The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1931
Page 8
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•A<;ii. six K| ilKVIl i r, t: it- n FRIDAY, MAY 22, The Housewife's Guide to Better Marketing and Home Management P TA! Buy Only Guaranteed Products Such As Those Advertised 8y Merchants On This l'ugu One Egg Waffles Quickly Made; Sovcral Ways lo Servo Kcom Reflects Character ol' Hostess BY Silts, li. S. BltlSCOK Onc-Esf Waffles 2 cups flour '•; tea-spoon salt 4 teasucous baking powder 2 rablcsiioons sugar 1 egg 1 1-3 clips sweet milk (i tabiospocns incited Crlsco Mix all Ingredients. Beat egg well then ndrt. swept milk lo CK. Add L-JJU ! and milk to dry mixture and ftuil!/ | Hhe fouiulalloii for a shortcake nn.l are especially good wlu-rt .served v.itli crcaim'd chicken or neauu'.l tiilp[X\l beef. <JuIt-k {'ui> Cake '.•i cup shorlviuivj 1 nip suijar 2 cup.s iVinr 2 u-nspo-'ns unking iwwdcr 1 cup milk 2 CUK.S I teaspoon vnnllla Cream In? bullrr au:l su;;nr. Ad.l Mir in Ihe melted Crls^o. Co'ik ID t'oldcii brown. These waffles nro easy to m: 1 r.iul arc delicious with maple other syrup. cnn f>e served • llic C££5 wi'll bi'i'.en, l!icn p;lrl t L | (lour and L'nklnt; powdri' vhlcli In j.,jh?en .Allied together. Unki 1 In nnf * : fin pans for nlxnit. '^0 minutes In n ' moderate oven. M' SPECIALS HACON SI Leaf. N<; ^i Sli. Maple OAt iu Kntls. Lb. LO STEAKS Corn Foil OAC ft.-(J. licef. Lb. LiU UOASTS Chuck Lb. 15c Thick Rib, Lb. i7'/ 2 c liriskcl, Lb. __ 12|/ 2 - 15KKTS J.ihbv's Can 10° MILK 3 Largo or G Smiill Cans I'OTATOKS New Lb. 3 C HAMS Cured Whole or Half. Lt>. f!AMS Picnic • (Shanklcss) 151 CUBA'S MARKET Fr«c Delivery Phone M3 Nut rir 3 CKBS '!• cup lioiify "• oil]) «)il(c Kara 3-4 cup brown stijjiir !'j stick bull IT !•; cap sluOlcd pecans Beat OKgs well nud mix with nil o!licr Inijri'illcnts. 1'luco In RII 1111- cook«l jmlry shell tinil bnko In u inorlc.-ali; oven. MliUMAN. Nl'b., (Ul>) — The slicoti'iK sl^r llial. fnviiioi.i of this s""llon • wittclicd out- nleht turned out U IK> n inctcnr. The meteor c' : p|vrl UiroiiBh one cf tile wires cf (he Nebraska Power Co., plnnt l:ore tint! cilsrupte<l service (or the nlsht. When (lie meteor wns dug u;i from the |:aslurc wlvre 11 slruek. farmers louml the luraest piece ID Ue U Inches long and four ii'.chcj Ihick. A 6t St;iu!\vicli Limclicon" i H's fVev/ and Different tllng tanks purposes. and used lor healing If yrvi arn phmins In ruU-ilain informally, yen will enj:ii' si'rvlir; I'ic "San-iwieh Luncheon" suggested below. Sandwiches are used lor l'':e nvil;i itn.1 the dw.wil courses nn:l you will Mm! Dial UK entire PI;''>| Is e'isilv rervrd. a'.trac'.ive tu ? ami truly lightly with horseradish dressing I....UL by nlcudliig 4 tab'esiwons m'lyonnalsc svilh 1 teasixxai evap- cral.-d horseradish, soaked lor 10 minutes In 1 tablespoon cold wa- icr. Place on untcasted side of small squares of bread loasted on-. ly one side. Garnish with slice ol Watch Repairing 1'AT O'UHYANT Aldridge Jewelry Co. First an appr-li/ing cream of to- stuffed Spanish olive in the centor m-f s.-imi for ttvj first course to be or :i border of pickle relish. j fultO'.vo-J by Individual plates of as-! s-iieil taiidsvi'.'lips an-l salads. This I Ice Cream Sandwich With Bulttr- lypo of litn:l:eoii plate is decidedly I scotch Sauce ^nd Clicjicd recalls. vr.':i;-> -IL i-yelusivc ii'a rooms! I'lace a layer of ice cr.