The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1947
Page 6
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FACT SIX BLTTHEVILLE (ASK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SKPTEMBEU 23, 1947 Manphians Next On Chicks' Menu High Tilt Scheduled Thursday In Crump Stadium • Blytiievllle chicks to intensive drills settled at .the Country Club yesterday afternoon In preparation for their coming coolest with the Messlck High School Panthers at Crump Stadium' to Memphis .Thursday night. jUded by the return of cooler wettlier and the addition of a few new candidates, the chicks ran through long drills In both offense u4 ."defense yesterday afternoon and then burned a little night oil at the Haley Field gymnasium lait; night in a skull drill session. Head Coa'ch Nig Bymitn sent his Marconi, Byid North Carolina's Are Winners In Tag Match TOUGH SAILING AHEAD We snld it licfoic and we'll ;yiy t again— the 'Blytlicvillc Chicks this year trice the toughest schedule .incc who knows when. — The 1947 season has just gotten started and [he Chicks JIUVB already had their hands ful! with their first two opponents, And there Is no letup in sight, at least for the next seven weeks. N'txt Friday night the Chicks meet the Messick Hlgli School Panthers in Memphis, The Panthers l:i.s week came pretty close to bcalinx the Greenwood Bulldogs, one of the favorites of Mississippi's Big Eight chaxges through long hours of running and blocking yesterday In an.effort to point out the mistakes made in the Paragould game last week following these drills C^T^nrouglf'a 11 ^ cousins ol the Memphis I'm, mi»e, pointiiiir-oul lhc "mistakes ^f 1 ?}' 0 °"?'* a»«- another. No.w as they went along. of lh ? x ui "?° Ul " , llo ' H;slc '' s )lilve Captain Billy Wayne McFarland committed themselves enough to and^ards U W. FItzlmgli and l" cdlcl lhc outcome of this Crumn BiUy^Bracey were sidelined during I Stadium fracas next week, but it yesterday's drills due lo slight Injuries from last week's contest. McFarland and Bracey re-hurt old injuries In the contest and FiU- hugh is complaining wilh several sore ribs. None of Ihe ailments is ' expecled lo keep them from playing Thursday night, however. The Clucks will probably wind up their heavy drills this afternoon and hold a light session under tha area of Haley Field tomorrow night. Th«y will leave for Memphis Thursday aflernoon. expected that the Chicks will be rated as the underdogs. The Tribe will barely have lime .o lick the wounds of the Messick BASEBALL STANDINGS SOUTHERN LEAGUE sy Playoff) W. L. Pet. 4 2 .667 W«shvjlle 2 4 .201) Brooklyn . . St. Louis .. Botton . ... Ne» York . Cincinnati . Chicago Pittsburgh . Philadelphia. NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. 91 57 83 G4 83 67 18 69 72 79 07 82 88 scrap thoroughly unlil Ihey encaun- ;er another member of the feline family, the Tigers of Little "Rock. The Tigers walked nil over everybody in the Big IS confcrcnc then added sonic of last lhc 1 lied Hot Springs to a 7-7 lie. Exaclly seven days aficr the fic- r.or?>acks leave lown, the North Little Rock Wildcat! arrive for their cliuncc at the Chicks. Coach Sam Cook hasn't had much lo say about his 'Cats this year but you can expect almost anylhing from them. Greater Little Rock sports scribes | have already tubbed them tile dark horse team of the conference and their 19 to 0 drubbing of the Catholic High Rockets last week inny bear out the boys predictions, .And don't take too miicli for granted the following week when the Chicks go lo Batcsvllle. Tlic Pioneers' prospects received a staggering blow due lo the untimely death of their ace fullback Bobble Young in an automobile wrci'k Saturday night but this will probably make couch Al Hnrris' lads fight thai much harder. Cotmid Sims, received a broken le^ in the saiu^ accident that will keep him out ot the lineup for the remainder of the season and Co-cnptains Jimmy Beardcn and Tommy Ncill Dopier received lesser Injuries but by th:: time the Chicks get to town Coach Harris will probably have something worked out. There's a pretty good chance thnt lhc Helena-West Helena contest the following week won't