The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1947
Page 12
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'; JtOTOAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1947 BLYTHKVlLLfc (AUK.) COURIKtt NKWS 'AGIO TWKLVK Royall Confers With Lawmakers Occupation Costs in ' 'Germany Get Attention Of Senate Committee ; BY DAVTON MOORE (UniUd Press SUff Corrrsponilriit) WASHINGTON, Sept. 22. OJP>— Chairman Styles Bridges of the Senate Appropriations- Committee his said that if Uie United States 'were allowed io "run Die show" in Western Germany he would favor this country taking over the bulk of British occupation cost. 1 ;. The New Hampshire HcpuDlican nude the statement us his committee met in emergency session. The cojnmtttee also heard Secretary of Army Kenneth C. Royall outline the administration's Plan for answering the British plea that she does not have enough dollars io pay half of the occupation costs in the Anglo-American Zone of Oer- many. Bridges told reporters that'll appeared necessary for the United States to take over the major part. of the occupation cost. "But one thing I want to be sure of before we give a green light to the plan is that \vc will be permitted to run Hie show if we are i;oi»s to have to tool the bill," Bridges said. "We don't want to underwrite the British and still !ct them man- aye the occupation. 11 He said that he did not know whether a special session of Congress before January would be necessary for stop-gap aid to all of Western Europe. Bridges said that the administM- Mountains of Wheat, With No Place to That vast pile of svheat contains :iO,OOU bushels ol the precious grain. At many grain elevators, like tho one pictured above, at Kgeland, N. IX, the wheat has come in, bul hasn't gone out. The bumper crop, the record prices, and a shortage of railroad curs arc responsible for outdoor storage. lion wantn a "green HsW now from the nppropriiilloiu committee M r-pcnd funds to defray the additional occupation cost and still have assurnucfrs prove early in January, The House Appropriation. 1 : Committee would act first upon the request for such a deficiency appropriation. Com Producers Indiana, Iowa. , Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, .11^11 LU^I. .""I .Hill li.l>-_ , that Congress will a»- S™"> U«koU. iiiul Wisconsin, com-, deficiency appreciation '''men, Police nearly iol tho ! suites. corn crop of the United Read Courier News Want Ads. Ijkcif Dandelions "Just plant a dandelion on my grave," was a request in the will left, by DL'lmon- Km nets Miner, Ijiickawannn, N. Y., who liked dnn- dcllons because "they ai'D a harbinger of spring, good weather, and maybe better things." BEN WHITE & SONS .GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE —NORTH TENTH • Phone 315! GATEWOOD GROCERY ! Phone 975J Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch "If the grades seem too low, why can't we parents provide little prizes (or the teachers whose pupils get the highest marks?" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER lii-oiik It, Hr«{ her Read Courier News want Ads. by Elijolrell. Scifcrl. Dislobulcd by MiA SERVICE. IXC XXXI (T)R. GREGOR was reluming to f~~ Chicago on an afternoon train, (planning to come back to the Lair ion Monday, and go to work* Malcolm stood aside us the Staff dis- ;banded, and watched the Russian fpcak a further word to his men. ^Certainly Grcgor seemed able to cope with ' Woodward. It tickled •Malcolm's sense of justice to sec ;thc brash redhead being put into Ms proper place l>y the man he liimself had sponsored. If ever a scheme had back-fired—• ':'. Exhilarated, Malcolm followed iWoodward to his office, went in, 'end asked Miss Dyson to leave .them alone for\a few minutes. ^Andrew's eyebrow went up, as if he questioned Malcolm's right to speak so to his office nurse. • ; Malcolm glanced ut his wrist. "I