The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE SIX nLYTJIEVILT.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER '.>'.>, 10-17 Hays Requests Special Session -|mp«r«itiYe Congress 'Consider European Relief At Once t/TTTTaB ROCK, Ark.. Sept, 22. • UP)—Rep. Brooks Hays of Li tile •Reck 'revealed today that he has .wriUen to President Truman, urf;- iiuj'tm immediate special session of Congress "to provide for effective relic! for Europe. Pointing out that he recently re- tui'ned from n tour o! Western Europe, Hays said he believed Congressional action of some t>pe is requ ired to pro vl ri c for "ef fc ct i vc American participation in stabiUz,- ing Europe's economic life." JJo termed a special session "Imperative." Asserting that the "condition of Europe will be desperate be fore- Jan. 1, Hays said the United States mtist do nil within its power "to" prevent wide-spread suffering and distress. Such aid should be based upon specific Congressional Hppro- viil and not confined to execute de cisions. Obv;ousty present legislative authority is not adequate." Hays told the President that he believes Congress would welcome- Ins recommendations in advance of Pressure Groups Called Hindrance To Road Program NEW YORK, Sept. 22. (UP)—C. W. Phillips., president of the American Assoriuiion of Slate Highway Ofticirtls, warned Icxtay thai the"greatest hindrance lo tlie highway program lodsy is oressure Iron) individual groups." He .iaici it could "ultimately mean the breakdown of all highway cle- Secretary of Defense Sworn In the 1S48 session. And he added, "if wo are net jilven the opportunity to examine pluns evolved by the 1U mUioii conforeiice it\ Paris and hn\v the advico of our Government's ex- t:erts b^foro (he Jann:;ry .'session. then I fear that Ihc whole subjcc: of Foreign Relief will not receive lh-_- attention it rc<uni\\s," Hays told United Pi-ess that "my piirpoisc in Lirfiintc a special session is not to favor foreign jioUcy over ! ^rave domt'.slic issiK'.s but ruilu:r 10 identify Ihe iwo. The projier order of priniity is to nnl ;\ non-controver- .sial .settlejnent ol ihe foreign ai'l question upon which the saving of cur free way ol life might depc-nd/' lie F-aid. "There is no escaping ihe fart that if we wait until the regular JaiiiKiry .session to con.sidt-r this problem, partisan politics will prv- cltule an objrctivo bi-purtisan .ip- preach, he concluded. Secretary of the Navy James V. Forrcstal. right, tai:?s his oath as th ceremonies at the Navy Department in Washington Tcp Army, Navv a Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson. left, administered the oath. In the ccmci- of the Air Forces-Designate. (NFA. TelephoK;..! Quitk Delivery- Any Time, Anywhere For new homes and home improvements—Insures a, good job ,.. saves muss,., saves money For an enduring, economical, good-looking job it will pay you to build with concrete —ideal for driveways, walks, sieps, porches, terraces, basement walls, yarage floors —and firesafc new homes. Helps your Builder do his Best Ready-Mixed Concrete enables your builder to do highest quality work at attractive prices, livery truck load is carefully proportioned to the "mix" needed. Trucks dump concrete neatly into the forms without leaving a mess to clean up. We will be glad to recommend a good tuti'der for your job. : first Secretary of Delense, in iid Government officials' attended, is W. Stuarl Symington, Secretary Plays Golf, Too Fire Destroys Duplex House f\ On Sycamore Pinnies from an oil stove explosion whipped by a Musty. 25-mik-- an-hour \vind yeslc-rday morning leveled a small Negro shack and gulled a duplex on West Sycamore Struct, leaving four persons homeless. The blRzc began in the N'csro shack, located in the rear of the house owned by Mrs. Elsie Sncll at ll^i) West Sycamore, and rjuickiy spread to a nearby tree. ( Flames iiotu ihc burninK li'i't' limbs iRiiitcxl the roof of ihe house Fanned by the gusty \vin<L the blaze thoroughly gutted it. • Yes. Knell resided in one part of the house and Mr. and Mrs. O.vcn McKay lived in the other. All three were home when Ihc lire Suit Abandoned In Negro Dispute Threat of Archbishop Forces Catholics to Drop Legal Action ST. LOUTS. Sept. 22. (UP) -Archbishop cJ.sepli E. Hitler's ilirern: of exi'omiminicntio:i today forced 702 Homnii Catholics to