The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1948
Page 12
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P'AGB TWELVE Celery Dressing Tasty With Fish Friday Peace Plate Can Be Attractive And Nourishing, toe For Dip main (jjsii on I'dciny retire Plato why not .verve linked fish .stuffed wiil, ., ilvur y C rll'ry messing and CP£ .SJUICT? K run bo nil nttnu'thv, important looking difh quite npprnjiriatc for guests .and n festive meul With baked stuffed fish SMTP creamed rlicrrt potatoes, stowed lo- matoe.s and crisp colri .s] ; uv For rietsert try bAkfri apples filled willi raisins, Nothing cklmpc about that inc-il is there? And you Cill , ho doubly hnppy a.s you servo It. for besides bfinp delicious. sntisfvhm mid relatively inexpensive, it reiilly -.suves meat. saves « lira: " and lielp.s y<m <ir> your [Sail toward javliio [lie Peaee. STl'FI Kl> HAKCl) KIS1I Whole fish, weighing about 3 ji on mis 2 nips lirenH i uhrv 1 tablespoon choplu-il imion ') i'il[i r^opjictl celery 2 tablespoons i]u>lti-rl f;il Wash the lisii \vhir1i h.i.s !>>'< n dressed and Ixmocl. aiiri sprinkle \ntti j.ili inside :ind out. Mix (lie bread cubes, onion, finely. scnsim- Inps. and fat. adding <>iinm;li liot water to moisti-n: loss jrentjv. Fill cavit v in fish with MIC stuffing and then close by .spwina (lie edges with n coarse threat, or by lari'tii; w j ( li toothpicfcs. ami .siting p| ;u . t . i^- n on a well ^reas.d siialiow ijjkinu ni,YTIIEVIU,B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Balanced Budget Is the Only Diploma Sought At Free Night School for Veterans VV/Ves AJrs. Kvlelle Xorsrcn. liorne economies Olrr-clor at Mermen colleKC, points cut (lie lintleet a<tvantiu:rs nt buylnc InrMiriisive chuck roast inMc:iil of the porlcrhouse lo two veterans' wives, Mrs. IrviiiE Larson, left, anil Mrs. [larolil I.awton, Jr. Tliey arc sliiiknls In her free niglil school course which helps young lionsowlves adjust Incomes In hlch livini tosls. I'.iiUher James Biirf-rr looks oil Judge Denies Dismissal ™ >»/»" c < ; °" Pctiti °" Filed by Labor Board | INDIANAI'OUS. Feb. 211. UIPi — j Fl'Ct! -fill .)]!().;,. r,u|| 1( .|, M KlVVBOrt vcMcidav denied H mntioo h,' di.s- Ovcr tin- Cmmlcr NHW YOU:: dJi'i,. (Jmiblc'x dc- paitmeot More milled a Shetland poi.y <!ci)illtniiMit for Hie. Chlixtm;!, holidays. One ])ony. iiamrd Cnul- rclla, was pin on di.splay, coni|)lel, vvilll Miiliil M:ilj]r and ti,'i|ipiii;; The f\mc nniiniiiKreil Jl could covered In a mudomtelv hot ovrn 1.175 degrees P. until s o"lcipn blown. Rllowinp about -15 mhiule.v ' Transfer tile baked'fish to a jjlj). ins hot plattor, after Hie the tooth-, ,,-.„,,„.„- „,.,„,.„ ., m(moi , ,„ , lKS picks and threat) have been remov- iniss an injunction petition filed bv ' clcl - Vl 'r 5.000 ponies. Pri. or serve In th t disl, in wind, «]„. National l,:d,or .' a in j ., , It »'«., baked. O.-.rntM, vvKh^wr.Iey !(Sa ,,,st ; J,r I,,,,,, ,, . -,•!"" or wateieress and lemon «-<-<lars.l ..raphie'il Union I-\P) Serve with C KK sauce. Serves 5 to G-i s vv-i-rfs divi-i •' 'l I tl ,., . V °" A ' ri " s I »">• lor a' iu.,,-,,,; on wliAViiT the Iheres a real art. to cooklnc fish muim .should Ije cniuined -il correctly. Gentle, not - too - Ions • l«'v:e,| violin urns ol the Taft-IIarth-v cooklnp keep., i! juicy ,, ml tender, i law In n.