny re is woiih the next five hours." This is nn axiom cf sill fire de- artments. and it is why fire pro- iction groups and architects are Iressing tlic importance of bulking homes and other structures so hat. fires will be coniiitrd to i. ornn. roof. InisemciH or other urea vhere they start. If flames can be :etnrdcd until the fire department arrives, damage usually !s rela'ivclv small. Much Lumber l.osl Modernization of builrt:iu; co'les and adoption of regulations '.vncre noun exist, to provide a nrentcr degree- of fire-safe construction throughout, the niition is at the top of the agenda of the roccp.tly- formed President's Conference on Fire Prevention. The more important cons'.iuc- tion practices which are bvms urged to lower the daily fire toll in America (1,000 in homes alonj) which destroy enough lumbar annually to build 200,000 fire-room dwellings, include. Fire-barriers within walls, basements and attached garages finished and blocked off from '.lie rest of the house with firc-re- sistent materials and doore. r-nti 1 ire-retarding barriers between ll'.n, roof and attic space. I*revent Spread of Fl-iim- Rock or metal lath, covered For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. Light Where It's - Needed ' Daylight with privacy is a dividend cained in modernizing this 30-year-old kitchen. Before the remodeling, windows over the sink had to be shaded to prevent outsiders from .seeing into the house. Replaced with glass block, the entire area brings In daylight. This panel requires no curtains or shades because the block is nut transparent. No Indication of Size The size of a mountain lion's tracks is no indication of the fiize of the animal itself. A large female will make smaller tracks than a male who is lier inferior in stature. with gypsum plaster, a regarded is nn excellent fire-resistant treatment for walls and ceilings. Solid blocks of gypsum, short lengths of two-by-fours between all wall studs, or fireproof mineral wool insulation filling the wall spaces will prevent the quick spread of flames through the walls to other parts of the house, according to the Construction Research Bureau of New York, clearing house for building information. Although Lhe number of fire-resistant roofs has increased greatly in recent years, there are all too many .still made of combustible material. A large percentage of ail fires start on roofs from outside causes, and even it a roof is fire- resistant, and even if a roof Is fire- resistant, added protection for the house can he provided by nailing: baits of mineral wool between all the rafters. Numerous cases are in fire department records '\here roofs have been completely burned away. but. upon reaching the fireproof barrier beneath, the flames have been stopped or slowed so the rest of the house was .saved. New Radiators Available In Three Basic Types Convector pifUntors for uc\v honie.s. or for use in motlcrnlzin;; old homes, nre. Kf'iornlly iivaihiblc | in three basic types. in- j clu<le the floor cabinet I'liclosnro. • the recossi?il enclosure, and the I wall-cabinet stplc. The floor cabinet enclosure is designed both for free slnndini; installation and for recessed installation in walls, usually beneath windows. The recessed enclosure, n s its name inipltes, is for rccessitig iti •u alls, either completely or partially, when coinpk'tely recessed lo consen'c limited floor space, it is tn.stalleci with the front of the enclo.suie flush with the adjoining walls. Wall cabinets. \vith .sloping top or vertical face grille, are hung on the wall and are generally for commercial nnd institutional use. They permit easy cleaning of floors. Rent Officials To Consider Cost Increases To carry out Iho provisions of Coni'rcss' llous!ii(! and Kent Act i'f 1347. lent officials hencr-.foiih will give more consideration to landlords' increased costs, according to C. A. Cunningham, rent director for the lilythevllle Area. "This menus that where services cost more, or fiiriiitiire and equipment are higher, or when nny other fin-tors substuntlnlly chniiKu the ratio between onrrallnK costs lex- eliidliil! interest* and tho gross rrntiil income, the new reguations per mil rent Increases." he said. •Such increases will lie made in direct proportion to the Increased costs us they nre established. Mr. Cunningham said. For example. If a landlord now furnishes nn electric refrigerator where none WILS furnished before and (he rent director finds tho price of such re- frtacralor 33 1,3 per cent higher lo- Modern Methods Simplify Task of Rebuilding Ceiling Modern "dry wi\ll' construction nunhods simplify Ihc of lowcv- liii; the lielKht of nn old-fashioned high Cellini- or robulldtns a Ceiling which has become ilisfluncil by cracks or S(sji!li>R. bulUlers report." The Job now can be done quickly at moderate cost. Ihey point out through uw of Insiihdlm; Imard plunk or tlleboard, In addition lo sen-Inn «s structural mntcrials. those non-lumber pKKluctn provide efficient Insulation in the cellinn. the )X>int of lirrnii'.sl hcul escape In winter and heal cnlviincc In Ninn- nier. Made nf wood, cane or oilier vi'ei'tuble fibers, they are produced in rigid panels which arc i-usy to a|>l>ly nnd need no finllicr decorat- To lower the height ol a cclllns. sillily luiil the plunk or lllebonrd lo new Jolsl:s placed al Hie desired colliiij; height. When the lielnht ol a disfigured ceiling is will.sfiictniy. Ihc board Is nailed lo furring strips , cally than til (ho time the mnxi- j which In turn are .secured to the mum rent was established, he will existing joists through the eld pin.