be plnycil bc- V '• Floyd "Hed'-' 'Byrd and newcomer Frank Marconi oulvircstlcd and out- boxed Iheir opponents Tex Riley and Lifty Pacer and bullied their way to a victory In the tag feature of last night's wrestling program at the American Loglon Arena. Marconi, a 225-pound strongman, used his weight and slrength as his chief offensive weapon and, literally boxed Ills two lighter opiwncnls all over the r.rns when the notion struck. Tarheels Heavy Grid Favorites RALEIGH, N. C., Sept. 23. (UP) —North Carolina's supersonic sophomore, Charlie (Choo Choo) Justice, glittered brighter than ever today in n shining cast Hint makes the lorried Tarheels odds-on favorites to hold their Southern Conference crown despite a murderous schedule. Coach Cari Suavely was anything but happy that his team has been Installed the favorite to top Georgia in the football "battle of the nation" this week-end. Georgia's unimpressive showing In just barely tenting little but fearless Pvirman is to Sitting by the Radio, Dodgers Win Fourth League Pennant Marconi timl Ryid captured tho 17, m(u ic the Tarheels the choice to lesser schools who dared to challenge their utility. They started thfl j c(u , sc o f thp stntc piayofl. The ;n'« season off In a big wuy lasi week I <( | nlls s |, O uldn't have too much trou- by spanking the Pordycc Hcrtuu B s • hle (ll wn | klng o ff with the Class A 20 to 0 and are expe=tcel to do the championship In District C again same to Ihe Chicks. uy j 3ncs borc Ihey will represent And Iheii comes lhc Pine Bluff I this yC;U imtt !f Ulc chicks can get Zebras. The Mules had their Innuls ^strict 3 in Hie AA division full last v.eck wilh Malvern, who Cl 60 89 Pet. .615 .500 .53 :i .5:ii .477 .450 .403 M03 AMERICAN LEAGUE W B4 New York ... Detroit : Boston Cleveland Philadelphia . Chicago Washington . St. Louis .... 80 80 18 75 68 62 57 L .Pel. 55 .631 69 69 70 73 81 8G 91 .537 .531 .527 .507 .457 .419 .385 Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE (Shaughnessy Piayofl) Mobile 5, Nashville 4. NATIONAL LEAGUE - St. Louis 4-3, Chicago 2-G. Only game. . AMERICAN LEAGUE Detroit 6-6, Cleveland 4-7. St. Louis 4-0. Chicago 2-4. .Washington at New York, ra, 'wcrC'.•"" 16!o06 accidental .deaths and 1,500,000 non-fatal in- juries -among American farm people during 19*5. Read Courier News Want Ads. they defeated 7 to 0, in the rain but they are expected to represent District 8 In the Class AA play- r.ff. in this contest the Maroon Maulers may get an even rating. However, the only advantage the Chicks will have in these two games will be the fact that Ihey are piny- lug them at home. Following the Pine Bluff battle, the Tribe will .move to JoncsborJ for a game wilh their traditional rivals. Gels' Glorified Goldshirts or, "dem butns". the Hurricanes. Jonesboro fans have already begun screaming their heads off that the Hurricanes "can't bust an egg", but it seems to me we've heard that song before. The Golden Gladiators have pinned Blythcvillc's cnr.s for the past four years and yon can bet your next week's allowance that they will be out to make this the Hlth. And another thing thnt will make predicting the outcome of his year's tussle rougher than a wash woman's hands is the lad that both teams will be battling to represent District 3 in the Class AA ,)layoff. Sub'mco, ' a Catholic AcadcmS down in Logan County, follows' Joncsboro on the Chicks list. This will be the Bymitn Boys' first meeting with Subiaco and things dou't look any too bright. The HotSnrUms Trojans, rated tops in District 4. had to be satisfied wilh a 0-0 tie in their opener agninst Subiaco week before last so it looks like the newcomers arc pretty well stacked. Then next on the schedule will be the Texarkana Razorbacks. The Hogs showed much power last year in subduing the Clucks by 20 to « count and promise an equally strong squad this year. List week they bat- hai would lake cnrc of this game. )ui Helena-West Helena hasn't won he District (i title nor neither has he Chicks won Hie District 3 crown ;o for the time being we have to Jinn on playing the game. In any •ivcnl the Indians are rated high igain this year despite their 20 to U oss to Clarksdalc, Miss., in their season opener last week. The last but far from least come .he Blythevillc-Forresl City Turkey Day affair. 