The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1948
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FKBRUAKY 2fi. 1<M8 BLYTW2VILLK (AUK.) COUKIKR NKWS Truck Lines Ask . Rate Increases Arkansas Operators File Petition With State Commission LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Feb. 26 (UP, —Twenly-(wr) major truck lines yesterday asked the Arkansas Public Service Commission to increase |sle)> by slop to head one of the bi; Ihelr freight rates an average o( gesl corporations in Hie world Story of AT & T's President Should * Hove Been Written by Horatio Alger By Mare J. I'nr-itills NKA SIuTf Correspondent NEW YORK. .NKA>--Horatio Al- 801- slionlrt be writing this story. ll would have been no surprise to him when lie learned that. Leroy "Iff" Wilson had become president, of the American Telephone and 1 Telegraph Company al 41. In Ihe. best. Aider tradition, Wilson .sUrte.t his career as a newsboy at Terre Haute, lull., and worked himself up. Ridge. N.J. He has one child, a diUiKliln 1 , Shlrlo.v Ann, n. His bix o(lice in Manhnlta 13 per cent within the state. The application wa.-. riled by Prank C. Drool-.s of Dallas. Tex., wlio said increased operating costs nece.^iitated higher rates. The new tariff would go inlo effect imerslaie March 12 unless the Interslate Commerce Commfs-: ston ruled otherwise. Biooks asked the Arkansas commission not to set a lieariiiR before Marlh 20 to allow the shippers to prepare their exhibits. The application said that no increases would be in effect on shipments of 10.000 pounds or more, but that the minimum charge would be increased from 75 ccnt.s to $1 per shipment. "Present income IF insufficient in yield reasonable compensation (or the service rendered and docs not provide revenue to cover operations costs and a reasonable profit Brooks said. Firms signing the application were: Arkansas Motor Freight Lines of Fort Smith, Arkansas Express of Pine Bluff. Burks Motor Freight of North Little Rock. Campbell "66" or Springfield, Mo.. Cross Transfer of Camden. England 13ro- thers of Fort Smith. Frisco o! Springfield, Grigsby Truck Lines of Fayetteville. Harp Truck Linos ,>f Harrison, Highway Express of Memphis. Tenn., Hoskins Truck Service of Malvern, Howe Truck o( North Little Rock. Inter-City Trucking Co.. ot Memphis. Jones Truck Lines al Springdate. Mack's Truck Lines of Searcy. Mercury Motors o( Fort Smith, North Arkansas Trucking Lines of Mountain Home. Powell Brothers of Springfield. C. K. Po 1 .. ell of Higginson, Ark.. Smith Trans- l ^port of El Dorado. Southwest Trans- f 'portation of Texarkana, and Stuttgart Truck Lines of Stuttgart. 'Possum, Trying to Cross Highway in Ohio, Causes Heavy Wove of Damage BRECKVILLE. O.. Feb. 20. ruPl i —An opossum tried to cross U S i Route 21 near here early yesterday and caused the following damage: Interrupted telephone service In ', the entire village; destroyed a large tractor-trailer; started a gasoline (ire. burned the truck's cargo of potato chips, injured driver Richard Glotfelty; cut the main cable from radio station WTAM's transmitter, and knocked down two trees It ail started when Glotfelty applied the brake* on his truck 'when (lie opossum ambled out in front •. of him. The truck shidrieri o;i t!ie wet road and slid olf ihe pavement, knocking down two trees and m telephone pole. Fire, fed by gasoline, burjieii through three, fallen phone lines : and the radio