nbaiulon their injunction suit to have Negroes bnnncd from parochial sciiotils However, the Inymen said they would appeal directly to the Apos- I lolic DcloRiUe at Wasliinglon to I "inform us whether we are sinning I hi Ihe eyes of the Catholic Church" in protesting Hitter's order admitting Negroes lo nil Catholic schools. Hitler issued his order Just before school opened because schools previously designated for Negroes Ivid become overcrowded. About ICO Negroes enrolled in white high schools. About 70Q parents of white students met 1-ist week, appointed John O. Harrett as their chairman, and authorized him to hire legal counsel lo obtain an injunction against the Archbishop. Thoy oiganized under Ihe name of the Catholic Parents Association of St. Louis and SI. Louis* county. •RHicr struck back yesterday in a pastoral letter rend at all masses in bis See. The letter threatened the dts-senters with excomnumivaiion from the church. As result, the protesting laymen held another meeting last night and agreed to drop the injunction while appealing to the Apostolic Delegate. A resolution .was adopted leaving it to the pr.renLs \vl~eihe: Icil.' Kili-'r's Idler said. "Const- cj;unt!y v.i 1.:!:i- :lus cxcasion to re- muni tli'.-in of t!i«.'lr IllliU oblljja- iic.n a:; Catholics to cooperate Ihiii Jiishop and Clcruy and their! !'*l!'iA- Cuth'.ii!:'s in ^sui'.i which arc 1 fim<i:\mei!Ui; in our Holy Catholic, larli, namely, nol cnly the equa!- j ily D| every .soul belore Almighty i <ie<j, bui a!so obrcluiK'e lo eecle.i-j iaM -c'.tl authorities." The, !!ri:iip's diriMcn lo ciro|) tlia injunction suit in Uie Civil Court but njipral ihrc.ily lo the Apostolic L)cU'j;iiU ai:parcm!y wouk! comply with 1? liters pioviM'in thai they imi.'^ nut lakn "reccutse lo any au- thojUy culsidc: th;> Church."' Kncniirs uf Wildlife Uncontrolled house cats ai'e one of Ihe greatest enemies of wildlife game conservationists. Wild predators gc'iiorally restrict their hunting lo ni[jht time, but house cals may prowl and kill at any hour of he day or uiyhl. broke out. Some furniture and persona] possessions were saved. C. 15. Brooks. Negro woman who resided in Ihe shack where the lire started, said she was cooking when the oil stove she was, using exploded. She said she tried lo pull the stove out of the house bui the flames spread too cpiickly. She suffered a burned left hand. i to permit their children to aitenc Mrs. McKay said she and her school with the Ncsro students. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stotk . Guaranteed liest Prices | Kirby Drug Stores Read courier News Want Ads. lui.sband had just awakened when ihe fire started about 11:30. ( 'We realize that many o, r ihes-> good people ate be;nr; gravely mis- Deafened People May Now Hem Clearly Science has now made n possible for Ihc deafened to hear faint sounds. It Is a hearini; device so small that it fits .In the hand and enables thousands to enjoy sermon.-!, music and friendly companionship. Ac- cepled by Ihe Council on Physical Medicine of the American Medical Association. Tins device does not require separate battery pack, battery v;ire. case or garment lo bul;;e or weigh you down. I'll..' tore is clear and powerful. So niiuls that you can adjust it yoursolf to suit your henring as y.iur hearing changes. The makers of Beilone Dept. ti. 1450 West ISlh SI.. Chicago «, 111., arc so proud of their achievement that they will gladly wnd tree descriptive booklet and explain how you may set a full demonstration of this remarkable hearing device: ir your own home without risking a penny. Write Beltone iocli'.y. Hinj; Crosby golfed as well as he siilys \vinnirtj- Ihe 181h annual Totem Polo International Tournament at .Jasper National P;ak in the Canadian Kockies. Her Mingle defeated C,. Verity of Victoria for Iho Irophy with a birdie on the 3(ilh hole. employes. Hi Imiu < f f i£ \\ houltl inspi confidence enough -r, that the pu lic vul 1)( ill n to pay the ne essary bill !or •>. goon road syslc instead of telling ihe ciepartmo to ''build it v. it bin Ihe money pay." Phillip 1 ; said. RADEO RE PA I AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OH MODEL. HE- LIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAH Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Itadlo Bales uni! Servlc"? / 196 South First St. New