The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1948
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26. 1948 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW? vollllg lwwor n. i rou l<i nl- Virginian Acts To Curb Truman State's Voting Power Slated to Go Before Party Convention K.v l);ivo Ahpriii "'p!-!',, 1 ' 1 ™ Sl:iff <''>'rr RICHMOND. V,i.. P,.|,. -f.nv. wilhnm riirt „; vicuna loany answered T n.m a ,,-.s riv.l nsht.s imwiim In- calliiif. on :ho Genoi-al Assembly* , 0 ,. lk " lh(1 names of ciimiirtatfs for president ind vice president <>fr ,, lc , )a | lot , .no haiiri the «;,((,-* :t> a iKirly eniu'enti •Hie Whir-i-im; IJHJI ;r> make imiiossiblc- [or a IMIIV j backing Henry A. Walhu-e or an'v nilier third | ); ,nv in -ci nn Ihe. smei-a] Iwlloi in Vh'sinia. Tuck cliarprd Hint "i he. people ol inr SoutiK'i'ii stait'.s liavc hem placed upon .T nlur (O appease racial ami oihrr minority fnnje Bi'otips. . . •• Hr said ilir ".so- called civil rislus program would 1101 improve relations between Ihc Hires." Tmiiril "Sdnnnosl" Arlion II H'oiild only piilam-, lir> salt!, "imaginary rmhts \vliich <io nut exist." Tuck's i ecoinmcruliuion 10 the tieueral n.^M'mbly was the stro.ii^M acnon vet taken in a Southland rumbling \viih Hit eats of open rebellion at'iiinsl the. parly it I'-'d buckori solidly since the reconsi: /•- tion South Carolina c|pi); earlier suuueMed withholding rlec- loral \-ote.s from Democratic nominee* but no action has readied the legislature. Of Virginia's MO members in the Oenrrnl Assembly. 530 are Deino- cral.s. Most a, it- regarded '•responsive" lo the RUR^e.stion.s of the povernor. Earlier this week. Tuck avoided a showdown '.vith National Democratic. chairman J. Howard N! c - Oralh when he bypa.wd the Snu- Ihern uovomora' j.Totcsl meeting in Washington. Passage of the Tuck bill would enable- Virginia Democrats to name 11 electors, but the electors would not be committed to supporting I President Truman if he i.s the party "nominee. The voter will approve the 11 electors merely by marking the square roiuainmp the name of hi.*; party. Flexible Ballot l>olii-y Tuck said electors "will be obli- Ratcd ant! pledged to vote In the electoral college for the nominees of the national convention of their Party, unless the duly constituted party authorities in Virginia, direct otherwise." He also proposed that the parly convention could surrender its power of instructim; the clectois to a parly committee, "If Virginia and the other southern states should find it necessary for their owji self-preserva- tiou lo hold their electoral votes in abeyance,'' Tuck said, "I believe it would prove an effective remedy lor most of our grievances and insure IK an influential voice. . . " The sweeping- proposals would also bar a third partv from the ballot. Tuck said liis bill "would limit the names of parlies appearing on the printed ballot, to those which had names on Hie official ballot for the presidential election in Virginia. or which received 10 per cent or more of the vote in some general election in the state within the preceding five years." It's Red Cross Time Letter Tells of Planned Mercy Killing Of Wife by Husband Who Shot Himself GIVE } ere s the official poster for Ihc 1948 Kcd Ciws drive which will start March I lo campaign for $75,000,000. The poslcr was designed by blcvan Dohanos. nolecl Wcstport, Conn., magaiinc cover artist, ;md reflects communily jpirit of. imoll lowtis throughout America J1ARTOW. Kla.. lA-h. X. (UP) — A teller writicn liy n (iD-ypnr.nhl ulauKlilcr house [oreuinn (old to- rtay, alter his death, how he plmi- »ed th r atieinpu-tl mercy slaylnu of ills incurably III wife and his own suicide. Mrs. Plillip n Atlioil. Ii7, lay near death In city hospital here at- ler her husband walked iuio 11 !ios|>llal uard Tuesday, fired Itnee sliots lulo lier boilv and Ihen mil a bullet throusll hii brnln n-hilc six women pailrnts watched in horror. Ttxiay A|lion's eiii|)loyri-. |.