The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, SKI'TKMliKK 'JU, 11117 HIATILEViU.K (AliK.) COUUIMK NKWS U.S. Begins New Attack on Prices Buyer Resistance, Investigation by Grand Jury Continues lly Unltril I'rcss Thc government launched a direct miiUlpronged altnck on high food prices today as the nnthm watched its big grain and com- mtxllly markets to see if the general decline in prices would extend into the new week. II prices continue to fall on the Uvfesloek. grain and commodity exchanges as they did last week, retail juices may tje expected to follow within a week or so. Bolter and eggs already were selling cheaper in many sections. Some prices apparently were pushed dov:nward by huycr resistance, including organized threats of buyers' strikes. President Truman, hack from his South American diplomatic tour, h-gan a series of conferences with lop cabinet officials lo determine ho* to increase aid to Europe and at the same time stabilise prices at home. Simultaneously. Justice Department officials at Chicago began selecting 45 venivemen for a grand jury investigation ol meat, prices. The investigation may be extended to milk prices later. A Congressional sub-committee moved into New York City to continue investigation of prices. Ar. the hearings .started. New York protest campaigns hit high gear. In long Island, a consumer resistance committee said its members would .stop buying beef for three \vceks. It urged nation-wide cooperation to force beef and other meat prices down. Three national organizations — the League or Women's Voters, the Progressive Citizens of America, and the American Veterans' Committee, — called for Immediate government controls to deal with pries :.nd inflation dangers. THC United Nations Assembly found time to agree on cme thing — [hey agreed prices were higher in the United State.s than ayn- . where else in the world. Co-operation in Italian Hot Spot rusting. Yotu iKii 1 services fur TempU' ] Israel Congregation here will be i conducted by Kabbi Alfred Vise In i the now Temple Dividing tomorrow night at H p.m., Wednesday morn- Ing at 10:30 a.m. and Wednesday afternoon al 2:30 p.m. The services will be concluded with confession at r>:30 p.m. Sermon loplcs will be; Tuesday night.- "Human Happiness". Wednesday 'iiuirning: "The KsseuUals of Ki'liulon," and Wednesday afler- imim. "Memorial Sermon." The Temple choir and HUIT.V Vise us emiloi will the llnbbl In services. CONFERENCE (Continued from I'ago 1) above )!H7, and an Increase hi;; capacity bv 2'>.OOIU10Q kilowalts, or two-tidrds above the prewai level. 4. Development of nil rclininn i-apacily in iciins nf ciudc oil by 17.0CO.CCO loi:s. This would be '> l- : .l limes abuvc the prcwai level. I 5. IncicaH' ol crii'.U' steel \irn- ducllcn by 8C |:IM- cent over the proscnl level m ri503C.HO.! Ions. This wuiilil b ( . lO.COa.COD Inns or •>C pel 1 c(in nbovv UI38 pr.iductlon. (i, Kxpanston (if inland Irans- poiiallon facilities lo carry per cent greater load In 1051 In !!):«; 1. HesKiiaUon o[ prewar mer- clinnt fleets of lhc l(i Western ICnropcan nations. Thc participallntt nutlons said EuroiHiin imnliK-llon would supply moit o! the nerds lor capital equipment oullincd in (lie rxpan- In Gorlzb, llaly. where the new llnlo-Yugosluv border liisecls the city, American and Yugoslavian jinny olliccrs study a map flowing the hotly-debated boundary line.: Mnj.-Gcn. Uvyant !