The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1948
Page 9
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1948 India to Abandon Its Caste System Constitution Drafted After Pattern of The United States By Jamci Mlch»les (Unllfd Press Stuff Cnrrranondrnt) NEW DELHI. Feb. 26 IVPt— The newborn Dominion of India pledged itself today to wi[>e out the tradition of the untouchable taste and raise GO.000,000 Hindus to the level where they may look upon and m!n> file with tlie rest of the country's people A draft of the proposed constltu ••ion for Hindu India unveiled by ~ihe Constituent Assembly, promises to free the untouchables from the stigma which has condemned them and their children to doing the same menial work of their forefathers. Actions by other Hindus forcing i untouchables to observe the penalties of their low estate—to accept the trade of their father, marry within the caste and pay obeisance to the higher caste—will be punished by law. Follows I". S. Selup The constitution, which needs only the final approval of the assembly, proclaims India a "soverign independent republic." It commits tlte eovcrntnent to rescue India's 330,000,000 people from poverty but leaves undecided the question of India's continued membership In the British commonwealth. India's slr-e and complexity made the makers of India's constitution give up the idea of a centralized government anil follow the American example of a union of states. All powers not specified for the central government will be reserved by state and provincial governments. The 350-page draft waa prepared by a committee of seven of India's star legalists headed by Columbia University Graduate Dr. fl. R. Am- bedkar, minister of law. It is the product of nearly a year's work along lines laid down earlier by the assembly which also is fun- ctionlngr »s India's parliament. Highlights of the constitution: A bill of fundamental rights u- ring "justice liberty, equality and fraternity" for all Indiana regardless of caste, race, religion or sex. It promises protection of religious minorities in a state predominantly Hindu, giving a direct rebuff to Hindu extremists who fought Mohandas K. Gandhi. President To Serre Five Years Provision for « president as chief executive, chosen by an electorial college of members of the lower House of Parliament. The president, to serve for five years, can serve two terms but is barred from a third term. The president is commander of the armed forces and has the power lo dissolve parliament and dismiss the premier and cabinet. However, there is no clearly defined division of powers between the president and premier. Parliament consists of an neper house known as the council of states wjth 250 members and * lower house called the House of the People with 500 members. The constitution binds the new government to provide a. livelihood «|J>r all Indians and Improve a lot of the masses "within 1U economic capacity." The government in Instructed to provide "within 10 years free compulsory education for all children until the age of 14" BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Food Price Index .PAGE S7-." ——r- WHOLESALE FOOD PRICE INDEX ''. ' ' .'s Sum Tofaf of'.Prko. Per: Pound . of 3) Commod!lt«i \ ' SI ^ <••* i $4 — •S3 S2 •SI CO '•t' o c- <*d BMcklfflflf Officials of Two States Use Choice Words in Exchange of Greeting* PASCAOOULA, Miss Feb '6— '"•''--Circuit Clerk Vcrtls O. Rniii- »>• of Jai-ksoii Comity toddy told Alnbnmn Solicitor Carl Booth to worry about Mobile's "divorce indict " Instead 01 Mississippi's mis- nage huvi. Hainspy's sUtemcnt wns in rciily !o Hoolh's clmi'Re tlmt Mississippi pmmiUM "li-en-uecrs niirt drunks" lo many, which resulted | n parked divorce courts In