1'revious dealings with the Thoroughbreds have Imisht us never to sell them short regardless of what the records slioiv. They opened the season with ;v 17 to 0 victory over the Little Rock "B" team and battled the Parkin Tigers to a scoreless tic last week which indicates that I he Mustangs must have something, Yes. the Chicks have tough sailing ahead and they will have tc make a batter showing than they did in the Fnrncaulcl iwtue las- week if they expect to do ns mu"h RS break even. first fall In 3D minutes with n blistering fistic attack thnt kept their opponents groggy all through the round. Marconi, after working Illlcy over to a falr-the-well, added :i few Hying tackles and a body pin to eliminate him 25 minutes and Byrd took care of Pacer five minute? laic with a scries of body slams and a pin. •Pace rand Ritcy cume back for the second iaii bent for revenge but never got it. Uyrd and Marconi opened their victory drive with mi- other fistic attack and other foul maneuvers that .soon hail their opponents clinging to the ropes. And Referee Mike Meroney, in his efforts lo quell the underhand tactics used by the duo, came in for his share of the punishment when Byrd attempted to renew his feud the ring official. 'Marconi eliminated Pacer in 20 minutes with body slams inul a phi and Byrd finally overcame Rilcy II) minute;; later will] n fistic nt- tuck and a body pin. In the two one-fall preliminary matches, Illley defeated Byrd in 10 minutes with a double jack knife and ft front crotch and Marconi defeated Pacer in 15 minutes wi'.h several monkey flips and a pin. Between the falls. Referee Meroney announced his coming boxim; match with Bill Canny which is plated as an addec\ attraction next week. The match was scheduled as the outcome of a challenge Issued by Canny to the ring official several weeks ago when Meroney had to use his fists to convince the mat meanic that he was boss in the ring. A regular wrestling bout between two good grnpplers will precede the Mcroney-Canny bout, the official si'.id. Meroney also announced that starling next week the matches will bcijin nt 8 o'clock instead of 8:15 turn the tables on the Bulldogs in remaleli of their stirring Sugar fiowl battle of last New Year's Day. All of which is upsetting to Suavely, since the doleful Dutchman plays the underdos; role for all llia.1 it is worth. 'But despite his glum prophecies, the jet-propelled Justice, a big seasoned line, and plenty of supporting backfield lalent give the Tarheels pre-scason status as one of the nation's top teams. II they get by lhc .schedule, none can challenge their Bowl bid aim:;. I H lclr •'»" The man-killing menu starts with I " ost *> a " Georgia and Texas and rolls tin without let-up through Wake Forest.' William and Mary, Florida, Tennes- KOR, North Carolina Stale, Maryland. Duke, and Virginia. " i y/lillc North Carolina and Georgia i' 1 are renewing Ihcir bitter Sugar Bowl battle at Chapel Hill, N. C., Saturday, Duke and North Carolina State. Iwo other Southern loop t>- BY JOHN GRIFFIN Illnltfd Press Sports Writer) NEW YORK, Sept. 23. (UP)—The fourth pejinant in Brooklyn Dodger history was securely tucked n»'ay today, and lln; iBun;s' home borough was getting bick to normal after a celebration nontheless hilarious because It had been delayed five days. Since last Thursday the one victory that would have meant the Hag eluded Ihe Dodgers, but last nlglit the second-place Cards, playing while Ihe Dodgers were Idle, eliminated themselves by losing a night game to the Chicago Cubs, 6 to 3. Earlier the Cards had prolonged the race by beating lhc Cuts in an afternoon game, 4 to 2. The Dodgers now have Ot victories and it is impossible for the Cardinals lo match that figure since, with SI wins, they have only seven games to play. Though the Dodgers won the pennant while sitting next lo the radio in Hugh Casey's tavern in Flutbush. the accusation of "backing in" was not l>eing leveled at them. During the season the Dodgers had proved to the flag by playing the in the league when the Chips were down. They started off the season '.vltli a brand-new manager, gray-huirctl Burl Sholton, who replaced the suspended LOT Durochcr and with the first Negro in the major-leagues, Jackie Robinson, at first base, Shotton, taciturn, mild tactician soon proved a top-flight manager and Robiusou quickly convinced every- tnns.'slug it out in another major I one that he was not only a big- test of conference strength. Tu/one Hopes To Turn Tide On Gridiron OLD TRUCKS lull. Off Dcpurlmcn!