-am be-i rnrl yon '.u'i !in:l thai cake and Ice 1 twec'.i the halves uf cup cukes. t'onr ~ cake f*e:>m. rved in the farm of a inakos ail unusual ami Thla novel luncheon noL only ^ t I aujipa! tn your yue.str, but it is 0 -0 of the ens!r i 5t menus imngin- f.b'o for t-ic? hostess u'ho must. i'i« V'' l h':iiL l?o'.i>. iinc? all of tlie 1 1 pp.r^tlcn may be finished well itv urivancL 1 of Ihc arrival of the fi t Eue:.t. Just try tins r.jpun the Butterscotch sauce and sprinkle with ;i ecu n.s. over the chopped Cream of Tnrnnto Toasted Kaeon, Chill Sauce and Vcanut l!utter Sandwiches. Toast brcr.d en one side and spread the untcasted aide with peanut butter, then with chili sauce. Top with' sUros ol" tacoii and place In a hot oven until the u.uion is crisp. l*lat!?s and y ot Assorted ntlv.iches f.s vdch But- Goal dust that fkals on an English river is tel'ig reclaimed In set- to Serve Easy Keep a Case of in the Ice Box Rent] Courier Nc'.vs want ads. Graduation '• Gifts I'rom HALL SISTERS SHOPPE Arc Always Acceptable ALorc Is a welt-lmlancecl roosn Uial exiirtsses the r.ilhcr Sho luis evldi']it!y I'lunncd her living rco:u r.nrl the ari'tin'j elfrct. fcrnml, yet. guidom inaiit of the fium-il clmrnr.t, r ln^ with OISTER MARTS KITCHEN I'V SISTKIt MAIIV NK,\ ScrvU-e Writer Undoubtedly there will always tc young hoiir^wivi-s who ore. bom ~roks. for In seme hidden, intuitive way they not only sense, but, master as well the cookery problems which every young iK^sewifc "cal. cream, reached eg^s on milk tar I. I'lMK. coffee. LUNCHEON—Veal and macaroni r-yricliii?, tomato and cc^ry salad, rhubarb whip, milk, tea. i DINNER- -Tcimito puice coctail. roast href, browned potatoes, brown gravy, horseradish, green beans In ci'cnm, shredded cabbage" nnd ear- rol wind, snow pudding, milk, cof- fo:. Pecans A«rr:lcii S:in;I\v>]irs ;uul S:i1:ul:> • On a IniKlicon plate p'nce three small cup-shaped leaves of lottuce. In r;ne place £>hrhiL]> and ninonpple s* 'mi: in tlie second molded egg s'.-hui and in ilic- third, rold sluw. A!FO plare on the plat™ several varieties ot sandwiches such as nut,' celery and sandwich- 1 es. Open-face haw sandwiches and ! sandwich relish and whc'p wheat smdwiclic.s, Ganii.^li with slices of pkkle and parsley. Mixing Bowl Free With 3-!b. Can Crisco 7Cc IT'S GGCD Mclftuliin's C^h Grocer j , made with Crisco taste better for beef is one of the hearty meats. The cut of beef chosen naturally Is an Important factor in deter- _ •uininu t'v tyre of dessert. For Pictures Create Instance, filet of beef demands iv more elaborate or I'crmal (lessen than roll nil steak. *'Ith lamb and mutton, n tart Day and Night Serv'ce Statioi-, Ire. "1'hiIIips 66" Gas—Quaker State and Mobttoll Oils— Willartl HalleriDs Cotton Beit Rus Depot Thonc 5S5 Lawn and Yacht Matched Colors. Chairs,' ;'.i>d l,:i\vn Umhrollns in Carney Awning Co. 113 S. 1st Si. Phone s bound to meet. However, the old jelly such (is currant, mint o.- .which tells us that "good berry Is usually served. Verctablcs :ook/i are born, no! made," is nu goorl with mutton are mashed po- txnlrdcd (heory. Modern methoils tatoes. dreamed white or yellow TIKI equiument. standard measure-] turnip. cauliflower and the rest of incuts and dcnnllc and precise hi- the strong llavored regeables as fonuation regarding recipes and •TOim-maklng make it possible for the' mest inexperienced and unimaginative house wlfa to serve well bnlnnccd .