Mobile. Ramsey *ald. "It P«sca((oula i/i the Gvelna Oreen of the South, Mo- uilc l.s cerl.iiuly Irving ( O rival FSeno." "The dlvoiri- filiation In Mobile Is a disgrace to that city and lo thr slate of Alabama. People, even from Mississippi, are getting divorces without appearing in court anrt on short notice." Unniscy Invited liooth (o tnvestl- KiUo issuance ol mnnlntc Itcenjcs' at I'nscngouln nnri said none hart "con given to persons not entlllc-d to them since lie took ofdce In January, He said lie was keeping a campaign pledge of being available 21 hours a day ror issimnce of in.'in luce licenses. lloolh miiclc- no Immodlale comment In Mobile hut snld hi' would appeal for Onv. Jumrs E. l'\ilsom's support to t-p( M(sMSr,tpllt (o tipivtr]) il]> on mf'plvlllR the marrlam- laws. Talk on Americanism Made Before Kiwaniant James K. McDimicl. Jonosboro attorney, spoke on "Americanism' at the weekly meeting of (he Ki- wiuiU Club ycstenlay nooji ID the Hotel Nobip, ClucM.s »t Uio iiii'ctini! Includc.l II. Alex I-oe of ChtiltannoRit Teim John K. ftyt at Uadlllnr. Mich . \vi C. WrlKht of Moorehcnd, Minn mid Hilly nnone, n,-. Milton W«-bb and W. I*. Mi-DmiU'l, nil at Uljtlir Boy on Probation frees 2 Others After Release screen removed luineti to Hie Juvenile detention <iueul said lie declined an'ofter nler« Sunday night mid freed,the youth to have hla own two other youths lifter lie had Ijcen !»rm.n v.m™." ' nu> """ released on yrobutloii f at afternoon. The two escapees were returned the next day by their parents. Another boy who wng not a dclJu- ... CITY, 'IVnn.. Feb. -j«. (UP)- Jiivcnllo probation oflker O. E. cueene today was wurdilnj for * H-ycar-old youth who re- CHANGE you golni through middle «Rf' p*rln<1 peculiar (o women tin in 52 yr».)T Horn tills mnVn you *i|[frr [mm >iot llr\riticfl, fi-rl so nrrv- oiii. iti^h-btnitiK. lUi-d? '1'tn-ti mi try I.ydU K. Plnklmiii'i V<*tcet^b)n Coin- pound to ;*tlave men •ytnptotna. PJtikh*m'« Com[K)(jii<1 tlta hu whit t>orton o»ll » »totiiRcltl« ionic cflrcll V LYIHA E. PINKHAM'S MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Tnli Old Oft«a Brings Happy RtliW ' norionoin mutter lo remain la your It m.y «IIM n»M(n» UcVMfcf' ' icnrLty rMiM^KC* with imartlnx ••4fiorBj^ Eoinetlm** ahowt th«r* U loaMtUiic 1 with your kltlnc-ytor bUddtr. t ,Doirtv»ltl A«fcyourdni Bt (_nf<» l/y nillllon« /or ov«r 8^ kMO'y relict »ul will I n. itama • n*v th« 15 mlln «f The graph above shows the movement of wholesale food prices in the period Jtoni laic (o the present. The top after World War I was $5.30 on July 1, 1919. Prom there it fell to S2.M on May M. 1021. a drop of X%. Prom a high in 1920 to a low in 1032 the decline amounted to ftBn-. The current decline Trom Jan. 13, when the index set iti record at J7.28 has amounted so far to 70",. The index rcyresenc.v a sum total of the price per pound of the following 31 food commodities; flours, wheat, com. rye, oals barky, beef, ham, bellies, lard, butler, cheese, sugar, coffee, cotton-sccd-oil, tea, cocoa, beans, peas, peanuus efts, potatoes, rice, molasses, raisins, currants, prunes, steers, hogs, milk, and iambi. (NKA Tclo|)hok>.) Two Arkansas Electric Co-Ops Get New Loans Arabs and Jews Battle At Hadassah Hospital WASHINGTON. Feb. 26 (UP)— JERUSALEM, Feb. M (UP) — The Rurtl Electrification Admlnis-j Jews aiiri Ar.iti.s battled far three ir«tlon h» approved the following' hours today In a pre-dawn rain on loans to extend electricity in rural the rocky slopes of Mt. Scopus, site areas: Petit Jean Electric Cooperative Corporation, Clinton, Ark., and the »«hley-Chlcot Electric Cooperative, Himburr. Ark.. $25,000 each for relendlrg to consumers to finance farmstead wiring and purchase ol electric appliances and plumbing