—To (lie members of the Ited Raziw> Club nf ISlyllievillc High School go thif; \cik's hats off laurels. Members of the l»Ui Red Razoos left as their mcinnriam to tlieir alma mater an all-electric clock and basketball seorebonrrt to bo installed in the high school (r>' m - n-.isium. The Scoreboard arrived hire Friday and is n»\v belnc readied for Installation. The unanl is one of the most modern on trie market anil is equipped xvith slots for the players name ami numbers. iss Arkansas' to Greet delegates to State Fair LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Sept. 23. (UP i _ i> nm camp of Little Rock, 'Miss Arkansas," will be on hand l .o greet Ihe delegates from East \rkansas who wlYt take over a> .he Arkansas Livestock Show in •,ittle Rock, Oct. a. Miss Camp Is to be one of' the •uests of n special East Arkansas rouni; Men's Chib program which 1 psirad' ATLANTAf Oa.. Sept. 23. (UP) — Head Coach Henry Frnka. who mad" upset history as mentor of the Tulsi Golden Hurricane, carefully -set the stage today for what he has vague hopes of being his crowning achievement — the upset of Alabama's ir.inVity Crimson Tide Saturday. Prnkn's Tulane Green wave will go into the fray ns untested underdogs. The Red Elephanls from Tus- cr.locsa showed their strength briefly Saturday night against Mississippi Southern. Alabama Conch Red j Drew was careful to keep his array of stars and best plays under wraps. Frnka today moaned the lack of knowledge of what kind of defense to use Saturday. His offense, lie complained further, was uncertain, too. Hut Prnkn has the reputation of pulling surprises. The Tulane Alabama clash in New Orleans promises to be one of the best of the weekend anywhere in the nation. league player but also one of the | best players in the game. The Dodgers also overcame in- uries to key players, Pclc Reifier, 'eewee Reese, and Ed Stanky. The!:'secret weapon" was the strength of the subs on their bench. Schmifz Wins Clincher The Cards were beaten in thi clinching game by southpaw John- Schmitz. the same pitcher who defeated them in the final game of last season and forced them in'o -he famed playoff series with the Dodgers, Schmitz relieved starting pitcher Paul Erick-son when the 3ards scored two runs in the third inning, and the lefthander held the retiring world champions to a single run In the resl ot the game. Il *'sis Schmitz' fourth win over the Cards his year. Harry Breeheen was the winning pitcher for the Cards in :he afternoon game, making three Hits in his own support. This night-and-day doubteheadcr was the only action in the National League yesterday. In the American League, the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians split a doublehcader, the Tigers taking the opener, G lo 4, behind rookie Art Houtteman, and the Indians winning the nightcap. 1 to «. on Hank Edwards' pinch-hi: three-run homer In the ninth inning. The St. Louis Browns and the Chicago White Sox divided a Iwi- nlght doubleheader, the Browns winning the opener, 4 to 2, as Sam Zoldak pitched a four-hitter, and the White Sox winning the second. 4 to 0, behind the eight-lilt chucking of Joe Ilaynes. The Washington Senators-New York Yankees game was postponed on account of rain. The other American League teams were not scheduled. Yesterday's Star—Johmiy Sclmiilz of the Chicago Cubs, who allowed the Cardinals only one run and six hifs in 6-l;3 innings to gain his )2tU victoiy of the year. National Women's Golf Meet Match Play Starts DETROIT, Sept. 23. (UP)—Med- alist Louise Suggs, seeking the amateur title relinquished by Mildred (Eabe) Didrickson Zaharias when she turned professional, will lead a field of 32 into first round match play today in the 47th National Women's Amateur Golf Tournament. The 33-year-old Ijtliia Spring:;. Gt\.. player toured the windswept Franklin Hills Country Club course in a two-over-wornen'.s-par VB yesterday to pace 76 other hopefuls in the 18-hole qualifying round. Miss Suggs will meet Dorothy Ellis of Indianapolis in upper bracket competition today. Henderson State Gridmcn To Tackle Oklahomans ARKADELPHIA. Ark.. Sept. 23. (U.P.)