cable, knocking out • alL phone service in the village. The radio station was not on the air yet and service was-not disturbed. The 20-year old Akron. O.. driver suffered head and face lacerations In addition to slight burns. Flames destroyed the truck, trailer and potato chips. Senators Approve Virginian's Nomination \ WASHINGTON. Feb. 26. IUP> — The Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday approved the nomination of H. Graham Morrison of Virginia to be an assistant, attorney general. Other nominations approved by the committee included: Robert H. Wilson today still has a boyish look about him. The freckles ou'lha bucks of his hands h;u'p faded only .slightly. He h;Ls a rciuly MOili*. .swms , sincerely pleased lo mm new HLHI- ple. and Is nneresicci in wh:il Uicy say ami il<x He is stilt tiriv enough in the pub: eye lo slum* traces of embarrassment when photnuuisihcr.spo.sfcl him for MOWS picture*:;. Rut not so thai he couldn't lauHh when a photographer fcjrgol to put bulb in his gun. He works luud m his job. drawing on an upjcu'cmly endless More of energy, [Jm \vhpn ho leaves his oftice lie seem.s en be able to turn off his \vorkin« day as though shut- tiiiR ii <tnor Ix'hind him mid relax completely. He sleep.'! ci^lu hoiti-.s ever in Bin. Sleep, he once told .1 friend, i.s bi?; hobby. One of Wilson's H.ssociiite said his greatest asset is "ihe ability to not other people lo ^ive ihoii-— and like doing it." Wilson was bom Keb. 21, 1901 -it Torre Haute. Inri. IKs mother Blurted calling him LPI». instead ot L«- roy. when he was a baby and the nu-kname stayed with him. Hi.s faihei 1 wa.s a salesman foi wholesale grocery firm, and the family livpd in very moderate circumstances. By the lime lie had graduated from college Wilson had worked as a jiiiper hoy (he still was ciinyin^ a paper route after he entered Rose Polytechnic ln.suiuie>, played piano I in a silent movie house/operated j a movie projector, played trumpet I in a college band, .supervised a Reading and construction crew during .summer vacations, worked at bridge building, surveyed (or n coal company on Saturdays and Sundays. and worked in a lac lory manufacturing pot.s and puns. Wilson .still remembers with a great deal of pruie the fact thru the Boy Scout troop of which he wa.s scoutmaster while in trolley.c won a championship in Tcrre Haute I wo years in a row. He found limp, to be a scoutmaster, lie once said, because he "just liketi buys and was interested in people." He look hLS firsL job with the. Telephone Company, as a lime . keeper on a con.stnictioti crew In 1 1SIO, during a .summer recess from Rose Polytechnic. He graduated from school, an honor student, in ' 1021 and fopgan his full-time career ' with the Bell system on June 1, ] 1922, as a traffic clerk. Prom then on he climbed stead- , fly. By 1927 lie wa.s superintendent of the traffic department at Inrfi- ftnapohs. Next year he married Blanche Wcllhidc of Port Wayne. Tiiri.. and in I92J1 he moved tn New York to the traffic division of ihe Department of Operation and En- « ginecring. ; Wilson became directory engineer ' in 1939, rate engineer in 1940. and general commercial engineer in 1942. Two years later he was elected vice . president of AT and T, and in 194G j he became financial vice president. ' Three days before his 47th birth- ; day be became president—top executive officer of a company employing 6G3.QOO per.son.s whose bust- , ness