\iy Klnn, lold of reccivlns n suicide note frotn Atiion '_>4 hours loo late to prevent the Irancdy. In mi anRillshed letter mailed lo Ills b<« s Just a few mlnutc.s before li« weni (o tiie hospital. Atnon tolil of walchijiK lil.t wile fight n laslii R battle aaatusl cancer. "She can'! >;ei well." lie wrote, "anil I can't stand It any more." Atliun a.sked King to look nntier « pair of overalls In liis car, parked outside the hospital, where lie said tbcre was enoiiBh nioneiy "to pm us both away." Police Chief Guy llosllck, wlm searched Ihe ear. found $4.0!)0 In currency p)n s rings and n watch. Ailion's Rrim letter asked Kliiv lo send the jewelry and a salety deposit Imx key to Athon'K only daviRhier. Mrs, irvlnn lleioenrlch cii Indianapolis, in. "1 think lhe,c t s n i,o, Czech Border \TheaterBurns Guards Added In Malvern; Since Crisis j FRANKFURT. Fob. 26 .UP> S The U. S. At my reported ypsler- j <iny Czech guards along Ihe border I framing the American Zone have been doubled and redoubled since the f 7 r:i;:iic erisi.s arose. At Escli on ihc border, (lie normal 20 io .10 citiirds Imvp been in| ereased to nn c.sliinatert 300, nnueri I wit)) .suliinncliinr KIIIIS arid llislol.s, i an Army statement f.iid. ) Only il liaildfu) of furclgncrs rind i no Cxcchs crossed Die liorder in the j 18 hours hefoi-e last night, acrord- ing to the statement, and a special O.erh proclamation said no Czechs would he permitted lo leave. Tlie Army reported that a Czecli pirl who worked for the American I military as a translator was (nken jott a train bringing hrr from Czechoslovakia to FrankUirl Sunday night. the money box." he wrote. I Tnilay, Mrs. Athon, weakened by [cancer und the three bullet wounds, j cliuiR to life here niter a series ni , Wtwxi Immfnsfons. but luispitui ni- teiidani* .Mild she hnd Illtle chance i" pull through. Funeral Sunday I In Pine Bluff for jJohn H. Sorrells I'INK HI.UKV. Ark., I'd), 'M .III'l -•-Ktmernl services lor John H. K,». rells, 51-year-old executive editor at •Serlpps-Howard Newspapers, wilt be held Sunday afternoon at Pine Dluff I Horrell's |«nly (clll inrlvc In his liuinc town Kntnidny noon, and ser- 1 vlees will beiilii -J p.m. Knnilav In Ihe Hobtnson I'mierul Clmpcl hin- | lal will be In (irneelnnd Cemetery. i II was In Pine lilull In HUB that •Sorrells held his first newspaper j'lb, as a reporter on the old Dally Ciraphlc. His promotion Ihree years • later t-> edllor slmteil a series of i advancements which took hiin lo j Oklaliomn, Te.xns. Tennr.ssi-e, oliln and finally New Vnrk. | In iidctlllon to ills jiosl as eseen- | live e<lln>r ol the Serl|ips-lloivai-(l ! chuln. Knrrels, since MKIii. hus beni j incsldeni of the MemphLs I'lthllshliiu i Company. Jury Convicts Ozarks Romeo; Gets Life Term I CM.INTON, Ark.. Kel). 'M nil') — i Arhansns' nun order Hoinoo." i. (m I nle A. llobblns. today faced a lerm "f life linpilsoiinient. following his coni'lcllcin for the New Year's Kvr- )>olj!i)i)liiK i'l Itl* liil,l f ,,r a week. ^ Van nnren County jury dc!l[>- eriited live ,ind hull |,,,,,,. N : | )( , ([ , ie flndhlK him millty of Hie [list ile- Kiee murder ot the foinu'r Mrs Kmtle Sue Unilley ot Abilene Tex | While Ihe verdict wns ve,ul l!oh- j bins wns as expressionless us he had liecn dnrlnit the entire Irlnl lie did »ol tnfce Ihc slniid In his o»n de| fense. Ills inolher. 7l)-yenl-<»l.l M, s . j,. H .. ell llolibms. has ulso been chuised with first decree murder, anil n <i,,. e\|>eeied thai her ease would I,,. ronllnncd to a hller term ul einirl The principal prosecution witness' lilted man Henry IVIty. has been climbed as an nere.ssory-nller-llie- fnet. l>uek« Ktniw (iiioil Tldnj ! KVANKV1I,LK, Ind, UJI'i Sllpl. Unl> McCiriav o( Ihe Mc.sker Purk 'oo here said Ilial some LHV wild [ducks visited the 7.00 | M IH-IV for .1 free ineid. llul o nly ^12 of the ducks led. PAGE TUUOi At DREIFUS LossSJOO^OO MALVEHN. Ark.. f->b. M 'UPI — Woman's inluition wn.s credited today \viili saving rv IlO-ycni-old thp.i- tcr ]iialinger from injury or worse when the Hit/, Theater at Mnlvcrn biirtir<) to the ground. After handling a call to the fire department thai the theater \cas atlanin, Telephone Operator Mrs. Grace J3;utsh rang the t hen (or nuinhrr. Manager Travis Arnold answ -rrctl UIR plmjin. He MiU] he wi\s working In )ILR office and was not aware nf Hie. (nc. He iiushccl from Hie building just as the fire trucks nnivcit. j Kxc.-rpt lot an inslaiit. the, (ire i was confined to the theater build- I icie and U'as cxtiriRHLshect after two hours. Mrs. Flora Mae Adams, who owns the binlclnjp s.tid the ; 100.000 datnaac was covered by insurance. Cherry Not A! n nurd RALEIGH,"tf. C.. Feb. 26- fUP)~ Gov. Gregg Cherry nf North Carolina .