Theab Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIGHT Box Opens WfL'lt Days 7:00 p. Matinee Saturday .V Slimiay Sat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Conl. Slunv FOUNDATIONS HUGHES & COMPANY CONTRACTORS 10th & Railroad Phone 3531 "Kvei-ynne is impatient to hav the read by his own door improved" i a". Iho exr.ense ol l:u tactual find- im:r ol plamiin:; a well-rounded system, ihe Tennessee Highway Com:r,issioner said. He spoke to more than l.UM Mate highway officials atlending a_ convention here. On Ihc other hand. Phillips urged Highway Engineers lo take the public iiuo their confidence and "sell them c.n the idea of ^oocl management." An em;mce" never should sol himscll or. a pcdaslal with a "lake it or leave it attitude", he said, adding that all states should "clean" of any such highway NOTICE NOW AVAILABLE cir your Grocery and Cafo> Cloves- Fas'ms Sealtest Milk & Dairy Products Grade "A" l-asli'iimcd You've '!'] led the llcsl ^, 7 o^v Try (lie Hest! Call for Rcitltcsj. Mills' Delivered FRKSH Daily East Arkansas Milk Co. 31I5U 1'aeil'ic Ave. Memphis, Tenn. Last Time Totlay 'Last of the Red Men' A Columbia Pictur;- With Sbnrt Subjerls Tuesday 'Can't Bcaf an Hones'r Man" W. C. Fields, Kdsur Bcrscn RI I PROFIT Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any 8lic T. L MISSOURI ST. rn. w>>: • K+fi •*- . Ry Reading the Classified Ads Every Day! isii PROFIT By Advertising In The Classified Columns When You Want To Riiy or Sell Ads Placed by JO a.m. Will Appear Same Day All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 4461 Blylheville Courier News iio :;urc Mom E;cls a i:oocl Kii|ip]y •jf juicy ripe apples in time for school! rating ami Cannin-r ,\|iplcs Si.OO * SS.Oll flu. Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 i;. Main Phone !)73 C HOICK is the keynote of today's enlistment opportunities in the Hegutar Army. If you've had prior service in any of the Armed Forces and sign up for at least 3 years you have not just two, but three choices of location open to you! You may sign tip for a job in Europe. Or, if you prefer, you may enlist with the understanding that you may slay in the U. S. A. within your own Army area for at least a year. Or, whether you're a veteran or not, you have an opportunity to choose assignment to one of five famous combat divisions in Japan or Korea! Never before has the Army been able to help its men to chart their future careers in the Army with sucli certainty. Never before has any army Rivnn individuals such a free hand in the plotting of their destinies. Qualified you UK men trith or iritlinitt prior service who enlist in the Army YOUR ARMY AND AIR FORCE SERVE THE NATION • AND MANKIND IN WAR AND PEACE for at least 3 years can choose their branch of service from those si ill open. Any qualified man with prior service can join the Air Force and be assured of an initial assignment to a specific Air Base (if there is a vacancy) by applying in person or writing to the Commanding Officer of (hat Air Base. Xo wonder so many of America's finest arc .signins; up every day. They know where they're going. I hey know the many opportunities open to them, they know that Ihc high pay, generous re- tiremont benefits and excellent food, lodging and medical and dental care will keep worry from the door. How about you? Officers at your nearest Army and Air Force Recruiting Station can toll you if you qualify. * The- Cadets ore Flying Agoin. Avialhn Coc/sl P.fol JrnMnt, it open lo quoMcti unmnrn'ect crvr/ion! between 20 oncV 26'? who liovc completed l^o yean of College or Ihe ecjufvafcnf. U. S. ARMY AND AIR FORCE RECRUITING SERVICE THEATRE Manila, Ark iMondiiy and Tuesday People spoke only j in whispers of this > man and the girl who lived L l^»«ftJS^iS^«iK^-' i Iica IV ill'-:'. Ks Sr.;d:, I,its; p,.l \ lliulez.ilt^l^/.ljS 1 [r:::;-. FCii;;i! I NVai-ner 7?ros. XPIVS a:id Cartoon CAREERS WITH A FUTURE •- Jv'v'., •','-' II. S. Army and U. S. Air Force U. S. ARMY RECRUITING OFFICE Office City Hall Phone 3773 Opens at 6:15 p.m.: Stalls 7:1^ P-m- Last Time Today 'THREE GIRLS in BLUE" (In Technicolor) wi Hi June HaviT. Clcorqe Mnnliirtinrry Vivian Hlainc Varamount \c\vs aiul Shorts Tuesday "Blondie's Holiday" Penny Singleton, Arthur;e Chapter 2. "The Seahnnnil" Shorts

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