~nrl delicious meals. There nrc helpful rules thai ijovcrn seasonal meal planning.' elable Is good. Egfiplnnt Is nm?./- ccrtnln ve,;elab),:s. sauces and ear- j,, e ly good with lamb r'io;)s anil nlrJicn should be served with cer-1 usual ii'jus is always liked. The dessert for either lamb or mutton should be of fruit ill somo fashion or a frozen concoction may be served. Veal r.;cds a tnrt iell - a'ld i well scasoii^il sauce of some sort, breu'n sauce, or onion suitable lo '^ n with • ^\ lo give ?.est lo its mild flavor. The Slirinip ami I'niea'^ '"e Sa'ad J 1-2 cups can pineapple ncd shrimp 1 dozen stuffed 1-2 teaspoon Spanish olives '| salt Paprika n i TL U ' : l ' 2 Cllps liic ' :d z LuCCT In 1 he Home Remain L-lack hues from shrimp i and break in half. Combine with I The correct use of picture in f-r <*'»<•" l>ine. nn >lr- cubes, silt and | well as green peas, bpinnch, tomatoes and asuavaeus. Cai»r sauce Is f^rvetl with mutton nnd adds miirh (o Its popularity. Green pens nre traditional with or any lenf voj- lu:ine helps to transform it f:o p n ah unfriendly, miinter: v . ( :;!u^. Iifcl°s5 place to the nappies', of surror.nd- ings. A great deal has besn slid an<l v,ri(ten about the seleclio:! o' a o : .c- tnre, but when it is all over the-" are just two *iiu^s sure—that tv picture shcu'.d bD bought for a certain room anj it should 1>3 pur- paprika. 1'iac'' in k-f.ure cups an:i ! garnish \viili stuffed Spanish olives. G hard MokW cooked and groi:nil G sweet ]iicr:!es, chopiKd ESE SalaJ I piminto. ehoi>pcd 3 tablespoon £alad cream 1-2 teaspocn Mix cjih's. pimiuto and pickles. Moisten nilh salad cream and add t2in meats and the choice of des- •crls is important to round out the meal. Biof. lamb, veal, mutton, poultry nml fish ure the summer meats wlt'.i many varieties of "by-prcd- iicts" offered to tempt lagging np-. Tntnato. pptltes. fimoked s>ark prixlucls, 5:nic« is the so-called "summer sansaf^s," beef nnd veal tongue (both tresh nn-i coined), corned beef nnd smoked nnd salted flsli add to the rlinscd only after sufficient thought Moisten v.iHi i has been given the subject to insure I salt. 1'ack into sinaH'molds and let that HID picture bought will nivci stand over night. Sen.> in small bstinif pleasure. j lediic; nips. j HnviiiB purcliascsl the picture, the • task Is only half done. It must be Kul , Celery and Mayonnaise ; hiing In the room. There are a few [ Sandwiches siT.plc considerations which r.iav b- I Chop 1-2 cup walnuts and 1-2 COOK WITH COAL "Economical and SaiV ;C. L. BENNETT & CO. Coal and Feed Phone 01 Beef Is Favorite | 1'iobably t.eci !s ar. universally; likpd ns any meal. Ahncst any vegetable BCI?S well with it. MUL!I- i.iiKe is delicious and horse-! chicken, prnbaljly ths """ ' nlar kind of iwiillry radish traditional. The desert stiuuld bu slmiile nnd not tco rich. a guide in hansinj pictures SD they •Ai'' h» most effective'. It is unwise !o crowr! a large pic- lure Into a small space. The most l:e<iut!Ii!l pictiire will not ameil ti f:orrl advantage if it is biin^ on p nounced in nivor. Green pen-:, as- <™ n -'^ ™\ sunic'cn'lv Ir-'-? f n^r-.'