The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1948
Page 13
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THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 2G, 10IS K1.YTHKY1L1.E (AUK.) CO leal Loaf Year round Favorite Cooks Find Variety Of CombJnafions In Flavor Possible lost lost Is n scar nround favor- \vhich provides an almost im- | ling variety of flavor combiua- i us. For the Juclcst of meat | ve.s. \vc recommend one inchtil- [iioinid pork, llcfaiiso ir.s soine- ic.s difficuH to yel the !e*s cx- j.slvc |>urk nils ground !m \< I, bulk pork sausage may be used •y nicely to make, a juicy inriu jj The sausage meat not, only •f itles juciiicss. but also gives loaf BII intriguing flavor. Here's a recipe for a Beef and usage loaf which is easily mixed, keil. sliced and omen! Heef anil Sausage l.oa[ pounds ground bee! lioinit) bulk pork sausage cup finely minced onion cups soft breatl erumbr. teaspoon salt teaspoon pepper Nlii;lu!y bctltcu eggs cup finely diced celery cup catsup Mix all iKrrdicnls and turn hit') greased nr oiled ft x 5 x 3 inch "if pan. in a moderate oven. 30 deprec.s P.), for one hour and minutes. Serves G. Meal l.oat Variations Meal: For the ground beef, have uck ground or buy ready-ground cf from Hie market. As Ft com- nation of meats produces a juio meat loaf, Uy combining one ituul of ground beef with '•; pound ilk sausage (as in previous recipe) ':• pound ground pork and >'. tund sround veal. For furthe"r riation. substitute '_• riouiul ouiirt bologna with a pound of ef. I.iriuiil: Meat stock, milk, tomato ice. diluted canned sotips. catsup ' ctuli sauce may be used. Seasonings: Onion, sa^e. \Vor- slcrshire sauce, celery salt ami irlic salt are among the season- p.s most commonly used for meat af. Cinamon. mace and cloves in nail quantities are sometimes usen. . € icy variation for ground bccfj pork loaf includes the addition, arscradish. dry mustard, green ilpr nnd catsup. Ways In nuke: Baked in a rim; old. Juicy beef loaf has that i :omc and eat me" appeal! Grease le mold well before filing with: ic loaf mixture. Bake for 1 hour' a 350 degree f. oven. Fill center Ith vegetables, creamed or plain. . . With their good share of out-i de crustiness, individual meal I avcs appeal to all. They'll bake in: lortcr time, just, 45 minutes. To reparc. shape meat loaf mixture! ito individual loaves, just the right; '.rving size for each member of 1C family. If desired, a spicy .sauce ay be poured over the loaves to aze them while baking. Storage: You can keep baked cat loaf lor several days, wrap- id well in waxed paper and stored the refrigerator. It's fine for indwtches and 'late snacks. Upside-down meat loaf offers nolher way lo bake tempting incli- idual servings for the family. To ',||ire soak dried apricots for half n^aour In just, enough lukewarm ater to cover. Drain and place In attorns of buttered muffin pans, rcpare meat loaf mixture and ack into muffin pans on top of pricots. Bake in a moderate oven. 150 degrees P.)- for 45 minutes., urn out with apricot on top and -rve Immediately. Lenten Cheese-Fish Dish FISH FH.I.ETS FLOHKNTINU 1 rup coottrl chopped ivtll !1 teaspoon lilt drained spinach i^ teaspoon verier -V, ru|i loll brrad rrumtjs l)i Its. nilels ol Inddork 3 ublejliooris .Mayonn.-uie Ji cu]t nicHcd [Milter or inai^.xrlne l!j teaspoons Btatcd onion 1 cii|i ilimldrd American thttse Toss Hie spinach, crumbs, mayonnaise, onion and seasonings lightly together. Sprinkle the fish with salt and pepper. Place half of it in n well greased shallow pan. Cover with the spinach mixture and top with llic rciiiaiiiiii.