think you'll want me to say my say in privacy, Woodward," he said briskly. •-Andrew reached his hand for the telephone, making a show o! busy-ness. "Let it go a minute," ^lalcoltn barked. "I have things •I want to say to you— I shoulc have said them before." '.Andrew gestured to a chair ^lalcolm shook his head. "1 have esked you, before, Woodward, whj you meddled in my affairs. Now I teliyjou to do-no inore of it." ' "If "you'd be specific, Doctor—' Iriurmured Andrew. . ' "I can be specific," Malcolm said sharply. "I don't need to be. Le it suffice that I want you to stay away from any member of in; iamily. And I mean away. B iphorte, by chance meeting, by cas .ual word— 1 admit your clever ness, Woodward, but 1 want n ;morc of it. As Gregor said, I war no smell of hospital ether take linto my home." i "Ah, yes, Grcgbr/ 1 murmurc lAtidrew. : !; "Certainly Gregcr!" .Malcol icricd. "I wonder if it was as ev I dent to you as it was to the rest us that you were definitely put to your place by your new staff urgcon." Andrew lit a cigarct. "lie's a ic man," he said henvtlly. "It ill be a pleasure to work with in." Malcolm smiled. "When you nvc a dominant personality like rcgor's," he said dryly, "you'll r ork for him, not xvith him." Andrew nodded, looked at Malohn through the smoke about his ice. "That might indicate your Uention to retire. Doctor. I don't clievc you'd work for him, would ou?" TALCOLM cracked one fisl into the other. "Retire!" he snort:1, "Not by n jugful, will I retire. or would I—unless I'd fail in ny work. Certainly, I'd not leave y Hospital with all the broken ieces you've scattered inlo its orners. Your insidious meddling clone so much mischief, I'd be line sort of doctor not to patch ip as much of the hurl as I can. just came in here to warn you lol Io do any more damage." . He turned and stalked out of he oflice. lie strode through the obby, hi:i head in the air. lie felt 0 feet tall, and possessed of the tvongth of Paul FHmyan. At least. He whirled inlo his own ollicc ;o violently that Susan almost fell out of her chair. "Dr. Glenn!" she ;asped. "Susan!" be cried. "When does Marty's train leave?" She stared at him. "I don't know—" "Why don't you know? 11 "Well, I just don't. I guess the 5:30, but there are two later ones •lie just said he'd leave tonight—" "Yes. And why aren'l you going with him?" Again she slared al him wordlessly. "Didn't lie ask you to go with him?" Malcolm demanded. "Oh, yes. But I told him I couldn't." Malcolm slopped toward her. "Why couldn't you?" "1 told him you needed me." Malcolm snorted. "Fine thing. Doesn't Martin have any rights? lie's leaving here because he wants Io build q life- for himself, uncl he needs you to help him do it. I'm fund of you, and you've been a bij! help to me, but 1 should not be that important to you. I'm very sure you love Martin. That's why I say go to him. And <in it this minute! Or you stand apt to loso the best man in Elm world. I know! I raised him." * * • GUSAN began to laugh then, ^ helplessly. She got out of her chair, reached up to kiss Malcolm's Hal cheek. He snorted, then hugged her, releasing her with a little shake. *'Go on, now," ho said brusquely. "You haven't much time. Pocking and tickets and— things. Hesidos, I'd like a lilllc privacy. I want to talk to my girl." lie looked discontentedly at his watch. What he'd really like would be to go home and talk to Nancy, where ho could put his arms about her—but an O. D..surgeon is not his own master. Malcolm must make out with the telephone. "Listen," he said slcrnly to Nancy, when she answered, "I don't know how long I can talk— and I've important tilings to say." "Darned light, it's important. I'm taking a vacation." . . . "That's what I said. And you're going with me. We'll plan on leaving he middle of next week." . . . 