-nn.'sniiiai-li. carrots nnd re-.v ac:o:nn^d3t? il. A very snnll p:c- beets are especially goxl. The dro- "' r ' ! sbn-ild nat !"• b't !nn?!n<» t-i- ffvl ].-n" be anvtiiing but a "cla- '" m nn<1 a -°' M "' " 1C center of :i tiiv mixture. Veal Is cousidcml v »st expanse of wall. Where v.-?l> a -lltthf meat, so a rather sub- spaces are large and (he pictures r.isiiiii<ii dessert Is not out of place. '••••" small, a group of pirture'; i-rr- nmtt inn'- lln nT»iii;?:l to giv- the effect of tor warm cn; large one. If this is Onn?. t'li 'tables slicultl not be tJD pro- -uri ct':-!v. vt'iy fine: add a little salt, muisleii with E.iliid dressing and spread between Ihin slices of bnUrrc'd bread. Cut in smuli Oix-n lace Sandwiches C!ir,i> '2 cups of cold hem and mix FOR PARTICULAR COOKS The Laund y Will "Clean It" Phone 327 Wholesale Dealers Merchants Grocer Co. Telephones 111 and 115 Genuine Ktigcnc Wave fvcstlc Improved \VilVC Special or, tJtf Elois Beauty Shoppe Phone 505 weather, needs a tart jelly such is crinbcrry or currant, although any j^lly or conserve with a shnrp 111- Miiiitni fr.r polatocs. When there la gravy, nordlcs or dumpiincs ur- 1 gOv-^d. Green corn, green i^ca*. liria bcanr;, all the succulent fuim mer v.-^etatles nnd creamed onions nr^ particularly good. Chickcr, is lacking' in fat so a rather vich d;-s-£cr; ran be chOEen. Oiirk'iini; ;-lva!s in pop- ularitv. Orange sauce, apple .'-auce or Jellied apples nn? correct accompaniments. Mashed or grilUV. sw:ct potato and succulent vegetables in season are served with rcasl or troit.Til diieklinT. A cris;: c.r-n sihd and almost any preferred dessert can be used. Bn- var'in creams nnd distends as u,-;: a; frrwn puddlnRs and fruit mixtures arc excelS^nt. 'tlges of the groups shoulj ::o slair-strp effects. The center of interest in the ni?- 'ure should lie about fivr nnd a IMU fi-et from lh' t\m;: hi ir.edhr-'-s'-- •1 pictures. In levy Line i>ic;:ir.->i •'•? Ic.ver tr.m: sliculd b; a'j:u: '.-i- ilio'ance fro-n the floir. A more frirnciiy ap" t jearan?c 1« rr.-aterl by hanglnj the picture lo'v •n.-inh to catrh tlie interest of tb^ ".'f with case. If !';c pirture Ls hil:;^ •! o v " a T>!^—- n[ fnrniJ'.ir.' 1 . llir^ top •'f tin furniture shruld b? vidcr the picture, so that lh? fnrni- :ure does not seem ovrrivhelme;!. Color in the pictures should en- IMUCC the color scheme of Ihe 1011.1. ! T:u> pirtnrcs may bt! ii?cS ta briir: j "-]t dominant hues in (he -rlero;.1- ti'Hi. to Impart light and warmt!' |- | ic room, nnd to express the p.^r- ' ?onal tastes of the o;cuin:Ks of the • il'-IUC. ! Tomorrow's Menu nKEAKFAST— Cirawbcrvlcs. There is onj doir.lrl for cvorv ITOa ixrsons In Iho United States." .For Parlies or Every Day Drink Four Leaf Coffee KHzabcth Venetian Toilcl Pre|iaralions :irc on s:ile cxchisivi'l) at The Modern Housewife Trotecls Her Family's Health hy Using Only Grade Pasteurized MILK BENNETT'S DAIRY — Phone 7-1 — Call Superior For High Grade Coals PHONE 123 "When Your Clothes Are Ring Seven-Thirly" Hats Rebuilt Fames' Dirty Cleaners . The Robinson MIHing Co. S. 5itin»— Distributed By the firkans; Grocer Company Phone 337 DO YOUR COOKING ELECTRICALLY ARKANSAS-MISSOURl POWER CO.

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