-; Jish. Brush \villi mcllctl liul- tet- or margarine, nnko. uncnvcrccl. in a moilera'.c oven, :',75". for 30 minutes. Remove from the m-m ami sprinkle wilh Ihe slircddccl cheese. Bake until the cheese has melted. Dumplings Offer Old-Fashioned Food for Moderns Winter's most satisfying meals are olten old-f,i.sliioncrt favorites adopted from our srandinoth'.'rs. Dumplings arc one of these spe- cialities uo homemaker should pass ' up, says ricba Slangs, food author- ' ity. for they offer the poriibnUy of a great deal of variety. For the most part, 'rttiinpliHss are prepared with moisture-cooker! ! meat.s. Stew and dumplItiHs. or soup and dumplings are popular among hearty foods. I'"or a Ijasic dumpi'ug recipe, U is possible to follow one lor bis- ; cults. Enough liquid is added so that the douph may be dropped by spoonfuls. Spoonfuls of the mix are diopperl on trip of tin- food wilh which they are cuoliod, 'In 1 vessel is covered Uahlly. and tin: riumplinps cooked untii done. A pan wilh a tighl-fiitini: cover Is as important to dl!mplinr;.s n,s H Is l<> the moisture-cooked meats. However, during the time the dumplings are cooked, the cover must never be removed, or the dumplings will not achieve their acharactcristic. feather} 1 lightness. The type of dumpliup depends on the food with which It will be served. For example, with soup, cheese dumplings or parsley dumplings are a Rood choice. To jnafcr them, add chopped parsley or crated cheese to tile dry Ingredicnls i just before combining with the 11- j quid in the recipe. Tomato dump- I lings arc delicious with a pot- • roast, and can be made easily by using tomato juice 1 for tile liqulrt in the dumplings. Pies in Winter Mean Fxtra Good Winter urntlier is a good tune tn satisfy family i T; ivli|..- s for pie mid other pastries. irrnrllfr (nods lire Popular during cold weather, and a luu'ni kitchen lull of the odor ol taklllp ,,!,.., |j. i],i|.,]|y Ihc focal iwlnt ror liouselmltl urtlvlly. As winter s]!ccl:ilt:i>5. |iel)a SlURUS. homo economist. sn-.:;u'>is pte.s of fanned fruit, oy canned fruil in cream. To complement me Roodnes.s ol these pics, she further susersls •' crust made uitn | ;1 nl. to Insine Its temlrrticM and flavor. I'les for the whole weekend can be started at one time, the food specialist adds. For example, nt Ihe time a UVU-ITIISI pie Is baked. imollid- p:r-.thell can be rolled nut and baked at Hie same time, thi-n filled later. Prom a flavor slnnrt- l>omt. baked fhell Is at Its best it mil .stored IciiRcr than two duys, under ordinary storage conditions, Diniiffli p.Tsii-y nl iv made with liird will keep In'dcdnltely in the ref i iterator. As examples ni pies to he served during this season. Miss SlaKgs su^,s ti cherrv pie made will] orange jnlco and a bit. of grilled nrnndc rind; an apple pie with li'.own si mar ami cinnamon, i ral- .••in pie with Mien! upples. and a erenin pie uiih peaches or apricots. Group telephone conversations FnANKuT^i»V'"w"'- k A Frank- without Die i,.-e of regular liull-jlin College fralerilitv dance turned .virtual telephone sets arc now pos- out to be a slick affair when nn siblo Ihrotiuh the use ot an cine- I absent-minded janunr covered tile . ironic de\ii-e railed a Jordaphone. dunce floor \vilti oil Instead of wa\ Unseen I^xrcpL ity Radar A flock of flyins over Ens- liuiti. wrre never .scon by human ryr-s. yrt an R.A.P. ladr.r sintioj] kept then: in the field for 90 minutes and knciv exactly what .speed they were tiayelin? the entire time. Popping corn without the usual ws Is ixwsible with a lien- clcc- •Icnlly operated gadget. It Is nll- luminum with detachable handle id Is so constructed that every rain of corn pops. I'rc-Srasniictl TntU U.sir^ n prineipat of phy.sioloisv. ' Ui-. A. Gsnduchfnil. of Paris, in- ! jcclcd sauces r.nd sca.sonms (ili'ei-r- ly into Ihe blood streams of chick- ; ens. uith the contention tlii.s aid- ! ed to the flavoring to penetrate the meat, making it unncrc.varj- ;o , ."iC.ioon it in cyijriin^ the fowl. I Fur trnppinp nas Utah's first bi~ industry and flourished from 1£2 to 1840. SoThrifty To Get Mothers and Lovely • • • Oats Benefits Dishes Too I EVERY PREMIUM PACKAGE HOIBS A SPARKtlNG PIECU MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN TO BAKE A MAM rojr lltitii Jon not reqnift [ntrboiling Place f.ii siilc up on :i in ati open pun. Use no wnicr. Hike in n slow oven O25'F.) Accortlinf; to I'nt- lowing weight schedules: I6lo IS till. -.f [[> H- iirl. or about 15 inin. per llv 12 [O ISIl».