•'. Moore, left, commander of the 1)8til Infantry Division, with the aiil of :m interpreter, ri»ht, discusses the. touchy siluation wilh Colonel Grubor, center, slnlf oflicer ot the Yugoslav 4th Army. Believe Pfot For Afrfock On Cuban Army Shopped Schedule Hearings In Agricultural Program i WASHINGTON, Sept. 22. (UJM ' —The Agriculture Committee today scheduled n .series of hearings across lhc country to give farmers an opportunity to ex-j press their views on a long-range i iiKricuUiiral program, Chait man Clifford Hope, R-, Kim., said the committee would hc!d hearings hero from Oct. G through ID and then make a swing including: Rocky Mount, N. c., Oct. 17; Mcnt<jomcry, Ala.. C~L. 20. HAVANA, CUM*. Sept. 22. iUP> — The Chief of Siaf; believed inday that the discovery and .seizure of enough bullets, .50-calJber maehine- ynns and bombs to fill 13 micks hud broken, for £<";acJ an alleged plot lo attack the army. Some of the bombs wci»he:l up to 300 pounds. They, the yuiis and the ammunition were seined Saturday night on ;t laiiL'h 10 miles from Havana. It was understood that the ranch belonged to Minister of Education .lose Manuel Ak'inan, who is in Miami, I-'tn., 0:1 leave of absence. Last night, troops blocked off the Pasco Del Praclo in downtown Havana and raided the luxurious hotel Sevilli llilttnore, o\vr, d by Urugiinyan iMillionaire AmleMo I3at- tisti. It was imcler.stood that they arrested 1 several men and scixcd a cinanlit.y of arms and ammunition, besides some army uniforms, Chief of Staff Gen. Genovro Perex Damera said there had bee; a "conspiracy" 10 attack the army although he did not go into details. But he said Col. Fabio Rui/, I chief of the p-mverful Nations) I'o- [ lice, had asked for a "leave o; ab- i 5 n'clock ... still shiningl because if has a hard-wax finish! GRIFFIN r.RirriM ABC WAX siton POLISH gives you rosier, brighter, longer-lasting slmcshim*, hcc.uisc it contains mm banl wnxf Hard w.ix niciins easy shoe cure. So for more shoe shine with less shoe shining, use CRirriN A»<; WAX sum: I'ousip... to gci the shine that <;,o».> ELACK. B«OV,'M, IAN, OXBIO in the e^ii/'Opcni Herc'5 ci lip for quick, easy shines — us; sslf-pclishing GRIFIIH LIQUID WAX New Numbers 4474 and 4475 But Some Reliable Service 'Tor Work Done Right CALL NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners 220 North 2nd Street v,elfarc of Ihe woi'ld," '1'ho l-]nrn[K h an nations said they welcomed the opportunity offered by Secretary of Slate George c. Marshall lo prepare and [ire.seni lo Ihe United Slates a balance slieel . of their recovery plans and re- ({[Ulremi'nl.s. They pointed cut that nnfor- umately ih,> siv.e of Ihe iiroblem peeled-Ihat tlu- disruinion eauseil hml proved (ii'eah 1 )- than was ex- by war \\ r as "more formidable"! than was realized even six months a no. The Paris conferees said that arranermrnls have been made to continue their work llmni|;h Uniied N'aticns machinrry and other mi'ans. A joint ort;:miy.a.tioii chait!- cd wllli the task of iTVlvwim; pro- Uicss ol tile plan as dralled Is contemp^.tind. Oulllnes I'«m--Vear Plan The final report expected li> run ' Kboul 'iO.OIJO words is expected to l;j released formally next Sinxlay. Tlie siiinmui-y made public loda'y aminmled lo about i.5!in words. In a brc-ak do\vn (if the ]iro- tuam as dinltcd at Paris, lhc summary said il was dcsiun'.'tt LO achieve the following rcsulls by lil.M: I. Hesloration of |>rc-war bread, iirain and other cereal production with ]an:e increases above prewar cl" sugar and pulatncs. some increases in lals and oils and as last an expansion in livestock products as supplies of ler-din".- : tufls will permit. '^. Increase or coal oulput lo 5'M.CI)'J.CO(I,000 tons. Tills would lj;> Jews evcrywhci^ will observe Yom I MS.OW.tllO tuns above lhc 1047 The MUCCSS of ivsloitni: internal ilnancial stability in certain of Ihe counliies is dependent on lulciinalc inrcH;n ssslslancc. il : ai ry out (he M'Ven-polnt j ]'ecovoi y progntin, llu 1 IE! niUioiis Mild - that -spi'dul pi'DJccts \\Tre beinu lEovcLoju'd for common |>lnn- nSiif, cf jii'w soumi's of eU'elrle po\vei- atul .stiunlaidl/nUon of inln- inji and rltTtiiciil supi>!Ir.s, Ai 'riuitii'inont.s lor Ihe inter- chtin^e ut Liit on mi I ion hy sled proilucinu countt'tcs aboul lliclr pi'tiRi-gauis of niochnini'uliou and expansion t;T capiU'ity also ai - o pltinned. Too Late to Classify Business Opportunity Dlhti Ibnliu |)Ul UiliUy 1't'iltXVll tl pi-i iniu-ii:ii.