The Courier News from ,  on February 25, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from , · Page 11

Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1948
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY M, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BIYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OMLY THREE BLOCKS FROM HOME -THINK: of m TH - owe we GOT NOW Y5 FIVE: •GET A ^TlCK AMD Wr-'l.l. ML-A-£.UKF IT BtF OKU AiKIM" )F= THEY'LL RENT IT. THE AUTOMOBILt \ IS CERTAINLY i ELEVATING, ISN'T \ rrf A MP / AMY MOKt HMr < IN ALLL-Vi; "1MA.M / WE DO MOW.' AD,MAR.WA.' DID VOO ~*? a &'-( SLIGHT SHOCK? I\W HAIR \ A SLIGHT 6HOCI*: ? Y\ STOOD OP LIK& A CAT'S / - '*> BA,CK?-"-r-toVJ HEREi'S A * SI-TOCK roR-ibo.'Tius MOT TWiC CHMR?-^-MOSM VOL) "\-\9EAT EsiDS >t3OR CARetC YOL>RPL^eisiTv\& m AS A OF TlAfe IWNKORTALS WHO/:' O8MERGED SELF TO ACT F0 5/i K? THM \-JORD CARRIES IO.OOO VOLTS PAGE ELEVEN Negligence Charge U.S. Aired Before Jurors TEXARKANA, Tex., Fob. 25. (UP) I —Hearings were underway today in Federal Court of the Western 'Arkansas District on two civil suits against the government. The suil.s »5k Judgments a! W900 and »9MO for the deaths of two Hope youths I in 'ori! ig-A. The youlli-Sj Norman Feclron flnrj Carl Franklin Morris, were fatally I injured when a 37-millimeter shell | exploded. The shell liad been found 1 In »n apartment into \vhlch the I Pedron family had moved. It apparently came from the Hops Proving Grounds. Plaintiffs were Raymond B. Perl| ron and .Jess Morris, fathers of the boys, who contend that the government was negligent in permitting th« «hell to be removed from the proving grounds. r BY ION£ SANDBERG SHRIOER. DISTRIBUTED SY NEA SERVICE. INC Osceo/o Housing Group fj'es for Incorporation ROCK. Ark.. Feb. 2s. . .. . . P)— The Osceoln Housing, Inc.. yesterday filed articles of incorporation with Secretary of Stale C G. Hall. The papers listed 40 Osceola per- •ons at Incorporators and named G. B. Seagraves t£ resident agent. Authorized capital stock was listed at. $50.000. A charter also was granted to the Lewls-McLarty Department Store of Hope which listed authorized , capital of $100,000. Incorporators j u-ere C. C. Lewis, T. P. MclArty and H. C. Rauton. Little Rock Residents Ask for Parking Meters LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Feb. 25. (UP)— The Little Rock CityCotlnc'l scheduled a meeting today to call public hearings to determine the sufficiency of signatures on peti- [ tions (or a vote on parking meters. The petitions were filed yesterday bearing 100 signature*. Only 88 names were required. Tf approved, the propasa! will ap- ar on the general election ballot 1 on April 6. Delinted Cotton Seed (Actual Size) STATE CERTIFIED CHEMICALLY DELINTED COTTON SEED cost less to plant. These jiure all seed nre treated and •e from .ill seed borne diseases, mickcr germination, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense. Use any bean, co.-p. or pen plavitjr. STATE Ci-IRMFIED VAHIE TIES packed In attractive 50 Ib ba-.-s. (Jomc in and book your requirements todny, we will hold until planting time. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Hljthcville, Ark. Branches: I.cachville. Ark.,' Cardwell. Hornersville & Sena1h,Mo. LMALONE ! Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 THK STOHVi Ann H.ntrori — Mr*. Huah Hitncrofl—Kuddrnl? bf- fom«» fcrrlfled. *umi-onr b M1 vtnxr-d thr «oLt» at hrr grw hruivn I>UBII>». So.irunr nhu ,>Mrii1l; ,T.BI. brr 10 .ll|, .ud fnll Juv,. Ihr «cr«p BlalrviiKr «i Tuutalll. Ann iHtruvrra Ikv cnm nj VTHX !