extends into almost every home and office in the U. S. j Wil.son lives in suburban Glenn i Institute for Control Of Heart Disease Asked WASHINGTON. Keb 2ti, iUl'1 -- Fuur Senators iu.ux-in r r. * im! yosii-rriny lo set up a nuliomi) pro-- Bi'iim lor rc.scLuch ami control ol ' heart <ll.s^ase, I The measure would cn'atr n Na- tlon:»l Heart Jn.sMluK 1 Jn (jje U. .S. j Public Health Service. It also would 1 provide Rnmljs to slates, .school and institutions, research fellowships, ami irfre.slitr Ouinfng f<n' <Juci.ns .Sponsois are Sons. Styles 111 ill- He. 1 ;. H,, x. 11., <:;|;vut1e Pepper, ]>., l-lii. Irving M. Ivvs. K . N. Y.. aiul JjDies K. Muiifiy. I) . Moot. They said in ;i statement (hut only Sl,l(i5,0(K) Is available from private sources rat.-h year I'm- rr- seiirrh In he nil diffuse, in ecmiimr- L-on. tlu'.v .said. foiiKcess pvtivtdcd S:M>.Htfii;j0(1 In ion (or re-search anil conlml of plant atid animal ill- PAGE .SEVEN' Ditrochcrs Plan Adoption Television Networks Of Four-year-Old Girl To Undergo Extension NKW YOUK. Ki'b. 20. iUl»i -Kx- Icnsloii of exlsllnu iek-vlsiim net- KOltT WOKTll, Vex. F-'cb Jt! - E>3v^F "Fr - ---,,,r;:" ^^ Z t, XK 7 r s f,^-v,l": '•»»v«'"o".» »«i» JU.H. «„» ^u,,"!,;!! Olll civ], Knit uus filivl In BBIIi District Ctnut on liflmir »( Diiroilior mul 111.-, wilr. [tlai nfi'es.s LinruliH' I);iy. i yesleulny Ijy I he Amn Inm Tel- pbimi' mid Ti'li'ijrnLili roiiijmiiy. Ill lUlillllnii. Mime i.lHKI miles of will link UiidiUii, N. Y., uiul , •SI Uinl.s, MCI., by the foolunll seii.Min mils « round next line Mir U wiis U-nriiril. IIOWI'VTI; lli:i! - .. _ <-m'i.i loi-'IfBaTi'iisUKij. «("ii!" ,-hii,'i Tennessee Extension .•nut dine lid- 11:11110 in- fiimiRdi in Leaders Plan Meetings Mi'llndii MIcllMc nimichiT. MBMf'lUS. Ti'llll . IVli 'T> Hlpi Dui',,,-1,,.,- roi'fti ly was H--l,,.slalnl i - UVM 'IVnn^,,. : , K , l,,ill,m,l Vv>s iiiiiiiiW at Ilic l(r.)i*[yn I ); ,M- |,., ls1lm | n i«lfr.s will inert i,, , <,, Iwll ,-lm, »t(,.r n oi».-y™i- MIS,I,.H- ,[,,., ,, r mn .n 1U!s ,,,. sl w ,.,. k , " ,'' si,,, by Cmnnn.ssl,,,,,, )I:,| W ,.„,, , (>mlnlm {i y ,,,,v,,o,m.n!; ,h, V,. 1 V ,. ,, [Hi'M- wsslou sdii'diili-il m Dv.-i-sljiiri! l.'xxs bu ,mnlc1,* [Inn llh ml.iii-| nosl THI-S.IH.V. ' ii'.n .Im.-i-oniiiot |,o isMu-,1 vvill.ln' oihor ,,,, V ||IIRS «lll Iv hold ,a "" lll » s '" " 1<v """K <llllc ' M<-iii))lils. II.I.UInBdon „,„( Kfinu-r NOW! A Body Shop That Give* You Real Handwork Craftsmanship! FLOWERS BODY SHOP • ALL WORK DONE BY HAND NIP sJrelfhlitK or cryslali/iiiK hy air hose or olhi'r <l;tmiiirii\K means'!' OUR WORK SATISFIES OR NO CHARGE It's Our Guarantee That Counts LOCATION: 118 South Lilly Street nnndul <lisiric( lins uiiiy one (dc- ph«mo. It.s paintoci sold. WESTERN AUTO'S Fire Sale STARTS SATURDAY i FEB. 26th 7:00 A.M. All Xj sable merchandise at- real * bargain prices! All sales are for cash! No exchange — No refund! *K_D CHOICE CALIF08NIA SEEDLESS HOrS Gnesedieck .Vciu'ojnb. to be U- S- marshal for • the Southern District of Mis-si.s- : .sippi; Benjamin F. KHKs to bo U. S. marshal for ihe Middle District i of Alabama and Frank E- FJynn ' to be U. S. attorney in Arizona, Read Courier N^v/s Want Ads Fred S. Snliba & Company 223 West Ash SI. I'hoiic «7 There is fun nlieati n«t summer if you net NOW and arrange lo rmy your MARTIN OUTBOARD MOTOR on our convenient budget-pay lay-n-way purchase p] nn . 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