- pr Niiy $-U)^.1o. I'o u i lh' ML D.ivi HI,. -HI. l.oulfi, MONEY -NAME YOUR NEED New Opportunities—Old Debts New Clothes^- Education Unexpected Illness — Travel Low Rates — Friendly Service PHONE 2926 1ZZ W. ASH ST. DLYTHEVULE CONTACT ftticc." which lie hud been ji Thfit iiulomiUienlly miulc Col. Em iquc HemniKii 1 /. head of tht National Police. P | dent, Uunum Gniu San Mnvtin pointed him .supervisor of p only '<!-! hours heioro the nrtn.s .liscovcred, The Atniy atui the National ]*n- Ik'L- were looking foi lop H'luk'is oE •'ii'VoUUmnury insun'ect'jonLst union," which v,:i.s involved u work ayo in u buttle inside the National cf force. Seven \\ ere killfcl in lliat lighting. for Complete Protection Against Ail INSURABLf HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoo Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. SALESMAN WANTED TO SELL VENETIAN BLINDS ; V >!- KiH|u'uvi)ii'iil.s: ARU :i() lo r>f>; Married; Musi Have ('ar; UolYraife Ucqiiiretl ; (iood Proposition lo Ihe Man Who Can Qualify; Alaku Apiilii'alion in Own v ' TcnArKyMo Venetian Blind Mfg. Co. .'II 1-20 S. -Itli SI., tliiinii City, Teim. (Wholesale Only) Yom Kippur To Be Observed In Temple Israel Kipjuir, ov Day of AtoiH'tncnL fi'oni (uniorrow ni^liL until \Vtic3ue.sduy sundown. This most .sacred tiny in Lhu Jewish yo:ir will lie" nb.sei vrd with .sc] \'i(-(-'s. sjicclal prstytM'.s und lex el, and HO,COO,000 ]Ji ocluctiou. :*. Kxpansion of cU'flttcity output. by Hourly VO.G^.COXOOO kiJnwalt hours. Tills would IK- -10 per (ronl To Loan We Loan Money on Farm Land and City Prop- erty. We also buy notes. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY', EXCAV/CTION HOUCHINS GSencoe Hotel Bldg. 8. J.COHEN Contractor -IYNCH-BLDG: BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Wiane 3646awt2525 - said Tomorrow and Tomorrow WJ. W HAT'S it like — parked here behind the wheel of this gor- pcous stylc-paccr, with the sun smiling clown, the road ribboning by, the whole world passing in pleasant review? Well Maybe you've sat on a headland over the sea where you're one with the sky and the clouds and the breeze. There's n lot of that when you travel in this Buick. Or maybe you've known the thrill of lifting a plane off the ground, and felt your spirits soar to the surge of singing [lower perfectly ai your command. There's much of thai, too, in the eager answer of the eight big fireball cylinders under your Buick's bonnet. Maybe you've cruised cjuicdy through calm waters, relaxing to the lift and swell of a truly buoyant ride — there's more than a touch of ihai in the way this beauty's all-coil springing floats you over the stretching miles. There is mastery here of tiuic and of distance. There's the steadiness of ample roadwcight, and the pleasant knowledge that whercve 1 - you go yon are carrying the banner of tomorrow's automobile styling. There's a big bang in the extra conveniences you enjoy here — a front scat ihat adjusts itself lo your comfort at a finger-touch, door windows thai roll up and down at a button's command, a lop that rises againsi changing weather at your pressure on a handy control. Here arc all the pleasures of motoring in measure to make you king for loday and a thousand tomorrows — so why wait longer to get your name in for one? ONLY BU1CK HAS All THE§E Tnkc our tip that wlicn your Huick Convertible arrives il \v much, much more tlinn the most you expect — and s>ct a firm order in, whether or not you liavc n car to tratle. When better automobiles are built BUICK will build them * AIRFOIL FENDERS * F/REBAH POWER •k ACCURI7E CYLINDER BORING * SltENf ZONE BODY MOUNTINGS •k FlirEWEIGHT PISTONS * BIHCOIL SPRINGING * FUU-IENGTH TORQUE-TUBE DRIVE if PERAU-F/RM STEERING * 8ROADRIM WHEELS •k STEPON PARKING BRAKE * DEEPFLEX SfAT CUSHIONS * CURL-AROUND BUMPERS * TEN SMART MODELS •k tODY BY FISHER Tune In HENRV J. TAYIOR, Mutual Nefworlt, Mondays and Ffi LAMGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555

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