• hrr clo>F1 !ihr {• loo U|i*n lo BO MonB nlrk l.Murlr «nd Klnda t» Ihr ruuBtrr club for lunch, l.nnrt* tm Ann 1 * l>-^^Br-«]il BUirr. RIndJi WA» AHB'B colicBV roommBlr. BOW • InlllitK tke Unnir.itt*. Ann'. frJKtil lncr<-B««« vvhrn BBr Brla » teller from » Mr. .Stnrk abAut »*..rk dnnr on lfc« flVflnielBK brltlK* uver 1h«> raTlnr In (br Knrdrn. Thf TrnrkntBH Wrl1«> tbAI the brjdvr wn* In vtrttct conilltlom on ^iny '.';*. BBI on May 3O ih« brlrtfte rollnitHrd. carrying Lnkr Ihr K»rrf«ner lo hlx death. Ani» iTORdrrc If (tie ••noelilrnC' *rn« ni'-MiM !• kill. nut Luke, bnl Ann. . . . • • • 111 r\ORINDA BEUCE came to Tophill two days before Decoration Day Ann was delighted at the prospect of the visit: she hadn't seen Rinda since college. From the first Kinda loved Tophill. She loved the old monstrosity of • house, the magnificent old nigs, the oil paintings in their heavy ornate irarnes. the elaborate carving of the woodwork. "It's unbelievable." she said over and over on her tour of inspection. "Simply unbelievable. How you musl love it." Well. Ann did, of course. She loved Tophill passionately. Rush arid Laurie made fun of her almost fanatical devotion but she couldn't help it, any more than she could help breathing. It was quite simply a part of. her. As (or example her house rules about the grandfather clock before which Rinda was now standing. Ann allowed no one U) touch the clock except herself. She wound it every Thursday at 15 minutes before 3 It had to be wound at that time because there were three keyholes on the face of the clock; both hands had to be in the proper position in ordej to wind all three. Ann wasn't tall enough to reach the keyholes so she always stood on a low cricket But nevertheless she Insisted upon performing the task herself. Hinda stood now on the thin rug on the landing and looked at the magnificent clock, at the gleaming moon and shining stars depicted on iU fac«. It'B wonderful." she said. "The whole place. I don't wonder that you're mad about it." • • • DINDA slopped oft" in her room •*• to wash the train dirt from her face and to comb tier hair. She came back downstairs to (ind everyone in the library. Soon she was deep in conversation with Hush. Tommy, who was always helpful. waE lighting the lire, and Ann was pouring hot fragrant tea from her grandmother's Limoges teapot, ivner (hey heard the front door bang and heels click rapidly across the parquet floor. It was Gay Llnforth. Rush's laboratory assistant. She slopped abruptly and breathlessly in Die doorway, her pale liair nyinR, her blue eyes shining, her whole face alive and eager. "Oh, I'm so sorryl" she said as her eyes took in the group. "Come on in." Ann invited. "Come in and meet Rinda. And have a cup of tea." "Oh, I can't! How do you do. Miss Bruce? Everyone's been looking forward so to having you coine. But I really can't slop for the tea " She turned to Rush who was leaning indolently against the high mantel, watching her: her face got a little brighter and certainly her voice was even more breathless as she said. "It just came, special delivery, Hush, and we were right!" Hush laughed gently and tapped his pipe inside the fireplace. "Sit down. Gay. Have some lea. I've never seen you so excited." He put down his pipe, went to CURTAINS, drancs. anything that you need cleaned to perfection Is handled easily at PEERLESS CLEANERS. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable prices, quick, efficient service! PEERLESS CLEANERS Phone 2433 Local & Long Distance Hauling Moving o Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any 1'lacc Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. Phones: Day .|677 N'iitht 2S86 Action! No use sla.vinjr At home »hcn there's real fun to bt hadl Try your hand at Blylhevlllc's newest sport. Bon] Tonlglil: Chitwood's Bowling Alleys East Main Street Phone -192!) BAHV CHICK TIME • BUY EARLY • BUY THE BEST A Complete Line of Feed We Buy Poultry! Lewis Poultry •119 K- Main Phone !M!) Spring Planting Oats \V« have Spring Oals, Alfalfa, Pasture Mixtures and I,cs|)L'clc/.;i. f.iiwn Mixtures For All Kinds Kielci Seed, Come lo See Us- Blythcville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main St. 8SB rhnnrs *•,! Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Sire T. L. MABRY S MISSOURI ST. 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A MAN SHOUID AIWAY5 65 1O 6EAI A GIRL 7 VOU PlDN 1 7tll M M WfKE BOWUNG. EARL. I'M AfRrtlD T« TOO OKI KID UP. YOU 100K 10VE1Y. KIP.6NOTIIIS HONE PLACf Wf U/OII't IUIH INK) YOUR EKOMtfR OR AHYOP HtS FRIEND WASH TUBBS LESLIE TURNEH WJNHO SET IRIS r BUT IT WRSN'T OM THESE UPPER HOORSVJCTE3U5T SEARCHED SO CARE- NOW VOE'LL TPY IHE BASE MEW!! ALL GOES VJEU-, WU FACE ONE PROBLEM THAT HNSW'T AKISEM W 01HEK EXPERIWM1S, DRGRLIGEK... THE HATTER OF CtOTHES f OR !* K-FOOT OF COURSE, WMURE MfvV PROUIDE WITH M>RCMEOKte COAT! VOULLKEOML THM OUR PREWOUS SUBJECTS MLGRESM EKTREWEW HNR OR, FUR.'. IF THM> DID HIWE &W OPENING WTO IHE UEXT SUAOINO l«GE ENOUGH FOR JAMWO, HOW COUIP HE HIDE IT, EASV ? BESIDES, BV THE TIME flE'KE KENW 10 UOTEIl W% TO A STAKTttD WORLD. WWA WMHER Will SE WITH US! f|rm «-t>iiig&^ '•wlV^vaag^H nlyslcrtous Sfrangers By FKED BARMAN HERE, is KI«R<X:K>\YOU HAS'E r\Y CHANCE CRA6ROCK TO OUiTOUlD.REtX' BUT WE FisSD R6.D RYDER NOK>' By V. T. HAMLLN fK'-SO ON /^ VIM.^LtT! THIS / »l*C»E 50MPIN KS^PBNJ TO LOOK.' ^ ^^ OVE u» iJ^^SM ON " r " i J •••« '5 THKT SiE\ vWV Sm«i DJS.*., A A-^'AT tfOAT.- A Vvl IW > MY , JEWELS.'.' Ann and got a cup of tea (or Oaj, settled hci in a chair by Ihe tire- place. "Now relax." "But the spore: formation—" she ocgiin arm lie laughed axum and said -Will certainly keep long cnougl- lor you to nave a cup ol lea. Go on, drink it." "But it's so exciting to know we were right." Gay s.-ml and then began obediently to drink nei leu. As Ann remembered it wns about then thai Rush suggested the picnic. And slanlly. "Swimming! On Decoration Day' Brntih." "You don't know our pool." Rush tolil her. "llol and fold running water. All the comtortj of home. How auout you. Gay?" His smile at her was warm. "No work day after tomorrow, you know." "I'd love lo,' Gay replied immediately. "Your picnics are always wonderful." She put her Hate down and stood up. jllid (irmly. "I've gni logo now Thanks for Hie tea. I've still got ovel an tour's worK to do." Her blue eyes turned on Rush. "You'll come over the lab Ocfore dinner?" She turned apologetically to Rinda and Ann. "1 tlon't mean but I'm 30 excited! The specimen that we sent—" "Gay 1 Gay!" Rush deplored laughing, liiliing her elbow and turning ner around door, steering her In its direction. "No professional talk! Rinda and Ann will be completely baffled. Sure, I'll come over. In a little while." "She's an attractive wench," Rinda said Irom the depths of her chair, after (Jay had gone. "She's a glutton for menl." Ann said. "She's a glutton (or more than that." Laurie said significantly. "She's been working since 7:30 this morning," Ann said quietly. "She's doing it for Rush," Laurit iTrTTW said, her voice light and teasing. "' * "" "Gay's very thoughtful darling. Haven't you noticed? "Well, I'm sure it's very nice of her." Ann said but she was troubled bv the edge o f malice in Laurie's voice. "I know Rusli very (ond of her." (To Be Continued} Perfect Service We pride ourselves on our courteous, prompt service. Tcrfcct fond phis perfect service* the perfect meal. Elliott Johns, Owner Johns Cafe 109 West Main Phone 3<)(lli * _ ^-" 1 "i!^.*?i. v '"~\-L't?-.C3C5;.-X?i 1 ^T BOOTS AND HKR IHJDDIKS All in I'iivin•'.' By EDGAU MARTIN jvw %t«^\t fsvio ittP'. "\«v< \ r J v\^^iO n i >?>t •iOMt MO»%V VOR p ^-*Vtn THM VOtS

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