*.' the acid 13 to the allownnce for rental of such a refrigerator. If com has increased 30 ix?r cent since the maximum rent was established at $10. the rent may be increased 30 per cent; to $13. "We feel that using such increased costs and any other relevant- factors will allow us to avoid inequities and hardships — and no one wants more to avoid those than we do," Mr. Cunningham said. Insulating bonrd plank comes in iiiirrow widths and various lengths, while the tllelxiurd Is made In comparatively stnull squares and re:- lagles. Both nre available in a variety ol colors and surface textures. They require no linl.s'hing trea'.- nient. but may \K painte<l If one M desires. Contract Term Which Often Puzzle Buyers Defined Here Hew Numbers 4474 and 4475 But Same Reliable Service 'For Work Done Right" CALL NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners 220 North 2nd Street New Osceo/a Building To House Two Firms OSCEOLA, Arl:., Sept. 23—Foundation work has been completed on a new $30.000 building here which svill house two business firms. The 00 l>y 105-foot building is centrally parlitoned ami will house the 'Wardell Laundry-Cleaners and Steed's Ice Cream Co. It is located South of Osceola on Highway 61. To be constructed of concrete block nnd brick veneer, the building will have class brick fronts. Read Courier News want Ads. Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings Low Net Cost Protection For Service W. L. TAMKE i «08 E. Darts St, P. O. Box 431 ' I Phone Z4S7 Blythevnir, Ark. J Uniform Grading Of Oak Flooring Assures Quality With oak flooring once more available willvout, pritu-it^M. r ( l- thougli still in .short supply, It Is retninlnu its position as the No. I Iloorme ninteiial for homes and apartment buildings, accord'np. (o Irnelc reports. Builders rstliii.iti 1 thai approximately ao per ci",>t of all residential flooring In the United States is oak. One of the highlights of the slory behind this preference, according lo lumber men, Is the rigid system of uniform jjnulini; to which all leading niannfacluri'rs of oak flooring subscribe. Thew rules, approved by the Bureau of Standards of the U. S. Department of Commerce and enforced by the National Oak Flooring Manufacturer's Association unsure the consumer of guaranteed grade and (lun'ity. • All flcorin" produced by members of the association is inspected carefully mul graded by experts, then clearly identified -so the purchaser can see exactly wllnl grade he i.s (;etling. Since the rules arc uniform, (he quality of u given grade or oak llooring is always the same. That i.s not to Kay. however, thai all oak floors are identical In ap- pCLirancc. On the contrary, each possesses an individuality of character. No two arc'alike. This is due lo the fact that oak is a natural prodtict, rather than man-made. The trees have infinite variations of Grain, color, mineral streaks and other characteristics. In lloor- ing these form beautiful patterns could not be duplicated by rnnn. One tree may contain portions of •ood so di.ssunilnr in appamncc Lhat they 'arc classified into several different grades. Appearance Is the chief consideration in grading, since all oak used for flooring fulfills requirements such as strength, durability and resiliency. Architects Will Have Exhibit at Pan-Am Meeting A comprehensive pictorial exhibit of life in I lie United Slates nnd of the way (he people live, work and play in thai counlrv will be displayed to the architect:; of North and Latin America In Minn, I'eru, Julian clarence Levl, Chairman of the Committee on Intcrnii- lional Relations of The American Institute of Architects, announced today. "The exhibit, which was prepared by The American Institute of Architects and Tile American Insti- Inie of Planners, in collaborallon with, the U. S. Department of Stale, will have its firsl public, showing at the Sixth Pan American Congress of Architects .