>; draiiim.s will, the mi' brmsrs mit. its riplkate n»mr. Over- i lion'.s ncmpa,,,.,^ rhr n| cooked fish 1, a pt ,„ , )e riry nn(! i h ,,,i. in ,.,(„.'. ,„,„"« ,' r . .,;, i llavnrlpss. |. hc , tll . w Ulv , wilu , h 1|u , ,,;'', Good bakers tor (his dish are .sea I claimed uere lineoiiMitini,,,..,! ' '"•" blt.e fish, small cod. smi ,n f Sw. M; er( set March a HI 10 a.m. e« ,n u In* ^H'^ lo» about ', when buying " S ", ",'"' "'"">• '""- f " r ""•' "" Ki " ..... « '" hears „ ( h ""'' '"• sluv ""' 1 ' Al- order tor ,l,e unhm to shnv,- cans- pound per serving. : win- i! Miould not be en loiiM-ri from hnfc ,,rforo removal j .die,,,! n ,,f im ,, lbol „ . (J '" '.? '""" £ It make,? £ breakfast better whole, ask your dealer to "run t fins." that means to lake out all the (tne fin brairs from the flesh. Remember, thai "drawn" fish have <l, ; -i:-ue,! to only the wnlcs and etuniil.s re-i munis' inlln roovert. while "dressi-d" fish also' • llcov-i- I dre.ssinc on onp lillet. top'with » ' ll'i'e 'eiiauccs .'PConrt. BriLsh with nieltec] [,,i and bake as n whole [| s h Members Accept Constitution Changes nil, ..... d Ton, " '" ; .,.'; by '» "nuin invention | ;ls f, The rluin^i'.", uuve the NM(J vir- ttlallv a new constitution •iliuh ail derisions proposed ov the union's National Council "HIM hen.viorth gn to 5, rctrren- Bacon Siart Itio diiy off with crisp goldon goodnen for breakfast—wilh slo- curcd, flavor-rich Ever- Good Bacon. Serve il for light lunches or sup- pars too. It tempi! appetites, makes meals tasto bolter. Serve Evor-Good Bacon. Ask for it by name at your dealers. In the union cuiutlttitlnn . :> '" nL - '•":• toward ;rivin>J the tin- * inn back to the membership."' * CITY SUPER MARKET « oa.vliiS-.M'^ ° f27 txtra Delivery on Saturday at 8:00 p.m. SALES BRAND COFFE 3 Pounds .00 R" SCOTT BRAND TOILET "^•"ICrS?! fi E 3 i I^aUt Roil ^ <% B / ) ^ \r", /- -1*^^•^P"^ /- v;^!/ v \A^' vS^V LAYING MASH 25-lh. $• Bog f * " \ / •>• • \ frtFH-. J. x ....ValiA i.s^.'?i:v^teVv-?A«^sS^i 1 *^'-<:~ t ^ V h t 1-M). H<».\ Inrush CHD00LATES _, lr 79" SYB ; ino-Li>. r>» K ' „ , . WHEAT SHORTS , M , T" P8TATCES J^i3e&Mm&mSZ&!^. I' 1 n; o/. &3 Sft!IS .lunilm All l GfGARETTES Tender Fine-Flavored Beef At Reasonable Prices! Cn'.s Chuck Hunter's Thrifty ,. , ...,: 4§" BACON ' n , 63" J»»i r Ji" r " iiiini1 s »-"'"-'i ' SIEA^i ,,,. 69" JOWLS (Jood (lie Country Piirk |',, r L We disappointed y,n, last w «-k rl ,,, itl , nrtii .- WK 19c n>- Kiiy SherwiHid M:A Stuff Writ IT TRANKOK. N. .(. -'.vivr,, an-. oinv Imrk tn sciioo] to Irani thn rai'liral in;ititem:.lir.s or adjusting >w income* i/t meet tlie hlKli a,',- 'inlc.ssor is bris*. ]ietito. brunette ellc Koi.sucn. liume economics leiieher :il IV-tcci collie. Enroll- lent ill her li:;:))l-luiii> i;ii|).stl!c> '"I'M- 111 home- immwmi'm is limed lo veteran:,' MIVI-.S- MOM ,,f Ihe x-Clj>Hi»l.'i nrc college ciiulriri -aiKl is life. IllMeiul Of l)r»lks, till! WHes bt'illK roblems in home miin;i<;eiiieiii. liijui- iM-oiili'in i.s*WiKetiii(;,-e.ipc- inliy how much .should lie spent Kiliriance ofteis tip.s tliat almost. I any'ife—novice or old-tiui- ei c;in pioti; by. i Most ticqiH-nt error in foood bud- i sel-pljiinini!. says Mrs. KorsKen. .a \ the bclii-1 ttm'. <-!»jiccj, liii;h-]>ncc,l loocLs ar« more luminous thairlov- priicd :oods. 