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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma • Page 11
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma • Page 11

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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TIIE DAILY OKLAIIOMAN Friday, April 22, 1988 1 -11 Meese Coiled to White House Gore Ends Bid; Democrat Race Shrinks to Two "laid out the facts" in a hypothetical indictment he said he would have brought against Meese if he were the special prosecutor investigating the attorney general. Meese has been under investigation for nearly a year by independent counsel James McKay, who is looking into a handful of incidents to see if Meese violated federal laws. It was not known what occurred during Meese's meeting at the White House, which immediately followed the Burns-Weld meeting, but Meese said in an interview Thursday with USA Today that the president has continued to express his ''total support George Bush and some staff members. During that 45-minute meeting, Burns told the president, Bush, White House chief of staff Howard Baker and White House counsel A.B. Cu Ivahouse that "Meese's behavior was hurting the Department of Justice," another administration source said. Iri.P.',..iff.:-gf,c4t'-.?',;;,1...,,,..',.,f,,,;4Y,..)',,:,',.-',.(.-:!!:P,!',-i,54..?..-w.',,,..-;,.,,:;'7,W, f. 5.4V:...,1,4,, f.l., 1 A.45,-(47:', 7 ,71,,1 i -4 7t1PIT' .340 :i1.6;:-. K-1(df'. 1 'C', i 1 1, 9.1 4'1, 'k, I -4. 'P' i.ri-A?..,A,C.,.., le 4 1 i ''''''i Y. -r 1' 'V' A 4 l'i4' 'III. i '4- 4 4 -I'-i 1 4.4V.41 1 CZ, 1 1 1 I tii i .11 it 1- ''s 1.. i WASHINGTON (AP) Embattled Attorney General Edwin Meese was summoned to a private meeting with President Reagan at the White House on Wednesday after Reagan met with two Justice Department officials who resigned in protest over Meese's continued tenure, a department source said Thursday night. The source said Deputy Attorney General Arnold Burns and former Assistant Attorney General William Weld, who headed the department's criminal division, met with Reagan, Vice President Thursday night. The source said Dep. uty Attorney General Arnold Burns and for- mer Assistant Attor- ney General William Weld, who headed the department's criminal division, met with Rea- gan, Vice President The 1988 Democratic presidential marathon dwindled down to two survivors on Thursday as Sen. Albert Gore Jr. called it quits. Front-runner Michael Dukakis said Jesse Jackson's showing guarantees him consideration when it comes to picking a vice presidential running mate, but nothing more. delphia Daily News. "I am the alternative in the Democratic Party. I am the alternative to Reaganomics," he said as he made the rounds on a hectic campaign day. "We can win. We can win," he said. The ubiquitous public opinion polls suggested otherwise. A survey in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh showed Dukakis favored by 55 percent to 24 percent for Jackson and 6 percent for Gore. That represented an improvement in Dukakis' position since his big victory in the New York primary, which established his control over the presidential race. AP Laserphoto Democrat Jessie Jackson gestures for a group of young to be quiet during a speech in Erie, Thursday. Weld, meanwhile, Reg. $125 HOE HEALTH CARE Beds, Wheelchairs, Walkers More We're Your Full Line IC ICE CENTER StiffeL 250o oft Beautiful brass LAMPS Weld, meanwhile, aced -ditteelae Cdtaea OA cPa tientAids (411 8 NT, 64 i 'AtIrel, 3tiffel. rg "IN er; lop 1i 7 IA, Bila 25(Y0 oft I I PP -1a-e: Beautiful brass re LAMPS HOE HEALTH CARE Beds, Wheelchairs, Reg $125 Walkers More S7995 W. e're You. iC Full Line GtucosetillEe ICeEr 5 7, r'' t- 4, Distressod brass finish. ivoo, sPacs pleated shade. iffelltd-TO. 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Wilson Goode, toured a neighborhood notorious for drug sales on Thursday night, calling on hundreds of blacks and Hispanics who turned out to see made a strong attack on Reagan administration trade and labor policies. Gore, aneanwhile, exited the race with a quip. "I was going great until I turned 40," he told a roomful of family members and supporters in the Senate. Associated Press 11'. rrING5 sr trade otter I Genuine Sharkskin Sizes 7-13, N-tvl Black or Brown. Sharkskin Sizes 7-13, N-tvl Black or Brown. cLathamg 'CT Pennsylvania votes next week and offers 4340 NW 23 948-7312 16111 N. MERIDIAN KC (405)9474663 434o IMargatilkth N. MERIDI4N MC (495)9476663 2800 N. PENN 528-4451 il125 S. 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