'Yes, Grcgor comes in on Monday, md with him here, I rim get away 'or about 1U days. French Lick, naybc. You make your plans. And, Nancy—buy yourself some clothes. Get a dre-^s—there's a e of blue I like to sec you wear. It goes with your hair— you had a suit that color when we were married. Remember? Atul a hat with roses under the brim, somehow. Will you make all tho arrangements, Nancy? Tickets, and packing, and all—" (To Be Cimchnlcd) ' i-'^'l Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2013 1011 Cfiickasuwba I Vt ft. PL Uh • j 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 • I Calvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 • I Schenlcy 1.35 2.65 4.15 • j Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 I I Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 * I Old Taylor 4.35 6-90 : I Four Roses 2.85 4.50 ^ !5%Beer per Case $2.88! • % JGAS, reg I7.5c; Ethyl 19.5:j JAM BrandsGgarets,ctn. $1.35J Upholstering <\<id new colors Io your home ami prolong the life of your furniture. 1. Expert Craftsmen 2. Finest Materials 3. Custom Styling E. V. WALLS 21st Street at Gateway NlO'.V. AT LAST, I WHY THEY CALL irA BUTCH HAIRCUT i WELL. 1 TUlMli WOU CAM DISCUSS IT LOOK? VERV ) ,\<.y FATAL BEAUTX BECOMING.-.; , / LATER—WE HAVE 'SENSATIONAL. NEWS ABO1 LARD' ST UDEB AKERS 5 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. D Sales STUDEBAKER Service D E U't our skilled nu> chunk's take care of your ears ;mcl t 1 trucks. Complete line of parts. Prepare for winter now «ti B A K s ---let us install a heater on your truck or car. Complete line of accessories, radios, foglights, sent covers, batteries, Hares, bumper guards and a complete line of FIRESTONE TIRES. 19H clic-vrolet 2 speed :\\]c i;.25 [irL'5 ]941 Chf-vrolct 34 ton truck I0tf> Forrl - i toil stiikc* bocjV 1947 Nev/ 1'orU 2 Speed /-de 1535 Tli-ts I947 you- Iiitcmntloiuil K-5 2 Spocti Axle 8.25 'arcs 1047 Kcw Stuiicliiiknr 11-. lxji.» wiicrl T!iisc 1941 lord Coupe 1941 Dod^c 2 Door A ICEll 1!>3<5 Dcyotn 4 Door — Clc 11)39 rijnmuth 2 Door— A Job Ton Buy an rc;il Trade With Confidence willi Chamblin. 'I'liusc Cars C,':u-ry ;i T U D E :iO I>ay Guarantee! BAKE R B A K E R S WASH TUBES Hrnm! HY Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople EVENJ IDEKSiTlFY YOURSELF, VMY SCRWCrt TWEi teS'.tc/v,. WIS AMD PRODUCE SOfAE- .'~ r ^*-^ VOOULD HOLD 8P\D NiE*SS eURKe PO5\TlONi KiBXT TIWE Ut «R UKE 600SE LNER OW TRIFLED \\JlTH OF \\Jl4EM Out Our Way By J. R. Williams "i|ffi|p|gisfe|g5g:i jiu— GO OM-- G.O CM.' J GOT A WHOLE INCH THERE VET !>SJ^= -TH-vr V ATTI THE WEATHER IT UP \NJ JSJCH. THEM.' I V\-\M1 YOU TO T-\^E IT U . A CH-VN5E: MOTMEC-J- OtlT 5;.'!CE VDU BROUGHT THE SUBJECT UR MR. M^KEt'. WE HftVE 8E£V A BIT DISTUKBEO KUWORO WHICH. fc* VOU DC. MIDDLE'S REPDK.T V/ILt UNPOJBTEPLS CtEftR UP NOT BAD iRuiV/GiW':*'^'- VftKE? THt T CONriRMS N SUSPICIOM I'' IN THE PLfXCEl... THE SRUE5T PEOPLE CONVlf T.TED Wt NSSLUM ARE THE INHMES' RED liVDEIt Framed FRF,D IT ARM AN AS iO RYDER SOtS to TiSAte THE FIRE HE. issso,^ Trie rtS. RD63IRS TDO'1-L DO TH' V\':G^r! «v MI> sravicr. £1,1.FA OOV tVIC FLINT TMT WAN GOiXG UP YOUR (AOTMER MNUS'S WALK, iocRrn*,isvicFi.iNT, THE S« TE CTIVE; •BT KMOWH PRIVATE D£-I CHIMES, TSCTlVt IN THE CITY. / YOU DON'T I Ctlll OH .lilnUS CY ailCHAEL O'MAM.EY and RALPH I,ANE WHY SUPPOSE ANYTHING? \OU SAY JANUS HAS CHANGEB TOWARDVOO. YOU SVSPICT HE WAIUS HIS DAWHrER AtllW BACK WHY HOT VERIFY YOURSUS P1CION 1 GO OVER AND LISTEN RT JANUS'S W1NDOW.IF HE 15 WINNING FLINT TO ViHO ANITA, WELt--- IjiUc u Kox By V. T. 'SISEL-" PCSTE3 >& AS S ONc HCP= OP RETMN'NS DSPEND5 C^ RESAiN'NG . IC'N Cf HIS DINOSAUR.. *-*; ^ v ,-«* \\;TH ^0 5~X\'J!\' G'J\^3 ON...,o! , H£T. - f ,^- BOOTS ANP HFU BUDDIES 1'crsisleiK'c I!v EDGAH ^^^<^*<3 : ^t; ; ::L! "M" ^C^^^iv^ MO'. 1'IA, Off Tl\tX CftRR*tO ft SIAftPP^ ONt Of "SORCWtS V6R.l.PtAPV.l&V\TtR<i TOO '. COV\t ONi , "F!

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