=aid today Uie chief value of thr Southern Governors' Conference with National Chairman J. Howard McGrath of the Democratic iVntioual Committee, was in lei- ting Southerners "blow off steam," Cherry said the mct-tmt; was not "heated hut was rruher a very calm riisciis-sion of the civil rights proposals. McGrath fold the governors he did not mnke tlir pnrty's )x>Ucio.s but it. Mr as his duty to enforce tliem. As to North Carolina's stanri riviS rights. Cherry said there nothing in the program "to be un- dully alarmed nbout at this time." "There are some Ihinps in the Pffflidcnt .5 program \vh:rh don't affect us at all." Cherry said. North Carolina do*\s not have a poll tax as a to voting. ^ "There is tio point in stirring *',ip trouble." the governor said, "We've got leu along pretty well u-it.ii our mittoi iiy race in this state." Cherry was a member of the povornor's commiUee which warn- Regional Schools In South Urged To Aid Negroes HKLENA. 'Ark.. Feb. -J6 lUPl- 'J'he solution to the problem of .segregation in the South is regional schools for whites and for Negroes on an eo.un] footing, according (o University of Arkansas Pres. Lewi.-, Webster Jones. Dr. Jones told a group of Helem ; businessmen yesterday that such separate regional institutions would I be of tremendous vaiue to the edu- Icatiniml system of (lie South, ami would also remove the racial fric- lion while complying with the U. s. Supreme Court order. SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY I Tl has Ije.en e.siiinnted that there j are' now approximately 350) vaudeville perlormers in theaters throughout the United Stales. «i Political Announcements The Cotirier NC.K-S has hccn to announce the folloiv- inc candidates, subiect to the general city election. 'April R: and i the Democratic Primary. July 20th ! and August 3rd: I.Srcoml \Var<0 .1. I.. i.Iixlin Nabcis COliN'I V TltKAStiRKll Frank Whitwortli eri ^^cGralh iti Washington this week that the .South was not 'in the bag" anri that Southern Democratic strength would be withdrawn if thr. rights program ivas placed In Ihe national platform. Served-ond enjoyed- in homes from coasl to coast and in Central and South America. Rich, ripe flavor. Soft carbonation. Six full ounces of true hospitality in a graceful, quick- chill bottle. Demand the Ask far it by name. "ASRAPETU, please." THIRSTY <* NOT PARKING GARAGE RF.PAJRS WE DOCTOR AILING AUTOS! Located In the Business End of Blythcviltc! \Ve took our doclor'.s rlcjrrre in mpchanics. Hint's why \vc can sprit trouble fast anri fix it just as quickly! At, the first sign of troiihln, livive hi and let us clieck and repair your r;ir. (We Cater to Truckers . . . No Hotter Service!) LEE MOTOR SALES 307 Easf Main Street <;MC TRUCKS OMXS.MOHII.K Phone 519 This Easter. . . Easier Pretty Dresses in, PRUTS 12.75 Others $10.90 *Sf)ecliilitr or Dremy I'nstvls •Hay Through Dule-TinwDarks (loud louking <inrks froslcii \sii!i \ v hi organdy or luce. I'rclly ]m»t(;ls. Snuirl one and two piece prints... Wlitilevcr style yon had in mind for itial Kanicr drc»s! Juniors', Misses', Women's. New Ensler Hats for All Ages! FLOWERED STRAWS Oay fir.irl flowi-rfi, hows, and (lal It-ring vciln licdeck these lovely ^ taster bounds! ^.;7() Step GrarcfiillY int.n Spring! CYNTHIA* SHOES Designed for distinctive Kastr-r oulliu — PBndals and pumps of smooth leatlicr. snedc, palcni. I QA . In Time for fc'ojfer.' SPRIi\G HANDBAGS 2.98 ft- All Ihecxciling»lylc» you're heard about: Kxquinitfly mmlc of pUelic. palenl, nifHc or e*lf. QHKVC )m\r* from x minliow of beautiful Sprin OVy as the. /Vnc Smson'. EASTEFJ CLOVES 98c (rood-looking »\v\ clnralilc — dofl rayon pucilc ' in a plraKtnp \aricty of ncaily tailored slip-on?. ^^ billion lenptb in ilclcclal'le Spring colors. Sizes (>•)!,' ••>• THIS EASTER ... UK .SIM/H . . . S.4YE \T PKNNEY'S Imrmrlnnl fN'cir Sbndcs! (,'AVIHODF* NVLO.NS 1.39 Ktrilirigly f-ltcer and filthily tniirtl ?.liAflrs to Hramali^r \!ti,:r linporMnt l : ,.islrr < i>^- hiiur! Spriiip lanor, r;nlianl hro\M], live! All full OF BUDGET-WISE wmfcs $24.75 I,:uly',s (Uamotui sec onyx ring. $3.95 Men's expansion watch bracelets. $5.00 New covered candy dish. EASIEST Terms TOWN DflEIFUS Mrrsl llrnifns . . . Iliiiiiiiinils Jib \\CST\IAI\ ST.

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