'I'o correct llii.s riii'i- conception, liie prolessur marciics of lyinji and chuck tni-a l>oftei-iuiilsc sleaks; buy train- K^n, IA <j) RTI up a wockly m;irkrt- JiU: iisi which ;>nn'i<i( ,s lor Hir 1 bit>ir r.s.s<'iituil.s for ^<»nj hr-siltli. Hci U'c.xjinu-Jujrd wr-e^ly lot- two Jncliicn-s toui- quuri.s' of milk; one jjuiiiui oJ butter i»- murwiiw, hit 1 1 a cloirv-ii t'MU.s; tuo kinds of vpufin foil's i-;u'li fjity; fivrr pounds nl )M>lr\ioi'.s; tun lonvf.s <H citric lied r, FKHKl'AKY 26, 10-18 "Di-iicioits meals need co.stly, '1'lic.v should be ',v-f anri anrarTp/eU' sef\-ed." sa>s ihe proffssur who crains her studeir.s' ot he •vi;li Jmpo.s for ri|)p<>- ti/ij. r ; lujn^i't di.s'lH'.s. -Shroud .step io koc[> u food bu<i- . - ly lood I'liflL-- ! ,'ind alter iliiit, i( any rash i.s ,c£;, to/no Die Jiulc Jux- tirii'.i. M. iM j f'lit.'^JXJf'U) UpS ;-U'oai)iIljjr: hi>iis<'fl'':inirL'j; inrtliiKis. Mrs, Kors- ^i'j] if-:u hi-s lliitt floors ;nv mar, .suriurr i.s Mui.'.Pd ;imi nn.'sod at a ; nun-, Waits :.i;iy i-lcan^r loiiL'Or, she j jnnmi;un>, 1 1" tJH'y arc bruMu'd up- v.'uj'rls ID H'ltmvr (lo'-vn-isrinin dust. Rounds picked up t'ura d;iy ^iiould lake no ;in htnu a v\t i ck for a inorou^U i IT rlcntiiny, ^:u-s thft lionie cconouiisi Mad* fr*sh efally (r ^ in our kitchens from coast _^ to coast! tat Hart's, Taystce or In Six Delicious Flavors Domino PURE CANE SUGAR 5 Ihs I Tic; 10 Ihs. 59 C ./ I I'UifU .j(tl REXJELLIES Cheslniil Hill \n. 21, Can in Hciivy Synm PEACIES ;..; 25- Coffee Shop Crvslal While LAUN Hord on's HUM) Sheet Hull s-fl 1:. . :}lhs s 1^ 1 ' 2 fur 1*5 2 lo 1 ' 3 OK*' 2 fin- £*? Hltte Kilihon .McCni imck's BUCK PEPPER k'.s 1 i O/. l!t>tll(. "'I'hc Nalinnal ,loy Smoke" Pf«E ALBERT ,,„. 23 1 ' ,,. 24 1 ' 1'riiiross mmm CRACKERS \\ innlhiiry Sliavini; LOTION .,„, v ,.29 I'ridv of Illinois OHEAM STYLE CORN N( , 2 (ai , 19 and tho Top of a ?cikage of GRAPE-NUTS on Grape Nuts GRAPE-NUTS FLAKES Flakes 20c pkg FROZEN FOODS: Ap|)li'. Teach, Cherry or BLOEBERRYPIES liirdseve STRAWBERRIES Sliced Birtiseye PEACHES Each Vf, Each 03 Each Ufc Plenty of Deliciously Fresh Frozen Seafoods for Lenten Meals — Economical Treats, too! I/iii'f;e Crispv Head LETTUCE Each 10 •luiiibn SlalUs CELERY ,.,, 10 Garden Fresh i '* C' Hunch «l , 9Q l I.I). *.V» 19 1 - <; I.h. !fc2 Ued Kipe TOMATOES Rich in Iron SMACK \V:ishini;lon Stale Delicious 5 l,h. Han 10 I.h. Has OiiPEFRUIT 39 L ' Temple (MKGES L J2i c OI|N ONIONS Ilunck 7i' SWEJET YAMS I.avye Crispy Hunches 1'. S. No. 2 POTA TCMIS (ii'e i 1(10 I.h. I.avjie Si/.e I'tinchc? FRESH BEETS ?02«l aR ** Oc .1). V LIBERTY MEATS WHITING - lb.20c SALTMEAT ,. h . 25 1 ' Shm 1 Kihs of RFFF Qfi< DtLP (;,. il( i t , -A" ,,, ^0 Oven Ready BALLARD BISCUITS 2(ins 27 Sliced BACOM ,„ 59 4 Oeean I'eieh or HflDDOCK ,,,50 GROCERY Low Prices Everyday

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