—Henderson State Teacher's football squad has been cut lo 31 men today us Coach Duke Wells prepared his Hcddics for tl'.cir opening game against Northeast 'Icacltcis College of Tahlequali, Ckla.. here Saturday night. The Redciics, who have been working out two backfield combinations, will probably start Charles Pa.vne of Helena at quarter; Jack Parker of Te.xarkana at left half; Fielding Huddleston of Hops nt right and Clint Fuller of Malvern at fullback. Meanwhile the ouchita College Tigers of Arkmittphia will Journey lo MaRnolia Saturday for their opener against Magnolia A. and M, College. •!' Production ul' stainless steel ingots during 1815 reached a new high of more tliiin 543.IMO Ions in the United States. Read Courier News Want Ads. New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIGHT Box Opens Week Days 7:0« p.n> Matinee Saturday »t Sunday Sat.-Sun. 1 Cont. Showing Read Courier News Want Ads. Tuesday "Can't Beat an Honest Man" W. C. Fields, Edgar Berjen Wednesday & Thursday 'BELLS of SAN ANGELO' Roy Ilogcrs, Dale IZvans ; ; More thai) 8fl per cent of the fur aoods industry is located in New Cit! SALESMAN WANTED TO SELL VENETIAN BLINDS Requirements: Age HO to 55; Married; Must Have Car; Rel'ereneu Required; Good Proposition to the Man Who Can Qualify; .Make Application in Own Handwriting. TenArKyMo Venetian Blind Mfg. Co. ;!U-20 S. 4th St., Union City, Tenn. (Wholesale Only) rv 1 1 X THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today Mobile Bears Win Southern Loop Crown MOBILE. Ala.. Sept. 23. (UP) — The Mobile Bears looked forward today to theiv Dixie. Series with the champions of the Texas League alter winning the Southern Association crown from Nashville last night. 5 lo 4. The Bsitrs, managed by former major league backstop Al Todd, won the fourth game of the final scries al the same time their parent club, the Brooklyn Datiju'rs, clinched the National League pennant. John Hall, tall righl-hauder. aivl Roy Whitakor combined to stave oil a late Nashville rally and clinch the league honors for the Hears. • Here's a way to make old trucks Jook new—quick. Drive them ia and say, "I want 2n Appearance Reconditioning Job done on these fellows." And you'll get it. You'll get perfect fitting new International Blenders, radiator grilles, hood sheets, doors, glass, hardware, headlights, bumpers, bumper guards' •ad seat cushions—just what you ,w»nt to put your trucks in shape. Today's Games NATIONAL I.FAOCE Ne\v York at Brooklyn. Chicago al Cincinnati. St. Louis at Pittsburgh, night. Only sanies. AMERICAN LEAGUE Washington at New York 0. Philadelphia at Boston (^>. Detroit nt Chicago. Cleveland at St. Louis, night. Next, paint jobs if the trucks them. The cost? Not great. The result? Marvelous^ Act now. Get your trucks"Ap: Reconditioned.". CIT THISE TOO, WHIN YOU GET TOUR TRUCKS "APPEARANCE RECONDITIONED" Km Wot»r Htoltr and D«fr<H!»il • Sftat Cavvrs • Eltlon Electric K«a4 Sender! • Scf-T-Sl.p • SOS Fire Guard - Whit Automotive Chemicalt • Sp«l tight i, Fegli9.Ml ond Driving Light* • CWararK* liohtt, Flogt, Floret, Dir*c- tionol Signali, olhtr Safety D«vk*t- INTERNATIONAL T HARVESTE 3/2 SOUTH ZHP ST. PHONE863 People spoke only" in whispers of this man and the girl who lived INTERNATIONAL Trucks Also Bl.xcli LabcT—00 I'roof BARRETT HAMILTON, JNC. • JMstrlbnlors, Llltle Rock Get Ready For Fall Weather with Hudson's Better Cleaning! The Hudson Finish is Yours in only 8 Hours For the Asking Alterations - Tailoring - Dye Work Hat Cleaning . EDWMlDG. R03INSON L l^W^aaLiOl^^ i ft-.n [hi Fleet :t tte SJierffif fuiiij Pott J setbl aoiEUtil Lb;irtf I ciri:in lejftri! T Warner Bros. 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