-3',ico 1 hrs. or 3hnuc 16 min. per Ib. 10 to 12 Ibi. - i (o .\V: lii». or about 1R rnin, per IK 8 10 lOlb!. — 2^'t 10 i liri. or aboul 20 mio. per i'l. 10 Mb. pel. ~i in 2'ihn. r iboin J: min. per Ib. Remove pajicr and all rj'ml. Cover with one of the (ol- lowinr; places: :^ t - ll j, hrou-n iu^'itr nnt[ I talilc.- spnon flour; 2^ tup brown sugar and I tablespoon musurd. Hake in hot oven (•«)()' F.) for 15 iiiuiiitcs. or till ilic desired l>rown. tt> luic fur H.IIII cncrr.,- ,,n,l iliri.inj; Krtxu -Moihr^ I)'.,, d.ily-ii'^.fliVn lo KCl src»l hcncfiis! M,,/, tr ; 0*l> „-,;/, Al»min»m *; , r< „„ Mother's Oats Planning a really "special" tlmncr? Nalurally, you want (O serve the lincst. And, that calls for delicious Mayrose Ham ...tcuticr, Aili-of-fl.tvor quaiicy liartt. Tram end to end, sugar-cured, hickory-smoked M.iyrojc Ham has that superb "center-slice" flavor...truly mapnificcnt! To jet the higher C]U.ility liarn, rcincinbcr to ask for MAYROSE. Si retch your food Budget! Send for frpc rrfij>CK for usinjf K'fl- iivri- M.-nn. \Vrilr: Dorolliy SI unit. Mayrofc Test, Kitchen, *'1\ South Vantlcvcntn- AVOIUIP, 5t. Louis K), Missouri. Rff/llNDER: n , nomc MAYROSE ldtnlili el high«il quoli(y meof procf- ucfi, luch ai...Moy- ros« Pure Pork Snijitige, MO/IOJO Slitr-d Dried Bee! t'nt Ma/rOi^ Penrly- Servf Horn. AiV for them by name , . . MAYROSE. IMEMIUM PACKAGE) PAGE THIRTEMf UNIT C UNIT D KNIFE AND FORK IKmft hat Icanlen blnrit) 3 5AIAD OR .PASTRY fORKi UNIT G 3 ICft) IEA 25-1,b. R*> FLOUR AvondHfa SHORTENING tlb Hiimko or Jewel PURE LARD I'inu \Vliil« 415 Ao;t A KROGER VALUE TO CUT THE COST OF LIVING Ctn.. 4-I>h. Ctn. Tindrr PEAS ^ No. 2 SPOTLIGHT COFFEE 3-lb. Bog Bag 1-lb. Bag (.'ol ;i I'muplelc .so I nf (M.A.MOlt I'ltlNC.'KSS 38 PIECE SERVICE FOR 6 - - $7.50 ^'ilH (hili'tl ends from Kroner Hol-lhilcd C'dfl't-c — Get dotiiils al votn Krujjcv Store A I.LI fc Ctn re. l-'rcsh und I'ure 10-l.b . JO-Lb MEAL U'liilc Ct'OHm SUGAR I'lH'e ('line Crnniilalrd BEANS j ,: (ii c;il Northern BEANS 2-1,b. Hag A KHOGER VALUE TO CUT THE COST OF LIVING Kroger Cream Style White CORN 771 J 89 ^ Kroger Sliced or Halves 3? PEACHES 39 C 2 A KROGER VALUE TO CUT THE COST OF LIVING 1-1-1). EAc Clover Leaf DRIED MILK 2 ;C, 29 A KROGER VALUE TO CUT THE COST OF LIVING Kroger Twisted White "BREAD KROGER COFFEE t ™ \ aruitin-l'iU'k. No fiiu-i- al any pnt'o GRAPFFRIIIT ORACKESIS Ut 45 C s o"""" ir<l ltrnii<l Juk * KniKi'r Snllcil !Sutl;is FRUIT AAAWB •• t*f, I /' '/*''*>• OT-l rHft^ PHFRBIM 7oc f RUIT COCKTAIL 25 C / ^» il( \en\l\3* UtHtnltitO u,. f9 K">K<T. No. 1 Can. 5 frui(« In syrup Lets than lie a pound Villa in Cream Whip AH6EL FOOD CAKE ± 35 CABBAGE '* 50 •'-. 1.29 43° Freth Texo * Green. GREEN ONIONS """ KI-OKIT—Ki-KsK BAR CAKES Assorted varieties BAK^GSCDA Arm and Hummer 2 TOMATOES PEAMUT BUTTER liij;ic Ali.v Tint Jar 23' 331 RED POTATOES Tub* 29< SEED POTATOES nM^F-Si 4.59 ="2.49 Fancy Rtd Halt i .nt for Cooking B«ish.(| . SPH058ETTI DINNER 1S ^ 29 DCH ADDIF^ Kroner Qui-k-Fix I\H/ Hi I LLJ 99' GRAPEFRUIT Chuck Reail - - ib.49c \\'i.scon.sin Wiiulsor (.'lull 1 0 MACKEREL Standard SSRL05»STEfiX I^ ROUNDSTEflK £*™3,, ISKETO'EEEF ^' c , d SARDINES ih. o/ fio<M « Ib. Mesh 000 Tall Can Tall Can 23 C 2V PORK ROAST l>nic " nilly ltonekiw l'"n)in I'oik Hulls EDVCDG ' " n I)l "' 1 « 11 riffCnO !>;,„ SMOKED PICNICS K h ^' c(S) Ib. !b. II). Ih. Ih. 69 CORN BEEF HASH ^ nb 35 Arbour's Star LIBBYSPAGHETTI •";,; 20 49 43 C With AlMt Balls VEAL LOAF Libby's LIGHT GLOBES Mcd. Can 25 C Each I* Kroger Sea Foods DOG FOOD 4 Strongheart rksrs 35 C Hi. WHITING Dressed FILLETS ,,,59<£!? FIS H 19! RIVER CARP ,„ 19° KLEENEX 2 Facial Tissues SNC&SPAM Household Cle*ntr Boxes WV Pk e . 23 Ivory Soap Personal Bar . Oxydol Sml. Pkgi. 16c

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