fixture!. CHANCERY John I,. Wlsdon vs. liertha Wis- rton. suit fur divorce. With the Courts Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With LitH* Worry ^'ut, IMk, liiu^h or MIOO/.I.' without teal ol insecure false teeth rirappinn, slipping or wabbling. l-'ASTEtrril holds plnles [Inner and more comfortably. This pleasunt powder has no gummy, gooey, pusty tiLstt nr /irllitfi. Doesn't cause nan- son, it's .i]k:illni. (non-acid), cheeks "plnti' odor" (denture breath). Get l-'ASTEETll at any drug store. . , of Hada'ssah Hospital attacked by Arabs two days ago. Jews based on the hospital ou- enen the attack against Arabs in the Wadi Yoz Quarter of Jerusalem, police said. They said hwvy sma!l arms fire was directed against the Arabs from the roof of the hospital. There were no reports of casual- ' tie« Several loud explosions rocked • the Wadi Yoz area and a number <s _. „. I , ,., . of m °rtars landed near the hospi- I Some species of spiders have two' tal. but buildings were, reported un- eyes, some six, but most of them: damaged. eight. Cave-living spiders have nol - . eyes ' ' Read Courier News Want Ads ' Sale! Thousands »5SOXTtD HtAVIlS 1 1^ SD CHICKS Ouarantmm Heavy ir»d> No ATLAS JM lusiwrss ov(« 1000-|«8.50 W. f,y Pllld,, CHICK CO. Depl. S AH VM.t S1 . i,, lu , 5i Mo . UV[ D!l(V[R» GlUtANUlD SJw Virginia Cab Driver Robbed, Bound, Gagged BRISTOL, Va.. Feb 2«. (UP) — Bristol police reported today that cab driver Roy Burk was held up and robbed last night by men who left him bound and gagged on the roadside and took his cab. The robbery occurred nine miles from Gate City. Va.. near midnight The cab was (ound this morning near Roan Mountain, Tenn . but police still have no trace of the robbers. Burk managed to work free of his bonds and call his cab company early this morning, police said. Recently produced was a plastic that is clear as glass and Is alw tough and shatter-proof. Coated with silver or other reflecting material. it will produce mirror* will bend but not shatter. Pay as you drive if you wish TAKES REAL BLOOD Worried Fail Kirvous Dread Duties Feel Tired Ageing Pepless Resistance Low Blood U th* lore* of Ufe, Blood Is n««- jsry for proper function of your organs infl All bodily aciloiw. Blc«x] carries ViS«5B3 iubitancM to every bone. Anrt (he \[f f G [ your red blood cells Is only about .TO davs for a normal person and muU be repliced M a rale of about one billion five hundrM million red Mood cells daily. \VUhout your pro[>er rod fcJood cell count It t« : no wcmdfr ; on t A n su £ fer exhsu il ion Irom »l mplc anemia, loolc older *M xxcmsr.. lack normal fcmk vigor ^nd pep. have no appetite, feel horribly ncr\ous, worried, reglcrt duller *nd In » woman'* rase, lack thai "lull bioodrt" lookln« sparkle and vim lhat con- tribulc lo beauty. 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They ctrlainly bene Mcd m* In luppl^ng InereiMd engrp-." 7 OUT OF 10 SUFFER Almost Tout of 10suffer «t one time or another from lack ol blood building materlnli. So u-hcn jour red bTood cell counl low from the nulrillonit nrcd Mall Orcltri tilled At Woods D/ug store O UR men do a master job of keeping Buicks riftht up to Buick high standards. They can get everything outof them that there is toget. But maybe you'd like the thrill of a brand-new engine In your car. If so, we're ready to do that job too —ready to put a straij&lil-from-the- factory engine in any Buick built »ince 1937. You ftet an entirely new engine. It hasa new carburetor and air cleaner. It has a new distributor with boih Tacuum and centrifugal spark control. It has new Hiring and apark plugs—even a new smooth clutch that ease* every start and makes driving fun. 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