«'. will meet in Lima October 15 to 25." v,;-. Lev! said. "Consisting of 50 panels, four feet square, the exhlhll will give the architects or the Western Hemisphere a representative and accurate picture of Hie physical plan: of the Uniled Slale.s. This birds- eye view of architectural and community planning practices consists mainly of pictures contributed bv members of The American fnsl;- tulc of Architects, the Architectural Forum, nnd the Public Buildings Administration, by Columbia University, nnd by The American Institute of Planners," he explained. When the buyer at n home alls down with tlic re:il estate brokor and the seller of lhi> properly lo close the iran.sncllon he will be handed severui U'Kol docunu'rit.i lo slun. Tin- average buyer of realty does not niuln/.tiiml miiny of the terms used in Ihese various lesnl pullers. For that reason., he .should employ a coinpelenl atlcirney to sit In with him at the time the deal is closed. In an ellorl ID standardi/.c 1 dellnUlons nnd make them uiKicr- .stniidable lo everyone, the N:i- llnnal llnreim of fjtundiivd.s lias issued a slossary of lernis used in ordinary leal e.slate Iransacllnn.s. Tin: most common ones follow: Abstract ol Tllte—A sutnmary of all conveyances In show con- lluully of ownership, .such us deeds oi' wills and leunl proceedings, Klvint; Ihe iiiimc.s of parlies, full description or the land, nnd any UKIvcmenl.s that hnvn Ijecn ninde throuuli I lie vnrloiis uwnershlps. Accrnnl —.Sums of money \vhlch i hnve Jiccuimiljilcd in n renulnrly 1 recm'rlnii period, such us la.xes. | Amoi'tl/allnn -- Tlui seliedulcd l>aymcm of u [Ixed amount at lar intervals to cover Interest on Ihc morla^uRe and n pny- uent on Ihc principal, nnd flntiml that the morli:ane will be paid full nl tho end of 10, 15, 17. 'JO or '25 ycnr.s. Dcbcnlme-.Viilunlly :i promissory nolc wllich Is not a specific lien upon any of Ihe real prop-1 crly of (he issuer nnd cnn 1)C collected only hy action at Ian 1 . Dcprcclnltim — Loss In value due lo nil causes. Accrued depreciation Is Hint which bus taken plncc during a Klvcn prrincl. In appraising, It is usually Ihe difference beUvecn (he valuallon ul the date of valun- lion nnd the csilnintcd reiiluc'i lent cost of the properly In new ctmdl- tion. East-incut—A vested or acquired right lo use land without, pay-" mcnt for a .specific purpose such as a utility iwlu line, expressed In money of the owner Kqiilly — The Interest iiiually "I a properly above all Hens a- gainsl liie properly. l-Xeheat—Ucvcrston of property to I lie slate usually by reason of lack of heirs. j Cirant -A conveyance of nn Interest in real property. | Lii'ii--A charge nxalnst property whereby the property IH mode security for payment of a debt. Mortgagee — One who lentil money on a mni'lgage. | Mortgagor—One who borrowo money on a mortgage. The S«l«ctiT« Sonic* • draft and changing employment mak* U nvceuary to k*«p an accurate check on all Fidelity bond*. When placed through this agency, readjustment* may be made quickly; with your interests always protected. NOBLE GILLl AOCN C V I CLINCOI HOTIL • LOi. I'll Call your FULLER DEALER for the world famoui Brooms, Bcuihei, Mops, Wax and Poliih. For EASIER Housecleanine DIAL 2993 CAUTION! Faulty Wiring Causes FIRE :: : L)on't take risks in tlic city or on the farm ... let our experienced electricians do the job rit'ht. Amateur wiring has caused fire to strike again and again! We do the job right—For Expert Electric Wiring - Any Kind! CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC 116 No. First SHOP Phone 2993 A Rulgcrs U. helium liniiefier achieved a temperature ol -l^G rccs below zero, only 4 degrees nhovc absolute — the point :il which matter contains no heat. Read Courier News Warn fiat. I For Dependable ! RADIO I REPAIRS i Phone 578 We Pickup and Deliver LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. .•501 W. Walnut St. C. C. ELDRIDGE lllylhcvllle •'hum: -HSU Fine Quality Fixtures i Make a Difference! Fixtures of superb <|iwlily prove their worth in dur- iibilily MIH! in beiuity. lit; KUI'O you' buy QOOD fi.\- lui'L's for that new home of your;;. We Feature: • CRANE • AMERICAN STANDARD • KOHLER "PETE" the Plumber 109 N. First Phone 2731 /-" Of V01 "* . '"V"TM t NT INSURED Kach savings or investment account in the lU.YTIIHVlLLK l-'KDKUAL SAVINGS & l.OAX ASSOCIATION is fully insured by an agency of the U. S. Government, up to ?5000.00. Call or see us now to learn how your savings will be secure, and still earn money for you. BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL SAFETY GOES BACK TO SCHOOL As boys ,'ind K"'ls Umiinj back tu school this month, one of llicir most viliil and necessary lessons is SAFliTV. Yet, every liay they can nolicc drivers breaking tlic rules; "cheating" the ligbl, driving with faulty brakes, "failing" to 'pay attention in traffic. >St), beginning today, let's see an "honor class'' of cautious motorists with perfect scores in driving safety! Blytheville Water Co BERNARD ALLEN, Haaifer 4 Water Is Your Cheapest 124 W. ASM ST. PHONE 3545

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